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White Tantra

Some esotericists with tendencies to Asian esotericism who traveled in the East investigated the Asian continent and arrived at the conclusion that in Tibet as well as in India, tantra is the only truly practical school.

There are many ashrams in the sacred land of the Vedas. They practice and study yoga within these ashrams; however, the most serious ashrams are exclusively those where the tantric teaching is abundant.

In the Hindustani markets, studious travelers can find marvelous tantric books like Kama Kalpa and Kama Sutra. These books are illustrated with splendid photographs related to certain sacred sculptures and bas-reliefs of their temples. A careful examination of those photographs allows us to collect very interesting information about tantric Maithuna (sexual yoga).

The tantric type of Hatha Yoga is extraordinary and leads the esotericist to the realization of the Innermost Self. However, Hatha Yoga without tantra is like a garden without water.

The Hindu esoteric school of Laya Yoga with its famous Laya-Kriya tantric sadhana is marvelous, by all means, and leads the neophytes to the realization of the Innermost Self.

If Yogananda would have accepted matrimony, it is clear that his guru would have given him the complete Kriya.

An in-depth tantra exists in Chinese (Ch’an) Buddhism and also in Japanese Zen. It is lamentable that many Orientalists are content with the mere exterior cortex of Buddhism.

The medullar bone of esoteric Buddhism and of Taoism is tantra, Maithuna (sexual yoga).

The tantric practitioners from secret Tibet and sacred India practice the positive sexual yoga; this is to connect the lingam-yoni without the ejaculation of the ens seminis.

The tantric gurus of Tibet and Hindustan are very strict. Before the male and female yogi couple has the right to practice the tantric sadhana (which is a very special sexual position for sexual connection among tantric practitioners), they first must become experts in the exercises of Laya-Kriya.

Frankly, we cannot and must not deny that the Kama Kalpa teaches many tantric sadhanas; however, here we only cite the one in which the male is seated in Padmasana (in the style of a Buddha, simply with his legs crossed in the Asian way) and practices sexual union with his female yogi [see illustration above]. Thus, the female yogini initiate has to sit on top of the legs of her male yogi, and skillfully cross her legs in such a way that the trunk of her male yogi is enveloped by them.

An interchange of caresses between the man and the woman is previously required in order to perform the sexual connection of the lingam-yoni during this tantric sadhana, thus the woman finally absorbs the phallus.

This tantric connubial practice demands an absolute quietude and mental silence in order to avoid the tenebrous intervention of the pluralized “I.”

Strong electromagnetic currents exuberantly flow in those instants of supreme voluptuousness; thus the couple enters into ecstasy or samadhi.

A guru directs this esoteric work, making strong magnetic strokes on the coccyx of both man and woman with the purpose of awakening the electronic solar fire, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

This is a system that transmutes the sexual energy into Ojas (Christic force). The couple must restrain the sexual impulse and avoid the ejaculation of the semen.

“The coitus interruptus,” the restrained sexual impulse, makes the sexual energy of the Third Logos to inwardly and upwardly return throughout the canals of Ida and Pingala.

Maithuna originates within the coccyx, close to the Triveni of the microcosmic human being, an extraordinary contact between the solar and lunar atoms of the seminal system.

The advent of the fire is the outcome of the contact between the solar and lunar atoms of the seminal system.

The gnostic tantric sadhana is very simple. During the tantric act, man and woman practice in the normal or ordinary sexual position; what is important is to withdraw from the sexual act before the spasm in order to avoid the ejaculation of their semen.

I.A.O. is the tantric mantra of excellence. The letter “I” reminds us of ignis, the fire. The letter “A” is the aqua, the water. The letter “O” signifies origum, the spirit. I. A. O. must be chanted during the practice of Maithuna.

It is very interesting that the sexual gonads are esoterically governed by Uranus, the planet of Aquarius. Uranus was a divine king from primeval Atlantis. Uranus reminds us of Ur-anas, the primordial fire and water. This is equivalent to the establishment of the first luni-solar cult of the androgynous “IO,” in other words, the apparition of the astrological Chaldean; therefore, Uranus, the Asura-maya, the first Atlantean, is factually the first revealer of the sexual mysteries.

One has to descend into the ninth sphere (sex) in order to work with the primordial fire and water, origin of worlds, beasts, human beings, and gods. Every authentic white initiation begins there.

The advent of the fire is the most extraordinary cosmic event. The fire transforms us radically.

It is worth remembering the chaos of the ancient, sacred fire of Zoroaster, or the Atash-behran of the Parsis, the fire of Hermes, the fire of Helmes of ancient Germans (do not mistake Hermes with Helmes).

Let us remember the flashing lightning of Cybele, the torch of Apollo, the flame of the altar of Pan, the imperishable fire in the Temple of Apollo, and in the Temple of Vesta; the fiery flame in the helmet of Pluto, the shining sparks on the hats of the Dioscuri, on the head of the Gorgons, on the helmet of Pallas, and on the caduceus of Mercury.

Other representations of the advent of the fire are the Egyptian Ptah-Ra, the Greek Cataibates Zeus (who according to Pausanias descended from heaven to earth); likewise, the Pentecostal tongues of fire and the flaming bush of Moses (this is very similar to the burning tunal which brought about the founding of Mexico). Also the column of fire in the Exodus, the imperishable lamp of Abraham. Moreover, the eternal fire of the bottomless abyss or Pleroma, the fulgent vapors of the Oracle of Delphi, the sidereal light of the Rosicrucian-Gnostics, the Akash of the Hindustani adepts, the Astral Light of Eliphas Levi, the aura and fluid of magnetizers, the Od of Reichembach, the psychod and the ectenic force, the thury that is analogous to the highest hypnotic states of Rochas and Ochorowist, the rays of Blondot and many others, like the psychic force of Sergeant Cox, the atmospheric magnetism of some naturists, Galvanism, and in sum, electricity. These examples are nothing more than different names for the unlimited number of manifestations of that mysterious Proteus that has been named the Archaeus of the Greeks.

The ascent of the sacred fire degree by degree through the Sushumna canal is very slow and difficult. Any single ejaculation of semen is enough in order for the fire to descend one or more spinal vertebrae in accordance with the magnitude of the fault.

Jesus the great Kabir said:

“The disciple must not allow himself to fall, because the disciple who consents in falling, must fight very hard afterwards in order to recuperate what he has lost.”

The Maithuna, sexual yoga, gnostic tantra, can only be practiced between a man and a woman who are legitimately constituted as spouses.

White tantra forbids its male adepts and affiliates to practice Maithuna with many women. White tantra forbids the gnostic sisters to practice Maithuna with different men. They must only practice sexual magic with their own spouse.