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Gotterdammerung, “the twilight of the gods”: We are now arriving at the end of this great masterpiece that hides profound mysteries that only those who walk on the path of the self-realization of the being can understand. Friedrich Nietzsche talked about the superman but he was mistaken thinking that the man existed. He did not know that first the man has to be created in order for the super man to act in that man. And this is precisely what here, in this great opera, is hidden, which is that superior aspect that only those that walk on the path and who are already on the level of human being can understand. Remember that it is written that the man is only a bridge between the intellectual animal and the superman. But we don’t have to fall into the mistake of believing that the human being already exists, because it does not exist. The human being has the possibilities of existing within each on of us. And when we reach that level then we can walk on the path of the superman. 

Nordic mythology explains in a poetic way, a language that speaks to the consciousness; that speaks to intuition, which is a faculty we have to develop in order to dig into this marvelous myth that has its roots in the sun, in the solar absolute, in the Ain Soph Aur, the vehicle of the cosmic Christ. Indeed the Nordic myth encloses a lot of solar truths that we need to study profoundly in order to understand our being.

In Gotterdammerung prologue the three Norns, daughters of Erda, start weaving and unweaving in the loom of the earth, in the loom of their mother Erda; which brings us into memory that which we call in Latin the Anima-Mundi or the soul of the world, which is intimately related with the Divine Mother Nature, the Cosmic Mother. Remember that the Divine Mother Nature, the Divine Mother Kundalini is related with the Arcanum 24, The Weaver. This weaver is the Divine Mother Erda, the mother of the three Norns, Who represent the past present and future; destiny; or as we can also call in Sanskrit, karma. Remember the karma of the world. Remember that mistake committed by the Solar Gods in the past when they implanted in the human organism the Kundabuffer organ. With cosmic purposes of course, because the kundabuffer organ is an element that every humanity receives in a certain period in order for a harvesting of Gods to emerge from it. But the Gods in order to leave that organ in the human organism have to make a special calculation, that is, the proper time (not too much not too less) in order for the soul of those Monads that start their evolution to know about good and evil (as it is symbolically written in the bible) to know about desire and suffering in order to value the sexual energy in order to value the power of God which is of course the energy of the Holy Spirit whose two polarities, masculine and feminine, are always beautifully shown in these operas in different aspect: masculine and feminine, brother sister, father mother. Behold how these polarities of the marvelous sexual force are represented in the rock of Brünnhilde. Remember that the philosophical stone of Yesod is that stone that the builders rejected, but that is necessary for the transformation. This revolution that is happening in this opera obviously begins in the rock when Brünnhilde is sleeping surrounded by the fire of Lucifer which is the sexual potency, which in this opera receives the name of Loge; which is the same Loki in the Nordic myth, because really Loki, the fire is what transforms nature. That is why on the top of the crucified it is written the mantra or word INRI which is a Latin mantra which means Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra. The fire renews nature constantly.

Loki of course is that fire that acts accordingly with karma. And this is something that we have to comprehend in order to understand Lucifer; because Lucifer acts according to the laws of the absolute, which originates always any universe. That is why the three Norns who represent karma, past, present, and future (which is the aspect of the divine mother that is weaving and unweaving the destiny of this planet’s humanity) are weaving and unweaving the destiny, or the karma of humanity, they start, of course, singing about he past present and the future.

When we talk about the past involved within this Nordic myth, we find that in the very beginning the fire and the light, darkness and cold, were precisely in each side of the abyss. The abyss was in the middle of these two forces and eventually united and from the union, which obviously is an alchemical representation, of water and fire, above and below, light and darkness, which we can attribute or to place into that chaos called Daath, related to the creation of the world.


From the outcome of that union or that mixture Imir was born. Imir the giant that is the first thing that emerges (as this Nordic myth states); this Imir, the giant is the representation of the Monad, the Innermost of each one of us. Of course this Innermost, the Spirit, this Giant Imir, the Monad, is within where all the possibilities of creation exist. This Imir, the Giant also represents in this cosmic day, the First Root Race, The Polar Race or the Protoplasmic Race that existed in the beginning of creation. Imir, of course, it is written that was feeding himself from the utter of the cow that had emerged as well from the mixture of the two forces. This cow was licking ice from the cold and darkness of the chaos  and from her, or from her utter, milk was coming out in order to feed Imir, the Giant. The divine mother here, of course, is the cow; you know that in India the symbol of the divine mother is the cow. These for rivers of milk that emerge from the utters of the cow represent the four river of Eden which are written in the Hebraic myth that emerge from Eden or from Daath the super Eden, the upper Eden. Representation of the two polarities, masculine and feminine, above and below, because that Imir, the Giant was a hermaphrodite; it is written that from his armpit emerge the first humanity, the first couple, male female; a hermaphrodite in other words. And from his feet emerge a monster of six heads, a symbol of alchemy.

But behold hear and understand this myth of the Nordics, that after a while other beings, the Gods emerge. Bori with is the father of Bore. And Bore the father of Odin, Vili and Ve, according to this myth. Of course these are the transformations of that giant which descend in different dimensions in order to appear in the world of creation. Because in the world of creation we always find the three primary forces that always create and are hidden within the Giant.

Many times we said that the within the monad, within that primordial atom in the Ain Soph is hidden, the three primary forces, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, which in the Nordic myth are called Odin, Vili and Ve which are three thee primary forces that destroyed the Giant. The myth stated that they killed the giant in order to create the universe. It is a beautiful symbol of course because from the Ain Soph which is that giant that everyone has within emerges creation. Obviously the three primary forces take all from the Ain Soph, because from that Giant emerge all the element that are needed in order for creation to appear. Remember that it is written that every thing emerges from the Ain Soph and every thing returns into the Ain Soph. So the three primary forces Kether, Chochmah, Binah, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Odin, Vili, and Ve, take all the elements that they need in order to create the Yggdrasil or all those parts of the tree of life from the Ain Soph, from that Giant. This is how the giant dies in order for nature to immerge. But of course the intelligence of the Gods is needed in order for that creation to be organized. And the Norns speak of the past, how it influences the present, and how it is going to influence the future. That is what is called the karma of the world.

In the beginning of this cosmic day, it is written, that this great inhabitant of the absolute, a Paramarthasatya whose name we always state is the master Aberamentho, Who in this planet earth, in this root race, is called Jesus of Nazareth, He was already out of creation, yet he emerged from within the absolute light. This happened when he saw all of those forces of Imir emerging, or monads coming from the absolute in order for creation to appear; he saw that the karma of the previous cosmic days was a very heavy weight in the Anima Mundi of this planet. And this is how this myth explains from the beginning how the Gods intervene in order to plan, how to help the karma of this world, planet earth. And of course this great being an inhabitant of the absolute, a Paramarthasatya, Jesus of Nazareth, Master Aberamentho, left or abandoned the absolute and appeared in the universe in order to help Gods and humans. That was of course at that time in the chaos; and through time this great being sent his Buddha, or Bodhisattva, to reincarnate because any being whether a Paramarthasatya, Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, or Nirmanakaya, needs always a vehicle to express his wisdom in order to teach the way, to save or to help.  

And this is why Jesus of Nazareth Aberamentho’ s human soul was sent to planet earth in order to prepare himself for the great mission that he performed 2000 years ago. And you know how his being entered into him in order to unite the solar and lunar forces; and this precisely the dissention of the solar gods into the universe. Many Solar Gods came to the earth in order to manage its karma, in order to help this humanity. But as you know many of them committed mistakes. Because they did not take into account the karma of the world.

And this is how this opera explains, in the prologue, how the karma of the world developed. So, the Gods are always helping, yet they left the kundabuffer organ too much time in the human organism because they did not take into account the karma of the previous three rounds. And the problem is, of course, as you see in the opera or how is described in the opera as Gotterdammerung, the damnation of the gods. The rope, of course, breaks because with the karma that this planet has they cannot predict the out come because each one of us instead of annihilating the karma increase more the karma, and the lunar forces take strength, force. The Fire is the only one that can help in this negotiation with the karma because no body mocks the karma the superior karma.

Then this is why you see how after this singing of the Norns about the past present and future, Siegfried and Brünnhilde appear in the stone, in the rock. They are already united. This is what in the initiate that enters the path and that wants to be free from this karma, from this heavy log that we have on are backs, has to do. And of course this is (as in the previous lecture the speaker explains very well) how the two souls have to be united in order to overcome that karma. Because first the common and current, the common and ordinary karma has to be overcome which Siegfried already did it. But now they are going to confront the superior karma which is related with the falling of Adam and Eve, or the falling of Ask and Embla according to this myth. And how through initiation these to forces were rising in Sigmund and Sieglinde as the opera explains it. Of course if you read what the couple sings when Siegfried is going out of that stone and telling Brünnhilde "I am going now to perform new tasks and to confront new problems, but you will be with me, you and me will be one, no mater where we are, will be one" this is precisely the moment when the divine soul and the human soul unite and incarnate in the physical world, in order to descend again  into the Ninth Sphere in order to perform what we explain before, the Enneagram, which is all of the work of the Second Mountain. In the opera you see only certain points of the Second Mountain not the whole thing.  

When Siegfried leaves he goes and rides on Brünnhilde’s horse, which is of course her wisdom, her understanding. Now they are one and Siegfried has all the protection of the divine soul within him. Many great works or jobs, tasks are in front of him and of course he leaves the real power in the hands of Brünnhilde because the knight (human soul) always gives his works, all the out outcome of the marvelous esoteric work to his divine soul (his Lady). In other words the Monad always absorbs all of that. Remember that we always say that initiations, powers are always absorbed by the Monad and the Monad is represented by Odin and Brünnhilde; because Brünnhilde is the divine soul within which the flame of Prana, or, Prajna, is always burning, which is precisely his own Being, yet part of her is within the one who is sacrificing the self (as we explained in previous lectures) in order to descend. This is what Krishna called the reincarnation of the Gods. This is precisely the way in which a true master descends.

This is something that we have to comprehend because many Gnostics do not understand the different aspects of the Monad or the Mastery. When somebody reaches the first mountain this one incarnates, or better said when one reaches the fifth initiation of major mysteries, this one only incarnates the human soul. This human soul is just Siegfried. That is just a symbol of it. Incarnated there as a bodhisattva in the direct path, not the spiral, the direct path. But still that initiate has not incarnated his Innermost. Many Gnostics think that when someone reaches the fifth initiation and take the direct path they automatically incarnated the Innermost. They are wrong. And this is how they are caught in lies and Mythomania. Because they think that because they already reach the fifth initiation the innermost is already inside of them. No. The innermost is the Prajna, the light that burns within the Divine Soul and in order to incarnate the Divine Soul the Master have to kill the dragon Fafner; in others words, all the ego related to the earth (Malkuth), all of that negativity. Then the Innermost incarnates because the Innermost is within Brünnhilde and this is precisely that moment, which we see in this prologue, how another step is going to start ahead on the way of the super man, in which already the Monad is going to act.


Act I

Image        Image 

          Rune Gebur                    Swastika (Gebur in motion) 

Well here you see how the first act begins with the Gibichungs and here are some words that have something very significant; you find “Gibichungs” which is of course a kingdom and the king of that kingdom is named “Gunther;” he rules there with his sister “Gutrune.” Do you see the similarities of a thing hidden there? Hidden there is the “G” which is Gnosis the “G” of the Masons, the “G” of genesis. If in the second opera the Walkirie you find the “S,” the “SIG” within “Siegfried” within “Sieglinde” with Sigmund. Here you find Gotterdammerung, Gibichungs, Gunther, Gutrune, the “G” is of course the Rune “Gebur,” and the mystery of the Rune “Gebur” is precisely the swastika. Gebur is represented as a cross, but when that cross is in movement you find there the mysterious swastika which is the cross in movement. The Rune “Gebur” hides the great mysteries of the Sahaja Maithuna, the great mysteries of sexuality, which here in this opera, in this fourth part, is shown very clear for those that walk on the path, for those that study the doctrine, for those that know how destiny is transmitted to a vehicle. Remember that such destiny is between these three “G”s, Gibichung, Gunther, Gutrune, incarnated Gods (even in English God has the “G” of Gnosis). So, somebody is there that really does not belong and his name begins with “H”, is Hagen, which means hook, which represents the inheritance of damnation, or the evil will of Alberich because this Hagen is the son of a mixture of Arians with Atlanteans. Remember that Alberich represents the cunning of the Atlantean civilizations, the Nibelungen because in the Atlantean epoch they developed this faculty which is cunning. But in this Arian race the faculty which is above cunning is reasoning, or the way in which we developed objective reasoning, wisdom. But somehow, still, some Arian’s, people that work at the shore of the river (sex) do not understand what is reasoning and what is cunning.

You find that Gutrune and Gunther are really king and queen; they are royal people meaning initiates. Because in order for you to do this, you have to become a king or queen. In Kabbalah the Malachim are in Tiphereth, i.e. if you say "I am a Malachim, a king, or a queen, what you are saying is: “I have my astral mental and causal bodies; I am dress with ‘To soma Heliakon’ (the Mercabah), the solar bodies;” so, as this, precisely, one begins the development of this first part as Siegfried is navigating in the river. Because everything that we perform here is performed in the river, in the sexual force, in the waters. And he is performing great tasks related with the Enneagram of the second mountain when you have to go and annihilate your egos in other levels. Not in the level that we are doing here, because he already annihilated the dragon of the earth which is that karma or ego related with 96 laws. Now he is going deeper, navigating in that river and going to hell to annihilate other creatures. Which the master Samael Aun Weor explains very clear in the book the three mountains.

But that damnation of the kundabuffer, that mistake of the Gods, from the past, is still active in humanity and it is very clear of course for those that follow the path. Haggen is that double psychology that each one of us has. We have within the aspects of the being and any initiate who walks on the path develops his being, his spiritual soul, his divine soul, his human soul, but has the ego also there; which in this case is represented in Hagen, which is how the personality works through that double aspect or that double psychology. In other worlds or planets you find humanity with a very strong spiritually where Imir is very strong, big, nothing negative. however only in this planet earth you find that old duality in which the lunar and solar forces are disequilibrated, out of balance. And Haggen of course is very strong and is always within any Kingdom within any Court.

If you study this opera from a superficial point of view you will see how, in this humanity, in this Arian race unfortunately, the ego if fully developed, very strong. And that is precisely our own particular haggen, which through inheritance, through time has become strong. And the problem is that there are people that fortify that false personality, that haggen, that false personality that we have within, and worship it, even through religion. So you find that the damnation of the Gods or the mistake of the Gods has been inherited through this double psychology that we have, Haggen, through three factors. The first factor is that which we called Genotype, which is related to the genes. And of course that is transmitted through the sexual act. All of us received that damnation, or as the bible says, the original sin transmitted through sexual act; because all of us are children of fornication, no exception; children of adultery, no exception; because orgasm, spasm, is fornication, it is damnation it is a sin against the Holy Ghost, a sin again the spear of Wotan.

And when we walk on this path we have to face that unforgivable sin. And this is something that people forget. When they enter into the path they think that because we enter the path we are going out of sin, no, it is not. Even, we will say, those in the exotericism (that which is outside of esotericism) when they talk about the forgiving of sins, they think that fornication and adultery is forgiven when they accept Jesus which is really false, because it is written there in the same bible that fornication and adultery is an unforgivable sin. Everybody has to pay that sin with death. I repeat, with death! Only with death you are free from that Kamaduro and Karmasaya or Karma of fornication and adultery. So, of course this is genotype, we are the outcome of genotype, inheritance. Our fathers or parents in this case placed that Karma in our body, that inheritance in our blood, in our flesh in our bones because we have the ego or elements that bring into our physical body that damnation. Those elements are precisely what we call lust, cupidity, anger, greed, and all those things that we have in abundance. Those elements are the magnet, these are the Hagen within. We will say, to explain better is the Alberich within that will eventual build his future son which is Hagen. So this Hagen is the outcome of Alberich through time. And this is how precisely why Wotan says, Alberich has already a child, Alberich has a child an inheritance, an Heir in other words.

2 is Phenotype, education. The type of education that we receive in this day and age, most of it is related with cunning, cunningness; which is how our personality is strengthened in a negative way. Personalities that are looking just for money, for gold; anyone in this world wants to have money. They think that they will find happiness in money, in gold. This society is built on greed or covetousness. The phenotype that we receive is false, and even in this time these personalities, false personalities these Hagens (that are abundant) they become atheists, and they think that atheism is the summit of wisdom. They are against the Gods. They destroy all the religions.

And of course 3 Paratype, circumstances, this is the other factor in which Hagen the personality (the outcome of that Alberich that we have within) the evil will, which is based on fornication, develops. These are the three factors: genotype phenotype and paratype, which build this false personality which is built upon the sub-consciousness, which is our inheritance from the past.

So, each time the initiate has to confront that, which is why when they fall and have to confront that they find a great problem; because the enemy is never outside, the enemy is inside. And this is precisely the problem of many present initiates, they always focus outside the problem of salvation, and end always condemning other religions, or accusing other people, and forget that the real damnation, the real traitor is within each one of them or us. So, if we do not annihilate the interior traitor we will always be in the same level. When we accuse others of being traitors, this is Hagen accusing other Hagen of being a Hagen; which points to stupidity, imbecility, rooted precisely in the ego.

And it is precisely because Hagen is so strong that we think, or he thinks that he will have the power of the ring. Or the power of all the process of initiation will be in his hand. And this is precisely the problem of many Gnostics in this day and age. They always accuse others, meanwhile within them they have the three traitors.  

So you see hear how this couple Brünnhilde and Siegfried, the human soul and the human soul, within the initiate, are happily receiving there initiations, the union, the love, because they are united by love. But below in the physical world, you find another pair, the brother and sister, who are Gunther and Gutrune; but they are not the common and ordinary brother and sister that are fallen in sin, because they are initiates; they are handling weapons they could be any group of initiates that know about the “Rune Gebur,” the swastika, the power of the cross in movement that originates universes, that originates monsters, beasts and human beings because without the “Rune Gebur”, without the swastika nothing can exist. Remember that through the swastika, through the cross is how Balder (Christ), the beautiful son of Odin, (Balder in this case as a similarity related with Siegfried) who is an innocent, beautiful, strong warrior, but who still is innocent and does not realize how his fate is going to finish. But he is doing the work.   

So, with the swastika everything is altered, everything is transformed above and below, within the initiate and within humanity. It depends how we use it. It comes into my mind of course this initiate that every body knew with the name of Hitler and who knew about the mysteries of the swastika; but which in the end was cheated by Hagen, by the Hagen of others and by his own particular Hagen. Regrettably, Hitler started using the swastika in the wrong way and instead of disintegrating his ego and arriving at the self realization, he became a dangerous hasnamuss; which is precisely the great problem that happened to many initiates on this Kali Yuga. One needs to know how to use the swastika. The swastika is good when it is guided by the Being; when our Inner Being commands it and controls it. Because when somebody reaches mastery they always have to be under the guidance of the being. Only the being can say” Go down to the Ninth Sphere,” “Now stop, do not do it” People think that the same whole rules follow for all initiates. But they are wrong. Because every initiate in itself has a different karma, and the being knows how to handle that karma. And that is why we cannot say at a certain time we have to stop being in the Ninth Sphere or using the swastika. Only the initiate who walks on the direct path knows when to use it when to stop to use it. Because I repeat, everybody has a different type of destiny. There are initiates that fell very deep. There are others that did not fall so deep. So in order to deal with that, with the Rune Gebur, the mysteries of the swastika, we need to study very deep our own particular individual karma.  

And that’s why the brother and sister, Gunther and Gutrune, bring into our minds Adam and Eve again. But not falling, standing. Of course the brother is the brain and the sister is the sexual organs as we always explain. The sister, eve, Gutrune always has the cup while Gunther always has the brain which symbolizes knowledge, wisdom. So of course Siegfried within any initiate in the physical world at that level is performing great tasks Great marvels. But remember that if Gunther represents the brain and Gutrune the sexual organs, then obviously Hagen represents the evil will. The way in which we satisfy desires and we can be cheated by our own particular ego, represented in the personality. And this is how after performing great tasks, after performing great works, Siegfried finally arrives at the physical world. Because the kingdom of Gunther is in Midgard; we explain before that Midgard is Malkuth, the physical world where everybody has his physical body where we always have the negative aspects of the Being which is the personality. We have to understand that if the Being is shining above, who is the master, here below is the darkness, the karma, superior and inferior karma, which is always glowing tenebrously through the personality of the initiate. That personality is the one who inherited the past. And within that personality is the damnation of fornication and adultery of the past that needs to be washed in order for that initiate to achieve self realization. So this is what you have to see and to visualize: The brother and sister (twin souls) above (Tiphereth and Geburah) and the brother and sister (Brain-Sex) below (in Malkuth).

Thus, when the initiate arrives at this moment in the opera when you see him drinking from the cup of forgetfulness, what is that? One wonders right? And here is precisely the problem when the initiate has to confront his death and resurrection. And this event happens to many initiates at that level. Many Gnostics try to explain what happened to the master Samael Aun Weor at the end of his life. Likewise, many esotericists try to explain what happed to the master Jesus at the end of his life and how come they caught him and killed him if he was almighty all powerful. Yet, they ignore that in the cross, on the swastika in activity master Jesus said: “ My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” Listen, all the powers as in Sigmund are taken out, as well as Siegfried, all his power are taken out for one purpose, this is, in order to become completely free. Then the initiate has to confront, in the physical world, his original sin. Because all of us, without exception, at the time of Adam and Eve, we fell into fornication and we committed adultery, in other words, be betrayed Brünnhilde; or the females, betrayed their own particular prince. But in this Opera, the spiritual soul is represented as a female aspect, Brünnhilde, who is betrayed. Because each one of us has his own divine couple, the twin souls; the twin soul is within, it is Brünnhilde. Thus, in the moment when we committed fornication, we betrayed Brünnhilde, we committed adultery and fornication; so behold here these two aspects fornication and adultery, and how these are related with sexuality. And these are the first sins committed by humanity. First fornication and through fornication entered adultery.

In Kabbalah we explained it many times. Kabbalah states that when Adam fell he then marry two women: Lilith and Nahemah; or two psychologies in other words. Nahemah (the white moon) is destroyed by Siegfried when he confronted the dragon Fafner. But Lilith (the black moon) is confronted of course in the Enneagram, in the second mountain, and at the end of that work, Siegfried has to drink the cup forgetfulness and that cup is in the hand of Gutrune, which of course we know very well that the cup represents the Yoni, the sexual feminine organ.  

And precisely this is the first step (in order to kill Kamaduro and Karmasaya), this is to marry Gutrune, by toasting to Brünnhilde, he drinks the cup; because this is his last task: when his inner being says: “well now you have to confront the women with which you fell in the past. And you have to marry her, you have to transmute with her, because with her you fell. And with her you have to be lifted up and become completely resurrected. If the initiate refuses, he says “Well if you want to rise yourself into the level in which you were united with me you have to confront that. You betrayed me with her in the past now you have to face the consequences. Go with her and transmute with her but be careful because she will try to make you fall again from the level in which you now are. And the initiate does it; because if he does not do it he will not resurrect. Because the karma of Kamaduro and Karmasaya is rooted there in the treason he committed in the past and he has to face that. However, if he doesn’t do it of course he will be invulnerable, protected by the force of the Spirit, yet, if he does it he will lose that protection and this is necessary so that the karma that is a damnation, that is of course rooted in Hagen from the past because of the treason committed by Alberich become fulfilled, which is the damnation of the ring.

Everybody has the damnation of the ring inside his own psychology. But you pay that only at the end. Remember how the great initiates at the end die. And they pass a great humiliation. And of course when the initiate enters and confronts his new partner in the physical world. It sounds like adultery right? It is adultery. An every body will see it. And it will be a scandal but that is precisely the way. This is unforgivable karma and you have to face it. And in the moment when he starts to practice sexual magic with his new wife, from that cup he receives all the damnation, all the ego. Remember that it is written you shall not commit adultery. Because when you commit adultery you absorb the psychological elements from the partner you are committing adultery with. Then you not only have to fight against your psychological elements but also those elements of your partner. You poison yourself in other words. And this is something very delicate that nobody understands. This is why you shall not commit adultery.

Nevertheless, an initiate at that level in which Siegfried is, he has no ego, he is completely innocent. He is courageous, powerful, has no fear, yet, he absorbs the ego of the woman which he fell with in the past. And, precisely, her psychological elements are what make him to forget about his own spirituality; because her egos absorb it. And this is why you find here how Brünnhilde feels betrayed because it is a great pain for the divine soul. The initiate is already united, the two souls are there one, they are one together. Yet, through that physical action of going into the other woman, Gutrune (because it is written that sexual act at that level is prohibited); but Siegfried’s Being said now you can go down and do it. So when they do it, of course, Brünnhilde immediately notices it. So, when he drinks the cup (absorbs the atomic psychic elements from Gutrune’s Yoni) all of that goes to Siegfried’s brain (Gunther), because Gunther which is the brain (the brother of Gutrune-Sex) has to marry her (Brünnhilde). You see. If Gutrune is the sexual organs, Gunther is the brain, behold the two polarities, two forces here (in Malkuth). Remember that when Eve eats of the fruit it affects Adam with her action.

So, Siegfried goes up disguised as Gunther. Obviously Siegfried (the soul) already absorbed the ego of Gunther (the brain-the mind) or that aspect of psychology within him. Thus Gunther and Siegfried are one because they even drank their blood. Remember that the blood is the vehicle of the spirit, and how through it everything is united. After he drinks (absorbs through Ida) the forgetfulness cup (from Gutrune’s Yoni), he drinks the blood (through Pingala from this other cup- the brain)  and obviously becomes one with the Gutrune’s brother (Gunther – the Mind), there something is united, the whole ego of his partner (or spouse) is inside and (like that) he goes up to Brünnhilde, because Siegfried is already at that level, and goes up to the same level in which Brünnhilde is, and Brünnhilde says “what is this”? “My human soul came here courageously victoriously and now here is this spot of imperfection? What is this?” And she visualizes something filthily; of course it is the ego from that new partner (spouse) which now he has to confront; which the divine human soul has to confront, precisely the original sin which is related with male female which is related with Ida and Pingala; which is related with Adam and Eve, the two polarities, above and below. Behold, this is why Siegfried entered in disguised with that hamlet, which is the mind, in other words that new aspect that Brünnhilde does not recognize and within which Siegfried is disguised as Gunther.  

Siegfried (the Human Soul) is now disguised with a new aspect of the ego (from his spouse). So, Siegfried now has to fight and to defeat the psychological aspects that he took from his new partner in the sexual act. And this is precisely what happens, I repeat, to those initiates who are already without ego; because if you with ego will do that, then you will make a mess of yourself; because you still have your ego of 96 laws and the egos of others laws, and of course if you absorb the egos of others you will be in more darkness. Nevertheless in this opera it is very clear that Siegfried already killed the dragon, Siegfried already performed the many tasks of the Enneagram, thus, finally without ego, innocent clear and pure appears there and gets married in order to confront the last task which is to overcome fornication or Kamaduro. Thus, when he takes his wife he starts losing his powers, and Hagen who is precisely rooted in the original sin is going to plan his killing because with death you overcome death. Of course meanwhile Brünnhilde, the spiritual soul, receives notifications in the upper worlds: there is a revolution in heaven, since Odin (her own father) already know what is going on and every thing is going to be changed because of the actions of Siegfried, since he overcame the spear of Wotan, everything will be changed. Now a new law has to appear because the final step in self-realization is coming and the old laws no longer are in use because a new objective reasoning of the being is being developed through the fire through Loge and all his tricks. So let us now continue with the second act.



ImageSo, by fallowing this you see how Katancia, Karmasaya, and Kamaduro are being fulfilled; with this we want to state that no one mocks the law. No one escapes karma. Many types of karma are forgiven but the karma related with fornication and adultery is unforgivable, especially if it is a fallen bodhisattva, which is related with Katancia. Here you see, in this scene, that Alberich appears in a dream to haggen in the beginning of this part. The dream relates to sub-consciousness, infra-consciousness; you all know what dreams mean and from where they come from. Of course it is within the sub-consciousness and infra-consciousness where we find the dream world, or our own particular Alberich which is not one but a legion that is synthesized in evil will. Because when we betray our Inner God in the past through fornication, we did it through evil will: Alberich stole the Rheingold from the three maidens, the three mermaids which were holding it in the waters, which are the waters of sexuality.  

Notice here in all of this part and see how Hagen is no longer a Nibelungen. But the mixture I say of Nibelungen with Arians, which is this Arian Root Race. We are no longer Atlanteans we are the mixture of the Atlantean civilization with the Hyperboreans, which are precisely those upon which we have make always emphasis; because the very root of this Arian Root Race lies on the Hyperboreans. These were mixed with the Atlanteans in the forth subrace, in the past. From the Atlanteans we get the inheritance of cunning, and from the Arians (Hyperboreans) we inherited wisdom.  

Unfortunately the lunar forces of Hagen within this mixture are strong and are everywhere. Everywhere you see you find this mixture, because the Arian Root Race populates the whole planet earth, the seven subraces; even though, we are now here in the United States and Canada where the seventh or last subrace of the Arian Root Race is being developed. Before we had of course other previous Root Races, and precisely, the Hyperboreans or these Solar Gods were taking care of this Arian Root Race in different continents through different ways. These Hyperboreans (Solar Gods) are what this Opera call the Wolsungs, or the children of Wotan, or the children of God; or as we say in Christianity and Judaism: the Prophets. The Prophets are the Wolsungs; the ones who were in contact with God as warriors and thus performing the work of God in the earth. And of course these Wolsungs are those who always developed according to karma in different ways.  

But now this: in the order to overcome the Katancia the Kamaduro and Karmasaya; Alberich is reminding Hagen: “Remember that as ego we have the power in the past; remember that (as Kundabuffer) you are my son (evil-will). Are you sleeping Hagen?” Let us remember that the followers of the lunar force are awakened black magicians which in this case are represented by Hagen, which cunningly entered in every way (path); since, it is written that Javhe, the boss of the black lodge took into his hands all the religions of the world in order to control humanity. Of course Javhe is the boss of all of those awakened black magicians that are always trying to steel the power in order to conquer, in order to gain the battle. Yet, the only power that they gain is power in klipoth, in hell, but never in heaven. However, they talk about heaven, about paradise but they never enter in because they are traitors; they are awakened traitors, and awakened in their own past, that is, their own psyche, which always says to them “are you sleeping Hagen?” He (the evil-will) says no I am planning here how to gain the ring that we own be inheritance by are own right. This reminds me that the master Samael Aun Weor states, that when someone enters into new initiation and gains new powers the black magicians get infuriated. The say: “Somebody is stealing from us!” “Somebody is taking power from us!” Because they think that they own the earth. So obviously they are always planning and complotting against the solar light.

So, obviously Siegfried is already absorbed within the lunar force because he wants to defeat it. Hagen thinks that this is an opportunity in order to take the power of the ring because it is already in his (karmic) hand. It was in the hands of Brünnhilde yet now the power is in Hagen’s hands, because it is now a karmic power, and Hagen thinks (because apparently, adultery is being shown) that he will partake the power, since the law will allow it to happen, because during the process of that event of an apparent adultery (you know that) Siegfried swore that he did not commit adultery and it is the truth.  

Explanation: Balder Christ incarnated within that Siegfried initiate, is innocent, Balder is just being sacrificed, the lord always sacrifices for the initiate. And when the lord says “I never committed adultery” he is saying the truth. But remember that when he Siegfried went up to the rock Gunther was with him and Gunther and he were one, meaning, Gunther is the one who committed adultery because of the advice of Hagen, his own personality. So when Siegfried swears that he did not commit adultery he is saying the truth, but meanwhile (through Gunther) he is committing it. Do you see that contradiction? That is why it is written that when the lord is incarnated, or when Balder, Christ, the Son of God is incarnated in any initiate, he being innocent is accused of being guilty because he mingles with the ego of the initiate. And this is what happens with many great initiates. They are being accused by other Initiates that are on the path.

This is why the whole drama appears in this Opera when all the initiates in that castle are listening to Brünnhilde is saying, and what Siegfried is saying and that both of them are innocent, meaning, it is not adultery and meanwhile it is adultery. And yes it is adultery, since this is the outcome of adultery from the past; this is something that is being unfolded there very clear, and the initiate has to pay the consequences. But somebody is going to be killed there innocently. And somebody is being accused there innocently. First Brünnhilde is being accused of adultery and she really committed adultery yet unwillingly, thus, because of the circumstances she is an adulterous, yes, because of the mistakes of Gutrune, the physical woman. This is precisely the great sacrifice that is shown there in that Opera, how Christ sacrifices himself for the initiate in order to redeem him. He takes the Initiate sins as his own, thus, he is not guilty, he is innocent; but by mixing himself with him he looks guilty. And this why, in different time initiates were accused by other initiates, by other people of committing mistakes at that level. And they ignore that when they were doing that they were accusing the Christ because Christ was incarnated within them. And they ignore that when they were doing that they were gaining karma because all of them are followers of the lord, Christ. And because they are not at that level, or because they are not following the direct path they misjudge the initiate. And by accusing the initiate they are accusing Christ, And they are gaining karma. This is called the Pharisaism. Still in this time you see people (in the forum) that are talking about the process of the master Samael Aun Weor; who in this case (the master that was in Mexico) was the new Siegfried. And he was in that process at that moment. Thus, everybody accused him because they were only fanatics of Gnosticism. They did not understand that they were accusing the Christ, or accusing Christ hidden within him, meaning, Christ was within him. This is precisely the paradox and the sadness of our psyche. That we don’t see clear. And this is precisely what happened at that time of Jesus of Nazareth as well. Because Jesus was fallen and when rising again, he was going to resurrect, and here is where Javhe and his followers took advantage, knowing that Jesus inner being was withdrawing from him in order (for his inner being) to affect Jesus resurrection. And in that moment they killed him, they tortured him. So, of course, honor is being spoken about in this part; Honor, remember that honor is related with the level of Siegfried, with the second triangle. Geburah, Gedulah, Tiphereth, these are in the area of honor. These are new rules, new elements, new laws that the common and ordinary human being ignore.

Let us now enter into the third Act which is the death of our hero and Heroine.




So, of course the death of Siegfried is coming from the hands of Brünnhilde. Brünnhilde advises Hagen how to kill Siegfried because she knows that with the death of Siegfried Hagen will die, because Hagen is the same damnation. Brünnhilde plays dumb, not knowing what is going on, because the Gods know that through death the damnation of the ring, the end of that curse of fornication and adultery, the kundabuffer damnation will finish (the death of that inheritance or karma which is within the body of Siegfried because he absorbed it). As you see here this is how he, Christ absorbs the damnation (karma); even the three maidens of the Rhine (similar to the three daughters of Marah) are advising him to deliver the ring and this is how many initiates are tempted by the Gods above and below to abandon the path. This is why Jesus of Nazareth said on the Mount of Olives. “Father, if it is possible, take this cup of bitterness out of me” because he sees what is coming.” “But not my will but thine be done” and that is precisely what happened. He knows that his death is coming and takes the cup, that is, he obeys his God who says “go into the ninth sphere and take that woman because with her you fell and redeem her as well, because not only you have to be redeemed but her as well; I will redeem you and her through that action.”

And through that, of course, a great revolution, a great change, new laws, new objective reasoning will emerge. All the gods that know that, and who see what is going to happen warn Siegfried through their three maidens which are the three Norns as well through different aspects. “Don’t do it, give the ring to us or the Power to us” They say in other words, “do not follow that sequence” but Siegfried has no fear of death; he knows that he is going to die. He knows that this is the only way to get rid of the damnation and that is why his own Wisdom his own Spirit, Brünnhilde is telling Hagen how to do it, in order for him to die. This is why it is said “with his death he will kill death” a whole transformation will occur. And, of course, when Siegfried is singing, this means, when he is performing his work with the Word. This is why you see that when he is singing Hagen gives him another cup to remember; this is a process of alchemy in which the initiate’s cognizance is going deeper and deeper and reaching the very origins of sin, this is how he remembers very clear how everything happened. His consciousness is again completely awakened and knowing about good and evil. Remember what is written, “The day when you eat from that fruit your eyes will be open and you will be likes Gods, knowing good and evil.”

Good and evil has many levels, in many lectures we said that there are six degrees of objective reasoning. So every time that the phoenix bird raises from his own ashes his wisdom is higher. His objective reasoning is in another degree. It is only, of course, through the eating of the fruit of the tree of good and evil how you go and know about good and evil; Sexuality. And this is why you find there temptations ordeals that you have to pass in order to finally achieve that level in which you will realize more your God and his mysteries. This is related with Jonah as well. Thus, Siegfried is singing about the past; his intuition, the bird of his spirituality, that power of the past or clairvoyance, clairaudience, and all of those powers related with those levels of initiation, help him to remember, reminding him of many things. Thus, through his remembrance he acknowledges that he is guilty of ignorance. And of course when the initiate finally admits his guilt and his crime; and that he is the very source of it. Then the fulfillment comes. Because in order to acquire another level of reasoning, objective reasoning, another level of wisdom you have to recognize or comprehend; not just to say: “Oh I am guilty,” no! What you have to do is to understand to comprehend the depth of your guilt and your crime. Thus, when you realize that it is because you really have accepted that you are guilty. Yet, if you do not accept that then you are not at that level yet. To accept that is to recognize your own nothingness. It is to kneel behind God as job does it in the bible and say: “I came naked (ignorant) from the womb of my mother and naked I will return; I am nothing God is everything.” Siegfried recognizes that when he sings that and then of course he gives his back so that karma is fulfilled, which always acts through Hagen, thus, he stabs him in the back – Treason, because treason is paid with treason. The Human Soul betrayed his own God in the past, now he is betrayed, but through that, through that process, he is eventually overcoming treason; which is a process that endures one year.

When you hear about this ordeal of job you think it is just a brief moment, like in the Opera. No. the opera happens of course in a short time because no body is going to be in an opera for a year in order to understand “Oh it is one year.” Listen, the ordeal of job endures exactly eight years; this is the process that we are talking about here. But in the last year is when the initiate receives sickness related with fornication or with adultery, a filthy sickness that’s the way he pays and dies. Or dies through any other way, but this is the process in which your body is decaying and despite your Being is all mighty all powerful, nonetheless, you get sick and you die. It is coming into my mind the master Samael Aun Weor. With his powers he cured a lot of people but at the last time of that year when he was passing the ordeal of Job in 1977 he could not heal himself; He was passing the last year, and he was feeling pain in the area of the abdomen, in the liver with all the areas related with the kidneys, endocrine glands related with sex. He was receiving his own Katancia, His own Kamaduro, his own Karmasaya. At that time, nobody or few understood that, but only those who study completely all the drama. Understand that he is not the first one nor is he the last one.

Sequentially, now Siegfried is free, and with his death he killed Hagen and all the traitors, because at the end you see how Brünnhilde comes and unites with Siegfried and receive the same punishment. We told you in the beginning that Brünnhilde was that part in which the powers of Balder, the powers of Christ are hidden, and how she sacrifices for the warrior, thus, she also takes that sin and rides on her horse together in order to die in the flames with her hero. And this is precisely the great end. INRI, the fire, Loge of nature completely transforms everything. INRI (Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra).

Thus, all of that fire goes up to Valhalla, to the superior aspects of the Being, and everything is destroyed and renewed with the resurrection because remember that in accordance to mythology when Valhalla ends Balder (Christ) resurrects and becomes a new boss of heaven, new boss in the kingdom. In this case Balder is within, that is, Christ, the force, the Redeemer is within Brünnhilde, is within Siegfried, is performing the great work and finally burning in order to kill the damnation of the kundabuffer organ and return the power of the ring to the maidens, which in this case represent the waters of the Absolute. Because in the end the absolute absorbs the objective reasoning the wisdom the knowledge acquired by every single Initiate. This is why it is written that in the end the Absolute is more knowable about itself. It is written the Absolute does not know itself but every cosmic day the absolute knows more about itself through all the initiates through all the heroes that perform the great work that Siegfried performs and that is shown in this opera. Do you see that? This is the same marvelous sacrifice which was precisely performed 2000 years ago by Jesus of Nazareth. Since he is of course a Paramarthasatya a new evolution, a new force surrounded the earth. In that epoch his own being who is a Paramarthasatya, took the earth as his own body and from that epoch the aurora borealis shown. We told you that aurora borealis or that light that appears in the North Pole. That is coming from the Nordics, from that great initiate, Nordic or Hyperborean initiate, because the “Boreas” is the north wind. So the aurora borealis means the light of that north is shown with more splendors because that light is helping those initiates that enter into the rainbow (the path that take us from Midgar to Asgard, from the earth to heaven; but they have to use the Gebur, the Swastika; this is a great symbol.

So, this is precisely Gotterdammerung the end of the gods. We will say the end of that level in that particular initiate. Because of course it is also related to this Arian Root Race, it is also happening with this humanity: The Solar Gods were worshiped in the past, but now the worshiping of the Solar Gods is dead. Atheism is reigning everywhere and atheists mock the Gods. But soon the great wolf Fernis which represents karma will open his mouth and will swallow the earth. The great serpent of Midgard which represents the ocean is going to swallow the earth as well. The apocalypse, the end of the world, or the end of this Arian world, is approaching; is happening.

It is written by the Solar Gods in the Aztec Pantheon, they said that in the future Sixth Root Race, the Koradhi, the Gods with resurrect because now they are dead. But through the work that we studied here, which is the work we have to perform, the Gods will resurrect; the Gods will emerge again in the future Koradhi Sixth Root Race. Since this Fifth Arian Root Race is completely degenerated; yet, the Gods are still making super efforts in order to help us. And of course through this great opera of Wagner the ring of Nibelungen, we receive a lot of help; because that music goes within the psyche and teaches all of this. It is more to say, yet, we need to hear questions in order to continue.

Question: Can you discuss the ring being acquired once again by the Rhine maidens

Answer: Yes, as we said the ring is the power. Remember that the gold, the Rhine gold as we explained in the first lecture is on the very tip of the phallus, or in the creative forces in the waters. That gold represents the solar absolute, the Ain Soph Aur, the power of Christ. That is why when the sun shines that gold glows, which is precisely that power of the Ain Soph, which is the power of creation. The Ain Soph Aur is called the ray of Okidanokh, it is Christ or Lucifer as well, meaning, the Light and fire that creates through the three primary forces, creates the universe from the bones and body of Imir, the Monad itself. But when somebody self realizes his self and that ring returns into the waters, as we said , there is  another level of objective reasoning acquired. And of course the absolute, the Ain Soph Aur, the Ain Soph, absorbs that. And this particular individual knows himself more. That is why when any humanity reaches that level, when every single member of humanity reaches that level of Siegfried, then from the chaos appears a star, a sun, in which all the mineral plant, animal, and human kingdom are perfect. Of course our planet earth is far beyond that. There are still a lot of Monads that are failures here.  

Question: If, by the grace of the law you marry the one you fell with in the past, and transmute together, what would be the difference in the process of redemption?

Answer: What would be the difference in the process of redemption, if you are already with the spouse you fell with?  

Well that’s precisely the point, you see here in the fourth part. Yet, if you already are with that spouse (because there are many initiates that are with a spouse with whom they fell in the past) so far they will continue there and the process will be different. They will be accused of adultery in other ways, and fornication in other ways. But let me tell you it is very difficult to find because after the fall of many initiates, they continue fornicating with many. Who is here in this physical world a soul that never had more than one partner? To fornicate one time is enough with one or with many persons in order to be an adulterer or an adulteress. Of course if there is one this will be very rare, one that never committed adultery or who fell with this woman and continue being born in new bodies and marrying and fornicating with the same woman in different lives and finally both find the path of course that will be different. That will be another opera, or Soap opera.

Question: You mentioned that the master Aberamento reincarnated into the universe in this cosmic day, yet in the Gnostic Jesus section of the web site it was mentioned that his human soul was fallen. Can you explain how he reincarnated if he was fallen?

Answer: Well it is a way of saying that when somebody reaches and creates the solar bodies he reincarnates. We will say that it is a fallen bodhisattva that reincarnated. I repeat because any body that has solar bodies has reincarnation as a law, but it is a lower level of reincarnation. When we talk about the incarnation of the Innermost in Brünnhilde, the divine soul, that is only through initiation. That is only when you rise again, when you enter into the path. But when you fall you are having different bodies. Yes you are reincarnating as a fallen bodhisattva or as fallen human soul reincarnating, learning or receiving it rights. So Jesus, of course, as the master Samael Aun Weor explains in major mysteries, was fallen. But of course he rose again.

Statement: You could say that with a fallen bodhisattva the monad is placing that human soul to suffer.

Answer continued: Yes exactly; for instance the case the master Samael Aun Weor. He said that he was a fallen bodhisattva and he had many reincarnations. He said for instance that he was Julius Cesar in one of his reincarnations, and had many reincarnations in different lands. Why? Because he was punished by his own Being; He tried to rise many times in different lives but his Being internally was punishing him by not helping him. So, he was sending him to another incarnation and there he was trying to rise again and he was reaching certain levels; but then his being might said: “this son of mine is a stubborn one, it is not the first time that he fell it is the third time. So he has to learn. Because if I raise him now he will do it a forth a fifth, so no, let him suffer a bit more.” This is precisely Job says: “blessed be he that is punished by God” because through it God is teaching him. The master Samael said in Mexico: “Believe me I suffered a lot in this last fall that I had and I do not want to do it a fourth time because its so much pain.”

Question: When Siegfried and Hagen die you mention this symbolized the resurrection. How is the third mountain, the mountain of ascension symbolized?

Well the mountain of ascension is only for resurrected masters. That is some thing that is beyond. The second mountain is happening in this three dimensional world but the Third Mountain is happening in Eden. This is another thing that you have to understand because there also you have to enter into other Sephiroth in order to return completely into the absolute. And this is when Siegfried and Brünnhilde work in heaven as God and Goddess and perform other works that are beyond. Because they are already on another level of Being, this is not in this opera.

Question: What is the meaning of Hagen being the half brother of Günter and Gutrune?

Answer: As I said he is the half brother of them because this is precisely what you have. Our own particular ego or personality is the brother of the positive aspects of the being. The personality Hagen is the negative aspect of the Innermost, which unfortunately carries the karma, Katancia that is the inheritance of the lunar past. In that way is how he is half, not completely brother but half because one part is related of course with the solar force which eventually the initiate has to liberate by disintegration, because when Hagen is disintegrated the being absorbs that solar part of the consciousness the part that was bottled up within Hagen; Hagen the lunar part, which is related with (as you know) with the lunar bodies and the lunar forces that return to the earth, in other words, our matters that are mechanical, forces that are related with cause and effect (we all have that inheritance).  So, we have the inheritance of cause and effect, karma of the worlds, our past karma, and the inheritance of our father, do you see the two? Unfortunately right now in the level in which we are the karma of the worlds the inheritance of damnation is bigger than the inheritance of our inner being.

Question: when you said that the initiate redeems the one he fell with, when he practices with her does that mean that she lose her ego too?

Answer: Yes of course since she is an initiate because she is receiving a lot of help. At the end she dies as well. Or the two, brother and sister die and pass through a great transformation

Question: does that correspond to the physical?

Answer: The physical spouse is redeemed at a certain level but not completely because the initiate is redeeming himself but is saving the one who was falling and she rises again. But of course she has to do another process because it is another soul; it will be her own work. Remember Mary Magdalene? The symbol here? Not talking about physical. Symbolically, Jesus took the seven sins through her. He did it through the cup of Mary Magdalene and that is why she became saint, Mary Magdalene. But before that she was a prostitute, because any woman (fallen eve) is a prostitute with the ego inside. Any man is a prostitute with the ego inside. But when the lord comes and redeems; that soul becomes a saint. That is a symbol. Be careful here I repeat again. Symbol; we are not taking about physical here, but the symbol of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. Jesus is the Christ Mary Magdalene is that aspect. And of course this is why he was accused.

Question: Can you explain the difference between cunning versus reasoning?

Answer: the difference between cunning versus reasoning. According to the evolution of the brain, the physical brain has to pass through those processes. Cunning is an aspect of the animal. As you can see, right? And in the Atlantean epoch the brain was being developed at that level in which cunning was being developed in the intellect of those Atlanteans. An example of that is written with Odysseus when by cunning he overcomes the Cyclopes, which represent the Lemurian epoch. And of course now in this Arian Root Race cunning is overcome by reasoning. But unfortunately there are many people that are stagnant in cunning because they did not mix with the Arian or the Hyperboreans so they are stagnant there. We have to go ahead in order to develop this reasoning. But of course the reasoning that mechanically this humanity developed is subjective reasoning; Even though this subjective reasoning is above cunning, even mechanical. But we are not interested of course in subjective reasoning but objective reasoning which is also above that cunningness of the serpent that we have to overcome. These are different aspects of the development of the Being. Are you grasping everything? I hope you are because there is more in this opera, if you observe, if you hear the opera, it is beautiful, right? How everything is being fulfilled.

Many people do not understand initiation, they fall into mistakes. They think that it is something related with science or religion or creed, of course initiation is something related with that but it is more profound. This type of death happened to many initiates not only to Siegfried, if you read other mythologies you find the same process; for instance with Osiris, right? And these were written in that way for initiates, and those initiates existed, yet many people think “Oh it’s a myth because those heroes did not exist.” No, they existed. But based on there life they created the myth in order to teach. And that is why when you read the gospels you find the myth of Jesus of Nazareth, living his life; but what you read there is not his physical life but his spiritual development which is mixed with his physical actions. And if you do not know that then you do not read in between the lines, you think that every thing was physical, and then you fall into many mistakes. Every myth has to be studied from the physical point, and from the tree of life, in other words, through all the Sephiroth. And then everything comes very clear for us. Because now and only now in this epoch is how this wisdom is openly explained. Before only to initiates but we are in the end of this Arian Root Race so therefore people need this knowledge in order to understand and if they want to enter into the path of the rainbow to Asgard. Thank you very much and enjoy the operas one time again and again.