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"...Metatron, the Prince of the Presence, said to Moses: "Receive the [22] letters [of Tarot and Kabbalah] ..." —The Third Book of Enoch

Just as humanity has done in so many cases, all that is sacred about the Tarot has been forgotten, and it has been reduced to a distraction, a way to cheat the foolish out of their money, or a way to entertain oneself. The modern use of the Tarot — for profit, distraction, and amusement — is as far from its true purpose as are the great temples of Egypt as tourist attractions. They were not made for that. Neither is the Tarot for playing around, fortune-telling, or making money. The Tarot is an ancient, sacred method of acquiring information for spiritual insight. It is personal. It is intimate. It is something that one should keep private, sacred, holy.

Metatron gave the Tarot and the Hebrew letters to humanity so that we, who are so confused and blinded by our psychological state, could have some way of acquiring reliable information.

The Tarot represents the laws of all things, thus the Tarot can be used to understand anything: science, religion, nature... But the most important use is to understand ourselves.

Anyone can use the Tarot to understand the forces at work in their lives, and get guidance regarding what they must do. However, being a way of receiving guidance from the divine within us, one must understand that the divine has absolutely no interest in our terrestrial ridiculousness.

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FAQs about Tarot

What are arcana?
Arcana is plural for arcanum, "hidden, secret." The 78 Tarot cards are called arcana because they symbolize the hidden or underlying building blocks, archetypes, or blueprints for how the consciousness and universe are structured. You can compare this with your own body: you cannot see your bones and organs, but they are "hidden, secret" and keep you alive.
What are the major arcana?
The major arcana are the first twenty-two cards of the Tarot, representing the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet or essential laws of the spiritual path.
What are the minor arcana?
The minor arcana are fifty-six in number and constitute the remainder of the Tarot, from the 23rd to the 78th arcanum. These are the minor laws or complimentary principles of Kabbalah and Alchemy.
How is the Tarot related to Hebrew?
The Angel Metatron gave Moses the Tarot and the Hebrew letters together, thus the two are intimately related. Each arcanum of the Tarot relates to a Hebrew letter and its many meanings. They are totally interdependent, and reflect each other in many beautiful ways.
How is the Tarot related to Kabbalah?
The Egyptian word Tarot etymologically references the Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The Bible is written in the code of the Tarot, since Moses, the founder of Judaism, was a priest initiated in the Egyptian mysteries.
How is the Tarot related to Alchemy?
The metallurgical science of transforming lead into gold represents the alchemy of the soul: how the dense conditions of mind are transmuted into liberated consciousness. This is accomplished through fulfilling the esoteric principles contained in the sacred arcana and their harmonious progression.
Why use the Tarot?
The Tarot is the symbolic language and grammar of divinity. With it you can communicate with the divine and receive concrete, tangible answers while in a state of alert novelty, prayer, intuition, and meditation.
What is divination?
Divination is the act of using a symbolic intermediary to find answers to a specific problem. The procedure with the Tarot involves shuffling a deck and randomly withdrawing three cards, one major arcanum and two minor arcana, along with calculating their numerical synthesis by adding the sums of their digits. The numerical result reveals a set of truths that one then analyzes in meditation in order to grasp the meaning.
Should I go to a Tarot reader?
The Tarot is an intimate means of acquiring personal knowledge from divinity, not from others. Relying on conventional readers risks that we are misinformed through inaccurate decks, biased interpretations, or plain ignorance, or worse, that we are manipulated because of financial or other selfish motivations. Furthermore, relying on others prevents our individual growth, inspiration, discovery, and intuition.