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The Astral Body

Within occultist literature, a great deal has been written regarding this very interesting theme of astral projection.

Here, it is very opportune to cite the undesirable hypnotic phenomena of the mentioned Laurent (July 10, 1894) in which the famous hypnotist Colonel Rochas experimented with hypnotism. He achieved with lamentable imprudence (like those who despise the classic Ars Magna Brevis Experimentum Periculosum) what can be summarized as hypnotic states separated from each other by many other lethargic states (people who are dedicated to this subject matter know all this very well).

Onto the three typical hypnotic states known as lethargy, catalepsy, and somnambulism, Colonel Rochas added many other more profound states, thirteen in all. These states were separated from each other by successive lethargic states in which the patient seems to sleep more and more in order to successively awaken into “new states” each time more distant from the state of vigil.

In state number five, a blue phantom appears on the left side of the hypnotized patient. Likewise, in state number six, on the patient’s left side another phantom appears but red. Then, upon reaching state number seven, both phantoms unite and become one and when reaching state number eight interpenetrate into irregular white-violet bands.

In state number nine, the astral double, thus integrated, starts to enhance a relative liberty of movements, although without severing the silver cord that connects to the physical body, since the rupture of that cord would signify death.

In hypnotic state number eleven (according to the sayings of Colonel Rochas), the astral double tends to its emancipation, to become totally released from its physical ties, while some certain repugnant forms or diabolic “I’s” viciously move in and out of the double, producing terrible convulsions within the patient.

Now that we have reached this section of this chapter, it is convenient to clarify that Colonel Rochas qualified the demonic “I’s” of the patient as “repugnant larvae.”

When the unhappy patient sees himself assaulted by such animalistic creatures (each time increasing in number), he feels the loss of his vital forces and anguishly asks to be awakened and thus liberated from that nightmare. This is state number twelve.

State number thirteen is definitive: the hypnotized patient is totally released from his physical ties; thus, he freely travels within the superior dimensions of space.

It is clearly comprehendible that all of these hypnotic experiments are criminal in their depth. The hypnotist in this case is similar to a pitiless vivisectionist that, with his bit of intelligence, boasts about being wise and tortures poor animals in order to discover the enigmas of nature. The only difference is that in the hypnotic experiment of our narration, the guinea pig is the unhappy hypnotized patient.

The universal Christian Gnostic Movement teaches practical and effective systems in order to separate the double from the physical body at will, and to consciously travel with the double without harmful and detrimental hypnotic trances.

The wise law of contrary analogies invites us to comprehend that if there are thirteen subjective and negative states during a hypnotic state for the projection of the double, likewise, there are another thirteen objective and positive states during a healthy and natural projection of the double.

It is urgent to comprehend that whosoever wants to learn how to consciously travel within the double, the first thing that he needs to do is to awaken his consciousness.

Astral projection is no longer a problem when the consciousness awakens. Sacred scriptures insist on the necessity of awakening, but people continue with their consciousness asleep.

The time has arrived in which we have to comprehend that the double (which was registered in some photographic films and which was analyzed by the Colonel Rochas) is not the true astral body.

The double has been, is, and shall always be of a molecular, lunar, and protoplasmatic nature.

The astral body is a body of an electronic, solar nature. The astral solar body has nothing vague, vaporous, or subjective. The astral solar body is a body of bones and flesh; it is made out of the flesh from paradise, not from the flesh that comes from Adam.

Ordinary human beings (except those very few rare cases) are always born with the famous lunar double and never with the solar astral body.

The wretched intellectual beast possesses the molecular body, body of desires, or lunar double. He does not have a solar astral body. He must build the solar astral body.

Intellectual animals live inside their physical body; yet, during normal sleep and also after death, they live outside of it. Thus, when outside of their physical bodies, they wander around dressed with their molecular double. Pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist people have named the molecular body “astral body.” Nonetheless, that molecular body is not the astral body.

The so-called “incorporeal travels” are always performed with the lunar double; after having released its physical ties, it can freely travel through the whole Milky Way without any danger.

Any monk can develop the superior emotional center, and if he is really self-determined, he can eliminate from his interior nature his lower desires and animal passions. Nevertheless, this is not how one builds the astral body.

This issue related with the building of the astral body has been, is, and shall always be an absolutely sexual problem.

There is an esoteric maxim that states: “As above, so below.” We can also state: “As below, so above.”

If sexual union of the phallus and the uterus is always necessary in order to engender a physical body, then it is also absolutely logical to state that the sexual act is indispensably necessary in order to engender the solar astral body.

Once in a while within this complicated and difficult labyrinth of pseudo-esotericism and pseudo-occultism, some wandering degenerated infrasexual might appear who will possibly state that the astral body can be built without the necessity of the sexual act because we already have the two poles, masculine and feminine. Those imbecile ignoramuses do not want to comprehend that the time of the Lemurian hermaphrodites has already passed, and that creation without sexual cooperation, without the necessity of the sexual act between man and woman, can only be performed by an authentic hermaphrodite.

The Lemurian hermaphrodites had the phallus and the uterus and also all of the male and female organs totally developed; this is why they could create or reproduce themselves without the necessity of the sexual act. However, all of the pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist people who hate sexual magic have never demonstrated unto us that they have the male and female sexual organs totally developed.

What is as abundant as evil weeds in this perverse, corrupted, and doomed Aryan civilization are the false hermaphrodites, meaning, the homosexuals of Lilith, the gays.

The sexual hydrogen is developed within the human organism according to the musical scale DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-SI.

The sexual hydrogen SI-12 is very abundant in the semen; this type of hydrogen crystallizes into new human bodies, and when it is wisely transmuted, it takes form within the astral body.

By restraining the sexual impulse in order to avoid the ejaculation of semen, the sexual hydrogen SI-12 receives a special shock that passes it into another second superior octave. This new octave is processed according to the seven notes of the scale DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-SI.

An esotericist must never ignore that the transformation of substances within the human organism is processed according to the law of the octaves.

The union of the sexual hydrogens SI-12 from a male and female and everything that accompanies these two unities allows us to pass the sexual hydrogen into a second, superior octave, whose outcome is the crystallization of the mentioned hydrogen into the marvelous form that is the astral body. That body of perfection is born of the same material, of the same substance, of the same matter from which the physical body is born. Indeed, this is what the transmutation of lead into gold is; in other words, the transmutation of the physical body into the astral body.

Any organism needs its nourishment, and the astral body is no exception. The nourishment of this body of gold is hydrogen 24.