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Tarot Arcanum 16: Fragility

The departure from Eden coincides with the Sixteenth Arcanum. Eden or Paradise must be understood as being sex. We departed through the doors of sex, and only through those doors will we return.

The Sixteenth Arcanum is very dangerous. It is necessary to awaken the consciousness in order to not walk blindly. The blind ones can fall into the abyss.

The initiate who spills the glass of Hermes inevitably falls. The struggle between the brain, heart, and sex is terrible. If sex dominates the brain, then the star of five points, the pentagram is inverted, and the human being with his head aiming downwards and his two legs aiming upwards is precipitated towards the bottom of the abyss. The initiate is fulminated by the Sixteenth Arcanum. Whosoever allows himself to fall, then falls with the Sixteenth Arcanum, which is the Fulminated Tower. These are the ones who have failed with the Great Work of the Father.

Hebrew Letter: Ayin ﬠ

Timetable: Seventh Hour of Apollonius: “Fire comforts inanimate beings, and if any priest, a sufficiently purified man, steals the fire and then projects it, if he mixes this fire with sacred oil and consecrates it, then he will achieve the healing of all sicknesses by simply applying it to the afflicted areas (here the initiate sees that his material wealth is threatened and his business fails).”

Transcendental Axiom: “Light at dawn, light of midday, light of nightfall, what is important is that it is light.”

Forecasting Element: Predicts unexpected accidents, tempests, commotions, deaths; benefits because of concepts from good and bad circumstances; reciprocity in love and hatred, in indifference and in zeal, in treason and in loyalty.