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The Chakras

Very interesting data and references in relation to chakras, churches, lotus flowers, or magnetic centers of the dorsal spine are abundant in esoteric literature.

A very careful analysis of this matter of the seven magnetic centers of the dorsal spine takes us to the logical conclusion that there are three in particular that are most important: Muladhara at the base of the dorsal spine, coccygeal bone; Sahasrara, the cervical lotus of one thousand petals; and Manipura, the umbilical lotus.

It is urgent to eliminate from our perceptions all subjective elements. It is indispensable to perceive in a spatial and self-cognizant manner everything that we see and imagine. It is indispensable to awaken the consciousness.

“Everything that we [the human multitudes] see, or imagine, or dream, [has a real existence] we have to perceive in space. This is the ordinary space, called the Mahâkâsha, or elemental space. When a Yogi [a gnostic initiate, observes the dreams of each person who wanders in the streets with their consciousness asleep, when he] reads the thoughts of other men, or perceives supersensuous objects he sees them [and can verify for himself that in reality everything exists] in another sort of [superior] space called the Chittâkâsha, the mental space. When perception has become objectless, and the soul shines in its own nature, it is called the Chidâkâsha, or knowledge space. When the [electronic solar fire called] Kundalini is aroused [by means of Maithuna or sexual magic, when the igneous serpent of our magical powers has been shaken from its languorousness], and enters the canal of the Sushumna, all the perceptions are in the mental space. [It is indispensable to know that] when [the electronic solar fire] has reached that end of the canal which opens out into the brain, the objectless perception is in the knowledge space.” —Vivekananda, Raja Yoga

Any human being can send an electric current through a wire; yet, nature does not need a certain type of wire in order to send its formidable currents.

“...all the sensations and motions of the body are being sent into the brain, and sent out of it, through these wires of nerve fibres. The columns of sensory and motor fibres in the spinal cord are the Ida and Pingala of the [Hindustani] Yogis.” —Vivekananda, Raja Yoga

These fibers are the two witnesses of Revelation, the marvelous canals through which the afferent and efferent currents splendidly circulate.

The spirit can send its messages, its news, its information, without any type of conductor thread.

Gnostics asseverate that they can send any mental current through that profound Sushumna canal without any nervous fiber playing the part of a conductor thread.

The longing for every gnostic is to become the owner and lord of that marvelous Sushumna canal. In fact, to gain control of such a canal signifies that one holds the scepter of power.

It is a relatively easy task to send someone a mental message or a telepathic message when the vibratory current of thought is sent through the Sushumna canal.

“This Sushumna is in ordinary persons [run of the mill individuals, or wretched intellectual animals] closed up at the lower extremity; no action [not a single action] comes through it. The [gnostic] Yogi proposes a practice by which [the Sushumna canal] can be opened, and the nerve currents made to travel through.” —Vivekananda, Raja Yoga

The seminal vapors have the power of opening up the Sushumna canal. The Sushumna canal is opened by means of Maithuna.

In fact, to directly receive the messages of the spirit through the Sushumna canal means to be free from any material slavery.

To transmute the sexual energy into Ojas (Christic force) is only possible through the formidable magical powers of the chakra Muladhara in the coccyx.

“ It is only the chaste man or woman who can make the Ojas rise and store it in the brain; that is why chastity has always been considered the highest virtue.” —Vivekananda, Raja Yoga

It has been stated:

“Now this Ojas is stored up in the brain, and the more Ojas is in a man’s head, the more powerful he is, the more intellectual, the more spiritually strong.” —Vivekananda, Raja Yoga

Any fornicator can utilize beautiful words and express beautiful thoughts without causing the least bit of an impression in those who listen to him. However, the chaste person, even when he lacks beautiful language, can enchant an auditorium with his words, because all of his movements and mannerisms, words, and looks carry the power of Ojas.

It is impossible to acquire complete control over the waters of life without the marvelous magical powers of the prostatic or uterine chakra, Svadhisthana.

Not a single magician can dominate the fire of the volcanoes of the Earth without the formidable igneous powers of the umbilical chakra, Manipura.

Without the extraordinary powers of the Anahata chakra, the magnetic center of the heart, the gnostics could not project themselves in their astral bodies at will, or place their physical bodies in jinn state in order to soar through the air or walk on the waters or pass through a mountain from one side to the other (through the subterranean world) without receiving any harm.

Indeed, the synthetic conceptualism of the great initiates would not exist and the development of clairaudience (or the magic ear of the wise) would be impossible without the mysterious powers of the Word contained within Vishuddha, the laryngeal chakra.

Without the formidable esoteric powers of Ajna (famous frontal chakra), no one can develop that marvelous faculty called clairvoyance, which allows us to read the thoughts of our fellowmen as easily as when we read an open book.

Not a single initiate can conquer the powers of polyvoyance and intuition without the crown of saints, the famous lotus of one thousand petals situated in the pineal gland, within the superior part of the brain.

We know by direct experience that the electronic solar fire has the power of opening those lotus flowers, those magnetic chakras of the dorsal spine.

The Hindustani school of Laya Yoga affirms that the spinal medulla is a prolongation of the brain. We do not have any objections to the former statement because it is right.

However, another thing is the mistaken explanation that school gives in relation to the chakras or magnetic centers of the dorsal spine. They erroneously consider the chakras to be an absolute exclusivity of the brain.

The cited Asian school erroneously states that these psychic centers reside exclusively within the brain and that by physiological sympathy they give the impression of being situated within certain parts of the body.

Allow us to asseverate along with H.P.B. that, indeed, esoteric anatomy teaches that the seven spinal chakras are in the already mentioned places, and that these spinal chakras are controlled by the seven capital chakras of the brain.

We accept that the magnetic center of the physical heart is controlled by the esoteric heart situated in the region of the cerebral thalamus. Thus, any spinal chakra has its correspondent capital chakra in the brain.

Indeed, it is an absurdity that the cited Asian school considers the spinal chakras as mere illusory reflections of the psychic cerebral centers based on the above mentioned statements.

The seven capital chakras intensely vibrate in any brain that is charged with Ojas (Christic force).

The Sanskrit term Ojas means “transmuted sexual energy,” a type of Christic force (read chapter 22).

The semen is transmuted by means of Maithuna into subtle vapors, and these in turn convert themselves into energies that bipolarize in order to rise through Ida and Pingala up to the brain.

To be converted into Ojas (Christic force) the semen must become “cerebrated.” In order to be charged with Ojas (Christic force), the brain must become “seminized.”

Maithuna, sexual yoga, allows us to lead the electronic solar fire towards the cerebral region called Kamakala. Here are found the five centers that in their conjunction constitute the Sahasrara, the lotus of one thousand petals situated in the pineal gland, the king of the chakras.

The first of Sahasrara’s five lotuses is the lotus of twelve petals; the second is the trikona or triangle of fire [a-ka-tha]; the third is Nada-Bindu; the fourth is Manipitha, and the fifth is Hamsa [Editor's Note: These terms are from Padukapanchakastotram Stotra].

The triangle is wisely situated over the Manipitha with Nada below and Bindu above. Hamsa is the habitat of the soul, and it is placed above all of the former ones.

The five flowers of Sahasrara gloriously shine with the Kundalini.