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Alberich’s theft of the gold (a scene from the Ring)  By Franz Heigel, 1865 – 66. © Wittelsbacher Ausgleichsfonds, Munich
Alberich’s theft of the gold (a scene from the Ring) By Franz Heigel, 1865 – 66. © Wittelsbacher Ausgleichsfonds, Munich

Spiritual Teachings Hidden in Richard Wagner's Rhinegold

Today, we are going to speak about the opera Rhinegold by Richard Wagner, which we watched yesterday [at a Gnostic Retreat in 2010].

Some students were asking us, “Why we do we watch operas? Why are we watching this opera?” Well, the answer is this: we have three brains.

In ancient times, Saturday was the day for instruction, in order to instruct the consciousness of all neophytes in different temples. As you see still, in this day and age, Saturday is a special day for that but unfortunately it is used in the wrong way. Usually it is used only for the intellectual center or just for the emotional center. For instance, in New York and in many cities of the world on friday night (which is really Saturday because, in accordance with the solar light, the day really begins when the sun sets) what they do instead of feeding themselves with knowledge or something spiritual they go to certain rock concerts or bars in order to engulf themselves in bad things. The next day they continue the celebration of Saturday until they get sick or hungover.

So, in ancient times the masters established this practice of instruction on Saturdays, due to the fact that Saturn is the Lord that rules the forces of the Holy Spirit, which are always active in our three brains.

In Gnosis, we inform, we work with the three brains. Right now, you are sitting there, feeding your intellectual brain, with the information that we will give in this lecture; then, with all the exercises and practices that we do, we are feeding the motor-instinctual-sexual brain. But, we must also work with, feed, and develop the emotional brain, which is here in the heart. How do we do this? One of the most powerful ways to work with the emotional heart, is with any upright expression of art; and, perhaps the best way to feed the emotional Brain with esoteric information is with the Operas or with some art that will be captured by the emotional center and transformed in the right way. However, to get the most out of that art, we first need to inform the Intellectual center about the symbols, about the music, contained within, in order to transform and to understand what the message is.

Fortunately, we have had great masters of music that left for us a lot of work for the emotional center. A good example of this is Beethoven, for instance. The different overtures of Beethoven's music were written in order to express a message for the consciousness. Giuseppe Verdi was one of these great musicians that wrote many operas in order to show the different activities of the ego with the consciousness, in accordance with esotericism. Indeed, most of these masters of music were Freemasons. Mozart, for instance, his Magic Flute is a great teaching for the consciousness. This is how the knowledge goes through music, into your emotional center.

In this day and age, unfortunately, the only music that the youth like to listen to is rock and roll, that is actually just noise with messages that are really rotten. There are certain bands that use very foul words together with noise called Heavy Metal that the youth really like, because all of us are brain damaged, that is to say, our three brains are degenerated, When we play classical music like opera some of you ask why we are playing this type of music, it is very boring… Well, it is because our brains are not working in the right way.

However, when you start regenerating yourself, then you start understanding this type of message that feeds your soul, which is related with the emotional center, because we have to be balanced. If we just store a lot of intellectual knowledge, reading books, listening to lectures, which of course are good for the intellectual enter, and we start practicing a lot of yoga and a lot of Tibetan exercises that we do here and that they also perform in other religious groups… all of this is good. But, if we leave aside the emotional center, then we are making a great mistake; it is wrong because we have to be balanced and the only way to feed the emotional center if we are beginners, is through classical music. And, if you want to destroy, to damage the emotional center, well, then listen to rock and roll and the other types of popular music of this day and age. Obviously, that develops the negative psychological and psychosomatic sicknesses that plague all the youth, because they combine that with drugs unfortunately. Here, of course, we want to teach you the right way to feed your emotional center, with superior waves.

One of those great operas, written by Richard Wagner, brings this beautiful message for your soul and spirit. The theme and the lyrics that he chose to deliver that knowledge is not Christianity, but rather the philosophy of the Eddas, which is the Nordic Bible. Most of us only know the Hebrew Bible, which is a beautiful book and is the most popular among the Christians; we know that it is the most selling book in history. But, we also find other Bibles, from other groups, and one of those is the Edda where you find the story that you see here, in this opera and that was written in the Wagner way, with music. This opera encloses a lot of mysteries that we need to know how to interpret.

All of us know how to read symbols. For instance, we use the same symbols in order to communicate; the most common symbols in order to communicate through written books is the Latin alphabet. Naturally, these letters are themselves, symbols. If we investigate the letter "A" of the Latin alphabet, we find that it is the same Alpha of the Greek alphabet, or Aleph in Hebrew.

So, if you know how to combine those symbols, then you can write things and communicate things. Then we also the Hieroglyphics of Egypt or the Mayans etc, which are symbols that, if we learn how they sound and what they are related to, then we can understand and comprehend many messages that are there in different parts of the world. This same concept applies to the messages contained within the operas.

Every element in the opera which is combined with music is a symbol. When you are watching you have to understand this, in order to comprehend it. And, this comprehension is related with the emotional center, or better put, what we call the superior emotional center and the superior intellectual center, which enter into activity through meditation and deep analysis.

For that of course you have to be patient, in order to learn the symbols, and then you can make the associations. It is like working with the Latin alphabet: if we combine the Latin letters in Spanish, obviously we can write a book in Spanish. Yet, if an English person who does not know Spanish tries to read that book, they will not understand it. Then, if we write that book, with the very same message, but in the English language, the English person will read it and understand it.

So, we will say that every symbol can be applied in different ways, and it is the same way with the symbols that we find in operas; they bring a message to the consciousness, and we understand that teaching according to our own level.

Obviously, when we are watching this opera, we have to pay attention to the symbols which are the subtitles, because in this case, this opera that we were watching is sung in German. I do not know if any of you understand German… it would be good if you did, but if not, that is why there are subtitles.

Indeed, when we pay attention to this opera, so that we can appreciate and enjoy it, it is like the bee who enjoys being in the hive surrounded with honey, or the fish that enjoys his life when he is swimming in the waters. This is the same way the soul has to enjoy the music, receiving all the waves, seeing what is going on in the opera, and trying to transform, to comprehend the message.

Of course each one of us has a different level of consciousness and understands every opera in different ways, because there are always seven levels of symbolism in all spiritual teachings. Indeed, every symbol is divided in ten levels, kabbalistically speaking. Thus, 7 x 10 is 70 ways to interpret things. Of course in our lectures, we always give the level in which we will understand it, and we give all the symbols in order for you to comprehend.

For instance this opera as you see began with waves; the music itself is telling us that there are waves, there is water there. As we always state: every symbol is always interpreted with associations.

We, as Christians, remember that Genesis says:

"Brith-Esh ברית-אש (the covenent of fire) created Elohim in the Heavens and on the Earth. And the Earth was formless and void; and darkness was upon the face of the Abyss." - Genesis 1:1,2

That is why, in the beginning you do not see very clearly but you hear the music. Then, the Bible continues:

"And the Spirit of Elohim hovered upon the surface of the waters." - Genesis 1:2

Thus, the element water is always in the beginning, of any Bible.

We always see the water as an element which indeed symbolizes the feminine aspect of divinity, because from the feminine aspect comes life. The proof of this is that you, me and everyone else came from the womb of our mother; each and every one of us came from the womb of a woman. That is the proof that all life comes from the feminine aspect. Yet, behind the feminine force, is the masculine, because if our father did not place his sperm into the ovum of my mother, our body would not exist.

But, the feminine aspect is the one that performs the whole work. That is why you see the element water, which is feminine, in the beginning.

If we know that the element water is always associated with femininity, then we understand that it is also associated with our physical body, because the physical body is feminine whether it is male or female, esoterically, kabbalistically speaking.

If we study the physical body we discover that it is 90 and something percent water. Physically speaking, we are more water than anything else, and that is why we drink a lot of water in order to help digestion and all of the activities of the body.

As we were explaining in other lectures, the solar light in this case is the masculine aspect of divinity. Hermes Trismegistus says, talking about this mystery of life:


“It is true without lying, certain and most true.
That which is Below is like that which is Above and that which is Above is like that which is Below to do the miracles of the Only Thing.
And as all things have been and arose from One by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation.
The Sun is its father; the Moon its mother; the Wind hath carried it in its belly; the Earth is its nurse.” - Emerald Tablet by Hermes Trismegistus

So, the sun, the solar light, is the Father, and we know that because we are telling you that we have to worship the Cosmic Christ, which is that force that the Earth takes every day.

There is one element that works with this solar light, and we talked before about this great law which is the reciprocal nourishment of all cosmic units. That is a law that is governed by the sun, which is the Father, the solar force. Remember that we said that the Father and the Son are one. Master Jesus says:

“I and the Father are One.”

When he says, “I and the Father are One” he is referring to Christ, his cosmic presence.

So, the Mother is the water. In this case, we, physically speaking, are that mater, the mother, because we are feminine, physically, esoterically speaking.

The sun has to fecundate us, to impregnate us with life, in order for us to multiply all the spirituality that we need to multiply. That is why we perform all of these exercises related with the solar energy, which is the Cosmic Christ, which is our redeemer; it is that which is not a person but a force.

Our goal is to become one with it, just as Jesus is one with it, as Krishna is one with it… There are many masters that became one with the solar force, the Cosmic Christ, not only Jesus. Of course, his life represents all of the work that we have to do, in order to achieve that. This is what we have to understand. That is why, in every type of gnostic practice, we always work with the attraction of that solar light, in order for our matter to be fecundated; or, as the Bible says, in order for the Holy Spirit to fecundate Mary, who represents our matter in the Bible. That matter, its essence is inside of us; it is what we call the Divine Mother.

This Divine Mother, which is inside of us, is also outside, in the universe. That is the symbol of water.

When you read in the Bible and it states that the Spirit of God was moving upon the face of the waters, it is saying that that Spirit or solar force that is floating in the waters in order to make light because after that, it says that God said "let there be light and there was light."

So, this is what this opera is showing us, through music.

After this, appears three maidens. Those three maidens there are the feminine aspect of this force.

If you associate that with yourself or with nature, as feminine forms, it represents that they are receptive. They said our Father gave us this job which is to take care of this gold, which is in the waters. In this case these waters are our own particular waters which are divided in three aspects, because as we told you we have three brains. We say that these three brains are feminine aspects of the physical body, because these three brains take, they receive impressions, forces, and energies all of the time. Those forces are the solar light, in different modalities and different levels.

That gold is the solar light that the three maidens and the three brains, the consciousness, has to control and manage. This process is happening precisely in every one.

The harmony of those three maidens is the harmony of the universe. If they enter into disequilibrium then something is created, whether positive or negative.

In Hinduism we talk about the three gunas: the guna Sattva, which is knowledge; the guna Rajas which is passion; and, the guna Tamas, which is inertia, related with motion. The three brains. Those three gunas belong to the Divine Mother, to the feminine aspect of creation That is why we always insist that the physical body is feminine.

We have to control the three gunas, which are the three brains. We have to take care of the Gold. That is why the sun is always associated with Gold. Remember King Solomon, Sol-Man which means the “solar man.” When he was reincarnated in that time in the Middle East. his main power was gold, he has a lot of gold. That gold also symbolizes wisdom and the solar energy that we have to gather, to collect. It is what we are trying to do, what we want to do.

Of course there is an element there as you saw in the opera that is a dwarf, which is a toad, and that is very tricky; this represents the ego, unfortunately. In our own particular creation the ego is there and is trying to seduce the three maidens, the three brains. He is trying to take the gold in the positive way but he cannot, and so he curses love. That Love of course is the same energy, that we saw there. And he steals the gold, which is what the ego does.

He steals the gold of our Spirit in order to make a ring and acquire power. This is precisely what happened with us. The ego now, in this very moment, in each one of us, has a lot of power. But, that power comes from the gold that is taken from the three brains.

Now. the soul which is also in this way symbolizes the feminine aspect of us, which is also called in the Gnostic Bible, Pistis Sophia, the soul in us. That dwarf claims that power that she, our soul, lost.

Of course a great coach, master, instructor, enters into activity that is always in the middle of this creation and in Latin this instructor is called Lucifer, in Hebrew, Shatan, and in this opera he is called Loge, Loki, which is the spirit of fire. That fire is inside of us too. Somehow that spirit, which each of us has within, made a deal here in the upper parts of the Being, because the second aspect of this opera goes to Valhalla, the place of the Gods, which is represents the superior dimensions. This is precisely what we saw in the second part of the opera, after the dwarf, that ego that steals the gold and makes a ring with it. He goes down into hell, into the infradimensions, what in Kabbalah is called, Klipoth; the inferno.

ThorGoats Thor 

Meanwhile, Lucifer, who is in the middle of everything, ascends and speaks to Wotan, the Father of all of the Gods, who in Kabbalah is called Kether. Two other Gods also appear there: the one with the hammer is what in Christianity we call the Holy Spirit, and the other one is the Son, that we call Chokmah in Kabbalah.

Then, appears Freya, the Goddess of Love. Whenever something is happening here, on the Earth, something is also happening there in Heaven, because we are the inferior part of the superior part of the Being. “Our Father Who Art In Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name” is there, above, but we are here. He expects that we are going to take care of the gold, meanwhile the gold is already stolen.

The maidens are there in the water, but there is no gold. And, if there is more gold attracted by the three brains then the ego takes it and makes more treasure in hell. This is precisely the state we are now, having a lot of treasures in hell. We have to fight for that, to reclaim that gold, our spiritual treasure.

Of course, another part of the opera is to do with the activity of the giants, who are these individuals that know about this type of knowledge, but they are not yet human beings. Still, they are performing the work, and that whole work that they are performing, as it also is in our case, is for the Gods, for our own God.

They build that big castle. This is how it is with us, when we enter into this knowledge. We start working very hard, building inside of ourselves a lot of elements that we need. And, at the end we wonder to ourselves, “Well now I want to see where is my clairvoyance? Where are my powers? I want to see them.”

Norse goddess freya3

So, some Kabbalists demand the powers of the Gods or Elohim-אלהים, the children of the light or Iom Shevyith-יום-שביעית, the seventh day, which is Malkuth- מלכות, the Schekinata-שכינתא. Since it is written in Genesis 1:5: 'And Elohim called the light Day-ויקרא אלהים לאור יום'.
This is why Freya engenders the children of the light in Iom Shevyith-יום-שביעית, the seventh day, which is Malkuth- מלכות; yes, the children of the light are engender by Freya, the Goddess of Love, the Schekinata-שכינתא, in Friday night.
She is that beautiful Goddess that takes care of a garden of Eden in which every apple tree gives golden apples. But what (Mah-מה) is Freya? Freya is Friday, Ath-את (the Mah-מה, the Schekinata-שכינתא) the daughter (Bath-בת) of (the mother letter Shin-הש), who descends from the Ain Soph-אין סוף into Malkuth-מלכות. This is why Moses wrote:
“Remember Ath-את (the Schekinata-שכינתא) the daughter (Bath-בת) of (the mother letter Shin-הש) day (יום), to keep it holy.
Six days shalt thou (Abraham-אברהם-Chesed-חסד alchemically) labor, and do all thy (alchemical) work (in Yesod-יסוד with the Schekinata-שכינתא):
And (remember that) the daughter (Bath-בת) of (the mother letter Shin-הש) day-Iom-יום (Iom Shevyith-יום-שביעית is Malkuth- מלכות, the Schekinata-שכינתא) is the sabbath-ה-שבת of Iod-Havah יהוה thy Elohim-אלהים: in it thou (Abraham-אברהם-Chesed-חסד alchemically) shalt not do any work (like any beast, Behemah-בהמה), thou (Abraham-אברהם-Chesed-חסד) nor thy son (Tiphereth-תפארת), nor thy daughter (Geburah- גבורה), nor thy manservant (Netzach- נצח), nor thy maidservant (Hod- הוד), nor thy beasts (of desire or Behemoth-בהמות in Yesod-יסוד), nor thy stranger (in Malkuth-מלכות or physicality, the house of your personality) that is within thy gates (of your five senses):
For in six days Iod-Havah יהוה made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested on Ath-את (the Schekinata-שכינתא) the daughter (Bath-בת) of (the mother letter Shin-הש) day (Iom-יום, to make it): wherefore Iod-Havah יהוה blessed (Chavah- חוה, Eve) the (Ath-את, the Schekinata-שכינתא) the daughter (Bath-בת) of (the mother letter Shin-הש) day (יום), and hallowed it.” - Exodus 20:8-11

And Master Samael wrote:

“Some Kabbalists presume that Tiphereth-תפארת, the world of the Human Soul, or properly called the world of the Son of Man, is governed by the Sun. Really, this is not so, because it is governed by Venus (Freya, the Schekinata-שכינתא). This is why Christ (the Solar Logos) is crucified on Holy Friday, and this is something that we must meditate upon.” - Samael Aun Weor

The Zohar states:

חדלו פרזון בישראל חדלו עד שקמתי דבורה שקמתי אם בישראל

“The paranoia in Israel will cease, it will cease until Deborah-דבורה  got up as (Freya, the Schekinata-שכינתא or Kundalini Shakti-कुण्डलिनी शक्ति) a mother (of the word-דבר) in Israel” - Judges 5:7

What is the esoteric meaning of 'a mother (of the word-דבר) in Israel?'

It means until 'the Iod-יוד (of Yesod-יסוד) got up (Shakamth-שקמת) as the letter Samech-ס of Yesod-יסוד, which is Freya or Kundalini Shakti-कुण्डलिनी शक्ति, the mother in Israel (Am BeIsrael-אם בישראל).

The Zohar continues:

The phrase refers to the celestial mother (Freya or Deborah-דבורה, the Ain Soph-אין סוף, the Schekinata-שכינתא) by whom the heavenly waters of life were made to flow into the world (of Malkuth-מלכות), so that the children of light (the righteous, the Tzadikim-צדיקים or χριστικοποιημενοι) might be strengthened and established and the true source of it be made known and manifested. This great unknown truth is referred to in the words:

“She (in the fornicators, those who enjoy the orgasm of the beasts, chaioth-חיות) is a breeding ground for evil, come and visit us, the righteous (the alchemists, the Tzadikim-צדיקים or Christified-χριστικοποιημενοι) will give (birth to the word-דבר or Logos-λόγος)” - Proverbs 10:24

The three (or Holy Trinity, namely, Kether-כתר, Chokmah-חכמה, Binah-בינה) come forth from the one (the Schekinata-שכינתא or the Ain Soph-אין סוף, forming the Tetragrammaton-Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה).

One (the Ain Soph-אין סוף or the Schekinata-שכינתא) is in three (or Holy Trinity, namely, Kether-כתר, Chokmah-חכמה, Binah-בינה, forming the Tetragrammaton-Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה) and (the Tetragrammaton-Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה) stands (in Daath-דעת) between two (letters Iod-י), forming another triad (Yehi-יהי).

So, from (the Ain Soph-אין סוף or the Schekinata-שכינתא) which has proceeded everything (that is, the Holy Trinity, namely, Kether-כתר, Chokmah-חכמה, Binah-בינה; they form the Tetragrammaton-Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה);

So, that One (the Ain Soph-אין סוף or the Schekinata-שכינתא) is all (namely, the Holy Trinity, Kether-כתר, Chokmah-חכמה, Binah-בינה) and all (Yehi-יהי) as One (Tetragrammaton-Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה in both Triads).

Now the word (Yehi-יהי) is composed of three letters, the Iod-י being the first and third letter and Hei-ה (the Schekinata-שכינתא) coming between them. The Iod-י, represents the male (the cerebral-spinal-fluids control by the atom of the Holy Spirit in the pineal gland) and the female (the genital fluids of Yesod-יסוד; both letters Iod-יוד are) principles (of life Chaiah- חיה above in Daath-דעת, and Chavah-חוה below, Eve, mother of the living in Yesod-יסוד). The full word (Yehi-יהי) is therefore a symbol of the divine Father and Mother (in Daath-דעת and Yesod-יסוד), the final Iod-יד in Yesod-יסוד, being the same as the first Iod-יד, in order to show that all the three aspects (of Yehi-יהי) or forms as stated, under which the Ain Soph-אין סוף or the Schekinata-שכינתא operated in the creation and production of the universe, were only the manifestations of one and the same divine Being (the Schekinata-שכינתא). The first Iod-יד also designates the Father Kether-כתר, the cerebral spinal fluid in Daath-דעת), the engenderer of light; the second letter Hei-ה denotes the Logos-λόγος (Christ-Χριστός, the incarnated Son through the Schekinata-שכינתא; which is) the third letter Iod-יד, the primal light (or the Schekinata-שכינתא, the Kundalini or Samech-ס in Yesod-יסוד); as it is written:

“And Elohim-אלהים called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And (in the Vav-ו, the spinal medulla) there is the evening (VeYehi Arabia-ויהי־ערב) and (in the Vav-ו, the spinal medulla) and there is the morning (VeYehi-Boker-ויהי־בקר) - the day one (Iom Echad - יום אחד)” - Genesis 1:5; for the day, with its evening (Arabia-ערב) and morning (Boker-בקר), are one (Echad-אחד).”

This mystery is further expressed. It is written:

“And Elohim-אלהים said let (Yehi-יהי) be a firmament in the midst of the waters and let (VeYehi-ויהי, that is, let the Vav-ו, the spinal medulla) divide the waters from the waters.” - Genesis 1:6

Rabbi Jehudah said: "Seven firmaments (namely, Chesed-חסד, Geburah-גבורה, Tiphereth-תפארת, Netzach-נצח, Hod-הוד, Yesod-יסוד, Malkuth-מלכות) are there on high founded on and governed by the great law of universal harmony, of which the Tetragrammaton (Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei-יהוה) or sacred name is a symbol. The firmament here mentioned is established in the midst of the (creative sexual) waters. It is above the Chaioth-חיות or living beasts (that reproduce through the orgasm) and divides the waters above (in Daath-דעת or the cerebral spinal fluid of the alchemists) from the waters below (in Yesod-יסוד or genitalia fluid - that the fornicators like to spill) and serves as an intermediary between them. When (through alchemy) the waters below (in Yesod-יסוד or genitalia fluid) call to the waters above (in Daath-דעת or the cerebral spinal fluid of the alchemists), it is through it (Daath-דעת) that the latter descend and give life and strength to all creatures (in Yesod-יסוד) as hath been stated. It is written:

“A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse (Malkuth-מלכות, the Schekinata-שכינתא); a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.” - Song of Solomon 4:12

By 'a garden enclosed' is meant, the spouse congealed therein, the universal mother (the Schekinata-שכינתא) of existing things, from whom flows forth the great river of the water of life, which if it should cease to flow the waters below would become congealed and infertile. As rivers and streams become frozen when the north wind blows and remain so until the south wind comes and dissipates by its warmth and heat the frost, in like manner, the waters of the river of life do not flow into the world of humanity except under the influence of the life divine (in Daath-דעת). Such is the esoteric meaning of the firmament existing between the higher and lower regions of life.

Scripture saith not, "let there be made a firmament and let it be placed in the midst of the waters, namely, between the waters above and those below; for the firmament here mentioned existed before the beginning of the creation of the world and was only placed between them, that is, above the Chaioth-חיות or living beasts (that reproduce through the orgasm)."

Rabbi Isaac said: "In the human body, there exists an organ called the diaphragm, separating the heart from the abdomen, so that what the former receives or takes in is transmitted to the latter. So is it with the firmament in the midst of the waters, or the higher and lower spheres of existence. What it receives from the higher it transmits to the lower spheres for the maintenance and continuity of human and annual life. There is an allusion to this in the words:

“And the veil (Paroketh-פרכת - the diaphragm) shall divide between (Yesod-יסוד) the holy place  and (Daath-דעת) the Holy of Holies (the Kadosh Kadoshim קדש הקדשים)” - Exodus 26:33

Rabbi Abba said:

“He (the Elohim-אלהים) hides himself in the waters and makes the clouds (Abim- עבים) his chariot and walks upon the wings of the spirit (Ruach-רוח)” - Ps. civ. 3).

By the waters is signified the waters on high by which the house was built, as it is written:

“Through wisdom (Chokmah- חכמה), the house is built, and by understanding (Binah- בינה) it is established” - Proverbs 24:3. 'Who makes the clouds his chariot.'

 Rabbi Yessa the aged separated the word clouds (Abim- עבים) into Ab-עב (cloud), and Yam-ים (ocean), denoting that the darkness proceeded from the left side of the sephirotic tree of creation. 'And walks upon the wings of the wind' refer to the Holy Spirit from on high, symbolized by the two golden cherubim placed at each end of the mercy-seat, as it is written:

“Thou shalt make two cherubim of gold, of beaten work shalt thou make them” - Exodus 25:18

Of these cherubim we also read:

“He (the Elohim-אלהים) rode upon a cherub (כרוב) and did fly, yea, He (the Elohim-אלהים) did fly upon the wings of the wind-spirit (Ruach-רוח)” - Psalm 18:10

Whilst the manifestation of the Divine is confined and limited to the higher or heavenly spheres He is said to ride upon a cherub, but after its appearance in the world, then He rides upon the wings of the wind."

Rabbi Joseph said: "It is written:

“He (the Elohim-אלהים) establishes the force of the wind-spirit (Ruach-רוח); Yes, He (the Elohim-אלהים) measures out the waters by measure.” - Job 28:25

These words refer to that just proportion or measure of the life principle necessary for the development and perfection of all animated creatures, and which proceeds from the sephiroth Geburah-גבורה (Justice or Justness)."

Rabbi Abba said: "The ancients relate that when the great teachers descended and came upon earth, they began their meditations on the mysteries of creation by observing the strictest silence, impelled thereto by the fear lest by a single word they should divulge what was revealed to them and thus subject themselves to condemnation."

Rabbi Eleazar said: "At first the initial letter of the alphabet, alternately ascending and descending, impressed on the surface of the lower waters the forms of all the other letters, and they became the complement of each other. After the formation of these letters they became the foundation of the world. Then the waters above mingled with those below, giving rise to the words called Beth (house). This is why Scripture commences with the letter Beth (Brith- ברית, alliance) in order to teach that the origin of the world is due to the mingling and blending of these (creative sexual) waters which continued until the firmament which now separates them was established and fixed. This separation took place on the second day of creation and on that day was also created Gehenna (hell or Klipoth), which continues to exist as the place of the devouring fire reserved for the wicked and wrong doers (the fornicators).” - Zohar

Here, we see again the golden color of the Sun, which is the solar light. The Gods feed themselves with those apples. At any rate, somehow, even in the very beginning, when we start doing this work we become giants of knowledge and we want our reward, our payment. We want Freya, who will give us immortality. Well… imagine, devils as we are, being immortal... If we are dangerous being mortals, imagine if we receive that gift of immortality with the ego alive inside of us... It would be terrible, right? Immortal demons, that will live forever. As the Bible says, they ate from the fruit, now let us keep them out of Eden, because if they take from the fruit of life they will live forever. If they want to live forever, well, they have to annihilate those elements that we have within, which is that ego.

We then see a battle between the Gods and those giants that want to receive their payment. Finally, Lucifer enters into activity in order to trick the giants; this is actually what happened with us. When we are on this path, Lucifer enters into activity because that is the part of God that knows how to deal with us. Lucifer is the only part of the Being that can come and know what we are doing.

He has to deal with us, and to tempt us, in order for us to know ourselves and to walk this path. That is why this Loge-Lucifer is always acting in a very weird way, in order to work on behalf of Wotan, the Father of all Gods.

Of course, the other parts of God always protest, because nobody knows how Lucifer works, nobody. This is because only he knows how the ego is, how the giants are, and how this dwarf is. All of these elements of this opera, all of these symbols are parts of ourselves. In synthesis, this opera shows us through art, how to walk to the path; this is the beauty of opera.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, people that do not know anything about esotericism are presenting these operas in a very horrible manner. There are many versions of this opera now where these Gods appear as beggars or like bikers. Many of the operas are presented in a modernized manner, and in doing so, they ruin the operas. This is because those who modernize these operas do so to attract attention, but they have no understanding of the meaning within. Indeed, they are destroying the work of the great musicians and it is because they do not know. It is very sad to see that the pure elements are being lost. Fortunately, the music and the message are still there, such as in this beautiful work that was made in New York by James Levine, very good. Thank goodness we have it.

Do you have questions?

Audience: It is interesting how it carries through without being adulterated such a subtle symbol I noticed that it opens up on the Phallic Stone, that is the main symbol that you see in the very beginning…[inaudible].

Instructor: Exactly. It is good to mention that because there is a stone there where the gold is on top and it has the form of a phallus. It is very clear that this fire or gold is within the waters of creation. But, remember that when we talk about the waters of creation we always think only in the sexual organs but in reality those creative waters are in the three brains because the three maidens are taking care of it.

That water is indeed energy in the three brains, but the main power of that energy is in the sex. That is why, when the dwarf realizes that, he goes on top of that big phallus and steals the gold and then the maidens remain without power.

Audience: He renounces love.

Instructor: He renounces love. He said the only way to take that is by renouncing love. Well, there is two ways. He renounces the divine love. However, for the smart observer, the way to renounce love is to renounce passional love, animal love, in order to get the gold; that is the right way.

When you do not know the doctrine, you take that gold in the wrong way, which is what we call the way of black tantra way. The "wisdom" of black tantra is where they steal that fire, but for the ego. Rather, the upright way, the correct way to steal the fire, is to do it for the spirit.

However, since everyone here steals this gold, this fire in the wrong way, this is how the opera represents it: the ego steals it, instead of Wotan having the gold.

So, now Wotan wants to recuperate the gold. The whole story is very long, it is four operas. Here we are only seeing the first one. Today we are going to watch the third and fourth parts of the first opera in this cycle. The second opera is called The Valkyrie; after that comes Siegfried. Finally, the Gotterdammerung completes the cycle. You need one week in order to see the whole thing! It requires a lot of patience. You cannot see it in one day; it is very tiring especially when you are not accustomed to classical music. But, very enjoyable when you love it...

Audience: Another interesting symbol when it opens up that you find is that the God is asleep and his spear is beside him because the creation is already done and he already made his contracts…[inaudible].

Instructor: Yes, of course it is, because really the whole work that is represented in this opera, is that which we have to perform. We become the giants. because we are doing the work. Yet, the one who receives the benefit from anything we do here is the Being, up there. It is a mixture of mistakes and errors that we have to overcome because we are explaining only this, I do not want to go deeper into it because it implies a lot for those who that already have the knowledge, and are working in it. It has a lot of information.

As I said, it depends on how you organize the letters in order to read English or Spanish or French or Italian. The way that you organize that, according to the level of your Being, determines the quality of the interpretation of the messages you receive. Let us nourish our emotional center.

Audience: So the giants, do they represent part of our ego or just being an initiate on the path? When you say that…[inaudible].

Instructor: It is part of our ego.

What we need to understand is that, first, we have the lower part of ourselves, which is the black tantrism related with the dwarf. They know how to work with alchemy, with the fire, or the gold in other words, but in the wrong way. We will see there that they appear there doing their job.

The giants, however, are dumb like we are dumb. We are trying to rise and build this, but still we are not as smart as those that are down there; we have to develop that. We have to annihilate those parts of ourselves that are represented as the giants in this opera, which are a mixture because they are under the service of God as we are.

We have different types of vices and errors inside of us, and as giants we have to die. Remember that the Bible talks about that too. When Adam starts to multiply, in that time, there were giants on the Earth. Those giants are precisely those individuals that start emerging from that knowledge. The problem is if those giants do not work in themselves completely and then we find those individuals that possess a double polarity. In esotericism these types of individuals called hasnamussen.

What does it mean to possess a double polarity? It is to walk on this path, to develop in this knowledge, to build the solar bodies—which are the temples of God, symbolized by the holy buildings, the great castles—but, are yet ugly creatures, because they still possess the ego.

This brings into my memory a sad story in 1976, when the Master Samael was examining certain disciples from Colombia and Venezuela. The Master started teaching this knowledge in 1946, in Colombia, and he began having a lot of disciples.

From 1946 to 1976 was a space of 30 years. He said at that time "I have been observing many students that have 30 years in Gnosis but they still are the same. They handle the doctrine, they are transmuting, they are building, but they still have the same egos that they had when they were not gnostics."

Obviously they are those giants. Therefore he said "the only thing that I see from Venezuela and Colombia is a harvest of Hasnamussen unfortunately." He was referring of course to those 30 years of those old disciples, who, after his death, all appeared with different groups. His prophecy was fulfilled, because there are a lot of groups now coming from Venezuela and Colombia with those Hasnamussen that the Master warned about.

The funny thing is at that time I was a new disciple of the Master, and I was listening to what he was saying and people were not understanding what he was saying. When he said a "harvest of Hasnamussen" I said oh my goodness this is bad, a double polarity, but the Colombians and Venezuelans instead of being worried they were applauding at though it were something good. I said "Hello?! Do not you realize what is going on here?" They were applauding because of the Master's strong voice. So, let us not fall into the same mistake. If we build, let us also annihilate the ego, because we'll be in the same danger if we do not annihilate the ego. Remember what Samael wrote:

"There are two types of Kabbalists: intellectual Kabbalists and intuitive Kabbalists. The intellectual Kabbalists are Black Magicians, whilst the intuitive Kabbalists are White Magicians." - Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot by Samael Aun Weor

“Those who say that everything is mind commit a very grave error, because the mind is only an instrument of the Innermost.

All writings that incline the human being to totally identify himself with the mind are legitimate black magic, because the true human being is not the mind.

We must not forget that the most sly and dangerous demons in the universe reside in the mental plane (eternity, Netzach-נצח).

Therefore, the Innermost says this to the mind, “Do not say that your eyes are your eyes, because I see through them. Do not say that your ears are your ears, because I hear through them. Do not say that your mouth is your mouth, because I talk through it. Your eyes are my eyes, your ears are my ears, your mouth is my mouth.”

This is how the Innermost speaks to the mind.” - Igneous Rose by Samael Aun Weor

“In the world of Assiah (the physical world of Malkuth-מלכות) exist millions of Black Lodges.

The most dangerous black magicians of the universe exist within (eternity, Netzach-נצח) the Mental World.

Every occultist that recommends seminal ejaculation is a black magician (from eternity, Netzach-נצח, the Mental World).

Every fornicator is a black magician.

Every association of fornicators forms a Black Lodge.” - Practical Astrology by Samael Aun Weor

Audience: The best way to annihilate the ego is what exactly?

Instructor: Well, this question is very deep, and implies a great deal. That is why I advise you to read the books Revolutionary Psychology, The Great Rebellion, and The Revolution of the Dialectic.

That question brings to me a memory of something that happened to me. I understood that the main thing here is to annihilate the ego, because to build the solar bodies is not that easy, but it is easier than to destroy the ego, because it implies a lot of meditation, concentration, and all of that which we are learning here. But, there were times when I was desperate to know the way to annihilate my ego. And, in those meditations, when I was concentrating on the Master Samael—because I met him in the internal planes before I met him physically—and I found myself at the very bottom of a mountain and he was coming from the high mountain down in order to meet me. Of course, it was a great lesson for me, to show me where he was and where I was.

Then he approached me and when he saw me there he told me these things. There in my book, Revolutionary Psychology, I wrote all of that that you need in order to die. You know his voice. I said, “okay.”

In that book you will find the didactic, really. After that he wrote The Great Rebellion and The Revolution of the Dialectic, but, at that time, there was only Revolutionary Psychology.

When you read that book, it really is the guidance. That book is the answer. Of course, all the techniques of meditation that we are learning here in order to apply to our practice are in these books.

Audience: I noticed the giants had a choice too because they had Freya, which is eternal life, and if they would have kept her they would have been like Gods.

Instructor: Exactly… But, they are greedy.

Audience: Loge said listen you do not want...[inaudible]...but he did not say it loud enough so they do not hear it but that is all the power in the world?

Instructor: Exactly.

Audience: They exchanged eternal life for just powers on the Earth?

Instructor: Exactly, and this is precisely what happened with the Hasnamussen. They identify with the Earth, with the power of gold in the Earth, thinking that because they will be powerful here they will have power in Heaven. But, deep down, they know that the gold gives them power because they know it says the dwarves have the gold, which means the black magicians.

So, if we get that ring we will get the power. It is just a fight for power, which is usually what always happens in any religion. Always power… To acquire that power in this Earth, for what? At the end we die... They die and do not get anything, because the power is always in the hands of God. So, that is what we have to learn: to not be greedy here. For that, we have to annihilate the ego. It is very subtle and sly. But, remember that the one that helps us is Lucifer, Loge, the spirit of fire.

Audience: So, basically Lucifer's job is to tempt them.

Instructor: Yes. Lucifer, as you see there, is always under the service of the God Wotan, which is Loge.

Audience: [Inaudible]

Instructor: Lucifer is the only part of our Being that can go down to Hell and up to Heaven and to inform. If the Being is observing his human soul, and says, “Oh this great being, this great initiate is doing positive things.” If he wants to know how his soul is really doing, he will call Lucifer: “What do you think about Joe? Is he good?” And Lucifer will reply, well give him to me and I will tempt him and I will tell you if he really is good.” And the Being says, “Ok it is in your hands.”

Then, Lucifer-Loge descends and starts tempting us.

“So you are good, yes?”

And he starts tempting in this way, that way and the other way. If we fail he says "he is not good." But, if we succeed, like these masters such as Jesus for instance, who succeeded in the temptations in the beginning. Then, later on, he was tempted and tempted and he died completely on the cross and succeeded in dying completely in himself.

So, Lucifer failed there. No one wants to die on the cross, right? It is painful. But, we should die on the cross, if we want to go to Heaven. Remember: after the crucifixion comes resurrection.

Resurrection does not come if you do not die on the cross. First you die on the cross, then you resurrect.  Remember:

"Now for example, in authentic Christianity we can see, with dazzling clarity, as the center of gravity the Son, Tiphereth; but if we delve into Christian esotericism, we discover the great arcanum in the very redeemer's own cross, since we already know that the vertical pole is male and that the horizontal one is female, and that at the intersection of both is the key to all power; on top of the cross is written INRI (ignis natura renovatur integra). So, tantra is the background of all that authentic, true Christianity, right? It is therefore convenient to understand all that..." - Samael Aun Weor