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Sacred Sexuality and the Guru

Throughout the long history of the teachings concerned with sexuality and religion, there has been a need to preserve the knowledge in a sacred trust in order to protect its sanctity and purity. This is the basis of the venerable tradition of master and disciple, guru and student. Unfortunately, there have been instances where individuals have utilized the sacred knowledge to feed their lust by seducing disciples or creating dens of vice. In modern times this mentality has become widespread. It is easy to find schools of "tantra" or sacred sexuality that are merely swingers clubs or orgies. Let it be clear in your mind, friend, that these sad spectacles have nothing to do with the real tradition of sacred sexuality, and instead represent its polar opposite. Throughout the histories of all civilizations we find instances of cults and temples where sexual depravity was celebrated and worshipped as divine. One only needs to remember Pompeii and its grotesque frescoes and halls of public fornication, or the sick indulgences of the pompous elite of ancient China. It is a great tragedy that humanity only remembers these groups, and does not remember the chaste priests and priestesses who preserved their purity and chastity while also blossoming the flowers of the soul through the upright tradition of sacred sex.

The Seductive Guru

There is perhaps no crime more horrible than the abuse the so-called "guru" heaps upon his devoted disciple. With promises of illumination, the sprinkling of special attention, twinkling eyes and other seductive manipulations the so-called teacher brings one after another into his private chambers. This crime against the soul is a travesty of epic proportions, because the naive disciple, after falling into disgrace and shame, is also traumatized and wounded in their very soul, and who knows how long it will take for them to see sex as it should be seen: as holy, divine, and pure? Nonetheless, for any such soul, there is hope. Spiritual traumas can be cured.

Real sacred sexuality is a magical act whose power is only realized upon the basis of love between one man and one woman. This is not the word "love" that we throw around these days, even using it in reference to potato chips or cars. Real love is something magical, divine, that perplexes artists, poets, and mystics, but that is only truly known by those it has alighted upon. This love - real love - is a divine power, that vanishes the instant any animal desire arises.  Lust, desire, or mere physicality only accesses the animal aspect of sex, not the Divine. The presence of the Divine within us can never be found in orgies, casual sex, or any sexual contact that lacks the true psychological and spiritual connection between man and woman, which is love. In such events, we only find the animal elements.

In order to awaken the Kundalini, man needs a woman. Yet, we must warn that the initiate must practice Sexual Magic with only one woman. Those who practice Sexual Magic with different women commit the sin of adultery. They do not progress in these studies.

Unfortunately, there are certain individuals who utilize Sexual Magic as a pretext for seducing women. They are profaners of the temple. Such men inevitably fall into black magic. We warn all women to guard against these sexually perverse characters.

There are also many women who, under the pretext of supposed profound Realization of the Self, unite with any male. What all these passionate women really want is to satiate their carnal desires. The world is always the world, and since we have been divulging the great Arcanum there have appeared, as one might expect, those swine who trample the doctrine and then die poisoned by the bread of wisdom. The cult [religious practice] of Sexual Magic can only be practiced between husband and wife. We clarify this to avoid seduction, abduction, carnal orgies, and “sanctified lustful passion.” - Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony (1950)

Sadly, there is a wide variety of ways that the sacred teachings are being corrupted around the world. Yet, we find certain characteristics that help us identify them and protect ourselves and those we love.

In the infrasexual [inferior sexuality] sphere of Lilith abide those who hate sex, for example, monks, anchorites, preachers of pseudo-esoteric type sects, pseudo-yogis who abhor sex, nuns, etc. All such infrasexual people (by the mere fact that they are infrasexual) often have an affinity with people of intermediate sexuality. Thus, it is not difficult to find homosexuality within many convents, religions, sects and schools of a pseudo-esoteric type. Infrasexual people consider themselves to be highly superior to those of normal sexuality. They are disdainful of people of normal sexuality, considering them inferior. All of the taboos, restrictions, and prejudices that currently condition the lives of people of normal sexuality were firmly established by infrasexual people.

We heard about the case of an old anchorite who preached a certain pseudo-occult doctrine. Everyone venerated this man considering him to be a saint. Apparently he was a master and people worshipped him. Finally, one poor woman discovered the truth, when he proposed a sexual union against Nature to her, supposedly in order to initiate her. In reality, this anchorite was an infrasexual. Nevertheless, this man had taken the vows of chastity. This man mortally hated the Arcanum A. Z. F. (Sexual Magic). He considered it to be dangerous. However, he had no problem proposing extra-vaginal unions to his devotees because he was really an infrasexual. Who would have doubted this man? Apparently, he was a saint. This is what the people believed. His followers considered him a master. He hated sex. Yes, he mortally hated sex.

This is a characteristic of infrasexual, degenerated people. The worst of the matter is that they consider themselves superior to people of normal sexuality. They feel they are super-transcendent, and they manage to seduce people of normal sexuality, converting them into their followers. In our mission, which is to divulge Gnostic esotericism, we have had the opportunity to study infrasexual people. We often hear them repeating the following phrases: “You Gnostics are selfish because all you ever think of is your Kundalini and Sexual Magic.” “You are sexual fanatics.” “Sexual Magic is purely animalistic.” “Sex is something very vulgar; I am a spiritualist and I abhor all that is materialistic and vulgar.” “Sex is filthy.” “There are many paths to God.” “I live only for God and am not interested in the rubbish of sexuality.” “I follow the doctrine of chastity and abhor sex,” etc. This is precisely the language of infrasexual people. They are always self-sufficient, always so proud in their feeling of superiority to people of normal sexuality.

An infrasexual woman who hated her husband said to us: “I would only practice Sexual Magic with my guru.” She said this in the presence of her husband. This woman had no sexual relations with her husband because she supposedly hated sex. Nevertheless, she was willing to practice Sexual Magic, but only with her guru. She had an affinity with the guru because he too was an infrasexual. This is the “saint” mentioned earlier in this chapter, the one who enjoyed suggesting to his female devotees to have sexual unions, against Nature, with him.

We heard about the case of the arch-hierophant who hated women and who often uttered phrases such as this: “Women! I kick them with my feet.” He preached a doctrine, and his followers adored him as if he was a God. He was always surrounded by adolescents. Thus, this is how he spent his time, until the police uncovered everything. He was a homosexual, a corrupter of minors; yet, he had the same pride of all infrasexual people, which is feeling super-transcendent, ineffable, and divine. - Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony (1950)

Sacred Sexuality and the Real Guru

So in these times of widespread corruption and deceit, how does one find an authentic teacher and guide?

The path is narrow, strait, and frighteningly difficult.  One needs the Guru-Deva, the director, the guide. In the Heart Temple we will find Hari, the Being.  In the Heart Temple we will find the Guru-Deva. - Samael Aun Weor

In all of the real schools of yoga or mysticism, the best teachers always knew that the real Guru is within. Thus, the only purpose of the physical teacher was to guide the student to learn how to contact their inner teacher. Although many religions and groups have forgotten this essential point and instead want to foster dependency upon them, all of the essential scriptures explain that the real Guru (Christ, Buddha, Atman, etc) is within. The real Guru is your own Innermost. Therefore, it is wise to go directly to the goal. Through practical techniques of meditation and dream yoga, anyone can learn how to receive guidance from their own Innermost, thereby avoiding the grave danger of falling into the hands of a false guru, teacher, or group.

So, in this day and age, it is very dangerous to just simply follow someone. What is best is to seek the Inner Master. The best thing is to follow our “I Am.” The best thing is to learn how to travel in the Astral Body in order to visit the temples of the White Lodge and to receive the teachings directly in the temple. - Samael Aun Weor, The Major Mysteries (1956)

Teachers and guides are necessary, but not in the bedroom or the home. Home is a sacred temple, and the bedroom is the Holy of Holies. Only the man (the Priest) and the woman (the Priestess) can enter the sacred chamber of love.

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