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Peace cannot emerge from the mind because it is not of the mind. Peace is the delectable perfume of the tranquil heart.

Peace is not a matter of projections, international police, United Nations, League of Nations, international treaties, or invading armies that fight in the name of peace.

If we really want true peace we must learn how to live like a guard in time of war—always alert and vigilant, with a quick and flexible mind—because peace is not a matter of romantic fantasies or beautiful daydreams.

If we do not learn how to live in a state of alertness from moment to moment, then the path that leads to peace becomes too narrow, impossible; thus, after becoming extremely difficult, it finally ends at a dead end alley.

It is necessary to comprehend, it is essential to know, that the authentic peace of a tranquil heart is not a house where we will arrive and where we will find a beautiful maiden happily waiting for us, no! Peace is not a goal, or a place, etc. Therefore, to pursue peace, to seek it, to make projections about it, to fight in its name, to make propaganda about it, to found organizations in order to work for it, etc., are absolute absurdities, because peace is not of the mind; peace is the marvelous perfume of the tranquil heart.

Peace cannot be bought or sold, nor can it be acquired with a system of appeasement, special controls, police, etc.

In some countries, the national army goes through the fields, destroying towns, assassinating people, executing supposed bandits, all of this —they boast— is in the name of peace. The outcome of such procedures is the multiplication of barbarism.

Violence begets more violence; hatred produces more hatred. Peace cannot be conquered; peace cannot be the outcome of violence. Peace comes to us only when we dissolve the “I,” only when we destroy all of those psychological factors within ourselves that produce wars.

If we want peace, we must contemplate, we must study, we must see the entire picture, and not only a corner of it.

Peace is born within us when—in an inner manner—we have radically changed.

These matters of control, pro-peace organizations, pacification, etc., are isolated details, spots in the ocean of life, or isolated fractions of the entire picture of existence, which can never solve the problem of peace in a radical, total, and definite manner.

We must look at the picture in its complete structure. The problem of the world is the problem of the individual, thus if the individual does not have peace within, then society, the world, will inevitably live in war.

Unless teachers of schools, colleges, and universities love barbarism and violence, they must work on behalf of peace.

It is essential and indispensable to show the students of the new generation the course to follow, the inner path that can take us with precise accuracy to the authentic peace of the tranquil heart.

People do not know how to really comprehend what true inner peace is; the only thing they want is for no one to pass in front of them, so that they are not disturbed or bothered, even when they take for granted—on their own account and risk—the right to hinder, bother, and make bitter the lives of their fellowmen.

People have never experienced true peace; they only have absurd opinions, romantic ideals, and mistaken concepts about peace.

For thieves, peace would be the joy of stealing with impunity, without the police crossing their way. Peace for smugglers would be to be able to smuggle their goods everywhere without being stopped by the authorities. Peace for exploiters would be to be able to sell at an expensive price, to exploit their neighbors from left to right, without being stopped by the government inspectors. Peace for prostitutes would be to enjoy themselves in their beds of pleasure and to freely exploit men without the health or the police authorities ever intervening in their lives.

So, each person forms within their mind some fifty thousand absurd fantasies about peace. Yes, each person tries to build around themselves a selfish wall made of false ideas, beliefs, opinions, and absurd concepts about peace.

Each one wants peace according to their way, according to their cravings, according to their likes, according to their habits, or mistaken customs, etc. Each one wants to lock themselves within a fantastic protective wall, with the purpose of living within their own mistakenly conceived peace.

Yes, people fight for peace, they desire it, they want it—nevertheless, they do not know what peace is.

People want only to be undisturbed in order to be able to very peacefully do their devilish things at ease. This is what they conceive as peace.

It does not matter what devilish things people do, since each one believes that what they do is good. People find justification even for the worst of crimes. If the drunkard is sad, he drinks because he is sad. If the drunkard is happy, he drinks because he is happy. The drunkard will always justify the vice of alcoholism. Thus, this is how all people are: they find justification for every crime. No one considers themselves to be perverse; all of them boast of being just and honest.

Many vagabonds exist who mistakenly suppose that peace is to live without working, very tranquil and without any effort whatsoever, within a world filled with marvelous romantic fantasies.

So, there exist millions of wrong opinions and concepts about peace. Thus, in this painful world in which we live, each one seeks their fantastic peace, the peace of their opinions. People want to see in the world the peace of their dreams, their special type of peace, even when each one continues to carry inside their mind the psychological factors that produce wars and enmity of all kinds.

In these times of world crisis, anyone who wants to become famous founds a pro-peace organization, makes propaganda, and becomes a paladin for peace. We must not forget that many political wolves have won the Nobel Peace Prize even when they might have filled an entire cemetery on their own account; yes, they have in one form or another secretly ordered the assassinations of many people when they saw themselves in danger of being eclipsed by them.

Nevertheless, many true masters of humanity exist who sacrificed themselves by teaching everywhere on Earth the doctrine for the dissolution of the “I.” These masters know by personal experience that only by dissolving the Mephistopheles that we carry within will the peace of the heart come unto us.

As long as hatred, covetousness, envy, jealousy, the spirit of acquisition, ambition, anger, pride, etc., continue to exist within each individual, there will inevitably be wars.

We know many people in the world who boast about having found peace; but, when we have studied these people in depth, we have been able to verify that they do not even remotely know about peace, they have merely locked themselves up within some consoling and solitary habit, or within a special belief, etc.; yet, indeed, these people have not even remotely experienced what the true peace of the tranquil heart is. Indeed, these people have only made up an artificial peace, which—based on their ignorance—they have mistaken for the authentic peace of the heart.

It is absurd to seek for peace amidst the mistaken walls of our prejudices, beliefs, preconceptions, desires, habits, etc.

True peace will not exist as long as the psychological factors that produce enmities, disagreements, problems, and wars continue to exist within the mind.

Authentic peace comes from legitimate beauty, wisely comprehended.

The beauty of the tranquil heart breathes out the delectable perfume of true inner peace.

It is essential to comprehend the beauty of friendship and the perfume of courtesy.

It is essential to comprehend the beauty of language. It is necessary for our words to be endowed with the substance of sincerity. We must never use arrhythmic, disharmonious, gross, and absurd words.

Each word must be a true symphony. Each phrase must be endowed with spiritual beauty. It is as bad to speak when we must be silent, as to be silent when we must speak. There are criminal silences and infamous words.

At times, it is a crime to speak, and likewise at other times, it is a crime to be silent. One must talk when one has to talk, and be silent when one has to be silent.

Therefore, let us not play with the word, because this carries a serious responsibility.

Each word must be weighed before being uttered, because each word can generate in the world much efficiency or much inefficiency, much benefit or much harm.

We must watch our gestures, manners, clothing, and all types of actions. May our gestures, clothing, our manners at the table, behavior when eating, manners of treating people at our living room, at the office, on the street, etc., be always filled with beauty and harmony.

It is necessary to comprehend the beauty of benignity, to feel the beauty of good music, to love the beauty of creative art; so, let us readjust our manner of thinking, feeling, and acting.

Supreme beauty can only be born within us when the “I” has died in a radical, total, and definite manner.

As long as the psychological “I” continues to be alive within us, we will always be ugly, horrible, disgusting. For us, as long as the psychological “I” continues to exist within us, beauty in its integral form will be impossible.

If we want authentic peace, we must reduce the “I” to cosmic dust. This is the only way to acquire inner beauty within. The enchantment of love and the true peace of the tranquil heart are born from such beauty.

Creative peace brings order within oneself; it eliminates confusion and fills us with legitimate happiness.

It is necessary to know that the mind cannot comprehend what true peace is. It is essential to understand that the peace of a tranquil heart does not come to us through effort, or by belonging to any society or organization dedicated to make propaganda for peace.

Authentic peace comes into us in a totally natural and simple manner when we re-conquer innocence within the mind and within the heart, when we become like delicate and beautiful children, who are sensitive to everything beautiful as well as to everything ugly, to everything good as well as to everything bad, to all that which is sweet as well as to all that which is bitter.

It is necessary to re-conquer our lost infancy, as much in the mind as in the heart.

Peace is something immense, immeasurable, infinite. It is not something formed by the mind, thus it can be neither the outcome of a caprice nor the product of an idea. Peace is an atomic substance that is beyond good and evil, a substance that is beyond any morality. It is a substance that emanates from the very bosom of the Absolute.