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Evolution and Devolution

According to the dictionary, the ordinary definition of the word evolution is “a process of progressive development” that is governed by certain precise, yet unknown laws.

For the epicurean swine or henchmen of dialectical materialism, the concept of evolution, first of all, rejects the idea of an intelligent plan and a creator Logos. The foolish fanatics of that farce written by Karl Marx (which is called dialectical materialism) stupidly believe that evolution is an independent and mechanical process without God or law.

For the students of the different pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult schools, the concept of evolution, first of all, includes the idea of an intelligent plan and a creator Logos.

Thus, the word evolution contains in itself a dogmatic significance; precisely, this is its characteristic feature.

The present materialistic scientific bases of evolution are: first, the nebular theories related with the origin of the universe, with all their innumerable alterations, modifications, additions, restrictions, and so on. Indeed, all of these do not even minutely alter this originally mistaken theory of conception related with the mechanical constructive processes. Second, the capricious theory of Darwin related to the origin of the species with all its corrections and subsequent changes.

There is a lot to comment upon regarding nebular conceptions. In this day and age, very ingenious theories about the origin of the universe have been invented. Nevertheless, all of them are purely fantastic speculations without any corroboration; they are merely games of the mind, foolishness.

The evolution and transformation of the species (in a strictly Darwinist sense) is based upon artificially selected “facts.” In order to prove that theory, they rely on comparative anatomy, on morphology, on embryology, on paleontology, etc. However, in each decade they deny the “facts” from the previous decade and substitute old “facts” for new “facts.” Nevertheless, that theory remains untouchable.

Indeed, the appearance of new species (as a result of the law of evolution) is no more than a simple hypothesis, since it has never been verified. Nobody has ever witnessed the appearance of a new species.

When creating the theory of evolution, modern thought forgot about the destructive, devolving processes of nature. The reason lies in the intellectual vision’s much too limited field in these times. Due to this, pompous theories are elaborated upon; all of them are very beautiful but all have an insufficient number of “facts.” Within these theories, none of the processes are certainly and entirely known; these theories only observe part of the process of evolution. Erudites state that this process consists as a type of evolving change.

In this day and age, the human mind is already so degenerated that it has become incapable of even comprehending the inverse degenerative process on a greater scale.

Present erudites’ minds are so trapped (bottled up within the dogma of evolution) that their minds only know how to think or function according to their own bottled up condition. This is why they attribute unto the other phenomena (that is: devolution, destruction, decadence, and degeneration) the qualification of evolution, development, and progress.

People and cultures in this era who seem to be from the “Stone Age” are neither from the beginning nor from the end of the world. These “Stone Age” people are only the declination and degeneration of very wealthy, ancient civilizations. This is demonstrated by the remains of prehistoric cultures, also by the data of comparative philology which shows the astonishing psychological wealth of archaic languages and the irrefutable ancient documents of art and literature.

In this oh-so-boasted-about modern civilization, not all of the isolated villages are savage. It is not a sign of savagery to reject this present “civilized” barbarism. However, this does not mean that there are no isolated villages in a state of complete savagery. The truly savage or semi-savage villages found by modern explorers are, without a doubt, degenerated descendants of extraordinarily cultured people who existed before the Stone Age.

None of the truly primitive villages found by explorers have shown any sign of evolution; on the contrary, in all of the cases without exception, the unmistakable signs of degeneration and devolution have been observed.

All of the savage or semi-savage villages have or preserve legends and traditions from a golden age or from an heroic epoch. Indeed, these legends and traditions talk about their own past or their own ancient civilizations.

This very fact demonstrates with meridian clarity the indisputable superiority of their Paleolithic drawings, in other words, the most ancient drawings found within the profound caves of the Earth. These are related to the Neolithic drawings, meaning the most recent ones.

The gnostic brother C. Iturralde V. sent us an interesting letter from his country Bolivia; he said:

“Here there is something very intriguing and peculiar in relation to a certain legend. This legend is not just a fantastic tale made up by some minds; instead, it is something that has an objective reality. In this village there was a certain Lilliputian tribe with human bodies that scarcely reached some 15 centimeters and others that were 25 centimeters in stature; they lived in a kind of village or community which had houses along with utensils, pots, etc., and they were built by them.

“When I was a child I heard about such beings living near the city where I lived, in Lipez exactly, which is a plateau surrounded by mountains (the Andes) and an enormous surface facing the east. Now, I know that close to Potosi (about 120 kilometers away) there is a village whose buildings are about 30 centimeters in height. Within the homes utensils can be found which correspond to extremely small people. People say that this village is surrounded by very odd pointed hills which extend two to three meters in height; yet for this village those hills appear to be mountains. The most elevated mountains (measuring many hundreds of meters in height) rise above it.”

It has been said that the indigenous of that area do not allow anyone to approach this oddity.

This is a devolving Lemurian race. This is a Lilliputian and Jinn race of Cimmerian myths, authentic Nibelungs. Scientists of today are beginning to study indelible prints of these human-ants that came from their (the Lilliputian) galleries and that have even been found on rupestrian paintings.

The so-called primitive European races of the Stone Age (such as the Cro-Magnon that lived in the caverns of the Earth) were formerly very beautiful, but the degenerative, descending cyclical impulse acted terribly on those races of Atlantean origin. Finally, the Paleolithic man left his position to his successor, disappearing almost completely from the scene.

Inside any evolving process there is a degenerative, devolving process. The law of evolution and its twin sister the law of devolution work in a synchronized and harmonious way in all of creation.

The laws of evolution and devolution constitute the mechanical axle of nature.

We, the gnostics, do not deny the law of evolution; this law exists. However, it is wrong to assign mistaken and false factors and principles onto this law.

The realization of the Innermost Self of the human being is not the outcome of any mechanization. The law of evolution and the law of devolution are mechanical laws.

The realization of the Innermost Self of the human being is the outcome of tremendous, self-cognitive super-efforts made by oneself and within oneself, here and now.

To deny the law of evolution would be an absurdity. Nonetheless, to attribute to this law factors that it does not have is stupidity.

There is evolution in any creative process, for instance, in the seed that dies so that the stalk must sprout, in the creature that is gestated within the maternal womb and is born. There is evolution in the plants that bloom.

Yet, there is devolution in any destructive process; for example, the tree that withers and that eventually becomes a pile of wood; the plant that grows old and dies. There is devolution in the elder who agonizes and finally inhales his last breath.

Everything that exists in creation evolves until a certain point perfectly defined by nature. Thereafter, it devolves until returning to the original point of departure.

Therefore, no single living being can Self-realize or attain liberation through the mechanical law of evolution.