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Fundamental Education

I will never become tired of emphasizing that the academic and educational systems of these degenerated times are useless for the authentic values of the Being. They only adulterate the authentic values of the Being.

Facts have come to demonstrate that I am right. According to the statistics of previous years, approximately 500 West German adolescents will commit suicide each school year.

It is estimated that 14,000 adolescents will try to take their lives. A high number among them (one out of every three students under 16 years of age) will have severe tension symptoms. This is caused by what the Germans denominate as schulangst, a word which signifies “acute scholars anxiety.”

School’s pressures and tensions, which some children find that they cannot endure, are responsible for one of the most critical situations which the youth must confront.

Schulangst seems to be one more social phenomenon. This is the result of a highly competitive school system, not only in Germany but also in all the countries of the world. This is mixed with high unemployment and a hierarchic society which worships foolish academic diplomas as a ticket in order to obtain highly remunerated jobs and a status symbol.

The numbers of school age children who go through this type of anxiety feel that the systems of tension are unbearable.

According to a study carried out by Karl Stritt Matter, a professor of Educational Science, one out of every three boys under the age of sixteen suffer chronic stomach problems, wet their beds while sleeping or suffer severe headaches. One out of every five students is under psychiatric treatment and it has been found that even children who are nine years old suffer from ulcers due to school tension.

What is peculiar in this matter are the statistics on school suicide, which are remarkably discouraging due to the age of the victims: among the 517 students under eighteen years of age who committed suicide in Germany in 1976, 103 were between ten and fifteen years of age. Thus the level of suicide among young people under eighteen years of age is approximately 3.3 in every 100,000 in West Germany. It is 50% higher than in the United States, where suicide among adolescents is also an alarming problem.

As long as the educational system does not operate with a fundamental education based on the solid principles of: free initiative, non-imitation, creative liberty, conscious attention, value, love, how to think, knowing how to listen, wisdom, generosity, comprehension, integration, simplicity, peace, veracity, intelligence, vocation, etc. (explained in my book Fundamentals of Gnostic Education) not only children and adolescents, but adults as well, will continue experiencing acute anxiety and the suicide rate will monstrously increase.