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How can I interpret my dreams?

Comprehending dreams occurs through studying spiritual symbolism and meditating on their relationship to your physical life. Specifically, study Kabbalah and the Tarot, since they explain the underlying symbolism in all religions. Dreams that do not coincide with physical facts should be discarded as projections of the subjective mind. 

Should I use dream symbol dictionaries?

Dream dictionaries lack the intuition and insight needed to accurately interpret dream symbols. Rather than relying on contemporary opinions, contradictions, or correlations, it is better to study from proven wisdom, like that of Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Krishna, and all genuine luminaries. 

Can someone interpret my dreams for me?

Divinity speaks intimately to each of us. When we rely on others to interpret experiences, we obstruct our own capacities for discovery, intuition, and understanding. Meditation is the best answer to comprehending these messages, which others cannot personally know. Also, why should we want others to understand us more than we know ourselves?

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