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Use Aloe to Alleviate Suffering

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There is so much suffering and confusion in the world: viruses, turmoil, fighting, disasters... It is our responsibility to help those who suffer, but often we do not know how. Here is an easy way to help: by using an aloe plant. 

One of the primary benefits of genuine spiritual work is that one accumulates energy that can be used to help others. Sexual purity harnesses solar power of tremendous voltage that can be directed by compassion and intelligence. One such method is by commanding the elementals of plants. This is a vast science, for each of the millions of plants has its own unique properties and abilities. One of the most useful is the aloe. 

"The aloe is a plant of great esoteric powers. The elementals of this plant resemble newborn children. These elemental children are true “Adamites” filled with innocent beauty... We can utilize these elementals for any type of work of white magic, by means of its elemental magic..." —Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

Here is how you can use an aloe plant to help people who are suffering, no matter where they are. Firstly, this practice only works if you are practicing scientific chastity (brahmacharya). Those who do not conserve their sexual energy do not have the solar force ncessary for this practice. Secondly, you will need an aloe plant. Bless the plant by placing your left hand over your solar plexus, and raise your right hand with the first three fingers extended and the last two closed, then make the sign of the cross over the plant, saying, "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit," then draw a circle around the cross while saying, "and in the name of the Holy Tetragrammaton."

Then concentrate on imagining what you want the plant to do: visualize the suffering people you want to help, and imagine the plant aiding them. Pray to your Innermost to perform this work in accordance with divine will and the law of karma, and prevent you from performing any work of black magic. Ask your Innermost to order the elemental of the aloe to alleviate the suffering you are imagining. This can be as simple as helping to calm their mind or stimulate positive emotions. Meanwhile, either aloud or mentally, chant the mantra M extended as "mmmmmm," with your mouth closed, at least three times. The elemental will immediately obey... These orders must be given to the elemental daily, for as many days as you wish to do it.

To see the effects of this work, you must meditate daily and watch your dreams closely.

We hope that you will dedicate some time and energy each day towards helping someone who is suffering intensely in these moments. You can make an enormous difference, even if it is invisible to the physical senses.

May all beings be happy!

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