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The Causal Body

Through this chapter we are arriving at the causal world, at the marvelous world of conscious will, in the electronic region.

There below, in the molecular world, on the other shore across the evil river, there is a sad place not for martyrdoms but for sighs, with lamentations and loud moans, resounding through the air that forever whirls around through darkness.

There in that Limbo of the molecular world lives Virgil, the poet of Mantua, the master of Dante. There also live all of those pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult, naive, innocent souls who were not washed of their original sin, and who believed that they could Self-realize in depth without the need to work with the Maithuna in the ninth sphere. Those naive souls committed the mistake of not getting dressed with the three holy virtues (the three solar bodies: astral, mental, and causal).

In former chapters, we studied the astral and mental solar bodies; now we are going to study the body of conscious will, the causal body.

Gnostic students need to have a lot of faith and be very well cloaked with the three holy virtues, if indeed they do not want to continue in Limbo.

Asian fakirs fight in a frightful way within themselves in order to develop the force of willpower. The entire fakir’s path consists of multiple, incredible, and difficult physical practices. Any fakir is very capable of adopting any difficult physical position while keeping his body steady for hours, months, and even years; or he can sit under a tree on top of an anthill or under the scorching rays of the tropical sun. Any fakir is very capable of sitting on a bare stone under the sun with his arms opened in the form of a cross, or amongst thorns and caltrops for entire months or years.

Indeed, fakirs develop the force of willpower in a severe way by means of all of these physical tortures. Nevertheless, they do not achieve the creation of the body of conscious will (causal body) because this is a one hundred percent sexual problem.

If the body of conscious will (causal body) could be built with the physical tortures of fakirs, then according to the law of correspondences and analogies and in obedience to the hermetic maxim that states, “As above so below,” we would also have to state that the body of bones and flesh, the physical body, can also be built with such practices. Consequently, the sexual act of father and mother would be superseded. Therefore, to affirm such an absurdity would be the lamentable consequence of a mistaken idea.

The body of conscious will (causal body) can only be built within the flaming forge of Vulcan.

We can and must give onto the sexual hydrogen SI-12 (by means of Maithuna in the ninth sphere) a very special third shock in order to pass it into the fourth superior octave of DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-SI.

The crystallization of the sexual hydrogen SI-12 into the extraordinary form of the causal body (body of conscious will) is performed in accordance with the seven notes of the scale.

The solar astral body is born in the Third Initiation of Fire. The solar mental body is born in the Fourth Initiation of Fire. The causal body or body of conscious will is born in the Fifth Initiation of Fire.

To possess a causal body or body of conscious will is equivalent to converting oneself into a mahatma, into an adept of the White Lodge.

The First Initiation of Fire occurs when the serpent of the physical body makes contact with the atom of the Father at the magnetic field located in the root of the nose.

The Second Initiation of Fire occurs when the serpent of the vital body makes contact with the atom of the Father at the magnetic field located in the root of the nose.

The Third Initiation of Fire occurs when the serpent of the astral body reaches the third chamber of the heart, after having passed through the Amrita Nadi.

The advent of the Fourth Initiation of Fire occurs when the serpent of the mental body reaches the fourth secret chamber of the heart, after having passed from the brain into the cardias through the Amrita Nadi.

The Fifth Initiation is a marvelous cosmic event that occurs when the fifth serpent, the serpent of the causal body, reaches the fifth esoteric chamber of the cardias after having reached the brain.

The fifth cosmic festival is splendid; the newborn causal child is carried on the chariot of the centuries into the temple. For this glorious event, the altar is covered with Veronica’s sacred shroud, upon which the divine rostrum crowned with thorns is resplendently shown.

Veronica’s sacred shroud represents Christ-will, the body of conscious will.

The will of Christ can only perform the will of the Father, “on earth as it is in heaven. Father, if it is possible, pass this chalice away from me, but not my will but Thine be done.”

Amidst the archaic ruins of the Age of Bronze, many heads crowned with crowns of thorns have been found, chiseled upon living rocks.

The figure of Ecce Homo has a crown not only to remind us of the historical event related with the martyrdom of our beloved Jesus Christ, but also to indicate the necessity of building the solar body of Christ-will.

It is urgent to know, it is necessary to comprehend, that the causal body is an ineffable organism that also needs food for its nourishment and development. The nourishment of the causal body or body of conscious will is hydrogen 6.

A lot has been written about the four bodies (physical, astral, mental, and causal). Some people have written to me and have asked, why we did not mention the Lingam Sarira (vital body)? My answer to these people is always the same: the vital body is only the superior part of the physical body, and therefore, in esotericism the vital body is considered one with the cellular body.

Inexpert clairvoyants confuse the lunar bodies with the solar bodies. They even commit the mistake of believing that the wretched intellectual beast (mistakenly called a human being) already has a perfect septenary constitution.

It is lamentable that inexpert clairvoyants confuse the buddhata (which is deposited within the lunar protoplasmic bodies) with the authentic and genuine causal body or solar body of conscious will.

The buddhata or Essence is only a fraction of the human soul within us. Therefore, to confuse the buddhata or Essence with the causal body is an absurdity.

On a certain occasion, at the table of a banquet, my real Being, the Innermost, took a seat with two other people; the first was my Buddhi, my Valkyrie, the other person was me, myself, the human soul dressed with the causal body.

My Lord took the floor and said, “I have two souls; the first is Buddhi, the spiritual soul, and it is feminine; the second is the human soul and it is masculine. The human soul is the soul who works. Thus, while the human soul works, the spiritual soul plays. This is my doctrine.”

This lesson was taught onto me by my real Being Samael in the causal world or world of conscious will.