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Without a doubt, it is evident that to kill is the most destructive and most corrupt act known in this world.

The worst form of assassination consists in destroying the life of our fellowman.

Dreadfully horrible is the hunter who with his shotgun assassinates the innocent creatures of the forest; however, the one who assassinates a human being is a thousand times more monstrous, a thousand times more abominable.

Killing is not only done with machine-guns, shotguns, cannons, pistols, or atomic bombs: killing is also done by wounding the heart with a cruel look, with a look that humiliates, with a look full of contempt, with a look filled with hate; killing can be also done with an ungrateful action, or with a hideous action, or with an insult, or with a wounding word.

The world is filled with ungrateful patricides and matricides who have murdered their parents by means of their cold looks, or their cruel words, or their pitiless actions.

The world is filled with men who have unknowingly murdered their wives, and of women who have unknowingly murdered their husbands.  

Moreover, beyond the breaking point of disgrace in this cruel world in which we live, the human being even kills what he loves the most.

Man shall not live by bread alone, but also by various psychological factors.

Many were the husbands who would have lived longer if their wives had allowed them.

Many were the wives who would have lived longer if their husbands had allowed them.

Many were also the parents who would have lived longer if their children had allowed them.

Cruel words that kill, cold looks that hurt, ungrateful actions, etc. are the causa causarum of the illnesses that take our beloved relatives to the tomb.

This obsolete and degenerated society is filled with unconscious assassins who boast of being innocent.

Prisons are filled with assassins, nevertheless, the worst type of criminals boast of being innocent and are wandering around freely.  

No form of assassination can have any justification. No problem in life is solved by killing a person.

Wars have never solved any problem. Nothing is solved by bombing defenseless cities and assassinating millions of people.

War is something extremely rude, coarse, monstrous, and abominable. Millions of stupid, unconscious, asleep human machines launch a war with the goal of destroying so many other millions of unconscious human machines.

Often a planetary catastrophe in the cosmos or an extremely bad position of the stars in space is enough in order for millions of men to launch any war.

Human machines have no cognizance of anything; this is why when certain types of cosmic waves secretly affect them, they move in a destructive manner.

If people awakened their consciousness, if students were educated wisely at school, if they were guided towards a cognizant comprehension about what enmity and war are, then how different they would fare; then, no one would launch a war, and the catastrophic waves of the cosmos would then be utilized in a different manner.

War smells like cannibalism, like a life inside caves, like bestialities of the worst kind, it smells like a bow, an arrow, and a spear in an orgy of blood. By all means, war is incompatible with civilization.

All men in war are fearful, cowards, and the heroes awarded with medals are precisely the most fearful and the most cowardly.

A person who commits suicide also seems to be very brave, but he was a coward because he was afraid of life.

Deep down, a hero is a suicidal person who in an instant of supreme terror commits the folly of suicide. Yes, suicidal madness is easily mistaken for heroic bravery.

If we carefully observe the behavior of a soldier during a war, namely his manners, his ways of looking, his words, the way he moves in the battlefield, we can then evidence how his total cowardice is manifested.

Teachers of school, colleges, and universities must teach their students the truth about war. They must guide their students to consciously experience the truth about war.

If people had full cognizance of the tremendous truth about war, if teachers knew how to wisely educate their students, then no citizen would allow himself to be taken to the slaughter.

A fundamental education must be immediately taught in all schools, colleges, and universities, because it is precisely at the school desks where the work for peace must be exerted.

It is essential for the new generations to become completely cognizant about what savagery and war are.

Enmity and war in all of its aspects must be comprehended in depth at schools, colleges, and universities.

The new generations must comprehend that old people—based on their rancid and torpid ideas—always sacrifice the youngsters; yes, old people take the youngsters like oxen into the slaughterhouse.

Youngsters must not allow themselves to be convinced by the militarist propaganda nor by the old people’s warmonger reasoning, because one form of reasoning opposes another, and one opinion opposes another opinion, yet the truth about war has nothing to do with reasoning or opinions.

Old people have thousands of justifications for war and sending the youngsters to the slaughter.

What is important is not to reason about war, but to experience the truth of what war is.

Here, we are not pronouncing ourselves against reasoning nor against analysis, we are only stating that we must first experience the truth about war, and thereafter we can grant ourselves the luxury of reasoning and analyzing.

It is impossible to experience the truth about “not killing” if we exclude inner, profound meditation, because only very in depth meditation can lead us to experience the truth about war.

Teachers must give their students not only intellectual information, but must also teach them how to control the mind and how to experience the Truth.

This obsolete and degenerated race thinks about nothing but killing. This matter of killing and more killing is only suited for a degenerated human race.

The agents of crime propagate their criminal ideas through television and cinema. Yes, on a daily basis, on the screens of televisions and cinemas, as well as through magazines, etc.—using infantile cartoons and caricatures —new generations of children receive a very strong dose of poisonous information about murders, shootings, terrible crimes, etc.

Television can no longer broadcast without displaying words filled with hatred, bullets, and perversity. The governments of the Earth are not doing anything against this propagation of crime.

This is how the minds of children and youngsters are now guided by the agents of crime along the path of delinquency.

This idea of killing is already so propagated, so diffused via the cinema, tales, etc., that it has become completely familiar to all the world. The rebels of this new generation have been educated for crime, they kill for the pleasure of killing, they delight in watching others dying. Yes, they have learned all of this on television, at the cinema, in novels, comics, and magazines.

So, crime reigns everywhere, and governments do nothing in order to amend this instinct of killing from its very roots.

It is up to teachers in schools, colleges, and universities to vehemently complain, and move Heaven and Earth in order to correct this mental epidemic.

It is essential for the teachers in schools, colleges, and universities to give a shout of alarm, and ask all the governments of the Earth for the censure of cinema, television, etc.

Yes, crime is multiplying terribly due to all of these spectacles of blood; thus, at the rate we are going, the day will come soon when no one will be able to walk freely on the streets without fear of being assassinated.

Radio, cinema, television, and bloody magazines have become broadcasting devices of crime; they have given so much propagation to the felony of killing that they have made it very enjoyable to weak and degenerated minds, to the point that nobody touches their heart before shooting or stabbing another person.

By dint of so much propagation of the felony of killing, weak minds have become too familiarized with crime, to the point that now they even give themselves the luxury of killing as an imitation of what they saw at the cinema or on television.

Teachers who are the educators of people are obliged—as a fulfillment of their duty—to struggle for the new generations by asking the governments of the Earth for the prohibition of all spectacles of blood; to that end, for the cancellation of all types of films related with assassinations, thieves, etc. This endeavor of teachers also must extend against bullfighting and boxing.

The bullfighter is the most cowardly and criminal fellow. The bullfighter wants all the advantages for himself in order to kill as a public entertainment.

The boxer is another monstrous fellow of assassination, who—in a sadistic manner—hurts and kills for public entertainment.

These types of bloody spectacles are one hundred percent barbaric; they stimulate the mind to move towards the path of crime.

If indeed we want to struggle for peace in the world, then we must begin an in-depth campaign against bloody spectacles, because as long as the destructive factors continue to exist within the human mind, wars will be inevitable.

Yes, the factors that produce war exist within the human mind. These factors are hate, all of the aspects of violence, egotism, anger, fear, criminal instincts, militarist ideas propagated by television, radio, cinema, etc.

As long as the psychological factors that produce war continue to exist within the human mind, the propaganda for peace, the Nobel peace prizes, are an absurdity.

Presently, many assassins are awarded the Nobel peace prize.