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Foreword to the Reader

Without wanting to hurt delicate susceptibilities in any way, we must emphasize the basic idea that a variety of venerable institutions coexist within the cultural-spiritual environment of contemporary humanity that very sincerely believe they know the secret path. Nonetheless, they do not know it.

Allow me the freedom of stating with great solemnity that we do not want to utter any destructive criticism. We are making an emphasis, and it is clear that this is not a crime. 

Obviously, and because of a very simple and profound respect towards our fellowmen, we will never proclaim ourselves against any mystical institution. 

No human being should be criticized for being ignorant of something that has never been taught to him. The secret path has never been publicly unveiled. 

We will state in rigorous Socratic terms that there are many erudites who pretend to know the path of the razor’s edge in depth. Not only do they ignore, but moreover they ignore that they ignore. 

Without wanting to indicate or point to any type of spiritual organization and without having the intention of taunting anyone, we will simply state that the learned ignoramus not only does not know, but moreover does not know that he does not know.

In all the books of ancient times, the secret path is cited. This path is quoted and mentioned in many verses, yet people do not know it.

Beloved reader, to unveil, to show, and to teach the esoteric path that leads to the final liberation is certainly the purpose of this book that you have in your hands. This is one of the books of the Fifth Gospel. 

The great German initiate Goethe wrote, “Every theory is gray, and only the tree of the golden fruits of life is green.”

Certainly, what we deliver in this new book are transcendental, lived experiences. It is what we have verified, what we have directly experienced. 

It is imperative to trace the maps of the path, to indicate each step with precision, to point out the dangers, etc.

A short time ago, the Guardians of the Holy Sepulcher told me, “We know that you will depart, but before your departure you must deliver the maps of the path and your words to humanity.” 

I answered by saying, “That is what I will do.” Since that time, I solemnly promised myself to write this book.