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The Third Initiation of Fire

Unquestionably, death is something profoundly significant. Certainly, it is urgent and undeferable to go deeply into this theme, to go profoundly into it and into all of the levels of the mind with infinite patience, integrity, and sincerity.

As a luminous consequence or corollary, we can and must affirm with solemnity the following postulate: “We can discover the origin of life only by totally discovering the mysteries of death.”

If the seed does not die, the plant is not born. Death and conception are intimately associated.

We inevitably project through time and space the electronic design of our own existence in the moment when we exhale the last breath of our existence.

Clearly, later on this electro-psychic design comes to impregnate the fecundated egg. 

This is how we return.

The path of life is formed by the prints of the hooves of the horse of death.

The amorous enjoyments of our future earthly parents are found to be secretly joined with our last moments of agony.

The repetition of our present life, as well as its consequences, will be the destiny that awaits us beyond death.

What continues beyond the burial chamber are “my attachments, my affections, my hatred: I want, I do not want, I envy, I wish, I seek revenge, I kill, I steal, I am lustful, I am anger, I am greedy, etc....”

The whole of this legion of “I’s” (a true legion of demons), which personify psychological defects, returns, comes back, and is reincorporated.

To talk about one individual “I” would be absurd. It is better to talk with complete clarity about the pluralized “I.”

Esoteric, orthodox Buddhism teaches that the ego is a summation of psychic aggregates.

The Egyptian book The Occult Abode mentions with great emphasis the red demons of Seth (the devilish “I’s” which constitute the ego). 

Such quarrelsome, shouting “I’s” constitute the tenebrous legions against which Arjuna had to combat under the commands that directly emanated from the Blessed Lord Krishna (see The Bhagavad Gita).

The personality does not return. The personality is a daughter of its time. It has a beginning and an end. Certainly, what continues after death are a bunch of devils.

We can attain immortality in the astral world. However, this is only possible by building the Eidolon (the astral body).

Many diverse authors of a pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist type fall into the error of confounding the ego with the astral body.

Modern metaphysical literature talks abundantly about projections of the astral body. 

However, we must have the courage to recognize that the aficionados of occultism project themselves with the ego in order to travel through time and space within the sub-lunar regions of Nature.

The astral body is not a necessity for physical existence. 

It is good to remember that the physical body fortunately has a vital depth or lingam sarira, which integrally guarantees its existence.

Unquestionably, the astral body is a luxury that very few people have. The persons who are born with this splendid vehicle are rare.

The Sexual Hydrogen SI-12 is the alchemical element, the raw watter of the Great Work, with which we can build the astral body.

Obviously, the cited hydrogen represents the final product of the transformations of food within the marvelous laboratory of our organism.

It becomes evident that this hydrogen is the most important matter with which sex works. The elaboration of this substance is developed in a concordant rhythm with the seven notes of the musical scale.

It is good to comprehend that the “ens seminis” and its peculiar Hydrogen SI-12 is a seed and a fruit at the same time.

To create a new life within our existing organism, to give evident form to the “astral or sidereal body” of the alchemists and kabbalists, factually signifies the transmutation of this portentous hydrogen in order to give it an intelligent crystallization into a superior octave.

You must understand that the astral body is born from the same material, from the same substance, from the same matter, from which our physical body is born. The procedures are the only difference.

When the whole physical body, all the cells, remain (as a way of saying) impregnated by the emanations of this matter which is the SI-12, and when these are fully saturated, then the SI-12 matter starts to crystallize.

The formation of the astral body constitutes the crystallization of this matter.

Transmutation or transformation is what in Alchemy is called the transition of this SI-12 matter into the state of emanation, and the gradual saturation of the whole organism with these emanations.

Justly, the transformation of crude metals into fine metals, in other words the attainment of gold from ordinary metals, is what in Alchemy is denominated as the transformation of the physical body into the astral body.

We can discover this esoteric procedure in Sex Yoga, in the Maithuna, in Sexual Magic, the connection of the lingam-yoni, phallus-uterus, without the ejaculation of the ens seminis.

The marvelous procedures of the crystallization of Hydrogen SI-12 into a superior octave will begin when we restrain desire.

Obviously, nourishment is different. Unquestionably, the astral body needs its nourishment and nutrition. 

Since the physical body is wisely controlled by forty-eight laws (a fact which is scientifically demonstrated with the forty-eight chromosomes of the germinal cells) it becomes very clear and obvious that the hydrogen capital of the cellular body is Hydrogen Forty-eight (48).

To save this specific type of hydrogen truly becomes relatively easy when we march on the path of the straight line.

The surplus of Hydrogen Forty-eight (48) is marvelously converted into Hydrogen Twenty-four (24) when we do not waste it in the physical activities of the three-dimensional world of Euclid.

Clearly, the cited Hydrogen Twenty-four (24) always becomes the extraordinary nourishment of the astral body.

It is urgent to asseverate with great emphasis that the sidereal body or astral body of the alchemists and kabbalists is developed and splendidly unfolded under the absolute control of the twenty-four laws.

As every organ is clearly known for its functions, one knows that one has an astral body when one can travel with it (see chapter VI of this treatise).

My particular case was certainly extraordinary. I must specifically affirm that I was born with an astral body.

Magnificently, I had built it before my present birth. I built it in the ancient ages of a forgone mahamanvantara, long before the dawn of the lunar chain.

Certainly, what was most important for me was to restore the igneous powers in the cited sidereal body. Thus, this is what I comprehended before soliciting the Logos of the solar system for my entrance into the Third Initiation of Fire.

It is good to state to my beloved readers that this great being ordered special providence to help me after granting my request.

From this you can conclude that a certain specialist in the third degree of the power of the fire was granted to me. That guru-deva accomplished his mission by directing the third igneous serpent along the medullar canal of my astral body.

Litelantes and my insignificant person (who has no value) perceived with our sixth sense the astral specialist who was helping us during the metaphysical copulation.

The awakening of the fire in the astral body is always announced in the night with a terrible bolt of lightning.

Originally, the third degree of the power of the fire within such a precious vehicle possesses a very beautiful, immaculate, white color. Later on it becomes brilliant, with a very beautiful golden color within the aura of the universe.

Frankly and plainly speaking, I confess that during the esoteric work with the third degree of the power of the fire I had to live symbolically the whole cosmic drama.

One who is nothing but a vile slug writhing in the mud of the earth feels moved when, suddenly and without deserving, sees himself converted into the central personage of such a drama, even when this is merely in a symbolic manner.

After touching the atom of the Father in the magnetic field of the root of the nose, the third degree of the power of the fire then proceeds its march to the heart, a different process than the two previous serpents.

Secret paths, “nadis,” or marvelous canals, exist between the magnetic field of the root of the nose and the heart.

A certain secret path connects the root of the nose with the principal chakra, which from the center of the brain controls the cardias (heart). The fire circulates through this path. Later on, the fire, mysteriously circulating through the Anahata Nadi, continues its march to the heart itself.

To live the drama of the Christ in the astral world is without a doubt something that can never be forgotten.

The diverse events of the Christic drama become displayed while the third degree of the power of the fire is harmoniously developed and unfolded in the astral body.

When the sacred fire arrives at the marvelous port of the tranquil heart, we then experience that symbolism which is intimately related with the death and resurrection of Christ. 

The instant in which the symbolic Longinus stabs the sacred lance (the marvelous emblem of phallic strength) into the side of the initiate is extraordinary.

With such a spear, Parsifal healed the wound that was painfully burning in the side of the King Amfortas.

The leftist, tenebrous adepts, full of great hatred, attacked me when I was secretly approved by a certain sidereal Potency.

The holy sepulcher is never absent among the mysteries of the great cathedrals, and it is evident that my own could not be absent in the initiation.

The moment of the initiation of Gines de Lara comes into my memory in these moments in which I write these lines. Effectively, there was no maiden from the “great lineage,” (the daughter of the founder of the monastery) accompanying the illustrious initiate in that esoteric instant, neither any “Ome Bueno,” but the master guide himself, who conduced Gines unto the sancta sanctorum or adytum. There, in the center of a wealthy marble stanza of that temple, the neophyte found a magnificent sepulcher, hermetically sealed. By obeying the master, he easily lifted up the heavy lid with his own hands, and to his great surprise he saw his own physical body. 

Different than Gines de Lara, I saw my own astral body in the sepulcher. I then comprehended that I must pass through the esoteric resurrection.

Unquestionably, the great Master Mason Hiram Abiff must resurrect within us. “The king is dead.” “Long live the king.”

Real, crude, legitimate, and authentic resurrection is only possible in the Second Mountain. In these paragraphs we are emphatically referring only to the symbolic initiatic resurrection.

Before the mentioned symbolic resurrection, I had to astrally remain within the holy sepulcher for a period of three days.

After the whole symbolic resurrecting process, a descent into the abode of Pluto was indispensable.

I had to initiate tenebrous recapitulations within the innermost part of the Earth, there where the Florentine Dante found the city of Dis.

The progressive ascent was performed slowly, through all of the strata of the submerged mineral kingdom...

A vivid, progressive, and ascendant scenic recapitulation was indispensable for the complete knowledge of the itself, the myself.

When alluding to the dissolution of the ego, the recapitulation of ancient abysmal errors is worthwhile.

To know our own psychological errors is certainly urgent and undeferable.

“I am a saint!” I said before a group of elegant tenebrous ladies, who took seats in a magnificent abysmal hall...

Those women laughed at me, willingly mocked me, and opportunely, with a certain very provocative grimace, ironically repeated: “A saint! A saint! A saint!...”

Those sorrowful creatures were correct, because during that epoch I still did not have the ego dissolved. I was a fallen Bodhisattva...

It is written with flaming embers in the book of all splendors that in the abode of Pluto, “truth is disguised with darkness.” H.P.B. wrote, “Demonius est Deus inversus.”

The initiatic ascension is symbolic and instructive. However, it is different from the Logoic ascension of the Third Mountain.

Nineteen days after having initiated the ascendant abysmal march, the adepts of the occult fraternity eliminated a certain coat or atomic substance similar to the flesh of the human organism from my lower abdomen.

This atomic coat within the microcosmic man is like a large door that gives access into the lower abysmal depths...

While this atomic element exists in individuals, the essence will remain exceedingly self-enclosed within the ego.

When this atomic door is removed from the astral counterpart of the abdomen, the adepts must cure the abdominal zone.

When the third degree of the power of the fire achieves the ascent and release through the superior part of the cranium, then it assumes the mystical figure of the Holy Spirit, a white dove with the head of a venerable elder. 

This immaculate, divine creature upon the tower of the temple is lodged there in mystical lurking, joyfully awaiting the supreme instant of the initiation.

Remembering ancient errors from anterior reincarnations, I had to pass through an unusual and unexpected event after the thirty-three days... 

Three of the four fundamental states of consciousness had to be submitted to the ordeal of fire...

To define these four states of consciousness is urgent for the good of our beloved readers:

A) Eikasia

B) Pistis

C) Dianoia

D) Nous

The first of these four states is profound unconsciousness, active barbarism, infrahuman sleep, cruelty, etc.

The second of these states corresponds exactly with all the reasoning processes: opinions, fanatical sectarianism, etc.

The third is manifested as conceptual synthesism, scientism, intellectual review of beliefs, induction, deduction of a reflective type, very serious studies about phenomena, laws, etc.

The fourth is awakened consciousness, the Turiya state, truly objective, illuminated, perfect clairvoyance, polyvoyance, etc.

I emerged victorious from that difficult ordeal. Unquestionably, we must be tested many times on the “path of the razor’s edge.”

The Hermetic symbolism of the cited esoteric ordeal was very interesting. “Three maidens” were very serene within the fire. Victory! This was the result.

I, today, in the present, am already firmly established in the Dianoetic and Noetic states. It is good to asseverate that Eikasia and Pistis were eliminated from my nature through the terrible ordeals of initiation.

Then, after thirty-seven days of having initiated abysmal reviews, I had to directly study the twelve zodiacal constellations under whose regency we evolve and devolve constantly.

Each one of the twelve zodiacal constellations shines with its own peculiar tone.

The Astral Light of the constellation of Leo is of a very beautiful golden color, and one feels inspired when contemplating it.

The end of all the processes related with the ascension is always announced by four angels, who, turning towards the four cardinal points of the planet Earth, sound their trumpets.

The white dove of the Holy Spirit was delivered unto me within the temple as if saying, “Work intensely in the Ninth Sphere if you wish to incarnate within yourself the Third Logos.”

All of these symbolic processes of the ascension concluded on the fortieth day.

The final ceremony was in the causal world. What I then felt and saw was certainly extraordinary.

The great initiator in that moment was Sanat Kumara, the founder of the great College of Initiates of the venerable White Lodge.

On the altar, with the reed of seven knots in his dexterous, potent hand, that great being shone with tremendous divinity.