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The Protoplasmic Bodies

Men of science have proven that metals also are vulnerable to sickness and death. Certain types of poison can produce sickness and death in metals.

In his Rosicrucian Novel, Dr. Arnold Krumm-Heller, “Huiracocha” (Colonel Physician of the Mexican Army and Professor of Medicine at the University of Berlin), stated that every atom is a trio of matter, energy, and consciousness.

We, the gnostics, know that subatomic particles possess consciousness. We emphatically affirm that the electrical and gravitational characteristics of any given particle represent its mental qualities.

The substance of the mind exists in all of the kingdoms of nature, including the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.

Indeed, the only difference between a beast and an intellectual animal (mistakenly called a human being) lies in the fact that the latter has transformed his mind into intellect.

Life and consciousness also exist in certain forms within the elemental particles of nature.

These particles receive information beyond time and space. This reminds us of the extrasensory perceptions of certain very psychic individuals, with whom many experiments have been made in the laboratories of parapsychology.

When an electron and a positron (a positive electron) are annihilated in order to liberate energy, two gamma rays (or gamma photons) are produced. These rays are found to be intimately related. When one of them suffers a transformation, the other inevitably receives its influence; this occurs without having an ordinary physical link between the two.

Let the similitude of this phenomenon be observed with those who study parapsychology.

The Chinese Lee and Yang scientifically demonstrated (by means of experiments with atomic particles) that in our region of the universe, space is not symmetrical, and that smaller particles of matter tend to spin themselves towards an advantageous direction. These men of science do not yet know how the former phenomenon can be related with the essential symmetry of living matter.

Optical science is now approaching the fourth dimension. Thus, the day is not far away in which tetra-dimensional space will become visible through very powerful lenses.

In his books of medicine, Paracelsus talked about gnomes, undines, nereids, genii, salamanders, sylphs, etc. Naturally, imbecile ignoramuses laugh about all of these things.

Within the mineral atoms, we the gnostics find those gnomes of whom Paracelsus (the medieval physician) spoke. Thus, in the same way that the good Aureolus Paracelsus, in his epoch, utilized the elementals of plants in order to cure the sick, we too know how to do it, even if the ignoramuses of science laugh at us.

The consciousness of the elementals is dressed with supra-sensible protoplasmic bodies.

When universal life concentrates itself within the mineral kingdom, then the protoplasmic bodies or lunar bodies sprout by spontaneous generation. These types of bodies are susceptible to many changes and transformations.

When the gnomes from the mineral kingdom enter into the plant kingdom, they suffer transformations within their protoplasmic bodies.

When the elementals of plants enter into animal evolution, they suffer new transformations within their protoplasmic bodies.

When the evolving wave of life passes from the animal into the human being, that is, when the elementals of animals enter into human wombs for the first time, then new changes and metamorphoses are verified within their protoplasmic bodies.

The internal bodies, studied by the pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools, are common property for all of the beasts of nature. These are the lunar bodies or protoplasmic bodies.

The laws of evolution and devolution are enclosed within the lunar protoplasmic bodies.

The protoplasmic bodies evolve until a certain point, perfectly defined by nature; afterwards, they downwardly precipitate through the way of devolution, reverting their processes until reaching their original point of departure.

The evolution of the protoplasmic bodies is performed over the surface of the Earth in this cellular world.

The devolution of the protoplasmic bodies is performed within the submerged mineral kingdom.

It is not strange that the protoplasmic bodies initiate their devolution in this cellular world; however their complete devolving processes are processed within the underworld.

The protoplasmic bodies can never be destroyed by the death of the physical body. After physical death, the protoplasmic bodies continue to exist within the molecular world.

Spiritualists talk abundantly about the perispirit, which is constituted by the protoplasmic bodies.

The ectoplasm (the materialization of the lunar bodies) has been performed successfully in some scientific laboratories. This is how these protoplasmic bodies have been photographed.

The embryonic soul (which every human being carries inside) is dressed with these protoplasmic bodies.

The intellectual animal (mistakenly called a human being) is a machine that is necessary for the economy of nature.

Until the machine can correctly function, the evolution of the protoplasmic bodies is necessary.

The human machine automatically receives and transforms certain cosmic rays that later are unconsciously transmitted into the interior layers of the Earth.

Every animal and every plant performs (in an unconscious manner) the same function. The intellectual animal cannot be an exception.

Each plant, each animal, according to its own kind, captures and transforms (for the good of this planetary organism on which we live) defined types of cosmic rays. Some capture vibrations of the very Earth, terrestrial rays that must be transformed and transmitted into the Earth anew.

Other plant and animal families have the mission of receiving and transmitting solar rays, which thereafter the Earth avidly receives.

There are also multiple families of plants and animals that receive, transform, and transmit cosmic rays from the great infinite into the interior of our terrestrial organism.

The devolving lunar bodies repeat the processes that they had experienced within nature, yet in a reverted way. They retrospectively revive their entire human, animal, plant, and mineral past.

When the protoplasmic bodies return to their point of original departure (situated in the mineral kingdom that is the basic point of the scale) then these bodies are reduced to cosmic dust.

The destruction of the protoplasmic bodies is indispensable in order to liberate the lost souls.

The lost souls return into the original, primitive chaos. Here, they have to ascend anew until finally reaching the human state again; that is, after having repeated the very long and millenarian evolving ascension that processes itself through the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms.

The destruction of the protoplasmic lunar bodies in the infernal worlds is infinitely painful. Dante symbolized it marvelously in his Divine Comedy.

Devolution is a constant downward fall, each time falling towards the past, into denser and denser regions, where only weeping and the gnashing of teeth can be heard.

The cataclysms that will transform the crust of this Earth in a definite way will kill this entire humanity. Thus, this is how this humanity will definitely enter into the infernal worlds.