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The Metamorphosis or Transfiguration of the Bodhisattva


The Biblical Transfiguration or Metamorphosis is related with the Sephirah Hod (Glory) that relates to the development of the Bodhichitta.

When we address the Christian Gospels, we always address the Tree of Life, which is Kabbalah, which is a tool in order to comprehend not only the Gospels, but the whole Bible, because Christian scriptures are rooted in Kabbalah. So, the lower Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, which we call “the inferior Quaternary” are related with the Four Gospels. We already talked about Malkuth beginning with Luke, Yesod related with Matthew; now we are entering into Hod related with the Gospel of Mark, which is called the Gospel of Fire, symbolized by a lion.

When we talk about fire, we have to bring into memory the exorcism of fire, the way in which we invoke the Genii of Fire in order to assist us in the comprehension of the light. Remember that the Gospel of Mark starts like this: “The beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God.” The beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is in Hod, which is the Gospel of Fire.

In esotericism, when we invoke the Genii of Fire, we pronounce the names of three Genii, which are Michael, Samael, and Anael. We state,

“Michael, Genie of the Sun and lightning; Samael, king of volcanoes and earthquakes; Anael, prince of the Astral Light! Assist us in the name of the Christ, by the power of the Christ, in the Majesty of Christ!’

This is how any Kabbalist pronounces the Exorcism of Fire related with Hod (which means “glory”) and which is related with the transfiguration (or metamorphosis) written in the Gospels.

When we explain these Gospels of the Path of the Bodhisattva, we always look to the three brains because the physical body, indeed, has three brains that we have to master: the intellectual brain, the emotional brain (located in the area between the heart and the navel), and sexual/instinctual/motor brain (located in the area of the genitals, coccyx). In the three brains we find the three aspects or three fires that we are talking about here and that are related with Hod.

Michael is the name of that Archangel that rules the Sun, the center of the solar system. Michael means “He who is like God.” Of course, “He who is like God” is the solar mind. Remember that when we talk about the solar bodies that we have to create - that the Bodhisattva has to elaborate, to develop in Yesod - we stated, according to the Seven Days of Genesis, that Netzach, the Sephirah of the mind, is related with the fourth day of Genesis in which we have to create the Sun (our own individual Michael), which is of course related with the mind, the solar mind. We mentioned in the previous lecture how in the Book of Daniel, the three young men (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego) were tested in the fire, in the burning fiery furnace of Nebuchadnezzar, and how they were not burned, but when Nebuchadnezzar saw the burning fiery furnace and the three young men within the fire, he said:

“Did not we cast three men bound into the midst of the fire? They answered and said unto the king, True, O king. He answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.” – Daniel 3:24, 25.

So, here you find the same meaning – “the fourth is (the Solar Mind, Michael, who is) like the Son of God”- Nebuchadnezzar is referring, of course, to that particular Helios in the previous lecture related with Matthew. We stated that Helios is the Sun in Greek; from that word comes the word Helium, which is one of the main elements in the Sun, the Solar force. And that is why we stated that within that name Elijah is Helios, within which is hidden the Solar force that we have to manage in order to create the mind of the true human being.

So, in the English Bible the true human being is called “Man.” We have to understand that when we pronounce the word “Man” we are not referring to the masculine sexual gender – we are referring to the “mind,” because the word Man comes from the Sanskrit Manas, which means “mind.” That is why in Sanskrit, when somebody has a Solar Mind - when somebody is a Son of God - we call them Manu; Manu is a Son of God, a Solar Man. So, the same word is used in English in order to describe a being who is a Man. But here we also have to emphasize the word “human,” which, as you see, also has the word “man” at the end: “hu-man”; but it has another word that we always point out, which is the word h-u-m, hum, we pronounce it "hyoom", which is Sanskrit word related with the wind, with the Spirit.

In Hebrew, for instance, when you talk about the Spirit or the wind, we say Ruach. That is why in Genesis you find that word Ruach Elohim, which is translated as “the Spirit of God,” but also in the Gospels you find Jesus talking about the wind and this is the Ruach that blows,

“The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.”  - John 3: 8

And they use, of course, the word Ruach in the Orient to describe “wind.” The same is the word hum – wind or spirit. But when we unite hum with manas, we said “hum-man.” We explained that the word “hum-man” means “the Spirit related with the Mind,” or “the Mind under the guidance of the Spirit.”

Precisely here we find the other word that we were describing in former lectures, which is Bodhichitta; we stated that chitta means “mind.” But we have to understand that the mind that we are talking about here is not the mind that everybody has, that concrete mind with which we reason. Really, the chitta when united with the word bodhi, means “a mind that has wisdom.” That is why in Pistis Sophia Unveiled an illuminated mind is described as “Wisdom of the Heart” – this is how the Master Samael Aun Weor transcribed the meaning of the word Bodhichitta – “Wisdom-Heart,” because the chitta that we are talking about here is the Nous. In many lectures we explained that in the left ventricle of the heart we have that atom of the abstract mind, which is called Nous; so, that is chitta. And of course, when that chitta is united with bodhi, then we have Bodhichitta, and remember that bodhi, which means “wisdom,” is also explained in Kabbalah, is related with the Third Sephirah, Chokmah, that in Hebrew means also “wisdom.”

So, this is the mystery of how Chokmah – Christ, which is an energy – transforms the individual; or, better said, creates or, generates the auric embryo, the Bodhichitta.

So, the transfiguration or metamorphosis, according to the Gospels, is related with two great prophets which are always Kabbalistically related with the Sephirah Yesod, which is the Sephirah related with water. Remember that there are two personages that appear on each side on the transfiguration or metamorphosis of Jesus: one is Moses and the other Elijah. So, here we have to visualize and to comprehend who is Moses and who is Elijah.

Remember that previously we explained that the great prophets, especially Moses and Elijah, are Eons, or Aeons as how others say, which means vehicles of Christic Light, they are Cosmic Masters; in other words, they exist. We know that Moses is a great Aeon, great Master; Elijah and Jesus are other Aeons, other great Masters. And they represent in each one of us something that we have to develop. That is why each one of them brought into the world their own wisdom, their own mission, which is synthesized beautifully in the transfiguration or metamorphosis of the Bodhisattva, which is related with Hod and which happened not only to Jesus of Nazareth who had the honor of having the title of Christ because he represented the Christic process within all the prophets or Bodhisattvas. I repeat again, the Christic process of the Bodhisattva and the illumination or the enlightenment of the Bodhichitta is written in the Four Gospels and is represented in the life of Master Aberamentho that people call in this day and age Jesus Christ, who came two thousand years ago to represent the Path of the Bodhisattva in order to open the doors for everybody so that they can become enlightened.

So, here we are explaining how this enlightenment happens: Moses is precisely that Master who was the first prophet that appears according to the path in the Bible, and it is written in the Gospels that...

“...from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffer violence, and the violent take it by force. For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. And if ye will receive it, this is Elias (Elijah), which was for to come; He that hath ears to hear let him hear.” - Matthew 11:12-15

John bare witness of him, and cried, saying, this was he (the Solar Logos) of whom I spoke, He that cometh after me is preferred before me: for he was before me. And of his (solar) fullness have all we received, and grace for grace; for the law was given by Moses (through all the Apostles, through all the Prophets), but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ (the Solar Logos). - John 1:15-17


But which is this law that we are talking about here, which was given by Moses and all prophets?

It is the law that we have to follow and which we have to discover by working in Yesod. Remember that Moses is born from the waters. The name Moses, in Hebrew “Moshe,” is written with three letters: mem, shin, and hei – these make a kabbalistic name that means or that gives the wisdom of how we have to be born from mem which in Kabbalah means water, and from shin which in Kabbalah is fire, and hei which is the womb, and that womb is the ninth sphere from which the Master emerges.

Thus, Moses is willpower. This is why Moses works very hard in Egypt and also in Median by taking care of the flock, the sheep. When he attains the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries in Tiphereth, he gains the level of Human Being and goes up to the summit of the mountain and there he finds God.

The Mount of Sinai is a symbol of the higher dimensions. Everything that you find in the Bible or in the Old Testament about a mount or mountain is a symbol of the higher dimensions; and not only in the Bible, but also in many other sacred books. Of course, the prophets, the great Masters use the name of a mountain in order to explain esotericism. Even in Greece you find Mount Olympus, where it is stated there that the Gods live, but that Mount Olympus, of course, is not tridimensional; it is a symbol of the sixth dimension and in that Mount is precisely where Moses found the burning bush, which is the symbol of Holy Spirit, that aspect of the fire (God) within the matter.

When we were naming the three Genii of Fire, we named Michael, Samael, and Anael. Samael is the king of volcanoes and earthquakes and whose essence is within that fire which is called magma, which is the Astral Light within the matter. And that is why when we talk about the Tree of Knowledge, the burning bush, we see precisely that fire within the bush, within the matter. That fire is Christ. Yet also, when we go up into the atmosphere, we find the Sun, the Solar energy, that is the lightning that emerges from the clouds when there is a storm. The lightning that we see in storms is the Solar light, electricity, the force in the atmosphere, which is also Christ and that comes from Michael (the Sun) into the Earth’s atmosphere. Nevertheless, that Michael that is in the Earth’s atmosphere has to be also in us as the Mental Solar Body that we have to create, which is the Manas, the Mind of the Hum-man (since, the fourth body is the Solar Mind, Michael, who is like the Son of God).

So, we have to understand here how these three Genii relate to us: the third is Anael, the prince of the Astral Light, which works through the heart. Alchemically within our physical body, amongst our three brains, Samael works in the magma of our own particular sexual force, which is that matter that encloses the Solar fire in our sexual glands, while Michael is precisely that light that shines in the Solar Man – that lightning which is that wisdom that comes from that Solar Man represented in Elias or Elijah. And Anael, who represents the positive Ray of Venus, is related with love, with the emotional superior center.

These three Genii represent the three aspects through which we invoke the fire in order for it to work in us and which are represented by Elias – the head or the Mind. This is why Elias is the messenger of the Sun, or the prophet of the Sun. And this is why the meaning of Eli-Jah is “My God is Jah”; that Jah is Kether, the Crown.

So, when you say, “My God is Jah,” you are saying that you are a Hum-Man, that your Manas, your mind, which is Solar, is under the service of your own particular Jah, which is Hum, the Spirit, the Ruach. And this is precisely what Elias represents, or Elijah in the Old Testament, who is John the Baptist in the New Testament.

Moses represents the willpower that is being born from the sexual transformation; the waters of Genesis, or the waters of the Jordan, or the waters of the river Nile in Egypt, are always a reference to the sexual creative power, Yesod, from which Moses emerged. Moses was saved from the waters; he was taken from the waters. But Moses represents, of course, our own particular image, our own particular Buddhata that grows, that develops, under the guidance of willpower.

Willpower is related with the pineal gland. The pineal gland is related with the Chakra Sahasrara, which is called the Crown Chakra. And in Hebrew, the first Sephirah is called Kether, Crown. So, of course, the Monad, the Spirit, God, that which is our own Being, works through the pineal gland in order to control the waters in Yesod. That is why you find here in the column of the center of the Tree of Life, Kether from above working through Daath, which is knowledge, into Tiphereth, which is the human soul, whose seat is in his pineal gland as well. When we talk about the human soul, the seat of human soul is in the pineal gland. So, here you find how Kether or the Chakra Sahasrara works through the Tree of Knowledge, which is related with Yesod, the sexual force, through willpower which is Tiphereth. But that Tiphereth –Willpower that was born from the waters - is Moses. And it is Moses who liberates the Twelve Tribes of Israel – which is the psychological work that the Bodhisattva has to perform in order to create, to elaborate the Bodhichitta.

Remember that we stated in the previous lecture that the Bodhichitta is related with what in Greek is called To Soma Psuchikon, which is that body that emerges in Yesod. We have four ethers: the Ether of Life, the Chemical Ether, the Luminous Ether, and the Reflective Ether, which are the four ethers located in the Vital Body, the superior part of the physical body. When we enter into this knowledge we have to learn how to divide, how to separate those ethers, in order to create what the Greeks call To Soma Psuchikon. Psuchikon means “psyche, soul” and ikon means “image,” icon, Psuchikon.

So, the icon is precisely the image, which in Hebrew is called Tzalem; that Tzalem or image, icon of God, is in Yesod. In other words, it is within the sexual glands. And here is precisely where we find the root of many misunderstandings, because it is obvious that physically we were created in the sexual act, which is Yesod. And they think that the ‘image of God’ is physical because we emerged from sex. But they ignore that indeed the ‘image of God' that the Bible talks about in Genesis 1:26 - “God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” - is not the physical body.

It is through Daath, through the knowledge of transmutation that such an image and likeness emerges, because the ‘Soma Psuchikon’ that is Soul-Image is psychological – Psuchikon is two words, psyche and icon.

So, then you find that the ‘image of God’ that we are talking about here is related with the two superior ethers, which are called the Luminous Ether and the Reflective Ether, and that is precisely what is being born in Yesod when we separate the inferior waters from the superior waters. And this is a process, a long process, because Moses is the one that appears there at the beginning. The river Nile where the princess of Egypt finds the baby Moses is precisely the sexual force. Taking Moses, saving Moses from the water means saving, taking that icon, that Tzalem, and developing it through initiation; which is a process that goes from Yesod upwards on the Tree, and this is what Moses represents. But this development of this Moses from the waters of Yesod is impossible without the guidance of Kether, the Crown, without the guidance of willpower.

“May thy will be one with mine,” or “Make my will be one with thine,” do you see? This is precisely the process of Bodhichitta, which is being elaborated with the two superior ethers. And that is why John the Baptist appears in the River Jordan – a river because it is related with water, which is always Yesod. So, John the Baptist represents the already-made man, that was made from willpower, that was made from the Law of Moses. And here is precisely what in the previous lecture the speaker was explaining about the Perfections (paramitas), how we have to start developing them; we have to follow the Law, but we have to understand the Law, to comprehend the Law of Moses, which is the same law that we find in Buddhism yet by other names. Of course, the Law of Moses is related with the Ten Commandments given to the people to follow, Ten Commandments through which you have to develop the virtues, the elements in order for the Bodhichitta to appear in Yesod.

When we talk about Yesod or the Four Beasts or Cherubim of Ezekiel, Yesod (the waters) is always represented by the image of the head of a human being, because in Yesod is the image of God that we are talking about. The lion, which is Mark, is in relation with Hod (fire); the eagle is in relation with Netzach (air); the phase of the man in Yesod (water); and the bull with Malkuth (earth) – these are the Four Cherubim, the Four Holy Beasts that in Hebrew are called Chaioth-ha-Kadosh – the Holy Beasts which are holding Kether, which is precisely that Being that we have within and who commands and controls our own psyche.

So, in other words, we have to imitate Moses in order to perform the Law. Moses follows the guidance of God, the will of God, and it is precisely in the following direction: From Egypt, which is Malkuth, he goes into Yesod; and from Yesod into the Mount Sinai, which is Tiphereth and beyond, where he finds Daath, the burning bush; and Kether, which is the head of the Holy Tri-Unity, or Trimurti, or the first triangle of the Tree of Life appears through Daath.

And from Daath, Kether says to Moses, “I Am He who IS,” or, in other words, Eheie Asher Eheie. “Go down back to Egypt, go down into the three-dimensional world, into Malkuth and liberate my people.” This people are the people of Ish-Ra-el, which has many meanings:

  • Is: Isis, the feminine force
  • Ra: the solar force / God in Egypt
  • El: is “God” in Hebrew

Or, as others say:

  • Ish (fire) is the Iod, which is Kether working through Sarai (the princess Kundalini), Sa and Ra (Ida and Pingala), in order for El (God) to appear in the physical world: Israel.

There are twelve parts of Is-Ra-El, twelve parts that we have to pull from Klipoth. Remember that underneath Malkuth we have hell, the inferno, which in Kabbalah is called Klipoth. This is the inverted Tree of Life within which we find the soul bottled up within all of our defects and vices. The Bodhichitta, the auric embryo, has to be born with all its powers as Moses showed in the Book of Exodus. And of course, those powers emerge when he liberates all the parts of his being, which is called Israel. Moses performed all the marvels and miracles in front of the Pharaoh while he was dealing with his people. Little by little, he performs all those wonders in order to go into the wilderness, to the Promised Land.

The Promised Land is in Yesod. But in this case, in order to explain better, we have to emphasize that the Promised Land is the two superior ethers: the Luminous Ether and the Reflective Ether. Egypt is related with the lower ethers (the Chemical Ether and the Ether of Life). Remember that the Chemical Ether is related with metabolism of the physical body, which is Malkuth, and the Ether of Life is related with the sexual creative power in the physical body – so, those two ethers are inferior, related to Malkuth. The Promised Land is in Yesod, which is the other ethers above, but for that you have to separate the inferior ethers from the superior, or to separate the waters from the waters. And this is a task that can only be performed with willpower; in other words, that can only be performed with Moses.

That is why when that is performed with all of the consciousness, when all of the essence is liberated by Moses, then you have Moses Sabaoth, Elohim Sabaoth or the Army of God precisely joined as a Bodhichitta. That is why Moses is called “the liberator.” He has to free the consciousness; Moses is willpower. In other words, willpower is necessary not only in order to create the true man, but also in order to liberate the Essence (consciousness). That is why in Gnosticism we say, “Our motto is Thelema” – willpower, because without Thelema, without willpower, it is impossible to create the human being or to liberate the Essence.

Image That action, that willpower, is exercised in the sexual act. That is why the Law of Moses is represented with the two stone tablets of the Law; he appears with two stones; he says “This is the Law of God”; in other words, this is the Will of God. In symbolism, we see this: The law of our own particular Monad, our own particular God, has to be performed with two stone tablets – one is the man, and the other is the woman, united in the sexual act in order to perform the Ark of the Covenant: that is the secret of the Ark of the Covenant, or the Ark of Noah – the performance of the sexual act. But not like the animals, because a true Kabbalist, a true magician, true Master, extracts the Tzalem, the Icon of God, from his or her own sexual glands in order to elaborate with the two superior ethers: the Bodhichitta within.

So, this is the duty of Moses. In other words, we have to create, to generate our own particular individual Moses, and that is precisely it. This is why Moses is in relation with the Ninth Sphere, with the lower brain where we find the forces of Lucifer, which we explained is the fire within the matter, the Solar energy within the matter. In Greek Mythology, Lucifer is called Prometheus and is the one that steals the fire of the Sun, the Solar light, and places it in the Earth: gives it to men. Well, that fire is in the sexual organs and is called Lucifer in Latin, Prometheus in Greek and that is why Master Samael Aun Weor states that the wisdom of Moses, the doctrine of Moses is the doctrine of Lucifer, the Light-Bearer. So, by liberating this solar fire within we can create the true man: with willpower.

Remember that the 'chitta' – the mind that we are talking about here - is not the mind that everybody has: it is a mind that is abstract, that we have to create, we have to generate; the mind that we have right now is a bestial mind, which is in relation with the “Mark of the Beast.” In other words, the protoplasmic mind that we have in this day and age that everybody uses is a mind that you find in the animal kingdom, in the plant kingdom, in the mineral kingdom, in different levels of evolution. But the mind that we are talking about creating is the superior mind.

In Theosophy, they talk about two minds: the inferior manas and the superior manas. The superior manas is precisely this Moses that we are talking about here. The Superior Manas is Tiphereth, the human soul, the willpower, that is being generated from Yesod in different levels. But the development, the illumination of the wisdom that we have to develop within, is elaborated within another prophet. Here is how we unite two beings in one – Elijah. Elijah is precisely that inferior manas – but not inferior in the sense like the mind that we have, but in the sense that it is below Moses – it is the other type of mind which is Netzach, which is called the Solar mind, and as we explained in the beginning it is represented by the Sun. On the fourth day God created the Sun, which is Michael, “He who is like God,” which is that fourth body in the furnace of Nebuchadnezzar who says, “The fourth one is like the Son of God.” It is that mind which is jealous, which wants to serve only the hum. It is Elijah, who says, “My God is Jah,” a mind that is under the service of the Spirit. So, behold here two minds: Elijah and Moses. The two minds, but divine, superior and elaborated in the process of metamorphosis or transfiguration, or transformation, of permutation we will say, that only can occur when we work with the Bodhichitta.

It is stated that John the Baptist appears in the Jordan, which is Yesod, the River Jordan – the waters, and that he is the reincarnation of Elijah the Prophet. Elijah is incarnated in the individual who is a true man. But that true man, that icon, that To Soma Psuchikon, is precisely John the Baptist.

“The law and the prophets were until John: since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it. And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail.” (Luke 16:16, 17)

This means that all of that development of Moses doing the whole work culminates in John the Baptist; in other words, until Elijah (IAO) shines in Yesod as John, which is a psychological process.

When you study Moses and Elijah in the bible, you find the way in which you have to do that development. Moses is the liberator and explains the process Kabbalistically through the Ten Commandments. But Elijah is that development of what we call that illumination, that enlightenment that emerges from within, it is that Buddha. Also, we recall here that in the Fourth Initiation of Major Mysteries, the Monad, the Spirit, receives the title of Buddha.


That Buddha is Helios, the Sun that shines, is Elijah that works harder and harder against the Baalim. And here is precisely the reference in which we find how the inferior manas under the guidance of God has to work in the elaboration of that light within by working against that Baalim.

When you read the Old Testament, you find the story of Elijah. Elijah is against Jezebel, “She who calls herself a prophetess,” which is what the Book of Revelation says. And if you want to read about that, “She who calls herself a prophetess” is precisely in the Fourth Church in the Book of Revelation – Thyatira , which is in relation with the heart; and in which we find of course the procedures in order to develop that heart, that Sun that we are talking about here, which is that light. Do you realize that? Hod is light, it is the Astral Light; Christ is the Solar light; and Helios, Elias or Elijah, is the messenger, in other words, the Bodhichitta. The Bodhisattva has to grow within the psychological atmosphere of the Bodhichitta. In other words, Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, has to grow within the psychological environment of Elijah, which is represented by any man who has worked with this metamorphosis, which is represented in John the Baptist; John the Baptist could be any initiate, any Buddha that reaches that level.

So then, who is Jezebel? In the Old Testament, Jezebel represents the animal mind. Jezebel represents this humanity, which in the Gospels is represented by another name. You see John the Baptist fighting against Herod, the King, who is married to Herodias, the same symbol. In other words, Herod represents that Jezebel, which is the animal mind, and Herodias represents humanity. The mind, the intellectual mind, the animal mind that we have, is married to humanity, to this kind of society or civilization, which is made by the intellectual, animal mind, and which is Jezebel “who called herself a prophetess.” In the Gospels it is stated that in this day and age there will come false prophets – all those false prophets are related with that mind, which is Jezebel who “called herself a prophetess” but who is not. And of course, Jezebel worships Baal. In Hebrew, “Baal” means “Mister, Sir,” but there is another word, which is “Adonai” and which means “Lord” - similar, right? Adonai is the sacred name of God in Malkuth, according to the Tree of Life, whereas Baal (which is always negative) is in relation with Klipoth, the lower Malkuth. So, Jezebel works and worships the Baalim. Who are the Baalim? They are those who worship with their intellectual mind, the Baal – the mechanicity of nature related with Klipoth.

So, there you find that the Baalim are related with the beast that the Book of Revelation talks about, the beast that emerges from the Abyss, from Klipoth; it has seven heads and ten horns. The seven heads are: lust, anger, pride, envy, greed, laziness, gluttony. That is the name of the beast, but it has ten horns, which means the Ten Inverted Sephiroth. So, that beast is the Ten Inverted Sephiroth in Klipoth. So, those ten horns or negative rays of Klipoth give strength to the beast of seven heads, which everybody carries within and which in the Book of Kings, related with Elijah, is synthesized in Jezebel. Jezebel, as stated there, has four hundred and fifty (450) Baalim or prophets of Baalim, which Elijah annihilates; it is stated that Elijah burns them or kills them in a mount. If you read the Book of Kings, Chapter XVIII, it is explained there with a lot of details - the battle between Elijah and the four hundred and fifty prophets of Baalim, which is a battle that we have to have within. Four hundred and fifty (450) makes the addition of nine (9), which is Yesod. In other words, the way in which the mind works with the negative forces or fornication, sexual degeneration, in other words – that is Baal.

ImageSo, Elijah is the Solar Mind. When the initiate reaches that level, when he has created the Astral body, Mental body, and Causal body, and is already a complete human being (a Buddha), he has to fight against the Baalim – that is the first task. And that is why John the Baptist is decapitated, because the head represents precisely that Jezebel, or that Herod, that Herodias, or that Salome. Salome represents the knowledge of good and evil that we have to develop, but in a psychological process. So, you see here how Elijah is developed within. So, Elijah is the Solar mind that shines in the Fourth Day of Genesis and is only at service of Jah, the Inner God.

But of course, we have to be very jealous with our own particular individual inheritance. When we talk about Hod, we are talking here about our own particular individual inheritance. In the Tree of Life, in the World of Yetzirah, Hod is the world of the Beni-Elohim. 'Beni-Elohim' means 'the Children of the Gods and Goddesses.' There are as many children on Earth as Elohim in Heaven. In other words, each one has his own particular individual Elohim, Monad, or Spirit, that Adonai that we are talking about here. But of course, each one of us has his own inheritance, his own light.

You have to comprehend, to understand, that each Master has a different light. It is enough to read the Koran in order to see the light of Mohammed, the wisdom of Mohammed. But if you are going to the Gospels, or into The Pistis Sophia, which is the Gnostic Bible, we see the wisdom of Master Aberamentho – it is another light. And when we read the books of the Master Samael Aun Weor, we see another light. When we read Bhagavad-Gita of Krishna, we see another light. You see the same wisdom, but shown with different lights; Buddhism, for instance, displays the wisdom of Buddha; or the Zend Avestha the wisdom of Zoroaster. Each Master develops a different light because we have a different inheritance, cosmic inheritance, from Christ.

Christ, as we stated, is the multiple perfect unity, the Astral Light. And this is why you see Jesus transfigured in Hod, in the Astral light, in the Mount, which is precisely the fifth dimension; the Astral Light shows his light. This Metamorphosis or transfiguration happens to all Masters; it means how the Master transfigures himself in accordance with the wisdom, the knowledge of his own inheritance.

In this physical world we were baptized with a certain name that our physical father or mother had the occurrence to say. 'Name this one Peter.' 'No, no, let us name him Joseph', or 'Richard', or any name. But anyhow, that name is just an accident of life, and surnames too. The real name that we have is in the Spirit. Each one of us has his own particular individual name, and that name encloses the wisdom of your own inheritance. That is why when you read the name Samael Aun Weor and if you understand the esoteric meaning of it, then you really find the inheritance of the Master Samael Aun Weor. In Hebrew, 'Aun Weor' means 'strength and light'. You see how the Master has strength, has power and light in order to teach. And 'Samael' is 'the king of fire, volcanoes and earthquakes'; he is a very strong Master. So, in the meaning of the word, of the name of his own particular Being, is hidden the wisdom, and that is precisely what we have to understand. Each one of us has to develop that; this is our own particular solar inheritance.

This is why Master Samael always stated, “You have to follow your own Being,” this is, to develop your own inheritance, your own wisdom in accordance with the level, the degree of your objective reasoning, and that is precisely placed in Hod. You see, Hod is precisely the Astral Light and is precisely the place where we find the Eidolon, the Astral body that we have to create. And that Astral body is called our own particular individual Jesus Christ. That is why when we enter into the wisdom of the Son of God, the Beni-Elohim in Hod is the wisdom of Jesus Christ, the wisdom of the fire, and in Hod is where you find it.

John the Baptist is the true Human Being who is baptizing with water, which his Daath, the knowledge that we are given here. Because this is Elijah - John the Baptist is Elijah preaching, showing the wisdom of his own Inner God. He baptizes with water: but there stands one among you, whom you know not, He is that Fire and Light that is going to develop that particular wisdom within yourselves and that is your own particular Hod, your Astral Jesus Christ that is being born from the waters and that in the Transfiguration is the Son of Man.

Are you following me? I hope you do, because we are entering into the wisdom of the Gospels.

The Gospels are related with The Path of the Bodhisattva, the development of that within. And that is why in the Third Initiation of Major Mysteries is the first time when you receive the name of your own particular individual God, thus when you receive that initiation you receive the name, the real name, the true name that you have had since the beginning of creation, since the beginning of Eternity. That is your name. And that is why we said that Master Aberamentho is the sacred name of the Master Jesus, who people call Jesus of Nazareth, or Jeshua Ben Pandira, or Joshua Ben Pander, but that name is in accordance with the time, in accordance to the scriptures. But his real name is Aberamentho. So, each one of us has a sacred name in Hod, and that name is the word, the Astral Force that attracts that particular inheritance from the Cosmic Christ. Christ is not an individual, it is universal force, it is an energy that descends, develops, unfolds in different dimensions and shines in Hod, the Astral Light, and coagulates in the physical body as the sexual matter and shines in the head as the Solar mind.

This is why when we talk about the Angel Anael, the prince of the Astral Light, we comprehend the Master Samael’s doctrine that states that in order to develop the Son of Man inside of us, in order to develop that Son of God, that Christ within, we have to do it through the Venustic Initiations, Venus. The Venustic Initiations are related with the development of that Christ, that love in the heart which is Nous. Because that Nous (which is in the left ventricle of the heart) controls the ascending fire from the waters of Yesod, or in other words, we will state, Moses which is willpower is alchemically controlled or receives the guidance of the Monad through the atom Nous in the heart.

The atom Nous in the heart is precisely what we always have to follow because through the atom Nous willpower exercises dominion over the physical body. And of course, it is through Nous, through the heart, through which Elias also receives commands and guidance in the psychological work.

This is why the work of the heart is meditation. Only through meditation do we get in contact with our own particular individual Son of God. Because in Hod is where we find the Beni-Elohim. This Son of God is Nous that is developing through initiation.

Thus, when the Son of Man reaches Hod, then the transfiguration of that particular Astral body happens, this is the transfiguration of that Monad within the Astral body. And of course, that Nous that is being developed there is the authentic Bodhisattva; remember that 'sattva' is in relation with knowledge, and 'bodhi' is Chokmah (wisdom), it is the Son of God. That is why in many Kabalistic books written by Initiates, illuminated Masters, they name the atom Nous “the Son of God.” Understand that the atom Nous is in relation with the Solar Astral Body, which becomes completely transfigured when understanding the Law of his own particular individual God, and when teaching that Law to the people with a lot of jealousy.

So, you find that precisely among the great Masters like the master Samael Aun Weor. He says, 'I am just teaching here the wisdom of my God.' But he is utilizing his own particular Elias, his own illuminated mind, because he is a Buddha, an Enlightened One. And he is utilizing his willpower, action, in order to do it. That is Moses and Elijah. Do you understand this? You have to generate, create, your own particular Moses, your own particular Elias inside, and to place them under the service of your heart, which is the atom Nous, the Son of God.

And this is why when Jesus is going to pass through that initiation, when he is going to be transfigured, which means that all of that wisdom is going to appear in front of him; he takes three disciples, he does not take two nor one, but three, because each one represents something within that we have to develop. He takes Peter; we explained in another lecture that Peter the Apostle is related with the pineal gland. Peter is willpower, is that willpower that we developed and to whom the Atom Nous gives the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you do, open or close, will be open or will close in Heaven. Heaven, of course, is our head and Peter is here in the pineal gland. And Peter, the pineal gland, through the hormones, controls the sexual hormones in Yesod. And that is why you see here that without Peter nobody can go through the transfiguration. Peter of course in this case is in relation with Moses, which is willpower within the human soul, Tiphereth.

But we have another disciple who is called John, the youngest of all the Apostles. And in another lecture we explained that John is related with the thymus gland. The thymus gland is behind the heart. That is why John is always represented resting his head on the heart of Jesus. Understand that the head, the brain, the intellectual brain is the physical vehicle of the mind, of that Manas. John represents the essence, the Buddhata, which is ruled by the Moon because the thymus gland is ruled by the Moon. And the Moon is related with Yesod. So, then you find that John is precisely that Buddhata, the essence that is being developed. That is why it is also called John, the Word, united with Jesus. And this is why when Jesus is on the cross:

“Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son! Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother! And from that hour that disciple took her unto his own home. - John 19: 26,27

This is the mystery of the transformation of that thymus gland with the heart because Jesus is the atom Nous in the heart while John is in the thymus gland. The transfiguration is related with the Bodhichitta, which in this case is John, the Buddhata.

Remember that in the transfiguration appears Elias, but that Elias is the Spirit of John the Baptist, because the Spirit of Elias was reincarnated within John the Baptist. So, Elias appears after the decapitation of John. Because if you read the Gospel, you will find how John the Baptist was imprisoned and decapitated. He dies. In other words, the mundane, terrestrial man is already psychologically dead. We have to understand that when we talk about death, we are talking about psychological death – the psychological process inside the initiation. So then Elias appears there because the physical entity that was John the Baptist who deal with Herod, with Herodias, with Salome and all of that, is already dead, but his spirit Elias is there, meaning that the transformation of the Buddhata has already happened and has transfigured into Bodhichitta. John, the Essence, gave unto his own individual particular God – that level, that wisdom. And this is why Jesus appears after that transfiguration, and teaches about the Law of Moses with a lot of zealous (that is Elias or Elijah) in relation with his inner God, his Inner Being, his Inner Father.

The other disciple that is taken to the Mount with John and Peter is Jacobo (James), which is John's brother. James, as we explained, is in relation with the pancreas - this area of stomach, close to the heart, where we have all our negative animalistic, appetites that we have to overcome. If you read the Epistle, the letter of James, you will find there how James pronounces himself against the negative things of the heart and the tongue. And Jesus explains in the Gospel that: “for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” (Matthew 12:34) These are the negative emotions that we have to overcome in order to elaborate that particular individual heart-wisdom, the Bodhichitta inside.

You see, James states that the tongue always expresses negative emotions. We have many negative emotions that we have to eradicate, i.e. fear is one of those emotions.

That is why when Master Jesus “entered into a ship (symbol of the soul), his disciples followed him. And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the (emotional) sea, insomuch that the ship (the consciousness) was covered with the (emotional) waves: but he was asleep (not active). And his disciples (through the esoteric alchemical work) came to him, and awoke him, saying, Lord, save us: we perish. And he said unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds (thoughts of the mind) and the (emotional) sea; and there was a great calm.” - Matthew 8: 23-26

Yet, unfortunately, we are always afraid and we express a lot of fear in this area of the stomach where we have a lot of negative emotions: fear, jealousy, self-esteem, anger, and those emotions that turn us into negative individuals and through which we waste a lot of energy.

So, when we overcome that, we have transfigured our inferior emotions into superior emotions. You see in other words, the transfiguration is related with that metamorphosis because Hod is in relation with the heart, superior emotions. But in order to transfigure, we have to acquire the inheritance of our own particular God in the Astral body (in our own particular Astral body that we have to create), we have to overcome negative emotions. If we do not conquer our own particular individual negative emotions, we will not create the Astral body, which is our own particular individual Jesus Christ, our own particular individual Messiah, the Son of God, the Son of Man, that has to come to appease us with fire.

That is why in the gospel of Luke when Jesus appears, he comes from Yesod after defeating Satan and his temptations. While the Gospel of Mark says: “He was with wild beasts and the Angels were serving him.” The Angels of Hod are the Beni-Elohim that serve him in order to develop. But after that he goes and starts collecting his disciples in the Sea of Galilee and teaching us that in order to be disciples of Christ we have to be a fisherman.

What is to be a fisherman? Kabbalistically, we already know that the fish symbolizes Nun. And that Nun is precisely that seed within which the Image of God is inside. That Nun is the sperm in the man and the ovum in the woman. When we extract that fire, that Icon, that Tzalem, that image of God, we become fishermen. It is not like people think, that the first disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ were fishing in the Sea of Galilee. It might be, because we like to fish too, but that they were fishermen does not mean literally that they were fishermen. It means that they were working with the waters because, in order for you to be fisherman, you go into the waters, into a boat; you cannot fish in the land. You need water, and that water is Yesod – the Sea of Galilee, the River Jordan, the River Nile, and any type of water.

Thus Jesus said in Mark 1: 17: “Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.”

In other words, Jesus said: “Well, now that you are already conquering Yesod because you are fishermen, since you are fishing from your own sexual waters, now I want you to become fisher of men, in other words, fisher of Manas or Chitta, Bodhichitta. This is why he finds Peter, which is in the pineal gland, and he finds Peter's brother, who is Andrew, related with the suprarenal glands; both (pineal and suprarenal) are related with the sexual energy, the waters or energy because the kidneys control the waters of sex and the pineal gland as well. Thereafter, he finds John, which is the thymus gland in relation to what we already explained, that is, the Moon rules Yesod and this is how John, that Buddhatta, develops inside of us, the psyche.

This is precisely the importance of knowing about Daath (sexual alchemy) in order to transfigure ourselves in that Mount and to receive that wisdom. Because this is precisely what we want – we want to understand the wisdom of God. We want to understand the knowledge of God, but we have to comprehend that within the Astral body is the Solar Mind (who is like God), who is Elias shining, and that Elias is the one that comprehends the language of God. You have to generate; you have to create that within. Otherwise, you fall into the sad mistake of following your own particular Jezebel, a mind that reads the Gospels literally and interprets them literally; and, that Jezebel is within the head of many millions of people and calls herself a prophetess. Nevertheless she does not understand Kabbalah, because in order to understand the wisdom of God, you have to be a Kabbalist. You have to develop your own Elijah. Your own mind has to be under service of God. And, in order to do that, you have to follow the Law of God, which is your own individual Moses, meaning that you have to use your willpower in order to create within your own Elijah. And when that is created, then you transfigure in the Third Initiation of the Major Mysteries of the Light, which is the Path of the Bodhisattva.

This is how these two minds - the superior mind (Moses, Tiphereth), and the inferior mind (Elijas, Netzach) - are in each side of Jesus, which is Nous, that divine mind that controls both. That is why when they come down from the transfiguration, Peter says:

“Master, it is good for us to be here: and let us make three tabernacles; one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias. For he wist not what to say; for they were sore afraid. And there was a cloud that overshadowed them: and a voice came out of the cloud, saying, this is my beloved Son: hear him!” Mark 9: 5-7.

This is precisely what we have to do: our own particular mind, our own particular willpower has to follow always the fires of the heart, from the beginning until the end. This is what Kether says, you see? Kether says that through the cloud, which is the Mystery because the cloud symbolizes always the Mystery: 'This is my beloved son in the heart, the left ventricle of the heart; listen to him!' Then, you will not be misguided because that is Intuition – the Voice of God. And if Elias is following that, and if Moses is following that, you have to do it, too. And when you create those elements within you, it has to be always through the heart. That is precisely the initiation. The initiation is through the heart because the fires of the heart control the fires of Moses and the fires of Elijas, which is the mind and the sexual force.

Here you understand why we always make emphasis of chastity, because without chastity, without the scientific chastity, we cannot generate anything. Remember that chastity is not sexual abstinence, but the way in which we put in activity the sexual energy through Pranayama, or through the Sahaja Maithuna, by following the Law, the rules, in other words, the Ten Commandments. And for that you can go to the website and study the Ten Commandments (which in reality are Twelve), in order to understand how to follow that, and to comprehend them because that is the way in order to create your own particular Moses.

However, if you are awakened completely then you do not need to hear any lecture because you will follow your own particular God, the Law of your own God as Moses did, being face-to-face with God and God was talking to him. But for that you have to go consciously in the Sixth Dimension where Daath is, in order to hear the Voice of your own God. So, when you are guided by your own God, there is no problem. But before that awakening, that is why there is Deuteronomy, the second law, the written law, for those who are still asleep.

Q: What is the meaning of the parting of the Red Sea?

A: Moses parting the Red Sea and taking all the Israelites through the Red Sea into the Promised Land is the beginning of the work, in which we have to reject the passion or fires of the Red Sea – that is the symbol – the animalistic, lustful fires of sex that everybody has, to divide chastity from lust and to go into the process of transformation. That is the beginning, and of course, if you understand we need meditation and comprehension in order to transform that passion. The Pharaoh and all of his soldiers symbolize all of those psychological elements, which in the case, in the story of Elijah are the Baalim that we have to conquer, to kill. But that is inside, not outside, because everything, every story in the Bible is symbolic. And this is how, when Jesus appears the Bodhisattva appears transfigured in the Astral because all this work has been done already. We passed already the Red Sea. We already were decapitated seven times in order for Elijah to appear. Without decapitation there is no way that one can pass through the transfiguration. The decapitation happens through the fire seven times. Thus, John is decapitated seven times because John represents, as we said, 'I, E, O, U, A, M, S '– the seven vowels. So, then when one is decapitated, this is because one already passed through the Buddhist annihilation and the transfiguration, the metamorphosis happens.

In the beginning, of course, when the initiate is receiving the Third Initiation of the Light (of the Venustic Initiations), when the third viper of light is rising in the Astral body, he transfigures and he understands about the Law of Moses and about Elias, his own particular Sun. But later on in time, he has to qualify that Third Initiation, and, in order to qualify that, he has to annihilate completely the ego. Because, in order for the Astral body to shine completely, you have to be there without desires. All the animalistic elements within you have to be annihilated. It is a long process. That is why we always have to work with negative emotions transforming them, beginning with the sexual desire until the end. That is how we advance little by little; we need a lot of patience. Patience is necessary in this work.

Q: What is the symbol of Moses striking the stone with a rod?

A: Well, during the process when we utilize our willpower in order to extract the waters from the rock of Yesod, sometimes we do it with lust because we still have ego there. And, of course, the consequences are a reprimand from God. Remember the story there that the Israelites are asking for water, and Moses brings the water through the rock. Those Israelites are the inferior parts of our consciousness; they still are in process. So, willpower always works! Unfortunately when willpower is bottled up within the ego it is called desire. And in the beginning, although in the process of transformation, the Alchemist takes the water from the rock, unfortunately with lust. Because we have lust. This is what Paul of Tarsus says. We begin as animals and we end as spiritual. First is the animal, then the Spirit. So, when we start doing this, as we are more animal than spirit, obviously we start as animal but we are transmuting and transmuting, until we subtle the sexual act and the energy. Of course, our God is not pleased when we work in the transformation of the sexual energy with lust. But if lust is there, what can we do? Just meditate and comprehend and eliminate. Some would like to practice Sahaja Maihuna, sexual magic, without lust. As if we can take the lust and say: OK, lust of mine, get out of me right now because I am going to practice sexual magic. But that is impossible; your lust will be there present. And that is something that you have to endure; that is why you have to meditate against your Baalim. You have to be jealous of your own wisdom, of your own God and to annihilate little-by-little all those degenerated entities that dwell within our psyche.

Q: When you talk about inheritance…does it have to do anything with the past lives?

A: The question is if the spiritual inheritance is in relation with past lives or the way in which we reincarnated? No!

The elaboration of the memory, the awakening of the consciousness related with past lives, which is the subconsciousness, is only the memory of our past incarnations, which comes when you awaken; when you meditate on your own ego, you develop those powers. But the inheritance that we are talking about here is a portion of the Light from Christ because remember that the Lord gives in abundance, the Solar light, but he gives, distributes his light in different ways. And that is precisely the hierarchy. In our own particular Monad, Christ placed the inheritance that we have. But that inheritance is in potentiality, not in activity. If we want to put it into activity, we have to walk the Path of the Bodhisattva, the Venustic initiations. And then that inheritance shows, shines in the Astral body because the Astral body is a Son of God, is a Beni-Elohim, the one that receives that inheritance.

When I explain this it is coming into my mind the two children of Isaac, who are Jacob and Esau; Jacob-Tiphereth, receives the inheritance in accordance to the descent on the Tree of Life, and Esau-Netzach, who of course is a symbol of the mind. That, in this aspect, is the mind which still has ego.

Esau is a hunter, he is the mind that always likes to hunt in order to get titles, diplomas, in order to have fame – this is precisely that Jezebel, that Esau inside of us that says: 'I am going to do this; do that; be famous; get money; get power'. And that is why Esau always sells his first right (his inheritance from the liver) for 'a plate of lentils', meaning 'for baloney'. The mind is always identified with this society. The mind says: ' I want to become the American Idol', or 'I want to be the Asian Idol', or whatever. The mind wants always to be famous, or to be a master. The Mind thinks: 'I want to say that I am such-and-such master; worship me.' Right? The mind always says: 'I am this, I am that…'

Understand that the mythomaniac mind is precisely the mind that we have to conquer; it is Satan, in other words, the mind is always selling its birthrights, its inheritance. That is why the inheritance falls into Jacob-Tiphereth, who is represented in Hod (the ceremonial magic of the heart), who is the other son, you see?

We should receive our inheritance in the mind, but you know the mind precisely gives us a lot of trouble. The twins Jacob and Esau, according to the Bible, are Jacob-Tiphereth, the Causal body who is equated with Hod (the Astral Body), and the Mental body – Jacob and Esau. The mind is Esau which is Cain as well; it is represented in many ways.

So, your inner particular individual Monad, God, will not give you your inheritance if the devil is living within you because God never gives power to the devil. If you have lust, anger, hatred, laziness, gluttony within you, do not even dream that you want to receive your inheritance. First, you have to elaborate the Astral body and to annihilate the Baalim, the disloyal ones, the unfaithful ones, the unbelievers which are within you. Then you can receive your inheritance; then you will transfigure completely. Before that, work hard on yourself; transfigure yourself, which is a permutation, a metamorphosis that you have to perform.

This is the mystery of the Transfiguration or Metamorphosis of the Bodhisattva, which is represented in Jesus of Nazareth when he, particularly, individually, transfigured in front of his disciples. But that happened not only to Jesus, that happened to Krishna; that happened to Buddha, that happened to Moses, that happened to many Masters. And when that transfiguration is done, then the wisdom, the knowledge of our particular Master shines; and this is how you find it.

Do you want to see the light of the transfiguration of Moses? Well, read the Torah that is his Light. Thus, each Master is a living book through which he shows his own light. But the best is to elaborate your own particular individual light, to transfigure by yourself and that is the process, the Metamorphosis through the Initiation.