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The Human Machine

If we vividly imagine in a clear and precise manner the resplendent and elongated body of the solar system, we will see all of its beautiful coverings and intertwined threads that were formed by the marvelous traces of the planets. Then, from such a receptive state, the living image of the human organism (with its skeletal, lymphatic, arterial, nervous, etc., systems) will come into our minds. Without a doubt the constitution of the human organism is also constituted and reunited in a similar manner.

In space, when looking upon the solar system of Ors from afar (which is the solar system in which we live, move, and have our existence), it looks like a human being who walks throughout the inalterable infinite.

The microcosmic human being is, in his turn, a solar system in miniature, a marvelous machine with various distributed nets of energy that are in distinct degrees of tension.

The structure of the human organism is constituted by seven or eight systems that are held together by a formidable skeletal assemblage that (thanks to its connected tissue) is reunited into a solid whole.

Medical science has verified that all of these systems (from the human organism) are properly united and harmonized by the heart, which is the sun of this physical organism. The existence of the microcosmic human being depends upon its vivifying heart.

Each organic system embraces the entire human body. Through its internal secretion, one endocrine gland reigns with sovereignty over each system. Indeed, these marvelous glands are living micro-laboratories that are situated on specific places (such as regulators and transformers).

In summary, we can emphatically affirm that the highest mission of these glandular micro-laboratories is to transform the vital energies produced by the human machine.

It has been stated that the human organism obtains its nourishment from the air that we breathe, from the food that we eat, and from the solar light.

These glandular micro-laboratories have to transform the vital energies from the above mentioned nourishments. Indeed, this is an amazing and marvelous labor.

Each endocrine gland has to transform the vital energy acquired through these three types of nourishments into the degree of tension required by its own system and function.

The human organism possesses seven superior glands and three nervous systems. The law of seven and the law of three intensely work within the human machine.

The central nervous system produces those very seldom conscious functions that occasionally manifest themselves through the intellectual animal.

The sympathetic nervous system marvelously stimulates the unconscious and instinctual functions.

The parasympathetic or vagus restrains the instinctual functions and acts as a complement of the latter.

Thus, we are totally accurate when affirming (without fear of being mistaken) that these three nervous systems represent the law of three, the three primary forces within the human machine. Likewise, the seven endocrine glands and their secretions represent the law of seven with all of their musical scales.

Indeed, there is a system that controls the release of active nervous impulses; there is another that controls the release of passive nervous impulses, and also a third that controls the release of the mediator nervous impulses emanating from our thoughts, our reasoning, and our consciousness.

The nerves, agents of the law of three, control the endocrine glands that (as we have already stated) represent the law of seven.

The glands are controlled by the nerves, but in turn, these are also controlled. This is similar to the specific functions of the planets that move around the Sun; the planets control and yet are controlled.

We mentioned and we repeat again that the human machine has five centers: first, the intellectual center; second, the emotional center; third, the motor center; fourth, the instinctual center, and fifth, the sexual center.

We have explained many times that the five cylinders of the human machine are unfortunately controlled by the pluralized “I,” by that legion of “I’s” that lives within these psychological centers.

The human machine (as any other machine) moves under the impulses of the subtle forces of nature.

The secret agents that move the human machines are first the cosmic radiations and secondly the pluralized “I.”

The cosmic radiation is formed by two great component groups that work within the great laboratory of nature in the same way that they do within the human machine.

The first group is formed by rays of great hardness and elevated penetration. These rays come from sidereal space; they have energies which oscillate at about five billion electro-volts. When penetrating our planet, these rays collide with the particles of the high atmosphere, thus originating impacts that segregate into nourishing beams of light and starry rays.

The hardness of this cosmic radiation is formed by protons, neutrons, and mesons. The latter are already classified as positive, negative, and neutral according to the law of three.

The second group or bland radiation is formed by secondary rays that are produced within the terrestrial atmosphere. According to investigations performed by scientists, these types of rays are impacts that are the outcome of hard radiation that has collided against the atoms in the air (which also originate beams of light and starry rays). Some of these are formed by 500,000 particles, which within their development tend to extend through very broad areas.

It is stated that the energy of bland radiation’s component corpuscles oscillates between one million and one hundred million electro-volts.

The influence of any given adverse planetary conjunction (any ominous quadrature of planets or any given tension produced by the exaggerated approach of two planets) is enough in order for millions of human machines to throw themselves into war. Obviously, such a war would be justified by many reasons, mottos, flags that must be defended, motives for which it would be imperative to fight, etc.

Thus, the gravest foolishness of the intellectual animals is to believe that they are doing things, when indeed, they cannot do anything. They are simple human marionettes moved by unknown forces.

Cosmic radiation originates infinite changes within the subjective psyche of the intellectual animal, within his psychological idiosyncrasy. This is how certain “I’s” emerge and others immerse. This is how some diabolic “I’s” emerge to the surface while others get lost within the forty-nine regions of the subconsciousness.

This is how bewilderment and surprise take place: the one who swore eternal love unexpectedly walks away; the one who swore fidelity to gnosis soon betrays it; the one who never drank alcohol is now drinking it; the one who wanted to perform a certain business suddenly loses all interest, etc.

Human machines have no sense of moral responsibility whatsoever; they are simple marionettes who think, feel, and act in accordance to the type of “I” that controls the capital centers of the human machine in a given moment. In fact, if one type of “I” is displaced, then the human marionette modifies his mental and sentimental processes; thus, the outcome is different and may even be in the form of completely opposite actions.

Sometimes certain diabolic “I’s” (which do not belong to a certain person but which belong to other people’s psyche) come and accommodate themselves within any of the five cylinders of the human machine. This is how the honest citizen becomes a thief and the one who never dared to kill, not even a little bird, is suddenly converted into a cruel assassin, etc.

The “I,” which all human beings carry within themselves, is a plurality, and its true name is legion. The sequence of these diabolic “I’s,” (their continuance and terrible struggle for supremacy) depends upon many external and internal influences and finally… upon cosmic radiations.

The heat of the Sun and the good or bad weather immediately gives way to the emergence of certain “I’s” that take over the human machine. Some of these “I’s” can be stronger than others.

Rains, contrarieties, and vain, swift happiness originate new and annoying “I’s.” Nevertheless, the wretched human marionette does not even have the smallest notion of these changes, because his consciousness is asleep, his sense of being is always within the last manifested “I.”

Among themselves, certain stronger “I’s” dominate other weak “I’s”—however, their strength comes from the energy of the cylinders of the human machine. All of the “I’s” are the outcome of the external and internal influences. True individuality does not exist within the intellectual animal. Present humans are merely machines.