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The Mercury

Whosoever possesses the Mercury of the wise will attain Final Liberation. To attain the Philosophical Stone would be impossible if one does not first of all get to know oneself.

The preparation of the Mercury is usually difficult. The Mercury results from the transformation of the Exohehari or Brute Azoth.

The Brute Azoth represents the sacred sperm. Many are the minerals which are transformed into Mercury. However, not all minerals can be transformed into Mercury.

The preparation of the Mercury is similar to the assimilation of food.

The Dry Mercury, the counter-transference, the ego, must be eliminated if indeed what we want is a clean and pure Mercury for the Great Work.

Twenty is the mathematical differential mean of two quantities. If the Dry Mercury is not eliminated, then the “differential mean” cannot exist.

We have to psychologically pass through the phases of earth, water, air, and fire.

One attains the refinement of the sacrament of the Church of Romae (Amore) through the elimination and psychological comprehension of the Dry Mercury.

The interior igneous rose, impregnated with sulfur (fire) gloriously ascends through the spinal canal, thus giving us comprehension or light in order to comprehend the mechanisms of the ego.

The Mercury transforms one into a knight of life and death.

The Universal Mercury exists. The Cosmocreators had to work in the forge of the Cyclops (sex) at the beginning of the Mahamanvantara. This is not comprehended by the followers of Hegel’s dialectic of nature.

Within the Chaos (mineral in a brute state) the Army of the Word, the couples, work in order to disintegrate the Dry Mercury.

A great deal of Dry Mercury had to be eliminated on the ancient Moon-Earth.

In the revolution of the dialectic, in an integral revolution, one has to perform on a small scale what the Logos did on a large scale.

The human beings who perform the Great Work, due to the fact of having eliminated the Dry Mercury from within themselves, are inwardly very different than a humanoid (although the radical differences are not noticeable externally).

The surplus of pure and clean Mercury forms a superior octave in the different existential bodies. For this purpose, one has to work in the laboratory of the Third Logos.

In order to objectively understand the revolution of the dialectic, one needs the donum Dei, in other words, the gift of God.

A tomorrow for the personality of the disembodied does not exist. The personality is a form of Dry Mercury in which we waste much energy. This energy is that which we must utilize in order to fortify and perform within us the transference of consciousness.

A strong individuality totally displaces the personality, which is a grotesque form of Dry Mercury.

The energy which we spend in the personality must be utilized to eliminate everything which does not belong to the Being. Such is the case of the negative habits which are also forms of Dry Mercury.

Therefore, by disintegrating the Dry Mercury through Sexual Super-dynamics and through self-respect is how we will become accustomed to live in an impersonal manner.