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Metempsychosis from meta, “change,” and from en, “in,” and psyche, “soul.”  Or in other words, the process of Reincarnation or incarnation of the Pneuma (Geburah and Chesed) by means of the process of denial within the Bodhichitta. 

Chasmalim enlighten me with the splendors of Elohim and Shechinah!

This is a prayer recited in the Invocation of Solomon, when the priest, who represents Chesed, is invoking all of the powers of the different worlds of the Tree of Life, which are of course related with Assiah, Yetzirah, Briah, and Atziluth.

We are arriving with the sequence of these lectures to the Sephirah Chesed, which is related with the Spirit, the individual Spirit of each one of us. Chesed is translated as “mercy” or “charity” but also has another name, which is Gedulah, and this Gedulah means “love,” also “goodness.”

When you refer to goodness or love we say Gedulah, and Chesed which is mercy; both names are attributed to Chesed (the Innermost) or to the Sephirah number 4 in the Tree of Life, which is on the top of the seven lower Sephiroth as you see counting from the bottom: Malkuth, Yesod, Hod, Netzach, Tiphereth, Geburah, and Chesed. These are the seven lower Sephiroth that we always state are related with the true human being, the Being that has to develop itself within the seven bodies in order to be called a Zauir-Anpin (lesser countenance).

Malkuth, the physical body with its three brains, is the opposite of the Triune Spirit: Chesed, Geburah, and Tiphereth (the Pneumatikon – the Spirit).

Malkuth is indeed the opposite of Chesed. All the Sephiroth related with the work of the Bodhichitta that we are discussing in different lectures are between Chesed and Malkuth.

The triune spirit - or the “pneuma” as we call it in Greek - is the Monad, which is a trio of Chesed, Geburah, and Tiphereth, in other words Spirit, Divine Soul, and Human Soul.

The three aspects (Chesed, Geburah and Tiphereth) are what we call the Monad or the Pneuma; their opposites, of course, are below in Malkuth, these are related with the three brains. Remember that we always state that we have three brains: the central nervous system, the grand sympathetic nervous system, and the parasympathetic nervous system, which gnostically we always name: intellectual brain, emotional brain, and motor instinctual sexual brain.

Through these three brains the Bodhichitta acts. Remember that the Bodhichitta has to build the inner bodies, or what we call the solar vessels, because Malkuth, the physical body, is symbolically called “a carcass.” Malkuth is really a vessel, but this vessel has within (in any ordinary person) the protoplasmic bodies that are lunar, mechanical, negative; this is why Malkuth is called Assiah, which is the world of matter and action.

Indeed, the Initiate, the Kabbalist, has to build (inside, through sexual alchemy) the superior vessels that are related with that statement given by the Master Jesus to Nicodemus: “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” - John 3: 5. In other words, we have to build superior vessels, because the Pneuma, the Spirit, which is the Monad, cannot incarnate or cannot reincarnate if the Kabbalist does not have those vessels. 

Behold here that I am uttering the word Kabbalist because this word comes from the Hebrew language “Kabel,” which means to receive.  Thus, a true Kabbalist is precisely an Initiate who walks on the direct path, or on the path of the self realization. Yes, a Kabbalist is someone who receives, someone who has the vessels, the Mercabah, which allows him to receive the Pneuma and also the psyche in different processes. Indeed, this is precisely the goal of the Initiate or Kabbalist: To incarnate or to reincarnate their soul and their spirit, or better said in Greek terms, their Psyche and their Pneuma.

From this point of view, we can see that in Malkuth there are two types of Kabbalists. This is very important to understand. When I say that there are two types of Kabbalists, let us comprehend that we are talking from the alchemical point of view, because alchemy is precisely the science in order to transform energies within the body. Alchemy is called in the Tree of Life: Daath, the mystery of Daath.

So, the reason why Malkuth is called the Mesocosmos, or the cosmos in the middle, is because, as you see, it is between Klipoth and the Kingdom of Heaven related with the superior Sephiroth above it. So Malkuth itself, as I repeat, is the physical body that we have, the carcass, and within it everybody has the protoplasmic bodies, that in their conjunction are that which we call “ego” - that is the patrimony of any beast of the kingdom. If you investigate clairvoyantly any cat, any dog, any horse, any bull, you will see that just as we have the protoplasmic bodies, the beasts also have them, and those vessels, because (this is precisely what we have to understand) the protoplasmic bodies are vessels; these are vessels created by nature for its own purpose, which is a mechanical purpose.

The protoplasmic bodies transform energies during the process of evolution from the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, and animal kingdom, nonetheless, nature also needs those other forces called lunar forces, thus nature also uses the same protoplasmic bodies through devolution. The devolving protoplasmic bodies are vessels that attract the lunar forces that are directly related with Klipoth.

ImageSo when you learn Kabbalah, when you study Kabbalah, you discover that within you, you have your own Spirit, your own Chesed, or your own Gedulah, which is an emanation of Daath, as you find in the Tree of Life that Daath is between Binah and Chesed. The ray of creation in its descent, from Binah passes through Daath into Chesed.

It is very important to understand (as we previously explained in many lectures) that the Innermost, the Spirit that we have within, is the child of the Holy Spirit. Chesed is the seventh body above; it is on top of the seven lower Sephiroth. Thus, Chesed indeed, Kabbalistically speaking, is the son or the child of Jehovah-Elohim, which is related with the Sephirah Binah. This is why the bible states that Jehovah-Elohim (which is the Holy Spirit) made all the creation through Chesed which is precisely that element that is placed within our own particular individuality. Yes, Chesed is that which the bible calls the “Ruach Elohim,” that as you see, it is translated as “the Spirit of God” (yet it is better to say the Spirit of the Elohim) that in the beginning was hovering upon the face of the waters.

So this Ruach Elohim, I repeat, is our Innermost. The Innermost has to develop, has to create soul. The Innermost in itself is our Spirit that grows and develops by hovering upon the face of the waters. This is why when you investigate the Chesed of all the creatures that exist in nature, you discover that not all of those Chesed’s are fully developed. Chesed / Gedulah’s development starts when He begins to work through us within the waters, as it is stated in the Book of Genesis. Our own particular Chesed or Gedulah has to build within us all that which is symbolically written in the Book of Genesis. 

This is why you find, Kabbalistically, that when Genesis states that Jehovah-Elohim, or Elohim (which is the symbolic Hebrew word for the Gods), said: Let there be light and there was light. And Elohim saw the light, that is was good. – Geneses 1: 3, 4.

So when Kabbalistically and Alchemically translating these former verses into plain English, we will say that Chesed or the Ruach Elohim (the spirit that the Elohim put in our interior in the beginning) through the alchemy that we are teaching, through the mysteries of Daath, or sexual transmutation, says: let there be light.

The Elohim in Daath symbolizes the Divine Mother (Aima Elohim) and the Holy Spirit (Abba Elohim). In different lectures we explain that the Divine Mother is called Shechinah in Kabbalah, the feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit in Binah. The union of these two forces feminine and masculine work in Malkuth, which is the carcass. Thus, from the very bottom, in Malkuth, they make their work. Listen very carefully: Abba and Aima, Father and Mother in heaven, make through Chesed their work in Malkuth. This is why it is stated that in the beginning the Spirit of those Elohim was floating upon the face of the waters. These Genesiac waters, we repeat, are the sexual waters, and from them, from their transmutation (that we previously explained) emerges the light, so that light of course is the light that is carried by the fire that rises in the spinal column, thus that light is the outcome of the Tzalem. 

Again, the Tzalem is the same Chesed which has the image of the Elohim within, because indeed, Chesed is the image of the Elohim, or better said, Chesed is that Spirit made into the image of the creators, or Elohim, or Gods as we speak. So, when that Spirit is delivering through the sexual transmutation its own Tzalem, that Ruach Elohim, that Chesed, starts making light within us or within his vessel, which in the beginning is Malkuth, the carcass. Thus, this how we receive (Kabel); you see, this is what is called White Tantrism or the will to receive (Ratzon-l-Kabel), that is, the will to receive the Tzalem or Chesed’s own Essence-Spirit (Gedulah) in order to start the Great Work.

When you read: And Elohim saw the light, that it was good. – Genesis 1: 4, this means that the light was Gedulah, which is “goodness” or “uprightness.” This is precisely what many people do not understand when they read the Bible, since they are bottled up within the terms “good and evil.” Understand that the terms “good and evil” as ordinary people understand them have nothing to do with what we are talking about here.

Gedulah is the goodness; it is precisely that goodness or compassion that we start building through chastity, because to build that goodness in its totality is to perform all the days of Genesis within. So in the beginning, we awaken that light or Kundalini, which is that serpent that Moses talks about and that he called the serpent of brass that healed the Israelites in the wilderness; this is the Kundalini or the fire of the Holy Spirit.


Therefore the people came to Moses, and said, we have sinned, for we have spoken against Iod-Chavah (the Holy Spirit), and against thee (Ratzon-l-Kabel or goodwill to receive); pray unto Iod-Chavah, that he take away the serpents (the Kundabuffer) from us. And Moses prayed for the people. And Iod-Chavah said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent (the Kundalini), and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten (by fornication), when he look upon it, shall live. And Moses (by amalgamating the female copper of Venus with the masculine tin of Jupiter through sexual alchemy) made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole (spinal medulla), and it came to pass, that if a (tempting) serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived.  – Numbers 21: 7-9

The fire of the Holy Spirit is precisely the Serpent of Brass, the fiery serpent Kundalini that works through Gedulah, the son of the Divine Mother, which is Shechinah. So, there are two types of Shechinah according to Kabbalah: Shechinah is that feminine aspect of Binah that creates. So the Shechinah above is the Divine Mother, the wife of the Holy Spirit which is an emanation of Chokmah. You see this is why when Dante Alighieri talks about the Divine Mother Kundalini as he stated in his Divine Comedy in Paradise Canto 33 Verse 137, he says:


Virgin Mother, Daughter of your Son,


More humble and sublime than any creature,


Fixed goal decreed from all eternity”


“Your loving-kindness does not only answer the one who asks,


but it is often ready to answer freely long before the asking.


In you compassion is, in you is pity, in you is generosity (Chesed),

In you is every goodness (Gedulah) found in any creature. - The Divine Comedy, Paradise, Canto 33, verse 1-37

So the Divine Mother is what we call in Kabbalah Shechinah, the wife of the Holy Spirit. She is the daughter of her son, because Chokmah is her father. Chokmah is the father of Binah. When you study the ray of creation, you see how the ray of creation descends from Kether, then to Chokmah, then to Binah, and then passes through Daath into Chesed. So therefore, Binah is the outcome of Chokmah, or an unfoldment of Chokmah; this is why it is said Binah has as a Father Chokmah, which is wisdom.

When Binah becomes divided into feminine and masculine polarities, they unite again in the mystery of Daath. The mystery of Daath is the mystery of the two, of the union of feminine and masculine, which in Kabbalah are called Abba and Aima. So that Aima is precisely what we call “Mother” and is the Shechinah above in heaven. She is that Shechinah or that power of the Elohim that has the power of creating or placing in each one of us that embryo, that Spirit that is called “the child of God,” that is, the Ruach Elohim that has to descend into the physical body. Thus, through them, through these Jehovah Elohim, through these two polarities above, we do the work, because when you read the Bible, you read in Genesis: And Elohim said, so, this Elohim is Abba and Aima as one, because Elohim means “Gods and Goddesses,” the two polarities, male-female.

And Elohim said: Let there be light and there was light. And Elohim saw the light, that is was good. – Geneses 1: 3, 4. In other words, the light that emerged there in the spinal column was Gedulah. And sequentially you keep reading and you find that this Elohim is working and keeps working in Malkuth transmuting the waters, which are called Mayim in Kabbalah. Mayim is “water,” which reminds us of Maya, a Sanskrit word related to the name of the mother of Buddha, and also Maya is the force of the Divine Mother among the Mayans. So behold here the similitude of Maya and Mayim; these waters are simply the waters below in Yesod, in the sexual organs, and is what we call the lower Shechinah. Thus, this is the Shechinah below, whose power is enclosed within the Chakra Muladhara, or as we say in Kabbalah, she is in exile within the Chakra Muladhara.

The Chakra Muladhara that we study in Kabbalah and Alchemy is directly related with Malkuth, because Malkuth is the Earth and the Chakra Muladhara is related to the tattva of the Earth called prithvi. 

So follow carefully this explanation, because here is precisely the meaning of the hidden or the concealed, or how Shechinah works with the power of the Holy Spirit through the cross, because in Gedulah-Chesed we teach about the mystery of the cross.

In this day and age, many fundamentalists talk about the power of the cross and many Christians have that symbol of the cross in their homes, but they do not know the meaning of it. They think that it is just related with the torture or crucifixion of the lord Jesus two thousand years ago. They ignore that the cross is an ancient - very ancient - symbol, and that the process of crucifixion, written in the gospels, is related with the alchemical crucible or crossed forces, related with the sexual act.

Here, we are not going to talk about the torture that people inflicted on Master Jesus two thousand years ago; that is another topic.

Here we are talking about the alchemical symbol of the cross, related with what is written in the Gospels about the cross; this is what we need to understand. Because on the cross is precisely salvation; on the cross, it is said, is where Christ poured his blood and his water from the wound after that soldier pierced him with the lance, with the spear. Indeed, this is precisely a complete sexual symbol that many Pharisees do not like to talk about.  

Yes, Puritans don’t like to talk about this, but it is true and certain that sexuality is what we are explaining here in relation with the cross, because through the union, the cross, the connection of the horizontal beam, which is the woman, the feminine aspect, with the vertical beam, which is the man, in the sexual act by means of the mystery of Daath (which is sexual alchemy) is how the Ruach Elohim awakens. Yes, the Spirit of God which is hovering upon the sexual waters, upon Mayim, upon Maya, below in Malkuth develops through the process of Genesis, the process of the seven days of Genesis or better said six, because on the sixth day is when the human being is created.

Thus Genesis is a process of transmutation or transformation, and that is why after the creation of each day or every day of Genesis (with the exception of the second), it is stated: “and Elohim saw that it was good.” In other words, we will say, it is Abba and Aima, the Holy Spirit, working in the vessel in Malkuth in different octaves; thus, in every octave, Jehovah Elohim, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother Kundalini, saw that it was Gedulah appearing in each step, because the work is done through Chesed / Gedulah, who is the real son of God above that descends in order to create.

This is precisely what our own particular Buddha, Monad, or Spirit wants. He wants to create the man into his own image and this is why he descends as Tzalem within the sexual energy in order to elaborate the Bodhichitta little by little in different steps. This is why we state that the Soma Psuchikon or the Bodhichitta is the outcome of the Pneuma, or the work - very hard work - that Chesed has to build through us. The Pneuma is building that which is called the vessel, you see? The Bodhichitta is that vessel, because that vessel has to receive the incarnation of the Pneuma, which is above. It is like if you want to use a car; let’s us assume that you don’t know that there is a way to buy a car, yet, you have the ability to build one, so you build it; you build your car with your ability, with your intelligence, with your Binah. Thus, at the end when it is done, it could be a carriage or whatever vehicle, then you just enter in it and this becomes your vessel, the vessel that you made.

As you see, in this work of alchemy, which we are explaining here, nobody is going to do the work for you; this has to be done by you. So you have to understand that when the vessel is done, then you start receiving through a process the different elements, psychological elements, and the Pneuma elements, which are the psyche and the spirit in different steps. This is the process that we call “metempsychosis” or the process of change within the psyche or Buddhata in order to attain the incarnation or reincarnation of the Human Soul and Spirit through a process of initiations, which are represented on the many heads of Avalokiteshvara.

However, in Malkuth, in this physical world, we have other types of Kabbalists. In other words, other types of initiates which “receive” as well, but they don’t receive the Pneuma.

This is why below Malkuth, in Klipoth, you find what is called Klipha which means “shell, empty shells,” meaning vessels that don’t have anything to do with Chesed. Why? Because in the physical world, in Malkuth, these Kabbalists that - even knowing the mystery of Daath - still fornicate. In other words, they spill the Ruach Elohim; they spill the Tzalem of God which is hovering upon their own sexual waters. Through that attitude they of course are awakening in Klipoth; this is what is called Black Tantrism.

Black Tantra among Kabbalists works through desire (evil will). They also name this Tantra “will to receive” - Ratzon-l-Kabel - yet, it is self-willed; in other places, Black Tantra is named with different names, however since here we are talking about Kabbalah, we are applying the Hebrew word Kabel, which means “to receive” and is the root of the word Kabbalah, and Ratzon, which means “will.”

So, the Black Tantric Initiates of Kabbalah commit the crime of spilling the Tzalem, the image of God, which is (as I already said) hovering upon our sexual waters. Through this procedure they develop the Kundabuffer. What is the Kundabuffer? It is that which is referred in the bible as the tempting serpent of Eden (the tail of Satan).

For (through fornication) they cast down every man his rod, and they became (tempting) serpents (of Eden): but Aaron’s rod (Kundalini) swallowed up their rods (Kundabuffer). - Exodus 7: 12

The Black Tantric Initiates of Kabbalah through the orgasm eject the sexual creative energy which is in Malkuth (physical body), in other words, through the orgasm the Shechinah that is in exile, that is within the Muladhara chakra instead of rising in the spinal column (or rod of Aaron) and giving them spiritual birth through their Ruach Elohim (that is goodness or Gedulah), they do the opposite; they awaken the Shechinah in the opposite way, in other words they awaken and work with Lilith.

In Kabbalah, we talk about the naked virgin or the naked Shechinah, which is precisely the force of Shechinah descending into Klipoth through the orgasm and which transforms itself into Lilith and Nahemah. When Adam and Eve fornicated - in this case we will say when Chavah/Eve fornicated, for Malkuth is related with the forces of procreation. The forces of procreation are Chavah; this is why in the bible Chavah is called “the mother of the living,” because the Chaiah, the life, is in the sexual energy.

When we arrive at this topic, we will say that the sexual energy is divided into two polarities. The semen in the sex is the opposite of the Cephalic Rachidian fluid in the head. One pole is in relation with Adam: the Cephalic Rachidian fluid is in relation with Adam, which is Pingala, which develops the brain. Yet Chavah, which is Ida, Eve, is in relation with semen, or procreation. Adam is the brain and Chavah (Eve) is the sex.

So when we transmute the sexual energy, Chavah/Eve rises as Shechinah, to the brain, and then the angel is created with all the vessels that alchemically we explain here through the Book of Genesis.

Nobody can create those vessels through fornication; nobody can receive the power of Gedulah and above if he or she doesn’t create first those vessels.  Nevertheless, as I stated, the Black Tantric Kabbalists spill their sexual energy. It doesn’t matter if they do it once a week, once a month, or once a year; since to spill it is a crime as it is written in the bible: But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shall not eat of it: for in the day that (as a beast) thou eatest (the fruit of sexuality) thereof thou shall surely die. - Genesis 2:17.

Between parentheses, this reminds me of an experience of the Master Samael when he was investigating the falling of humanity at the time of Lemuria. He wrote that when he was in the Akashic records invoking a certain couple from the seventh subrace of Lemuria, which was already a fallen humanity, he asked the couple, precisely of the man, how they reproduced in their epoch.

“Well,” said the man, “We were spilling the Tzalem of God in order to have our creatures but we were spilling it only for multiplication, only for that purpose.”

So, the master said to him, “It doesn’t matter if you were doing it just for that purpose, since that is a sacrilege, you shouldn’t spill the Tzalem of God in order to create creatures in the physical world.”

“Oh” said the man, “But in that moment we were having a very edifying and dignifying attitude and we were concentrated in our own particular Gedulah in order for him to create that creature.”

The master Samael when answering this Lemurian he says: ‘Worse!’ because if you were concentrated in your Gedulah and you were spilling his image through the sexual orgasm this is a crime really in the face of God. Aren’t you ashamed of that?”

He said, “Well, this is what we did, this is how we multiplied.”

“Yes,” said the Master “But not always was the multiplication of the races in that way. Let me invoke for you another friend of mine that lived in the fourth subrace of this Lemurian race, which in their time were multiplying themselves according to the commandments of the Elohim.”

And then the man said, “Please do it.”

Thus, Samael invoked a Master and the Master came. It was the bodhisattva of the Master. “Sadly” said the Master, “that bodhisattva was fallen because at that time in Lemuria he was standing and now he was fallen, thus, he came with many hats above his head. Those hats symbolized the different nationalities where this bodhisattva was reincarnating; each hat represented a woman, different women with which he was fornicating.”

Then when the bodhisattva arrived, the Master said, “We have invoked you because I want to ask you a question in order for you to be a witness before these friends of mine, but why are you having all of those hats on top of your head? Don’t be sacrilegious, don’t be vulgar, disintegrate them!

The Master continued, “The bodhisattva did an effort - a profound effort - and disintegrated the hats, which really,”  he said, “I was pleased, because that is a symbol of something he is going to do later on.”This of course is related with sex.

And then when the hats disappeared from this bodhisattva’s head, the Master said: “Can you tell us how you were multiplying in your time?”  

“Well,” he said, “We performed the sexual act but we never spilled the Tzalem of God, in other words, we never ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”

“Ah, so this is how you multiplied yourselves in your time, eh?”

“Yes,” he said.

“Do you realize that?” he said to the other couple that was there from the seventh subrace of the Lemurian race.

“Yes,” the man answered, “but we didn’t know it.”

“Well, now you know it,” said the Master.

Then the Master continued talking about that experience that he had with that ancient Lemurian that at the time of the invocation was fallen.

Thus, he asked him, “Are you willing to give testimony in the physical plane of what you said to me here in the internal planes?”

This ancient Lemurian said, “Yes I will.” 

So, this is how the experience ended, there are in it other further details, which we are not going to talk about here. The fact here in this narrative is that this couple from the seventh subrace of the Lemurian epoch performed the sexual act with that holy attitude, etcetera, which is precisely how in this day and age many Kabbalists do it. They think that by having that attitude of remembering Gedulah, the spilling of the semen is not bad, thus, by doing their sexual work in that way, they precisely become sacrilegious because they first invoke their own Gedulah, their own Chesed, and thereafter they spill their seed, their Tzalem. This precisely is a terrible crime; this was the crime of Esau, or Essau, which the bible talks about in Genesis. Who is Essau? Essau was the one who sold his birthright for a dish of lentils, which is a symbol of fornication.

Image This Essau is precisely the serpent. Why did I say that Essau is the serpent, the tempting serpent of Eden? It is written in the gospels or in the Old Testament that when Essau was born, behind him came Jacob holding his heel, but that of course is a symbol of how Jacob (which symbolizes Tiphereth) was controlling him by means of willpower, which is symbolized by the right hand. It doesn’t literally mean that the baby Jacob was holding the heel of Essau. It means that symbolically he was already controlling his Essau, which is a symbol of the venom blood. Essau represents the animal mind that works through that poison blood that circulates in Malkuth (physical body), which is that serpent (that creeps upon the earth after its kind) which brings all the animalistic, all that bestial inheritance from the animal kingdom, because any animal fornicates. And Jacob is the oxygenated blood which contains the Aleph, the breath, the oxygen of Kether, the inheritance of the Father.  

So when you as soul enter into the intellectual animal kingdom, you then receive the commandment of Elohim: But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shall not eat of it: for in the day that (as a beast) thou eatest (the fruit of sexuality) thereof thou shall surely die. - Genesis 2: 17.  Unfortunately, you have within your blood, within that poison blood that comes from the liver, the lure of the tempting serpent of Eden.

Behold, here you find precisely another intriguing symbol: the liver is related with the planet Mars, and Mars is ruled by Samael. Samael is one of the archangels that gave the body of desire to beasts, to animals, and that is why it is written in the Zohar that Samael was riding a serpent, and Samael was the one that tempted Eve, which is the sexual force of procreation, because that sexual desire force of procreation comes from the animal kingdom through the poisoned blood, which is called Essau.

It is written in Genesis 32:24-30 that Jacob wrestled with the Archangel Samael:


And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day. And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh (because, that Angel, had on his vesture and on his thigh - his sex - a name written: King of Kings and Lord of Lords.- Revelation: 19: 16); and the hollow of Jacob's thigh was out of joint (out of joint with the sexual desire of the beast), as he wrestled with him. And he said, Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me. And he said unto him, what is thy name? And he said, Jacob. And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel (Ish-Ra-El, the fire of the God Ra – the Ain Soph Aur): for as a prince hast thou power with (the sexual power of) God and with (the sexual power of) men, and hast prevailed. And Jacob asked him, and said, Tell me, I pray thee, thy name. And he said, wherefore is it that thou dost ask after my name? And he blessed him there. And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel (Penis – El, or the Iod of God): for (in the very sexual act) I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved. – Genesis 32:24-30

So, Essau represents the animal mind that works through that poison blood that circulates in Malkuth or physical body. What about the heel of Essau; do you remember Genesis? When it said in Genesis that the woman is eating from the tree of knowledge, it is Chavah/Eve in the sexual organs, the one who is eating of the fruit. This is why it is stated in Genesis chapter 3:15 that Jehovah said unto the serpent:

“And I will put enmity between thee (serpentine passional poisonous bloody fire) and the woman (Urania-Venus; Aima Elohim), and between thy seed (or children of fornication) and her seed (children of God); it (the Solar Fire of Aima Elohim, the Divine Mother Kundalini) shall bruise thy head (thy Mind; the den of the serpent is in the animal mind, Essau), and thou (serpentine passional poisonous bloody fire, through fornication) shalt bruise her heel (the heel of Essau in Malkuth with Kamaduro and Karmasaya).”

Yet, through Black Tantra, through the sexual orgasm, the fallen passional serpentine fire through Chavah/Eve or Ida bruises the heel, Malkuth. The serpent’s head is Essau or the ego that transmits its poisonous desire through the serpentine passional poisonous bloody fire of the liver and through fornication hurts the head (which is the brain – Adam). Thus, Essau or animal mind is fortified in the brain and this is precisely what happens with the people who practice Black Tantrism. They fornicate, they enjoy the orgasm, in order to develop the Kundabuffer (serpentine passional poisonous bloody fire) or the tail of Satan and this is how they become disciples of Javhe in the world of Klipoth.

Black Tantric Adepts become empty vessels, vessels without Gedulah, but vessels that absorb all the garbage from Klipoth and acquire power in Klipoth - in hell - but never in heaven. Of course, the vessels that they utilize in order to acquire that abysmal power through the development of the Kundabuffer, the tail of Satan, are the physical body and the protoplasmic bodies, which are lunar.

And this is why as much as they fornicate, the more they receive from Klipoth, and the fatter they become psychologically, their ego becomes gross and gross, huge and huge. If you read the book The Revolution of Beelzebub this is how precisely it is explained.

Beelzebub was really very fat, a huge gorilla, black, a monster, because he knew how to develop the Kundabuffer and acquire the 13 degrees of black magic. The 13 degrees of black magic are the opposite of the 13 Sephiroth. When you talk about the tree of life, you count 10 Sephiroth from Malkuth to Kether, yet beyond Kether you find the Ain Soph Aur, the Ain Soph, and the Ain. These are the 13 heavens that any authentic White Kabbalist develops, the 13 heavens. Yet, unfortunately there exists the 13 black degrees which are exactly the contrary, the opposite.

Black Kabbalists that develop the Kundabuffer absorb all the power of Klipoth and they acquire power in the physical world. I.e. money, like the demon Mammon, power in different ways in relation with the empty shells of Klipoth, hell, thus they become hierarchs of hell. Of course, Beelzebub was one of them; when the Master found him, he was really huge, a monster, and all the powers that he was developing and had at that time were related to Klipoth. So Beelzebub was a magician; remember that the word magician comes from the Sanskrit word “Mag” which means “priest”; thus Beelzebub thought that he was walking on the positive path because he was developing powers, yet in the infradimensions.

Why are we talking about Tantrism in this moment, in this level of the path of the Bodhisattva? Because we are entering into Chesed and Chesed is the head of the 7 lower Sephiroth. The top of the mountain of initiation - and it is here in the head or as the Gospel says in “the mount of the skull,” which is where you find precisely the cephalic rachidian fluid, and below in the spinal cord, which is commanded or control by Peter, the head of the church or the head of the temple.

You see this is why Peter, the apostle of Jesus, is always the head or as we always state, Peter is related to the pineal gland, right? And Peter is called Cephas which a word that shares the same roots of Cephalic, Cephas, Cephalic, from Greek, “Kephale,” related to the head.

So as you know, in John 1:42, Peter is Cephas: “Thou shall be called Cephas, which is by interpretation a stone.” “And I say unto thee, thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church.” Matthew 16: 18  

Peter means “stone” and upon this rock I will build my church. This means that through the pineal gland Peter builds the church of God because the science of Peter is the sexual transmutation that we are talking about here. That is why Peter the apostle was crucified upside down, in other words, like saying your head, your Cephas, your Kephale, your Cephalic, has to control your sexual waters. Sexual Transmutation is the science of Peter.

Simon Peter is the 1st apostle but his opposite is Simon Magus, who represents the opposite pole of Tantra. You see, everything has two poles in the cosmos. Kabbalistically speaking you find Peter the apostle the head of the church, your own church your own building that you have to build inside of you through sexual transmutation or White Tantra but Peter’s opposite is Simon Magus.

Simon Magus, Simon Peter can you see the obvious? Simon Magus is Simon Priest in other words or those people who know the mystery of Daath that we are talking about here, because this mystery was hidden, yet now is public. So “those priests” or as we will say in Sanskrit “those magicians” (“mag” means priest) who are the opposite of Peter are called symbolically Simon Magus.

Of course Simon Magus is a black magician, a black priest, as it is written in the book of Acts, how Simon Magus was trying to purchase the power of the Shechinah above. 


And when Simon saw that through laying on of the apostles' hands the Holy Ghost was given, he offered them money, saying, Give me also this power, that on whomsoever I lay hands, he may receive the Holy Ghost. But Peter said unto him, Thy money perishes with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money. Thou hast neither part nor lot in this matter: for thy heart is not right in the sight of God. Repent therefore of this thy wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of thine heart may be forgiven thee. For I perceive that thou art in the gall of bitterness, and in the bond of iniquity. Then answered Simon, and said, Pray ye to the Lord for me, that none of these things which ye have spoken come upon me. Acts 8: 18-24.


So, Simon Peter represents White Tantric Kabbalists, chastity, or sexual transmutation for the christification of the soul.  The angel has the two poles of the sexual energy upwards, towards his head, towards Peter – Cephas.  They have completely developed the Kundalini.

And Simon Magus represents Black Tantric Kabbalists, fornication, or any type of sexual degeneration for evilness, for the ego. The common and ordinary human beings and the demons have one pole upward (Pingala) and the other downward (Ida). Intellectual animals and demons form the brain with one pole (Pingala), and they fornicate with the other pole (Ida), developing the Abominable Kundabuffer Organ.        

The power of God cannot be sold; nevertheless, in this world of Malkuth there are many priests, magicians, that work in different levels with Tantra and they think that they can acquire everything with money; why? Because money is the power of Malkuth; money is the power here in this physical world, you know that. Do you want power in Assiah? Well then, you have to acquire money and more money, but that is the black path. And in Black Tantra, the black Kabbalists they teach you how to make money, how to become a millionaire, how to a become billionaire, thus, this is what they say when they appear in public: “Oh yes, you are a Kabbalist, because you have a lot of money.”

So Black Kabbalists are “receiving and receiving and receiving” a lot of power from Malkuth. However, when you enter into the astral plane (Hod), you find that the money of the physical plane is symbolized there in the internal planes as manure, as poop.

So physical money is not the power of the White Lodge; the power of the White Lodge, the money of the White Lodge, is superior values, levels of consciousness, forces that you have to develop; this is why Master Jesus said: “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth… but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” - Matthew 6:19, 20, because in the end you die and you don’t take anything from the Earth.

Moreover, this is precisely why the Lord Christ is crucified on “the mount of the skull”; you see, in the skull or the head we find the brain, and the brain is the vehicle either of the solar mind which is Elijah (as we were explaining in other lectures) or of the protoplasmic mind, Essau, which is the bad thief. There are two thieves crucified on each side of the mount of the skull: the good thief and the bad thief. Listen carefully: the good thief is Gedulah, the goodness, that element that you have to work with in order to steal the creative energy from nature and to create the vessel for your own God, your own Elohim. This is the good thief, Gedulah; but the bad thief, of course, is that bestial power of Essau, the ego (Esau was a cunning hunter, a man of the field – Genesis 25: 27) that will awaken your Kundabuffer and will steal the power of the Elohim in order to acquire power in Klipoth.

So, related to Daath there are two types of Tantrism in Malkuth, the Sephirah that receives (Kabel) the emanations whether from the Sephiroth above or from Klipoth, the Sephiroth below.


Yes, there are (alchemically speaking) two thieves. This is why when we enter into the mystery of Gedulah / Chesed you find precisely the mystery of the two thieves; either you awaken for Gedulah for good, for your own Chesed, or you awaken for evil and in evil in Klipoth for your own Essau through Lilith, Black Tantrism.


And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. - Daniel 12:2


Are you following this? Do you understand this?

Understand that the Divine Mother Kundalini is called in Hebrew Aima-Elohim. Aima means “mother” but in Greek Aima means “blood.” Of course Greek and Hebrew have the same roots in the Atlantean language, Watan. Ima or Aima is the Mother, is the blood.

Did you ever hear that the blood is the vehicle of the spirit? Behold here we find another meaning; in Hebrew, blood is “Dam.” This word is written with Daleth and Mem, so “Dam” is blood, but if you write Aleph at the beginning of that word, you find the word Adam. Aleph in Kabbalah is the symbol of air; air is the wind, the Spirit that hovers on the dam, the blood. This is why we stated in other lectures that when you breathe you extract from the oxygen of the atmosphere the breath of God into your nostrils. That oxygen that brings the breath of God the Tzalem of God into your nostril goes into your lungs and purifies Essau. In other words, Jacob in the heart that transforms through Aleph (oxygen) the poisoned blood of Essau into purified blood. Do you understand that? 

In Hebrew, the word for poison is “Sam.” This means the animal passional blood that comes from the liver in your physical body is a poisoned blood that goes into your lungs and that through the breathing system becomes purified and goes and returns into the heart, and this purified blood is Jacob; can you see this? This is how Jacob takes the inheritance of Essau from the liver and places it in the heart. You got that? Because this is very hidden in the blood, and it is a symbol very hidden in the Bible. And it is not an easy task; remember the ladder of Jacob, you have to climb it after wrestling with Sam-a-El, the almighty power of God in the sex.

Thus, this is how A-Dam is created; this is why the creation of the true human being is done through the heart. This is why Jacob is in the heart, which in the Tree of Life represents Tiphereth, or the one who receives the inheritance from Essau. But that Essau (which is the poisoned blood in your body) is the one bestial force that pushes you to fornicate, to adulterate, and to do all the bestiality that in this day and age all human beings (or better said intellectual animals) are doing on the planet Earth; they are Essau.

Understand the work: when you come here, you come as Essau, because all of us are fornicators, all of us are adulterers, all of us have that poisoned blood in our body. So then we start applying the science of God that we know as Daath, where that Aleph, that wind, that Spirit of God that enters through the nostrils, goes and purifies the blood and no longer is Dam but Adam. And as A-dam, the blood carries the spirit of God, thus, the blood which is the vehicle of the spirit descends and transforms itself into semen.

Aleph by itself represents the “Ah” sound, but also the element air, or breath - so “Adam” is the outcome of “Aleph,” the breath of life, the Tzalem or Image of God that enters through the nose and that purifies “Dam” the blood, which eventually becomes Semen, with which the Soma Psuchikon is created unto the image (Aleph) of God. This is how many truths are alchemically and Kabbalistically hidden within the Bible

So, semen is precisely the last outcome of the blood; semen is where the Tzalem of God is placed. This is why semen in Hebrew is called Tzara. You see that is the word for semen: t-z-a-r-a. And here if we take the letter Tzade out of Tzara and we put the letter Shin, then we say Shari, which is the name that the wife of Abraham had in the beginning: Sarai. But at the end she became Sarah or Sharah (with Shin), because the fire is there; shin is fire.  So when you know about Daath, you know that Tzara is semen. In the Tibetan language, the same word for Bodhichitta is the word for semen. So the semen, Bodhichitta, the mind, everything is related here.

Tzara or Sarah the wife of Abraham is Sarah with Shin; better if we say Sharah, because the semen is no longer ejaculated; the Tzalem of God is transmuted. Fire in Hebrew is Ish. Isha is the feminine fire or feminine aspect of God rising in the rod of Aaron, and that is Sarah or Sharah, the wife of Abraham.

Abraham also has a symbol in his descent he is Chesed. Abraham means “the exalted Father.” In Daath, he symbolizes Binah. Yet, as an unfoldment of Binah, he is Chesed of the heights. Abraham has his wife, which is Malkuth; do you see? This is why Abraham said when in front of the Pharaoh or in front of Abimelech another king of that area of Egypt, he said: "She is my sister, the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother." This means that Sarah represents Aima-Elohim, Binah-Shechinah, the daughter of Chokmah, who is also the father of Binah-Abba-Elohim. Thus, Sarah-Binah and Abraham-Binah are the supernal Abba and Aima, brother and sister in Daath; both are an unfoldment of Chokmah.

Yet, Abraham as Chesed has the Shechinah of Malkuth as his wife; this Shechinah in Malkuth is also Sarah, who is an unfoldment of the Shechinah in Daath, Aima Elohim in Daath where everything begins and where everything is concealed.

This is why Abraham as Chesed is the son of Sarah-Binah, yet Abraham as Abba-Binah has Sarah as his sister.

And Abraham as Chesed is married to Shechinah-Sarah-Malkuth, who is not the daughter of Shechinah-Sarah-Binah but an unfoldment of it; because Shechinah-Sarah is always Shechinah-Sarah above in Binah or below in Malkuth.

The Divine Mother above in Daath becomes the exiled fire of Shechinah-Sarah in Malkuth below (in the Muladhara chakra) and when you awaken that fire, that Shechinah in Malkuth, the Divine Mother shines above and below because it is the same force, an unfoldment of the Holy Spirit. So here you find why it is written in Galatians 3:16:

 “Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ (which is the Tzalem hidden within the Tzarah).”

That seed is Tzarah which becomes Sarah his wife when he starts transmuting his sexual energy; then Isaac is born. Isaac is the outcome of that chastity.

So are you following this? Because here you find precisely the mystery of the two thieves and why Peter (which in Greek means Petra rock or stone) is the head, exactly in the pineal gland of the church of Rome. Romae backwards is Amore in Latin or Italian. So Peter is the head of the church of love; in other words, Peter in the head controls the sexual transmutation through the work with the cross; nevertheless, his opposite of course is Simon the magus, the priest that fornicates, the priest that becomes a vessel for Klipoth.

So in the physical world, the world of Malkuth, the physical body, as you know, we have the three brains; these three brains are related with the religious world. When we talk about the religious world, we are talking about those people who really want to self-realize themselves, people that really love religion. Here we are not talking about atheists, but people who know this mystery we are discussing here. Nonetheless, sometimes they don’t know how to interpret the scriptures, so they just follow the dead letter of what is written, this is what is called “the religious world.” The religious world is in relation with Malkuth and could be applied to any religion, or any religious people.

Therefore, since here we are talking about the Gospels, then we have to talk about them in relation with Kabbalah in order to understand the three brains of the religious world that the initiate has to confront, or has to face. Because this is what we do when we start working with our own particular goodness, with our own particular Gedulah, and we teach this knowledge, then something happens. There are two ways for the Monad to develop, and this is why the fourth Sephirah has two names: Chesed and Gedulah. Gedulah is precisely that goodness that appears in every step until you become an Adept Initiate, which is when you raise all the seven serpents of fire, then that Gedulah is Gedulah, just superior.

If that goodness wants to descend and to help humanity, then that goodness decides, that Pneuma decides, to take the direct path, the path of the bodhisattva, and instead of Gedulah, he becomes Chesed. So here you have to understand these two names: Gedulah is superior, but Chesed is when the work is done and when you start working with charity or when you start giving the knowledge, helping your fellowmen. And that is why it is written in the gospel of Mark 8:34:

ImageWhosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

Yes, these are the Three Factors of the Revolution of the Consciousness.

The first is: to deny himself. This means to annihilate all the bestiality that we have within, that we inherited from the animal kingdom; it is that which we call ego. Thus we have to annihilate all the lunar vessels that only collect, vessels that only receive from Klipoth; those vessels are the protoplasmic bodies. This is to deny oneself; this is a long process.

The second is: take up his cross. In order to take up the cross, you have to become a White Tantric practitioner, because Black Tantrists cannot receive the Pneuma. Remember that the path of the bodhisattva is the acquisition of the Pneuma, which is above, which is in relation with Geburah, Chesed, and Tiphereth and also the other triangle above (Kether, Chokmah, and Binah), which forms the Superior Pneuma.

So, to incarnate or reincarnate, that is, to receive the Pneuma within you as Intuitive Kabbalah, you see? Kabel means to receive. To incarnate the Pneuma is what is called incarnation or reincarnation, and not like many other people think, that metempsychosis is only related with the process of the transmigration or return of the soul into many bodies. Such a process is mechanical; we call that process “return.” 

Yet, reincarnation is a process of initiation in which you receive little by little your Pneuma; understand that the Pneuma cannot incarnate in the protoplasmic bodies. In other words, God cannot incarnate in any beast. God only incarnates within the Bodhichitta with superior vessels, which we have to build.

This is why the Book of Genesis was written, so that you can create that. Don’t think that the Book of Genesis was written just for fun, no! Genesis was written in order to indicate to you what is that which you have to create, if you want to receive the Pneuma.

Nevertheless, people here in this physical world think that they can receive the Pneuma and all the attributes of the Sephiroth just by intellectually studying Kabbalah or just by reciting prayers, etcetera, despite the fact that they are fornicating and spilling the Tzalem of God. They do not understand that through that attitude they do not receiving anything but Klipoth.

The third is: and follow me. Of course this third factor is charity (Chesed).

You see, this is how you study this verse: “to deny yourself” means (to begin with) avoiding the spasm, this is the beginning, this, in order to create the superior vessels, the Mercabah so your God can be riding there in that chariot; that is the 1st step.

“To take the cross” is the second step because with the cross, with the Sexual Cross, with Tantra, white sexual transmutation, is how you accomplish 100% with that denial. Thus, when you perform this whole work, of course, you are following him.

“To follow Chokmah, to follow Christ” is precisely to take the direct path, the path of the bodhisattva. So then, when you start performing this work, of course, you find many enemies inside and outside of you. The enemies which are related to your motor, instinctual, sexual center are called in the gospels “the elders.” The elders of the temple are individuals who are attached to traditions: Jewish traditions, Buddhist traditions, Christian traditions, Muslim traditions, any type of traditions related with any given religion. They perform their duty in the temple, they attend to the temple, and they think that because they are good parents, because they fulfill the duties of a good citizen and because they go to the church, to the temple, to the synagogue etc. etc., they are done, so that when they die they will go into heaven or that they will resurrect in the future day just because they belong to that particular sect. These are precisely “the elders of the temple.”

The other enemies, who are above the elders, are “the Pharisees” in the emotional brain. The Pharisees, the orthodox religious people, presume of having the truth and perform their rites and through those rites which we are explaining here, believe they eventually are going to be great initiates, great vessels of the Pneuma, of the Spirit.  They do not what to understand that nobody becomes a vessel of the Spirit just by believing or just by studying or repeating prayers; because the real vessels of the Spirit are built with the cross.

This is why you find that when the lord is crucified, these elders, these Pharisees of the temple say: “Let Christ the King of Israel descend now from the cross that we may see and believe.” – Mark 15: 32. In other words they say: abandon that transmutation with the cross; why are you suffering too much nailed to the cross? Why are you trying to transform yourself with that torture of transmuting your sexual energy and annihilating your ego? Because to deny oneself is to transmute the sexual energy and this is the symbol of the Christ crucified on the cross, because Christ is INRI, Igneous Natura Renovatur Integra: the fire renews nature integrally, incessantly.

So that Christ, that entity, does the work on the cross of the man and woman; that is INRI, that is the mystery. And of course, the Pharisees and the Elders don’t like that. They want a Christ that will agree with their fornication, with their adultery, with their fanaticism, and all of that which is related with that bestiality which we have within. But the Christ already knows them very well.

The other enemies are “the scribes,” which are in the head: the intellectuals, of course, those who study the bible, that study the Zohar, that study Buddhism, the Torah or the Koran, the Vedas, etc., and because they memorize the scriptures they think that they know about the Path, just because they intellectually study their religion a lot. Those are the scribes that Jesus finds when the Pneuma descends into Malkuth and starts rising in the spinal column.

First the Elders in the sexual-instinctual-motor brain; and then the Pharisees in the heart or emotional brain, those who believe that they are good because they believe in the scriptures, because they only do good things, but they don’t do good with Gedulah. They just do the good with their protoplasmic bodies. Yet, that is not conscious good. Gedulah is precisely the one that performs upright good.  So, Chesed has to descend and to perform the upright good. This is why we say, love, Gedulah, is a law but cognizant Gedulah, cognizant love. You know, there are a lot of people who say we need to be compassionate, yes, we have to go and help humanity, but with conscious love, with Gedulah. Thus, if you don’t know that Gedulah is within your sexual energy and that He has to build all the seven days of Genesis within you, then what are you preaching? Are you preaching that you have to be good with your protoplasmic bodies? Do not you understand that those protoplasmic bodies belong to Klipoth?

Therefore, whether you are a Kabbalist, a Jew, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Muslim, a Brahman or even a Gnostic, yes, if you memorize all this Gnosticism and you don’t perform what we are explaining in these teachings, you then go with your protoplasmic bodies to Klipoth, because God cannot be received within the protoplasmic bodies, within the body of a beast. Therefore, you have to build the superior bodies of God, which are the image of him.

So therefore when you start doing this work, as you know, you find all the Elders, all the Pharisees, and the Scribes from different religions arguing with you, telling you that you are wrong, that this is not the path, that the path has to be practiced in this way or this other way, etc., they say, why is God putting too much burden on our backs? Why this and why that, etc.?  They do not want to follow the path that Jesus practically taught:


And (in Yesod) he bearing his cross (from the coccyx) went forth (through the central nervous system) into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew language Golgotha. - John 19: 17


Yes, through the rising of that fire to the mount of the skulls, the Christ which is rising together with Gedulah comes to know each part of our psyche, thus, he receives all type of insults within us.

The cross that he is carrying on his shoulders, that cross or that path of the cross, is the symbol of sexual transmutation, the sexual chastity that we have to perform with our own particular Mary Magdalene (if we are men) and if we are a woman then we have to have our own particular husband in order to perform and carry the cross from the very bottom of Malkuth to Chesed. And through that process, of course, the Christ discovers and knows you, knowing your Elders, knowing your Pharisees, and all your theories, which are the Scribes.

Thus, when that Christ-force arrives to the top of the skull, when that Christ-force is crucified there in the Golgotha, it is because the den of the ego, the cave where all that bestially hides is the mind. That mind, that protoplasmic mind that utilizes the brain as a vehicle in order to implant theories, in order to implant dogmas and beliefs, yet, that Christ-force there in the skull is against all of that. And this is why when they see the Lord crucified on the mount of the skulls, instead of feeling pity for him, they hate him, and the Lord only says: Eli, Eli, lama Sabachtani. And then they said: “This man is calling for Elijah (the Solar Man, the Logos).” They say: “Lets us see whether Elijah will come to save him,” that is, “Let us see if the Logos descends and takes him out of that path of the bodhisattva, the path of the cross, and all those mysteries that we don’t like because we hate that cross.” In other words, they say in synthesis, “We are vampires, we don’t like the cross, because we like to fornicate, we like to commit any type of adultery with Lilith,” because Lilith is the mother of foul sexual degeneration. 

Yes, foul sexual degeneration is precisely what the Black Tantrists follow. They practice that and they teach that; they say: “you have to reach the cosmic orgasm” and many silly things like that, in order to make you more a slave of Klipoth. They know that you are already a slave of Klipoth because you have the protoplasmic bodies that belong to Klipoth. So, why are you going to fortify those elements within you? It is perhaps because you want to fall faster into hell by being psychologically fatter?

Yet, what Gnostics have to do is to eliminate those psychological elements, and this is precisely what the Lord Jesus said in Mathew 16:24-28:

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul (the soma Psuchikon)? For the Son of Man (the Pneumatikon) shall come in the glory of his Father (the Pneuma) with his angels; and then he shall reward every man (Bodhichitta) according to his works. Verily I say unto you, there be some (Twice Born) standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of Man (the Pneumatikon, Tiphereth) coming in his kingdom (Malkuth; in other words, incarnating in him.)

Because when you are already in that level you can incarnate the lord, the son of man and continue your psychological work.  


So this is why when at the beginning of the lecture we said:

Chasmalim (of Chesed), enlighten me (as a Buddha) with the splendors of Elohim and Shechinah!

ImageLet us explain what Shechinah is: Shechinah is the feminine attributes of the Holy Spirit, Binah. She has five aspects, yet, in Kabbalah within the hieroglyphic Tree of Life we study specifically two aspects: the Shechinah above and the Shechinah below. The Shechinah from above is in the Sephirah Daath and stands within the Elohim of the twelve zodiacal constellations which are related to Chokmah. The Shechinah from below is in Yesod (which physically corresponds to the energy of the sexual organs) and stands (as the Brazen Serpent) in the spinal column (or rod) of the Initiates of the twelve tribes or twelve signs of the zodiac. The Shechinah from above (Aima Elohim) and the Shechinah from below (the Kundalini) shine simultaneously when Abba-Elohim-Binah fecundates her with Ruach-Chokmah-El (God’s Spirit of the Wisdom); thus, Chokmah (as the Son of Man) opens the seven seals of Revelation and unveils their mysteries by means of his Shechinah below. Finally, when the ego is completely annihilated within the Initiate, then “The Whole Earth (the Septenary Man) is full with the Glory of Shechinah.”

When the children of Israel (the souls of the twelve zodiacal signs or constellations) are in exile (in Malkuth-Assiah), their Shechinah is not perfected below or above. This is because of fornication.

Now, the Chasmalim are the Beings, the Gods in other words, related with Chesed. Those Gods that are charitable, that are compassionate, those are the Chasmalim. Sequentially we read the words, enlighten me with the splendors of Elohim and Shechinah!  

Why do we say enlighten me? Because the Chasmalim are called “the enlightened ones.” That is what the word Chasmalim means in Hebrew: the enlightened ones. And those enlightened ones are the Buddhas (in Sanskrit), which means “enlightened,” and of course the true Buddha is Chesed in us; but we say “enlighten me with the splendors of Elohim,” we explained already the Elohim are the superior forces of Binah that work through sexual alchemy, through white Tantra, not black. In other words, the splendors of Elohim are the splendors of the forces of the light of the Elohim.

And Shechinah, you have to see not only the splendors of the Shechinah above but also below, because each one of us has his own particular Shechinah. Here below in this physical body, that Shechinah is precisely in the Chakra Muladhara, hidden, waiting for her awakening.  

This is precisely the meaning of “enlighten me with the splendors of Elohim and Shechinah!” When in the work of sexual alchemy, when he is crucified, the Lord utters, “I am thirsty,” and they put on a cane a sponge imbibed with vinegar. That reed, that cane, symbolizes the spinal column; and when he takes that vinegar, he does it as if symbolically saying: The path is within the spine medulla, within which you are working, and since now you are reaching the top of the skull, then, there you have to face your own protoplasmic elements, which are within your skull, within your mind, within your head, within your cephalic, within your Golgotha. And of course that is bitter, because let me tell you, it is nothing pleasant to sit down and to start studying your ego within your mind through meditation, thus, to see that in your mind there is only filthiness. And comprehending that your ego requires annihilation through your Shechinah; vinegar means the need to annihilate that ego, the bitterness of filthiness and more filthiness. The psychological work is bitter, and this is precisely done by the Lord, which is that Christ-Light united with the initiate that sees his ego through the senses of his spinal column.

So vinegar is the symbol of the impure elements that surface within the mind. Throughout the work of transmutation, we only see filthiness within; thus, this is why the work that we do is bitter. Yet, Christ remains there within the initiate and says “I have to die within this initiate because I want to help him” and with his death he annihilates death, with his death he destroys completely the ego of that initiate within which he is incarnated.

You have to understand that this work is not done just by believing. We understand that in the mystery of the cross is salvation, yet that cross has to be taken from the bottom, from Malkuth up to Chesed. The lord was not already in Chesed, here on the skull crucified, no! First he went to Pilate, to the mind, as you know if you read what we explained in the previous lecture in Geburah.  

In Geburah, He was there in front of Barabbas, which is precisely that ego which gathers all the garbage from Klipoth, thus the Lord saw Barabbas and he said (this is my own interpretation): “my goodness here is this individual that I have to annihilate that I have to kill how horrible he is but he has the power now.” And then the multitudes said: “liberate Barabbas, liberate Barabbas” because those multitudes are egos, bestiality that we have within. They don’t like the Lord, thus, they say: “why do we have to die, why do we have to be annihilated?” And of course, Pilate the mind washes his hands; he says: “we have to send this individual to death because this is what he wants, he wants to deny himself.”

Thus, this is how the Lord starts from the bottom carrying the cross from Malkuth until the mount of the skulls, to Cephas, where Peter is the head of the church, and thus he goes. And if you read in the Gospels about the path of the cross then you will understand all this psychological process. This is how you suffer together with the Lord if you accept to take up the cross. Understand! It is not that you are going to believe in the cross, it is not that you are going to take that symbol and to hang it on your chest, or you are going to appear in front of the multitudes with a cane, with a cross there, and showing the cross on top of your head, and saying: “Oh I am Christ,” or “I am a Christian,” No! To take the cross means to descend into the ninth sphere, because that is precisely the meaning of that moment in which the multitudes shout: “Crucify him! Crucify him!” However, the filthy multitudes expect that the Lord will fornicate.

ImageYet, he descends into the ninth sphere and takes his wife, who is Mary Magdalene, and starts working with her in the cross, which is sexual transmutation, thus he does not commit the crime of spilling the Tzalem. And because of that, of course, is a big scandal. The elders of the temple, the Pharisees, make the biggest scandal. “Look this man with his wife; they do not fornicate, they transmute their sexual energy; that is madness, they are going to be sick, they are going to have different diseases etcetera,” thus they start saying many ignorant things.  

But the initiate keeps ahead, receiving spit from the ego of the people, which are criticism from others, stones, etc. However, in the path the initiate also finds, of course, beautiful people, symbols of those parts of the Being that help him. Thus, on the path he finds Simon, another Simon; you see another Simon, Simon from Cyrene. Simon from Cyrene is the same Chesed, his own inner master that comes to assist him, his own guru, his own inner master comes to assist him on the path, because Tiphereth needs to walk the way of the cross together with Chesed, who says: “go ahead my son, let me help you to carry your cross,” you see? If Gedulah doesn’t descend, how is he going to help the initiate to carry the cross? Gedulah has to descend because it is the Ruach Elohim, the spirit of God, and as Gedulah he helps his own soul to carry the cross to the mount of the skulls.

That is why it is written in the bible, in the gospels, that this Simon from Cyrene was the father of Alexander and Rufus. Alexander of course is the one that performs that sacrifice for humanity; let me transcribe for you the interpretation:


And as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene (an ancient Greek city noted as an intellectual center with distinguished schools of medicine and philosophy), Simon by name (the father of Alexander - a name that means in Greek “defender of Andros” – men - Tiphereth) and Rufus (red-haired, synonym of fire): him they compelled to bear his cross (the Inner Guru Chesed always appears on the path in order to help the initiates).

So, Rufus is the Mind that works with the fire because he is related with a person that has red hair, and red hair is a symbol in Greek mythology of the alchemists that works with fire - that have the knowledge of fire in their head.

And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment: and they called his name Esau. - Genesis 25: 25

You see? The knowledge of fire within the head because here we are talking about the mount of the skulls; that is, the head and all of that related to the sacred fire, which is written in symbols there in the Gospels.

The path of the cross is the path of the bodhisattva. This is why we stated that we are not the first ones to teach this, just as Jesus was not the first one who took the cross and was crucified on the mount of the skulls. There were many initiates who did it before, because this is an alchemical process in which you have to work with the spirit of God. You have to raise the spirit of God from your sex to the skull in order to crucify your bestiality in your head, which is your mind, which is the den of the defects, and to face your own Scribes, your own Pharisees, and your own Elders of the temple.

This is a process that all initiates lived in the past, and many initiates are living it in these present times, and many initiates will live it in the future. Among the great initiates, Jesus is the greatest one who came and showed this path publicly. He came in order to show that which we are teaching here to the public. At that time of course, the initiates, the Kabbalists, white Tantrists, understood all the steps towards this psychological transformation, to the incarnation or reincarnation of the Pneuma. Yes, this process is a process that we call reincarnation or metempsychosis.

In the beginning, when you reach the level of Tiphereth, the fifth initiation of major mysteries, you incarnate your human soul, you become a Bodhichitta. Somebody that has all the vehicles already created there, but that Bodhichitta has still part of its consciousness bottled up within the ego, within the protoplasmic bodies. This is why when you find those types of initiates here, they are always with ego. This is the first incarnation or we would say reincarnation if that initiate fell in past ages, and now he is rising again; of course, he is reincarnating. Incarnation means to be in the flesh; that is the meaning of the word incarnation. And reincarnation means to be inside of the flesh again.  

Regrettably, because of the fact that the ego of people always comes and enters into a new body, into a new flesh again, people think: “Oh I am reincarnated” but strictly speaking in esotericism we are not talking about the reincarnation of the protoplasmic bodies or the ego or the bestiality that we have within, since that only returns mechanically into this physical world 108 times. Understand that when we talk about incarnation or reincarnation we are talking about the incarnation or reincarnation of the Monad, the Pneuma.

So, first Tiphereth (which is called the human soul) enters and incarnates or reincarnates, and then begins the process of the cross (which is the annihilation, the denying of one self’s bestiality), when that ego is completely annihilated in the world of Malkuth (which is related to the egos of the 96 laws of the first sphere of Klipoth). When that initiate annihilates all those egos, all of those psychological aggregates related with the 96 laws, and is completely clean, then he is ready to incarnate Geburah and Chesed, the superior part of his Monad.

Many Gnostics think that when somebody reaches the fifth initiation of major mysteries that the Pneuma, Chesed with Geburah, incarnates as well; no! The only thing that incarnates is Tiphereth, the human soul. If you want to incarnate your Gedulah and Geburah, you have to annihilate your ego, you have to deny yourself. That is why it is written, “Whosoever wants to come after me (the Pneuma) has to deny himself.” So, when you deny yourself and completely annihilate your ego, then your vessel in Malkuth is clean, only Malkuth is clean. You are dead on the cross of Malkuth and then you say as in Luke 23:46: “Father into thy hands I commend my Spirit (Chesed).” Of course, the Father that in this phrase Jesus is addressing is Binah, the superior part of Chesed.


So, then that Gedulah who is within Geburah (as a flame within a cup made of alabaster), enters into Malkuth and this is what is called the reincarnation of a Buddha. Before that, nobody is a reincarnated Buddha, because in order to be a reincarnated Buddha, such a Buddha has to be inside of the vessel. Therefore, if your own Buddha is not inside of the vessel, why are you going to call yourself a Buddha? Maybe you can call yourself somebody in the process of becoming a Buddha; because only by Geburah and Gedulah entering into Malkuth, is someone a reincarnated Buddha, or better said, an enlightened one, which is Chesed. The Chasmalim have the Pneuma inside and this is why they are rightly called “enlightened ones” or Buddhas. Chasmalim, enlighten me with the splendors of Elohim and Shechinah!

This is why we have stated that Jesus of Nazareth was a Buddha, and it is because Chesed was inside of him, and as Chesed he was teaching the multitudes. Jesus was what we call in Buddhism “a Dhyani Bodhisattva.” The Dhyani is Geburah and Chesed and Tiphereth together; this is the Dhyani Bodhisattva. Yet, a bodhisattva in itself without Geburah and Chesed is only a bodhisattva with Tiphereth in process.

So, this is precisely the metempsychosis, the process in which the psyche is changing little by little and the Pneuma, the spirit, reincarnates.

Master Samael Aun Weor was a reincarnated Buddha, who because of taking the path of the bodhisattva, the straight path, became a Buddha Maitreya, which is a symbol that means a Christified Buddha, a Buddha that incarnates Avalokiteshvara. So that is what gnostically we call Buddha Maitreya; but if you have your ego alive or in the process of disintegration, of course, it is difficult to call yourself a Buddha Maitreya. Maitreya means “love,” Gedulah. Nevertheless, remember, Buddha is the Gedulah above, because there are many initiates in nirvana that have the Gedulah, because they perform the work they are at that level of Buddha, but a Buddha above, not below.  

To be a Buddha below in Malkuth, that is, incarnated or reincarnated in the physical body, for that you have to have the vessels, for that you have to annihilate your egos, and this is precisely what all the prophets and master Jesus taught: how to become a Chasmalim, how to become an enlightened one with the powers of Elohim and Shechinah; simple, right? I mean simple in explanation, because, indeed, to do this in the practical way is only possible if you follow the rules, which are hidden is the process of the cross on the mount of the skulls.  

So, read carefully the process of the cross, and then you will understand what is to be a true Christian, because in the blood of Christ, in his blood is salvation, but that blood is Aima in Greek, which is Mother in Hebrew, the blood that through metabolism becomes seed, semen:


“Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ (which is the Tzalem hidden within the Tzarah).” Galatians 3: 16


This is why it is stated that the Blood is the vehicle – womb of the solar spirit-Christ, this is why that blood-Aima of Christ redeems the sins of the world through the cross, the cross of sexual alchemy, the cross of the sexual union of man and woman, the union of Iod and Chavah or Jehovah Elohim in Daath, who are the Mother –Father of Gedulah the Ruach Elohim the Tzalem of God that hovers in the waters- Mayim –Maya, the Mother in Yesod.  


And the Spirit (Gedulah) of Elohim moved upon the face of the waters (Mayim, Maya, the Mother in Yesod, sex). And Elohim said, Let there be light: and there was light. And Elohim saw the light, that it was good (Gedulah) etc…   


Therefore, if you spill the seed (semen) you are not being washed or purified with the blood (fire) of the lord. The blood (fire) of the Lord has to be assimilated, transmuted in your organism, because the blood of the Lord washes, burns the sins of our bestiality, our bestial world. Yes, this is how you are saved, saved of the second death, saved of Klipoth, saved of the annihilation of the second death, because as souls, unfortunately, we are bottled up within the ego. Well, I have more to say but for that you can ask questions.

Question: Since we enter different levels of consciousness say like the unconsciousness in the dream stage even though we practice Alchemy and Pranayama in the physical plane and we fornicate, say in the dream stage, is this the same level of sin against the Holy Spirit as if you fornicate in the physical plane?

Answer: The question is if we fornicate in dreams is as equal as to fornicate in the physical plane or as when we are within the body, because when we are outside of the body sometimes we have wet dreams, right? Well, it is the same, but is not collected in the same way, is not taken in the same way, because in the physical plane you are of course capable of controlling your physical body, while in dreams sometimes you don’t even know who you are; right? So the law doesn’t take that sin in the same level as in the physical plane.

This is why when many initiates that are tested in the internal planes, as Master Samael explains in one of his books that he was already chaste in the physical plane, he was not even looking at women. When he was looking at any woman, he said: I was looking at any woman from the waist up. Not like you, he said, when you look at women because I did that also, the first thing you always see is from the waist below.

To look at women from the waist below is bestiality; any cat, any dog, any horse does that, even smell that.

He continued and said: But I overcame that so I was chaste but in the internal planes my own particular individual Lucifer was testing me and putting me in a situation when I was with this woman and in the moment when I was with this woman and xx woman I forgot who I was and I was fornicating. When I physically awaked from that experience I was desperate and I was meditating because really I didn’t like to eat the forbidden fruit, since I was teaching not to do it.

And then he said: Now I will comprehend my ego, now I am going to continue ahead, then he was meditating and then Lucifer was putting the same test again and he was falling again many times. To the level that, he said, was afraid of even meditating because, he said, I didn’t want to go out of my body, since, I was afraid, I was going to fall again, thus, he was really feeling discouraged with himself.

Then in the internal worlds, the guardian of the temple told him: do you know what the problem with you is?

Yes, please tell me, he asked.

You forgot about your Aima, you forgot about your Divine Shechinah, your Divine Mother.

Then he understood and he invoked his Divine Mother and the Divine Mother assisted him and took him to the tribunals of Karma. And with a negotiation with Anubis, an executioner of that temple took that ego from within him and really, he said: the ego was emitting that sound that the horses do, meaning neighing when it came out of him. That was a beast he created in the middle ages when he was living as a Don Juan, and then he understood that in order to get completely helped in the path you should not forget your Divine Mother, because she always helps you to comprehend.  

But you need to do a lot of good in order to receive that type of help in the tribunals of Karma. He received that help because he was of course writing books and giving a lot of help; if we want to receive that type of help, we have to do a lot of good.

That is when the ego is very deep and is hurting us because we have too many of them, but the law understand that, and your own inner Elohim understands that you are doing your efforts. Of course, we have thousands of egos of lust that do their filthy work, unfortunately, when we are dreaming so we have to keep ahead in comprehending.

Question: They say that after annihilating the ego’s related to the 96 laws we incarnate Geburah and Chesed but don’t we have to annihilate the ego completely, the ego’s of the black moon related to even more laws than the 96 in order to incarnate the Being…second realm?

Answer: The process of the Second Mountain is only for incarnated Masters, you know, only for them. You enter into the Second Mountain after the incarnation of Geburah and Chesed or during the first process of the Second Mountain, you incarnate them. You cannot go ahead into the Second Mountain without Geburah and Chesed inside, because the one that has to comprehend the black moon, Lilith, which is related with other very deep spheres, is only Chesed in combination with Geburah and Tiphereth, you know? This is precisely the whole work, Tiphereth, Geburah, Chesed going into hell. This is the mystery of the round table. This is the mystery of Siegfried going down receiving that Pneuma, and only with the Pneuma can you enter into the Second Mountain. This is something you have to understand. You cannot enter into the Second Mountain if the Pneuma is not incarnated within you. With Tiphereth alone is not possible, you have to bring Gedulah down into your body and for that you have to annihilate the egos of 96, which is Malkuth because the second mountain starts from Yesod above. Do you have another question?

Question: That incarnation is gradual through the process of the Second Mountain?

Answer: Of course the incarnation of that is a process, is a process you know. The incarnation of the Pneuma is a process of the Second Mountain. Little by little you incarnate part of Geburah and Gedulah, right? In different steps, until you go into Binah and beyond, into the Glorian. That is the process of the Second Mountain. Death, incarnation, death, incarnation, and ascension; we call the Second Mountain the mountain of the resurrection.

Question: You mentioned that until achieving the seven initiations of fire the monad is known as Gedulah and only after taking the direct path is the monad called Chesed/Mercy; can you elaborate on this?

Answer: Well, in nirvana there are many masters that did the seven serpents of fire, so therefore they develop their own Gedulah/Love, but they are selfish. In order to elaborate the work or the path of the bodhisattva, that Gedulah has to abandon nirvana and become Chesed. In other words Mercy, Charity, Compassion, you know, to come down, right? And then when you see Gedulah in the earth, that is Chesed. Thus, when somebody says: oh this is a Master of Compassion, he is saying, that Compassion, which is Gedulah, has become Chesed or became Chesed in the body of that master; before that, that master is in process. You see, you have to understand that this is not like a dint of magic, no!, the process of building the human soul is a process until you reach Gedulah. And after that follows the process of building spirit; did you ever hear that the master said also that you have to create spirit? This means that you have to incarnate it here in the physical world and within all your internal bodies, little by little. That is a long process of meditation, annihilation. This is what Christ said: deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me, through the whole process.

Question: You mentioned that our monad and Chesed have to develop, but isn’t the Being, the Inner Master perfect?

Answer: The Inner Master is perfect in his own level and his own octave. You know all the plants, all the animals, all the minerals have their own inner Gedulah inside but not developed. The master says that the inner Being of us is a master, yes, but in the process of Self-realization. When the initiate receives for the first time the first initiation of major mysteries of the initiations of fire, the first one, when that fire awakens and rises all through the physical body, then for the first time that Gedulah becomes a master, but is a newborn master in the internal planes, he is not a master in the physical plane but in the internal planes. He becomes another master, another monad that enters into the path that leads to nirvana and when finally that Monad reaches nirvana, he becomes Gedulah. If he wants to go ahead, he has to become Chesed.

Question: Can you explain what the first and second coming of Christ is in us?

The first is written in Genesis that fire of Gedulah, the son of God that has to come and elaborate or to create. That is the first coming because Christ is fire that helps with Gedulah to work to create the internal bodies; that is the first coming. The second coming is the path of the bodhisattva, when you receive the lord as the son of man in order to perfect yourself in different levels and to achieve resurrection; this is the second coming.

Question: I want to talk to you about belief and what your saying is that it depends on your belief.

I happen to believe that we are all children of God and we all have God within us period and it its our free will and intention, whether you do good things or bad like you could be doing, if you intend to do something good and it turns out to be bad which I feel that it is our intention is what matters.

Answer: Well in the beginning yes, it is the intention that matters. To have the intention of doing good, but if you don’t do it, then you remain in that level. Of course, the beginning is to believe, to have the knowledge in your head, to know about the path as we are now receiving the doctrine unveiled, clarified for everybody; that is the beginning. If you accept it, it is good, if you don’t practice it and elaborate what we are explaining here, then it is very bad, because then you will remain as a believer. A believer is just a believer; anybody can change that belief. As you know, there are people there that are Catholics and suddenly when the Jehovah Witnesses knock at their door and indoctrinate them, they become Jehovah’s Witnesses, meaning, after that they change beliefs. And when you investigate them, you see that they remain with their own lust, greed, pride, laziness, gluttony, and all the defects; they just change beliefs but they are the same thing. They don’t create anything within; they don’t transform themselves with what we call metempsychosis: that is a change in the psyche.

Therefore, if you don’t transform your psyche, even if you believe in all the religions of the world, that will not change you. Nobody changes by believing in anything. In order to change, you need to be: “to be or not to be, that is the question,” and not, to believe or not to believe.

If you as a woman want to have a child, then you need a man, but just by believing that you will have a child, the child won’t come into your womb. Understand that you need to perform sex in order to get a sperm; so, as it is here below in this physical plane, likewise this is how it is above in the kingdom of heaven or superior planes: that is, through the sexual act, you have to transmute that element, that is, the Spirit, in order to create in order to be born again, as it is written:

That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Thus, Marvel not that I say unto thee, Ye must be born again.” - John 3: 6, 7

And, behold, the veil of the temple (the veil that hides the mysteries of the Tree of Life to fornicators) was rent in twain (after the death of the Ego) from the top (from Chesed) to the bottom (to Malkuth); and the earth (Malkuth) did quake, and the rocks (of Yesod) rent. - Matthew 27:51