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In Gnosis, we study nature as a comprehensive whole. We do this in order to be very complete and very synthetic in our understanding of the laws that manage our very existence. Gnosis is very vast and comprehensive in its scope; broad understanding is very important in order to understand ourselves and our place in the universe.

Life is not as simple as it appears to the five senses. Materialistic science has made some progress towards understanding that, particularly those who have been investigating the mechanics of the very small, such as the quanta and the mechanics of atoms. These investigators have been discovering laws and functions of energy and matter, which decidedly transcend the understandings of science of even 10, 20, or 50 years ago. The behaviors of energy and matter at the root are very difficult for the intellect to understand, and the contemporary scientists are seeing the truths of that; their science is becoming closer to mysticism than the science of Newton, the science of the previous centuries.

kabbalah, the tree of lifeGnostics investigate the same phenomena, but from a different point of view. We investigate the nature of phenomena within our own consciousness and within the mirror that we have within our own psyche. That mirror, when cleansed, is able to reflect the entire universe and demonstrate, to the soul, to the consciousness, the true function and manifestation of energy and matter. In Gnosis, we study this vast existence by using a glyph, map, or symbol that we call the Tree of Life. It is commonly and popularly known now as the Kabbalah, but unfortunately the true understanding of that map is very difficult to come-by.

The Kabbalah, or Tree of Life, when you examine it, at the very top begins with the Absolute Abstract Space, which is a vast, primordial potentiality. That potentiality, or womb, is an expanse of potential existence. It is in a sense the fecundated matter, or non-matter, which is at the base of matter itself. We symbolize that in order to understand it, but its true understanding cannot be acquired the mind, by the intellect, it has to be experienced by the consciousness, which is something else.

From that vast potentiality emerges the first glimmerings of existence, which is what we call the infinite. The infinite is very commonly symbolized in traditions all over the world by a circle. In traditional Gnosticism, we see the symbol of the serpent eating its’ tail; this symbol represents many things, but it is closely related to the Zen circle, which is a rapidly drawn circle representing the continuum of nature, the continuum of energy. That circle is the zero, or the womb itself.

When that zero point, that infinite, manifests something, within that circle we see a dot, or a point, and that is the first arising of something. That dot symbolizes what we call the Monad, or our own innermost, our own Divine Spirit. But, for that Monad, that Spirit, that Intelligence, to express itself, it has to divide in two. So, if you visualize the circle with a dot in the middle, then imagine that dot extending itself upwards and downwards to form a line, and that line, divides the circle in two parts.

This process of division symbolizes fundamental movements that occur in the root of all matter and energy. The division into two is the fundamental basis from which all creation occurs.

In the Tree of Life, when that womb divides itself in two, there appears what we call יהוה Iod-Havah, or Iod-Heveh, which is:

  • י Iod, the masculine principle
  • הוה Heveh or Eve, is the feminine principle

This same duality of masculine and feminine is contained in the Hebrew word Elohim. Elohim is also a plurality. El is singular for God, and Eloha is the single female Goddess. Elohim is plural for Gods and Goddesses.

When that point or dot in the womb extends outwards and the circle is divided in two, we see the union of essential duality, and that union in itself forms the third principle, or the third factor. So, we see here three forces:

  • one and two, male and female
  • the union of those, which is the 3rd force

This is the Law of Three. The Gnostic term is Triamazicamno. The Law of Three is the universal Law found in every religion, every mystical tradition, every spiritual teaching. The Law of Three is the Trinity, or the Tri-Unity, the Three-In-One, and the Law of Three is the base of all matter. The three forces express energy in order to create, and when these three make themselves concrete, they descend into matter, and that matter is made concrete through the four elements. We have discussed this in previous lectures, so I am just reviewing this so we have set up some parameters for our talk today.

The four elements are known in all the different traditions, and in the Bible, they are symbolized in the books of Ezekiel and Revelation by the four Cherubim, or four Elohim, who are holding the four winds of the Earth. These four Angels, or four elements, symbolize energy, they symbolize intelligence.


You probably have noticed that we have just moved from the zero, to the one, to the two, to the three, and now to the four. Numbers are the basis of everything. Kabbalah is the science of numbers, and any traditional, worldly, materialistic mathematician will tell you the same thing: everything is reduced to numbers, even the human being. So, the study of numbers in this sense is really the study of fundamental laws.

These four intelligences, which are the manifestation of the Law of Three, are the basis of all the atoms, hydrogens, particles, molecules, cells, all the organisms that exists, from the very small, to the very large. Every existing form can be reduced to four elements, and can be reduced to most simple forms of matter, which we in Gnosis call “hydrogen.”

the sexual organs are the basis of creationThere is in nature a vast hierarchy, many levels of creation, and many levels of existence, but throughout that hierarchy, we see fundamental laws remain consistent; the Law of Three is one of them. The Law of Three is required on any level of existence in order for creation to occur. We have cited often in this course that this is obvious within our own species; in order to create a new member, we need three forces: we need a man, a woman, and sexuality, which is that binding force that draws those two dual elements together.

The Law of Three is at work in every atom, and in every cell, and in every particle of matter that exists. Within ourselves, within our own psyche, the same law functions. We have the Law of Three in many aspects of ourselves. Psychologically, we primarily study the three brains, or the three divisions of our own psychological activity:

  • intellect
  • emotion
  • physicality (motor / instinct / sex)

The three brains are transformers of energy, which come from whatever source is feeding them.

There is a Divine source of energy that can feed our three brains. They are called in Christianity the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Those three aspects of the Divine Tri-Unity are three breaths, or three winds, or forces, which descend from the Absolute, and can energize our own three brains:

  • The Father in the head, related to the brain
  • The Son in our hearts, related to our emotional center
  • The Holy Spirit in our nervous system, in our sexual centre, which is related to power and potency, the power to create.

We have talked about the transformation of energy in nature. We have talked about the Pancatattva ritual, which is how energy descends into the Tattvas, which then become the elements, and how an individual can take advantage of those elements by the way we behave, eat, and drink. We then studied the metallic planets of Alchemy, within which we examined how that root energy, that solar light, the Christic force, is modified by the Law of Seven, which then influences us in the course of our development. And we looked at how to work with mercury, which is the sexual energy in any creature, and then we had the five cause of illness, which was a vast lecture, covering not only types of illness, but how our own endocrine system and all the glands are spiritual and psychological influences. Today, we are going to synthesize all of that.

A primary and very foundational point to look at, when we examine the course so far, is a fundamental axiom or function that is present in every lecture, in every aspect of Gnosis: one thing is mechanical nature, and another thing is conscious will. You have to distinguish between these two. Within the course of our lives, we have to realize the difference between the influence and impact of mechanical nature, and the influence and impact of our own willpower. Without a clear understanding of the distinction between them, we cannot comprehend what Gnosis is about.


Our physical organism, mechanically speaking, is simply a vehicle, it is a machine. The physical body is the most sophisticated technology that exists on this planet. We do not comprehend the vehicle that we inhabit and use on a day-to-day basis, and it is to our own detriment, because within this vehicle, this splendid, incredible, physical body, are the tools, energies, and forces that we need in order to realize the very purpose of our existence. Sadly, humanity ignores this; humanity has no idea. But, in order to harness the capabilities of the physical organism, we need to understand the difference between mechanical nature and conscious will.

The real question is, what is willpower? What is our will? Do we really know what that means? Impulsively, we all say, “Of course we know! I have my will, I do what I want, I do what I will.” But this is actually not true. If we are very sincere, if we examine the nature of our own experience in life, we will see that the vast majority of the time we are merely reacting to life. We are merely reacting to circumstances and situations over which we have no control whatsoever. Most of our decisions are decisions made from a corner, where we are boxed in, and we have one or two choices, if that many.

We actually have very little room to express pure willpower. The reason is because of cause and effect, known in Sanskit as karma. We have created a psychology within ourselves, that has established a cycle of recurrent situations in our lives, and that has put us in a position where, very rarely, are we able to act freely, with pure will. When we examine that, and we back up a little further, and look at the course of human evolution on a bigger scale, we can see many terrifying things. Our society is developing in such a way that no one really has any clear idea of what is going on, and yet all of us are contributing to the chaos.

From the point of view of Gnosis, when we study the evolution of the human species, we see that our own Divine spark, the essence or consciousness that we have, is inserted into nature, and is provided with opportunities to grow, and that growth occurs as a matter of development through the hierarchies of intelligences that we have described previously. Those hierarchies are ordered from base, the mineral kingdom, upwards to the plant, animal kingdom, and finally the kingdom of the human organism, the pinnacle, the highest level that mechanical nature can provide for our evolutionary needs.

To move past the state that we are in now is impossible so long as we rely on mechanical nature, and the evidence for that is all around us. The Earth is fighting back. We are destroying each other; we are destroying our planet. Our entire society is suffering massive breakdowns on every level; our communities are fractured, our family divisions, our family structures are completely broken. It is now rare to find a family who stays together, meaning husband and wife; that is now a rarity. If you study sociology, you know that the family unit is the basis of civilization, because the family unit is what forms communities, societies, and cultures, and if the family unit breaks down, that civilization will break.

So, on a worldwide scale, we see psychological evidence, social evidence, sexual evidence, that our culture and our community is not evolving; instead, it is getting worse.

Through the process of our evolution as an individual, when we enter into that kingdom of the human organism, the humanoid, we are given a new capacity. In the previous kingdoms we developed a mind, but only up to the level of the animal. In the human organism, we are given reasoning, the capacity to compare and make decisions based on individual will.  That is a new capacity that arises with the acquisition of a human organism. With that ability, we are given the choice of how to develop ourselves next: we have to fight to transcend our animal nature, which we have inherited, and make the next step in our evolution, which is conscious, and based in willpower. Otherwise, we remain as an animal, because our mind is still the mind of an animal, yet with the ability to reason.

If we observe our culture, television, movies, books, magazines, music, we will see that the vast majority of humanity is interest in remaining as animals, driven by instinct and desire. People just want to live as animals, eating, sleeping, having sex, fighting, and following instinctual desire.

Humanity, in truth, is a womb. Humanity is a vast womb, within which are gestated creatures. Each human organism is womb within which is a seed, an embryo.

From the womb of humanity are born two kinds of creatures, depending upon how the seed is gestated. In religious terms, we call the creatures that emerge from this womb either angels or demons; there are many other names depending upon the tradition we examine. An angel is a perfected soul, a soul that has transcended its mechanical nature and become a real human being. A demon is a slave of mechanical nature, and is divorced from the Spirit. An angel radiates purity, chastity, virtue. A demon radiates lust, anger, pride, envy, and more.

Humanity, as a womb, is producing, on a massive scale, but what is emerging from the womb?

The difference between the gestation of an Angel and a Demon is willpower. To create either one depends upon our use of willpower, but they have a different polarity. The willpower of the Angel is a reflection of the will of God, the will of the Sun-Spirit. The willpower of the Demon is ego, pride, lust, anger.

Willpower is defined by how one works with energy.

Energy is constantly moving. In every moment, in every place, we have energy and movement; we have energy becoming matter, and matter becoming energy, and the constant and ever-changing fluctuation between the two. Willpower is how we relate to that transformation, how we interact with it.

Nothing that exists is still. Nothing that is manifest is perfectly still; there is movement in everything, and how we interact with that energy is based in the quality of our mind. If our own mind is filled with images and thoughts of hatred, revenge, jealousy, we will interrelate with the energies of nature and life in accordance with those individual wills of jealousy. The same is true of anger, hate, and pride. This interaction produces results, because as we know, every action produces a result.


This continuum of energy, the constant flow of energy as cause and effect, is called in Sanskrit: Tantra. The word Tantra means “loop, flow, continuum.” It is the constant movement of energy and matter. The word Tantra has great power, because it refers to the root movement of energy in all levels of existence.

When we use the word Tantra in Gnosis, it has two primary applications:

  • Tantra as the continuum of energy
  • Tantra as the practices and techniques that harness and use that energy

Now, this word Tantra is unfortunately being grossly misused by humanity; it will become clear later in the talk why.

Tantra is one of the most ancient sciences that exists. The nature and science of Tantra is present in every religion, without exception, because without the teachings and knowledge of Tantra, there can be no religion. Tantra or religion has many subtypes, many forms, many different appearances. What people commonly call Tantra is merely one aspect of something greater.

Traditionally, in any religion, school of mysticism, or esoteric science, the nature of Tantra was always withheld from the beginners; Tantra was only revealed by qualified instructors to students who had been very well prepared. What that means is that the student would have to have accomplished many years of study and meditation, and have cultivated and established within themselves a very sophisticated sense of understanding, and most importantly, they were required to have a very pure mind. Why would you think that would be? If Tantra is the continuum of energy, and if we relate that energy based on the quality of mind that we have, if we have a very dirty, disorganized, diseased and disequilibreated mind, we will relate to that energy in the wrong way, and that will produce results, karma. That is what is happening now on this planet. In most schools that claim to teach Tantra, students are being introduced to knowledge that they cannot comprehend because their minds are very chaotic and surging with desire. Moreover, they are being introduced to knowledge in the wrong way, and that is producing karmic results, which creates suffering.

Tantra is present in the teachings of Hinduism, the Buddhists, in Taoism. These are well known. What is not commonly known is that the entire Aztec and Mayan religions were founded on Tantra, as is real Christianity. The Bible is filled with Tantric imagery [even the Ark of the Covenant is a Tantric symbol], and we know the fact of this is Jesus himself said it, he told his disciples,

To you it has been given to know the secrets of the reign of the heavens, and to these others, it has not been given. - Matthew 13:11

He indicated very clearly that only those who are prepared, who are qualified, could receive the full teachings of Christianity, and those teachings have been lost by the mainstream churches.

In order to understand and enter into the proper understanding of Tantra, we have to understand something about willpower. There are two primary types of willpower:

  • will that is guided by the Laws of the Christ
  • self-will, or in other words, ego

The first type of will, Christic will, is perfectly defined in Mahayana Buddhism. Mahayana means “greater vehicle,” and this is the form of Buddhism that expresses the Bodhisattva ideal. A Bodhisattva, according to Mahayana Buddhism, is someone who dedicates themselves exclusively to the benefit of others; that dedication is the perfect expression of Christic will. The Law of the Christ is sacrifice.

The first Dalai Lama wrote:

Never hoping to benefit ourselves alone, we vow to engage in the great ways solely for others, in order to constantly fulfill the needs of beings, may we quickly and easily attain the stage of Buddha.

That is pure Mahayana Buddhism, and that is pure Christic will: the absence of self-identity, self-identification, pride. Perfect and pure Christ will has no pride, no self-interest; it is pure and complete compassion. This compassionate ideal is embodied in the Sanskrit term Bodhichitta. Bodhichitta means “the awakening mind,” or “the mind of wisdom,” and that mind of wisdom is the mind of Chokmah. Chokmah is Hebrew for wisdom, which is the second Sephirah on the Tree of Life, and is related to Christ.  Bodhichitta is Christ-Mind, Christ-Will, perfect compassion. Gnosis is Mahayana Buddhism. Yet, Gnosis goes beyond Mahayana, and teaches more than traditional Mahayana Buddhism. Gnosis is Tantrayana.

Tantra is the science to harness all the inter-penetrating and transformative energies that exist within us. Those energies are the root of reality of the human condition. To understand the nature of our own energies is to understand the nature of life, mind, suffering.

To harness energy requires specific scientific procedures and processes. We know this in materialistic science very well; in order to deliver electricity, in order to generate power, we need exact processes and tools. Tantra is the same, but deals with more subtle types of energy. These energies cannot be accessed through belief or theory, but only through precise methods.

Some of the tools and procedures to access this energy are known by the word “ritual.” Tantra is the science of ritual, the method to apply scientific understandings, scientific procedures in order to acquire control of energy. Any ritual is a method to focus willpower. For example, the Catholic Mass is a magical ritual. It is called “religion” because it is sanctioned by an authority, but nonetheless it is a magic ritual, very similar to any ritual enacted by Tibetan Buddhists, by ancient Aztec priests, by Shamans, by the Hindu Tantrikas, etc.

Any ritual is a form of magic that focuses willpower. How we use our willpower determines who we are and who we are to become. We know very well in Gnosis from studying cause and effect, the Law of Karma, that what we are now, in this moment, is the result of our actions. The fact is that if you examine any atom, any particle, of your physical organism, it is as it is as a direct result of your actions in the past. The body that you have, the color of hair, the color of eyes, the way you walk, the way you talk, the words you choose, the quality of mind that you have, are all completely and one hundred percent your own creation, because they are the result of your own actions in the past. This may not be visible to your physical senses; to see the causes of matter, you have to be able to see the past the matter.

We know also very well that how we behave now determines who we are to become. Each action that we perform now are causes that have results. This is unavoidable, inescapable, and that is the basis of Tantra.

Tantra is a science of action in thought, in word, in deed. To act with pure conscious will is to work with the continuum of energy in order to produce good results. To act wrongly, to misbehave, to act out of pride, out of anger, out of fear, out of resentment, is to act with the continuum of energy in the wrong way, and to produce suffering. This distinction must be made crystal clear in your mind, because it is each moment of your action that produces your suffering or happiness.

When we understand that all of the atoms of our body, the entire structure of our body is the result of our previous action, we are better prepared to understand something that conventionally biology teaches very openly, and that is the nature of our sexual characteristics.

Sexual Characteristics

Traditional, conventional science teaches that there are three primary sexual characteristics. If you study biology in any school, they will tell you that the primary sexual characteristics of the human organism are the sexual organs. In Gnosis and in traditional science, we make a clear differentiation between the primary sexual characteristics of the male and the female; they have different sexual organs, and they function in a different way. That functionalism produces results, as with any form of action, on any level of nature. What that means is that as we use the sexual organs, we produce results, cause and effect. The result of the use of the use of the sexual organs is the secondary sexual characteristics.

In traditional science, it is said that secondary sexual characteristics are physical features that develop during puberty, and which further accentuate the anatomical difference between males and females. Nowadays, that is not so clear. In Gnosis we say a little more, we go deeper. Secondary sexual characteristics are the karma of the use of our genitals, of our sexual organs. Examples are seen in masculine women and effeminate men. Another example is visible in the priests, monks, and nuns who by abusing their own sexual forces, become changed physically and psychologically. We have a good example of that in the Spanish Inquisition, when priests and monks believed they were doing very good. They were trying to divert their sexual forces without scientific chastity, and as such, they were corrupting not only their own sexual energies, but their minds, and the result was physically they became changed; typically they were extremely skinny or very fat, and they became very disequilibreated in the mind, and began to torture and kill, believing that it was good.

We see the same case nowadays in the modern churches. The improper use of the sexual forces has resulted in grave crimes against humanity, and yet these priests justify themselves and hide their crimes.

Secondary sexual characteristics are further modified by what materialistic science calls tertiary, or those of the third nature. Tertiary characteristics are psychological qualities that are acquired through culture.

Nowadays, the understanding of sexuality on this planet is deeply corrupted. Desire has so infected the human psyche that we are confused sexually. People are mixing forces that should not be mixed, which produces suffering. There is abundant evidence of this that is easy to see anywhere.

Mechanical nature develops our sexual characteristics according to the nature of our psyche, in the same way that certain childhood dramas change the development of the human organism and cause certain behaviors to arise later. For example, a child who is abused sexually will have traumas as an adult, which produces effects; those traumas provoke further action, which produces further results, and that person degenerates, they get worse, generally speaking. As long as they act on those traumas, they act on those desires, they worsen their own suffering, and they spread it to others. And this is a tragedy.  This function of sexual abuse causes trauma, causing changes in the psyche and the physiology, is carried over from existence to existence.

Materialist psychology and sexology are studying to the best of their ability the nature of sexual trauma, but they fail to incorporate the progression of these problems from existence to existence, how energy continues from lifetime to lifetime, and how the psyche develops, according to its nature, as it is processed through nature. In Gnosis we know that one has to awaken the consciousness in order to get at the roots of these problems. Because the contemporary psychologists ignore this simple fact, they will never get at the roots of the problem.

We point this out because there are many people nowadays who are diverted from the natural sexuality of the human organism, and engage themselves in activities that are against nature, and yet they justify themselves by saying they were “born that way.” What they fail to recognize is that if they are “born that way,” it is because they created the causes in their previous existences. Those predispositions are results of previous actions, and that is all. I mention that because there are many who say that nature is “just that way,” and so we should go along with it and support them. This is the same as saying that we should accept and encourage an alcoholic because their body wants alcohol. Sexual addictions and sexual degenerations are harmful for everyone. They should never be accepted or encouraged.

We need to understand that we develop in the body according to how we use our sexual energy. Our future is determined by how we use our sexual energy. How we use our sexual force determines who we will become. When we examine the primary and secondary characteristics of any person, we can see a lot about the psychology and karma of that person.

There are fundamental means of using sexual energy. We have to understand that sex is the foundation of life. Without sex, there would be no life. Without sex, there would be no family, there would be no society, there would be no world, there would be no universe, because the universe is built upon sexual energy.

Use of Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is the force of the third Logos, the Holy Spirit, and it has three modes of expression:

  1. the reproduction of the species
  2. the evolution of the human race
  3. spiritual development

The first one drives the reproduction of our species of nature.

The second determines the evolution of the human race. We have to understand that our evolution is guided by the use of the sexual force. Obviously, according to how we mate, our race evolves or devolves. Yet, in these times, we are facing a grave crisis. Nowadays, young children, very young children, are becoming sexually active. We find young children who are already abusing other children sexually. This is not normal, it is not natural, and it is not good. But, it is becoming more and more common, with each generation; sexual abuse is spreading like wildfire.

The desires of the degenerated human psyche for sexual experimentation are becoming more and more prominent and corrupt. Instead of sexual degeneration becoming more difficult for sexual deviants, it is becoming easier, as more countries legalize unnatural sexual behavior. Supposed “civilized” countries are legalizing and encouraging deviant sexual behavior. We use the term “deviant” in the sense that these behaviors are manipulations of sexual energy that deviate from the functions of the healthy development of the organism and the race.

We mention behaviors like… well, it is better not to mention them. We all know very well the types of things that are happening. They are not just happening in other countries, they are happening next door to your house, and our culture and our society is encouraging it, maybe not on the surface, but in subtle ways, such as when we allow pornography in our house, or when we ignore that our children are indulging in pornography, bad tv, and other harmful impressions.

While we very much love our supposed “sexual freedom,” it is in fact the cause of the breakdown of our family structures. There is a direct relationship between our supposed “sexual expression,” and the rate of divorce and family breakdown. These family structures provide healthy homes for children to grow in, and those structures do not exist. Children are now being flooded with pornography, images of crime and degeneration, and that is what they imitate, and we all allow it.

Sexual desire causes families to be broken, as men and women search for new sexual sensations. Thus, our civilization is breaking, because of the abuse of the sexual energy.

This indicates that humanity is not evolving, it is devolving, it is degenerating, it is breaking down.

Feel free to look at any social structure that exists on the face of the planet, and you will see it. You will see a worsening of problems, more complication, more difficulty, fewer answers, and more justifications.

So, the evolution of the human race is guided precisely by the use of the sexual force.

The third aspect, or the third mode of expression, is spiritual development.

Mechanical nature cannot enter here at all. Mechanical nature can influence reproduction, and it can influence evolution to an extent, but with spiritual development, it has no influence beyond the humanoid organism. We can see this easily: mankind, as a whole, does not know what God is. We know what fanaticism is, we know how to kill each other and say we are doing it “for God,” yet that has nothing to do with God, that has nothing to do with religion, that has to do with the degenerated mind. All of this is due to the misuse of sexual energy.

In each of these cases, these three modes of sexual energy, if we learn how to use the sexual force in the right way, we can change, we can change the development of our race, of our culture, and we can change our own spiritual prospects. To do so we have to understand that there are three types of sexuality.

  • normal sexuality
  • infra-sexuality
  • supra-sexuality

Normal sexuality is defined in the esoteric teachings of every religion, and is embodied by those who have no sexual conflicts of any kind. That means that no one in humanity has normal sexuality, because we all have sexual conflicts. To free oneself of sexual conflict is to transcend our current human condition. To have normal sexuality is to be at the level of the humanity symbolized by the man and woman in Eden, paradise.

To understand this we have to see that sexual energy itself is also divided into three distinct types.

  • sexual energy related to the body, to reproduction, and to our health
  • sexual energy having to do with the spheres of thought, feeling and will
  • sexual energy related with the Divine Spirit

Sexual energy is, without question, the most subtle and powerful energy normally produced and transported through our organism. Everything that we are is the result of modification of sexual energy. To control and direct that energy with conscious will is extremely difficult.

In addition, its presence represents a source of immense power. If that power is misused, it produces catastrophe. Within the organism, there are channels that can direct and guide that energy in order to circulate it in a healthy way, but if that energy infiltrates other areas of our organism, the result is destruction.

As a case in point, observe priests, monks, and nuns, who observe what they call “chastity,” but they do not transmute their sexual energy; the result is that they become fanatic, or they become disequilibreated mentally, or they become very cynical, or they become homosexual, or they masturbate, which depletes the organism of vitality, creates a psychological addition, and forms harmful psychic substances that increasingly absorb the life of their creator. One of these results will happen, because sexual energy must act. These modifications happen because these people do not know the science of scientific chastity (Tantra), the method to harness that energy, and direct it in a positive way.

All negative mental attitudes lead directly or indirectly to the destructive use of sexual energy.

Normal sexuality bestows on us the power to create healthy children, to create in the world of art, and in the world of science. Sexual energy harnessed by the mind in equilibrium can produce true revolutions, and all the great figures from our history, were doing just that: Mozart, Beethoven, Plato, Pythagoras, and many other great figures in history. Humanity cannot comprehend how they did what they did, accomplished their works, yet they knew how to work with the sexual energy in a positive way, and they directed that energy with conscious, Christic-will.

However, negative mental attitudes compel the sexual energy to circulate in the wrong way, which is fatality, it causes destruction, and that is very evident in the majority of creations of mankind now. Very rarely do you find the production of truly beautiful works in these times, however it is very easy to find degenerated, dark, cynical, sarcastic creations. That is because that is the nature of our psyche, and that is how we use our sexual energy.

The man and woman who unite sexually harness that force, and can use it to create in a very positive way, but if that energy is instead used to feed desire, then it becomes destructive.

That beautiful light, which gives so much creative power to the couple, when it is expelled through the orgasm, becomes Luciferic, it becomes destructive. That causes the enchantment of love to leave. Desire is quickly dissatisfied and wants new stimulation, new partners, new experiments. Contentment is impossible through such a course.

The sexual force is the pure force and creative power of God. Christ is love. When our animal mind corrupts the sexual act with animal desire, the animal wants to indulge in that energy and make it animal. When energy is expelled through such indentification, love (Christ) leaves, and this is evident in so many couples nowadays, who get together, chase their desire through each other and exhaust it, and in the end, they turn to hate each other, to commit adultery, to commit crimes, because love is gone. If that couple knew how to work with their sexual energy in a positive way, they could cause that love to grow, they could produce the most beautiful creation conceivable.

Normal sexuality is to contain and to hold the sexual energy. This is considered normal in Gnosis, because that was the rule humanity was given in the garden of Eden. That rule is written in the Bible, and written in every other sacred book. In the Bible, in the Old Testament, we find this quote,

When a man has an emission of semen, he shall bath his whole body in water, and remain unclean until evening. - Leviticus 15

We also find a the quote,

Whosever is wounded in the testicles, or has his member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord. - Devarim / Deuteronomy 23:2

These quotes, among others, indicate that the proper use of the sexual force is the cause of spiritual development. That science, to use that force in the right way, is called White Tantra. It is called white because it is pure.

It is a tragedy for the male to expel six or seven million spermatozoa, when only one is needed to create a child. All of those organisms contain the force, potency, power of the man. When they are expelled, that force and potency leaves, and the male experiences that. The male who loses his sexsual energy feels depleted. There is an old quote that says,

Omne animal post coitum triste: All animals are sad after ejaculation.

It is true, because deep down we feel the loss of something sacred.

If the human organism re-establishes the sexual system of Eden, the sexual energy can be stored, contained, and transform the human organism into something more. This is the great secret hidden in every religion.

However, humanity prefers the sexual system of Lucifer, which is an absolutely abnormal system, and is called fornication. To fornicate is to use the sexual energy to fortify desire. We fornicate physically when expel the sexual energy through the orgasm. We also fornicate emotionally in the astral world, and we fornicate mentally through the mind in the mental world. Scientific chastity, or White Tantra, is the means to contain and control the sexual energy in all the spheres of the human organism, in the heart and the mind, and beyond.

Those who engage in lustful conversation, who look at pornographic magazines, who watch erotic movies, waste enormous amounts of energy in the mind and in the heart. They become very poor people, spiritually speaking, and they produce psycho-sexual impotence. It is very well known nowadays, impotence is a raging problem, and that is why the scientists are inventing pills that corrupt the endocrine system, and disequilibriate the body; they destroy our physiology and corrupt the mind. In the Gospel of Thomas, we read a quote that says,

If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you, but if you do not what is within you, what is within you will destroy you.

This is clearly referring to sexual energy. Our sexual forces, our sexual energy, if we bring it forth, if we use it with conscious Christic-will, with compassion towards humanity, without pride and lust, then we can become saved from suffering, from our own karma. However, if we do not bring that forth, that energy will destroy us, as is the case humanity now.

It is becoming so common now for men and women both to have sexual dysfunction, and the material scientists fail to realize that the sexual dysfunction is a karmic result of the use of sex by that individual. If that individual were to learn scientific chastity, learn how to transmute their sexual forces, they could reverse the course of the their own degenerative process. But, unfortunately, people prefer sexual fantasy, which destroys the mind, and destroys the natural functions of their sexual energy. Infra-sexuality is the outcome of that abuse.

The person who is identified with sexual desire, who cultivates sexual fantasy, transforms him or herself into an infra-sexual. Infra means “below,” or inferior, and an infra-sexual is a slave of desire. An infra-sexual is any person who has become enslaved by their own sexual trauma. These types of persons masturbate incessantly, they perform sexual experimentations that are not natural to the human organism, and as a result, they corrupt their own psyche further, and damage themselves further.

It is a rarely discussed fact that mental institutions are filled with masturbators; masturbation is a huge problem, which causes mental disequilibrium. Unfortunately, our culture encourages it, and considers it natural, while it is actually very destructive to the mind.

Likewise, homosexual vices, psychosexual vices, and all forms of sexual fantasy cause corruption in the mind and the physiology.

However, there are many, even millions, who embrace infra-sexuality and apply to it Tantra. In fact, you can go to any bookstore, pick up any book on Tantra, and there is  a 99% chance that it will be a book of infra-sexuality, or in other words, Black Tantra. It is extremely rare to find a book of White Tantra. The reason is: the Black Tantriks do not want you to find it.

Types of Tantra

Black Tantra is the method to apply scientific procedures to harness sexual energy, but under the guidance of desire, under the guidance of pride, under the influence of lust, envy, jealousy. We call it “black” because it is blacked by lust, pride, cunning, deception, and all manner of desire.

Usually, Black Tantra encourages desire, the orgasm, adultery. Yet, the difference between White and Black Tantra is not readily visible in many cases. Many schools of seem to teach pure White Tantrism, but secretly, they teach Black Tantrism, and to tell the difference is very difficult, in some cases. The practitioners of these types of Tantra may not call themselves Tantric, they have many names. We have nowadays, very, very popular Hindu Tantra, Chinese Tantra, or what they call Taoist Alchemy, and Buddhist Tantra, and all of these teachings are being imported into the West, and have spread rapidly. However, we have to consider something: Why? With what purpose, with what intention? What are the fruits of these schools? What are the fruits of these teachings? What are they producing? This is something to investigate.

The true and real and pure spiritual teachings have always been free, have been offered for the benefit of humanity, to ease the suffering of human kind. To charge $5000 for a weekend of Tantra should tell you something about the intentions of the teacher. To promise great satisfaction and sexual sensation should tell you something about the intentions of the teacher. To offer orgies and sexual experimentation should tell you something about the teacher.

Unfortunately, humanity is so naïve, we believe anything we are told, as long as it agrees with our desires. That is the hook.

We do not grasp that desire is the cause of suffering. To feed desire, to stimulate desire, is to increase suffering.

It is very simple: any form of Tantra that promises an increase of desire, an increase of sexual satisfaction, should be questioned. Desire cannot be removed if it is being fed, and if desire is not removed, suffering will persist.

Between these two forms of Black and White, there is a form called Grey Tantra. Grey Tantra teaches that one should save the sexual energy for brief periods of time, maybe a week, maybe a month. The practitioners of these types of Tantra may not call themselves Tantric, they have many names, but they only fornicate or spill the sexual energy once a week, or once a month, but this form of Tantra inevitably leads to a black form, because desire is not being removed, it grows, and desire is extremely clever in its ability to deceive us.

White Tantra always teaches three factors:

  • the Birth of the Soul
  • the Death of all desire
  • Sacrifice for others

Within the Grey and the Black you may find elements that look like those three factors. You many find people who talk about Karma yoga, the need to serve humanity with love; they speak of wisdom, they speak of compassion, but in their practices and rituals, they spill their sexual energy, so they remove from their organism the entity of the Christ (bodhichitta or tigle).

The Third Logos elaborates sexual energy in all the elements. In nature, there are three types of nature, related to those three forces:the  energy of the Father, and that of the Son, and that of that Holy Spirit. The force of the Holy Spirit must return inwards and upwards; those forces, the sexual forces, must be brought up, to mix with the forces with the Son in the heart. Only the one who attains the complete of development of that sexual energy can become Christified, or can become one become one with that Christic willpower, that Christic energy. And, only the one who is Christified can become one with the Father, God. The Son is one with the Father, and the Father is one with the Son, and no one reaches the Father except through the Son. To reach the Son, you have to work with the forces of the Holy Spirit.

Sexual yoga, White Tantra, is a type of supra-sexual function. Supra means beyond, or above. To enter into supra-sexuality means to transcend normal sexuality, and of course, by normal, we mean transmutation; the expelling of the sexual energy through the orgasm is abnormal. To enter into supra-sexuality is to enter into the development and creation of the Super-man, supra-man, or the over-soul, the over-man, as they call it in some systems. This is the incarnation of the Christ.

Supra-sexuality produces new, secondary, sexual characteristics; in the East, these are called the signs of the Buddha. There are thirty-two fundamental signs, which identify an initiate as a Buddha, and those signs are cultivated and developed by proper use of sexual energy.

By harnessing the powers and forces that are in our own hormones, we transform ourselves into something greater than a victim of mechanical life. Hormones contain all the potency and power which cause the body to develop in the first place. The hormones that are within the sexual forces vitalize and energize the organism when those energies are contained, saved, and harnessed through scientific chastity. The organism is revitalized and regenerated. Naturally, that energy also regenerates the mind.

the four elements and the symbol of the sphinxBy using willpower to control that energy in a positive way, the Tantrik develops the capacity to manipulate the forces of nature. The sexual energy is the Tattvas, those elements, which reside in all nature. Controlling that within ourselves results in being able to control that in nature. This is symbolized in the Sphinx.

The four animals, the four Elohim or four Holy Creatures, are the Man, the Eagle, the Bull and the Lion; in the Sphinx, we see those same creatures, which represent the four elements.

The Sphinx is the complete synthesis of the human being.

  • The physical forces are symbolized by the Bull
  • the virtue and morality by the Lion
  • intellectuality by the Eagle
  • Divine Intelligence by the Human head

The creation of the Sphinx within us is the result of using the sexual energy in accordance with Christic will. Each of these four represents the four elements in us psychologically, as well as energetically.

  • The Bull represents the Earth
  • the Lion represents the Fire
  • the Eagle represents the Air
  • the Human represents the Willpower, which is developed by working with the forces of the Water (Mercury).

These four synthesize as the cross. The cross is an Alchemical symbol, which represents the crossing of the male and the female, in order to create. When that cross is enlivened by the fire of the Holy Spirit, it spins and forms the Swastika.

  • The elements of Fire as a psychological influence are managed by the Zodiacal signs of Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. This fiery element makes an energetic or even violent psyche.
  • The Air brings Intelligence, and reflectiveness, and these are in the signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.
  • Water makes the human being sensitive, and impressionable, which is delivered by Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.
  • Earth males the human being active, which is brought through Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

These elements correspond to the moral qualities of the human being, the four animals of the Sphinx, the four animals of Revelation, and of course, the Cross.

These four are also represented in the Bible by the four Gospels:

  • Mark is related to the Lion, and to the element Fire, and also to the Astral body
  • Luke is represented by the Bull, by the Earth, and the physical body
  • Matthew is represented by a young person, Water, the Ethereal body
  • John is related to the Eagle, the Air, the Mental body

These are common symbols in Christianity, and they represent and demonstrate a necessity to harness the four elements, through our willpower and the way we use sexual energy.

The current Dalai Lama said that in the view of Tantra, the bodies’ vital energies are the vehicles of the mind. When the vital energies are pure and subtle, one state of mind will be accordingly affected, and by transforming the bodily energies, we transform the state of consciousness. Tantra as it is taught in Tibetan Buddhism is the same as it is taught in Gnosticism, with only superficial differences. The essence of Tantra is this: the human being has the power to transform himself. That transformation is determined by willpower.

That will is defined: is it selfless Christic will, or desire will? Is it will under the control of desire for sensation, by pride, by lust, by anger, by envy, or is it will driven by Christic force, sacrifice, compassion?

To realize the goal of White Tantra requires the death of the I, the self, the false-self. Only this death, the removal of desire, the removal of selfish point of view, can allow the force of the Being, the force of the Christ, to manifest and work through us. This is only possible through sexual transmutation.

The energy of the Christ is the sexual energy. If we do not have the energy within, we cannot work with the forces of the Christ. We can believe what we want, we can think what we want, but birth on all levels is a sexual function.

The key to all power is found in the union of male and female. What is important is that the couple learns how to withdraw from the orgasm, to renounce desire, and transmute energy under Christic will.

The semen, the sexual force, must not be released, in any case, in any way, at any time. This is the fundamental rule to enter into White Tantra.

Human life in itself, as it is, has no meaning. To be born, to live, and to die, to suffer, as a worm in the mud under the heat of the Sun, has no purpose. To reproduce oneself as an animal, and then to die after a long period of suffering, is a tragedy. If that is life, then it is not worth living. Fortunately, it is not the only way; it is possible to transform oneself and ones life, by working with the forces of the Christ. By conquering ones own animal nature, by conquering ones own bad habits, by transforming the nature of ones own mind, and by that act of will, using the energies that arise in oneself naturally, in the right way. As a matter of consequence, good things must come of that, because that is the Law.

Questions and Answers

Audience: In this day and age, how do you sacrifice for others?

Instructor: Sacrifice is achieved in levels. Obviously the ultimate sacrifice is giving yourself to the benefit of others, in whatever way you are capable. That can begin as simple as not allowing yourself to cause suffering. For example, you might be really angry with someone, but if you decide not to make them suffer the brunt of your anger, that is a sacrifice, because you are renouncing the will of that anger to express and make that other person suffer.

Audience: Is that really suffering?

Instructor: When someone is mad at you, do you suffer? Yes, we do. Or when someone curses at you, or when someone blames you. And to be angry is to suffer. So, to restrain those behaviors in oneself, is an act of sacrifice, at that level.

To work on ones own ego, to transform the way one wants to act out of desire, out of self-interest, is a form of self-sacrifice. A greater sacrifice, is to give the opportunity to others to do the same, by teaching the Gnosis, in whatever capacity they can understand it. So there are levels.

The key is we have to work with the three factors everyday, in every moment. We have to, in each moment, not allow negative emotion to express in us, at all. A negative emotion might “feel good.” A negative emotion or feeling or any ego can feel good or normal. That does not make it good or normal. To express a negative emotion is a crime.

To restrain that desire is to stop feeding those desires in ones own heart and mind and action. To restrain anger, pride, envy, to not allow them to control your behavior, begins the process of the death of that ego.

At the same time, we have to generate positive action, to act in a virtuous way. So, if for example, someone is doing something harmful to us, and we restrain the impulsive respond egotistically, we initiate the process of the death of that desire in our own mind, but then we have to go further, we have to initiate a virtuous action in return; that may be direct or indirect. But we have to cultivate love for that person.

Audience: Within ourselves, or towards others (outwardly)?

Instructor: It depends. For sure, you have to cultivate love for others within yourself; that may not always be visible directly, physically, it depends. But at the very least, you have to cultivate love for that person in yourself, this is the beginning of birth: to cultivate virtue, to comprehend virtue, these two are totally linked, life and death in our own heart and in our own mind, and in our actions. And then third, we have to sacrifice. Now, those two might be synthesized in our action, as a sacrifice. So, if we are being attacked by someone, they are doing something harmful, and we do not reply, we generate love, that in itself, is sacrifice because we are receiving the actions they are giving us, and do not react with a harmful action.

Audience: So, it’s not enough just to ignore?

Instructor: No, you cannot ignore, you cannot repress; you have to comprehend. That is very difficult, it requires a lot of willpower, it requires Christic will, and that is White Tantra.

The important point about Tantra is that it is action in every moment. Yes, Tantra refers to certain practices and procedures, undoubtedly, but really, Tantra is a continuum: it is an ongoing psychological process from moment to moment. To apply the science of White Tantra in ones life is not something you do just once a day, it is something you have to be doing constantly, with continuity. This is obviously in the modification of our behaviors; if we do that properly then we are sacrificing, we are sacrificing our own ego, our own interests, our own desires, for the benefit of others. It does not mean that we have to give all our money to a charity; more important is to give up our own self-interest, our own social status, to give up the interest in being respected or loved, and to instead focus on loving and respecting others.

Audience: Could you give an example of inhalation and exhalation when practicing pranayama?

Instructor: There are various pranayamas [transmutation exercises utilizing the breath] taught in Gnosis. The rhythm and timing of the pranayama should occur naturally, related to the state of relaxation that you are in. To force a length of breath can be harmful; it is better to relax and breathe naturally, hold the breath briefly, exhale it, inhale it, hold it, exhale it. It should not be forced. It should not be strict and rigid; it should be relaxed. If we are doing the breathing exercise and we are becoming tense, we are walking in the wrong direction.

The practice of pranayama transmutes the sexual energy to affect the mind, to help the mind become clear. A pranayama is like a suction pump, which acts to clear the debris from the mind, so that the mind can become calm. If we are becoming tense, agitated, and rigid while we do the practice, we are countering the purpose of the practice.

Audience: Is it better to do mantras to sustain the nervous system?

Instructor: Yes, you use mantras too. You use mantras, pranayama, and you can use them in combination. There are many variations of the practice. What I am describing is the fundamental purpose, which is to relax the mind and the body. So, you must do your pranayama with relaxation.