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Energize the Consciousness and the Body with Seven Runic Vowels

The ancient runes represent circuits of energy in nature. While there are many ways to use the runes spiritually, among the most important is an ancient method using the body to form each rune, while vocalizing the vibration of the rune. In this way, one can be charged with energy. Specifically, these runic techniques energize the consciousness so it can awaken. Runic exercises are powerful support for meditation and psychological work.

One such technique uses the seven esoteric Runic vowels, which are mantras, natural sounds that vibrate in nature. Each vowel corresponds to an energetic center within us. The seven runic vowels can charge us with energy from nature.

This exercise is done by relaxing, taking a deep breath, adopting the posture, vocalizing the sound for the rune, and visualizing energy in the corresponding part of the body.

Each rune is powered by sexual purity, and activated by means of relaxation, prayer, concentration, and visualization. If any of these factors are missing, the practice will be impeded.

With the Rune Is, one visualizes energy collecting in the pituitary and pineal glands in the brain.

With the Rune Eihwaz, visualize energy collecting in the thyroid gland in the throat.

With the Rune Othala, visualize energy nourishing the heart.

With the Rune Ur, visualize energy saturating the solar plexus.

With the Rune Ar, visualize energy filling the thymus gland between the lungs.

With the Rune Man, visualize energy collecting in the ovaries or prostate.

And with the Rune Sig, visualize energy restoring the sexual organs.

You can do these runes as many times as you want. Generally, students do a set of three or seven repetitions.

NOTE: Women on their cycle should refrain from this type of exercise, since it draws energy into the body; the menstrual cycle naturally cleanses the body of impurities that women should not retain. Therefore, women should wait until their cleansing is done before performing energetic practices like the Runes.

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