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As a Single, What Initiation Can I Reach?

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Samael Aun Weor said:

Without disintegration, one is worth nothing. You have to disintegrate the ego, otherwise one is not doing anything, one is wasting time miserably.

Let us say if someone unfortunately has not finished developing the existential superior bodies of the Being, but dissolved the ego, turned it into dust, only with that he is saved from having to go down into the abyss, and already with that he has the right to take a physical body in the future golden age. But if you have not dissolved the ego, even if you built the superior existential bodies of the Being and therefore are a true human, you will not be given entry into the golden age, because this human will do a lot of damage. I am speaking about true humans, and not about "intellectual humanoids.” In other words those who reached the level of human will not be given entry into the golden age if they continue with their ego alive.


Therefore, I suggest that you disintegrate your ego.

And, study my book "Revolutionary Psychology.” That is the book that must serve you as a bedside companion.

Do not worry about initiations or marriage. Your Innermost is in charge of your life, and will provide what you need when you need it. Focus instead on your psychology.

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