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New Book: A Complete Guide to Sexual Transmutation

New Book: A Complete Guide to Sexual Transmutation

“The first thing is to know how to love. Without love, it is not possible to obtain all of these prodigies.” —Samael Aun Weor, Treatise of Sexual Alchemy

The first Spanish edition of Treatise of Sexual Alchemy by Samael Aun Weor was published in 1954. For sixty-seven years, it remained one of the most difficult of his books to read, mostly because from page one the reader was immediately confronted by obscure terms, symbols, and cryptic passages. Not understanding them, most readers would give up.

We have always loved this book, but felt it was impenetrable to most readers, and we also suspected it was filled with typos like his other early books, each of which was a single copy of a hand-written manuscript given to a printing company of non-students to hand-typeset and print, and who often made unreported changes to the text, or simply made mistakes when converting his written words to type. And so the Spanish editions often have innumerable uncorrected mistakes.

Our translator did his best to render it into English, but this was years before the internet made research and proofreading easier. Many years ago, Glorian released an ebook edition, but we did not want to print the book until it was thoroughly investigated. This year, we finally completed our investigations into the book. Treatise of Sexual Alchemy is now available in print, in an edition that is suitable for new readers and experienced practitioners.

We have exhaustively investigated the entire book line by line. We discovered many passages that Samael Aun Weor was quoting or referencing, but that are not attributed in any other edition of this book. For example, chapters two through six are actually commentaries on the twelfth century alchemical writing "Mirror of Alchemy" by Roger Bacon; those chapters are full of quotes from it. We can see a good example of this here; the Spanish editions have this line as the beginning of chapter four:

Aristóteles dice en «Luz de las Luces», que el Mercurio debe ser cocido en un triple recipiente de vidrio muy duro.

The entire paragraph is actually a quote from Roger Bacon:

“Aristotle says, in the light of lights, that Mercury is to be concocted in a three-fold vessel, and that the vessel must be of most hard Glass...” — Roger Bacon, Mirror of Alchemy (12th century)

There are many similar instances. In Spanish and other editions such sentences are not attributed, thus students believe they are statements by Samael Aun Weor. Knowing the quoted sources is important: it makes the book more accurate, deeper, richer, more profound: it demonstrates the breadth and depth of Samael Aun Weor's knowledge, and shows that he was not inventing his own theories, but revealing what the alchemists had hidden. It also gives us a window into the alchemical treatises, to see for ourselves what is hidden there.

In addition to properly attributing the quotations and sources we could find, we added hundreds of footnotes to aid the reader with obscure terms. As always, we provided an extensive glossary and index.

We then felt that it was our duty to help the reader "into the pool." To aid the modern reader who knows little to nothing about alchemy, we added some introductory excerpts to orient and prepare them for the deep topics examined by the book.

Subsequently, because the original text did not include complete instructions for how to practice alchemy, we added seven lectures by Samael Aun Weor to ensure that every reader will be fully instructed in the practical art.

In short, Treatise of Sexual Alchemy is now the most comprehensive and profound book on sexual transmutation by Samael Aun Weor. While the original text was 134 pages, this expanded edition is 470. Every reader will find much to learn here.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the help we received in preparing and publishing this book, and we humbly thank our guides for their assistance, especially Samael Aun Weor and Litelantes who were directly involved.

We also thank the donors who made this publication possible. Their dharmic rewards will be lovely.

Now, with profound happiness, we provide this book to you in hope that it will aid suffering humanity out of the darkness. Initially, it will be available only from Over the coming months, the book will become available at all booksellers worldwide.

We hope that you will read it, but most of all, we hope you will live it in your daily life.

Read Treatise of Sexual Alchemy by Samael Aun Weor.

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