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Two Types of Reasoning, Programming of Robots, and Vegetarianism

The reality is that impressions come to your mind... ...the impressions according to how one was taught... ...they told one... ...but the data of the consciousness does not work there; that is what is grave...

Student: Definitely!

Samael Aun Weor: On the other hand, in objective reasoning it is different: functionalisms, or the secret spring of those functionalisms is found, precisely, in the consciousness, in the consciousness... ...objective reasoning.

However, from time to time, there are cases of people who are born with objective reasoning developed. In general, they come into the world... the initiate environments... ...they have some guide, some instructor... (today that is inconceivable for the Western world). And it is clear that such creatures, from birth, are in totally favorable conditions for the development of objective reasoning.

Student: ...Wunderkind

Samael Aun Weor: Rather, we would say, souls who have worked in previous lives; souls that have reached objective reasoning in previous lives; souls that have achieved the awakening of the consciousness in past lives, in past existences...

Student: Oh well! So, they are not cases, let's say, by chance, right?

Samael Aun Weor: No, we couldn't call that "by chance"! It's not by chance. And then, well, they are born with completely favorable conditions for their objective reasoning to develop.

Naturally, the instructors, in this case, teach the creature, or teach their disciples or this class of people, what the impressions are... ...external. They are told, for example, that ordinary people do not really perceive the outside world, they only perceive impressions that come to the mind and translate, intellectually, into forms of light, color, heat, shape, sound, and so on, and so forth, etc. But, the "thing in itself", as Mr. Emmanuel Kant said, they do not know it.

So, then, the instructors teach that to the students: they warn them against animal passions, they instruct them so that they will not be trapped by external impressions, they educate them esoterically and "raise" them.

There are, then, few people who have that happiness, as a result of having worked in previous lives and being born in a favorable environment...

The laws of three and seven, for example, are not laws that subjective reasoning can understand. In what form does the holy Triamatzikamno develop? How is the sacred law of Heptaparaparshinock, the law of seven, processed?

We already know that the positive, negative and neutral forces (the holy affirming, the holy denying and the holy reconciling, the three forces), originate all creation; that no creation would be possible without the cooperation of the three forces. But creating is one thing, and ordering is another thing. The ordering of the cosmos and the worlds, etc., etc., etc., is only possible through the sacred law Heptaparaparshinock, that is, the law of seven.

But how do these laws of three and seven process? What are their most intimate functionalisms? This could never be understood by automatic or subjective reasoning. Only objective reasoning can understand it, based on intimate, direct self-reflection.

Thus, those who have not managed to achieve the development of objective reasoning could never understand how those laws of the holy Triamatzikamno and the sacred law of the holy Heptaparaparshinock are processed.

Student: Heptaparaparshinock!...

Samael Aun Weor: Of course, yes! Make an attempt or make the attempt to try to understand how the laws of three and seven work based on pure subjective reasoning, or based on pure subjectivist rationalism, to see if you can really understand their processes. Obviously you cannot. You will be able to believe that, yes, and deceive yourself believing that you have understood, but, really, you will not be aware of how those laws are processed. In order to understand them, objective reasoning needs to be developed.

Students: ...We cannot…

Samael Aun Weor: Oh, indeed! Before the second transalpalnian catastrophe, there were many who understood the processes of the law of three and seven. But after the second catastrophe, the mind devolved so frighteningly that it unfortunately deteriorated, and subjective reasoning could not understand this.

So, we are saying something that is well worth analyzing...

Student: That's tremendous, isn't it?

Samael Aun Weor: Now, the current environment that exists in the world, the environment, let's say... it is said in... the sacred scriptures, that currently exists in the world, that environment of wisdom, of culture... ...etc., is absolutely unfavorable for the development of the seed germs of objective reasoning.

Student: And how? If we are in the worst conditions...

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, right now you are automatic creatures: you receive external sensory impressions and react to those impacts in different ways, because you have no consciousness, you have no objective reasoning.

Student: So, this girl?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, this girl has not yet had time to develop the seed germs of objective reasoning in her present existence. If she is allowed, if she is given the opportunity to develop such seed germs, she will develop them. But this common and ordinary humanity, lives in a lamentable environment, where the seed germs of objective reasoning cannot be developed: they put fifty thousand things into one's head, and they destroy the data that nature has deposited within one, for the orientation of oneself, they are destroyed...

That is, the results of the consciousness are deposited in the brain; or data that are the result of the consciousness. In the child's brain, just like this one, is the data that nature has deposited; data from her consciousness that will serve to guide her, to orient her; there are also the seed germs for the development of objective reasoning.

But then, the know-it-alls intervene, with their primary and secondary schools, the press, television, modern life with all its bestialities and banalities, then they eliminate that data and turn human beings into automatons, who live by reacting against impacts from the outside world: someone insults them, they answer with an insult; someone hits them, they hit back; someone tell them: “this is a radio”, and they say “that is a radio”, why? Because they were taught that when such an impression arrives, it corresponds to a radio.

"Is this a glass?" “Yes, this is a glass.” Why? They told the children. And they respond to everything that is presented to them with data precisely from...

...but they do not respond with their consciousness, with their objective reasoning, because they are not given the opportunity to develop objective reasoning; they do not give it an opportunity for the consciousness to work, to express itself in the form of objective reasoning. They don't give children that opportunity. They make of those creatures automatic beings and nothing more: if they are hit, they hit back; if they insult them, they insult back; they put fifty thousand things into their heads so that they respond to everything [mechanically, automatically], to each thing according to what they have been taught, and that's it... They are not aware of anything; they are automatic marionettes that incessantly react to external sensory impressions in one way or another, but always react with concepts, with words, with ideas, but react to all external sensory impressions...

How could it be, let us say, that they could understand with subjective reasoning the Holy Triamatzikamno and the sacred law Heptaparaparshinock? That's impossible.

Creation is one thing, ordering is another. With the law of three it is created and with the law of seven it is ordered.

A cosmos represents an order of worlds; without an order of worlds no cosmos could exist. How could it exist? Chaos would exist, but not the cosmos. The law of seven is needed so that there is no chaos, but cosmos; thus, the law of three is needed for that cosmos to be created.

So, the law of three gives creation, but if the law of seven did not exist, bodies, worlds, organs, organisms, everything would not be organized (it would not be possible).

Now, the sacred law Heptaparaparshinock has its seven Stopinders, that is, seven magnetic centers. There are critical points in those seven magnetic centers.

Student: Naturally...

Samael Aun Weor: ...critical points... the entire law of seven, because in itself... ...let's say, the law of seven begins with forces that start from a defined point. They expand and separate from each other, and then come back together at the end, so that they are joined at the bottom and they are joined at the top.

That is the law of seven.

For example, a humanoid is an "intellectual animal" but is not the living representation of the holy Heptaparaparshinock, not yet. He is a humanoid with possibilities of becoming a human. If the germs that are in that humanoid are developed, he could transform into a human being, turned into a human being who is a complete septenary, who is the perfect septuple human; below he has seven bodies. So, if you count from top to bottom: seven bodies; if counted from bottom to top: seven bodies. That is, he possesses the seven vehicles; the sacred law Heptaparaparshinock that is the holy seven has come to take full form in him.

tree of life seven psyche

Now, if he manages to crystallize, in himself, the three primary forces of nature, then he could become nothing less than a perfect crystallization of the three forces and of the seven (of the holy Triamatzikamno and of the sacred law Heptaparaparshinock); he would already be the self-realized and perfect human; clearly indeed.

But, in order to be achieved, or to be able to understand those intimate processes of the law of three and seven, obviously, one has to develop objective reasoning.

The germs, for objective reasoning, are carried by each one in the depths of their sexual endocrine glands. They may develop, they may not develop. It is not law that they develop; for them to develop, one has to dedicate himself to that: work on oneself, to achieve the development of objective reasoning. If you don't work on yourself, then how are you going to develop objective reasoning?

So if we look at this puppet called "human being", and that is not human at all, since he is a humanoid, a kind of "robot" that lives reacting to impressions from the outside world; he is like a double consciousness. On the one hand, there is that personal consciousness, which is nothing more than the result of the education received, of customs, of impressions, of all that external automatism; fifty thousand things have been put into his head, and he respond to all impressions with all the data that he has accumulated in his brain, right? That is what, let's say, gives one, along with habits and along with prejudices, in short, that tint of false consciousness, right?, that every person has; unfortunately everyone comes to believe that this is the true consciousness.

Now, the authentic consciousness, the legitimate consciousness, that essence, is that of the Being. The real consciousness is left lying around, discarded. These ultramodern people, let's say, are not interested in the true consciousness of the Being. They take for "consciousness" this false consciousness of the human personality, made up of complexes, traumas, subjective reasoning, false education, that's what they take for "consciousness", right? The false consciousness of the personality. But the authentic consciousness of the Being is rejected, forgotten, stowed away, left in a corner; It doesn't matter in the least to them.

So, people like that, who have discarded the true consciousness, who do not use it at all, who only have subjective reasoning, in fact they are pure "robots". That is why it is easy to build a robot; there are perfect, wonderful robots, they react to all external impressions: they see an impression, and immediately the robot, mechanically, translates that impression, exactly like a human brain.

...the robot... ...they make it obey, and it does all the things that any "talking doll" of those, any human person, or humanoid person can do.

Student: Is that the degree that human beings have reached?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes indeed, as a robot...

The authentic human has seven bodies, it cannot be denied that he does not. But it turns out that all of this humanity does not have them and that true humans must be sought with the lantern of Diogenes.

Diogenes went looking for a human in all of Athens and did not find one. (Some say that he arrived in Bogotá (Colombia) and there his lantern was stolen; others say that it was not true, that it was here in Mexico, at the airport where his lantern was stolen [laughs]). Wretched Diogenes, right? Well, conclusion: He went everywhere (that's why his lantern was stolen), looking for a human and he didn't find one...

Well, those schools of the pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist type make one believe that everyone is already a complete septenary; first error. The second very serious error, extremely serious: they praise their dear ego. Never in life have they self-observed themselves; let's say, they have atrophied the sense of self-observation. They have never wanted to observe themselves. Because if they self-observed themselves, they would realize what that dear ego that they extol so much, and that they cite it as "divine" is... ...that is very grave.

And it turns out that this "dear ego" that the Theosophists or pseudo-Theosophists talk about, has nothing of divine about it; in alchemy the ego is what we call "dry mercury".

In alchemy it is taught that "we must eliminate dry mercury and arsenic sulfur" (or red salt, which is the same). Dry mercury refers to the ego and all the elements that compose it. That is in alchemy, Sendivogius knows that, Nicholas Flamel knows that, Raymond Lully knows that, etc., etc., etc., likewise Francis Bacon...

If one does not eliminate the dry mercury one does not achieve anything. But these ladies and gentlemen, these who praise the ego, from the pseudo-Rosicrucian, pseudo-Theosophist schools, etc., are not alchemists, they do not know alchemy, they do not know what is dry mercury, what is red salt, or what is it is arsenic sulfur; they ignore all those details and worship the ego considering it “divine”. Behold what perversion!

Then, the wretched neophyte, who has never observed himself enough to be able to say yes or no, but is only motivated by the desire to learn, and since those schools, in parentheses, offer him... ...naturally he gets lost, he arrives to adore what should not be adored; he comes to sincerely believe that the ego is "divine." That is extremely grave!

By worshiping the ego, any possibility of change is absolutely impossible. Because if those wretched people had the sense of self-observation... ...then everything would be different: they would realize that such an ego is nothing more than a sum of egos, that is, they would evidence it by themselves, not because another told him, but directly; and that all those egos, each one of them, in itself, is like a person.

Thus, we have within us, not one, but many people; the many people that live within us are the egos; and the human body is a house where many people enter and leave.

So, a physical individual is not the same at all times. But one has to evidence that..., or rather, the wretched neophyte, or whoever, has to have evidenced it through self-observation.

Because only through self-observation does one develop that sense.

It is a sense, the sense of self-observation. But if you don't use it, you don't develop it. If you use it, you develop it; and if one develops it, one can verify for oneself, without anyone telling one, that the ego is not, as others say, "that it is sacred."

But one comes to verify it directly, for oneself, through experience. One comes to corroborate ad nauseam, to understand it, to evidence it, of what the ego, in itself, is made up of a whole sum of egos that personify psychological errors.

So that all those I's as a whole, are people who live inside oneself; Many people live inside each one of us and each of these people has their commitments, their ideas, their criteria, etc., etc. So, you think one does, but you don't do anything; everything happens to one, like when it rains, like when it thunders... And what I am telling you is fundamental, fundamental...

Well, so that when one truly comes to evidence through self-observation (directly, not because someone else tells one, but by oneself, in a practical way), what the ego is in itself, also can deduce, by simple logical deduction, what are the schools of... ...that deify the ego, that want to make one understand, in an absurd way, that such an ego is a "unity", when unity it has nothing; and that it is "divine", when deep down it is nothing more than the outcome of many "yesterdays", the product of many errors.

But if one is told in one of those schools (in which one has confidence), that "the ego is divine", one believes them, and then all possibility of change is closed. Because as long as one believes that the ego is an “individual unit”, etc., any possibility of change becomes absolutely impossible.

The change would only arise in you, destroying all those people who live inside you. By eliminating such people, the only thing that would remain within oneself would be the liberated essence, and full of beautiful attributes, precious faculties, perfection and inner beauty.

Then there would be a radical change. But if one does not admit, if one refuses to understand, and if one does not admit, let us say, the plurality of the psychological ego, all possibility of change is annulled.

If one deifies the ego (without knowing what the ego is), only because others told him that it is "divine" (without having bothered to investigate it), the doors are in fact closed to all psychological work and any possibility of change. is cancelled.

Student: Master: when an individual studies, let's say, what the ego is, he has the possibility that the ability to analyze is born in him, right?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, of course!...

Student: Or do you think that... What I want to know is more or less what you told me, master, where can one make it come from, or really where does the ability to analyze come from? Because really that is an instrument, a work tool that one lacks...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I'm going to tell you: we return to the topic of reasoning and the two reasonings. There may be purely subjective analyses. Any analysis related solely to subjective reasoning, any subjective analysis, that is, any analysis based exclusively on external sensory perceptions is useless...

The Law of the Eternal Cosmic Common Trogo Autoegocrat

One example of objective reasoning is the law of the "Eternal Cosmic Common Trogo Autoegocrat." In the name of truth, I must say that there is a great law that could be called the "law of the Eternal Cosmic Common Trogo Autoegocrat." Such law has two basic, fundamental factors: “to swallow and to be swallowed,” or “the reciprocal nourishment of all organisms”. Unquestionably, the big fish always swallow the small fish, and in the deepest jungles the weakest will always succumb to the strongest. That is the law of life. No matter how vegetarian we were, in the black grave our body will be devoured by maggots so that the law of the Eternal Cosmic Common Trogo Autoegocrat is always fulfilled.

Unquestionably, all organisms live on other organisms. If we descend into the interior of the Earth, we will discover a metal that serves as gravitation for the evolutionary and devolutionary forces of nature. I want to emphatically refer to copper. If, for example, we applied the positive factor of electricity to said metal, we could evidence (with the sixth sense) marvelous evolutionary processes in its molecules, in its atoms; but if we applied the negative force, we would see the inverse, that is, the devolutionary processes very similar to those of the decadent humanity of our times; and the neutral force would keep the metal, then, in a static or neutral state. Obviously, the radiation from copper is also transmitted to other metals found inside the Earth, and vice versa. The emanations of those are received by the copper and thus the metals, within the interior of the Earth, feed reciprocally (here is law of the Eternal Cosmic Common Trogo Autoegocrat). It is wonderful to know that the radiation of all metals (between the bowels of the Earth, where they develop) is transmitted to other planets in infinite space. Such emanations reach the living entrails of the neighboring planets of our solar system; they are received, such radiations, by the metals of those other planets (located within the entrails of themselves) and in turn they also radiate, and their radiations or energy undulations reach the interior of our planet Earth in order to feed the metals of this, our planet, in which we live, move and have our Being. All the worlds live from all the worlds; this is obvious, indisputable, palpable and manifest. The cosmic balance is based on this law of reciprocal planetary nourishment. This is interesting, isn't it? How the worlds feeding each other, each other, adjust to such a wonderful and perfect planetary balance...

The water of the worlds is, we could say, the basic element for the crystallization of this great law of the Eternal Common Cosmic Trogo Autoegocrat. Let us think for a moment: what would become of ourselves and our planet Earth, what would become of plants and all animal creatures, if the water evaporated, if it disappeared, if it ended? Obviously, our world would become a great Moon, a cosmic corpse where the great law of the Eternal Common Cosmic Trogo Autoegocrat could not crystallize and all creatures would perish from hunger.

This great law is processed, certainly, in accordance with the laws of the Holy Triamatzikamno (the law of three), and that of the sacred Heptaparaparshinock or law of seven. Observe well how these laws are processed: an active principle approaches a passive principle, or to be clearer, the victim is swallowed by the active principle (that's the law, right?). The active principle would be, let's say, the positive pole; the passive principle would be the negative pole and the principle that reconciles the two is the third neutral force.

The first in the Holy Affirming, the second is the Holy Denying and the third is the Holy Conciliating. The latter reconciles the affirmation with the denial, and the victim is devoured (of course) by whoever corresponds to it, in accordance with the same law, understood?

The tiger, for example, swallows the humble rabbit. The tiger would be the Holy Affirmation, the rabbit the Holy Denying and the force that reconciles them both is the Holy Conciliating (it reconciles them both, as a single whole).

That this is cruel? Yes, apparently, but what are we going to do? That is the law of the worlds, that law has existed, exists and will always exist. the law is the law and the law is fulfilled, above opinions, customs, concepts, etc.

But let's continue, because it is necessary to delve a little deeper, to penetrate more into the depths of this matter: where does this law of the Eternal Common Cosmic Trogo Autoegocrat really come from? I say it comes from the all-penetrating, all-knowing, all-merciful active Okidanock.

This active Okidanock, in turn, where does it emanate from? What is its causa-causorum? Unquestionably, such origin or cause is none other than the Sacred Solar Absolute. Thus, from the Sacred Absolute Sun emanates the Holy Okidanock, and although he remains (we would say) between the worlds, he does not remain completely involved within them, because he cannot be imprisoned.

For the creative manifestation of it, the active Okidanock needs to unfold into the three forces known as positive, negative and neutral. During the manifestation, each one of these three forces works independently, separately, but always united to its origin, which is the Holy Okidanock, and after the manifestation, these three factors or ingredients (positive, negative and neutral) return again to merge, to unite with the Holy Okidanock, and at the end of the mahamanvantara the Holy Okidanock (integral, complete, unitotal) will be reabsorbed into the Sacred Solar Absolute.

Behold, my dear brothers and sisters, the origin of the Eternal Common Cosmic Trogo Autoegocrat.


From this principle, vegetarianism is left (in fact) without a basis. Obviously, the fanatics of vegetarianism have made it a "kitchen religion" and that is certainly unfortunate.

The great Tibetan Masters are not vegetarians, and whoever doubts my words should read the book entitled "Beasts, Men and Gods", written by a great Polish explorer. He was in Tibet, he was received by the masters with banquets, and the curious thing is that in such banquets or feasts, which he attended, bull meat figured as a basic element of food. Fans of vegetarianism will find my words absurd, but Kozobsky, the author of such a quoted book, will be glad because he will see that I have understood this important point.

It is therefore absurd to say that the great masters of Tibet are vegetarians. When the great initiate Saint Germain (Prince Rakosky), the great master of the White Lodge who directs the ray of world politics worked at the time of Louis XV (to speak more clearly), he did not manifest himself as a vegetarian. Rather, they saw him at feasts eating everything; some comment on how he tasted chicken meat, for example...

So where did this vegetarianism thing come from? Undoubtedly, the vegetarian school is against the Eternal Common Cosmic Trogo Autoegocrat; that's obvious. On the other hand, animal proteins cannot be neglected in any way, since they are essential for food.

I was a vegetarian fanatic, and in the name of truth I tell you that I became disappointed in the system. I still remember in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia, South America; at that time, I wanted to make a poor dog a hundred percent vegetarian. Yes, the animal learned, but when it learned, it died. However, I observed the symptoms of that creature: the weakness it presented before dying, etc. Much later in the Republic of El Salvador, Central America, I experienced the same symptoms. When I returned to the house, going up a long street that tended (rather) to be vertical than horizontal, since it was quite steep, I was sweating terribly, the weakness increased, I thought I was going to die. I had no choice but to call the Master Litelantes, my wife, and ask her to roast me a piece of bull meat. She did so, and I ate the meat. Then the energies returned to the body, I felt how I came back to life. Since then, I became disillusioned with the vegetarian system.

Here in Mexico, I met, precisely, the director of a vegetarian school (that man was German); his body began to weaken frighteningly, terribly, until presenting the same symptoms as the dog in my experiment. The unfortunate gentleman, at last, terribly weakened, died.

I also met a yogi (astrologer and I don't know what else), who represented the university at a round table, here in Mexico City. He was weakening his body (terribly) with vegetarianism; he presented the symptoms of that poor dog from my experiment, and he died...

So, my dear friends, know that the great law of the Common Cosmic Trogo Autoegocrat exists, and that it is useless to try to evade this law that emanates (I already said) from the active Okidanock; that it is not possible to alter said law or modify it.

I do not mean by this to say that we have to become carnivorous in an exaggerated way. No, we should be a little balanced. Dr. Krumm Heller used to say that we need to have 25% meat among foods, and on that I agree with Master Huiracocha (Dr. Krumm Heller).

I repeat, no matter how vegetarian we become, the law is fulfilled and when we go to the grave the maggots will swallow our body, whether we like it or not, because law is law.

That's obvious, right? Cows are one hundred percent vegetarian, and yet (as a great initiate said) "we have never seen an initiated cow." By stopping eating meat, we will not fully Self-realize. I can assure you that no one is going to become more perfect because they stop eating meat. Some say that "how are they going to put animal elements into their organism, if they are already on the path of perfection, etc." Those, who say such things ignore their internal constitution, and it is better that they eat a piece of meat and not continue with the animalistic “aggregates” that they carry within themselves.

The human organism has a vital body as its seat, the “Linga Sarira” that theosophists speak about. Beyond all that, what is it that exists within the organisms of these "intellectual humanoids"? Well, the animalistic "aggregates", those "psychic aggregates" that personify our errors, those bestial monsters of our passions. Well, it is better to eliminate those monsters than to worry about the little piece of meat that is served on the table when eating food. When we eat chicken or bull meat, we do not harm ourselves in any way; however, with all those bestial “aggregates” that we carry, we are not only harming ourselves, but we are also harming our fellow men and women, and that is worse.

Is anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, sloth and gluttony a small thing? And what shall we say about all those beasts that we carry inside and that represent gossip, slander, calumny, etc., etc.? It is better that we do not “wash our hands so much”, presuming that we are “saints”. The time has come to become more comprehensive; the important thing is to die within ourselves, here and now.

However, I do not want to deny the selection of food with this. In no way would I recommend, for example, pork. It is already known that this animal is leprous and that it has a psyche that is too brutal, harmful to our organism. It is convenient, yes, healthy food: beef, chicken, etc., but never go to excess, because these are completely harmful and detrimental...

Well, my dear friends, I believe that with what I have told you about vegetarianism, you have enough guidance to know how to feed your body, without lacking or excess, that is, within a perfect balance. That's all.