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crownIn essence, the symbiosis of the Bodhisattva is the psychological relationship of the Bodhichitta and the Bodhisattva through Buddhi (Wisdom), which is related with the Sephirah Geburah, by means of Nemesis, Karma.

Within the initiate of the straight path, Sophia (wisdom) is the concrete outcome of a symbiosis, that is, the psychological initiatic relationship between the Bodhisattva and the Bodhichitta, a mixture of the light of Chokmah (Wisdom – Christ), with the darkness or sapience of sin.

This symbiosis is shown in “Ecce Homo” (the Bodhisattva, the Superior Manas) with Objective Reasoning, which emerges on the sixth day of Genesis.

Ecce Homo: “behold the Heavenly Man” - the Bodhisattva working within the terrestrial man, the Bodhichitta, in order for the man of the sixth day to appear.

Ecce Homo

Sophia, which means “wisdom,” is the outcome of the multiple, sunderable divisions of the light, in other words, the outcome of the multiple enfoldments of the light. Tiphereth is the Bodhisattva, the To Soma Pneumatikon, who works through Daath in Yesod within the Bodhichitta, the To Soma Psuchikon.

In order for us to understand this symbiosis that is made through Karma or Nemesis, we have to utilize the Tree of Life. Remember that we always apply the Tree of Life when we go into Christianity, because as we always stated, Christianity is rooted in Judaism, and the mysticism of Judaism is Kabbalah, the Tree of Life.

Kabbalah the Tree of LifeSo when you visualize the Tree of Life you find there are three triangles. You always have to comprehend and understand that each triangle is always related with the three brains. So if you apply the numbers of each triangle, then you find that in relation with the three brains: intellectual brain, emotional brain, and motor-instinctual-sexual brain.

In the first triangle:

  • 1- Kether is the head
  • 2- Chokmah is the heart
  • 3- Binah is sex

So, Binah (the Holy Spirit) is always related with sex.

If you continue applying the triangles to the three brains, then you start visualizing how the tree is related with the development of the real man, the true man that we are talking about here.

We find thereafter the second triangle: Chesed, Geburah, and Tiphereth. So, you find that in relation with the three brains:

  • 4- Chesed is related to the head
  • 5- Geburah is related to the heart
  • 6- Tiphereth to sex

This is how you find the relation of Tiphereth, which in the Tree of Life is precisely in the heart, directly related with sex. And why the sixth commandment states, "You shall not fornicate." Kabbalistically, it means that the sixth commandment is directly related to Tiphereth, the number 6 (the sixth sphere from the top): this is the human soul. However in the Triangle of Ethics, when you take such triangle and place it in relation to your three brains, it goes in accordance to the descension of the Ray of Creation into head, heart and sex.

Continuing with the Tree of Life, you observe the third triangle Netzach, Hod, and Yesod in relation with the three brains:

  • 7- Netzach is the head; this is why you find that Netzach is in relation with the mind
  • 8- Hod is in relation with the emotional center, the heart
  • 9- Yesod is related to sex

So then we find, specifically, that Chokmah, Geburah, and Hod vibrate precisely in the heart.

This is how you find all the relations of the Tree of Life with your three brains, and why Hod is related to the emotional superior body, called Astral body, and why it is precisely there where the light of Chokmah shines. But obviously, beyond Hod you find the other Sephirah related with the heart: Geburah, which is always related to the Sun. As we always explain, many Kabbalists state that Geburah is related to Mars, which is true, but it is also related to the Sun. And this is why when we talk about Geburah we talk about the Sun, because the Sun rules Geburah and Tiphereth at the same time.

Accordingly to the three brains, in the heart, in that area, beyond Geburah we find Chokmah, which in Hebrew means “wisdom.” So then, this is how you find that, Wisdom, Chokmah, is in relation to Geburah, which in Buddhism is called Buddhi, which means also “wisdom.” And it is because the Divine Mother places all the forces, we would say, related with Nemesis, with Karma, within Geburah. This is why in Gnosticism we state that Geburah is the interior, particular, individual Kaom, our own particular police, interior law.

So when you talk about the law of Karma within you, this is Geburah. And of course, as it is stated by Madame Blavatsky and taken from ancient books: within Geburah (Buddhi, wisdom, which is the Spiritual Soul) the flame of Prajna (which means also “wisdom”) is always burning; that is the Prajna Paramita, which is the sixth Paramita. And if you count the Sephiroth from the bottom, from Malkuth to Geburah, you find that Geburah is the sixth.

So, behold here all the kabbalistic and alchemistic relationships of this mysterious Sephirah Geburah, which many Kabbalists have difficulties to comprehend; especially when we go into the Gospels, because Geburah is a Sephirah of willpower, strength.

Geburah means “severity.” And here you find hidden what we were describing in other lectures: the feminine Valkyries, the Amazons. So therefore you find the relationship of masculine and feminine, because indeed, when we talk about the Monad, we find the relationship of the Spirit with the Consciousness.

When we talk about objective reasoning, we always refer to Geburah, to the consciousness. But let me disclose something to you: from Kether to Geburah, Geburah is the fifth, and the number 5 is related to Karma, to Nemesis (in Greek.) However, from Malkuth, Geburah is the sixth Sephirah, which is related with the Arcanum of Indecision, the Arcanum of the Lovers. In Geburah is precisely where we find always our twin soul. When we as real human beings (in Tiphereth) think about our twin soul, we have to understand that that twin soul is within, in the intuitional world, the world of intuition, within which is the objective reasoning of the Being. And this is precisely what we have to understand, because when we talk about the Bodhichitta, we talk precisely about the objective reasoning of the Being, which expresses itself in the physical body, but that has its foundations, or its roots, its gravity, in Geburah, the Superior Consciousness of the Being, and it is feminine.

So for the one who takes the straight path, Geburah (Sophia, wisdom) is Helen. According to Greek mythology Helen means “all glorious,” the all-glorious, beautiful daughter of Zeus and Nemesis (Helen was abducted by Paris; the Greek army sailed to Troy to get her back, which resulted in the Trojan War). So, Helen is the daughter of Nemesis, the Divine Mother Justice. Helen is the Superlative Consciousness of the Being, Buddhi, which is like a cup made of alabaster where the perennial flame of the Prajna Paramita is always burning.

So when we talk about the Goddess of Justice, we talk about Nemesis, which is related with Karma. Remember that Buddha stated that there are three eternal things in the universe:

  • 1. Space
  • 2. Nirvana
  • 3. Nemesis, which in Sanskrit is Karma, the Law of Cause and Effect

So Nemesis of course is that Goddess of Justice within which the causes of the universe are hidden. When the universe is disintegrated, destroyed, within the Mahapralaya (the Great Cosmic Night) everything is destroyed except the causes, or the effect we will say of cause and effect. So that remains within the bosom of the Divine Mother. And that is why when we talk about Sophia, we state that in the beginning Sophia (Wisdom) always emerges from the Unknowable Absolute. But the causes for Sophia to emerge from the Absolute into creation, into the universe, are within the womb of Nemesis - Karma.

The Goddess Nemesis (Karma) pursues the insolent and the wicked with inflexible vengeance. She is the mother of Helen. When Nemesis was pursued by Zeus, she turned herself into a goose to escape him. However, he eventually caught her by turning himself into a swan. As a result of their union, Nemesis laid a blue and silver egg, which was found in a forest by the God Mercury, who gave the egg to Leda from which Helen was hatched.

This enfoldment of Sophia appears of course in different Gnostic myths, yet in the case above, is called Helen, because indeed Geburah receives many names in different mythologies. I.e. the Valkyries, Helen, Sophia, Beatrice, etc.. And of course Sophia in Geburah is only an enfoldment of another Sophia which is in Chokmah, and which comes from another Sophia that comes directly from the Ain Soph Aur.

Geburah precisely is the Sephirah that now we are discussing, because if you recall, it is in the sixth day of Genesis, according to Moses, when the man is created into the image of God. We already spoke many times of how To Soma Psuchikon, the image of God, was created on the sixth day. But the image of God must become a mixture, a symbiosis, of To Soma Psuchikon and To Soma Pneumatikon, which is the spiritual man, the Bodhisattva.

Helen accordance to Greek mythology is the daughter of Nemesis. Here we have to state and remember that when we reach the fifth initiation of major mysteries, which is Tiphereth, we decide to take the spiral path or the straight path. This is in relation with Geburah, or the way we are going to handle our destiny with the Goddess of Justice, which is Nemesis.

Evidently the Goddess of Justice, Nemesis, is the Divine Mother Kundalini; yes, she is the Divine Mother, because the Divine Mother has different aspects; the Divine Mother Space, we will say, is the origin of the universe. So the causes of the universe are within her womb, and that is called Nemesis, that is why the Greeks named her Nemesis.

When the initiate decides to take the straight path, then Helen is born. This is one interpretation, we would say, of the myth, because every myth has seven interpretations. But here we are talking about the straight path.

The Divine Mother Justice places Wisdom within the superlative consciousness of the Being, Buddhi, who is like a cup made of alabaster.

The Greek Goddess Nemesis, accordance to the Greeks, helped to avenge those who were wronged, a symbol of a congnizant, righteous indignation against the ego. Nemesis is portrayed as a Goddess of Divine Justice and Vengeance. Her righteous wrath is directed towards human transgressions of the natural right order of things. So when you read about the Divine Mother (or Nemesis, in this case, the symbol of the Divine Mother) avenging against the transgressors of the rules of the universe, you then understand how in accordance to Gnosticism she indeed does it through her different aspects, because through her is how the justice is applied.

Remember that when we meditate and comprehend an ego, when we implore to the Divine Mother, she inside is the origin of that, she knows that Karma, and she knows how to apply and to punish the transgressor, in this case the ego. She is unmerciful against the ego. And this is how we have to understand, that is how she helps. She knows that the ego is the cause of the disorder in the universe: our particular universe and other universes. And that is why it is stated that Zeus, Jupiter, was pursuing her and she was disguising herself in different ways in order to escape from Zeus, but finally she escaped by transforming herself into a goose. Then Zeus transformed himself into a swan. The transformation of Zeus, Jupiter, into a swan points us immediately to Binah.

So we find that Zeus, Jupiter, of course is represented by Kether-Chokmah-Binah, the first triangle. Yet, the transformation of Zeus into a swan means Zeus becoming Binah, because the swan, the white dove, and all these birds of whiteness are always the representation of the sexual energy of God in action. Thus, as Binah, Zeus impregnates Nemesis, the Divine Mother (Shechinah), and from that impregnation the Divine Mother puts an egg and then Mercury passes it to Leda, who hatches the egg, and from it comes Helen of Troy, the famous Helen.

Helen of Troy was the cause of the war between Greeks and Trojans. Actually Helen was not a Trojan woman, but Greek, because she was abducted by the Trojans who took her to Troy. This was the origin of the Trojan War; of course that entire story has a symbolism, which means that when you enter into the straight path, again, you see a war. Yes, when you enter into the straight path, there is a war that is going to start by the Mahabharata, “the great warrior.” I am not stating here that these wars that are stated in that book (the Mahabharata and the Iliad) did not happen; what I am stating is that when the writer writes or assembled those names, those symbolic names, he is always pointing to a psychological work that we have to perform.

Helen is that particular element that is placed by the Holy Spirit (the swan or Zeus transformed into a swan) into the Geburah of that particular monad who took the straight path. Meaning that within that egg is Chokmah (Wisdom) as Justice. We are talking about the inheritance, the cosmic inheritance, that our own particular Christ places in our monad; this is placed in Geburah in order to develop, because that is Chokmah doing the sacrifice in order to work into the different Sephiroth of that particular man that is taking the straight path. So this is how you have to comprehend when you see Chokmah, Christ, working through the heart. We always state that the Nous atom is in the left ventricle of the heart, and this atom is directly connected to the monad.

If you apply the three triangles in the three brains, then you see how Chokmah is related with the heart, with Geburah and with Hod, in the same heart. This is called the second brain, related with the sun, with love, and with justice. When we talk about justice, we talk about the sun, and we are talking about Geburah. And you find in the Bhagavad-Gita (which was written by Chokmah with the name of Krishna, remember: Chokmah is Wisdom) Krishna states:

“The Great Prakriti is my womb; in that I place the germ; thence, oh Bharata (warrior), is the birth of all beings!

Whatever forms are produced, Oh Kountreya (Son of Kunti, the Divine Mother), in any womb whatsoever, the Prakriti is their womb and I am the seed-giving father.

So, you see, here (in the Bhagavad-Gita) you find the same meaning that we were explaining in Greek mythology about Zeus, that is, the Christ-energy is always the seed-giving father within any seed.

But of course, in this case, through Geburah, is how, we would say, Christ attains all the conquering, all the achievements that the initiate develops in any of the Sephiroth below; these achievements are absorbed by the Christified consciousness. So in this Christified consciousness is of course the knowledge of good and evil.

Remember what we explained in other lectures about the six degrees of objective reasoning that each one of us has to develop when we enter into the straight path. And it so happens that, again, these are in relation with the number 6 which is Geburah, which is in relation with the sixth day of Genesis, that is, when the man is created into the image of God. So these 6 degrees of objective reasoning are related with the Sephirah Geburah which we are studying. Thus the Master Samael Aun Weor states in The Pistis Sophia Unveiled:

“The descent of the Logos into matter is made dialectically comprehensible by means of the Cosmic Drama.

“The immersion of the Spirit into matter is dialectically explainable with the life, passion, death and resurrection of Christ within us.

“Sophia is the outcome of the descent of the Logos into the Chaos.“

Sophia enters into the chaos of the one that takes the straight path, because we, particularly or psychologically speaking, are a chaos. Within this chaos we find the ego, which in Pistis Sophia is called the lion-faced light-power, which is the triple inferior power:

  • Mind,
  • Desire and
  • Sexual degeneration

Behold here the three brains again: Mind, desire and sexual degeneration.

These three aspects have nothing to do with That which is beyond the body, affections and the mind; That which is the Truth.

The great emanations of Barbelo, the abode of the Light, can never be comprehended by the intellectual light.

The Uncreated Light is distinct from the intellect, as water is from oil.

When the Initiate lets himself fall, he then cannot enjoy the emanations of Barbelo.

There are those who being jealous of the abode of Barbelo fall into the Darkness (on purpose) where the cries and gnashing of teeth are heard.

And here the ego is again born within each one of us.

The self-willed ego never obeys, and it always emanates from itself that which should never be emanated.

When the initiate falls, the emanations of Sophia are immediately cut, and the initiate remains with just the wisdom of the intellect, the light of the intellect, which many people mistake for Sophia.

In this day and age, there are many Gnostics, there are many, better said, “readers,” that read about Gnosticism, and when they read about Sophia and the objective reasoning of the Being, they think that it is our own particular intellect, or the subjective reasoning that we use; but that type of reasoning is not related with Sophia. Truthfully, the type of chitta that we always talk about (the Bodhichitta), which is the Prajna Paramita, is a type of reasoning where you do not struggle with opposites.

Objective reasoning is related with the senses of the superlative consciousness that we have to awaken. And of course the Gospels were written with that objective reasoning, and this is why people do not understand them, and this is why people make different assumptions about the drama, that is, the life, passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is written in the four Gospels, and in all the other apocrypha’s that we find in different books.

So when finally anybody reaches for the first time the union of the Soma Psuchikon with Soma Pneumatikon, which is the union of the Son of Man with the Terrestrial Man, after the annihilation of all the ego, and after passing through the Nemesis or the Karma of that particular sphere, then on his head appears that which we call the horns, the silver horns of the great hierophants, which are represented on the Gods of Nordic mythology. Those horns of the great Gods of the Nordic pantheon are not the horns of demons, because the horns of demons are enthroned in the forehead, which is the power of the intellect.

You have to understand that there are two powers here. When you see the power of any intellectual, any person that is very intellectual, in this level of the intellectual animal kingdom, in the astral plane this person displays big horns: these are the mark of the beast, because these relate just to animal intellect. These have nothing to do with spiritual intellect. So this is why the demons, the most dangerous demons that exist in the universe, are intellectual, very smart from the intellectual animal point of view.

In opposition, we find the great Resurrected Masters who also have horns, like those of Moses, who when coming down from Mount Sinai was showing horns of light on top of his head; not on his forehead, but on top of the chakra Sahasrara, which is where those horns appear. And in those horns is where you find the degree of objective reasoning related with Geburah that initiates acquire after defeating the ordeals of Lucifer, or Shathan as the Bible states, who always acts in accordance to Geburah. In other words, when you are being tested, tempted by your own particular individual Lucifer in any plane below, Geburah, Lucifer is doing it in accordance with your own Karma, because that Karma is related to that ego that you have within. And Lucifer moves everything in accordance to the ego that you have within, in accordance to the Karma that you have within.

The initiate can annihilate the whole ego, but the causes of Karma are still there and the only one that can forgive that Karma is the Goddess Nemesis, or her son, which in this case is the Christ-Being born within the Bodhisattva. But for this forgiveness, the Bodhisattva has to pass all the ordeals that Lucifer has to set in order to show the initiate what the ego is or the different psychological aggregates that we have within.

If you read the book of Job, you find how Shatan or Lucifer submits Job to different ordeals, and when Job succeeds or triumphs, then the objective reasoning of the Being develops in the initiate.

About the different levels of reasoning of the Being, let us now read what the Master Samael states. He says:

Sophia is the objective reasoning of the Being, the awakened Consciousness.

The complete functionalism of Pistis Sophia is within the objective reasoning of the Being.

In Gnostic Christic Esotericism, we are always quoting six degrees of the cognizant objective reasoning of the Being.

The degrees of development of the objective reasoning of the Being are known by the number of tridents that are shown on the horns of the Individual Lucifer, who is within each one of us.

Obviously, the Individual Lucifer within each one of us is a reflection of the Logos (Christ) within our interior. This is why he is referred to us as Christus-Lucifer.

Lucifer is the one that comes down and mingles with our ego. And this is why Lucifer is the one that knows about you. That is why if you want to see how bad, how evil you are, how many defects you have, then you can see it through your own Lucifer. But for that you need a lot of courage, because Lucifer is the one that tempts you, that tests you in order for you to become perfect.

Lucifer gives us the sexual impulse. Therefore, Lucifer is the stairs to ascend and the stairs to descend.

We arise, we ascend, when defeating Lucifer.

Lucifer, integrated with ourselves, converts us into Archangels.

So when an Archangel appears, it is because he has developed objective reasoning. Any Archangel has that symbiosis, but you have to understand that symbiosis from this point of view, that is, an Archangel is an individual that reached resurrection. In Nirvana you find different hierarchies, and also in Christianity we find that conventionally the beings related with the second heaven are called Archangels, but really here we are talking about the symbiosis of an Archangel which is really a Cosmocreator, a completely self-realized Master that annihilated the ego, an initiate that has no ego within, and therefore his objective reasoning is there fully developed.

Commonly the Archangels have the degree of the objective reasoning which is called Degindad, which is when three tridents appear in the horns of Lucifer, which is integrated with them.

Remember here, I am going to repeat something that is very important that is coming into my mind, that when Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Good and Evil, the Elohim (this is written in the Bible) said, "Behold, the man is like one of us, knowing good and evil." This means that any Elohim knows, any Cosmocreator or Archangel knows good and evil; “is like one of us knowing good and evil.” So that good and evil of course is the outcome of Sophia, the mixture of darkness and light, or the mixture of light with the sapience of sin, which is evil; since when you disintegrate your defects you then understand all the relationship of the ego with evil, with devolution, with degeneration, and with comprehension you find the opposite, which is the right action, right thought, and right feeling; and that knowledge, that sapience remains within you. This is why an Archangel is not easily tempted, because they know good and evil.

But in the beginning, as you read for instance in many books, Gnostic books, you find that it is written that Adam and Eve fell, or went down, easily tempted by Lucifer, because they didn't know good and evil. If they would have known good and evil, they wouldn't have eaten that fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

So here you find precisely that an Archangel is somebody who has the knowledge of good and evil within, and that is shown in the horns of Lucifer, who is the one that pulled that man, or that Archangel, up into the surface, into the level in which he is or she is. This is why in Greek mythology you find that Prometheus, who is Lucifer in accordance to Greek mythology, is the one that steals the fire from the sun and gives it to the man, and through it he creates the man. Through the ordeals of fire the man (the mind, the chitta) succeeds in the light, by overcoming ordeal, plus ordeal, plus ordeal; thus, obviously the man of the sixth day with objective reasoning appears, after defeating Lucifer.

Degindad is a common degree acquired by any resurrected Archangel, which has as a sign three tridents marked in those horns. And that is why when you read any book, or any wisdom, or you hear any knowledge from these resurrected Masters, you always find different levels of comprehension, different levels of understanding, because these relate to the degree of objective reasoning that those initiate acquired; so when an Archangel reaches that Degindad level, this equals three tridents.

Yet, in the universe there exists the objective reasoning of the fourth trident within the horns of the Archangels, or on those horns that appear in the resurrected ones, which gives them another degree of objective reasoning, which is more profound, those with four tridents have more understanding, more comprehension, and this degree is called the Ternoonald level of objective reasoning.

Above Ternoonald there exists the degree that is called Podkoolad, which has five tridents. This level of Podkoolad is a level of objective reasoning of the Being that is very rare, since it has five tridents; in other words, this means that the initiate has defeated Lucifer very profoundly; he went far down into the abyss and emerged with a lot of light.

And above Podkoolad there is Anklad, the last degree, six tridents, which is precisely the complete development of Geburah and all the wisdom of Chokmah within the Initiate. Beyond Anklad there are no more degrees. The sixth degree is Anklad.

In the universe, those who take the straight path always want to acquire Anklad. But when someone reaches resurrection and God is within them, Lucifer is very clean, has no ego, and everything is within them - they are an Archangel. If an Archangel has reached Degindad, the three tridents, but wants to acquire more degrees of reasoning, he cannot. He cannot because God is within him. While he is the one who acquired it, and the Logos (Kether Chokmah Binah) is within him, so he is the vessel of those tridents, but the Holy Trinity works through him in accordance to the degree of objective reasoning. This is what gives sapience, omniscience, omni-sapience to the Archangel, or to that Elohim. In order to acquire a higher degree, he has to renounce, to abandon his level or hierarchy. And he does so through Tiphereth.

How? Well, when someone is already resurrected, the Tree of Good and Evil is forbidden, which means sex, no sexual act, because as Master Jesus states in the Gospel, the Angels in heaven do not have sex at all, they don't get married. But if Tiphereth (the Human Soul) makes the decision to acquire another degree of reasoning, because before entering into the Absolute he wants Anklad, well, if he is a male, he descends, takes physical body, and has sex with a woman: he has to fall in love with a woman. This woman could be an initiate, or could be a vestal, with whom he has sex, but does not fornicate; he just starts practicing sexual magic without spilling. But since it is forbidden to him to do that, immediately his Elohim says I am withdrawing from you, you are disobeying me. That is called a descent. So, there is no fornication.

However, sometimes Tiphereth decides to take another degree of objective reasoning, and through the physical body commits the mistake of fornicating, and then he falls. When Tiphereth falls, the ego is reborn again like the Phoenix Bird within him or within her psyche. So not only does he fall away from his Elohim, but moreover, the ego resurrects within him again. And this is precisely the problem when you go into Yesod (sex), since you know that to perform the sexual act is prohibited to you. So, these are the two ways to retrograde.

There are many souls of Masters, many fallen Bodhisattvas, that decided to acquire another degree, and in the moment of transmutation they could not control Lucifer, the tempter, because Lucifer is the one that gives the sexual impulse, thus they fornicated and lost everything; now, they have to start again. Of course, they will acquire another degree, but after suffering a lot with the devil inside of them, because the ego is the devil.

In the universe, as we stated in other lectures, it is permitted to retrograde only seven times; whosoever does it more than seven times can fall into damnation. And this is precisely the big problem in the universe, because initiates want to acquire more objective reasoning. This is precisely related with Geburah, because her Mother Nemesis is very severe, which is the Divine Mother, because in the moment when the initiate descends, he is betraying the Divine Mother, is committing adultery, because he is refusing the love of the Divine Mother and Geburah in order to go with another woman down there in Malkuth, or with another man, if the physical body is female. So of course the law of Nemesis is very severe. Thus, when the initiate wants to go back again, it is not like I fell today and tomorrow I will transmute and go up and have another degree, no!, Nemesis enters into action and punishes you. Those who acquire more wisdom also acquire more pain.

Master Samael Aun Weor stated that he fell three times; the last time was in the beginning of this root race in Tibet, when this root race was starting. He tried to resurrect in Egypt, in China, he kept trying to do it, but his Being withdrew from him, his Innermost was punishing him. Thus, until now, which is the end of this Kali Yuga, when we are at the end of the Aryan Root Race, his inner Being took him and told him, “Ok, that is enough punishment for you, but you have to learn: if you do it a fourth time, who knows, maybe I will leave you there for a Mahamanvantara.” This is precisely Nemesis, justice. So punishment is not eternal, and of course in the universe time doesn't exist.

This is how the Gods punish their children; this is how they do it in accordance to Nemesis and how she comes and punishes not only the ego, but the human soul as well, because the ego deserves to be punished, since it is something that shouldn't be there inside of the Bodhisattva or inside the initiate, yet, the soul cannot be destroyed, because the soul is part of the monad, it is eternal, but it can be punished in order for it to learn, since the soul (Tiphereth) has free will, it can decide to follow this, to follow that, or to do whatever it wants, because God gives free will to his soul. Understand that here we are talking about the Bodhisattva.

Now, from Malkuth to Geburah is the Buddhata that develops within the Bodhichitta, it is the Truth emerging from the abysses of Klipoth. This is how you have to understand this; because in many lectures we always state that the part of Geburah which descends into the abyss, into the ego, is the Buddhata. If we never did this work in previous lives, previous ages, that Buddhata is an embryo of soul. However, in the fallen Bodhisattva is different. The objective reasoning of the Being is placed in the auric embryo. That auric embryo is where you find the Mastery, the objective reasoning. Unfortunately, when the Bodhisattva falls, that consciousness, objective reasoning, get mingled again with evil, with ego, and goes into Malkuth, into the abyss; because from Malkuth down is where you find fornication. And this is why you find that a fallen Bodhisattva has that ability inside, which is, the ability to use once in a while (when he infrequently stops thinking as ego) his objective reasoning, or the ability of penetrating into the language of God.

Thus, as the bodhisattva disintegrates more and more ego, that ability, the objective reasoning, is appearing. And of course, eventually, if he or she achieves resurrection, then he/she will acquire another degree of objective reasoning, which, of course emerges from the abyss. That is why it is written that the Elohim, the Gods, knowing good and evil, emerged from the abyss, and they become lost into the Absolute. But they go down back many times. I repeat, any resurrected Master is permitted to do it seven times. So there are many Gods - as the Master Samael states - who are jealous of Sophia, meaning they are jealous that other Archangels have more wisdom than them; Sophia is shining more exceedingly or strongly in those Archangels, and if they want that objective reasoning, well then, they have to retrograde, thus they descend or fall.


So here we are entering into that mystery called Mary Magdalene, which purposely the Pharisees and doctors of the law erased from the Gospels, which is the relationship of Tiphereth with Geburah, which in this case, in the representation of the drama of Jesus Christ, is Jesus with Mary Magdalene. We have to refer to this when entering into this mystery, because remember that it is stated that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, but we have to understand that anyone that is fallen, anyone that is not resurrected, his/her Buddhata, or auric embryo which still has ego in Malkuth, is prostituted. You have to understand that Mary Magdalene is precisely the symbol of that, because the Buddhata is part of Neshamah.

Here, we are talking about Neshamah, the spiritual soul. In Kabbalah, there are three souls:

  • Nephesh
  • Ruach
  • Neshamah

Here we are talking about Neshamah, which is within Geburah. It is the spiritual soul, which is united with God. The Buddhata is part of Neshamah; it is that part that is bottled up in the ego. It is precisely with that Buddhata with which we can develop Tiphereth, the human soul, because when the Monad still has not reached Mastery, Tiphereth is only an embryo. But when the Monad has reached the fifth initiation, then Tiphereth is completely developed. This is what we have to understand, because we have to go down in order to build soul or Soma Psuchikon which means “soul image.”

So, all this work that we must do with Buddhism and Christianity, alchemy, is precisely the development of the Soma Psuchikon, which is the development of the Buddhata through meditation and through alchemy (Daath - Tantra), knowing good and evil; because from Daath is precisely from where the sapience of good and evil comes. Remember that the Buddhata is that part of us that ate the fruit. So through transmutation, through Lucifer, through the sexual potency, by defeating that entity in different initiations, is how that Buddhata emerges and develops, thus when it reaches Tiphereth, then you become a human being.

HUM is the Monad, which is a trio, a unity of spirit, divine soul, and human soul. The MAN is manas, is that chitta that we are referring here as Bodhichitta, which is related with Tiphereth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkuth. So that union of HU and MAN is the HUMAN, or the human soul, in its totality.

Within a fallen Bodhisattva, that human soul in its totality is the auric embryo, which with the work that he must do again, is liberated little by little again, recuperating the degree of objective reasoning that he lost or she lost, and attaining more wisdom through resurrection. This is how we have to understand the work.

Notwithstanding, the Buddhata which is bottled up within Malkuth, within the ego, and even into Klipoth, is prostituted; obviously anyone who is a fornicator, or that fornicated, whether a fallen bodhisattva or someone who is doing it for the first time, has his/her soul prostituted; her soul is a prostitute. And this is precisely the symbol of the fallen Mary Magdalene: she is a symbol attributed to that particular part of the initiate that is bottled up in Klipoth.

It is stated that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, and a prostitute is a woman who has sex with many men. And this is precisely what happens with the soul of the initiate when it is fallen: it has sex with many; whether he is a male with many women or a female with many men, he or she committed adultery. So, who is not an adulterous? This is precisely what Jesus of Nazareth meant when kneeling down and writing on the ground, and when he lifted up himself, and said unto people, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her,“ against that prostitute, which many people said was Mary Magdalene. Yes, she is a symbol, this is how you have to understand it, you have to see her with the spiritual eyes of the objective reasoning that has many degrees.

So Malkuth is feminine, and that is why when we talk about the soul, we talk about it as a feminine aspect. Remember that when we talk about the mysteries of Adam and Eve, Eve is feminine, is Ob, which is the fallen serpent. The lunar fallen serpent going to the abyss is Ob, is Eve, is Mary Magdalene, and is prostituted, is a prostitute, and she is within each one of us. We will say, symbolically speaking, that everybody carries a Mary Magdalene as a prostitute within. But to be more specific, we will say Nahemah, which is the mother of adultery and prostitution.

However, if you enter into the path in Malkuth, then you become a magician, a priest, (magician comes from the Sanskrit word Mag, which means priest); and by being a priest in Malkuth, you enter as Mary Mag, which as you see means magician; Mag-dale-ne: “a Mag, a Magi of Dalene – Dalan, “valley,” preserved from extinction in north of England by Norse infl. Akin to words for "bow" (v.), probably through the notion of a bend in the ground.” Magdalene means therefore: the soul of a Priest or Priestess Adept from the lands or valleys of Malkuth. Of course, this why it is always stated that the Mary Magdalene of Jesus was not from the Jewish race, but was from the Nordic race, from a Celtic race. So therefore Mary Magdalene means also “a priestess adept from other lands or valleys; a white priestess wife.” This is the case for Mary Magdalene; this is precisely the meaning of her name.

ImageNotwithstanding, the female initiate called Mary Magdalene in the Gospels was of a white race, and was the wife of Master Jesus. And with her was Jesus working sexual alchemy.

So, Mary Magdalene represents Malkuth, the female aspect, within which you have to work hard in order to elaborate the man of the sixth day, within which of course happens the union or symbiosis; you see, now we are visualizing better, when we are disintegrating those egos, that sapience of sin is going up, and absorbed by Geburah, by the consciousness, by the superlative consciousness of the Being, since in Geburah is where initiations and degrees are absorbed.

Now, you understand better why Christ-Chokmah, through Geburah-Neshamah, descended into the abyss and disintegrated seven capital sins from Mary Magdalene as it is precisely written in the Gospels; this is, Mary Magdalene, being a prostitute, became holy, a saint, because Christ took the seven capital sins from her. But of course this did not happen as the ignoramuses think, that Christ just put his hands on her and in one moment seven demons came out and she became automatically holy, a saint. No! Understand that this is a psychological process in which the initiate has to descend into their own mind and has to work through the Buddhist Annihilation in order to clean his/her particular Mary Magdalene, little by little, bit by bit, until cleaning her completely. And then that female aspect of Neshamah becomes united with Helen, which is precisely Buddhi, where the inheritance of Christ-Prajna is placed. Thus, the outcome is precisely the objective reasoning of the Being, or another degree acquired through that process.

Now, here we have to go deeper into this in order for you to understand the different aspects of this cosmic drama, this Buddhist Christianity. Remember that Geburah is ruled by the sun, and when you place, as we say, all the Sephiroth aligned in the way of the three brains, the three triangles, then you find that the heart is in relation with the sun, and the sun is in relation with Tiphereth, but also with Geburah, with Chokmah, and with Hod. And it is precisely in Hod or in the Solar Force where we find Judah, because we have to talk about Judas.

Judas is related with Judah. In the Old Testament, you find the symbol of Judah. Let me read for you what the Old Testament says about Judah.

“Judah, thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise: thy hand shall be in the neck of thine enemies; thy father's children shall bow down before thee. Judah is a lion's cub: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up? The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be. Binding his foal unto the vine, and his ass's colt unto the choice vine; he washed his garments in wine, and his clothes in the blood of grapes: His eyes shall be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk.“ - Genesis 49: 8 -12

In Zen Buddhism we find this expression also, “a lion’s cub.” What is a lion’s cub accordance to Zen Buddhism? It is he who understands the truth, the Zen truth hidden within any myth, or within any allegory. That is why the monks of Zen Buddhism, when they acquire the development of the consciousness, the Buddhi, the Prajna-Paramita, they receive the title of “lion’s cub.” The Buddha is the lion and the cub is the disciple, the monk.

When we say that Judah is a lion’s cub, we are talking about the baby, the child of the lion, who is the Christ, the Buddha. Behold, here precisely in Geburah is where you find that Prajna Paramita, who is the Buddha himself, Chesed, the Buddha. And it is also in Geburah where you find that other lion, the other lion that comes from above, which is Chokmah-Wisdom, which is Avalokiteshvara, Chenrezig.

This is why it is precisely stated that the Bodhi-Sattva is an incarnation of Avalokiteshvara, in other words, within Geburah-Buddhi is the symbiosis of Buddha; the Buddha – Chesed or Atman united with Prajna-Wisdom, united to Avalokiteshvara, or Chokmah, as we explained.

So then of course there are fallen lion cubs, which are fallen Bodhisattvas. They are lion cubs who know the wisdom, but because of the ego it is difficult for them to express it. The Master Samael explains how those cubs sometimes go into Zen monasteries and start insulting, or being jerks with the disciples, until finally the lion appears within them and speaks; they are lion cubs, yet they are fallen, but they are lion cubs. Of course, it is better to be a resurrected lion’s cub than a fallen lion’s cub. This is also an expression in Zen Buddhism in order to point to those who acquire a lot of comprehension, analysis, understanding of the doctrine.

So, Judah is a lion’s cub; this is what the book of Genesis states. If you read more about Judah in Genesis, in the Bible, you will find how Judah is attributed to Leo, the constellation of Leo. The constellation of Leo is related with the heart. And this is why the highest of all the great Masters among all the hierarchies abide in the constellation of Leo, because they are lion cubs, they are Bodhisattvas of the straight path.

That is why we always state that a true Jew is a Bodhisattva, a self-realized Master; this is how you have to understand the word “Jew” in the Bible. This is why it is written in the Gospel of Judah that Judas was the only one that could see Jesus, face to face; Judah is the cub and Jesus is the lion; the only one that can see him face to face, eye to eye, is Judah, because he (the cub) is part of him (the lion).

But unfortunately, when that cub is fallen, within him is lust, anger, pride, vanity and all of that degeneration that we have within. And this is precisely what Judas Iscariot represents in the Gospels. This is why Jesus knows that Judas has to leave, because he has to die. Judas is that element within which the ego is very strong in relation with sex, because we always stated and repeated that Judas is that apostle that represents the sexual force; and if you study how Tiphereth is related to Yesod, you understand why the forces, the solar forces, are precisely in the sex. And why when the work of the initiate is being performed, it is related with the heart, in Hod, and why the ritual of Hod or the magic of Hod is called the Eucharist, or the last supper.

ImageThe last supper of Jesus is performed in Hod, because in there is how you receive guidance, but from there is from where Judas departed. Jesus never ejected Judas from the last supper, instead he gave Judas the bread and wine, and Judas took it. And after that Judas abandoned Hod, in other words, betrayed the fires of the heart. Treason is in relation with the heart, but treason is in relation with Hod, Geburah, and Chokmah, which are always in the heart area. So Judas withdraws from the ritualistic last supper and goes and betrays the Lord. He goes down. Understand that this is happening within the initiate; that part which is Judas, is part of his consciousness which is mingled with degeneration, this is what goes down in order to fulfill the scriptures. Because the Son of Man has to be delivered, has to go into a process in which the Son of Man, which is the Bodhisattva, the Pneumatikon, has to disintegrate the ego, has to annihilate it completely.

Through that annihilation, that sapience of sin, which is still degeneration, has to go up to Geburah, which means to the consciousness; the consciousness has to know about evil. We talked about that when we were talking about The Ring of the Nibelungen, how suddenly the Valkyrie is reduced to sin, to adultery, by Siegfried when he goes down; it is the same symbol. So here Judas goes down, and of course “going down” means to perform the sexual act in the ninth sphere; remember Judas is inside, not outside. In ancient times, two thousand years ago, Judas was represented by the Master Judas, who at that time forcedly betrayed Jesus in order to represent the drama.

But understand that the betrayal happens inside of you or inside of the Bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva takes a spouse related with Nemesis, related with Karma (Kamaduro, Karmasaya or Katancia), but this is always Geburah. Through Geburah the initiate starts the process of the annihilation of that Karma, of that ego. In the case of Master Jesus, he had Mary Magdalene. This is a symbol; I am telling you of the symbol of the Gospels, I am not stating here that in that very moment Master Jesus took Mary Magdalene, no! What I am stating is that in the moment when Judas went to betray the Lord is when the Inner Jesus took Mary Magdalene (Malkuth) as his wife. And of course that brings into the consciousness of the initiate all the process of treason, because his consciousness is mingled with part of this Kamaduro.


Judas betrays him in the sex, but when that energy rises (which is the sixth viper of light or the sixth Venustic initiation) and reaches the heart, or reaches that level, then Jesus is delivered to Caiaphas, to the hypocritical Pharisees who are within the initiate - not outside, they are within him - thus, all the consciousness of the Bodhisattva is disturbed, because the Logos is rising and knowing the evil that we created in the heart, because of our fall. And of course there are a lot of egos here in this area of the heart, who feel that they are good: this is Pharisee-ism, when you think that you are holy, because you believe in this, or because you believe in that, or because you are sacrificing yourself for humanity, and of course this is how you cynically mock the Lord; especially, when in the outside world you are accused, and then you say, "No I didn't do anything," or, "I am holy." Yes, the Lord is holy and unjustly accused, but you are not holy. Thus, those Pharisee egos - through the priest, of that emotional center, that ego within you which is Caiaphas, which is a demon - cannot deal with the Lord, because the Lord keeps silence, then the energy continues ascending.

Then, the Lord, the energy of the Lord, which is light, goes up to the head, through the spinal column. And when it reaches the head, it finds Pontius Pilate, the demon of the mind. And of course you know the intellect is the governor, the president, the chief of your own body. And then Pilate, the mind, washes his hands, justifies every evil thing he is accused of through the tests that Lucifer places to the initiate. Then the initiate says, "I am not guilty, I didn't do this." "I didn't do it." This phrase, "I didn't do it, I didn't do it, I didn't do it,” is often in the mouth of many initiates; meanwhile, the Lord is being accused of Judas’ filthiness, of his bad things; yes, the Lord didn't do it, but his Judas (the ego) did it. That is why any initiate that passes that ordeal in different levels (because it is always in different levels that such an ordeal is passed) must say, “Yes, I did it.” This is in order for the Lord, which is your inner Being, to not receive the stoning. But of course, the demon of the mind always washes his hands.


After passing through Judas, Caiaphas and Pilate (the three brains), the accumulation of sins, defects, and vices in that mind, that is, the final outcome, the conjunction of all of that, is what the gospels call that notable prisoner: Barabbas. The meaning of Barabbas is “the son of the earth,” because Bar is “son” in Aramaic, a word that is related with the Rune Bar, of the Nordics, which means “son of the earth.” Of course, Barabbas is that mixture of consciousness with ego, Barabbas is the outcome of the fall, a degenerated being.

Then “Ecce Homo” - behold the man: the Bodhisattva appears there facing the negativity that came out from within the Bodhichitta that still is in process. And that is Barabbas. Then the intellect, which is Pilate, in front of his many selves (egos), says, "Who should I liberate, Barabbas? Or Jesus the Son of Man that came from above and is making this trouble within my psyche?" And of course the multitude of egos within the mind, within the initiate, scream, “Liberate Barabbas, liberate the ego, because we belong to him, we don't want to die.” Pilate then says unto them, What shall I do then with Jesus, the Son of Man, the Pneumatikon, which is called Christ and who descended from above and who is making this disturbance in the psyche?, and the egos reply: “Crucifixia! Crucify him! Crucify him!”

Yes, this is how the Lord is condemned to death by our own particular ego, and this is precisely the moment when the initiate faces his own Nemesis. All the Karma, you see, has to be applied to the ego, yet the Lord receives it. And this is why it is written that he is lashed 5000 times. Arcanum 5 is the number of the Law. And all the process that comes after that is related with the Karma of the initiate. Pilate with his justifications comes and puts on the head of that initiate the crown of thorns, which means that the Lord is already defeating them by being passive, by being in comprehension, in meditation, and utilizing Thelema, because that is the symbol of the crown of thorns: Thelema! Willpower!


Ecce Homo as a hero is doing all of this for his consciousness, he is doing it for his Helen. He is going to face that which is a long process. Symbolically of course, in the Venustic initiation, this is experienced when the initiate raises the sixth viper of light, but that is an internal initiation.

Yet, in the physical plane he has to face all of the Karma and to work very hard in order not to betray his Lord. We talked already about the three denials of Peter in the previous lecture. But here in that passion of the Lord, the cross, death, and resurrection, is precisely a phenomenon which is called symbiosis, in which you find the union of two beings; understand that through that mixture the Lord, being holy, descends into the sinner, and this is how he is accused of things that he did not do, but that the Buddhata, the sinful consciousness did it. And that process is the same process as disintegrating the seven demons that he took from Mary Magdalene; because this process has to be done with Mary Magdalene. This is precisely what we have to understand.

All of this is precisely the drama that was purposely taken out of the bible, of the Gospels, because the Christian Pharisees did not like it; they want just a castrated Jesus, a Jesus without wife. But no initiate can do this work without sexual alchemy.

So Mary Magdalene corresponds directly to Jesus in his drama and his development. This is how he developed the last degree of objective reasoning. This is how he acquired Anklad. Because he was fallen, but he rose again and acquired the degree of Anklad, which is the highest degree of objective reasoning.

If the Podkoolad degree is very rare, which is the fifth trident, since, it is very rare to find a Podkoolad in the universe, then, Anklad is even rarer. And Anklad is the degree that Jesus attained. Of course, the knowledge that Jesus had - that is written in the Gospels and in many other apocrypha - are being interpreted by the intellect of people who are not initiates, thus they do not know what Jesus is talking about. You have to be on the path in order to understand the knowledge in accordance to the objective reasoning that you are developing, or that you developed if you are a fallen Bodhisattva.

Precisely here is the beginning of the end, when the initiate receives the sentence: “Crucify him! Crucify him! Crucify him!” From that moment, the ego of that initiate will fight with all of it’s strength in order not to be annihilated. Nemesis (the Divine Mother through Geburah) in the work of the Bodhichitta and the Bodhisattva, will disintegrate that ego, Pilate will be disintegrated, Caiaphas will be disintegrated. Of course, the disciple, the cub that really loves the Lord, is Judas, who willingly goes and says, "I betrayed my Lord. I didn't want to do it, yet I did it, thus, now I am going to hang myself on the Tree of Life, or on the Tree of Knowledge." And thus he kills himself. Of course, this is a psychological process; this does not imply that we should go and hang ourselves physically from a tree. No! This is a psychological process in which Judas first, who symbolizes desire, is annihilated, and then the Lord emerges from within him and disintegrates Caiaphas and all of those individuals, or psychological aggregates related with Barabbas that put him in that situation. And of course we will talk about resurrection in the other lectures. Now you can ask questions in order to extend more this lecture.

Question: Could the Divine Mother Kundalini, since she has acquired the whole of Karma, show mercy with non-negotiable Karma like Katancia?

Answer: Show mercy? Of course the Divine Mother is merciful towards the consciousness, not towards the ego. The ego is an entity that shouldn't be inside of us. I remember the case of the Master Samael Aun Weor; he was going to face the Kamaduro of having many wives in past lives and his mother called him and told him, "My son, you betrayed me with many women in the past." And then he said, "Yes my mother, but that was in the past, today I am loving you and am faithful to you and I won't do anything against you." "No," she says, "you did that in the past and you have to pay for it." And then the Master says, "Well it is true." This is Kamaduro, his mother finally said: “I am sorry, you have to overcome that by working with the moon.”

Kamaduro is related with all the process in which the Master physically dies, because it is the punishment of the law of justice; the Goddess of Nemesis is unmerciful with the ego and with that type of Karma. “All sins are forgiven except the sins against the Holy Spirit.” There is mercy, and this is the type of mercy: The Divine Mother is not going to take that sin right now, or to punish you for that right now, only until you disintegrate your ego. Because if she punished you right now for that, then you would no longer have a physical body, you would die. And how are you going to continue on your path? So that is why that type of Karma is paid at the end, that is the mercy of the law. That karma is unforgivable. And of course there are some Karmas that are forgivable, but only after you disintegrate the ego related with them.

Question: …about the Kaom…

Answer: Well, the Kaom is Geburah within you; the Kaom, your internal police, informs the Goddess of Justice, the Divine Mother, of your good and evil doings. And of course if you want mercy, you can pray to your internal Kaom to intercede for you before your Divine Mother, because when you are receiving a certain very strong, type of Karma, and you want some break, then the Goddess of Justice will see what you are doing in the physical plane, inside of you and in favor of others, thus she can negotiate your Karma, because she is the only one who can do it, Nemesis, but accordance to the deeds. Faith without deeds is dead.

Question: After those Bodhisattvas that fall instead of descend, when they rise again do they have more objective reasoning because of that? Because they fell into more evil, do they conquer more evil when they rise up?

Answer: Of course, the deeper you fall, the higher you ascend. But let me tell you, when you have a certain degree of objective reasoning and you fall, you fall to a proportional depth. At the same measure of the height that you were, so is your fall. That is why it is very painful, very painful. If someone was very high - let us say in the degree of Ternoonald, which is a very high degree - and they fall, then they fall very deep into hell. And in order to go up again they have to fight and sweat blood. It is very hard. This is why some initiates do not fall, they descend, they do it gently, not spilling, just transmuting.

Sometimes a resurrected Master receives a mission in order to sacrifice himself for humanity and to do certain works. Then the Being says to his soul, “You will appear in the tridimensional world, but in order to sustain yourself there you will need to practice sexual magic, so I give you permission to practice sexual magic.” In this case, the Being does not withdraw from the Bodhisattva, yet the Bodhisattva cannot develop more reasoning, even if he practices sexual magic, because he is doing it with the permission of his God. The only way to develop higher objective reasoning is by doing it without permission; then the Being withdraws and eventually has to go down again, but God will punish his soul, because he might say, "Why are you doing something without my instruction? Ah, it is because you want more reasoning right? Ok, I will give you that, but you have to wait for two Mahamanvantaras." Behold here, this is precisely the pain.

Question: What are the names of the first two levels of objective reasoning?

Answer: I don't recall them right now, but of course they have their names. After we inquire and meditate and receive the names in the internal planes, then one of these years we will write about them and talk about them.

Question: What happens to a Being who has Anklad but falls, and despite the difficulty manages to rise again? Has he even more objective reasoning?

Answer: No. Those that reached that level can fall into damnation. In order for them to rise again into the level where they were, Christ has to incarnate, because Christ is the one that does the work, and Christ suffers too much. Anklad is the last level that Christ gives with his suffering, beyond that is putting Christ into too much suffering, and that is selfishness; that is very, very bad. I don't think that anyone that reached Anklad would do it, because for what? If you reach Anklad you are going to the Absolute, there are no more degrees. The only one that is higher than you is the Absolute.

Question: It was explained that even after the ego is annihilated, the causes of Karma are not removed, could you explain further on that?

Answer: Those causes of Karma can only be removed by the Goddess Nemesis, the Divine Mother, or by the Lord Chokmah incarnated within the Bodhisattva, after the disintegration of the ego; because, it is in Tiphereth where Chokmah works very hard in order to disintegrate those causes within the Bodhisattva; but after the disintegration of the ego; since those causes cannot be disintegrated if the ego is still alive. Thus, if your ego is still alive, well, forget about those causes, just disintegrate your ego and when you have cleaned your mind and consciousness of ego, then the causes could be disintegrated, and then Karma is forgiven (except Kamaduro).

Question: Is it possible for a Being of absolute perfection to fall?

Answer: No, a being of absolute perfection, a Paramarthasatya, cannot fall. The Absolute never falls. It is difficult, because a Paramarthasatya enters into a certain level in which all dangers of falling are gone, so it is not possible. A Paramarthasatya cannot fall, because he is beyond all dangers.

Question: What do you mean when you say they fall into damnation? Does that mean that they never rise again?

Answer: Damnation means that in order for them to rise again, he has to suffer through many Mahamanvantaras, or the other way is to be disintegrated in hell through many Mahamanvantaras, because the Karma is so heavy. There might be cases of beings that are into damnation. There are initiates who fell on purpose and became Black Magicians in order to acquire more light, like Moloch, Belial, Andramaleck, and many others. They did it on purpose, and that is why they are damned because they are doing evil on purpose. There are Initiates that fall but they don't become damned Black Magicians, yet they are black, but when you do it on purpose like Moloch, that is very dangerous.

Question: When you say we make a decision to take the straight or spiral path, is that an intellectual decision that we make?

Answer: No. That has nothing to do with the ego. The intellectual animal reasoning here could think, "Oh yeah, I will take the straight path." No! That is the decision of the objective reasoning. When the initiate reaches the level of Tiphereth, then it is the monad that decides, Tiphereth with Geburah and Chesed together. Tiphereth is will, the human will that cannot subjectively think about it. That reminds me the Master Samael when he was before the guardian of the two paths. The Guardian asked, "Which of these two ways are you going to take in order to follow the path, to follow your initiation, your Self-realization?" And Samael says, "Let me think about it." "No, no, no, don't think about it. Right now you have to answer. Don't think." And then the Master says, "I will take the direct path." "Ok, you are going to suffer a lot.”

Thus this is how this is done. Because to say, “Let me think about it, let me go return into my physical body and talk with my family,” etc... is not the way…

Question: Is the state of Anklad the famous Paramarthasatya?

Answer: A Paramarthasatya is somebody that is beyond Anklad, because he enters into the Absolute, and there are more exaltations, but which are not related with the descent into the universe. The Paramarthasatyas are exalted and exalted within the Absolute; this is something that is incomprehensible for us, for anyone, even for the Gods.

Question: Is Jesus the only one that did the work seven times?

Answer: No, he is not the only one. He is the only one that we know here. The universe is huge. We are talking about the planet Earth, which is among millions of planets in this galaxy. And this galaxy is only one of the millions of galaxies in this infinite. And there are not only one infinite, there are many infinites.

He is the Paramarthasatya that sacrificed himself for this planet in order to help this humanity; yes, he is a Paramarthasatya that did it, and humanity is really paying him with bitterness, because nobody is following the path he taught.

Question: I remember it being stated (and please correct me) that Master Aberamentho became a Paramarthasatya in a past Cosmic Day. And yet, His Human Soul was fallen, performing the Work for the last time. And again, it was stated that a Paramarthasatya cannot fall. Can you please help to clarify these discrepancies?

Answer: “Knocking on the Thirteenth Gate signifies the submergence within the bosom of the Infinitude that sustains all.

Absolute perfection is needed in order not to fall from the bosom of Aelohim (the Ain).

Any longing, as insignificant as it could be, for a separate existence or to be someone, is enough to cause one to be self-released from Aelohim, and to fall under the reign of the Demiurge Creator. – Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor

Master Aberamentho became a Paramarthasatya in a past Cosmic Day. A Paramarthasatya cannot fall within the AIN, yet Master Aberamentho renounced the Ain for the love of the Gods and Humans of this Humanity and entered into the Kingdom of the Demiurge Creator (the Universe).

His Dhyani-Bodhisattva (Jesus of Nazareth), by accomplishing his commands, reincarnated many times on the planet Earth, yet he fell and resurrected again for the seventh time and acquired Anklad.

You can enter into the Ain by acquiring any of the six degrees of Objective Reasoning of the Being. However, some Initiates prefer to enter with the Podkoolad or Anklad degree.

Jesus acquired Anklad under the command of his Being, a Paramarthasatya, for the love of this humanity!


Question: Has it happened before that a Soul has tried to perform the Work more than seven times? Will such a fallen Soul be able to lift himself again, or have all the doors been closed for him?

Answer: Those who fall more than seven times MAY fall under Damnation: this is the state of being condemned to live in Klipoth, this is, in order to pay Katancia and Karma throughout many, many, many eternities to finally pass through the annihilation of their pluralized ego, protoplasmic bodies and Mercurial Bodies. Thereafter, the Auric Embryo rises again through the evolving levels of the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms into the intellectual animal kingdom in order to create To Soma Psuchikon again, etc... It takes eternities, many Mahamanvantaras; this is a terrible condition, because it is too much karma for the Lord, too much pain and suffering for the Lord!

Yet, fundamentalists think that only by believing in Jesus as "I believe in Jesus of Nazareth and this is it." No!, to assume that is ludicrous.

The work of salvation that is the work that we are explaining here is very difficult. Jesus helps because he already did it seven times, but only if you enter into the path.

Well thank you very much and I hope all of us will acquire the symbiosis one day.