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Tarot Arcanum 9: The Hermit

The Ninth Arcanum is the prudent and wise Hermit. It is solitude. There is great pain. In the Ninth Sphere is supreme pain, as Dante states in The Divine Comedy. We have to learn how to understand, we have to learn how to suffer, how to be resigned. Those who are not, fail.

Kabbalistic Sephirah: Yesod

Hebrew Letter: Teth ט

Transcendental Axiom: “Rise unto the mount and contemplate the Promised Land. But, thou shalt not go over thither.”

Forecasting Element: It guarantees science in order for the making of discoveries; a method for when making them; caution when being served by them; advantageous associations and conceited associations; friends who help and who obstruct; light of reason and light of intuition, the first light for the immediate and the second light for that which will be.