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The Nativity of Christ

""It would be worthless for the Christ to be born one thousand times in Bethlehem if he is not born in our hearts as well.  We have to form Christ within ourselves in order to enter through the doors into the triumphant and victorious city on Palm Sunday. Christmas is a cosmic event that must be performed in each one of us.  The Nativity (Christmas) is absolutely individual.  It is necessary for the Christ to be born in each one of us." - Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah (1978)

It is important for all of us to visualize, to understand, to comprehend, what Christ is, because there are a lot of mistaken interpretations and assumptions of what Christ is, and also the Nativity, which in this day and age is called Christmas.

The word Christmas comes from the word Christ, whose root is in the Greek language. Christ in Greek is written with the letter chi, which has the form of an X, called kchi, so, when you write Christ in Greek, the “Ch” has the form of an X, which relates to another hieroglyphic with which Christ is very often represented: when you place a P on the X.


But really, the letter, which in Latin is P, is the letter R or Rho in Greek. So, when you write X and Rho, you are symbolically pointing at the activity of Rho or Ra, the fire, because the R is a symbol of the fire in activity. Ra is related with the Solar Force among the Egyptian hieroglyphics or Egyptian myths. Amon-Ra, or the God Ra, is the Solar Light.

Nun (the waters) lifts Ra (the Sun, Christ)

Nun (the waters) lifts Ra (the Sun, Christ)

So these letters X and R (Greek) or X and P (Latin) are a very ancient symbol of Christ, that fire. In Gnosticism we always emphasize that Christ is fire. That is rooted in the Greek word. The Greek word Kristos means anointed, an adjective of “Khriein,” to anoint.

Also from this X, or Greek letter chi, comes the word ictus (Greek: ἰχθύς, ΙΧΘΥΣ or ΙΧΘΥC) which means fish, which is an ancient symbol of Christianity.


In the Greek letter X (chi),we see a relationship with the word chi in Taoism that is represented by two fish in the form of an X, the symbol of Yin Yang, or the two forces or two polarities, which are diluted in the universe. Yin Yang are the two polarities of the same energy, the chi energy, represented in the X and Pi, or X and Rho of the Greek alphabet. And this is because Christ is the source, is the energy, from where everything emerges.

When you observe the infinite, which is formed by millions of galaxies, it brings into our memory the statement of Einstein, who said: “The infinite tends to a limit.” By direct experience, we know that this infinite to which our galaxy belongs, tends or extends to a limit; it has approximately 100,000 galaxies and more; but after this infinite’s limit, you find an empty space, and then you find another infinite. So, the theory of many infinites is something that we study in Gnosticism. Of course, you have to imagine 100 000 and more galaxies, organized, just in one infinite.


It requires intelligence to organize all of those galaxies in the infinite space. Observing that in the telescope, you become amazed by all of those stars, galaxies, comets, planets, how they rotate around their centers, around their suns, and how everything is organized by many laws. Just to think, just to assume, that the infinite is there without any intelligence is foolishness.

That intelligence is what we, the Gnostics, call Christ, which is not a person. You have to understand and to comprehend that intelligence can exist as itself, by itself, without form. This Intelligence is not one, but is what we call the Multiple Perfect Unity, which is everywhere and that uses the Solar Light as a vehicle to express itself.

The First Manifestation of that Solar Light is what in Kabbalah is called Ain Soph Aur, the Limitless Light, the First Emanation of the Unknowable, which is the Abstract Absolute Space. That Light, Ain Soph Aur, is the First Begotten, which is symbolized in different ways, in different myths.

Ain Soph on the Tree of Life

This Ain Soph Aur is what is called in esotericism the Central Sun, where all the Intelligences that organize this infinite of Einstein exist. In Kabbalah we associate this with the First Emanation of that Ain Soph, which is called Kether, and which is always associated with the infinite.

InfinitePrecisely in the very center the sign of the infinite (the Holy Eight), you find the X.

From the Ain Soph emerges that Light, which appears in Kether, the infinite. The symbol of the infinite represents the emergence of that light into the universe, into the Infinite, which occurs in every single unit, in every single solar system. This is, we might say, the first birth, or the first Nativity of that which we call Christ, which is a Multiple Perfect Intelligence, because that Intelligence, which is within the Ain Soph, expresses itself through many beings.

According to the Tree of Life, that light descends into all the Sephiroth in order to shine through the different intelligences or beings that exist in the universe. But when you, in a state of ecstasy, penetrate into that which is the Ain Soph Aur, then you discover that it is nothing, but part of your Being is there, because every single unit in the universe has a particle of that nothingness, within the Ain Soph. Yet, only those who Self-realize themselves, meaning, who awaken all of their inner possibilities, are aware of how that light emerges and returns, according to the sign of the Infinite, into the Ain Soph Aur, which, I repeat, is called the Central Sun.

This is the intelligence of the Infinite, which acts everywhere. That is why we said its circumference is nowhere and its center is everywhere; yes, it is everywhere.

The intelligence of the Ain Soph gradually changes when it descends from the higher dimensions into the lower dimensions. Remember, we have seven dimensions and when we talk about that Ain Soph we are talking about the seventh dimension. But this seventh dimension is divided in two parts, one abstract and the other concrete. Of course, the spiritual sun, the Central Sun of this infinite, is where all the intelligences abide, within the Abstract of the worlds. No telescope can find, for instance, the Ain Soph Aur, that Central Sun, but in the state of ecstasy the consciousness can see it, because it is beyond the three dimensional world.

Solar Light

Then by descending and studying only one part of that infinite—which in this case will be a galaxy—then we discover that the Solar Light (that unknowable force that comes from the Abstract Space) organizes the intelligences of any given galaxy.

In the case of this galaxy that we call the Milky Way, we know that all the stars or suns—approximately hundred thousands or all of the solar systems—that form this galaxy are gravitating around the sun Sirius, physically speaking. But there is an intelligence in the galaxy that is called the Polar Sun, which is spiritual sun, where all the intelligences of the galaxy converge, making it a Multiple Perfect Unity, which is another unfoldment of that light which we call Christ. Thus, when you see all the constellations of our galaxy, how they mathematically submit themselves to the laws of the galaxy, we have to admit that there is an intelligence there.

The problem with people in this day and age is that they always want to make of that intelligence a human entity, or to give a human form to that intelligence, to anthropomorphize it. You see, anthropos means human being in Greek, and morphe or morphos means form, so to anthropomorphize means to give the form of a human to that which has no human form.

The intelligence that organizes all the intelligences of this Milky Way is called the Polar Sun, which is located in the seventh dimension. In spiritual ecstasies you can visit the Polar Sun. Many myths, many cultures, studied the Polar Sun, because this entire galaxy depends upon the Polar Sun.

Any initiate who wants to enter into the mysteries in the internal worlds of the galaxy has to go directly to the Polar Sun, which, we would say, is where the headquarters of that Christic Intelligence throbs.

That is another aspect of Christ; every galaxy has its own particular Polar Sun or intelligence. But physically, all the stars of this galaxy rotate around Sirius.

Yes, there are many laws ignored by the people of the Earth in relation with the universe; because, unfortunately, scientists, astronomers, only study the universe from the three dimensional point of view, ignoring that the universe has seven dimensions, and that the intelligence that governs all of this vast universe abides always in the seventh dimension, or within the unfoldments of that Solar Force that we call Ra, Christ, Allah, or different names. INRI is how we call it in Christianity, which means Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra.

pleiadesMoreover, that light descends down into our solar system, or into our organization of stars; you know that our sun, which is the center of this solar system, is a star among many. Of course, that star is a vehicle of that Solar Light, as many stars are a vehicle of Christ. Thus our star belongs to the constellation of the Pleiades. The Pleiades are mainly formed by eight stars, the center being the Alcione star and seven stars rotate around it; our sun is the seventh among the “seven goats” (as they are also called in different traditions) that go around Alcione. The Pleiades are an organization that is organized by intelligence. You cannot state that there is no intelligence in the organization of the Pleiades or in this system of stars to which our sun belongs. Listen: that intelligence is called Christ. So, all the stars of the Pleiades, including our sun, rotate around Alcione.

But there is another intelligence that cannot be seen by the telescope, which is called the Equatorial Sun. The Equatorial Sun is the Spiritual Sun, to which this constellation of the Pleiades defers or is submitted to. In that Equatorial Sun we find, for instance, that, which we call the Astral Sun, which we refer to in different lectures, the Astral signature of that Astral Light in its descension. Every constellation is submitted to different intelligences in their own circle. So, you see how that intelligence that we call Christ is multiple. That is why it is symbolized in Buddhism by Avalokiteshvara, as having many hands, but is always the same intelligence. Avalokiteshvara with many hands symbolizes the multiplicity within the unity.

The intelligence of the Equatorial Sun (the Spiritual Sun, the Astral Sun) obeys the Polar Sun, and the Polar Sun to the Central Sun, and this is how that same light organizes all the universe.

If we look only our solar system, then we find the intelligence that organizes this solar system in the very heart of our sun. So therefore, if we want to know about the constellation of the Pleiades to which this sun belongs, we have to go directly to the heart temple of our sun, and from the heart temple of our sun to the Equatorial Sun, and from the Equatorial Sun, if we want to know about the galaxy, we go to the Polar Sun, with the same light, with the same electrons, same force. And then we can go even beyond to the Central Sun, which is the Ain Soph Aur. Then we see how that Ray of Creation descends in different levels through the suns, through the stars. That is why it is written, that Christ, the X, is crucified, in every single cosmic unit.

Solar Light

The planet Earth sustains its life thanks to the Solar Light of our sun. All the life that exists on this planet, exists thanks to the Solar Light that is wisely organized everywhere. Furthermore, the earth rotates around the sun; a complete rotation takes 365 days. During the rotation the four seasons occur: spring, summer, fall and winter. The Solar Light organizes the life of this planet Earth through the four seasons. If we place each season in the ends of the lines of the X, then we can understand how Christ organizes the life of the planet by its rotation. That is why the symbol of Christ is always the Cross; because it is through the Cross—in different ways, in the micro or in the macro—how Christ, fire, Solar Light, transforms nature and the cosmos.

In this planet Earth we celebrate the nativity of that Solar Light on the 25th of December. When we investigate the many myths or different Masters, or Avatars (Messengers) that came to this humanity, we discover that many of them coincide with the date 25th of December as the date of their birth. It is because is that date is not related to their physical birth, but to their spiritual development. Remember that we stated that the intelligence that we are talking about here is spiritual; it does not belong to the three dimensional world, it belongs to the seventh dimension.

In the planet Earth, the Solar Light sacrifices itself every year. We know that according to the relative movements of the sun and the Earth, the sun changes its position in the sky seasonally, from south to north and from north to south. There are two vortexes that assimilate that solar energy in the planet Earth, which are called South and North Pole. The North Pole is that vertex (or chakra in Sanskrit) that brings the energy into the Earth in order for a transformation to occur. The South Pole also obtains that light, but really, the main chakra that sucks the energy of the Solar Light is the North Pole. That is why you find in different myths, especially in the Nordic myths, how they state that everything comes from the north. Asgard is in the north.

For instance, in this day and age you find that symbol of Santa Claus that is very, very, very vulgarized, a symbol with which Hollywood makes a lot of money. This is a symbol, of course, and very ancient, but unfortunately, was taken by corporations in order to make business. Yet, that symbol is very ancient. Santa Claus exists, as Christ exists. But Santa Claus is not a person, not a long bearded old man, as many think.

Solar Light

Santa Claus represents an energy that comes every year through the North Pole, which is the Solar Light.

The Aztecs celebrated this event in ancient times; they always used three colors in order to invoke that energy. However they did not call it Santa Claus, they called it Quetzalcoatl, or Ometecuhtli, and other different names, according to their relation to the forces of nature. In order to invoke those forces of the north, during special rituals they burned powder made from corals or seashells mainly with the colors red, white, and black, which are the main colors that appear in the vesture of Santa Claus.

Red, white, and black represent the different activities of that solar energy when it enters through the North Pole. The red is the living energy of the sun. The white is the purity, the intelligence, or that solar force. The black symbolizes when that energy enters into the hydrogen, into the carbon, into any element of the earth; it becomes black, meaning that is enclosed, like in the charcoal. But when you light a charcoal, then that Solar Light is liberated, and you call it fire. So that fire, that Solar Light, is within the air, within the water, within the earth, within all the elements. This is what we call Christ. The main source is the North Pole, through which it descends into this “matter,” which is a Latin word for mother… mother earth.

Mother Earth, Mother Nature, is symbolized by a Virgin. They call it the Virgin of the Sea, because all the source of life from this Mother Nature is in the ocean. That is why the priests of the Aztec civilization were burning those seashells with those colors, in order to invoke the forces, in a perfect ritual in order to invoke the forces of the north, solar forces. s.

In the bible, the prophet Jonah also performed this ritual, because Jonah, as you recall, is that prophet who was working with the waters, the waters of the ocean.

olinWhen we study the Aztec calendar or solar stone, amazingly we discover that all the wisdom written in there is related with the movement of the sun in relation with the earth. In the very center of that solar stone, you find the Nahui-ollin, or what the Master Samael called the Rune Olin, which is nothing else than the Rune Gebur of the Nordics in activity. When that Rune Gebur rotates, then you find the Swastika, which is the same X, in activity. So this is called by the Aztecs Nahui-ollin.

And in the very center of that solar stone you find four suns: the sun of water, the sun of air, the sun of fire, and the sun of earth. Hieroglyphically, symbolically, they describes how the previous Root Races were destroyed and how this Root Race will be destroyed, by the same fire, by the same Christ.

It is stated that the children of the first sun were devoured by tigers. The tiger in Aztec mysticism symbolizes fire.

It is said that the children of the second sun were destroyed by hurricanes, with the sun of air.

The children of the third sun, which is the fire, were destroyed by the fire of volcanoes; this was the Lemurian root race.

The children of the fourth sun, which is the Atlantean civilization, were destroyed by the waters, with the sun of water.

So they were destroyed by the same energy, the solar force, the Christ, because Christ is an energy that abides everywhere. This is why when talking about this present Root Race, Peter states in his second epistle chapter 3:10:

"But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up."

The Aztecs state in that stone that the children of the fifth sun, which are we, the Aryan Root Race, will be destroyed by earthquakes and fire.

When the Aztecs mention “the children,” they mean the outcome of the transformation of the energy of the forces of the sun in the planet, because everything is related with fire. Fire is precisely Christ. When the outcome of the fire is not good, the fire burns it, and creates new things. What the fire wants is for every single unit in its care to be aware, to be conscious, cognizant of it, in order to help it into this work.

That intelligence, that solar force, abides within us. Christ is within and everywhere; but to retain and transform that energy in ourselves is precisely what we have to learn. And that is why the doctrine of how we transform and how we permute ourselves into Solar Beings is written in different religions.

The permutation of the animal into a human is something that only Christ can perform, that only the fire can do. That fire transforms into the body, and abides or dwells as a creator within our sexual glands. That is why the Great Arcanum, the secret of secrets, sexual magic, is the way in which Christ works with the X. Paul of Tarsus stated in Galatians 3:16:

"Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made."

Paul continues:

"He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ."

People mistakely think that the seed or the generation of Abraham into David, and to etc etc, will become Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Christ is not Jesus of Nazareth, even though Jesus incarnated it and Christ is still within him. Jesus of Nazareth, the Master Aberamentho, came to this planet Earth in order to represent the drama, this cosmic drama, of how we incarnate Christ in order to permute ourselves into solar beings. Jesus came in order to represent that, to show us physically how to do it. Regrettably, people misunderstood the message and thought that Jesus was the only one. We will fall into the same mistake if we think that Buddha Gautama Shakyamuni is the only Buddha, and that there are no more Buddhas. Yet, if we understand that Buddha Gautama Sakyamuni came in order to represent the way we can become a Buddha and that each one has his own Buddha within, then we can also understand that Christ is a fire, an energy, that is within everybody, and that we have to awaken that energy and to develop that energy.Jesus of Nazareth came in order to teach us how. But he is not the only one that did that transformation. Many Masters in the past performed that transformation in themselves.

Humanity did not know this, because in the past, in order to receive the knowledge of how to christify yourself, or to become a Solar Man, you needed to awaken your consciousness first, and to be aware of certain elements that you have within, and you had to pass many tests in the college of initiates, in order to receive the clue. And when someone was doing it, they were under an oath of secrecy, to not to talk in public about the secrets. In ancient times, those initiates who broke their oath and publicly taught this knowledge were killed. In the Aztec temples for instance, the anthropologists of this day and age (they think) they assume that the Mayans and the Aztecs were sacrificing human beings. Well, let me tell you one thing, the Aztecs and Mayans knew about the secrets, and they had many initiates, and sometimes one of those initiates were talking about things that they should not. So they were killed in the temples, because that was the rule. Those beings were managing death and life; they had the power. And that is why they were killing and taking their hearts and burning that heart and throwing the ashes into the Four Winds, because of sacrilege.

Nevertheless, in this day and age, the White Lodge, the beings who are Solar Men, feeling pity for this humanity, and gave permission to talk in public about this ancient knowledge. This is why in this day and age you find books, and many lectures, and we talk openly about the transformation of the sexual energy and how to enter into the path. But if we were in the times of the Aztecs or Mayans, they would take us to the stone and sacrifice us with the knife, they will take our heart and burn it. Many initiates in the past tried to talk about this and they were burned alive. But now, the Great Law is giving to this humanity the opportunity to see the secrets and to discover that the Solar Light, which sacrifices itself through this cosmic drama that is repeated every single year on the Earth, in nature, is something that happens not only in this planet Earth, but in all the planets, in all the suns. That energy called Christ is a force that gives its life for everything in the universe.

So, do not think that we, the people of the Earth, are privileged by knowing how to walk on the path of the Lord, Christ. Other planet’s humanities know this as well. Yet, there are differences among planetary humanities. In other planets, when the Lord incarnates, when that Solar Light incarnates in a being and teaches, they do not kill that Being, they worship him and follow his rules. Only in this planet Earth do we have the custom of killing Christs. Jesus of Nazareth was killed two thousand years ago, because his teachings were opposed to those of that time; and not only him, in the past many great initiates were killed here. This humanity is barbaric, barbarian. Even though some people think that we are special, listen, we are nothing special. But the law has pity on us.

In the winter in the northern hemisphere, the days are very short and the nights very long, because the Solar Light is in the south. And nature is weak in the North. When we are entering into winter, nature is dying, and you know that we need the Solar Light in order for nature to revive, to resuscitate. So, on the 25th of December, upon this planet Earth, the Sun begins its movement towards the north. This is why the 25th is when Santa Claus comes, or that Solar Light starts again to bring a new spring, little by little, and when the sun moves and passes the equatorial zone, from south to north, then when we celebrate the crucifixion, which sometimes falls in March, sometimes in April. That is the crucifixion of the Solar Light, of the Solar Force in the planet, in nature. This is a cosmic drama that repeats every single year, whether you are Christian or an Atheist. Because there are many atheists in this day and age that say “I do not believe in Christ,” so, anyhow, they receive that solar blessing every year, whether they believe it or not. Because the sun—whether we believe it or not—will begin its journey the 25th of December from the north and will be crucified in March or in April when passing the equatorial zone, and will give its life no matter who you are, or which religion you believe. That Solar Light will give you life again and again and again and again. This is sacrifice of the Lord. And this is something that we have to understand and comprehend, it belongs to nature, it doesn’t belong to any religion.

The benefit of that sacrifice goes into your body, into your mind, into your psyche, into your spirit, if you know how to take advantage of it. Commonly, the energy goes into your physical body and nourishes your physical body, and then you squander the energy in different ways. And that is the problem. Humanity doesn’t know how to take advantage of that Solar, Christic Force, in order to give life to themselves.

There are many Christians now—or people who call themselves Christians—who believe in the bible and the gospels, nevertheless, they squander the Christic energy, even when they say they love the Lord very much. Regrettably, they think that they only have to believe in Jesus. Jesus is a Master who is discouraged with all of his followers, because none of them transmute their sexual Christic energy. They accept Jesus’ teachings, but they do not practice them.

In order for us to be born again—as Christ taught through the lips of Jesus—we have to be born by the waters and the spirit. The waters and the spirit are the symbol of this fire that we are describing here. The spirit is the Solar Spirit of life that is symbolized by Santa Claus and that comes and places gifts into the hearts of those who are working with that fire, with that force.

Every single year, the 25th, that fire enters into the planet, through the water, through the air, through the fire, through the earth, and into the body of the animals, plants, human beings, and minerals. Every single year it enters and gives that gift, which is life. But who retains that gift and develops it in order to give life to his Tree of Life, or what people at this holy day call the Christmas tree?

The Christmas Tree

What is the Christmas tree? Let us analyze the word Christmas. “Christ” is a solar energy, and “mass” is a rite; so, Christmas, is a transformation or a rite in which the solar energy is transformed into life.

The Tree of Life is always studied in Kabbalah. It is represented in the spinal column of every single person. The spinal column is the Tree of Life. If you have your spinal column healthy, your whole body is healthy, strong. If you damage your spinal column, you can damage your brain, you can damage other limbs of your body. The Tree of Life, the Christmas tree, symbolizes the spinal column. All the lights on the Christmas tree represent the senses of the soul that we need to awaken in order to perceive what Christ is.

The Tree of Life: The Christ-Mass Tree

The Tree of Life: The Christ-Mass Tree

When that light is shining in our spinal column, within the seven churches that are described in the Book of Revelation, and within all the powers of that Tree of Life, then Santa Claus comes and delivers a gift. That comes from the north then down the chimney, which is our particular north, the chakra Sahasrara, or the church of Laodicea, related to the pineal gland and the sephirah Kether. This is where he enters. This is precisely what is written in the Acts of the Apostles, that when the Apostles were reunited, celebrating it, tongues of fire came hovering above their heads. Those tongues were the fire of the Holy Ghost, or the fire of Santa Claus, which is a force. That was the gift that they received. They received many gifts, because remember that is written there in the scriptures that anybody can receive different gifts according to the transformation or permutation of this energy. But in this day and age people do not understand what type of gift or what is that, that the bible calls “a gift.” It is a power of the Holy Spirit and it is not something that you will automatically receive. No, you have to earn it.

The Fire of the Pentacost

"Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." – Matthew 18:3

Two-Witnesses2This is why Christmas, the Nativity of Christ, is for children. Do we have the minds of children? What type of mind do we have? The mind of children is symbolized in the pine tree. The pine tree is related with the forces of childhood, the forces of Aquarius, the mind. Observe your mind: is your mind innocent? Did you acquire that innocence in your mind? Only a Buddha has that type of mind. That is why it is written that in order for Christ to descend into you, you have to be united with your own particular individual Buddha, who gives you that illumination. That is what the word Buddha means: Illuminated, Enlightened One. That is symbolized in the Tree of Life, in the Christmas Tree, which is a symbol taken from the Nordics, yet, this symbol is represented in every tradition.

But of course, many Christians have their Christmas tree with its lights, but don’t know anything about this. Indeed, in this day and age Christmas is just a business. Many people celebrate Christmas, and when Christmas comes they ignore about the relation of this rite of the Solar Light with the Earth, and they just worry about what are the gifts somebody is going to give them, and what type of gifts they should give to their relatives. And everybody is thinking in that. When you watch TV you find a lot of commercials, advertisements, encouraging you “to give” for Christmas. The Black Lodge has commercialized everything, taken all the sacred symbols and mocks the symbols of religions; this is why people in this day and age celebrate these holidays’ celebrations but ignore the meaning of them.

This drama of the Cosmic Christ and the way in which we can assimilate that Solar Force is a secret related with the spinal column. Remember that the spinal column has 33 vertebrae. This is why Master Jesus, it is written, lived 33 years. The Masons talk about 33 initiatic degrees. And it is because in order to develop that energy, we have to do it in 33 degrees, but in different octaves, different ways.

The Virgin Mother

When Christ is born, according to the Gospels, the Angel Gabriel announces always that. The Angel Gabriel, or Geburael, represents the perfect man who has to appear within each one of us, by knowing how to transform the lunar forces that act mechanically in the physical body.


Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus, represents Mother Nature. As Mother Nature is represented in the planet Earth, likewise Mother Nature is represented in our physical body. This nature in us has to become virginal. To become virginal is to become chaste. But this not the chastity that people think or have the idea of. It is scientific chastity. When we enter into scientific chastity, then our own matter, our own body, becomes virginal. Only a virgin can give birth to that light within. This means that a fornicator, an adulterer, somebody that is squandering the sexual force, is not a virgin. We are not talking here about that virginity that in this day and age people think, that it is just related with the sexual organs. People think that if you never had the sexual act, you are virgin, and if the woman has the hymen, she is a virgin. No, this is not that literal virginity. We are discussing the virginity of the psyche, the virginity of the soul, in which we learn how to transform the sexual energy through scientific chastity. This is how our polluted sinful nature, sinful matter, becomes virginal.

a06This is why the Arcanum Six of the Tarot depicts a whore and a virgin. But where is that virgin, what is that whore? Well, the whore is our physical body, because we are polluting, prostituting, the physical body through our vices. Observe how we behave sexually. Obviously, there is not a single virgin in humanity. Sexual degeneration is even applauded. When somebody goes out and says “Oh I did this, I did that” and starts talking about his or her degeneration, everybody says, “He deserves applause,” because he is daring to talk about his or her degeneration. So everybody, of course, has within a whore, that is the physical body. We begin with the physical body, to make it virgin; which means: to know how to save the sexual force and all the other forces that enter into the physical body, the solar forces. When we learn that, then our matter becomes pregnant with the fire that we call Kundalini. And that is just the first step.

To awaken the energy of the Kundalini is to awaken Hercules. Herakles is a symbol in Greek mythology. Hera is the Divine Mother, and Kleos means “aura.” Herakles means the aura of Hera, of the fire of Hera, within the body. That is why it is written that when Hercules was born, when Herakles was born, Mercury took him. Mercury is a symbol of the sublimation of the sexual energy. He took him to Olympus in order to suck the breast of Hera, and to give him immortality. It is written that when Mercury put Hercules to the breast of Hera (the wife of Zeus, Jupiter), she was sleeping, and when she awoke and noticed that Hercules was sucking her breasts, she was angry and pushed him away. But Hercules already took a lot of milk, a lot of wisdom, a lot of knowledge, a lot of energy, from nature. Because he was sucking the breast so strong, when she pushed him away, the milk squirted out into the space and the Milky Way was born. That is a symbol, as you know if you read between lines, then you understand. The Milky Way, the galaxy, was born from the breast of Hera; a beautiful symbol of Christ, of the aura of the Divine Mother Nature or Cosmic Mother. So then, you have to understand and comprehend that.

Do you worship the Divine Mother Mary? Are you Catholic? Or are you Hindu? Do you worship, for instance, the Divine Mother Kundalini, Shakti? She has many names in Hinduism; different aspects. Do you worship the Divine Mother? Well, understand and comprehend that the Divine Mother expresses itself to the matter, because that is what the physical body is, a matter. That is why in Kabbalah, Malkuth is represented by a female aspect. Malkuth is the physical body. Do you want to receive Christ within? Well, make of your physical body, of your Malkuth, a virgin, meaning, a chaste matter; and this is accomplished by avoiding the abominable spasm, the filthy orgasm of animals; animals cannot retain Christ, because they naturally, mechanically, instinctively fornicate. But we learn, we receive knowledge in order not to fornicate, thus, if we transmute the sexual energy, our matter, our body, becomes virgin. And from that virgin is born the child; that child that everybody worships and celebrates his birthday on the 25th.

That child was born within Jesus. That child was born within Moses, within Buddha, within Krishna. That child is fire. That fire is Christ, the Son of God. Or the First Begotten, the First Emanation of the Unknowable Divine, which is the Abstract Absolute Space, that we can call Father, Cosmic Father, that has no shape, has no form. This is the first step. Yet Christ has to be born not only in the physical body, but also in the vital body, astral body (emotional body), mental body, body of will, body of the consciousness, and the body of the spirit. Those are the seven steps that we have to take. Christ, as fire, has to enter into every single body or every single part of us.

The first matter that becomes virgin is the physical body, and then the vital body, and then the emotional body. So Christ has to be born within your emotions, within your mind, within your will.

You know that phrase that is written "Father, if it is possible, take this cup of me, but not my will but thine be done". That is only possible to utter, if we receive Christ in our own particular will. What type of will do we have?

This is the birth or Nativity of Christ within the human being; it occurs in steps, and is not like the common and ordinary Christians, the fundamentalists in this day and age, think, that you just raise your arm and you say “I accept Jesus,” and then Christ enters into you automatically. No, Christ does not enter anyone like that; first you have to become a virgin. Christ was born from Mary, a virgin, he did not arrive because of a few words: he needed a woman in order to be born.

That woman was crucified as well; she crucified herself as well.

Christ is crucified every year in the planet in order to give life, in order to resuscitate in all the elements. After March or April, after the celebration of the crucifixion, you see how nature becomes happy, full of light: the plant and animal kingdoms bloom with new life. Animals are charged with sexual force and then they start multiplying, because this is the only way that they know how to do it. They are not intellectual; they do not know anything about recreational sex. All of nature multiplies, is full of light, full of life. The same thing has to be within us. We want Christ to express itself not in the animal way, not in the plant way, but in a conscious way, because this is what Christ wants in every single person, every human being: to express itself in a very cognizant way, intelligent way. He wants to make of us a vehicle of intelligence.

An animal cannot do that, because the animal acts instinctually. In order for us to do it, we have to sacrifice the animal part of us, and that is only possible through the crucifixion. All that which is animal has to die. When the Christ child is born into the virginal human, that virginal initiate is in a stable among the animals. That is unfortunate. You see how Joseph and Mary represent the two polarities, Yin and Yang, that gave birth to Christ. But unfortunately, when Christ is born into the physical body, there are still a lot of animals there. These are the animals of desire that everybody has within: lust, anger, greed, envy, laziness, gluttony etc etc. All of those elements have to die, have to be crucified. The terrestrial man has to die in order for the heavenly man to be born. And that is a process as well. Do not assume that you have to accomplish this process only one time; you have to do it seven times within seven times. You have to die in your animal behavior in the physical plane, in the vital plane, in the emotional plane, in the mental plane and the plane of will, and the plane of consciousness, and even in the spirit. You have to become completely absorbed by that fire.

Do you think that Jesus of Nazareth became Jesus of Nazareth just like that, easily? Listen: he worked very hard in order to transform himself, as did Moses and all the great Prophets, Avatars, and Masters. They worked hard on themselves, so that light or Christ was emerging little by little until they became the same light, part of it. And that is to Christify yourself, to become a real, a true Christian. It is a process. So, the same drama that you see in nature, you have to repeat it in your own particular individual body, mind, and spirit; then indeed, you will understand what the Nativity of Christ is.

The Shepherds

Christ has to be born in your heart. When Christ comes, the shepherds come and receive the news that the Lord is being born in the stable. People think that the shepherds are people that were at that time taking care of the sheep. They ignore that even in this day and age, those people that are taking care of other people, of other souls, are called pastors. A pastor is a Latin and Spanish word for shepherd. So, if you want to receive the birth of the Lord in your heart, you have to be a shepherd. In other words, you have to work for Him; you have to spread the Word, the real knowledge. To become a shepherd is to become an instructor, to become a missionary.

There are different levels of shepherds. That is why in the bible it is written that the shepherd David became the King. Moses was a shepherd, and Jesus is represented as being a shepherd. It is a symbol of those who work for the good of humanity.

You see how the shepherd takes care of the sheep? Do you see any shepherd kicking their sheep? Or slaughtering the sheep? No! A really good shepherd gives his life for his sheep.

The sheep are a representation of the souls, the animal souls of good people that want to become human. So, in other words, the shepherd is a human, and the sheep is an animal. The symbol of that is simple: the shepherd is already in the level of human being. The shepherd reached the level of Tiphereth, the level of Mastery. As a shepherd, he is dealing with sheep, with those souls that still are not in the level of Tiphereth, but are meek souls that are truly following the Word of the Lord.

Referring to the time of the Gospels, there were many teachers (shepherds) who were working with the souls of people that were still intellectual animals, but meek, following the Word written in their sacred books. So, the Angel appeared to them and said, “You are shepherds. So, there is good news for you, because you are working for the souls, now the Lord is coming and being born within you in another level, as light.”

Then there is happiness in Bethlehem, which means “in the house of the bread of wisdom.” Bethlehem is Belen, the pineal gland. This is where the Lord is born. That little city of Bethlehem is the pineal gland, which is surrounded by other cities of Judah, the brain, which represent the mind of Jerusalem. The mind where you find all of those defects, vices, and errors that we have in abundance. So, all the people, the mind, are here in the brain, but in the middle is the pineal gland. It is the smallest of all the cities, where the Lord is being born. That is the symbol of the shepherds who come to celebrate the birth of Christ. The same event has to happen within us in different levels.

The Three Wise Men

three-kingsAnd what about the three wise men, the three kings, or three magi? They are also symbolic, and are shepherds who are already dressed with vestures of the Lord, with the Light, with the Solar Bodies.

Wise comes from the word wisdom. Wisdom in Hebrew is Chokmah. Chokmah is the second Sephirah, which is attributed to the most beautiful atoms of that energy that we call Christ. Chokmah, Christ, wisdom, makes one wise. To be wise is to have Christ within. So, the three Wise Men are three steps or three categories, three degrees, in which we incarnate the Lord.

In other places they are represented with a crown. Crown in Hebrew is Kether, the Father. The Crown of Life is Christ. They are crowned already, meaning that they are kings, as David, as Solomon, because Christ is within. They are anointed by fire. That is what we call Messiah. Messiah is the same as Christ, or an Avatar, somebody that is a vehicle of the Solar Light. Christ expresses itself everywhere.

These three Wise Men are three levels in which Christ expresses itself within those who are already walking on the path:

  1. a black wise man
  2. a white wise man
  3. a yellow wise man

These are the three colors of Alchemy. The first one is black because when you first receive the Lord, your matter is still black with ego and desire. The fire is still enclosed within different parts of your Being, within your consciousness, within your body, and you need to liberate it like a charcoal needs to liberate the fire. When that fire is completely liberated and the blackness disappears, then the whiteness appears, which is the purity, the virginity of the fire within the matter.

To become a white wise man is not easy; it is the most difficult part. There are many initiates who enter into the first part of the work and become black wise men, or black kings. The word Malachim is Hebrew and means kings or queens, and refers to Tiphereth in the world of Yetzirah, the world of the Angels. At that level of initiation you receive the level of Malachim, or king. Only in that level you can become a wise man, the incarnation of Chokmah, wisdom. But in the beginning, as the Master Samael explains in his books, you don’t notice the fire within the black, because that black has to annihilate all that blackness within, which is lust, ego, all of that negativity, animal desire that we have within. By annihilating it, the consciousness—which is fire, Christ—is liberated. Then the initiate begins to shine more, little by little, and seeing more light until become white.

The white king or magi appears after defeating Lucifer at one particular stage. This is what happened with Jesus: he appears before the multitudes after defeating Lucifer, within, as a white magician.

The path has to be walked in a higher level in order to become the yellow wise man. The yellow wise man is above the white. Yellow is the color of gold. That gold has to appear in the initiate. Before the gold can appear, he has to purify himself very much. That gold appears when the individual is resurrected.

The metal gold is the symbol of the sun. Silver is the symbol for the moon, and the gold for the sun. If you are becoming a yellow wise man, it is because you are already a Solar Man. You are completely purified, you are a vehicle. As the metal gold is a vehicle of the Solar Light, you are also a vehicle of the Solar Light, you are a gold man, a Solar Man. This is because you built a diamond soul.

A diamond stone is also related to the Sun. To have a diamond in your finger or in your necklace is easy, but to make your soul a diamond, that is very difficult. To make your soul a diamond soul is to possess the Philosophical Stone, to be a resurrected Master with dominion over the four elements, because you are in the very center of the cross, of the X, and from the very center you command the water, the air, the fire and the earth, because you are the vehicle of that light, which is in the center of the sun, in the center of the earth, in the center of the Pleiades, in the center of the galaxy, in the center of the universe. That light transforms you in different levels as well.

There are many resurrected Masters who have dominion only in this solar system, others who have dominion over the galaxy, others who have dominion in the Infinite, because that light transforms the initiate in different steps. Among the resurrected Masters, not all of them have that expansion, only those who have the wisdom of many infinites can enter into the Absolute (with the level of Anklad) and become Paramarthasatyas. That is why when we refer to the Master Jesus of Nazareth, the Master Aberamentho, we always bow before him, because he is a Paramarthasatya. He has the wisdom of many infinites within himself. He came to this planet Earth in order to help. There are other resurrected Masters who have the wisdom of galaxies. This is how the Solar Light expands, and it depends on your work, it depends on your consciousness. You see, there are always different Hierarchies, even among the Resurrected, among the yellow magicians.

So, this is the Nativity of Christ. It is a graduation, a system of awakening the Solar Powers that are latent within each one of us.

Questions and Answers

Audience: What about the star of Bethlehem?

Speaker: The star of Bethlehem is our own particular individual Being, our own particular Monad. Each one of us has our own particular star of Bethlehem. The pineal gland is related with the city of Bethlehem, where the Lord is born. The pineal gland is also related with the star of Bethlehem, the star that guides the magician. That star is self-remembrance. This is why we always state that we have to remember ourselves, that we have to follow our own particular star, because all that which we are emanated from the Ain Soph. Within the Ain Soph we have our own particular atom or star that is connected with our own particular physical body and consciousness. That particular Ain Soph or star, which is connected with Christ above, wants to unfold, to develop all the powers of the Lord within us. The Ain Soph guides us if we listen, and descends according to our degree, in order for us to develop. To follow that star means to be a magician. Remember that the three wise men were following that star. So, if you want to follow that star, you have to become a priest, which is the same as magician. To become a priest or magician doesn’t mean to merely perform rituals, but only one: the ritual of transmutation of your Solar Force.

Audience: Christ has to be born in secret, because of Herod...

Speaker: In the beginning of finding this knowledge, when you are enthusiastic and awakening and developing your inner self, you start talking and want everybody to follow the path. Then you find people that are very skeptical and start putting doubts in your mind. This is Herod. Herod represents the world, and there is a Herod inside of the mind of everybody. We all have our own particular Herod putting doubts in our minds. Herod is committing adultery with Herodias, humanity.Herodias represents the whore humanity that worships negativity. So, our inner Herod is fornicating with Herodias. When we talk to others about Christ, immediately they feel threatened (because of their inner Herod) and they want to kill the child of Christ that is emerging within us. So, that is why when we start awakening and having experiences, we have to keep our mouth shut, behaving as anybody else, and hiding the Lord; in order for us to go to humanity and help, first the Lord needs to grow and mature inside of us. But if the Lord is a child, remember, that at that time Herod killed many children. Only those who are smart are saved.

Audience: During the lecture you indicated that Christ is the Ain Soph Aur, but we also hear that Christ is Chokmah. I guess you answered in the lecture, but can you explain the difference here?

Speaker: Christ is the light that unfolds in many lights. Christ is one and many. Christ is the Ain Soph Aur. Christ is the Ray of Okidanokh, the Central Sun. Christ is the Holy Trinity: Kether, Chokmah, Binah; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, whose most beautiful atoms shine in Chokmah, wisdom. Christ unfolds into the couple, which is Abba and Aima, Father and Mother. The Divine Mother Kundalini is also Christ. Christ unfolds into the Twelve Apostles who are within us, so every single apostle is part of that light, is part of Christ. Christ unfolds into the twenty four lights, or the twenty four elders, which are written in the Book of Revelation. Every single elder is Christ in itself, in a different level. To the end, Christ unfolds into 49 fires. To put in activity all of those parts of Christ within, is to connect all the bulbs in order to have light in your home from the same electricity. Remember that Christ is everywhere. Christ in Greek mythology is called Zeus, Jupiter, the Father of all Gods; Christ is symbolized in many ways.