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Christ Descends into Hell
Christ Descends into Hell

Three Purifications and Secret Teachings of Christ

[Recorded in 1976 at his home.]

It is not towards the heights that one has to look, but one has to go is towards the depths, because if one does not go down, one does not have the right to go up.

Disciple: Everything shudders and everything ends?

Samael Aun Weor: That is accompanied by earthquakes. The one who has to go down, goes down; he plunges into hell, there amidst the super-obscurity and the august silence of the sages, where it is necessary to forge the gold, to make the gold of the spirit. If one wants to go up, go down. When one goes down to the ninth Dantean circle, everything is filled with darkness, it is the "hour of darkness" and one remains there like a demon among the demons, and those who do not know anything about this say, "The initiate so-and-so fell"... Yet, there is no such thing as "he fell", he just descended!

"Lucifer is a ladder to ascend and a ladder to descend."

There are three purifications based on iron and fire. The instrument for this purification is the cross. We already know that the vertical phallus makes an insertion into the formal cteis, therefore, it forms a cross. So the cross is related to the mysteries of sex, it is sexual.

Thus when the initiate descends, one has to work with the holy cross in the forge of the cyclops.

If we look at the cross, we will see that it has three nails... three nails... those three nails signify the three purifications.

We will also see on the cross the word INRI, which correctly interpreted means: "ignis natura renovatur integra," fire renews nature incessantly. INRI!

One has to work with iron and fire in the forge of the Cyclops, and with the holy cross. It is down there in the darkness where the work has to be done; you have to snatch the light from the darkness.

The treasure that we look for so much, the golden fleece, is not up there in the heavens, but in the infernos. One has to go down to the ninth Dantean circle to look for it. There in the interior of the earth, there in the infernos, is the golden fleece, and that is very well guarded by the dragon.

The dragon is Lucifer. Don't think that Lucifer is just one terrible demon there, unique and sovereign, no sir! Deep down, each person carries their own inner Lucifer; that is indubitable and nobody can deny it.

That Lucifer is terrible, he is a ladder to descend and likewise he is a ladder to ascend. Lucifer is a ladder... That is why Lucifer is great. Of course, without the Luciferian, rebellious, revolutionary, sexual impulse, nobody can go down, nobody can work in the forge of the Cyclops, because Lucifer is a ladder to descend and also a ladder to ascend (because there are stairs that go down and there are stairs that go up).

Lucifer brings the fiery sex drive, but one has to spear it and break it. If the alchemist does not spill the glass of Hermes and uses the spear to break Lucifer's breastplate, one hurts him terribly, and every time that one does it, one goes up a degree up on Lucifer's back. And thus, when one has managed to climb all the degrees of the back, one finds oneself on the mount of the skulls where the Lord was crucified. Later on comes the death and resurrection of the Lord.

Thus, there are three purifications that must be passed through. The first is in the first mountain, initiation, when one receives the eight initiations. The second is working intensely in the nine spheres, namely, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. And the third purification is on the top of the second mountain, on the eve of resurrection.

Disciple: On the third?

Samael Aun Weor: I am in the third purification, on the eve of the resurrection, but down there with the demons, I am working to destroy the demons that I have on the black moon.

Thus, as you see that there is a white moon, rather that there is a moon that gives us light at night, it has two faces: the one that is seen and the one that is hidden, hidden... So, it is also with the psychological moon. Each one of us carries a psychological moon within oneself, and that is governed by 96 laws.

In that world of our own psychological moon, each one carries demons that are seen with the naked eye, that are felt; yet there are also demons in the hidden face of the psychological moon, those that are not seen, those that are hidden.

In the third purification one has to destroy the demons of the black moon, break them, and that is only possible with the sexual electrical force, working in the forge of the cyclops. Only in this way is it possible to destroy them (with the spear of Longinus), to smash all those inhuman, undesirable elements that are charged in the hidden part of the moon that cannot be seen.

The hidden part is called the "Judas initiation." Then the initiate, on the eve of resurrection, is betrayed, criticized, hated, misunderstood by everyone, nobody understands him, everyone qualifies him as "evil", as "perverse"...

The Passion ["suffering"] of the Lord is the deep meaning of the initiation of Judas. I am going through that now, on the eve of resurrection. I will have the resurrection in 1978, then the Lord will be raised from his crystal sepulcher and will speak, he will manifest himself through the dense form for the good of humanity. [Editor's Note: Samael Aun Weor died physically in December 24th 1977, thereby completing the second mountain].

So then, the master is never understood, he is disqualified by the virtuous, hated by the high, persecuted by people of experience, hated by the intellectuals of his time, reproached by priests, by religious people. Thus this is how the superhuman is, this is how the intimate Christ is.

The resurrected Christ, living inside the body of a human, makes the human a superhuman!...

The red Christ is what counts! Not the Christ of the prudes, that effeminate, stupid Christ that they display to us in churches, no! But the Human-Christ, the Christ who has his priestess, his wife; the Christ who travels through the Mediterranean, the Christ who goes to Tibet, the Christ who goes to Hindustan, the Christ who works in Persia and Chaldea, who then arrives in the Holy Land to speak to the crowds; the Christ who writes in the works of the initiate and who has power over the elements (over fire, over air, over water, over earth); the Human-Christ, but a truly human being. Not the castrated Christ, not the mutilated Christ, not the eunuch-Christ, no! but the Human-Christ, one hundred percent manly, and very manly (I am speaking to you as "male").

Thus, there is a need to work, but to really work, within oneself here and now, in order to achieve what has to be achieved; otherwise, nothing is accomplished. One has to break with the prejudices of the time, work as one should work; only in this way can one move forward.

Disciple: I think master, I believe that... one has to be informed before, precisely in order not to fall...

Samael Aun Weor: The inner Christ has his esoteric circle and could never teach the doctrine of the superhuman, because the people, the multitudes, do not understand the doctrine of the superhuman.

Disciple: Because if one asks something and they send you to the infernos, because one is asking; and because one believes that it is bad, yet they tell him what he should do and send him to the infernos, well, then... completely dishearten...

Samael Aun Weor: What happens is that Christ never publishes his esoteric teachings. If Christ were to publish them, the people would then not understand them, but would destroy themselves and each another.

The secret Christ, the living Christ, the red Christ, the rebellious Christ, has to write his doctrine in a very different way, what is for the public to the public; but Christ only teaches the secret part to those who he secretly instructs, nothing more; because otherwise he would not be understood.

There is therefore a need to comprehend more and more what the intimate Christ is. All people only think of the historical Christ, the great Kabir Jesus, on that superhuman who taught humanity the secret doctrine of the intimate Christ...

It is up to us to follow the doctrine of the intimate Christ, to know the mysteries of the red Christ. The intimate Christ is what counts. That intimate Christ has to be born in the heart of a human being, because what use would it be for the Christ to be born in Bethlehem, if he is not born in our heart as well? What use would it be for him to be killed and risen, if he does not die and rise again within us as well? It is necessary, then, for Christ to be born in the heart of a human being, but for that one has to become a human first, one has to work on oneself; and after one has worked on oneself that one has to become a human, a true human being, then one has the happiness of being able to incarnate Christ or to receive Christ, which is the event of Bethlehem...

The incarnated Christ in the heart of a human is what counts. But that intimate Christ has to live the whole cosmic drama, as it is stipulated in the four books, the four Gospels; he has to live them within oneself here and now, live them intensely (the four gospels).

And after he has gone through all those processes of the four gospels, then he has to be judged: the three traitors condemn him; the crowds, that is, the I's, shout: "crucifixia, crucifixia, crucifixia!..."

The three traitors condemn him: Judas, the demon of desire, that evil one, sells him for 30 silver coins, that is, for all the pleasures of the earth. Pilate, that terrible Pilate who always justifies his worst perversities, seeks evasions, excuses, does not face his mistakes. As for Caiaphas, the high priest, betrays the intimate Christ miserably, sells the sacraments, etc. So, in truth, the three traitors definitely betray him, and that is very serious.

Finally, after being scourged, crowned with a crown of thorns within the soul, the Lord is crucified.

After the crucifixion, later, the intimate Christ is deposited in his holy sepulcher. When this happens, the third purification comes: the most terrible work so that the intimate Christ can be resurrected in the heart of that human. That he resurrects, it is clear that yes, he resurrects! But one has to work very hard so that he can resurrect in the heart of a human...

Now resurrected, behold the superhuman who is beyond good and evil. He turns away from good and away from evil, because he has nothing to do with good or bad, he is the superhuman; he is beyond virtues and defects. He dominates fire, he has power over the air and over the waters... behold the superhuman!

But there is a need for the intimate Christ to resurrect in us so that one can become a superhuman. No one could reach the heights of the superhuman without the chalice and the spear, that is why these two jewels figure in all the ancient mysteries...

Longinus strikes Christ with the spear. Amphortas is healed with the spear just by applying it to his side...

And as for the holy chalice, the sacred urn of the great mysteries, the holy grail, it is never absent on the temples of mysteries... I cannot conceive of a temple of a mahatma, of a hierophant, where the holy chalice does not exist; it is always at the altar. In that holy chalice is the drink of the gods, the nectar of immortality with which the gods feed. Why? Because if the sexual glands are not used for transmutation, they degenerate, decrepitude comes. And if those glands go into decrepitude, if they degenerate, the epiphysis, the pituitary gland and all the other glands of internal secretion also degenerate, they all degenerate! And areas of the brain degenerate, the process of old age and death begins, and arrives to death. It is impossible for the superhuman to allow himself to degenerate, the superhuman drinks from the chalice of immortality, from the nectar of the gods, the elixir of long life. Thus, the holy chalice is never absent on the mystery temples on the altar (the holy grail). And if you look very carefully, on either side of the altar, there is the spear. Those are the sacred jewels; that is why sex is sacred... Sacred! One must use the potentiality of sex in order to achieve the intimate self-realization of the being; that's obvious... Sex is sacred!

Woe to those who abuse sex! Woe to those who use it as an instrument of animal pleasure! Woe to those who look at sex morbidly! Because it is sacred, and should only be used for regeneration and nothing but regeneration. But making of sex a taboo, sinful, a motive for shame or dissimulation, is absurd.

Thus, the priest sublimates the fire into the holy chalice, and thus the great work is accomplished.

Disciple: Master, can we be deceived in the internal?

Samael Aun Weor: Internally one can have wonderful perceptions and misinterpret them by the mind.

Disciple: For example, if internally they tell the wife that she does not have to recognize the husband, what does she have to do?

Samael Aun Weor: She must look at him with respect, with veneration. more if you cannot have sexual intercourse, continue looking at him with respect, like a priest, with reverence. But if a woman because she cannot have a sexual relationship with a man, she runs away from the man, she commits a very serious crime; or if a man cannot have sexual intercourse, he runs away from his wife, he does wrong. You have to know how to handle life with equilibrium.

But in the life of the profane, of the "intellectual humanoids", when the man cannot have sexual intercourse with his wife, he abandons her, and throws her with his feet into the street, insults her, tramples her, thus this is how the "beasts of the intellect" proceed.

But in the field of esotericism, the superhuman proceeds differently, he is different. It is necessary to distinguish between the "intellectual animal" and the superhuman. The superhuman thinks differently, the superhuman knows how to fulfill his duties with all human beings without distinction of race, sex, caste, or color...

Disciple: Venerable master, you tell us about the runes, and how can we locate the internal runes?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, that of locating them as is if they were "enchiladas"; what you have to do is to work on yourself and eliminate your defects; the rest, there we will see; "On the way the loads are fixed", says the muleteer...

Disciple: Thank you, venerable master...

Samael Aun Weor: So, get on your feet...

Disciple: Can one get to know the black moon?

Samael Aun Weor: Only when the white moon is finished. When one no longer has any undesirable element left in one's psychological nature, then the darkness appears, the black moon. Then comes the work with the spear, serious work, to disintegrate the inhuman elements of the black moon.

Disciple: Venerable master, in the event that an initiate cannot work in the flaming forge of Vulcan to destroy defects, please tell us about the different asanas that can be done to kill the ego.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, there are superior teachings and there are teachings for those who start, for those in kindergarten. I am now giving you superior education, which is what is important, it is what counts. In any case, those who are just starting out (the "mommy's babies"), they have to, necessarily, work with what they can. For those who are just starting out, what you need is to work through meditation, right? Comprehend the defects and then plead to the Divine Mother Kundalini to eliminate them; that when they are starting...

On the advanced work, one works like men, down there in the darkness in the super-obscurity and the august silence of the wise...

To begin with, it is good at the beginning to discover a defect and comprehend it, and then ask the Divine Mother to eliminate it, that is very good. In advanced work, one works down there in the ninth sphere, down there in the infernos, having Lucifer as a partner.

Disciple: If a man already has an old woman and cannot work with her and does not want to work with another, can he continue with the same woman?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, who has forbidden a man to love his wife? But yes, if he cannot work with her, if it is not possible, if she has already lost her sexual functions, well, he has the right to work with another priestess on condition that his (Innermost, Spiritual) Father commands him.

Disciple: And if not, then, he can't do anything?

Samael Aun Weor: He has no right. The (Innermost Spiritual) Father is the one who commands. One has to submit his will to the Father. If he gives that permission, yes! Otherwise no!

Disciple: Master, can a woman restore her normal sexuality no matter how old she is, through exercises and practice...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, there are times when she can regain her normal sexuality, but usually, at that old age, sex begins to fail, it is difficult...

Disciple: And when the husband is the first who begins to fail?

Samael Aun Weor: Well then you have to know why he fails, because many times the man fails not for himself, but for the woman, the woman is not favorable for the man, there is no sexual affinity with her.

Disciple: When is it because of some work that she has carried out with toxic things and he begins to fail?

Samael Aun Weor: He has to detoxify, go to the sea, bathe a lot, change the environment, live somewhere else.

Disciple: And can he try again?

Samael Aun Weor: He can start over, but the woman is the main thing, because, if the woman does not help him to light the fires, the man is crushed; the woman has perfect control over the physiology of the man; and if the woman does not help him, then the man continues to grind for the rest of his life. The only one who has that power over the physiology of man is the woman, that is why the woman can do with the man what she wants. But if she doesn't help him, she continues to grind.

Disciple: And in the case of a young woman who enters the movement, and it turns out that she suffers from sexual frigidity, but nevertheless collaborates in alchemy?

Samael Aun Weor: That suffering from sexual frigidity is horrible, people like that do not progress. What is needed is fire for the great work.

Disciple: Venerable master, precisely, in relation to the question asked by the sister, we remember one that in a query made precisely in that sense that brothers … “there are many little brothers complain of sexual frigidity of their wives. Those little brothers should know that this could obey karmic laws..."

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I certainly cannot deny that many women for instance are born under the constellation of Libra, for example, and are colder than a corpse, and the man has to suffer. Naturally, he is the "paganini", as we always say (in Spanish “the one who pays”). [laughs].

Disciple: You see, master, we women also say that, "We always pay." [laughs].

Samael Aun Weor: In such a way that a woman needs to take her part even if she was born under the constellation of Libra...

Disciple: Sure!

Samael Aun Weor: She has not only think about herself, but think about her man, and especially when one is doing the great work, right? Let her put a little bit of heart or even interest, if it is not for the love of her husband, that it is for the love of work, that at least they leave that coldness of corpses, that they do something...

Disciple: Women who are unable to undress in front of their husbands and who keep covering themselves at every moment with the fear that the husband will see them, how can we analyze this?

Samael Aun Weor: This is a temperament question. There are four temperaments.

Psychology: gluttonous, emotional, introspective
Humor: Black Bile
Element: Earth
Season: Winter
Age: Old Age
Qualities: Cold & Dry
Organ: Spleen or gall bladder
Planet: Saturn

Psychology: fearful, heavy, slow
Humor: Phlegm
Element: Water
Season: Autumn
Age: Maturity
Qualities: Cold & Moist
Organ: Brain or lungs
Planet: Moon

Psychology: ambitious, easily angered, violent
Humor: Yellow Bile
Element: Fire
Season: Summer
Age: Childhood
Qualities: Hot & Dry
Organ: Spleen or gall bladder
Planet: Mars

Psychology: irresponsible, generous, happy, optimistic, loving, passionate
Humor: Blood
Element: Air
Season: Spring
Age: Adolescence
Qualities: Hot & Moist
Organ: Heart or liver
Planet: Jupiter

There is a phlegmatic temperament, that is, the terrestrial temperament.

Temperament is also the nervous / air, aquatic / cold, and fiery.

You need a dry temperament, let's say, completely bilious. Well, it complies with work, at least. But one of those is good enough for esoteric work. a temperament...

Disciple: Pardon the interruption! And when one ends the ego, what can be called... right?

Samael Aun Weor: On the other hand, the watery temperament is also somewhat cold. The nervous [air] is the one with the nerves, very nervous people; and there is the best of all, which is the fiery, fiery temperament that is wonderful for work; but if a man has fiery temperament, he meets a bilious woman...

Disciple: Only in certain parts... with his wife... do you have to live with his whole family?

Samael Aun Weor: Man, family is something else, right? Of course, husband and wife have to live...

Disciple: So that is not correct? Does the wife have to sleep with her husband in the same room?...

Samael Aun Weor: To each other what belongs to each other. Let's see what other question is out there in the environment?...

Disciple: Not all men are prepared to be...

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, there are degrees and degrees in consciousness...

Disciple: The unprepared people must try by all means, to assimilate the teaching and practice them, even when they have not received...... they acquire maturity, as in the case of children...... in a 25-year-old man... to work, to acquire, I think...... many men do it...... but they can't. but they are doing it...... the people who are preparing Gnostic are taken to a specific place that is envisaged as an island. When it is said that those who eliminate 50% will be taken away, how is that 50% determined, in what way? then they ask how I could explain, for example, what is that 50%...

Samael Aun Weor: Only awakened initiates can know who has reached 50%. Those who have had the sufficient capacity to eliminate those undesirable elements, obviously have the sufficient capacity to be able to eliminate that other 50% of psychological unconsciousness. For example, at the hour of the hour, in the supreme moment that has to function, to form the army that has to arrive at the sacred island, those who are going to do this work are the awakened brothers and sisters, they will be able to know definitively who has eliminated even half, 50% of the undesirable elements, thus, they will choose or select those who have done such work.

The sense of psychological self-observation must be developed. When someone accepts that he has a psychology, he begins to observe himself, and for this reason he becomes a different person, different.

Disciple: Enough?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I have not finished the first one yet, and we must have order in the dialectic and in the didactics. Again, unquestionably, the first thing is that we must observe ourselves, self-observe. When one observes oneself, one discovers one's own errors in the realm of practical life, in relation to our children, our brothers and people of all kinds.

One must observe oneself. When one discovers that one has a mistake, that one has a defect, one must be honest with oneself and immediately begin to comprehend it.

Comprehension is only possible through meditation, meditating to try to comprehend an error. When one has comprehended it, then one is qualified for the third step, which is the disintegration of the defect in question.

In war, spies are first observed, discovered; second, they are tried, and third they are taken to the firing squad. Thus one also has to do with the “I's”: first one has to observe it, second to comprehend it, and thirdly to disintegrate it.

Disintegration is only possible with the help of a power that is superior to the mind, because the mind, by itself, cannot fundamentally alter any defect; the mind can label it with different names, hide it from oneself or from others, pass it from one department to another, justify it, condemn it, but, it could never, really, truthfully, radically alter it.

To be able to fundamentally alter a defect, one must appeal to a power that is superior to the mind. Fortunately that power exists. I want to refer emphatically to the power of Devi Kundalini Shakti, the Divine Mother Kundalini.

If we appeal to that power in precise moments in which one is immersed in deep meditation, and begs for its help, Devi Kundalini will help us, and it will disintegrate or pulverize the defect that we have previously comprehended. That is the technique that is needed to be able, in truth, to disintegrate any defect; and by that way one can get to eliminate the totality of the defects; in other words, one can totally disintegrate or pulverize the “I”, the “I” of psychology, or the “I’s”, to be clearer.

Disciple: Can you speak, specifically of the lost word...

Samael Aun Weor: Again, that of the lost word are not "enchiladas" you know? That's serious. The lost word is a capital thing already … The lost word within us is the verb, the monad of leibniz. That monad, that verb, is the lost word. When that monad has been incarnated in a human being, then that one speaks in the ortho purism of the divine language, which like a river of gold runs through the thick, sunny jungle...

It is interesting, then, the verb, the word, the intimate Logos that sounds in ourselves, in our own intimate depths, to talk about it, that is fundamental... It has its grammar that is not known even by the devotees of the runes; its lyrics are simple as the divine language. The verb of gold, the most pure verb, is the lost word, the Logos...

The lost word is a language, it is a grammar, it has its phonetics prior to all the languages ​​of the world. If I want to say to you, for example: "I, Samael Aun Weor, will stay a little longer here, in Mexico, fulfilling my duty", I will say: "Samael Aun Weor, lutener masleim aeodon"... I mean, I'll stay here a while longer, working doing my duty, doing my mission... that's a lost language, but superior.

When Daniel saw the words that were written on the blackboard of the wall: "mene tekel upharsin", well, then he knew how to interpret it: "Babylon will be destroyed; after tonight it will be handed over to the Medes and Persians ”... it can also be written:“ om mene tekel phares upharsin ”. Anyway... “masleim urim seidad”.

So, learn to speak it, to be able to greet you, speak to you, say good morning, I tell you: "aibu..., aibu"; It is not a dry language like Spanish or English, there you have to sing.

Disciple: Venerable master, returning to 50% ego. Is 50% of the ego, removed, analogous with 50% awareness?

Samael Aun Weor: Of course! 50% eliminated gives 50% awakened consciousness, it is a mathematical question.

Disciple: Venerable master, many people, for example, have been told that it is not necessary, for example, to practice runes, or meditation, because we are in the end of times and we only simply have to eliminate the ego. But then, you tell us, that meditation is very important, but out there we are told that we should not meditate. then, what can we do?

Samael Aun Weor: Who told you such bestialities?

Disciple: Such things were said by Joaquin Amortegui. I have them recorded on my tape recorder. He said two things are not needed, neither meditation nor fasting.

Disciple: Not even Lent...

Samael Aun Weor: The truth is this, in these studies, without meditation, one does not take a single step...

Disciple: So, forgive me for interrupting you..., I'm going to ask you these questions in order to be able to counteract an action spread from the temple of La Sierra Nevada in which J.A. says: “I awakened without meditating, therefore meditation is not needed, what one needs is courage..." Also fasting. At Christmas J.A. spoke out against fasting, but then I saw that you sent from Venezuela nine people to fast. I remained silent and said, "This is going to form an outburst, because J.A. says that fasting is not needed and the master sends nine to fast"... So, in the very core there, they want to explode, but they do not dare to explode because there is an iron hand that does not allow them to explode; and they ask me and I tell them: "Meditate and fast; fast, because we have all felt fasting good and we have passed it"...

I myself meditated in the Sierra Nevada. When I went to tell you what I saw, then you didn't let me, you told me: "That's for you, don't talk." Thus, I did not speak. and thus, to many who have wanted to tell me the wonders they feel and see, I have not allowed them to do so.

J. A. also said, that of the Gnostic books, the only ones that serve are four, he also said, that the others do not work. I brought a lot of questions; I bring annotations out there. Anyway, I think, then, that the only one who can correct these things is you, master…

"The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant." -Maximilien Robespierre

Samael Aun Weor: In any case I have to tell you that meditation is fundamental, one cannot advance an inch in these studies without meditation.

Disciple: In the book of "The Three Mountains," it says that when spring begins, that is, in the 40 days after Lent… that one should not eat meat, meat of any kind and that sexual abstinence or chastity must be observed, right? This year, and two years ago we have been told that we have to practice chastity and that we have to eat meat, so one does not find whether to eat it or not to eat it, whether to practice or not to practice, because as one respects, right? Listen to all the masters … supreme obedience … then they already said so, they can't find which way to go...

Another thing: many young people have stopped studying, they have stopped doing many things, they have given up many things because they have been told that right now, in 1982, that I know if everything is over, and then why are they going to study, Why are they going to have a temple, are they going to have this or that, if they no longer need any of that, what does the master tell us about it?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I say that meditation is indispensable, because meditation is the system, the method to receive information; through meditation we can also understand our defects. When one meditates on this or that defect, when one meditates on this or that psychological error, unquestionably one is striving to comprehend, and through deep meditation one comes to comprehend it.

A discovered defect, after comprehend it, must be eliminated. But before eliminating a defect, it must first be comprehended through deep meditation, and only then can it be eliminated. It is not possible to eliminate a defect if it has not been previously comprehended, and it is not possible to comprehend it if one has not meditated deeply on it. Deep meditation allows one to comprehend this or that defect.

Thus, meditation is the daily bread of the sage. Through meditation one can learn a lot, one can self-discover. Meditation is the system of self-discovery.

We already know that in self-discovery there is also self-revelation, thus, it would be absurd to speak against meditation.

Meditation - I repeat - is the daily bread of the wise.

Disciple: Daily?

Samael Aun Weor: Of course, it is daily! You have to practice it, if you want to move forward, otherwise you would be stuck, petrified.

Disciple: Venerable master, referring to the question that was asked about Lent, regarding meat food and work on the arcanum, what can you tell us?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, regarding that there is nothing that is mandatory, everything must be voluntary. If someone wants to keep Lent (the 40 days), and not eat meat during Lent, absolutely no meat, they can do so; but it is not that this is an obligation, regarding that one is not going to get purified either; because whether you eat meat or not, you are not going to become self-realized.

As for keeping the creative magnetic pause, it is always necessary to keep that pause, one can work intensely in the forging of the cyclops, but one must also have intervals, rest for the creative organs, in which the magnetic pause must be kept; nor is this magnetic pause kept, because in the long run the organism gets tired… the pause is necessary.

Men have the opportunity to preserve that magnetic pause when their wives are menstruating, so take advantage of that time to keep that magnetic pause.

Disciple: Master, there is one thing that happens in women, because it seems that she had like seasons, because she is not always willing. there are those who say that it is a matter of sexual frigidity.

Disciple 2: But at certain times she works in the forge normally. So, for the fact that she doesn't work every day, then they say that she suffers from sexual frigidity. I have thought that women have a kind of stages (the four seasons), for example, at certain times she does not feel, but at other times she does feel, and so on...

Samael Aun Weor: There are times of sexual activity and “pralayas”: times of rest; so that this type of activity is always alternated by periods of rest; This is real.

Disciple: Venerable master, regarding what it is said that the practice of maithuna should be every 8 or 15 days, what do you tell me about it?

Samael Aun Weor: That depends according to the organism of each one. Of course, the maithuna must be done daily, if it can be done daily, but if the organism gets tired, then it must be given periods of rest, rest, the so indispensable magnetic pause. Lent is a break.

Disciple: Lent?

Samael Aun Weor: The magnetic pause...

Disciple: Master, and the man who can practice every day...

Samael Aun Weor: Then, the man to accommodate himself, in that case, to the woman's demands; either way. or the woman will have to accommodate to the demands of the man...