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Tarot Arcanum 10: Retribution

From the esoteric point of view, the Tenth Arcanum is really transcendental. The circle with the point in the center is a complete phallic symbol. When the point is extended, it is converted into a line, the lingam. If the line is placed to the left of the circle, it is the number 10. All of the secrets of lingam-yoni are found within this number, as well as the laws of irradiation and absorption. It is impossible to reach the intimate realization of the Being without having worked with the Sahaja Maithuna.

The Tenth Arcanum is the wheel of Samsara, the cosmogonic wheel of Ezekiel. We find in this wheel the struggle of antitheses. The whole secret of the Tree of Knowledge is enclosed within this wheel. The Tenth Arcanum is the wheel of the centuries. It is the tragic wheel which is the law of ancient return; it is logical that this law is intimately joined with the law of recurrence, meaning that everything comes to occur as it occurred, plus its good or evil consequences. The same dramas are repeated. This is called Karma. 

Kabbalistic Sephirah: Malkuth

Hebrew Letter: Iod י

Note: When we make a petition, oftentimes the angels answer us by showing a clock. The disciple must fix his sight on the hour of the clock. This is the clock of destiny. The answer is in the hour. In esoteric allegory, one is always answered by the clock. We have to learn how to understand the clock.

Timetable: First Hour of Apollonius: “Transcendental study of occultism.”

Transcendental Axiom: “The knowledge that thou buyest with thine experience is expensive, and the knowledge that thou lacks and thou need to buy is even more expensive.”

Forecasting Element: Guarantees good and bad fortune, elevation and descents, legitimate possessions and doubtful possessions; recommendations of past contingencies and circumstances which are repeated in a distinct way.