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Die Walkure


Act I

Since the times of yore, the Masters have been working very hard with their Valkyries in order to help this humanity. We have to understand that the Monad, the Master itself, which never falls, is always the junction of the Spirit with the Spiritual Soul (the Valkyria). When the Spiritual Soul and the Spirit unite - then, the Master is born.

So, in this part of Wagner’s opera, Die Walkure, is hidden a marvelous doctrine of Alchemy, which is always shown through the different myths of different religions. The Nordics are precisely the descendants from the Hyperboreans, and the Hyperboreans are the manifestation of an ancient past, which in esotericism is called the Mahamanvantara of the Sun, or the Solar Round.

Any planet always passes through different stages, which are called rounds, and it is necessary to understand and comprehend these rounds in order to follow the sequence of Wagner’s opera.

All of Wagner’s works are really profound; he was a great master that left for us his beautiful and amazing work, in which we find very profound esotericism. Only someone with a very elevated vision could write such music, and go deep into the past in order to have concentrated it into this wonderful piece of opera.

So, every planet has to pass through seven rounds. Each round is called a small Manvantara. Manvantara means “Cosmic Day.” The addition of the seven Manvantaras is called a Mahamanvantara – a great Cosmic Day.

So, our planet Earth is the outcome of three previous Manvantaras. We are in the fourth Manvantara, called the Manvantara of the Earth, the Terrestrial Round of this present Cosmic Day.

ImageIn Nordic Mythology, as in any myth, we find the symbol of a tree. Many times, we talk about the Tree of Life (Kabbalah), and, of course, the Nordics rely on the tree called Yggdrasil, which is a tree divided in three parts: the roots, the middle (which is the trunk), and the branches.

The branches are called Asgard, the home of the Aesir, the Gods.

The middle part is called Midgard, the place where the human beings live.

In the roots, of course, you find, Hel, Niflheim and Muspelheim – the abode of the Lost Ones.

A synthesis of the whole work of the Tree of Life!

If you observe the Tree of Life of the Hebrew Mythology, you find that it has nine spheres above Malkuth, and it has also nine spheres below Malkuth. In esotericism, we call the world of Malkuth (the Earth) Mesocosmos, which in translation means “the Cosmos of the Middle.”

And, obviously, Midgard of the Yggdrasil Tree is precisely pointing to Malkuth, the abode of the human beings, where the Gods made the great experiment.

Every time that Midgard appears (or, that a planet appears), it is precisely the outcome of Asgard and Hel, Niflheim and Muspelheim because every planet is the outcome of Karma. It is written that Karma is the cause of existence. And, of course, the Gods above in Asgard also have Karma, which is called Katancia. And the Karma below is the Karma of the demons, who live in Niflheim - the abode of the dead.

The conjunction of both Katancia and Karma creates within every Cosmic Day. So, we will say that we, of the Terrestrial Round, the fourth circle in the center of the Ygdrasil, are the outcome of three previous circles or manifestations. These Gods, Masters, self-realized Beings, who in the three previous manifestations achieved happiness, mastery, knowledge, assist us. They come from above in order to help this Terrestrial Round, and that is precisely what is dramatized here in Die Walkure, and in all the opera.

We have to comprehend and understand that Midgard - which in this terrestrial round, is called the Aryan Root Race, or better to say, this Root Race in which we are living, which is the Fifth Root Race of this Terrestrial Round - is the outcome of the previous manifestations or forces which is very clearly (esoterically speaking) shown in the first part of the opera.

If you will recall, at the beginning of the opera everything starts when Siegmund enters into a house, which has the trunk of the ash-tree precisely in the middle. And, if you observe the Yggdrasil image, you will see how the trunk of the tree is precisely in the middle of Midgard.

So, in the opera, Wagner is showing us that everything that is happening in this first part of Die Walkure is happening in Midgard. Midgard is the whole planet Earth; it is any country, any house, and even your physical body.

If you use that symbology, you will understand that the trunk (if Midgard is your physical body) is your spinal column, which is where the myth (the Rune Sig) is always hidden within the Macrocosm as within the Microcosm.

Image Image

Sig                                   Siegmund and Sieglinde

The Rune Sig, also called Sigel or Sowellu, reminds us of Siegmund and Sieglinde. Sig is a hieroglyphic of the Sun, so everything here is related with that Rune Sig, which precisely has a shape of a lightening, a ray that descends from above. It is that victorious ray that is in the hands of Jupiter, the Father of all Gods, Christ, Odin, or, in this case, Wotan.  So, behold Sig, the deep meaning and the source of that wisdom of the Nordics.

In the Sig or Solar Epoch in the Second Round of these seven rounds, there was a great initiate who reached the summit of perfection, and who in this time humanity knows as the Christ. And it is because in this fourth round, in this Terrestrial Round, he lived physically all the drama of the Christ (which is not a person, but an energy - a force, a cosmic energy) So, Jesus of Nazareth, the Master Aberamentho, was and is the highest initiate of Sig, the Solar Epoch or the Second Cosmic Day of this Mahamavantara. At that time, there were many great initiates; at that time, the Master Samael Aun Weor also self-realized himself for the first time. All of the Archangels that we find in this day and age are the outcome of that cosmic day.

After that cosmic day had finished, another cosmic day started, which was the past cosmic day, previous to our Terrestrial Round, and that cosmic day is called the Lunar Round. In that epoch, Jehovah was the highest initiate. This is very important to understand because master Jesus is previous, a master that arose further back in time than Jehovah. Both of them are, of course, great initiates, Cosmic Masters. Jesus is the outcome of the Solar Epoch, and Jehovah is the outcome of the Lunar Epoch.

Everything in Nature repeats, or recapitulates, and that is why in the first part of the opera the previous speaker described how this Cosmic Day of the Mahamanvantara started.

Now, here we are arriving at Midgard, which is precisely the beginning of Die Walkure. The terrestrial offspring that appears in Midgard is the outcome of the plan of the Gods, as you may have already realized. These Gods are the beings from previous cosmic days, which are self-realized Monads: Monads with Mastery. So, before the beginning of this Root Race that we call Aryan Race (which is rooted precisely in the Nordics, in the Hyperboreans) the Atlantean Root Race existed, which the speaker in the previous lecture was describing the symbology of.

The Atlantean Civilization had seven sub-races, and the Fourth Sub-Race of the Atlantean Civilization was mixed (by the Plan of the Gods) with the Hyperboreans; so, the Hyperboreans were precisely those beings - Children of Fire, or we would say, the Children of the Mist of Fire - which were mixed with the Fourth Sub-Race of the Atlantean Civilization in order to form the nucleus for this present Aryan Race. That was precisely the root of our present Aryan Race.

The Bible calls this mixture the Shemites. The authentic, legitimate Shemites are the outcome of the mixture of Atlanteans with Hyperboreans, which were the Second Root Race that existed around North Pole. Around the North Pole is where the Lands of Avalon are: lands that are situated in the Fourth Dimension. The Hyperboreans were worshippers of Sig, the Sun, because in this present Terrestrial Round or manifestation they were the recapitulation of the Second Round.  This is why Nietzsche and many other great German writers always point to the Hyperboreans as the root of the Aryan Race, because, indeed, in that mixture in the Atlantean Civilization, the root of Aryan Race was formed.

At that time, they spoke a language, which many times in the lectures we call “Watan,” a language spoken by the Atlanteans. So, the primeval Atlantean language “Watan” is the fundamental root of Sanskrit, Hebrew and Chinese. From them, of course, come other languages.

In the First Root Race (of this present fourth round), this great Archangel Uriel (who was precisely a child of the Second Round, or the Solar Round, where Jesus was the highest initiate) was also incarnated. The First Root Race - Protoplasmic Race, the Polar Root Race - was located in the Fourth Dimension, in which is now the North Pole. Uriel wrote a book with Runic characters. It was known and studied in the Hyperborean Epoch. So, this Runic alphabet comes from the very beginning of the creation of this world. And from the Runic alphabet derived the Hebrew alphabet and many other alphabets in the world.


Apollo the God of Music

“Watan” was the language spoken by the primeval Hyperboreans who were mixed with the Atlanteans, and from that language comes the word ‘Wotan.’

This was a language related with wisdom, related with fire, related with the mystery of the fire, Solar Light. They, the Hyperboreans, as you can read in Greek Mythology, were worshippers of Apollo; Apollo in Dodone or Dodona was worshipped as the God of the Sun. So, here you find the relationship of Apollo and the Hyperboreans of the Solar Epoch, and the highest Initiate of that epoch: the Master Aberamentho, called Jesus Christ in this day and age.

So, the plan among the Hyperborean Solar Beings of that epoch was to bring salvation to humanity, because they knew at that time that in the epoch of this Fifth Sun, which is the Aryan Root Race, the Gods will die. They knew already that Valhalla, the Great Hall of the Warriors, was becoming separated from Midgard, and that only the courageous ones can gain entrance; those who were searching for the knowledge can gain entrance into that Valhalla, into the Hall of the Warriors.

So, as there was separation, the Gods were diminishing; the Gods were in danger of disappearing, not in the sense to disappear into nothing, but in the sense that humanity will stop worshipping the Solar Gods. As it is written in the great Aztec Calendar of the Nahuas, within the time of the Children of the Fifth Sun (we, the Aryans of this epoch) the worship of the Gods will cease. This prophecy has already been fulfilled, since this humanity mocks the Gods; but the Gods exist, despite the fact that humanity cannot see the Gods behind the big wall – Valhalla; yet, Valhalla is there and only the courageous ones can pass through.

Sequentially, there was, of course, a great plan of the Gods in order to bring hope into this civilization, into this Aryan Root Race, in order to help this humanity, because the Karma of the Gods and the Karma of this planet are very heavy.

So behold here how the Rune Sig, Sigel or Sowellu as “hope” is descending from heaven from the Sun, as the Solar Force as the Ray of Creation; the Sig emerges from the root (of the Yggdrasil) from Siegmund and Sieglinde – which is, of course, the sexual force, the Sig of God descending into Midgard in order to help humanity.

Here in this marvelous symbology, we see in Midgard (as the physical organism of the human being) the symbol of the two witnesses (of Revelation), which are better explained in the Mayan Bible called Popol Vuh: they are Hunapu and Ixbalanque, who, according to the Mayan Bible, when they died, one became the Moon and the other the Sun. Here (in this opera) we have the same symbol in Siegmund and Sieglinde: the two polarities, the offspring of Wotan (the Word that descends); they descend as they are created by Odin, Wotan, with the objective of the creation of the Solar Men, or harvesting of Solar Men.

So, these siblings, these twins, are the symbol of the two forces – solar and lunar, through which the Gods are working. But, they are, of course, in Midgard (the physical organism), which is in the Wheel of Samsara, Malkuth, or as the Bible calls it - Egypt, because Egypt is Malkuth, the Kingdom, Midgard, where all of us are, here in slavery. But, our Inner Father, the Gods above, they are preoccupied with us and they are trying to induce us to go out of those mechanical laws of Midgard ruled by the mechanicity of nature, and represented in mythology in that opera of the Nords with Fricka, the wife of Wotan. So, Fricka, the wife of Wotan is, of course, the representation of the laws of nature to which we are submitted mechanically; and that Law of Nature demands that we obey the rules, to follow the laws of this mechanicity of the planet. And this is why you see there Hunding, the spouse of Eve, Sieglinde. It is necessary to remind you that because of the fall, because of fornication, because of ignorance, Eve eats of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and gives that to Adam. If now you understand that Adam is the brain and that Eve represents the sexual organs, you will understand how Eve eats of the fruits and gives the outcome to the brain, which is Adam. In this case, Adam is Siegmund, and Eve is Sieglinde - the two polarities. But, because of their ignorance, because of the thirst for knowledge, Sieglinde is married to Hunding, which is a dog (lust), or a little dog (Hund in German means dog).

Hunding, the dog, is thirsty for sex, lust: the mechanicity of nature. And, of course, this Hunding has a tribe, the Tribe of Hunding, which he is always defending and that Siegmund tries to defeat because they are always unjust. The other names of the people of that tribe are: lust, anger, pride, profanity, laziness, gluttony, envy, arrogance - all of those psychological aggregates - all, of course, friends and relatives of Hunding, which work in the Laws of Nature, and they are children of nature: cowards. They are the outcome of fornication, the outcome of not knowing how to handle the gold of the Rheingold, the gold of the river, the Rhein, which is the sexual force, as you know already.

So, Eve, Sieglinde, is married to Hunding unwillingly, but it is because she ate of the fruit and because of the thirst for knowledge. Because if you remember in the Bible, when Adam and Eve are before The Tree of Knowledge, Loge, Lucifer appears and says: “If you eat from that fruit, your eyes will be opened.” But, there are two ways of eating it: through Alchemy, you absorb or ingest the force in order to create something spiritual within, or through fornication, creating Hunding, or the egotistical dog-nature within you.

And this is why it is written in Kabbalah that Eve marries Nahemah, and Adam marries Lilith - these are two polarities or egotistical natures. In the opera, Siegmund is married to a woman, but he is not in love, and Sieglinde to a man, but she is not in love, either. But somehow they (Brain and Sex) have to be united. We will say esoterically they have to “commit incest.” They have to break the Law of the Mechanicity of Nature in order to bring out their salvation. And this is why you see there that there is an apparent adultery and apparent incest, within which is hidden the Alchemy and which the initiate always confronts.

When you enter the path in Midgard, you know that your Being manifests through the ash-tree, through the Yggdrasil: your spinal column. But you are blind, you are looking, you are searching for knowledge and in that search you commit many mistakes, but, of course, those who are against the searching for knowledge from the Wisdom of God are always those people from Midgard who follow the mechanicity of the Laws of Fricka, the mechanicity of the Laws of the Wheel of Samsara, which are related with the lunar forces. To break that is to fight against your own blood, your own flesh. And that is why the Lord, the Christ said:

“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth (Midgard): I came not to send peace, but a sword; for I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.  And a man's enemies shall be they of his own household.

“He that loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he that takes not his cross, and follows after me, is not worthy of me.

“He that finds his life shall lose it: and he that loses his life for my sake shall find it.” - Matthew 10: 35-39

What is the meaning of this? It does not mean that you have to hate your family in the physical world. No! It means that you have to hate the psychological roots that you have within. You can be with your family, but burn the lustful roots that you have within from your father and mother – this is what the Lord Christ explains here, it is related with the Ego that we have within. Our mother is lust, Hund, a dog. So, we have to go far away from Hunding, and precisely, this is pointing at the sexual force. The sexual force is feminine, the Eve Sieglinde, and Siegmund is Adam, the brain that searches for knowledge.

The union of both brain (Shiva) and sex (Shakti) is the outcome of the entrance into Initiation, into the Ninth Sphere. And this is precisely the point here: the search for knowledge. In this case, Siegmund (Pingala) is trying to find the knowledge, the doctrine, the way to enter into the higher realms of life. But it is not until the moment he enters and meets his sister (Ida) when he finds the way.

Siegmund’s Father, his Inner Being, Wotan, has promised him: “I will give you the weapons, the necessary weapons to fight against those enemies that you have within, those unbelievers that mock me, that are within you.” Any place that you go and try to save your own Soul they always appear and steal the innocence of your Soul. But you need to awake that force. You will know the moment, and when you find that moment, you will receive a sword, a weapon in order to fight against your enemies - your unbelievers, those uncircumcised – or, in other words, those fornicators that do not transmute the energy; you act now alone, but you need more strength. And, of course, Wotan, the Word, the Wise One, knows very well that only Sieglinde, the sexual force, can give that weapon to Siegmund. This is why they recognize each other.

You have to recognize and unite the two forces - Ida and Pingala, because without the union of those two forces, the sword cannot appear. And where else that sword is but in the trunk – in the spinal column. There is where Wotan/Odin inserted the weapon, but you have to awaken it; you have to gain it by knowing how to transmute the solar and lunar atoms of your own organism, and for that you have to be courageous. You need Thelema – Willpower, that courage that Siegmund is showing. He is a searcher, he is a searcher of knowledge, and his sister is also a searcher, but unfortunately she is bound to the Laws of Nature. The brain, always free, looks for the way to be free from the Mechanicity of Nature, but the brain does not know that Sieglinde, the sexual force, is the one that binds him and her to the Laws of Fricka.

Thus, this is the only way – by uniting the solar and lunar atoms- to awaken and attain the sword. This is how, in the version of the opera that I always see, Siegmund goes and places his back against the tree. I do not know if there are other versions of the drama, but the way it should be is that Siegmund places his back against the ash-tree and above his head is the sword that Odin/Wotan inserted in the ash-tree. Of course, by singing, by pronouncing the necessary mantras in the sexual union with his sister, which means when the solar and lunar atoms are united in Midgard, atoms which are the outcome of forces above, because those forces come from above, from Kether, they descend according to the Ray of Creation into the Ninth Sphere.

ImageSo, when they (Siegmund and Sieglinde) transmute by singing, by pronouncing the necessary mantras, then the brain, Siegmund, receives the sword thanks to Sieglinde (sexual organs). And that sword is the Nothung (that comes from “nothing”) that comes in the very moment when they need it, and that is the sword that he needs in order to fight. Of course, in that sword of Wotan, there is awakening, thanks to the Kundalini that is rising from the sexual organs, in other words, from Eve to the brain, to Adam. So, this is how the sword comes - from Sieglinde to Siegmund, from the Moon to the Sun, as lightning, the Rune Sig: this is the sword.

With that sword we are able to fight our enemies, which are within us (Hunding); but Hunding (lust) has to sleep, because during transmutation Eve takes the energy. On the other hand, when we fornicate, the sexual organs (Eve-Sieglinde) take the energies from the Father in order to feed Hunding (lust). But, when we transmute the energy Sieglinde does not feed any more Hunding. Therefore, Hunding falls into a deep sleep and Sieglinde gives the energy to her brother, to Siegmund, in order to fight the Hunding that is within, against the Laws of God, and only follows the Mechanicity of Fricka, the Wheel of Samsara. Of course, what we explained here is the symbology; yet, it is not easy when you have to do it.

This is how you symbolically see it, this explanation of Midgard or the Garden of Eden, because it is in the middle of the Garden, where Adam and Eve meet. This is the same symbology, the same myth – the two polarities that we need to work with and from which in this way, as Wagner is showing in the opera, will come something spiritual, the offspring of that union, which will be Siegfried, the Victorious One.

So, they fall in love, they love each other, and remember that at the end of that part of the opera, the doors are opened by the forces of spring, which enter into the house, because they are working with the forces of spring, the forces of nature in the positive way. They already have the sword; they are ready to conquer and to go into the self-realization of the Being.


Act II

To reach the Mountain of Initiation, to reach Mastery, is not enough in order to obtain liberation. The couple, Siegmund and Sieglinde, goes out, and start working on themselves in order to finally reach the summit of that mountain, where Wotan and the Valkyria are, which means, of course, the Spirit and the Spiritual Soul. Of course, this is the development, of the Initiation, which one has to perform through Alchemy, as we already explained.

Nevertheless, the plan of the Gods is not just to create Hanasmusen. They want to create a hero capable of taking over the Gods; in other words, another God. Siegmund is doing it, but it is not enough. He has to confront Hunding and the egos; and Hunding, the ego and his tribe, is related with Karma. Karma is cause and effect. And Fricka, the Laws of Nature, are not to give away so easily the Initiate. Fricka, Nature, always works with her weapons in order to stop the daring who wants to conquer her. It is very easy to see there how Fricka appears and is blaming Wotan that the couple, who is transmuting the energy and arising, is going against her on lust, and that is precisely what happens in the life of any initiate.  When we enter into this, we are against the mechanicity of the laws of our own body, our own family, our own nation. That is why the life of any initiate is always surrounded by revolution, people that protest, that do not want superior laws, because the mechanical forces of nature work to the last against it – “You shall not do this; you shall not do that; you have to follow the mechanicity of the lunar path!”

All religions rooted in family, rooted in the blood, are lunar religions. But only the solar religion is the one that conquers family and goes beyond that, and finds that the true family is Universal. But there are many people that feel so attached to their roots, their blood, their race, and they cannot become victorious. And precisely this is the Hunding that does not want to give away so easily Eve, Sieglinde, and thus he goes after her. And, of course, there is Karma involved on it, as you see, and that Karma, of course, is coming from past Cosmic Days.

The Niebelungen, Alberich, which is already the head of Niebelungen, is planning how to take humanity in his hands; he wants the power. Because the Niebelungen, the beings that dwell in Klipoth, the Baalim, Javhe and his followers utilize the ego in order to manipulate humanity. And that is precisely what Wotan is afraid of, because he already sees that the black magicians are already planning and conquering, and going into humanity, and he wants to help humanity. But a great sacrifice has to happen. A descent has to come. As you know, there is always the Savior in this task, or in this plan. It does not matter how we work by ourselves, but there is a point in where we need the Savior. We need the sacrifice of a God, some God that will sacrifice and descend into the realm of Midgard and abandon his powers (abandon Nirvana). And that, of course, is in relation with our own particular Ray, with our own particular God and the Logos above.

This is what is hidden here in this scene, which shows that the mechanical laws of Nature somehow have to be conquered, but in the very wise way and with free will. This is precisely what is hidden there in the will of Wotan. He wants to create a hero, but a hero that is always assisted by the Inner Being’s will. He wants a different hero that will have a free will and will give that free will to his will without asking. Of course, in the great drama in the Bible, we find that hero, which is called Jesus, who says: “Father, if it is possible, take this chalice out of me, but not my will, but Thine be done.” – the free will.

For this, of course, part of the Monad has to descend into the drama, which we are seeing here. And Siegmund has to die, Siegmund is just that part of the soul that represents at this height, or this level right now (in the opera) – the Terrestrial Man, because first the Terrestrial man has to be created, as we explained previously in many lectures.

This humanity is just made by “Hundings”, which are utilizing their sexual force (Sieglinde), in the wrong way, and who are creating cowards, weak individuals, slaves of the forces of Fricka, Nature. Only those, only those courageous ones, that are capable to fight against their own desires, their own lust, their own dog – Hund, are capable of reaching the level of the Terrestrial Man, or the level of human being, because the human being has to be created. And, in order for the human being to be created, we need to create within, as you know, Astral Body, Mental Body, Causal Body in order to reach summit of that mountain.

But those two forces, Ida – Pingala (Sieglinde and Siegmund), are the ones that rise there because from them, from their union of male-female, Sun and Moon, comes the human being. But remember that that human being has to prepare himself – has to die.

It is coming into my mind the decapitation of John the Baptist: John the Baptist has to die in order for the Messiah, the Savior, the Victorious One, to appear. And this is something very beautiful.

Because Siegmund, as the Human Soul, is bottled up within Hunding, Siegmund is working, yet, he is mingled with Hunding, thus, that Terrestrial Man has to die. And that is precisely the great step that only few initiates can do. Many initiates that enter into the Path, they get their sword, they reach the Mastery, but they do not go beyond. They continue with their Hunding within themselves, ignoring that that Hunding, that ego, that “tribe”, that legion of defects – psychological aggregates that we have within, are moved easily by the laws of nature and by Alberich, the Baalim, the black magicians from Nibbeleheim, who only like gold and power, and who do not care a bit about the Laws of God, because they are fornicators and they awake their energy in the negative way. They utilize the gold of the Rhein in the wrong way in order to build that ring, which symbolizes, of course, the power of the Kundabuffer organ organ. In order to develop the Kundabuffer organ, which is the opposite of Kundalini, you need to hate love.

Javhe is a being that hates Love, hates the Son of God who is Love. The Father is Wisdom, the Son is love, and the Holy Spirit is sexual force. Christ, the Son, is love, and Javhe is a being that hates the Christ badly, and he is the boss of the black lodge, his name is Jahve. Jahve, yes, the boss of the black lodge, hates the Christ. Javhe renounces love and he has the power, he has the ring and the Gods know that. But, of course, Jahve works with the mechanicity of the forces of nature, represented in this case by the Niebelungen. Or, by the Niebelung Alberich, who awakes in evil and for evil, who collects gold and power, and that threatens the Gods with their black lodge, and who, in this day and age, have degenerated this humanity - this Aryan race who is the outcome of the Hyperboreans.

The great sacrifice, the promise to this Aryan race, to this Terrestrial Epoch, was accomplished two thousand years ago. That great Initiate, named Aberamentho, the highest of the Solar Epoch, came to his Hyperboreans, to that blood. It is written, as you remember, that Jesus was the son of an Aryan soldier who impregnated the Jewish Miriam, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth, the mother of his physical body. So, the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth is the outcome of Hyperborean blood and Jewish blood, Hyperborean solar energy and lunar Jewish blood.

That mixture was the plan in order to help this humanity, which was falling into sin. The great Master Aberamentho, Jesus of Nazareth, made the great sacrifice. That is why many great painters painted him with white skin. Many people do not like that, but the Hyperboreans are the root of the white race. And, of course, all of us are Aryans – this is what we have to understand. This Aryan root race populates the entire Earth. The first root race flourished in Tibet, the second in China and India, the third in Persia, Babylon, Egypt, the fourth among the Greeks and Romans, the fifth among the Germans, English, French, Teutons and Anglo-Saxons, the sixth among the Latin American – the mixture of Europeans with natives of South America, and the seventh sub-race of the Aryan race is being formed here, in the United States and Canada – the mixture of all races. So, the whole planet Earth, the whole Midgard, is inhabited by the Aryan race, which unfortunately is being tricked by the Niebelungen – the black lodge. The black lodge fought against the great Being that came two thousand years ago in order to deliver the solar force – the solar religion that has roots in previous Cosmic Days, solar wisdom related to the development of the Solar Men, but the lunar forces of Fricka are very strong, because this Nature is heavy, charged with a lot of Karma of past cosmic days. And black magicians take advantage of that Karma in order to sink the humanity more into the mud.

Unfortunately, Master Jesus was betrayed by the black lodge, or better to say, by an initiate that went into the black lodge, following the Niebelungen. At that time, of course, this is why Christianity failed because it had only a few triumphs in the beginning and in different epochs that some Siegmunds appeared in scene. But most of Christianity in this day and age, as you know, only think that by believing in this great Hyperborean Solar Being, called Jesus of Nazareth, they will be saved.

Boreas is the God of the wind of that part that the Greeks call in the North, the Boreas, the Wind of the North. Hyper-Boreas is that area beyond the North, beyond Boreas – the Land of the North. That is the meaning of the word Hyperborean – “beyond the North.” And beyond the North, which is the North Pole is, of course, we find the Land of Avalon – the Fourth Dimension. Because, if you see the planet Earth as Malkuth, if you see it as the Midgard, understand that the South is the roots, the north are the branches, and then West and East in Midgard. So, the North of course is the branches of Asgard – the abode of the Gods. But that Valhalla, that Thule – the sacred Island of Avalon, the land of the Hyperboreans – is not in the third dimension. That Shangri-La is above, above Midgard, and the First Sephirot that we find above Midgard is Yesod – the fourth dimension – the Promised Land, the land of Avalon, the Hyperborean land, where all the Masters dwell.

Hyperborea is precisely the Land of Apollo ruled by the Solar Beings. There were precisely in former times (according to Greek Mythology) two great virgins that were coming from the Hyperboreans from the Fourth Dimension into Midgard, the third dimension. Hyperocha and Laodicea, related, of course, symbolically with our own particular chakras, or churches, as the Book of Revelation states, Laodicea and Ajna Chakra- Philadelphia, the two churches above. From there, the wisdom, the knowledge of the Hyperboreans descends into the lower churches or chakras. Gnosis is the knowledge or the wisdom of the Hyperboreans, the Nordics that came from the North – from Asgard. Thus Gnosis is the root of this myth.

And, of course, it is in Asgard where Wotan and the Valkyrie Brunhilde are talking about fate. Asgard is also where you find the Gods that rule the laws of the Wheel of Samsara, because they are Angels. Those who we call Angels are the beings who self-realized themselves in the Lunar Epoch, because Archangels are the beings that self-realized themselves before the Lunar Epoch – which is the Solar Epoch. So, the Angels related with the Lunar Epoch, which are commanded by Jehovah, are the ones that control the Laws of Nature.

And, of course, the Gods are submitted to those laws, they do not break those laws; yet, they have to know how to overcome those laws without hurting themselves, because they create Karma if they do it in the wrong way. And this is the meaning of their fate.

ImageOf course, Wotan and the Valkyrie Brunhilde are seeing that this couple already reached the summit of the mountain, they are coming, but Hunding– the Karma, the Ego is after them; Wotan and Brunhilde do not want this mixture; thus, there has to be a sacrifice, there has to be a decapitation – John the Baptist has to die. Because, among all those Alchemists that are born from women, from Sieglinde, there is nobody higher than John the Baptist. But he who is the lowest in the kingdom of Asgard is higher than Siegmund, higher than John the Baptist. And it is written that he has to be decapitated in order for the Lord to come. But the Lord has to descend and to work and that is precisely the sacrifice that we see here.

In this great drama, where the Spiritual Soul (Brunhilde) and the Spirit (Wotan), in this case, the Monad with the Spiritual Soul, the Valkyrie, is trying to resolve how to help, how to go down and to do the work. But, of course, in this descent, in this work, there is a great mystery that few people understand - why Siegmund has to die, and why Brunhilde knowingly disobeys. She loves very much his Inner Father, his Inner Master, and she only performs the Will of God. But, in order to help, she needs to disobey apparently in such a way, in order to continue with the drama and to acquire perfection, in order for Siegfried to appear in the scene. So the whole drama here is showing us how the Gods also do work. We have to do our work here, assisted by our Inner Father, but there is a level in which they by renunciation can assist us directly.

Remember that the Nine Muses, the Nine Valkyrie, are the representation of the Nine Sephirots above The Tree of Life – the nine heavens. And in every single Heaven the Will of God is performed. But the first Valkyria that was born from Wotan was precisely Brunhilde, which is in Yesod. That beautiful Cherub, which is related with the sexual force, that is the first Valkyria that was born, and then the rest of Valkyrie, which are nine. So, the Will of God is done above.

And that reminds me of that saying of Jesus in the Mount of the Olive: ”Father, if thou be willing, pass this cup out of me, but not my will, but thine be done.” The whole Siegmund has to die. With this, you have to comprehend that every single initiate that represented the drama of the Christ in the Bible, in the new Gospel, every single one was a Christ, was a self-realized Master, but the highest among them was Master Aberamentho, the represented Christ. But John the Baptist was a Christ as well, and all the Apostles were Christs, self-realized. This is how you have to understand. All the prophets of Jerusalem were Christs; Mohammed was a Christ, Buddha was a Christ, because anyone who is self-realized becomes a Christ and can represent any play of the drama in order to help humanity.

So, of course, we have to work with Enneagram, and that is precisely the point here. The Enneagram is not that work that people think that is just written in a book that they can buy and read, and just start from there without previously doing anything, no!; the real Enneagram work starts when you reach the Fifth Initiation, the Mastery, and if you take the direct Path, this means that you have to die for Nirvana, from Asgard, in order to appear again, doing the work, from the very beginning in Midgard.



ImageLoge, Lucifer, Mephistopheles – the fire is mingled everywhere. We find fire, Loge, in the water; we find fire, Loge in the earth, in the wind, it is everywhere. Without Loge, without fire, nothing can exist, and he knows this. He is the child of the Chaos and he knows everything, but he acts accordingly to the level of the being, according to necessity. And that is why his actions, in Hell and in Heaven, are misunderstood by many.

Wotan cannot exist without Loge; Brunhilde cannot exist without Loge; Siegmund and Sieglinde cannot do their alchemical work and cannot attain the sword without Loge. He is the one that orchestrates the whole opera in the hidden. And, of course, the abode of Loge, Prometheus, where he is working through is in the Ninth Sphere. The Rheingold, the gold of the Rhein is that Loge, that fire, which is hidden in the waters of Yesod. The power that is bestowed within Brunhilde is that fire conquered by the Gods and that is placed within her and it is coming from Loge; because without Loge, without temptation, there is no knowledge. Temptation is fire, and the triumph over temptation is light, understanding, knowledge.

Loge tempted Eve, he tempted the couple in Midgard, and because of knowledge they took the energy in the wrong way. But with experience and suffering and pain, they change and they know that now they can steal the fire from Loge by not acting like animals.

But also, that fire, that power has to descend; there has to be a sacrifice. And this is precisely what Loge does. But Loge is not a sanctimonious being. Loge is beyond good and evil. Loge is like the cat that likes to play with the mouse while he is alive. And when he, that fire, sees something alive, he starts playing because he wants to kill the mouse. And that mouse is hidden within the Gods, within the demons, within the men, and as long as this mouse is alive Loge is active. When the mouse dies completely, Loge disappears; he says: “My job is done in this Cosmic Day, in this Mahamanvantara”.

Of course, in the mixture – this is the secret of Salvador Salvandus, and the only way to explain how that force can descend from above into the Ninth Sphere and to help us, how this being that loves really the Will of God represented in this opera by Brunhilde, which is the Valkyrie of the Truth - which, by the way, Val as you know means “slaughter” or “warrior”.

But now I want to give – because many people know about the meaning of Kyrie in different ways in German language – but allow me to take the Greek language, which is also an Aryan language; because in this day and age we speak many Aryan languages derived from the same root, which is Watan - Wotan, Odin - the Hyperboreans of the Atlantic Epoch. So, Kyrie in Greek means  “Lord”, and Kyria (Cyria, Kuria) – “Lordess” or “Lady”. There is a prayer where we say Kyrie Eleison – “Lord of the Highest”. So, in Greek when you want to respect an older woman, you call her Kyria. So, of course, that Kyria, that Lady, that Lordess is from above. We have our own particular inner Kyria, the Valkyria, which is the warrior, Spiritual Soul above. And from that Spiritual Soul (Buddhi) above, which is where the Christic Mysteries are hidden within the Monad (Atman-Buddhi), a part of it (part of that Christic Fire) has to descend in order to perform the sacrifice for that initiate and that is precisely hidden in the following verse of Isaiah that our speaker will read right now…

How art thou fallen from heaven, O shining star, son of the dawn! How art thou cut down to Adamah, the one who weakened the nations!

For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend up to heaven, I will exalt my Throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the Congregation, in the sides of the north:

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be (Adamah Elion), the most high.

Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell (the abode of the dead), to the sides of the pit (Yesod, the Ninth Sphere). Isaiah 14, Verses 12-15

You read in this beautiful poem of Isaiah – “the Congregation in the sides of the north”, “above the heights of the clouds,” which are precisely the horses upon which the Valkyries ride in Asgard, in the sides of the north” – where they ascend up to heaven, and exalt their Throne above the stars of God; yet, in this drama, in order for the Being, in order for Odin and all the parts of the Being to acquire self-realization, there has to be a sacrifice. And this is represented in that beautiful drama, in which the Father of the Gods – Wotan, Kether and represented in Chesed is sacrificing that part of him, which comes from above, which is the daughter of Erda – the Divine Mother, which is the ancient mother that have the wisdom of previous Cosmic Days, because from her comes all the wisdom and Odin knows that. From Erda, Odin-Wotan begat Brunhilde and her eight other sisters, which give him knowledge and wisdom in the Universe.

But if Wotan wants to achieve what he is planning to achieve, which is another higher level of reasoning, and thus to save the offspring of the Gods, Lucifer through Brunhilde has to descend. So, Lucifer is not just as people think, some individual up there in heaven that was against the will of God and that is why God sent him down to suffer. Yes, Lucifer suffers here in Midgard and in Hell. But through his disobedience he stirs the forces, the fire in this type of initiation.

Through his disobedience he is performing the will of God, and this is something that you do not understand only if you carefully watch the opera. There you will see how Wotan and Brunhilde intuit that they have to do it, but they are chained to their own roots, and even the Valkyria, knowing that helping Siegmund is helping God, God interferes and breaks the sword of Siegmund because he knows that the drama has to continue. And his daughter, the Spiritual Soul, that is in this case already in Yesod; what does it mean “is already in Yesod”? It means that the Spiritual Soul (Geburah), the Monad, when somebody reaches Mastery, as a force for a sacrifice has to descend into the Ninth Sphere as a Cherub (as Geburah-El, Gabriel) in order to work and continue the work of self-realization. This is the myth, or the Luciferian Myth, that is not related only to one part, but many parts of the Being. This is what in Esotericism and Gnosticism we call “Christus Lucifer”, which is the sacrifice of Christ through the Valkyria because within the Divine Soul, within the Spiritual Soul, are all the Christic Powers.

Thus, through the Divine Soul (Geburah-El, Gabriel) is how the Lord descends, but has to do it through the Cherubim. The Cherubim, as you remember are in Yesod, the beings in Yesod are called Cherubim, which means The Strong Ones, this is in relation with the sexual force, and in this way they sacrifice. The Devine Soul has to become human.

But in this case, it is beautifully described in this opera, it is better because you see the sacrifice through the feminine aspect. Many times we see, in many myths, the sacrifice through the masculine aspect, as a masculine force. But here, we see it beautifully in a feminine aspect. In order to show this, Wagner shows here how that part of God that we have above loves God because love is feminine. This love is the Spiritual Soul, but part of that love has to descend and abandon God, and this is the descent of Lucifer. This longing is chanted there, spreading in this case it descent into the Ninth Sphere for the sake of God. They intuit, they know about it, but with the disobedience of the Valkyria, of course, God is forced to punish.

In this case we will say that that Divine Force mingled with the human level has acquired the sins of the world. Do you realize this? This is the mixture of that, which is when Christ descends into the initiate and mingles with the ego of the initiate; in order to save him, he takes the sins of the world. Therefore, those that condemn Lucifer they do not know about this; they do not know that Lucifer (the morning star) in the initiate is mingled with the ego of the initiate and is taking the guilt of the initiate. This is also represented in Prometheus, in the Myth of Prometheus in the Greek Mythology, where the God of Fire takes the fire of the Sun, you see the fire of the Sun is the knowledge of the Hyperboreans, and gives it to the humans, those humans are real Siegmunds.  This myth is not what commonly people think that Prometheus took the fire and then the primeval men started to make weapons or using the fire to get warm – that is a ridiculous explanation of this myth. The fire the Prometheus steals from the sun is Solar Fire that is in sex, and only the courageous ones who know how to utilize that fire awake. Thus, because of that, Prometheus is chained to the rock, the same rock that you see here in the opera that is where the Valkyria is resting. She is falling asleep and as she does it she is losing all the powers. This is precisely what happens when a Master renounces Nirvana, when a Master renounces Heaven, they enter into a profound sleep. Then, the Master has to start from scratch, from the very bottom. The Master already has what he gain, but he renounces to all and even Odin breaks the sword; in a sense that he has to temper it again. And this is why when Christ is born, in this sense, in the manger of the world Midgard, Herod – Hunding, Alberich, wants to kill that offspring, which is called Siegfried.

But here where you see this sacrifice, is precisely where the Master finds Guinevere the great woman warrior, Valkyria, or the Amazon; see: Val-Kyrie. If you take the name Val as “warrior” and Kyrie as “lady from the highest”, you find there a beautiful meaning: “The Lady Warrior”, which descends and sacrifice, is the Divine Soul, Buddhi, Geburah because Geburah is a warrior in Kabbalah, Geburah it is represented by a warrior; but it is feminine and descends into Yesod, and this is precisely the Cherub. Thus, when Adam and Eve eat of the forbidden fruit, when they fornicate, the Cherub is precisely Geburah who is brandishing the sword: “You lost the sword, I have it, and you cannot pass here through this way, through the Nine Sphere into the Tree of Life” – Geburah is precisely the same Cherub. But, in this case, this Cherub sacrifices – the beautiful Cherub goes down as Lucifer.

Everyone has his own Lucifer, mingled, entwined in the spinal column, it is the power of sex. Lucifer is Loki, Loge that acts in different ways. In order for you to conquer him you have to perform sacrifices, you have to fight against the dragon, the dragon of darkness – the giant, which is not related only with the ego, but also with the dark forces of nature; that giant has the power of Niebelungen, and is a power that the Nibelungen want to steal from him. So, this is why Brunhilde is on the rock of that mountain, surrounded by fire, which is Loge, Lucifer, because he is a part of the sacrifice. Only the courageous one, the one that conquers himself is capable of defeating that fire of Lucifer. That fire is temptation and expresses itself through the spear, the point of the spear of Wotan, that point of the spear (symbol of the phallus), it is the spear that many initiates (even Hitler) were looking for, the same spear with which Longinus wound the side of the Lord. It is necessary to understand and to know that the spear is the phallus, and the power is in the extreme point of the spear, because if the sexual force leaves through the tip of the spear, the spear loses its power; but if nothing goes out of the tip of that sword, the spear keeps its power.

Regrettably lust mingles in different levels in the Tree of Life and the initiate has to work in order to conquer sex. But for that he needs the help of the Valkyria, which is related with the Katancia, the Karma of the Nine Spheres above Malkuth, because Siegmund only can conquer the Karma related with Malkuth, but beyond Malkuth it is not related with him, it is related with Valkyria, which is part of him because Siegmund is Brunhilde’ s brother too. As you see here in this opera, Siegmund and Sieglinde are siblings, which are brother and sister of Valkyrie Brunhilde, but from a different mother. Brunhilde is the daughter of Erda, which is the Divine Mother, something cosmic, superior, while this couple of siblings are children of a mortal woman, which means from the mortality of nature – Midgard. But Valkyrie is from the superior nature, from Asgard. Did you understand? How beautiful is shown everything in this opera; of course, there is more to talk about, but first enjoy watching it.

Questions and Answers

Q: The sword is called Nothung. What does that mean?

A: Well, it means that every time that somebody awakes the Kundalini, the energy, something new that is Nothung, the sword. Why is the sword called Nothung? Well, what is coming from your hard work, although the sword has many meanings, but really “nothing” because we are also “nothing”. What is coming, of course, is something new that is not physical, something that is not recognizable. When you acquire the sword the first time it is something new that is called Nothing – a power is given you that you never had and that is why it is “nothing”, because it is something new. And if you fall and you rise again, Nothung appears again, but is not that Nothung that you had before – it is another “nothing”.

Right view, of course, is nothingness, the right way in which the energy of the sword gives you right view, because when you work on yourself, alchemically speaking, you have to utilize the sword in order to defeat your enemies. Every time that you kill an enemy with the power of the sword, which is the Kundalini, the Divine Mother, a new view, internal view appears inside of you, which is “nothing” – nothing related with this physical world. That is why in Buddhism it is stated that the being does not exist. It is true, because when the being appears is as something new that comes from nothing, from the fire. The being is nothing in relation with what we think. Many people think about God in different ways, they have beautiful ideas and concepts about God, but God has nothing to do with thought. God is nothing related with what we know, and that is why that sword is the one that kills all of those that are not related with “nothing”, but with “something” – something mechanical.

Well, if questions arise later, you can write them in the Forum, and we will answer them. But we invite you to study this lecture and to watch Die Walkure, beautiful opera in which everything that you read here is hidden. There are more things, but for those things to appear you need to question in order for the knowledge to come out … thank you very much… and we will see you and hear you next Saturday with Siegfried, the hero.