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“And the fifth Angel (Samael) sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless abyss (Greek ἄβυσσος)." - Revelation 9: 1

Since the year 1950, a gigantic world has been approaching our planet Earth. This star has already fallen over the planet Earth, and to this star was given the key to the bottomless abyss. What we want to say with this is that the electro-magnetic waves of this gigantic star have already touched the axis of the Earth.

The key to the bottomless abyss was given to this gigantic world.

The inferior animal psyche of this gigantic planetary bolder acts upon this terrestrial humanity by sucking, absorbing, attracting all of those billions of souls who do not have the sign of God on their foreheads.

This star acts from the bottom of the abyss (the Ninth Sphere), attracting billions of human beings.

The key to the bottomless abyss (Yesod) was given to this star. Since the year 1950, billions of human souls have been entering into the abyss. The bottomless abyss has been opened since the year 1950.

The symbol of that star is the radiant Cross! When the sheep become separated from the goats, then the Cross of the Redeemer will triumph.” - Samael Aun Weor

This lecture follows a sequence of lectures that we have been giving which relate with and explain the the Book of Genesis, which is a book of Alchemy. Today, we will dive into the mysteries of that which we call matter. Remember, this word matter in Latin means “mother.”

As you see in the graphic, this is what the third day of Genesis states in relation with the crystallization of the matter from the abstract into concrete reality.

The Bible explains that, in the beginning, God (Elohim אלהים) created the heavens and the Earth. The esoteric symbol of the Earth is the matter that we are talking about. The book of Genesis states very clearly that before being made concrete, the Earth was empty and without form or; as it is stated in the Hebrew language, Tohu ve Bohu תהו ובהו (“formless and void.”)

When we investigate this formless and void matter, this Earth, we discover the earth in its chaotic aspect or formless within the void. When we imagine the void, we imagine space, the nothingness. This is what in Kabbalah is called Ain Soph אין סוף, which means “endless space” or “limitless space.” This means that matter itself exists in an abstract manner, without form, diluted in space.

If we want to find this formless matter, we find it in all of space, all the infinite space. It is what in Sanskrit is called Akash आकाश. Akash is a blue dark substance that permeates the entire space. This Akash is precisely what we call the Ain Soph. In space we find together with the Akash what in Sanskrit we call prana or energy, and what in Kabbalah is symbolized by the letter Shin, which means fire. You can see this letter in the second line of this graphic, where we find the word [Eheieh Asher Eheieh אהיה אשר אהיה], which means “I become who becomes.” That is translated in the book of Exodus, in the Bible as “I am what I am,” because it relates to the same thing.

So, this is what in Kabbalah is called the Seity. Notice how the word Seity is different from deity, which in the Bible is known as Elohim אלהים. The word Elohim אלהים has many interpretations. Today, we are going to give many of them, because they are related with the waters. If you read the book of Genesis, you will see that the term water is spoken of throughout the book. For instance, after saying: “And the Earth was empty and without form and darkness was upon the face of the abyss (ἄβυσσος)”; it is stated that the spirit of God (Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים) was moving upon the face of the waters.”

The word HaShamayim השמים, which is translated as “the heavens” in the Bible, is another way of saying “superior waters.” Because the word Mayim מים (Mem-Iod-Mem final) means water in Hebrew, in Kabbalah. The letter Hei ה of HaMayim המים means “the,” so, HaMayim המים means “the waters.”

So, as you see here, in the word HaShamayim השמים which means “the heavens.” Within this we find the word Mayim מים, which means “water”. But the letter Shin ש is also present, in between “the waters,” indicating that Shin ש, the fire, the prana is always within the waters. The letter Hei ה, as you can see in the next graphic, symbolizes the limitless space, the Ain Soph אין סוף. Thus, it is stated:

"And Elohim said: let the waters under the heaven be gathered together into one space." (Genesis 1: 9)

Many translations say “into one place,” but esoterically, place or space are the same thing. In this case, we are talking about the Abstract Absolute Space, which is formless. So, the best translation is “into one space” because in that space, which is empty, is where matter condenses. This is akin to something which is diluted, having form. What we call creation is nothing but a transformation of the “nothingness” into something. However, when we say that the nothingness becomes something, we state that nothingness does not mean that it is nothing at all. Nothingness is something else, but this something else is not matter nor energy; it is found in space, the energy takes the shape of matter. And this is precisely how the energy from this space, the nothingness, becomes matter.

Every single planet, every single unity takes form in that way. We disagree with the accepted science that states that the universe emerged from one single point. The theory of the Big Bang which states that from a single point exploded the universe, all of a sudden, which then expanded, is ludicrous. The truth is that every single unity has its beginning and its ending. This is why the Bible states: “And the Earth was Tohu ve Bohu והארץ היתה תהו ובהו,” in other words, the matter was formless and void.

So, the term HaMayim המים (“the waters”) contains the letter Iod between the two Mems. As you see there are two Mems: Mem מ and Mem-final ם, which is how the letter Mem is written whenever it is the last letter of any word. The letter Iod י encompasses the ten Sephiroth. Why? Because the letter Iodי in Kabbalah is the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. So, when we say Iod י, we are inherently pointing to the ten Sephiroth.

The word Iod יד means, “hand” or “arm.” So, you see how the symbol of this simple word Iod יד encompasses the hands, arms, the ten Sephiroth… This is how we explain that God molded everything with his hands, Yodim ידים; that this esoterically relates with the ten Sephiroth, which together with the three aspects of the Absolute, are the thirteen Aeons. These are what in Kabbalah we call the thirteen attributes of mercy. The Abstract Absolute Space is divided in three aspects called Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur. Ain means “nothingness.” Ain Soph means “the limitless.” And Ain Soph Aur means “limitless light.” So these three aspects together with the ten Sephiroth are what we call the thirteen attributes of mercy, whose origin is derived from the great Seity, who in itself is both male and female symbolized by the word Hei הא.


In previous lectures, we talked about the Rune Hagal and the previous speaker talked about the mystery of Hagal which is the mantra HA. This mantra HA is spelled precisely in the way which the letter Hei הא is spelled in Hebrew. The letter Hei הא is spelled Hei-Aleph. Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and Hei is the fifth. So, we read the mantra HA, but in Hebrew it could be pronounced Hei because the letter Aleph can have that sound.

So, as you see, the letter Aleph is hidden within the letter Hei הא. That is why we say that the holy trinity is symbolized in the shape of the letter Aleph א, because Aleph’s shape is made by three strokes, that we call Kether-Chokmah-Binah. The letter Aleph is hidden within the spelling of the letter Hei הא. That’s why the Zohar states:

"And Elohim said, let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one space" (Genesis 1: 9).

These waters can also mean the ten Sephiroth, Kether, Chokmah, Binah, etc., whose origin is derived from (Aelohim) the great Being who in himself is both male and female.

And who is this Seity?

It is the eternal one, the Ain Soph. The boundless unity, from whom has proceeded all life [Chaiah חיה] and breath and all things.” - Zohar

The word “thing,” here in Hebrew is Dabar דבר, Daleth-Beth-Resh. This word can also mean, “word.” Dabarim דברים, which is the plural of Dabar, means that all things, all words sprout from the letter Hei הא. That is the mystery of the Logos. That is why Hei הא means “breath.” It is a sound that emanates in the throat; it is the letter H, the famous rune Hagal.

That’s why Madame Blavastky wrote in the Secret Doctrine that the ray of the Ain Soph that it is the eternal breath profoundly unknowable to itself, referring to the letter Hei הא.

That’s why the mysterious letter Hei ה always precedes words as “the” in English. This means that everything precedes, emerges from the letter Hei ה. This letter Hei ה represents the Abstract Absolute Space, formless and void, but when it takes form it also appears as the Hei. That’s why the sacred name of God is Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה. This name contains two Heis. The second Hei is the one that appears from the unknowable. As it is explained by the apostle John:

“In the beginning (Genesis) was the Word (HaDabar הדבר), and the Word (HaDabar הדבר) was with God, and the Word (HaDabar הדבר) was God. The same was in the beginning (Genesis) with God. All things (Dabarim דברים) were made by it (the Hei הא); and without it (the Hei הא) was not any thing (Dabar דבר) made that was made.” - John 1: 1-3.

The sum of the values of the letters of HaDabar הדבר is 13, the thirteen attributes of mercy. 1 + 3 = 4, the Tetragrammaton. The sum of Dabar דבר is 8, the infinite.

“The waters (Yam ים) above the firmament designate these Sephiroth (Dabarim דברים, or Logoi), who came forth from the Hei הא, the fourth letter in the Tetragrammaton, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה.” - Zohar

The sum of the word Dabarim דברים is 13, 1+3 = 4, the Tetragrammaton.

In other lectures, we explained that the name of God has three letters, Iod-Hei-Vav יהו, which are represented in Kether, Chokmah, Binah; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. And that all these three letters emanated from the fourth, the Hei הא. So, God in itself is the Tetragrammaton, represented by the Holy Trinity and the Ain Soph, the fourth, the Hei הא.

This is what in Kabbalah is called Yehidah יחידה. We talked about Yehidah יחיד in previous lectures. In Kabbalah, we stated that there are five souls or five types of consciousness. Yehidah יחיד is the first one. This Yehidah יחידה is called the cosmic consciousness. It embraces the holy trinity and the Abstract Absolute Space. That means that is both a manifested and unmanifested type of consciousness. Where we can find this? We find it everywhere in space. What do we find in space? We find the infinite, galaxies, solar systems, planets, moons, comets. They are matter floating within that Abstract Absolute Space, within that type of consciousness, Yehidah יחידה which means “unity” in Hebrew.

So, when we are talking about this unity, that is the meaning of the words "into one place or space." We are talking about a unity which is without limit, a limitless unity. We cannot say that Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה is only in this part of the universe or in this Earth; indeed, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה is everywhere. This is what Kabbalah has explained.

Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה is what the Bible calls Jehovah, but it is really translated as Iod-Havah יחוה because Chavah חוה derives from Chai חי or Chaiah חיה which means “life.” So, within that Yehidah יחידה is also Chaiah חיה, which is the second type of soul that we were talking about in previous lectures.

Chaiah חיה is life. When we adress the letter Iod י which is just a single spot. This is how you see the letter Iod י in Hebrew, a dot or spot. That Iod י, the tip of it is Yehidah יחידה, because that tip goes into the Abstract Space. And the rest is Chaiah חיה (life) which is manifested in the universe. That is why Chaiah חיה is called the breath of all life, which abides in everything. That Yehidah יחידה, that Chaiah חיה is here with us, because it is everywhere. If we want to inquire, we have to meditate and to look for our emptiness, because in the end, you see the physical body is also emptiness. It is a space in between the atoms that are forming this physicality that we have. So, that Yehidah יחידה, that Chaiah חיה is there in potentiality. All of us are connected to it. Nothing can exist without that connection, because this is what Iod-Havah יחוה is: it is the Iod י of Yehidah-יחידה, the unity, and the Havah חוה of Chaiah חיה (life) in one whole.

The Zohar continues:

“In order, however, to arrive at and obtain some conception, though it be inadequate, of Ain Soph, through them, it was necessary that the Sephiroth should be arranged and posited in a certain order, or sequential series and relationship to each other, and thus become a reflected image of the Eternal. This then is the meaning of the words "into one space." - Zohar

This means that the Abstract Space or Seity, in order to manifest in space, has to reflect its power sequentially, in steps. That is what we also call the ten Sephiroth, or HaShamayim-השמים, the heavens. The values of the letters of HaShamayim השמים are reduced to 8, the infinite.


Here, in the third graphic, you can see the ten Sephiroth. On the left you can see the different names of God. The top, Kether is called Eheieh Asher Eheieh, “I become who becomes.” Chokmah is called Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, Iod-Havah, and Iod-Havah Elohim is Binah. Then, the word El for Chesed.

Elohim Gibor for Geburah

Eloah Va Daath Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה for Tiphereth

Iod-Havah Tzabaoth for Netzach

Elohim Tzabaoth for Hod

Shaddai El Chai for Yesod

Adonia for Malkuth

Adonia is also called Adonai. Both words are spelled in the same way in Hebrew. This is because, in Hebrew, you do not find vowels per-se, rather, the sounds of the vowels are indicated through the use of lines and spots on the letters of the alphabet. Why do we say that Malkuth is Adonia? It is because Malkuth is a feminine Sephirah.

So, these are the Holy Names of God in the world of Atziluth, the world of the archetypes. To point to the holy name of God, in any way, whether is Iod-Havah or any other, we say HaShem השם. This word, HaShem means, “the name.”

Going back into the first graphic, look the way in which “the heavens,” HaShamayim השמים, is written. The letter Iod and the letter Mem at the end of any word in Kabbalah indicates that it is a masculine-plural word. This word HaShamayim השמים, that in the Bible is translated as the heavens, can also be translated as HaShem(השמ)-Im(ים), which translated means “the names.” This is the beauty of Kabbalah: with it, you can begin to see all of the hidden levels, hidden meanings, hidden connections. If we were translate the Bible in order to illustrate all of the kabbalistic meanings contained within the Hebrew letters and words, we would make volumes upon volumes, just of the book of Genesis. This is the manner in which the initiates hid all of the secret knowledge.

So, HaShamayim השמים which is translated as “the heavens,” but it is also HaShemim השמ-ים, “the names.” Where are those names of HaShamayim השמים, those HaShemim השמ-ים? They are the names of the ten Sephiroth in the world of Atziluth; they are the Holy names of God that, when you reach the heavens of Atziluth, are those that you find in that space, which Genesis is talking about, namely:

“And Elohim said: Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one space” - Genesis 1: 9. That space is Atziluth where we find HaShamayim השמים, the heavens.

So, when we think kabbalistically of HaShamayim השמים, the heavens, we think in El אל (God). But in Kabbalah, El אל (God) is a Seity, not a person. El אל (God), the Seity, is uncreated light that is diluted in many archetypes, many forms. All the forms emerge from Makom מקום, the space. This is precisely what we find in this graphic, that all the names together are El אל, which means God. Observe that the word El אל appears together with Makom-Ehad מקום אחד as in the Hebrew verse, “El Makom Ehadאל מקום אחד,” meaning, “El (God) in one space.”

“This mystery is also contained in the words: "Let the dry land appear" (Genesis 1: 9), for by the word Yabashah יבשה (dry land) is signified the eternal One.

“And let HaYabashah היבשה (the Eternal Ehad אחד, One, El אל) appear in Makom מקום: And Yehi יהי' was so.” - Zohar

Remember that in previous lectures, we stated that the Zohar states that in any place we find the word Yehi יהי, which is Iod-Hei-Iod. This is the divine light that we are talking about. This divine light is called darkness in the book of Genesis. Remember that it is stated:

“And the Earth (that matter without form was Tohu ve bohu, formless and void and darkness was upon the face of Tahom תהום, the Abyss (ἄβυσσος).”

What is Tahom תהום, the Abyss (ἄβυσσος)? When you see space at night, that is that abyss that we are talking about; it is the (ἄβυσσος) limitless abyss (bottomless abyss) which is darkness, and within that darkness we see just spots of light, that we call stars, planets, comets and those galaxies, etc. All of those luminaries sprout from that darkness. That darkness is Tohu Ve Bohu, formless and void and from it emerged the light, as the Genesis states.


So, when that dry land appears, the Zohar says, that land that can also be translated as the “Eternal One.” That Eternal One is the ten Sephiroth. It is not a person. We have placed here an image which symbolizes the same thing, but in the style of the Hindu pantheon. It is the god Narayana, the god of the waters. This is not a God of the waters, or the ocean, or the lakes; it is a God of those waters that are abstract, which we call Akash. From this divinity, you can see all the spheres (ספרות sephiroth) around him, representing all of the planets, which are the concrete manifestation of that water (Akash) that is diluted in space. You see, kabbalistically speaking, water is not just the liquid that we find here in this physical world, the so called Tattwa Apas. It is also the Akash, which is abstract. That is why Genesis talks about that water, but we have to inquire: which type of water is Genesis talking about? That water also exists in us...

So, Yehi is that light, the abstract light that manifests through the water, the matter. That is why it says: “And Yehi יהי was so” The Hebrew in the Bible is translated as, “And it was so,” but it is written in Hebrew as, Yehi יהי, the Hei between two Iods, manifesting the light in a concrete manner. This type of manifestation that we are talking right now is in the seventh dimension, because space manifests in different dimensions. Here, right now, we are in this tri-dimensional world, the physical world, Malkuth. Space also exists in this three-dimensional world. We also see matter in this three-dimensional world, yet matter exists in all dimensions; likewise space exists in all dimensions. It is limitless. Unfortunately with the type of senses that we have in this physical world, it is not possible to experience or to see that space and that matter in other dimensions. That is why in Alchemy we say that for us, any type of element is hydrogen in different densities. This word hydrogen also contains, hidden within it, the Greek word for water, hydro. This is because, in order for the universe to exist, it needs hydro, water, Akash, or Mayim as we say in Kabbalah.

So Eheieh Asher Eheieh אהיה אשר אהיה is precisely that energy that is represented by Kether, the Father of All the Lights, represented by the Ancient of Days, what in Christianity we call the Father Who is in Heaven. He is not a person. He is light. And that light is who says: “I become who becomes.” That light is fire, too. But, that light cannot exist if it wasn’t for the matter, for the Akash, for the water.

So, that light needs the water in order to exist, this is what we call the Ain Soph. This is something that we have to understand, because when we talk about water, we talk about fluidic matter and light, the father or the fire. Fire is male, water is female, esoterically speaking. It is a transformation of those forces from the abstract absolute aspect, into a concrete aspect. It is what the Book of Genesis talks about.

Arik Anpin

That is why, when we talk about those waters, Hamayim המים, we have to address what you see in the fourth graphic, where the Zohar speaks about the Ancient of Days, that is represented by the kabbalists as a gigantic human being. The Ancient of Days is symbolized in this manner in order to point to the fact that it is consciousness, cosmic consciousness. It is not that it symbolizes some gigantic, anthropomorphic being, standing on the Earth, with the rest of the universe, and the rest of the universe on top of him, that we can find. It is showing what we call Yehidah יחידה, the Unity. That unity is represented by the Ancient of Days. On top of the head, we find the infinite, then any galaxy on his chest, and in his trunk any solar system and in the bottom any planet. It means that embraces all of it and of course it is standing on the water and everything that you see there exists within the water. So he is water and energy, or is matter and energy.

"So Yehi יהי, the divine light and splendor, though refracted and reflected by the Sephiroth, is only one and the same. This mystery is also contained in the words: "Let the dry land appear" (Genesis 1: 9), for by the word HaYabashah היבשה (the dry land) 'the Eternal One' is signified, the life of the world, from whom come forth all creatures and existences, as from the earth spring forth all flowers, fruits and seeds.” - Zohar

Let us now go into our own physicality, in order to understand why we are studying all of this. Remember that it is written that the human being is the microcosmos of the macrocosmos. This means that everything that we find there, the cosmic entities contained within the Akash, within space, are found within us, in microcosmic form. It is written:

“Let the lower waters collect the names together of 'EL' (God) in one space.” - Genesis 1: 9

Just as this occurred at the macrocosmic, celestial scale in the superior dimensions, likewise does it have to be repeated in us. Note that the waters are the origin and container all of those elements that we call the archetypes of God.

Lower waters

We have to study the word Hamayim המים, the waters. If you observe the next graphic, you find two heads—or we would say the two central nervous systems, male and female central nervous systems—and the sexual organs of the male and female. Those two systems are the secret of the word Hamayim המים. Visualize that the word Mayim מים, Mem-Iod-Mem which means “waters,” because as we said, words in Hebrew that end in Iod-Mem, are masculine-plural. Hamayim המים, however, means “the waters.” The letter Hei ה indicates that the abstract aspect of those waters are also there, because the letter Hei ה symbolizes the Abstract Absolute Space, the Rune Hagal, the breath of God, life (Chaiah חיה).

The waters, Hamayim המים, alchemically divide the creative fluids of the human organism in two polarities. The male polarity is Mi מי, which in Hebrew means “who”. We talked about these two polarities in previous lectures. Thus, this “who,” backwards, is in fact Yam ים (Iod-Mem) which means “water, ocean, sea, lake, etc.” Mi מי refers, to the central nervous system or better said, the fluid that we have in the cerebral spinal nervous system, the cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid is the activity or vessel of Mi מי (who), the masculine aspect of the water.

Thus, when we address the brain, whether in the feminine or masculine aspect, we are pointing to the masculine aspect of that water, the Mi מי. That is why in other lectures we state that the brain is symbolized by Adam, the masculine aspect or in other words, the Iod. Precisely, those are the waters that take in which the brain and the spinal medulla are floating. Listen, the spinal medulla and the brain which form the central nervous system, form the throne of God in us. This is why the whole thing, the whole alchemical work that we have to perform is always related with the spinal column, which esoterically is called the Tree of Life, Otz HaChayim עץ החיים in Hebrew.

Behold the word, Otz HaChayim עץ החיים means the “Tree of Lives.” Chai חי is “life.” Chayim חיים is “lives.” This word Chayim חיים (lives) is written with two Iods… Observe that in Chayim חיים we find the word Mi מי backwards, which is Yam ים (water) contained within it. Again Mi מי means “who,” which is Yam ים backwards, and the word Chai חי (Chet-Iod) means life.

So, all of those Chayim lives חיים are in the brain and spinal medulla. When we talk about the ten sephiroth or the thirteen atributes of mercy, we go into the Otz HaChayim-עץ החיים of the world of Atziluth, the world of the archetypes that relates in our physicality with the spinal column and the brain.

In other lectures we have explained that the brain is divided in two hemispheres. The right hemisphere is called Chokmah; the left is called Binah; and the crown, the pineal gland, which is simply light, is called Kether. The rest is the habitat of that Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים, which, according to Genesis, was hovering upon the face of the waters in the beginning.

So, the cerebral spinal nervous system is the throne of God. In other words, this is where God has to be seated. Unfortunately, the brain is the vehicle of the mind, the sinful mind that we have. We have to have access to that spinal nervous system and to the brain or the throne of God, in order for it (“who,” Mi מי) to build what he built at the macrocosmic scale outside of us, at the microcosmic scale inside of us. Inside of us we have a space. What do we call that space? It is Makom מקום, the abstract space. When you close your eyes and you observe your subconsciousness, your unconsciousness that is the “darkness upon the face of that Makom מקום (space, bottomless abyss).”

Do you want to make light, to create El Makom Ehad אל מקום אחד inside you? Well, this is the clue. God created light from the darkness. El אל (God) is found there in that dark space, but in potentiality, not in activity. If we want to put El אל (God) into activity, then have to go to Mah מה.

Indeed, within Hamayim המים we also find Mah מה. The other letters of Hamayim המים, Mem and Hei, together are the word Mah מה. This syllable Mah is that word that children say when they are first learning to speak, “Mah!” That Mah is from where we come, that Mah מה is the sexual fluid.

Mah מה is the second polarity of that fluid, those “waters” of Hamayim המים; it is the sexual energy. If the positive pole of these two waters is Mi מי, the father, found in the spinal nervous system, Mah מה is the mother, the feminine pole in the sexual organs. In Hebrew, Mah מה, means “What.”

In the Bible we find phrases like, “Who made the universe?” When the layman, anyone who does not know Kabbalah reads those sentences, they think they are questions. They are not. These are affirmations. We know that “Who (Mi מי)” made the universe and “What (Mah מה)” helped him. Indeed, “What” is Mah מה. This is the way in which in the Bible hides all of the truths, which only the kabbalists can see. Thus, Mah מה is related to the sexual fluid.

We have to state clearly: we have prostituted Mah מה. The whole of this humanity in this planet prostituted Mah מה, the Shekinah, that wonderful light that we have enclosed in the chakra Muladhara.

It is stated that in the beginning Adam creates with Lilith, Laila, the darkness, the night. But we have to take the light from the darkness, from Lilith. That is why it is stated that Adam (the brain and the spinal column) had in the beginning a wife that was Lili, Lilith, Laila, the night. This is how we started.

When we start performing this transformation, we have to start with Laila, Lilith, which is a prostitute, a degenerated woman that we made, and we have to take the light from her, because that Lilith refuses to be under the power of the brain and the spinal column.

In other words, this sexually degenerated type of matter that we have in sex refuses to be controlled by the brain. That Lilith likes to control the brain. However, in this path we have to learn how to control Lilith, the sexual organs. The symbol of Lilith in the Bible does not refer to some historical personage, some singular woman from the past, as those who read it literally believe. Lilith relates to Mah מה, the sexual force.

So, those are the lower waters in our physicality. Malkuth is the lower physical Sephirah within which we have, those lower creative waters. Thus, if we want to create through Daath, we have to utilize this Mi מי and Mah מה, the two lower waters of Mitzrahimah מצרימה, that are, the two creative (Yetzar יצר) fluids of the Holy Spirit.

In the next graphic, we read how the Zohar explains, along with other books, about the word Elohim and how the translation of the book of Genesis has to be explained in relation with the third day, which is:

“Let the lower waters ‘Hamayim המים' collect the names (HaShem-im השמ-ים) together of El אל (God) in one space (El Makom Ehad אל־מקום אחד.)” - Genesis 1:9

This, in order to make the miracle of the unity inside us. “The miracle of the unity in one space,” is what in Latin is called “the miracle of one thing.” As follows:


“Fiat firmamentum in medio aquarum et separet aquas ab aquis, quae superius sicut quae inferius, et quae inferius sicut quae superius, ad perpetranda miracula rei unius.”

“Ad perpetranda miracula rei unius” means “to accomplish the miracle of one only thing.” But we can say also, “the miracle of one king (“rei unius”) can be accomplished which is “the lamb of God,” the world of Atziluth, that we call the Messiah משיח in us.

So, the word Elohim אלהים, as you see, and as we have explained it has many meanings. But in this lecture, we are going to explain just two meanings in order for us to understand it better. The word El אל in Hebrew means “God” and if we add the letter Hei ה to the end of El אל, we then have Elah אלה, which means Goddess. However, as is often the case in Hebrew, the word Eleh אלה—which has the same spelling as Elah אלה, but a different pronunciation—also means “These.”

אלה תולדות השמים והארץ בהבראם ביום עשות יהוה אלהים ארץ ושמים

“These Eleh אלה” are the generations of the (archetypes of the) heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that Jehovah Elohim יהוה אלהים made earth and heavens.” - Genesis 2: 4

Why are these two words, Elah אלה and Eleh אלה written with the same letters? It is because Eleh אלה (These), are the archetypes or Sephiroth which are within Elah אלה, the Goddess. Thus, Elah אלה the Goddess is the feminine aspect of El אל, God.

So, the other letters of Elohim אלהים are the letters Iod and final-Mem, Yamים. As we said, the word Yamים means, “ocean, sea, lake.” So, if we break down the word Elohimאלהים as, Elah-Yam אלה ים, we could translate Elohim as, “the Sea Goddess.” However, if we break down the word as, El-HaYam אל הים” we would translate Elohim אלהים as “the God of Water.” El-HaYam אל הים is masculine, the God of Water, and Elah-Yam אלה ים, the Sea Goddess, is feminine.

Whether you want to say El-HaYam אל הים, or Elah-Yam אלה ים, the word Elohim אלהים encompasses the two masculine and feminine forces of HaMayim המים, the waters. This is because the letter Mem מם symbolizes the water. And the letter Iod י symbolizes “these Eleh אלה" ten Sephiroth within those waters. This is why it is written that, “In the beginning the Spirit of Elohim was hovering upon the face of Hamayim-המים (the waters.)” Behold how beautiful the word Elohim אלהים is.

Moreover, Eleh אלה, also means “These.” Who or what are “these?” These are Eleh אלה, the archetypes which in the Bible are translated or named as the children of Israel. The children of Mi מי and Mah מה are all of those archetypes that are in Mitzrahimah מצרימה, the children of HaYam הים, the two creative (Yetzar יצר) fluids, Mi מי and Mah מה, whether in the male body or female body.

So, when we are working with Elohim אלהים, we are working with Elah-Yam אלה ים, the Sea Goddess, and with El-HaYam אל הים, the God of the Water and with Eleh-Yam אלה ים, “these archetypes” of the world of Atziluth which likewise are in “Yam ים" the water. So, this happens when we are transmuting the creative energy or doing what the Book of Genesis alchemically states:

“Let the lower waters [meaning the cerebral spinal fluid and the sexual fluid, the lower waters of husband and wife] collect HaShemim השמ-ים [the names] together of [El-HaYam אל הים, Elohim אלהים] in one space [inside of us]”— Genesis 1:9

This means that when we are doing sexual alchemy and manipulating those lower waters inside of us, we have to concentrate in the superior waters, because those superior waters are the ones that will crystallize through our lower waters into one space, in order for the dry land to appear. That dry land is the concrete matter, which will be that particular individual unity in us. This is how the Book of Genesis explains it kabbalistically, alchemically.

Of course, this is why you see in the graphic the ten Sephiroth, and the female aspect of that Elohim in the waters collecting it as when the woman takes the seed of the man, the sperm within which that life is. Unfortunately this process ordinarily unfolds in the animal manner. The woman collects that semen (masculine lower water) in her womb (feminine lower water), unfortunately through fornication, in order to make the miracle of one unity, one physical body. It is a miracle, but not a solar miracle; it is a lunar miracle, because it is one belonging to matter, to nature, the Divine Mother Nature, so it is lunar, without light. Yet, in the same way, individually and alchemically speaking, we have perform this same process, but in the superior, solar manner, in order to create the “dry land”; that is, the Solar Astral, Mental and Causal bodies.


In the next graphic, we find a Buddhist graphic, and what the Zohar states, regarding the waters above, which are represented by the blue Buddha known as Adi Buddha. Adi means “light,” in Sanskrit. That is the Adi Tattwa, the Tattwa of the light. Adi Buddha is the superior or cosmic aspect of the Buddha, which is connected with the lower aspect, the lower waters. The lower waters are connected with the superior waters in order to make the miracle of the unity. This is related with the Book of Genesis. As you can see here, all the verses that we quoted, of the Bible and what is written by Simeon Bar Jochai, are esoterically explaining, synthesizing the science of Alchemy.

“I saw the lord seated in his throne.” - Isaiah 6: 1

When you perform sexual magic, and all of those forces come together as one, you see the Lord (which is the light) seated in his throne, in his spinal nervous system, rising. This is how all life appears within each one of us. This is how you see God inside of us.

A word which comes to my mind is Siach שיח, Shin-Iod-Chet. Siach שיח appears in Genesis 2: 5 it is translated as “plant” but it is also translated as “bush.” Remember the burning bush.

The word Siach שיח (plant, bush) relates to “every plant of the field before it was in the earth”; it relates to that life that we had to develop, because the word Otz עץ (“tree”) also relates to this Siach שיח, which is precisely translated a tree, plant or bush. As it is in English, it is likewise in Hebrew: there are many ways to say plant, tree, bush, etc...

When Moses was on the top of the Mount Sinai, he saw the burning bush in “the dry land.” This is interesting, because metaphorically, we can associate “dry land” with bushland, the wilderness or the desert. There are many depictions of such a bushland, where God as a burning bush manifests. Why does God appear as a burning bush? In that plant, in that tree? It is because when you observe nature, you observe that this alchemical transformation, the outcome of the solar light, is illustrated in any single tree or plant.

Plants transform the solar light in themselves and become full of beauty, life, Chaiah חיה, fruits. This transformation of the solar light is pure white Alchemy. Such transformations do not occur in the animal kingdom. The animals spill the lower waters (the sexual fluids). Whether as an irrational animal or as an intellectual animal, they both spill the waters. Yet, the plants do not do it.

The elementals of the plants naturally transmute the lower waters, guided by the intelligence of the superior waters, which are above in the firmament. Those intelligences are called Angels, and they manifest those superior parts of heaven. That is why the Tree of Life is represented by any tree, Otz עץ, and in this case by the burning bush.

In many lectures we told you that the letter Shin ש represents the three patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in the book of Genesis, the book of generation, of transformation, of Alchemy. These patriarchs represent the Father (El, Chesed), the divine soul and the human soul which we have inside, which we call the Monad.

When the initiate is transmuting the sexual energy, his spinal column and brain become his own particular Siach שיח, because the letter Shin ש is in Siach שיח and given that the letters Chet and Iod together form the word Chai חי (life), we find that it is the tree of life, Otz HaChaim עץ החיים, which can also be represented by the burning Siach שיח (bush), but backwards. Siach שיח represents how the fire or the three forces of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna of the letter Shin ש ascend into Chai חי (life) and make of us a burning bush, a plant where the light of God will appear.

Do you read the Bible? I think that all of you here have read the Bible one time, right? Or if you saw the movie, The Ten Commandments, when that light appears in front of Moses, Moshe משה, Mem-Shin-Hei… Observe this name. It means “born from the water” and backwards it reads HaShem השם, “the name.” Moshe משה is HaShem השם inside of us. And what is written? It is written that the light of HaShem השם said to Moshe משה, Moses:


“Anichi Elahi-אנכי אלהי" I am the “Divine Vertical” Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” - Exodus 3: 6

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob represent the letter Shin ש.

“I appear to these three prophets as El Shaddai אל שדי,”

El-אל means “God”; Shaddai שדי means “ghost.”

Kabbalistically we say: Shaddai El Chai שדי אל חי, meaning, the “holy ghost of the living god.”

Shaddai El Chai שדי אל חי is the name of God in Yesod, the sexual organs.

So, “I appear to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as El Shaddai אל שדי (or Shaddai El Chai שדי אל חי).” Thus, Chai חי (life) is here in Yesod, sex. That’s why the word plant, Siach שיחis that “fiery life” in us.

In other words, this is what is happening inside of us when we are transmuting. Little by little, the light of Yehidah יחידה sprouts in us, making the miracle of the unity; that is, the creation of that body that we call the Solar Astral body, the light of the astros inside of us.

“And Elohim called the dry land (Astral Body) Earth;” that earth is the concrete manifestation of the light of the 12 constellations that we call the children of Israel, in us.

That’s why when we address Israel, we say that Israel symbolizes the archetypes inside of us in potentiality. And, if we perform sexual Alchemy and reach the third day of genesis, then that Israel will appear in a concrete manner, as a unity inside of us, manifesting all the splendors of the world of Atziluth within. In other words, it is the manifestation of the Messiah משיח inside of us, because Yehidah יחידה, the world of Atziluth, that primordial soul which is cosmic, is what we call Christ and what is in Kabbalah called Messiah משיח; it is the soul of the universe that needs to become concrete, to become humanized in us. The first step to this occurs when that Messiah משיח is humanized in us in the Solar Astral body. That’s why the Astral body is called the crystallization of that Messiah משיח or Christ in us, which is the same Israel, the archetypes in union.

“And the gathering together of the waters called he Seas (or Days).” - Genesis 1: 10

The gathering together of the waters are the forces that gather all that light constantly and that transform that light into unities, planets or solar bodies. When Genesis says Yamim ימים, it means “seas” or “days.”

Any cosmic initiation develops in that cosmic sea of light; what do we see in that Yamim ימים? We see what we call in Kabbalah Makom מקום, the space. Why? Because Makom-מקום begins with Mem and ends with Mem. That is singular, magnificent. Makom-מקום means “space.”

Here, in this lecture, we are speaking, lecturing. My words float in the Makom-מקום, the space, and you receive them, guide them. Those words are Dabarim דברים. This communication is possible thanks to that water in the Makom מקום. In the Makom מקום you find the waters that we are talking about here. Likewise, Makom מקום, the space, is the path of light, our firmament in the midst of our creative waters (which are likewise, Makom מקום.)

So, of course when Genesis states: “and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas,” this is the sea in which we are always floating. The astral body also is surrounded by the astral light, which is that sea, that water, that we gather together with our alchemical transmutation.

That is why you see the astral light is really many colors. When we talk about the astral body inside, the Eidolon is that concrete matter or dry land in us that floats in the sea of light or as we say esoterically, the universal spirit of light.

“And Elohim [Elah-Yam אלה ים, “the Sea Goddess,” and El-HaYam אל הים, “the God of the Water” and Eleh-Yam אלה ים, all “these archetypes,” together in Yam ים] saw that it was good. - Genesis 1: 10

This is when we really finish the second day in us. Because in the second day we explained, there is not yet “and it was good.” Because it is still not concrete in us. There is not unity in us. But here, with the Astral body, we see that this is good. And here you see this is the Astral body where we gather together what we call the children of Israel, who are also symbolized by the twelve zodiacal signs and by the “Shoshanath HaMakim שושנת העמקים" where we find all the archetypes of the light which in Kabbalah are explained as the roses of the valleys, the Rosicross.


If you ask, why is this “dry land” called earth, and astral body and Israel? It is because sometimes Malkuth is Aretz ארץ, “the earth” and the dry land (Ha’Aretz הארץ or Aretza ארצה) is Hod, the astral light of Israel, the zodiac. The problem is that when laypeople read how Aretza ארצה is Israel, they explain it thusly: “this refers to all the people that live in the Middle East close to the Mediterranean sea, who are called Israel.”

Listen, kabbalistically, we can say that the people of the Mediterranean sea ("the sea, Mi מי and Mah מה, in the middle of the philosophical earth") are alchemists; but, again, this is 100% an esoteric, kabbalistic statement. It is not literal.

Laymen believe that Israel of the Bible is same the state of Israel that we find nowadays, in the Middle East. But kabbalistically, this is not what the Israel of the Bible refers to. In Kabbalah, Israel does not mean those people who inhabit that modern day state. Yes, those people inherited this knowledge, but that does not mean they are practicing it. When we study Kabbalah, we address Israel in an alchemical manner, internally. Alchemy has nothing to do with the external but the internal. Thus, Aretza ארצה is Israel, alchemically speaking. And that is explained in the book of Exodus as follows:

“And Moshe משה (Moses) stretched out his hand (Yadu ידו) over the sea; and Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.” - Exodus 14: 21

The name Moses, Moshe משה has both the Mem מ and the Shin ש, together with the Hei of HaShamayim השמים, the lower and superior waters. Likewise, the name Moshe משה is HaShem השם backwards. Thus, when we say Moshe משה, what we are saying is we are really saying is HaShem השם, which is our own particular name inside.

It is written in the book of Kabbalah that in the times of the end Moshe משה has to return, that is, HaShem השם, the name has to come to his righteous people. Laypeople ignore that this Moshe משה is an archetype, that everyone has within, that we have to develop.

The people of Moshe משה are the alchemists, people that transmute, that put into activity their willpower, Thelema inside by transmuting their libido or sexual energy. Those are the righteous people of Moshe משה, people of willpower, born from the waters of heaven and earth.

“Moses stretched out his hand ויט משה את־ידו”  - Exodus 14: 21

What do you understand by the phrase “stretched out 'his hand (Yadu ידו)'"? The letter Iod יוד, right? You can say also stretched out his arm. This is the literal translation, but esoterically we say that Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה means:

Iod י, phallus

Hei ה, uterus

Vav ו, Man

Hei ה, Woman.

So, when it says that Moshe משה “stretched out "his hand (Yadu ידו)", it means that he stretched out his phallus, because Moshe משה represents willpower, that will be necessary to perform Alchemy inside of us.

“And Moshe משה (willpower in us) stretched out 'his hand, Yadu ידו, his phallus above the sea) Ath HaYam-את־הים.” - Exodus 14: 21

Thus, in Ath HaYam את־הים we find Ath את, the Shekinah, and HaYam ־הים, masculine and feminine together; in other words, Mi מי and Mah מה. Because in HaYam הים, the final Mem ם goes together with the Iod י and with the Hei ה: HaYam הים.

How do you stretch out the letter Iod יוד, the phallus, that willpower? You stretch it out or up into the Vav ו, the spinal medulla. What is more, during the sexual act the Iod י (phallus) and Hei ה (uterus) are connected. When the woman and the man are connected sexually, Moshe משה “stretches” his hand, Yadu ידו, his willpower. In this case, as an Eish איש, the man stretches out his phallus over the lower waters which are symbolized by the Eshah אשה, the woman. Whereas Moshe משה symbolizes the superior waters. Moshe משה contains the Shin ש, which symbolizes Father-Son-Holy Spirit, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, or the three Patriarchs, Abraham-Isaac-Jacob. All the forces of heaven together working with the waters and Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה which is translated as Jehovah.

“Above the sea; and caused the sea to go back by a (Ruach רוח) strong east wind.” - Exodus 14: 21

Who is this Ruach רוח? It is the Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים, that in the beginning was hovering upon the face of the waters. In other words, the Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים is our own particular Spirit, our own particular angel, our own particular El, God, Chesed.

So, the grace of Moshe משה (willpower) is in activity in the sexual act, in order to prevent the spilling of the seed, and instead to transmute the libido, the sexual energy. Moshe משה (willpower) does it here below, but the Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים is the one performing this work above. The Ruach Elohimרוח אלהים acts under the commands of Jehovah. Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה (Jehovah) represents the superior forces and the Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים is our own Spirit, Chesed.

In sexual Alchemy, we have to be concentrated in our own particular Spirit. We always say that we have to remember our self. That Self is our Spirit. Do not confuse the act of self-remembrance with the remembering of one’s ego, ones physical body or the like; self-remembrance is not to remember your lust, your anger, your laziness, that filthiness that we have within. Forget about that; we have to turn our attention away from that, our errors, vices, defects. Instead, in sexual Alchemy, we have to remember God, because God, the Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים is the one that hovers upon the face of the waters, in order to make the miracle of transmutation, the miracle of the unity to happen within us. That’s why it is written:


“All that night, and made of the sea a sword, and 'the waters' were divided (with it)." - Exodus 14: 21

The Bible says a “dry land,” but the Hebrew word Charabah חרבה means “sword.” This sword is the fire that rises in the spinal medulla as the flaming sword.

“The flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life” - Genesis 3: 24

“The polluted waters were divided from the pure waters.”

We already explained that in the second day of genesis.

“And the (archetypes that were the) children of Israel (that were invoking from the superior worlds that are really concrete into the initiate) went into the midst of the sea upon (their astral body) the dry land.” - Exodus 14: 29

When you read this, you think: “Oh, yeah. A lot of people escaped Egypt, and left, crossing the Red Sea.” No. This is not the meaning of it. This is Alchemy. That is a symbol that explains that all the archetypes of light which descend from above are united in the lower waters, and are ascending or escaping the materiality of Malkuth, Mitzrahimah, Egypt, through Thelema, willpower, Moshe משה, going out in the midst of the two waters. Indeed, of the Tree of Life, we say that there is the right water, the left water and that we need to go into the midst, into the dry land meaning in that land that is concrete, that is being created, that is called the Astral Body.

“And the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand (Jachin), and on their left (Boaz).” - Exodus 14: 29

This is something that happens in sexual Alchemy: when you are connected, sexually speaking, then the astral body is born and you feel yourself floating in that Akash. Because the sexual energy is Akash, the Makom מקום, the space in which you are also Akash.

This is the Akash, here in space, in this emptiness, in this void that we find here between you and me. That’s why Master Samael Aun Weor stated that we have to be here and now, aware of that light. What do we call that effort to be present, to be here and now? The key of SOL, that is: subject, my consciousness; object, everything that surrounds that light which are concrete aspects, that we see around; and location, or space, Makom מקום. This is simply an effort to be aware of that light, that consciousness, to expand it, to be accustomed to be what we are: consciousness, because this is precisely what we are, but in a lower aspect.

To expand that light, to attain to cosmic-consciousness is the goal. But, this occurs step by step. First, we have to make concrete, definite, defined that light within us, in order for us to float. That’s why the astral body is called the body of Christ, which is made by the body of Christ, which is the sperm and ovum, which is the semen, the sexual matter. It is formed by uniting those waters from above and below in order to make the miracle of that unity in us. This is Alchemy.

In this last graphic, we read the word Siach שיח. This is what Moses saw, the burning bush, the Siach שיח, the light of the fire shining there and this is what our spine has to become. This is why we find there the two astral forces, the Astral body, the two sexes the female and the male, obviously we are all polarized in of the two poles. However, in this, the Astral body is androgynous. It contains the two fires.

Astral bodies

“And Elohim said, Let the (dry) earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: And Yehi יהי was so.” - Genesis 1: 11

Let us remember that “Wherever in the Scripture this word Yehi יהי (let there be) is used, it refers to or signifies this divine light, both in this world and the world to come." - Zohar

The grass is that energy or that aura that surrounds the Astral body. That is the grass according to our own personality, our own idiosyncrasy. anybody that creates the astral body has different types of aura, different type of energy. That’s why it says:

“And the herb yielding seed”

In other words, that seed pertains to us. We are going to have a particular seed or sperm, idiosyncratic to ourselves. That plant, herb, will appear in us in different ways. The fruit tree yielding fruit. The word fruit is found there twice. It is a feminine fruit and a masculine fruit. After his Min מין (sex or kind). Min מין means sex in Kabbalah.

So, in other words the man will create a seed, a fruit according to his kind and the woman will also create a fruit according to her kind, to her own sexuality. Because each one are different. We have different types of sexual energy or lower waters in other words. And in the Astral body appears different. That means that each one of us will have an Astral body, but each body will be different.

It is not that we are going to be clones, meaning the same face, the same features. No! Each Astral body is different. Because in the astral body, we have our own particular Israel which is inheritance, the life that we inherit from the light. Each master is different. It is not equal, even coming from the same ray; every monad is different. It is here, where for the first time we receive the name (HaShem השם) of our own particular Monad. That name of the Monad is related with the light. It is in relation with the mystery of each one of us.

“And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind [sexual force], and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: “Genesis 1: 12

Remember that Min מין means “kind” or “sex.” And this is easy to understand, as we are all different kinds of human beings, each of us according to our seed.

Now, if we want to see this connected to other “kinds,” we make another kind such as the mixture of the races, different kinds of races make different “kinds.” But each one of us, internally, related with our own particular Father who is in heaven, is a kind of person. Here that light crystallizes according to our own kind. There are seven mighty rays of creation, and in those seven mighty rays of creation, we find many Monads, many spirits that have different attributes, different things [Dabarim, words] spiritually speaking. So each one of us will crystallize their Astral body according to their own kind, their own sexual force. This is what the Bible talks about:

“And God saw that it was good.” - Genesis 1: 12

This is related to:

“And the evening and the morning were the third day. - Genesis 1: 13

The Third Initiation of the Major Mysteries, the creation of the Astral body. That means that it is good, but before that there was another good, too.

So, the third day contains the phrase, “And God saw it was good” two times, because in the third day is where we make good the second day, and the third day itself. In other words, if you reach the Second Initiation of Major Mysteries, you are okay, but not good. Only when you reach the Third Initiation then you are “good” twice over, because when you reach that level you are no longer bound to the law of the intellectual animal, because you have created an immortal body that is a Solar body that relates to the solar laws which are the immortal laws. Then, if you die physically, it does not matter, you are immortal already because you have an Astral body. You are “good.”

Of course, that is just the beginning of the first dry land that appeared. Because the dry lands, or Solar bodies have to appear three times. This is only the mystery of the Third day.

Now we are going to answer the questions from the audience.

Audience: The archetypes of Israel go into Hod which is the Astral body, but are they also everywhere else?

Instructor: When we say God is everywhere, this is in relation with the world of Atziluth, Yehidah יחידה. Israel represents all the unities of the Great Unity which is called Yehidah ,יחידה which in synthesis is called Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה. Master Samael Aun Weor stated:

“Israel is a word that must be analyzed. “Is” reminds us of Isis and the Isiac mysteries. “Ra” reminds us of the Solar Logos. Let us remember the disc of Ra found in the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs. “El” is “El.” “El” is the interior, profound God within each one of us.

In sequence and correct etymological corollary, the people of Israel are constituted by the various parts of the Being. All of the multiple self-cognizant and independent parts of our own individual Being constitute the people of Israel.” The Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor

So Israel represents all the feminine and masculine aspects of El, God inside of us. That is Israel. And all those parts of Israel are different in each one of us. This is how it is explained in Kabbalah. Israel is Israel, but will crystallize in each one of us in accordance with our own level, our own consciousness, our own ray. Thus, kabbalisticaly speaking, they are everywhere; that is, Israel is everywhere, in relation to the world of Atziluth, to the thirteen attributes of mercy, Yehidah-יחידה, in the universe. Those many aspects of the deity are everywhere.

Of course, in other religions, they give this aspects other names. But we are talking here about the Bible, and Kabbalah, which explains about the mystery of Israel. In the Bible, when you read Israel, they are the chosen ones, right? Yet, laypeople say: “Oh, the chosen ones are in the Middle East, there in the Mediterranean.” No, we are not talking about those peoples that exist physically. Listen, the chosen ones will be always the chosen ones, these are the archetypes of Israel. Those archetypes are within each one us, trapped; they need to be freed.

From the beginning Israel was in the womb of God, because these are the attributes of light in accordance to the Kabbalah, to the Bible, to the Zohar. And of course, as I said, we are talking here in biblical terms, in the way of Moses, but in other religions these names, these same archetypes are named in different ways...

Anyhow, our own particular Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים takes those attributes in itself, or we would say better, the Elohim places within his own particular Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים, our own particular mercy, Chesed, those thirteen attributes of mercy within. That mercy or Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים contains those attributes and they are named Neshamah which is another soul. We talked about Yehidah יחידה (cosmic), Chaiah (cosmic) but Neshamah is that which comes from those cosmic forces, and is individualized in each one of us. That Neshamah contains those attributes of Israel in the Ruach. Neshamah, Ruach and we are Nephesh. So this Neshamah נשמה is within our own particular Ruach רוח. Or what we say in Sanskrit, Buddhi is within Atman. Atman-Buddhi are one. Ruach רוח and Neshamah נשמה are one. They are in the superior aspects of our Monad.

That Neshamah נשמה is the inheritance of the Elohim in us. When someone wealthy dies here physically, their wealth, their inheritance is distributed according to their own will. So, they might distribute one million for you, ten cents for him, etc etc in that own will. That is Neshamah נשמה. And that Neshamah נשמה is in our own superior spirit, whether it is “ten cents” or “one million”... whatever it is. Obviously, here we are making a metaphorical similitude, but we are referring to the inheritance of the light.

When we start developing that Neshamah נשמה in us, then we see our own particular inheritance. It develops in the Astral body, in the Mental body, in the Causal body and all of those attributes. That is why all the masters are different. You want to see the attributes of Jesus of Nazareth? Then read the Pistis Sophia dictated by him to his disciples. A wonderful book. But here we are talking about Genesis. That is attributed to Moses, which is pure Kabbalah. In reality, the Pistis Sophia and the book of Genesis are the same teaching but in different words, according to the light of each Master.

The light of Jesus is of course more intense, but the light of Moses is also intense, right?

Audience: When we practice Alchemy do we have to concentrate in the higher waters, in other words, on HaShamim?

Instructor: HaShamayim השמים means “the heavens,” but remember that HaShemim השמ-יםmeans “the names,” and that HaShem השם backwards is Moshe משה, which is willpower and controls those superior waters. The one that controls this act, according to the book of Exodus, is Moshe משה. Moshe works with the waters, extending out his Iod, his phallus, his transmutation, but Iod-Havah, in the superior waters, acts through the Ruach רוח, which is our own particular Spirit. In other words, if we make the connection, we are here as a soul, a consciousness, part of Neshamah נשמה because that Neshamah נשמה or those attributes are sent to the earth in order to develop and that is what we call our consciousness. We are in this physical body and we have to develop those archetypes but the one that does it is the Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים, under the command of Jehovah יהוה.

So, in Alchemy, we concentrate in our own Ruach רוח, our own Spirit, our own God inside which is automatically connected to Iod-Havah Elohim above. Moshe משה has to be there, because Moshe משה is willpower. If Moshe משה is not there, no miracle will happen.

If you read the Exodus, you will see that Moshe משה is the one that controls the forces of nature. Moshe מש is willpower in us. The forces of nature are within us. If you want to liberate Israel, the elements or archetypes we carry within, from their slavery—which are submitted to the mechanical laws of nature, the lunar mechanical nature, the animal force—we need Moshe משה, which is willpower. And, little by little that Moshe משה will be born as a baby within, because when we start doing this work, Moshe משה is a baby. It is not going to appear with a long beard, with the tablets of the law in his hand. No! It is going to be a baby and going to be in danger, because the pharaoh wants to kill the babies, that is, all those alchemists that are transmuting the libido.

Behold, when we start, in the book of Exodus, we will see how Moshe משה was secretly hidden and secretly nursed by the daughter of the pharaoh, which is a symbol of the forces that we are working with. That Moshe משה will grow in Egypt (Mitzrahim, the physical body) and little by little become an adult. That is transmutation, transmutation and more transmutation until the will appears strong and is able to make that division of the waters. However, in the beginning, we start making light in the darkness very slowly.

When we are talking about this darkness, I remember one experience regarding space; remember that I stated that the space exists in any dimension. So, I was in meditation and I was trying to submerge myself, and many times I submerged myself in that space and experienced many things. But this particular experience is very significant, related with this lecture. I was taken from my own spirit into that Abstract Absolute Space. And I was hovering there, floating in that space completely dark, pitch black. Turning around me and all the directions, I didn’t see anything. Nothingness. The only thing that was there was myself being concrete. And I was analyzing: “Why I didn’t see anything here only darkness? But I understood that darkness was light that I was incapable of seeing, as when you put too much light in front of your eyes, you are dazzled, you do not see anything. The light of that Abstract Absolute Space is for the physical eyes, and in this case even for my internal eyes, darkness. Then I understood. In order to see this light and to see what is this in this Abstract Space which is darkness, upon the abyss, I have to die psychologically and to liberate my own Israel, my own archetypes, in order to make light in the darkness and to be with my consciousness at the level of that cosmic consciousness, because that cosmic consciousness that is called Yehidah יחידה was darkness for me. Why? Because I have another darkness within me, which is the ego. So, I have to annihilate that darkness, take the light from that and develop that vision, which is intuition, in order to be capable of seeing that light.

The only thing that occurred to me in that state was to pray to my Divine Mother. But the Divine Mother in her aspect of death. And I said: “My Divine Mother, please kill me! Annihilate me! Because I need to be one with this cosmic consciousness. But I’m here experiencing it, but not dissolving into it.”

Indeed, to die is what is best. This is what we have to do, because the Divine Mother Death can annihilate us, our egos, but in a systematic manner. How wonderful it would be if She could kill the ego in one shot. But, it cannot happen. You have to extract the light little by little, in order to expand the light. And to expand that light means comprehension, consciousness, mastery. Mastery is not a matter of showing off yourself. Mastery is consciousness. It is awakening in different levels, different degrees. It is comprehension, analysis. In order to create an Astral body, you need to do that in your own level, and to keep ahead, because in initiation, there are many levels, many degrees.

Audience: How do we stop spilling the semen?

Instructor: That is a good question. Right? Well, that takes a lot of patience. We have to fight against our own nature. We are constantly spilling the semen because we are animals. Here, we are trying to become human beings “made into the image of God,” which is light. And in order to stop fornication, we have many exercises. In the Yellow Book, written by the Master Samael Aun Weor are explained different exercises in order to tight the sphincters that spill that sexual force out through the orgasm, like the animals in the physical world.

We have to have patience in this process, because the physical body is accustomed to spill. With the practices of pranayama, sexual Alchemy and many other exercises that we find on the website from the books of the Master Samael Aun Weor, we learn little by little, we teach the physical body how to obey us.

Remember that the physical body is a child of Lilith, darkness. Lilith is a fornicator. So, by teaching the physical body, we control Lilith. And eventually Lilith will withdraw from us, because the animal aspect of us, Lilith, does not want to obey the superior aspects within. This is written. That is why that woman, Lilith, that sinful nature has to leave. We have to expel it little by little. We have to be patient, because the physical body is the outcome or child of Lilith. Our psyche is Lilith. Remember that in the psyche we have Lilith and Nahemah, two prostitutes. To teach those prostitutes to be chaste, that is a task for Mary Magdalene, our consciousness.


Audience: Are there many types of darkness?

Instructor: We are talking about the types of darkness of the Absolute, which are divine darknesses that are different from our own particular darkness. However, they are related, because our own darkness is egotistical and we have to make light from those darknesses. It relates to it in the microcosmic aspect, we would say.

Audience: Do we need physical (materialistic) science along the journey?

Instructor: We would say that the only sciences that are necessary, are the objective, positive sciences of spirituality. It is only through the sciences of Alchemy and meditation that we can liberate ourselves from the wheel of Samsara. Thus when you are practicing this, eventually you will become self-cognizant of those sciences. Such self-cognizance comes only with christic light; the christic light is released only through chastity. When chastity is performed through sexual alchemy, then we develop that self-cognizance. It begins by remembering God, or the true self from instant to instant, from moment to moment. It is not easy.

Sexual Alchemy is one of the sciences that you can see and experience. In the beginning, that’s difficult, because we are fornicators. Right? To remember God and to stay here and now is difficult. But when you are in chastity, and you are transmuting your sexual energy, that capacity develops little by little and until it become easy, because God is that light. Thus, this is how we develop through that physical science along the journey.

Audience: You talked about the ten divine names of Atziluth, are there other ten in the other worlds?

Instructor: In the world of Atziluth, there are the ten names of God. The names of the Sephiroth in the other worlds imply other aspects of God, but those aspects are not as perfect those of the world of Atziluth because in the world of Atziluth, you find the ten names of God without Klipoth. In other words, there is no hell. Everything is divine.

In the world of Briah, are the other names of the archangels which are always polarized in the positive and negative way; they are those who are called the Demiurge which act positively in the animal manner, because they are the angels that control the forces of nature, of creation, which are in us.

Then in the world of Yetzirah, we find the legions of angels that we won’t name now; you can find that on the website. And of course, physically you also find the ten names of the ten Sephiroth in relation with the solar system, the world of Assiah or Asia, in other words.

Audience: Can we crystallize the internal bodies just with pranayama?

Instructor: No. But, you can liberate a lot of light from your archetypes as a single person. You can even receive a degree of enlightenment, but only as an elemental who is still submitted to the lunar mechanical process of the wheel of Samsara, even if awakened. Why? Because, in order to exit out of the wheel of Samsara, you have to create the immortal Solar bodies. We are submitted to this wheel of Samsara because we have lunar bodies. Our physicality is lunar. The protoplasmic bodies called Kama Rupa and Buddhi Manas are lunar. They belong to nature. If we work with those bodies which are lunar, but in the positive manner with pranayama, etc, we will awaken to some degree of course, and develop a lot of siddhis, solar powers like Yogananda did. But we will remain in Limbo, the first sphere of hell, awakened. At that level of development, we will have the opportunity to return into this physical world in order to work with sexual Alchemy. Why? Because in order to create the internal bodies, you need the two waters of Mi מי and Mah מה, Hamayim המים, in the sexual act. Thus, a single person cannot work with the two. This is why we explained that Yehidah יחידה is HaShamim, the waters from space, but these waters are divided in two in us; they are the creative waters of the Holy Spirit, Shiva-Shakti, or Mi מי and Mah מה.

So, in the physical world here in which we are right now, we are divided into two sexes, physically. Even though we have the two polarities within us, the solar and lunar gonads and channels, we males are polarized masculine, and the women, feminine. Do you want to create physically? If a woman wants to have a child, she needs the sperm. She has all the power to create life in her body, but without sperm, she cannot do it. So, she needs the assistance of the man, even if she hates the man… because there are many women that hate men. But they need the sperm in order to be pregnant. And they say: “I will go to the sperm bank.” This is what happens these days, right? And they ask for somebody that masturbated, a filthy vice, but they get what they are looking for. They’re pregnant. So, they need the male force. Likewise the man.

So, it’s not possible to create life without the two gametes. There is no way, and it is the same spiritually. Do you want to develop? Well, if you’re a man, you need a woman. You don’t like women. Well, it’s your problem, but you should like them. That’s normal. When men like women, and women like men, that’s normal. But when you start not liking the opposite sex, that is your problem, not our problem. You have to work with it. You have to start liking the opposite sex, which is the normal thing in order to enter into the esotericism.

Remember: the door of heaven is sex, the lower waters. God descends from above and crystallizes in the lower waters. Do you want to make light? Take light from the waters. Water is a conductor of energy, of electricity. You know that. In order to have life, even scientifically, there is a necessity of water, hydro. It is the same in us. If we want to create this and develop the human being inside, as a man we need a woman, and as a woman, they need a man. Otherwise, we cannot do it. We can develop to a certain level as an elemental, but we will still be submitted to Samsara, not to heaven. Do you want to belong to Schamayim שמים? Well then you have create the solar bodies. You have to do this. Otherwise, you won’t.

Audience: In the invocation of Solomon, do you name the world of Yetzirah?

Instructor: Not only the world of Yetzirah, but also the world of Briah, and the world of Atziluth. This is a beautiful invocation that can be found on the website and in many books of the Master Samael Aun Weor.

It begins like this: “Powers of the Kingdom, be ye under my left foot, and in my right hand.” This is how it begins and continues invoking all the forces of the worlds of Kabbalah, because they are in the water and we are the water. How much water are we? Seventy percent. Don’t forget that. We are water. The woman is water and the man is water: Mi מי and Mah מה.

From Hamayim-המים, the waters, we take everything, physically or internally.

Audience: How do we redeem ourselves from the lower laws of nature?

Instructor: Well, to redeem us from the lower laws of nature—because, we are slaves of this nature—we need the Messiah משיח, since Christ is the one that helps us to redeem us from sin. That means that, in order to overcome the darkness that we have within, we have to release the Messiah משיח within us, in different levels. We are talking here only about the level in which He becomes concrete in us, at the level of the Astral body. That is called the Internal Chrestos. That is the mediator between our physical personality with the supreme immanence of the Solar Father, Yehidah יחידה.

So, when he becomes concrete in us, there is more opportunity to redeem us from sin, because we are slaves of the animal kingdom, of that animality that we have here which we call the seven capital sins. It is that that we have to be free of. And we free ourselves through Alchemy, through meditation and through compassion. So, that is the work we have to perform in order to redeem ourselves from the lower kingdoms and to enter into the Kingdom of God. We have to be born again by Mi מי and Mah מה.

Audience: Should we perform sexual magic every day and pranayama?

Instructor: Yes, of course. Pranayama, we can practice it every day. Sexual magic I do not know. That depends on the will of your wife [laughter], if you’re married. If the man is active, positive, he is always ready every time. The master Samael says every day. Well, the woman says: “He said that, but I’m not in the mood. Sorry” You have to conquer that. You have to understand the feminine aspect in this matter.

We also have to understand the three temperaments, sexually speaking, namely, cold temperament, warm temperament and hot temperament. When the couple that are married are hot temperament man and hot temperament woman, that’s heaven. When the couple is warm and warm, that is like a purgatory. But hell is cold and cold. Do you see? There are cold temperaments, and they practice sexual magic and they don’t feel [like it]. You have to follow your own nature.

If you read Parsifal Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor, he explained there that the best union is one temperament with the same temperament, but if we find that the man is hot and the woman is cold, there is not sexual harmony there. Or the woman is hot and the man is cold. In other words, you have to go with it, it’s your own karma. But the best perfect matrimony is hot with hot, warm with warm, cold with cold. And the intensity of the work is also according to your own temperament.

When you are in this practice, you discover if you’re a hot temperament one hour is more than enough. Sometimes you want more. Warm temperament perhaps less, but cold, sometimes 15 minutes and that is it. You don’t want more. What can you do? You have to do what your body asks.

So, you have to study that. Study your temperaments. And of course, don’t fight. Because sexual magic is enjoyable. It’s not something that you have to sacrifice. No. Once you learn how to transmute it is enjoyable, because the sexual act is a privilege for the human being. It has to be enjoyable.

First, you begin like an animal, with passion, etc and you work with that energy, those forces until you become like a saint. That brings into my memory Master Samael Aun Weor. We were visiting him in Mexico and we brought him many disciples that were beginners. And this woman there, single, was eager to marry, asking for a husband. She talked to the master and asked, “What do I do. What do I do in order to get a husband because really I want to practice?” Then the Master said: “Ok, so you want to practice sexual magic with a man that will be only connected with you, sexually speaking, with a lot of energy but on top of you, not moving, only transmuting. And you there in the same thing.” “Oh, no. I don’t want that.” “Why? This is how it is when the man is a saint. You don’t want a saintly man. You want a devil like you”

And this is precisely, when you are devil, you have to have another devil. But there are devils that fake being saints. And they think they have to be very holy in the sexual act. Well, you have to transmute, be chaste, control your lust. But little by little, you will reach that level in which, like a saint, just connected, without any movement. That’s enough in order to have sexual activity, in order to control the act. But in the beginning it is a problem, because you are accustomed to fornicate. You have to start as a disciple. Don’t start as a master, because then you will end as a disciple.

Thank you very much.