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Tarot Arcanum 17: Hope

The star of eight points always represents Venus, the star of dawn. We find the Venustic Initiation within the Seventeenth Arcanum.

The symbol of Venus shows us that the circle of the Spirit must be upon the cross of sex, meaning, sex must be under the control of the Spirit. When the symbol is inverted it represents that the Spirit is dominated by sex.

Hebrew Letter: Peh פ

Timetable: Eighth Hour of Apollonius: “The astral virtues of the elements, of the seeds of every genre.” 

Transcendental Axiom: “Some men require signs in order to believe, others require wisdom in order to act, but the hopeful heart bears everything within its hopes.”

Forecasting Element: It predicts Intuition, support, illumination, births, brief afflictions and brief satisfactions, displeasures and reconciliations, privations; abandonments and benefits.