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Protect Yourself with the Krishna Mantra: Klim Krishnaya Govindaya Gopijana Vallabhaya Swaha

The Pentagram is the symbol of the Universal Word of Life.

The Pentagram can be made to shine instantaneously when uttering certain secret mantras.

Within the Gopala-tapaniya and Krishna Upanishads, we have found written the mantras which have the power to instantaneously form the terrible flaming star within the Astral Plane, the sight of which makes demons scatter in terror. These mantras are five, namely:

Klim Krishnaya Govindaya Gopijanavallabhaya Swaha

The tenebrous ones from the Eighteenth Arcanum scatter in terror, because the flaming star is instantaneously formed when vocalizing these mantras. These demons violently attack the initiate who is working in the Great Work. Thus, the devotees of the Perfect Matrimony have to wage tremendous battles against the tenebrous ones. Each vertebra of the spinal column represents terrible battles against the black magicians. They struggle in order to deviate the student away from the path of the razor’s edge.

The powerful mantra mentioned above has three perfectly defined stages. On chanting KLIM, which the occultists of India call the “seed of attraction,” we provoke a flow of Christic energy which instantaneously descends from the world of the Solar Logos in order to protect us; thus, a mysterious door is then downwardly opened. Afterwards, by chanting the three following parts of the mantra, the Christic energy is infused within the one who chants them. Finally, by means of the fifth part, the one who has received the Christic energy can radiate it with tremendous force in order to defend himself from the tenebrous ones. They then scatter away in terror.

The word always crystallizes in geometric lines. This is demonstrated by magnetic tapes. When speech is recorded on a cassette, each letter crystallizes into geometrical figures. Afterward, it is sufficient to make the tape vibrate in the tape recorder in order for the speech to be repeated. God geometrizes. The word is shaped with geometric forms. The mantras formerly cited by us have the power to instantaneously form the flaming star within the suprasensible worlds. This kind of star is a vehicle of Christic force. This kind of star represents the Word.

Everyone who works in the flaming forge of Vulcan can defend themselves with these powerful mantras. These mantras must be chanted syllable by syllable. One can conjure the demons who control the possessed ones with these mantras.

It is urgent to learn how to instantaneously create the flaming star. With these mantras we can create that star in order to combat the tenebrous ones.

Excerpted from The Perfect Matrimony (1950) by Samael Aun Weor.

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"Then the goddess of learning Sarasvatī, the divine consort of the Supreme Lord, said thus to Brahmā who saw nothing but gloom in all directions, "O Brahmā, this mantra, viz., klīṁ kṛṣṇāya govindāya gopī-jana-vallabhāya svāhā, will assuredly fulfill your heart's desire." - Brahma-saṁhitā 5:24
"Kling [klim] is the Beeja Akshara of Lord Krishna. It is a powerful Mantra. It produces a powerful vibration in the mental stuff and transforms the Rajasic nature of the mind. It produces certain kind of powerful spiritual idea in the mind which greatly helps purification of mind, concentration and contemplation. It induces Vairagya and Antarmukha Vritti and attenuates the force of Vasanas and Samskaras. It completely checks the thought-force. It produces rhythmical vibrations of the five sheaths. The following is the "Mahamantra" of Lord Krishna. It is found in the Gopala Tapani Upanishad. Those who repeat this Mantra 18 lakhs of times with concentration, Suddha Bhava and intense Sraddha will doubtless have direct Darshan of Lord Krishna. It is 18 Akshara Mantra: "Om Kling Krishnaya Govindaya Gopijana Vallabhaya Svaha. " - Swami Sivananda, Lord Krishna and His Teachings

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