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Woman's Saintly Predestination

Godward_The_Flowers_of_Venus_1890Woman is the creator of the universe, the universe is her form;
woman is the foundation of the world,
she is the true form of the body.
In woman is the form of all things,
of all that lives and moves in the world.
There is no jewel rarer than woman,
no condition superior to that of a woman.
- Shaktisangama Tantra

In the regenerative vessel or feminine yoni, we must drink the initiatic nectar of the Holy Gods. The Sacred Grail is the miraculous chalice of the supreme beverage, the initiatic cups of Shukra and of Manthin. In the sacred vessel of the enchanting woman is contained the exquisite wine of transcendental spirituality.

It is best to drink the feminine liquor, which is the liquor of mandrake.  If you drink, you won't mistake the path.

Sexual eroticism is indispensable. Certainly, love is the most pure and delicious yearning.

Let us begin our talk for this afternoon. I request that you all pay the utmost attention...

Cycles of the Planet Uranus

I want to talk to you, in an emphatic form, about the masculine and feminine cycles of activity, which are governed by the planet Uranus.  That is to say that Uranus, with its two poles (negative and positive), determines the periods of successful masculine activity and the periods of successful feminine activity.

When the positive or masculine pole of Uranus faces the Sun, the masculine sex triumphs on the Earth's surface.  These are the periods of piracy, the epochs of Napoleon Bonaparte (etc.) and also the epochs of heroic deeds of independence.

When the negative or feminine pole of Uranus faces towards the Sun, the energy (which flows from Uranus) then gives the victory to the woman, and she stands out, triumphant; she climbs to the top of the stairs; the feminine sex commands.

Remember the time of the Amazons. They had a magnificent epoch. They raised temples everywhere dedicated to the Moon Goddess, and had sovereign lands (governed by those of the feminine sex) etc.  The Empire of the Amazons extended over the major part of Europe and of the Middle East (as far as Asia).  Those who exercised the priesthood, those who governed, those who formed part of the armed forces, were the women.

amazonsNobody can deny that they established a powerful civilization; it is certain and absolute truth!  Undoubtedly, there was some cruelty also.  Young boys were deliberately disabled in some form or another, so that they were unable to triumph.  Perhaps some were wounded in the arm, some in the leg, or in some manner they would do an injury to the body so as to prevent them from exercising dominion later.  We can't deny that this was cruel, however this is how it was: it belongs to history and that which has already passed.

In war, the Amazons distinguished themselves extraordinarily. Let us remember the Amazon Camilla, of whom Virgil, the poet of Mantua, gave testimony (Editor: See The Aeneid).  Obviously Virgil, the great master of Dante Alighieri, spoke marvels about the Amazon Camilla.  In war she was extraordinary; we can say of her that she was called "one of the best generals of the epoch," very similar (in her time) to other great warriors of the masculine sex.

In science, the Amazons stood out triumphantly. Their empire was powerful and it extended from the Occident to the Orient.  If much later that empire declined, if it decayed, this was (precisely) because of the sexual aspect: a certain group of Amazons reached Greece and even though they isolated themselves for a while, they united sexually with different young Greeks and from then on they changed their customs. Those Amazons, already changed, had an influence over the rest, then over those Amazons who had established the empire, and little by little, they lost their power, until the masculine sex predominated completely, and this was because their epoch had passed.

uranus-planet-2There are forty-two years of masculine activity and forty-two years of feminine activity.  In these times in which we are, the feminine sex is dominating (this is your cycle of dominion, of command).  Much later, when this cycle of forty-two years is completed, a new period of dominion by the masculine sex will re-commence.

Now it is the turn of the feminine sex to carry the weight of command. (We are unable to deny this, it is indubitable). In actuality, the woman commands, she asserts herself in science, she asserts herself the world of commerce, she is assertive in the Government, she asserts herself in religions, she asserts herself in the home, she is assertive in all areas (this is her time).

Uranus directly governs the sexual glands.  In the woman it governs the activity of the ovaries.

Therefore, there are forty-two years of masculine dominance and forty-two years of feminine dominance.  The woman, obviously, is able to make this period for self-transformation, if this is what she desires.

This is the time of struggle for emancipation of women.  My concept is that in reality the woman holds the scepter of power in this time, which is within the feminine cycle of activity of Uranus.

Considering these questions, it seems to me that the feminine sex has the right to dignification and transformation.  The feminine sex must make use of the current moment (that in which Uranus is assisting), to take the utmost advantage of the vibrations of the planet Venus.  The woman has the right to pass to a superior level of the Being and this is possible through knowing how to love.

"Love is law, however conscious love." "Love if the sum of wisdom."  Thus spoke Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice-great Ibis God of Thoth, in his Emerald Tablet. Love is the foundation of all that is, has been and will be.  The woman, through love, can transform not only herself, but is also able to transform others.

In these times, it is amazing to know that some nations have already thought of sending, precisely, female committees to strive for universal peace.  I have understood that the United Nations considers the peace problem to be a very difficult one, and is thinking seriously of promoting a form of pro-peace propaganda by means of female committees.

I believe, simply, that woman in these moments displaces the man and holds dominion, has complete command, and furthermore, the masculine sex is actually very degenerated.  Then, it is the woman who must regenerate the man.

The state of degeneration of the man is undeniable, irrefutable, and incontestable.  It is the woman's turn to give a hand to the man, pick him up.  If the man has actually lost power, it is due simply to his degeneration.  Then, in these times, the woman has an inescapable duty, which is that of helping to regenerate the man, and of fighting for universal peace.

The Sexual Problem

One of the most disquieting problems of this time is the sexual problem. There is no doubt that sexology itself is fundamental for each civilization.

The masculine sex, I repeat, finds itself in a state of devolution, decadence; it has abused sex, and for this reason, it has lost dominion over the Earth, and over the universe.  The masculine sex functions in a decadent manner.

When one studies the creative energy, the sexual energy, in the light of Sigmund Freud, for example (the author of psychoanalysis), or of Jung, or Adler, or in the light of Sanskrit or Tibetan or Hindu Tantras, or possibly the Yellow School of China, one is able to discover (with great surprise) that by means of the creative energy, the transformation of the human being is possible.

The woman has perfect dominion over the organic biology of the man; for this reason she is able to regenerate him.  The woman must understand more about the mysteries of sex.  Previously these mysteries were considered "taboo" or "sinful," and a cause of shame or to be hidden.  Now, in cultured countries, sex is studied in the light of science. Freud gave such an example with his psychoanalysis.  Adler, Jung and other followers of Freud have demonstrated to the world the reality of Freudian theories.

I consider it vital then to deal with this thorny point, this delicate matter related to Transcendental Sexology, which is the only thing that is able to transform the woman and the world.

Obviously, the creative energy flows through all that is, in all that has been, and all that will be.  The creative energy permits plants to reproduce by means of their pistils, etc., which vibrate and palpitate in the chalice of the flower.  The creative energy enables the birds to reproduce, to form their young.  The creative energy permits all species living in the immense sea to reproduce incessantly.  The said energy, like electricity, like magnetism, like the force of gravity etc., is an energy which we must learn to transmute wisely.  It is a fast energy, instantaneous energy, faster than the mind, much faster than the emotions, or that of any other organic movement.

Many times it has happened to you women, on meeting (for example) a man, instantly, without knowing why, instinctively you know if you hit it off with the man or not; if he is able to serve as a complement to you; if he is worthy of your feelings.  But if in fact, he is not an exact complement, immediately no interest is awakened in you.  And it is surprising to see the rapidity with which a woman is able to recognize a man and to know if this man is able to serve as a complement in her life or not, and this appears in seconds, in fractions of a second, which demonstrate that the Sexual Sense is much more rapid, much faster than the force of the mind, or of that of the motor activity of the organism.

In seconds, a woman is able to recognize if a man is able or not to serve as a complement in her life.  This is because the creative energy flows to and from, from one point to another (the Electro-Sexual waves are very fast.)  The sexual center of a woman captures instinctively the reality of any man, and this is clear.

There is nothing more mysterious than the sexual energy.  Many times, it speaks in the man.  Due to this, although having a wife, these men do not feel plenitude, do not feel whole, do not feel unitotal with the woman.  They feel something is missing.  What normally happens in these cases is that in some drawing room, or temple, or street, the husband finds some woman and they hit it off at once.  Unquestionably, he fails by committing adultery.

Basically, all the parts of your Being need a complement.  Possibly in the new woman is found which he did not have before, something which helps in the complement of the pair.  These are mysteries related to the sex, and of which it is good to know.

The life of all organic machine is in the creative energy, and our body is a machine.

Sexual Creativity

The ovaries in the woman are certainly prodigious, marvelous. A pair of nerve cords run from the ovaries to the brain and are coiled around the spinal column, forming the sacred eight, the Caduceus of Mercury. Through this pair of cords (which are not completely physical, only in part; we could say they are four-dimensional) ascends the sexual energy, strictly speaking, like a very subtle electric force, towards the brain.


This force reaches the organism and goes through diverse processes.  Its origin is the Third Logos, the Mahachoan. Indubitably, to speak this time in Christian terminology, it could be said that such energy is divine and that the Third Logos is that which we denominate the Holy Spirit.

The force of the Holy Spirit is portentous. The entire universe could not exist without this magnificent force. Seeds would not manage to germinate; animals without this force would not reproduce; trees would not give fruit.  The entire universe would not live, it would not be able to exist.

So then, the force of the Holy Spirit, the prodigious energy of the Third Logos, is something worth being analyzed.  There are schools which have dedicated themselves to such analysis. These schools exist in all of the Orient, and especially in the Tibetan Buddhist Tantra. To understand and manage this electro-sexual potential is indispensable when one wants to achieve a transformation.

Without the creative energy, it would not be possible for a sperm and an ovum to originate conception of the fetus, and we know very well what the function of menstruation is in the female.  Indubitably, menstruation is duly provoked when an egg is released from the ovary; the wound which remains, then, that place from where the egg was released, bleeds; this is the process of menstruation. Indubitably, in this place, which bleeds, also exists that which medicine calls the "Yellow Body," the loosening of which serves to prevent continuous bleeding.

It is interesting to see how an ovum descends to the uterus and awaits the moment in which it can be fertilized.  When this ovum is deposited in its appropriate place, the woman feels (in the reality of truth and in an intense form) the sexual impulse.  This impulse is a mechanism related to the economy of Nature.  And this is how the ovum asks, calls, desires a sperm, for there to exist a new creation, necessary for the subtle economy of the planet Earth.

This state of anxiety in the feminine sex for the masculine, has no other cause than the ovum, which desires, as rapidly as possibly, the union with the sperm.

sperm and eggObserve something very interesting: of the six or seven millions of sperm which escape during the copula, only one is able to reach the feminine gamete, lose the tail, penetrate completely into the gamete and initiate the process of gestation.  Of those millions of sperm, only one achieves penetration of the ovum.  Who was it who made this mathematical calculation?

As well, we must know that the sperm has twenty-four chromosomes and that the ovum has another twenty-four.  Then, we have here forty-eight chromosomes forming the germinal cell, the basic cell, fundamental, through which derives a new human organism.  (Editor: materialistic science recognizes forty-six chromosomes, and ignores the chromosomes of the vital or fourth dimension, of which there are two).

But, why is it that only one sperm is able to enter the ovum?  Who directs this sperm? There is an intelligent principle that directs it.  What is this principle?  Why has this sperm been selected?  Indubitably, this intelligent principle is none other than the creative energy of the Third Logos, the sexual energy.  We find then, in the sexual energy, an intelligence, and this is wonderful.

So in this manner, the nine month process of gestation is initiated.


motherhood Obviously, the woman has been selected for a Saintly Predestination: that of being a mother.  To be a mother, in the reality of truth, is a sacred vocation of Nature, a divine ineffable order! A mother deserves the entire veneration of all the human beings who inhabit the face of the Earth.

In the secret doctrine of Anahuac, cult was rendered to the mothers who died in childbirth.  Unquestionably, they are real martyrs.  It was said that these women do not go to Mictlan, as some suppose, but to Tlalocan, to the paradise of Tlaloc.

Some people think that those are doctrines of our ancestors and that today is a time when we are "very Christian" and we are unable to go backwards.  The crude reality of these facts is that these affirmations of the Nahuatl adepts, or Zapotecs, or Toltec adepts, reside on very solid foundations.  With what right do we dare, for example, to refute the doctrine of our ancestors, the Aztecs, if we all derived from them?  Or do we believe perhaps that the Spanish were wiser than our ancestors of Anahuac?  Well, we know the answer is No!  Nonetheless, they managed to destroy a culture, they burnt (in the public square) all of the ancient codices, and deprived the world of rich esoteric treasures.  Fortunately, some codices were saved, those which have enabled the great Mexican historians and the great anthropologists to reconstruct part of the ancient history.

Tlalocan, the Paradise of Tlaloc, is a reality.  It was affirmed in an emphatic manner that the women who died in childbirth entered the Paradise of Tlaloc.  They earned it, because they had given their lives for Nature, they had died in the fulfillment of this great sacrifice, which is to be mother; they had completed their mission.  Woman was born for this Saintly Predestination.

What great happiness the woman feels when she holds a child in her arms, when she nourishes him at her breasts, when she offers him her love!  She, in this moment, is playing the part of the Great Mother Nature with all her children. It is a truly sacred vocation, which is worthy of total respect and veneration.

It is through this creative energy, which pulses and flows in all of Nature, which flows in the trees, and which manifests itself through the creative organs of the fish and the amphibians and in the quadrupeds and the birds who fly across the infinite space, that we are able to radically transform ourselves. If the woman learns how to manage this prodigious energy, then she can change her Level of Being, she can change herself into something that is different.

The Mysteries of Sex

The woman, first of all, must know the mysteries of sex.  The times have passed when sex was considered a "sin," the times have passed when sex was considered "taboo." Only by knowing the mysteries of sex and by learning to manage the creative energy will the woman be able to transform herself and transform the world.

Unfortunately, day by day men have not only degenerated, but they have also induced degenerative processes in the feminine sex; they have induced the woman on the path of fornication, and even to prostitution, which are more than sufficient reasons for the woman to study the mysteries of sex.  It is in this way, only in this way, by which she will be able not only to transform herself but also the man.

Without doubt, in the chemical or metaphysical copula (to speak in a manner which will not shock any of the sisters present here) is the secret of human transformation.

The chemical or metaphysical copula, unquestionably, is related to the Great Universal Copula.  We know that the Eternal Masculine fecundates the Eternal Feminine and initiates life.  Those two principles belong to the Divinity.  With good reason it was said, "There exist two components: one which comes from the sky, from Uranus, and is masculine; the other ascends and is feminine.  In the union of these two forces is the key of all power."

Observe the sign of the Sacred Cross: two beams crossed. One is vertical and represents the masculine principle; the other is horizontal and represents the feminine sex. And in the intersection of both we find the key of the redemption.

symbol of uranus

In the ancient Greek mystery schools, a precious mystical act was mentioned, which was able to transform the world and humanity.  So as not to shock anyone, I will tell you the key in Latin:

Inmiscio Miembrum Virilis in Vaginae Feminam sine Ejaculation Seminis.

In every case, in the insertion of the vertical phallus within the horizontal cteis, one finds the key of all power.  Unfortunately, the only thing men and women have done up until this time is to take advantage of the crossing of the two aspects for animal reproduction.

This is how the woman is capable of putting a child on the carpet of existence, of saying to him "Be," and so it is. In this manner the woman is capable of forming a Napoleon in her womb, or a Jesus of Nazareth, or a Hermes Trismegistus, then to say to him: “Exist, Exist!" and he thus begins to, in the light of the Sun.  So also every woman has the capacity for extraordinary self-creation, she is able to create herself within herself.  She is able to transform herself into something distinct, different, with an intimate base in the chemical or metaphysical copula. The interesting thing is that she should understand the process of the creative energy, especially when the man approaches her, when the Adam-Eve are united in the chemical or metaphysical copula.

In the moments when the vertical phallus is crossing the horizontal cteis, there are prodigious forces (universal, cosmic) which enfold the couple with a very brilliant light, luminous and extraordinary.  Those prodigious forces, which were capable of creating the world, to form it from that which arises from within Chaos, surround the couple, enfold them. In these moments, man and woman (so united) form the perfect Androgyne, the Elohim, a supreme creature.

Obviously, man and woman united are a single Being, who has power over life and over matter, and they are able to bring forth a new being out of the Chaos.  In these moments, if one knows the marvelous science of the Third Logos, one is able to realize prodigious things.  In these moments, we must retain this extraordinary force to purify ourselves, to transform ourselves, to develop within other faculties of the Being, to develop within ourselves prodigious things which we don't even remotely expect, to convert ourselves into Angels, into ineffable Beings.

The woman holds the key of magical science; she must take advantage of it to open the Ark, where the treasure of pure knowledge is.

Unfortunately, women, like men, lose the divine forces when they commit the error of reaching that which is called "orgasm" or "spasm" in organic biology.  Furthermore, if in these instants the woman teaches the man the necessity of being "continent," if instead of reaching the final consummation of immense passion she has the valor to restrain the animal impulse, to avoid that which in organic physiology, or biology, is termed "orgasm" or "spasm,” he could retain those mystical forces of the Third Logos, of Mahachoan, of the Hindustani Shiva.  With such subtle forces, she will be able to create within herself something different.  She will be able to convert herself into a victor.  She will pass to an extraordinary level of Being.  She will never again have misery or pain, for her there will be no suffering.  Many faculties will emerge in all of her organism; she will be completely different.  A woman thus transformed by her own creative energies would be able to transform man and transform the world, because woman has a unique power: to form beings in her own womb.

Women have already made great men, those who stand out in history: Krishna (in Hindustan), Buddha, Hermes Trismegistus, Jesus of Nazareth, Francis of Assisi, or Anthony of Padua, etc., etc.  How were they formed?  In the air, perhaps?  The great men who have appeared in all the epochs, where did they come from?  Those who liberated nations (like those we have in our country, Mexico, like Hidalgo), what is their origin?  They are all very masculine, very intelligent, very inspired, but they came from a female womb, they came from the woman who formed them in her womb, she who gave them life and she who put them on the same carpet of existence.

Just the same, the Super-Man of Nietzsche is not able to come from any other place than the woman's womb. It was for this reason that the wise women addressed Jesus of Nazareth and they said to him: "Blessed is the womb, which formed you, and the breasts, which fed you."

So then, men don't have much to be proud about, because for the amount of knowledge that we have, the amount of learning and intellectual capacity that we have acquired, we were formed in the womb of a woman, she gave us life and put us on the carpet of existence.

The Power of the Woman

It is certainly women who are able to transform the world, if that is what they want.  The woman holds in her hands the key of power.  Even the masculine biology is controllable by the woman; in fact, the woman controls the biological activities of the man (she has this power, and it is extraordinary, wonderful).  The only thing that she must do is retain this prodigious force, this creative energy of the Third Logos.  She must not allow it to escape, she must not permit it to merge into the universal currents.  It is for this reason that the married woman, in the chemical or metaphysical copula, must assume an edified and essentially dignified attitude.

hetaeraObviously, the Sacred Order of Love stems from the Earth's most ancient times.  We can recall (in Greece) the Priestesses of Love, the Hetairas. They were sacred in the most complete sense of the word, and knew how to administer that which is called "love," and men had to be obedient to them.  Let us recall there in the lands of Japan, the Supreme Priestesses. They ministered that which is called "love."

Unfortunately, the people of this modern century have lost the true feeling of love.  The modern woman must turn to the ancient wisdom, she must begin to educate the man. Sex is one hundred percent sacred, and she must teach the man veneration for love and respect for sex.  If the woman acts in this manner, she will be able to transform the world in a definitive manner.

The whole secret consists in retaining this marvelous energy, this sacred elixir, vital for mankind.  I repeat: if the woman learns to avoid the spasm, she will originate new senses of perception, which give one access to the unknown dimension, and the woman will begin to acquire a new intelligence which will enable her to guide her children wisely.

You must not forget that, as well as mother, the woman must also be the educator of her own children.  The woman is destined to educate her children. Well, this is my concept.

The woman is destined to give the child its initial education.  In no manner would it seem to me correct for the "Kindergarten" to give the first notions of culture to the baby she has given birth to.  I think that the mother is destined for this: to complete the fruit of her womb.  Later, the child could enter the superior school of humanities, the University, however, his basic orientation is in the home.  The mother is the axis of the home, the teacher of the home, she is destined to educate her children.

Today, all of this has been lost.  In the times of antiquity (in Atlantis and Lemuria), the mothers educated their children at home. In these decadent times in which we find ourselves, and due to the degeneration of man, the woman of today has lost many of her beautiful qualities. The man has created a false civilization, a mechanical, absurd life.  Also he has committed the crime of taking the woman from the home.  Now the woman, in order to be able to survive in this absurd chaos of the twentieth century, has been able to find no other remedy than to displace the man in the office, in industry, in the banks, in commerce, in the factories, in science, etc.  The ultra-modern man is so degenerated that he is now incapable of sustaining his own home, motives more than sufficient for the woman to have found no other remedy than to launch herself in the battle.  We can see the example of the United States, where women are in the machine factories, in the airline industry, in the army, etc.

A race that is not degenerated, a progressive race, is different.  In a progressive race the woman is the axis of the home, the priestess. The fundamental base on which the home rested in times of Antiquity was not patriarchy but matriarchy.

Now the woman must return to her home, but this will not be possible while the man does not know how to regenerate himself.  Without regeneration, the man is incapable of maintaining the woman or his home.

The day is coming in which we will begin a new history.  This will be when sex is again sacred, and the regenerated man will go to the country and plow the earth, and "with the sweat of his brow" give food to his wife and children.

Today is a time (it gives me pain to say this) when the degeneration is so great that many women must work to maintain their husband.

Seeing all these things, concerning very important matters, delicate to explain, I see the urgent and unpostponable necessity of teaching the woman the mysteries of sex.

Before all, the woman must free herself from many constraining attitudes, she must approach the study of sex from a new angle, not considering sexology as "taboo" or "sin," as a cause for shame, something covert etc.  If the woman is to regenerate the man, she must confront directly the mysteries of sex; she must teach such mysteries to the man.  Unfortunately the "intellectual animal" mistakenly called "man" not only does not know how to respect women, he commits adultery like an animal, fornicates incessantly, squanders money, that which is for his home, in the bar, in the casinos, etc.

Unquestionably, the crude reality of the actions is that the woman is called to assume a new role. She needs to transform herself (by means of the creative energy) and teach the man the path of regeneration.  But this will not be possible if she does not have a superior electro-sexual potential, which will permit her to realize such a magnificent labor.

In as much as the woman continues with the spasm or physiological orgasm, she will not have the electrical power, which is necessary to convince the man.  When one tries to convince another, to regenerate him, to show him the path of salvation, it is necessary to have some authority, and it is not possible to have authority if the woman discharges herself sexually.

It is necessary for the woman to reserve her own creative energy.  Only in this way will she be able to increase her electric potential, so as to have sufficient force or authority to enable her to transform the man, to take him from the bars and teach him the path of responsibility, to indicate to him the path of regeneration.

Today, gathered with these Gnostic ladies, I want to say to them, in an emphatic manner, that this Patriarchal Headquarters of the Gnostic Movement works for human regeneration.  All ladies are called to our courses, to our studies; they are invited with the purpose of working for a better world.

It is worthwhile to reconsider not only biological matters, but also psychological ones, related to the woman, the man, and the home.  The woman must become a little more mature from the psychological point of view.  Many ladies, for example, " go all out" to marry and later the marriage fails.  The woman must know which man she should choose, because he is a base for the rest of her life.

One day, it is not important which, I went to the bank. I needed to cash some checks. The cashier (very solicitous) attended to me. What great pain I felt when seeing how she looked me up and down, so thoroughly, to study my mere physical appearance. I returned a second time, and found the same repetition.  A third visit, and the same repetition, plus a strange flirtatiousness. What was she looking at in me?  Perhaps my psychological state, my mental or spiritual aspect, or what?  None of these; it was only mere flirtatiousness. Looking at the aspects of a face, or a masculine body, with the intention of choosing him later as a possible husband, or at least as a suitor, is one hundred percent absurd.  I was not able to feel less than great pain.

Some ladies, for example, who aspire to have a husband, are preoccupied by the look of a face, the size of a body (if is tall, or short, fat or thin), if he is good-looking, if he is handsome, or simply if he is ugly and horrible, however no one, absolutely no one, is interested in the question of psychology.  This is so absurd, like looking at a piece of furniture: if it is nice or ugly, if it is useful for the kitchen or the living room.

Marriage is the greatest thing we do in life.  I want to say to you that there are three important moments in life, three extraordinary events: the first, birth; the second, marriage; and the third, death.  There we have the three most outstanding events of life.

The woman must be cautious to choose a man not for mere appearance, or because of the desire to marry (to avoid being "alone") because this is absurd.  Where a woman wants to make of a man, let's say her "ideal," without feeling the truth, psychologically, there is something incongruous.  Many single ladies decide upon - more especially - the artificial aspects, the form, the economic splendor of one or another man.  They try to ingratiate themselves with him in one manner or another, to be attractive, they try to accommodate themselves to a way of being or living, and sooner or later, it fails.

This is not the path of happy marriage. In real love, there is an absolute spontaneity; no type of artifice exists. When a woman recognizes in the man (instantly) the creative being, then there is no need for superficial words, nor of struggles to adapt themselves to a form of thinking or feeling.  In real love, the woman knows if the man complements her or not, if he is hers or not.  But when a woman looks at this or that man, when she in some manner wants something from him, she knows if there is a characteristic in him that does not coincide with her naturalness, with her personality, with her psyche, or particular psychological depth.

It is clear that if a woman believes that she loves a man, and yet feels that there is something which does not belong to her, something like a characteristic trait which in some form she accommodates by her feeling, then that man does not belong to her. That union will fail.

It is not possible to approach the question of marriage in a wrong manner, because the result of this is called pain. When one forgets that marriage is one of the three most important factors in life, one commits unpardonable errors.

So then, single ladies must think a lot about how to select a husband, a partner. It is indispensable that one should know how to wait.  The creative energy of the Third Logos lives and palpitates in all of creation, in all that exists, and to each woman is given a man, he who belongs to her by Law.  However if the single ladies persist in marrying for the sake of marrying, they will then add a lot of pain to their lives...