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What is the role of tantrism in the modern world?

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The great proliferation of esoteric doctrines into the hands of the public, which has been progressing steadily for the last two hundred years, indicates that the time has come for the lay practitioner to have access to, and right of using tantrism for their spiritual development.

The modern spiritual seeker no longer needs to shave their head and live in the forest or mountains. On the other hand, no true spiritual seeker could make progress towards their goal without eliminating from their psyche the obstructions to liberation and the exhaustion of their karmic debts.

Therefore, a modern spiritual seeker is a hybrid between the common person and the ordained practitioner. He or she lives their mundane life in the most common way, with a job, a spouse, etc., and from appearances look no different than anyone else. Careful examination would reveal, however, that such a person would carefully refrain from those habits or customs which would prohibit their spiritual development.

Thus, the inner content, or mind, of the modern spiritual aspirant is disciplined through the rigorous practice of meditation. They live an extremely ethical life guided by their interior spiritual impulses. They reduce their karmic debts through great sacrifices for humanity, without expecting any recognition from society. They sublimate their sexual potential into spiritual energy – attracting into their Being powerful forms of cosmic and Christic energy – through sacred intercourse (Sahaja Maithuna) with their spouse, through the use of special breathing techniques, and the pursuit of artistic and philosophic excellence.

In these times, the Age of the Aquarian Kali Yuga, the Great Teacher who is delivering a new type of teaching, a teaching that is completely different than any other, is Samael Aun Weor. This Gnostic Master delivered a doctrine and founded a movement which coherently synthesizes the religions of the world while simultaneously introducing certain intelligently grounded radical departures from traditional (or Piscean) values.

At the core of these departures is the spiritual component of sexuality. Through the teachings and guidance of Samael Aun Weor, the aspirant becomes empowered with the knowledge of how to correctly manage one's sexual potential through sexual union. Previously, this knowledge would never be imparted to the public, but Samael Aun Weor has initiated a new doctrine and a new mode of spiritual practice which wisely takes advantage of the Aquarian-Dionysian current, the same current which has brought intense spiritual longings to those unsatisfied with the religious status-quo.

Many other teachers and groups preach a doctrine of Tantra. The traditional schools, while they may have a public component, only teach the methods of greatest importance in secrecy to a very select number of students, and even then, they may not be teaching White Tantrism. When examining the schools that openly teach the public, only Samael Aun Weor's teaching clearly shows how to harness the power of sexual energy through Sahaja Maithuna or Sexual Magic while clearly rejecting all forms of desire. We are unaware of any other public teaching of Sahaja Maithuna or Sexual Magic that is teaching pure White Tantrism.

During the Age of Pieces, sexual expression was repressed in all the religious fanatics. Fanatics of an Aquarian type do the opposite: they indulge in sexual expression through the satisfaction of lust. This is why so many schools of Black Tantrism exist openly today.

True Aquarian sexual expression is the transmutation or transformation of the sexual function. Every Master, every Avatar, every Prophet is the outcome of transforming the entirety of their sexual impulse into a spiritual mode of expression. White Tantrism is the way to achieve this. Samael Aun Weor has given us the way.

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