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Solar Laws and Lunar Laws

In these times of world crisis, scientific inquietudes are formidable.

Already Morrison and Cocconi, eminent North American physicists, think that in some parts of the Milky Way there may be scientific societies of extraterrestrial human beings who are immensely superior to us. These physicists believe it is possible that these extraterrestrials want to communicate with us. They have even discovered that such cosmic societies emit waves toward our direction at a frequency of 1,420 Mc/Sec.

The theory of the plurality of inhabited worlds has already been comprehended by the scholars of science.

One argument (among others) that favors this theory states that certain stars have weak angular velocities (such as the Sun).

Every scholar of science has verified through observation and experience that a small angular movement of any sun, indicates, denotes, or reveals the existence of a planetary system.

Scientists are already starting to comprehend that planets located in a similar position to that of the Earth (in relation to our Sun) could be found among all of those millions of worlds within our galaxy. To discard the possibility that some of those planets have civilizations immensely more developed than ours is an absurdity.

These scholars state that this possibility can and must be very carefully examined.

Certain news stated that Drake, a famous scientist, had the intention of seriously studying the very interesting zone of Ceti and Eridano. These two stars are found at a distance of 11.4 light-years, and these are the closest after the one from Centauri.

From the formidable list of the closest stars (intelligently elaborated upon by Morrison and Cocconi), it is clear that Ceti and Eridano, as well as Indi, are indeed the most interesting, after discarding the double stars. It has been verified that the planets of double stars do not possess uniform climates for very long geologic periods because of their very marked perturbed orbits.

Gnostics state that there are many galactic societies. These galactic societies know about the critical moments in which we live, and they want and wish to help us.

Sirius, the sun of the suns of our Milky Way, is a double star. The twin brother of Sirius is a black world of a terrible and frightful density.

The vibratory influence of the double star Sirius is very strange. Its radiation is supra-solar and infra-lunar.

By simple logical deduction we can state that the double radiation of Sirius decisively influences all of the supra-heavens and all of the infra-infernos of the Milky Way.

It is true that Sirius is the great sun of the Milky Way; yet, also, it is no less true that its tenebrous twin brother has a density much more astonishing than one even conceivable within the interior darkness of the deadest moon.

The double star Sirius is composed of an immense radiant sun, twenty six times more brilliant than ours, with a circular trajectory of a period of fifty years around a white dwarf the size of Jupiter and five thousand times more dense than lead.

It has been said to us that the Milky Way gravitates around the double star Sirius. In a certain way, that double star seems to fill in the excessive gap between the cosmos of the solar system and the Milky Way.

The double star Sirius indicates an intense solar and lunar activity within our galaxy.

The double star Sirius influences us decisively here and now.

To become free of the lunar influence is something frightfully difficult, yet it is indispensable in order to achieve liberation.

On this planet in which we live, the lunar influence is double, because the Earth has two moons. Through telescopes, the second moon appears black and as the size of a lentil. Occultists have named the black moon Lilith. This second lunar satellite is a kind of eighth submerged sphere. It is a very malignant world.

On Earth, the sinister vibrations from the black moon originate many monstrosities, abominations, frightful crimes filled with repugnant savagery, inconceivable lust, homosexuality on a great scale, masturbation, pederasty, provoked abortions, etc.

Among the most abominable products of Lilith, it is opportune to cite the case of Count Dracula in Russia. This movie personage truly existed, and H. P. Blavatsky comments about him in one of her books. This great female master stated that in times of the Czars that count was the mayor of a certain Russian town. He mortally hated his wife, because vampires are homosexuals; they mortally hate the opposite sex. After his death, Count Dracula presented himself in the house of his abhorred widow in order to lash her violently. At midnight, certain Catholic priests uselessly tried to block Dracula’s trot; at the bridge very close to the cemetery Count Dracula’s chariot trampled the priests.

When Count Dracula’s black and frightful crypt was opened, his living cadaver was found well preserved and submerged in human blood, since vampires nourish themselves with blood.

The great Master Helen P. Blavatsky states that the feet of the sinister cadaver were covered with mud; without a doubt this shows us that Dracula was escaping at midnight from his sepulcher.

Dracula’s case concluded when the priests wounded his heart with a wooden stick.

There is an order of vampires in Palestine; they hide themselves behind the following title, “Order of the Immortal Guardians of the Holy Sepulcher.”

Vampires are the outcome of homosexuality in combination with Tantra between persons of the same sex. It is an execrable monstrosity, a frightful abomination.

The double lunar influence of this planet on which we live is terribly mechanistic.

It is urgent to nourish ourselves with the apples of gold or apples of Freya and with the liquor of soma or Biblical Manna in order to build the solar bodies and to liberate ourselves from the lunar laws.

It has been stated unto us, as Brahman chronologies demonstrate, that our physical Sun rotates around a sun that is infinitely greater, or more luminous. That sun is very luminous; this is why it is invisible before our terrene eyes. Yet, it is mentioned in ancient theogonies with an indispensable mathematical rigor.

Yet, this equatorial or astral sun (which is the unknowable center, of which our physical sun is just a mere planet) is not the only one, but moreover, there are two other, more excelsior suns within the superior planes or hyper-dimensions of this cerulean space. The Tamil calendars (like the Tiruchanga and Panchanga) call these suns, respectively, the polar sun (or galactic center of our entire nebula with its one hundred million suns) and the central sun, the center of centers, which in turn entwine and unify as many nebulae (of millions and millions of suns) that could exist in the millions within the sky.

Before the eyes of a mystic, the astral or equatorial sun flamingly shines, assembled in the celestial group which we call the Pleiades or Seven Sisters from the constellation of Taurus.

Sirius, with its whole magnificence, is the gravitational center of this Milky Way; however, it has to gravitate around the polar sun.

Without the central sun, cosmic order would be impossible. Variety is unity. The central sun unifies, governs, and establishes unity within the infinite variety.