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The Second Birth

In our former chapter, we stated that the Being, the Innermost, the divine spirit of each living creature, has two souls: Buddhi and superior Manas.

The Being himself is Atman, the ineffable. If we commit the error of giving the Being the qualifications of superior “I,” alter ego, subliminal “I,” or divine ego, etc., we commit blasphemy, because that which is divine, the reality, can never fall into the heresy of separability.

Superior and inferior are two sections of the same thing. Superior “I” or inferior “I” are two sections of the same pluralized ego (Satan).

The Being is the Being, and the reason for the Being to be is to be the Being. The Being transcends the personality, the “I,” and individuality.

Atman, the Being, rends himself asunder into Buddhi and Manas. Buddhi is our Valkyrie, our divine spouse (the Beatrice of Dante), the spiritual soul. Manas, the superior Manas (mistakenly called causal ego in Theosophy), is the human soul, the eternal spouse of Valkyrie.

Buddhi and Manas are indeed the two twin souls, the two fish of the zodiacal sign of Pisces within the profound waters of eternal mother space.

The opposites masculine-feminine are conciliated within the monad in order to form the immortal triad Atman-Buddhi-Manas.

The immortal triad of any lunar creature is not incarnated. That triad lives freely within the Milky Way; yet, it is connected to the physical body through the famous Antakarana, the thread of life (the silver cord).

The wretched intellectual animal (mistakenly called a human being) only possesses a fraction of the human soul within his protoplasmic lunar bodies. Unfortunately, that fraction, buddhata, or Essence is bottled up within the pluralized “I.”

Thus, as Atman rends himself asunder into Buddhi and superior Manas, likewise the superior Manas rends himself asunder into the buddhata, into the Essence.

Indeed, the wretched intellectual animal could not incarnate in himself (within himself) his immortal triad because he only possesses internal protoplasmic lunar bodies. Obviously, in his condition he will not resist the tremendous electro-spiritual voltage of Atman-Buddhi-Manas and would die.

Whosever wants to incarnate in himself (within himself) the totality of his soul, his divine immortal triad, must first descend into the ninth sphere (sex) in order to create his electronic solar bodies.

Isabel lives within Atman. At this moment, the particle Is, the eternal and feminine principle and the Isiac mysteries come into my memory. Abel is the human soul, the noble spouse of the eternal, beloved, feminine soul.

In fact, to incarnate the divine immortal triad signifies the Second Birth, which means to come out of the ninth sphere.

The child who is born comes out from the womb. Whosoever is born within the superior worlds comes out of the ninth sphere (sex).

Whosoever reaches the Second Birth is admitted into the Temple of the Twice-born. Whosoever reaches the Second Birth has to renounce sex for all eternity. The sexual act is absolutely forbidden for the Twice-born. Whosoever violates this law will lose his solar bodies and will fall into the valley of bitterness.

Whosoever reaches the Second Birth (which Jesus taught to Nicodemus) enters in fact and by his own right into the Magis Regnum, Regnum Dei.

No one can enter into the Kingdom dressed in the rags of a beggar (lunar rags). I know the case of an adept lady who in ten years of intense work in the ninth sphere built her wedding gown, meaning, her solar bodies. Now, this adept lady is an inhabitant of the kingdom; she dwells among the Elohim.

It is difficult to establish the precise amount of time for the Second Birth, because this depends on the quality of work. Some people can attain the Second Birth in fifteen or twenty years of intense work in the ninth sphere; others can endure much more time.

Remember, gnostic brothers and sisters, that our motto is thelema (willpower). Realization of the Innermost Self is only for men and women with thelema.

Before any Twice-born, two paths are open: the path of the right, and the path of the left.

The path of the right is for those who work in the dissolution of the “I.” The path of the left is for those who commit the error of not working with the dissolution of the “I.”

The Twice-born who does not reduce his lunar ego to cosmic dust converts himself into an abortion of the cosmic mother. He becomes a marut, and there are thousands of types of maruts. Certain Asian sects and some Muslim tribes commit the lamentable error of rendering cult to all of those families of maruts.

Every marut, every hasnamuss, has in fact two personalities: one white and another black (one solar and another lunar). The Innermost, the Being dressed with the electronic solar bodies, is the white personality of the hasnamuss, and the pluralized “I” dressed with the protoplasmic lunar bodies is the hasnamuss’ black personality. Therefore, these maruts have a double center of gravity.

To comprehend each of our psychological defects in each and every of the forty-nine regions of the subconsciousness is vital. However, it is not enough for the elimination of all the submerged entities that personify our errors.

The mind cannot radically change anything. The mind itself can have the luxury of hiding its own errors, or justifying them, or condemning them, or passing them from one department of the mind into another. Nonetheless, the mind is not capable of dissolving or eliminating them.

Extra help is necessary, a special aid; someone who can take out, who can extract, who can remove the “I’s” (those submerged entities which personify our psychological errors) and cast them into the infernal worlds.

Fortunately, each one of us has a particular cosmic mother, a Divine Mother. She is that mathematical point of mother space. She is that mother point from where the Being, Atman, emanated. She is, in fact, the very root of our monad, the particular mother of our monad.

That mathematical point, that mater point, is in itself immeasurable. Its existence is more real than all that which is measurable. Measurability is, without a doubt, an extremely harsh indication of existence, because measurability is in itself an extremely conditioned concept.

The monks of a Chinese Buddhist pagoda taught me a very special way of praying; it is an asana or sacred posture in order to pray to our inner buddha and, in fact, to the particular cosmic mother of the inner buddha.


First, kneel down. Second, sit on your heels in the Muslim style. Third, extend your arms to form the horizontal beam of a cross. Fourth, pray to your Divine Mother and bend your trunk forward, then backwards while keeping your arms extended and while remaining firmly seated on your heels.

After having comprehended this or that psychological defect in all and each one of the subconscious levels of the mind, we must pray for help to our particular Divine Mother; thus, we beg her to eliminate from the lunar bodies the “I,” the entity that personifies the defect.

Without the help of our Divine Mother, it is impossible to eliminate the demonic “I’s” that live within the lunar bodies.

Previous comprehension of any psychological defect is indispensable before our Divine Mother proceeds to eliminate the submerged entity that personifies it.

When the pluralized “I” has been absolutely eliminated, we depart from the atomic infernos and enter into the purgatorial molecular region.

We must fry or brown the seeds of the “I” within purgatory, because if these seeds are not burned, they will germinate again. Remember that the pluralized “I” can also resuscitate like the phoenix bird from within its own ashes.

The elimination of the protoplasmic lunar bodies is only possible when the pluralized “I” is dead and when the evil tendencies or seeds have been reduced (by means of fire) to cosmic dust.

“Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” —Matthew 22:21

The lunar bodies belong to nature; she lends them to us, and therefore we have to return them to her.