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The Submerged Mineral Kingdom

The ray of creation begins in the Absolute and ends in the inferno. The latter word comes from the Latin infernus, which means “inferior.”

An author (whose name I do not wish to mention) stated that the inferior place is this physical world, this cellular world in which we live. Lamentably, that author was mistaken, because the infernus is the underworld, the submerged mineral kingdom.

Dante discovered the inferno within the interior of the Earth, the underworld of the Earth.

The descent towards the profound interior of our planetary organism is a descent into places of extreme density, of extreme materiality. Indeed, this is the wise idea expressed by Dante in his Divine Comedy.

Dante sees the underworld, he analyzes it, he comprehends it, and he formidably describes it. Dante talked about spheres (or circles) of increasing density that lead (in his own words)...

“...toward the middle, at whose point unites all heavy substance… That point to which, from every part, is dragged all heavy substance.”

At the threshold of a door in hell, Dante saw (written in black letters) the following terrible worlds:

“Through me you pass into the city of woe: 

Through me you pass into eternal pain: 

Through me among the people lost for aye. 

Justice the founder of my fabric moved: 

To rear me was the task of power divine, Supremest wisdom, and primeval love.

Before me things create were none, save things Eternal, and eternal I endure.

All hope abandon, ye who enter here.”

The subterranean layers of the Earth represent the kingdom of minerals (lithosphere). The kingdom of metals is the barisphere that envelops a heart of incredible density and frightful inertia.

We must make a clear distinction between the mineral kingdom and the kingdom of metals.

Among minerals, the group of metals is a cosmically separated group. A little beyond the kingdom of metals, there exists a certain very rare type of matter that has closer contact with the Absolute.

We must comprehend profoundly that the almighty holy one abides behind the kingdom of metals.

The ray of creation begins in the Absolute and ends in the inferno; but what is beyond the inferno? It is clear that beyond the inferno, behind the kingdom of metals, the Absolute is found.

Music clarifies all of this. As a complete process of life, the ray of creation is a descending octave, in which DO passes to SI and SI passes to LA, etc.

ray of creation

With one law, the Absolute vibrates within the note DO of the musical scale.

From the great scale, the note SI resounds in all of the worlds of the infinite with their three laws.

The note LA vibrates in all the suns of the galaxy with their six laws.

The note SOL resounds in the Sun that illuminates us with its twelve laws.

All the planets of our solar system vibrate with the note FA that resounds in all of nature with their twenty-four laws.

On Earth, the microcosm vibrates with the note MI and its forty-eight laws.

The under-earth or underworld vibrates with the note RE.

The ray of creation ends in the underworld. Beyond the kingdom of metals is the Absolute with its note DO vibrating eternally.

Therefore, the inferno with its ninety-six laws and its note RE is the end of the ray of creation.

Within the ray of creation there are seven orders of worlds; the inferno is the seventh, the last one.

Happiness and spirituality increase in worlds that are governed by a small number of laws; yet the complication of life, the mechanization, the materiality and grief, increases in worlds governed by a large number of laws.

The inferno, governed by ninety-six laws (which multiply according to the law of three), is frightfully materialistic, horrible, and painful.

The submerged mineral kingdom is Dante’s inferno with its nine circles or regions; in the last circle the nucleus of the Earth is found, where Dante (the good disciple of Virgil) discovered the foundation of Dis, the demon of treason.

Indeed, the world is triple: the world, the underworld, and the supra-world exist. The epidermis of the Earth, this cellular region in which we live, is just the intermediate zone, since the underworld (the Roman Averno, the Greek Tartarus, the Hades, Hellas, the inferno of Dante or the infernal worlds) is underneath the terrestrial crust.

The Elysian Fields of the supra-world, molecular and electronic kingdoms, the heavens, Deva, Amenti, paradise, etc., are all found above the cellular regions.

Such is the beautiful Pythagorean symbolism of the two dried circles: the circle above or supra-world, and the circle below or underworld; a third region is created, where the two intersect: this is the cellular world in which we live.

The Sun, as the gigantic cosmic heart of our solar system, illuminates not only the cellular region in which we live, but also the underworld and the supra-world.

The king star (the Sun) emits not only the luminous waves that we perceive with our eyes, but millions of other waves of different vibratory tonality that become, as a fact, an effective black light that human eyes cannot perceive.

Fine laboratory devices inform us that above the violet color there are seven ultraviolet colors (whose obscure and spectral rays are clearly perceived by photospectography). Undoubtedly, some large amounts of chemical and even hyper-chemical vibrations are above the ultraviolet colors, as those which belong to our imagination, or those which belong to our mind, willpower, and feelings.

On the other hand, scientists know very well that red (below the Sun) emits calorific waves of the x-rays, electromagnetic, etc., that as a fact and without a doubt, would be clear light if human beings had developed the third eye of the Limnoscelis Lacertidae, a third eye that is also cited by Homer in The Odyssey.

Creatures that inhabit the profound depth of the oceans and the obscure caverns of the Earth have developed that third eye, that sixth sense.

It has been widely proven that ants and other insects can see very well in the light of the infrared rays, but on the contrary, they are in complete obscurity in the light of the violet-colored rays.

The outer darkness, mentioned by the four gospels of Christ, are indeed black light, another mode of light. Therefore, it is not exaggerated to affirm that the infernal worlds are illuminated by infrared light.

It is not necessary to be absolutely perverse in order to enter into the infernal worlds. Those who enter into the underworld are the ones who lived without deserving any type of praise or vituperation from their fellowmen; also those who were never rebellious or loyal to God, the lukewarm who are as numerous as the sand of the sea; they are the unhappy ones who only live for themselves, those crowds who were never interested in the realization of their innermost Self, the Being.

Into the underworld enter the multitudes that walk behind the flag of Esau, the vindictive ones, who changed their birthright for a pottage of lentils; those who say, “First, I am going to make money, and then, if I have time, I will dedicate my life to God.”

Into the infernal worlds enter the lustful ones and those who hate sex, the homosexuals and the ignorant abstinent people who do not reach the Second Birth. Heaven reproves usury, incontinency, maliciousness, and insane bestiality.

Devolution in the infernal worlds is a descent into lower states, passing through animal and pseudo-vegetal states and ending in the mineral kingdom, with the fatal epilogue of the Second Death. Thus, and only thus, can the failed souls become liberated, and return into the primeval chaos. Thereafter, they reenter into a new evolving ascension, passing anew through the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms towards the human state.