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Chanting the Seven Mantra Vowels

Chant the Seven Mantra Vowels

One of the most important spiritual practices is daily chanting of mantras. Vocalizing mantras "tunes" our consciousness, body, chakras, heart, and mind, so that everything operates in harmony.

All mantras are based on seven root sounds: the seven fundamental vowels. By chanting those root sounds, one directly taps the root structure of all energy, movement, and power.

What Are the Seven Vowels?

"Each centre in the body has its own note, and it responds when we sound it. He who sounds the proper vowels—the seven vowels of Nature—harmonises these centres... To evoke the activity of our latent atomic centres we use the seven vowels of Nature, called mantras..." - M, The Dayspring of Youth

"In ancient times, the seven vowels of Nature: I E O U A M S resounded within the human organism. But, when humanity came out of the “Jinn” lands [Eden], rhythm and harmony were lost. Therefore, the human being must be aware of the urgent necessity for the seven vowels of Nature to vibrate once again within the organism; they must resound with intensity within the resonating internal chambers, as well as in each of the plexi or chakras of the astral body. Students must vocalize for one hour daily in order to effectively awaken their chakras." - Samael Aun Weor, The Divine Science

How to Chant the Seven Vowels

"...vocalize the vowels for one hour daily in the described written order. Each vowel must be prolonged as follows, emptying the lungs with each intonation.

"The letter I makes the pituitary and the pineal glands vibrate; thus, the human being becomes clairvoyant.

"The letter E makes the thyroid gland vibrate; thus the human being becomes clairaudient.

"The letter O makes the chakra of the heart vibrate; thus the human being becomes intuitive.

"The letter U awakes the solar plexus (top of the stomach); thus, the human being awakens telepathy.

"The letter A makes the chakra of the lungs vibrate; thus, the human being acquires the power of remembering his past lives.

"The letter M vibrates the prostatic/uterine chakra, which grants the power to consciously depart in the Astral Body. Every student must possess such a power, if not, it is mandatory for such a student to awaken this chakra.

"The vowel S efficiently helps in the development of all of the spiritual powers." - Samael Aun Weor

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Some students find it difficult to chant for one hour. Do what you can; start with ten minutes, and gradually over the coming days and weeks, increase the time. You can also divide that hour over the day: perhaps a session in the morning, one midday, and one a night. The most important part is to do it, even if it is only a few minutes at a time.

Recordings and Videos of the Seven Vowels

Chanting the Seven Mantra Vowels (Live) (Twenty-two Minutes):

We made this recording in 2023 at a Tibetan Buddhist temple. The group was accompanied by beautiful acoustic instruments played by instructors. This recording puts you right in the center of the temple.

Listen at:

Video (One Hour): Awaken Your Chakras and Spiritual Abilities with Seven Mantra Vowels

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