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The Transmutation of Sexual Energy (1)

To touch in medical terms upon the most profound aspects of the mysteries of sex is similar to Odysseus opening the bag in which Aeolus gave him the trapped winds.  - Samael Aun Weor


An Excerpt from The Mystery of the Golden Blossom

ImageAll of us possess some electrical and magnetic forces within, and, just like a magnet, we exert a force of attraction and repulsion... Between lovers that magnetic force is particularly powerful and its action has a far-reaching effect.

Sexual Magic (The Sahaja Maithuna) between husband and wife is based on the polar properties which certainly have their potential element in sex. Neither hormones nor patented vitamins are what we need for life, but rather authentic knowledge of YOU and ME, hence the interchange of the most selected, affective and erotic faculties between man and woman.

The medieval asceticism of the bygone age of Pisces rejected sex, characterizing it as taboo or sin.

The new revolutionary asceticism of Aquarius is based on sex. It is clear that the clue of all powers is found within the mysteries of Lingam-Yoni. From the intelligent combination of sexual yearning and spiritual enthusiasm arises, as if by enchantment, magic Consciousness.

A wise author said: “Sexual Magic leads to the unity of the Soul and sensuality, in other words, to vitalized sexuality. Sexuality is no longer characterized as suspicious and scornful, to be practiced only in secrecy and with a certain confessed shame; on the contrary, it is placed at the service of a marvelous rejoicing of life, permeated by it and elevated to a component of the affirmation of existence, which happily assures the equilibrium of free personality.”

We urgently need to escape from the dismal daily tendency of vulgar ordinary coupling and to enter into the luminous sphere of magnetic equilibrium in order to rediscover oneself in one’s spouse, to find in him/her the Path of the Razor’s Edge, the secret way which leads to the final liberation.

It is absolutely clear that the proton is the basic nucleus of hydrogen; that is, the most central part of the lightest and simplest of all the known elements: hydrogen.

In his time the scientist Prout already declared that the different elements of nature were being formed through condensations of the simplest element: hydrogen.

There exist twelve fundamental hydrogens, corresponding to twelve categories of matter that are contained in the Universe from the Absolute to the Hell Worlds symbolized by Dante in his ‘Divine Comedy’ and which are located in the submerged Mineral Kingdom, in the interior of the earth. - Samael Aun Weor, The Doomed Aryan Race


It is urgent to know that there are twelve fundamental basic hydrogens in the universe.

The twelve basic hydrogens are scaled in accordance with the twelve categories of matter. The twelve categories of matter exist in all of creation. Let us remember the twelve halls of the zodiac, the twelve spheres of cosmic vibration within which the Solar Humanity must develop.

From the twelve basic hydrogens are derived all the secondary hydrogens, their diverse densities ranging from 6 to 12,283.

The term has a very extensive meaning in Gnosticism. Any simple element is really a "hydrogen" of a certain density.

Hydrogen (H) 384 is found in water, H 192 in the air, H 96 is wisely deposited in the animal magnetism, the emanations of the human body, x-rays, hormones, vitamins, etc.

The brothers and sisters in the Gnostic movement are already quite familiar with the hydrogens 48, 24, 12 and 6, because we have studied them in our previous Christmas Messages. Hydrogen 48 corresponds to chlorine (Cl), atomic weight 35.5; hydrogen 24 corresponds to fluorine (F), atomic weight 19; hydrogen 12 corresponds to the hydrogen (H) in chemistry, atomic weight 1. Carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and oxygen (O) have the atomic weights 12, 14 and 16. Hydrogen 96 corrresponds to bromine (Br), atomic weigh 80; hydrogen 192 corresponds to iodine (I), atomic weight 127.

This most interesting aspect of the hydrogens is the field of occult chemistry or Gnostic chemistry and, it being quite difficult, we prefer (for the good of our students) to study it gradually in each of our Christmas Messages.

Let us study now the famous Sexual Hydrogen SI-12, the wonderful creative hydrogen that is wisely produced in the factory of the human organism.

In the human organism the food from the dish goes through many transformations, refinements and subtle changes, which develop in the musical scale DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, SI.

When food at its hardest stage is being chewed, it is striking DO; when it goes by the larynx, it strikes RE; then, when it descends to the region of the stomach, it strikes MI; when the process by the spleen and the liver is already starting, it strikes the note FA of creation; the note SOL is reached with the activity of the pancreas and the colon; the note LA when the vital principles are already entering the blood stream; SI, which is the highest note, occurs when that elixir of wonderful energy in the sexual glands is already being produced: the Ens Seminis, Sexual Hydrogen SI-12, brute mercury.

Unquestionably, this Sexual Hydrogen SI-12 is the end-product of the transformation of food in the marvellous laboratory of the human organism.

Given that Einsten proved scientifically that matter is susceptible of being transformed into energy and that energy can be transformed into matter (e=mc2), no one would find it surprising nowadays that the Seminal Entitity, in which the Sexual Hydrogen SI-12 is contained, can be transformed into energy.

See how the water of a puddle on the road gradually evaporates under the heat from the sun and becomes clouds, and ultimately energy, lightning and thunder. All the water from the seas and the rivers becomes clouds and finally lightning and thunder; that is, energy. The same happens with the Ens Seminis.

What does one understand by “ens seminis?” The Entity of the Semen, the Seminal Liquor, or in other words, the Sacred Sperm (ed: the sexual energy in both males and females).

Nowadays, there is a tendency to consider the sperm as just a substance excreted by our sexual endocrine glands. The sperm, however, is sacred because it contains our true identity.

Image Medieval alchemists saw VITRIOL in the Sperm. The word Vitriol is an acrostic derived from the phrase “Visita Interiora Terrae, Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem” ("Visit the interior of the earth, which by rectifying you will find the Occult Stone").

But to what Stone were medieval alchemists referring? The famous Philosopher’s Stone. That Stone has to be manufactured; undoubtedly, there are formulas to manufacture it. Certainly those formulas lie in us being able to transmute the “Sexual Libido;” that is, to transform the sperm into energy.

If with the Ens Seminis we can give life to a child, if with the Ens Seminis we can reproduce the species, if with the Ens Seminis we can fill a world with millions of beings; then - even if it might seem impossible - it is certainly true that with the Ens Seminis (the Entity of the Semen) we can give life to ourselves and become authentic Super-Men or Super-Women, in the full sense of the word.

Speaking from a strictly scientific point of view, we should say that when the sacred sperm is not ejaculated it becomes what is called a “node” (nodes are energy - trascendent electricity). That sexual energy rises then through specific ultra-sensible channels of the spinal column (which are related to the Vagus and the Sympathetic nervous systems) up to the brain. That energy makes the brain dynamic and develops and dillutes itself in the cerebral mass, opening up with its force the power that lies in the psyche.

Through transmutation of the “sexual libido” we certainly achieve what some have called “to cerebrate the semen and seminate the brain.” It is necessary to “seminate the brain,” because it is well-known by men of science that not all the areas in the brain are presently working.It is now known in medicine that only a minimal part of our brain is working, carrying out its functions. Unquestionably, we have many areas of the brain that are inactive.

If with the little part of the brain that is active we have managed to produce atomic rockets that travel to the moon and the atomic bomb (with which cities like Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed), and if we have created supersonic airplanes that travel at an extraordinary speed, what would it be like if we regenerated the brain, if we should put all the parts of the brain into activity, if the whole of the encephalic mass worked? Then we could transform the world, change it, make it a marvellous place...

But we need to regenerate it. We need to “seminate” it: “to cerebrate the semen and seminate the brain,” that is the key.

It is possible to seminate the brain. The great musicians of the past (for example, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, or Liszt) were people whose brains were very seminated, people who gave extraordinary capacities to their brains, people who used the highest percentage of the brain areas. Nevertheless, nowadays things are quite different: the human brain has degenerated too much, and we do not realize it...

If we are enjoying a “binge,” if we follow the latest “wave,” if we are in the middle of some “rock and roll” and somebody suddenly turns it off and plays Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, how would you feel? Surely you would not go on with the “binge.” What would you do? You would not, of course, go and insult the host (obviously not), but surely you would very decently leave. Would you not? Why..?

In the Middle Ages, for example, when the brain had not yet degenerated so much, things were different: people danced waltzes, they danced to classical music; they would dine and having musicians play for them, and so they would vibrate to the most delicious symphonies; Beethoven, Mozart, Liszt and Chopin were in fashion...

That was in the Middle Ages, but we are not in the Middle Ages now: nowadays, if we are in the middle of a binge and they play music like that, we simply turn round and - “au revoir!” - leave. Obviously, we go away. Why? Because we feel bored. And why do we feel bored? (Let us be analytical - we are here to analyze.) Simply, because the brain is degenerated: there are certain areas in the brain which cannot appreciate good music anymore. And why has the brain degenerated? It has degenerated simply because for many centuries we have been extracting from our organisms the Entity of the Semen.

And actually, we have not extracted it to give life to other creatures, certainly not: we have extracted it because we have enjoyed to do so, because it is a great pleasure, that is all. This is why we have revelled in lust, in beds of pleasure, enjoying it enormously. But the brain has been the one left “to carry the can,” the brain has paid the consequences: now there are many areas that are not working.

It is possible, however, to regenerate the brain. But in order to regenerate it one has to transmute the Entity of Semen, turn it to energy. Only thus can one “cerebrate the semen.”

Extraordinary psychosomatic changes occur when the Sacred Sperm is transformed into energy. We know well what the hormonal vessels in our gonads are; how they work; how the hormones pass from one vessel to another; how they travel along the spermatic cords, eventually reaching the prostate. We know well how precious the prostate is. There the greatest transformations of the Entity of the Semen are produced, and the hormones finally enter the blood stream.

The word hormone comes from a Greek root that means “a yearning for being, the force of being.”

Hormones have been studied by our men of science; hormones are wonderful. Sexual hormones, for example, work miracles when they enter the blood stream: they come into contact with the endocrine glands (whether the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, or the thymus, etc) and stimulate them; they make those little micro-laboratories produce more and more hormones. These hormones, produced by all the glands in general, enrich the blood stream extraordinarily, and then ailments disappear, illnesses disappear.

Do you know what growing old really is? Maybe you think it is related to the years of age, to time. However, what we call “time” is nothing more than an illusion of the mind.

One day, we go out to the countryside and we see the sun rising and we say “It’s six o’clock in the morning,” then later we see it setting and we say “It’s six o’clock in the evening,” but where are those twelve hours? I ask myself and I ask you: where did you get them? I want somebody to take those twelve hours into a laboratory to examine them, in order to see what those hours are made of, to see whether they are made of iron, or copper, or what.

Where did you get them? I wonder what substance are they made of... Are they round, or are they square? What are they like? I would like to know about them; somebody should put them in a showcase, or lay them on the table in a laboratory to look at them...

Really they do not exist: “time” does not exist; it is just an invention of the mind. What has been there is the process of the sun rising and the process of it setting, but between one period and the other (that is, between the phenomenon of watching the sun rising and the phenomenon of seeing it setting), we put our hackneyed hours. That is the invention of the mind! Those two phenomena, the sun rising and setting, are two phenomena that have occurred within an eternal instant.

There is not, therefore, such thing as time! Time is completely subjective: it does not have an objective source, a real source. It is an invention of the mind. It happens as well with the question of old age. We say, “I am 80 years old, and consequently I am an old man.” But show me those years. Where are they? I would like someone to put them in a laboratory (those hackneyed 80 years), in order to examine them and see what are they made of, from what substance are they made. Where are they? The harsh reality of this, my dear friends, is that there has been a succession of phenomena in an organism: new cells have been substitued for old ones; some cells have been damaged, they have deteriorated and have been eliminated. Then we say, “It is a matter of age...” But it is a matter of cells, not age! It is a matter of phenomena, of cellular mechanisms. As for the years, where are they? What one finds is cellular mechanics, faulty mechanical processes!

Now, you must know that the most powerful hormones in the human organism are in the sexual glands of inner secretion.

Think for a moment: what are, for example, the sexual hormones. Clearly - and let us focus on facts - the testicles have three layers: the first testicular layer has cells that manifest their activity very specially during the first seven years of infancy, then one is under the rulership of the Moon; later on, from seven to fourteen years, under the rulership of Mercury, the second testicular layer moves into activity and fully defines the sex of that male; and much later on, from fourteen to twenty-one, under the rulership of Venus, the third testicular layer becomes active, producing abundant zoosperms. The zoosperms that are produced in the third testicular layer ascend by the adjacent testis and continue along the spermatic cord towards the seminal vesicles, until they reach the prostate.

It is most interesting to know that those zoosperms become electrified as they ascend trough the spermatic cords, they gradually become charged with a lot of electricty, and what is even more interesting is that they become magnetized, so to speak, from south to north; that is, they work like a compass, south-to-north; they also orientate themselves towards the North, being electrified, magnetized...

It is most interesting to see how they pass from one small vessel to another, climbing through the spermatic cords, until they reach the seminal vesicles, where the sperm is purified even more (all those zoosperms), until they reach the prostate, where there is a very important chakra. Obviously, the Svadisthana Chakra, which is fundamental for the mastery of sexual transmutation, is located there. Sexual transmutation is based on the prostate. The Prostatic Chakra is, therefore, most important, and most interesting.

That sperm becomes totally purified. It becomes completely radioactive, it becomes completely electromagnetic... And with transmutation, it turns into energy.

Zoosperms break down into hormones, which go through the membranes and finally enter the blood, actively stimulating the glands of inner secretion. They make them work in an extraordinarily intensive way. Then the hormones ascend, they continue on their way to the brain. There they activate the brain areas that do not work anymore, that are degenerated; they make all the brain cells dynamic and activate certain powers latent in man, etc., etc., etc...

Unfortunately, and this is the most serious thing, my dear friends, people are degenerated. Vulgar, ordinary men do not let the zoosperms rise to the prostate - not even for a second: they eliminate them from the sperm sacks to satisfy their brutal impulses.

Under such circumstances the brain degenerates awfully, due to the lack of rising hormones. It does not receive sexual hormones and loses its capacity for action. The faculties latent in man degenerate because there is not enough stimulus from sexual hormones, which are so powerful, as I said. They have the power to move all the glands of inner secretion into activity, to make them produce all sorts of hormones, which make the living organism dynamic.

Besides, there are other factors that must be taken into account: the sexual force is what produces the phenomenon of “mitosis” in the fetus. Mitosis is the splitting of cells to gestate humans, animals... Well, the presence of creative energy makes the original cell, which has the well-known 48 chromosomes1, split into two; it makes the two split into four, the four into eight, etc., etc., etc., and this is how the tissues, the organs and so on are formed. This is the process of gestation, the formation of creatures in the maternal womb.

Now from the point of view of sexual transmutation, I want to tell you that the sexual hormones (active in the blood, charged with electricity and magnetism) produce mitosis in the adult human organism: new splitting of cells, formation of new tissues, etc. This is how you can achieve - from a biological standpoint - a complete regeneration or rejuvenation of the human organism.

What is the difference, for example, between the young “new waves” and the antiquated and retardant old people? One: a young man’s third testicular layer produces large amounts of sexual hormones, lots of zoosperms. All these zoosperms, transformed into hormones, go to the brain and renew it. That is why young people have a revolutionary way of thinking and open up to what is new, etc. On the other hand, the poor old men who have already wasted the Sacred Sperm, who have deteriorated through sexual abuse, are really ruined: the third testicular layer now produces very few zoosperms. Quite often it takes them days and months to have enough zoosperms to achieve a simple erection. And of course, when they manage to achieve an erection, they immediately seek the coitus and eliminate these zoosperms. They spend days, a month, or more, accumulating new zoosperms; once they have them, they immediately waste them (for the passionate satisfaction of a moment), and that is how they spend their lives, till they die.

Since they do not have what produces great amounts of zoosperms, the third testicular layer gradually becomes totally atrophied. It produces its cells or hormones, but due to its atrophy these cannot pass on to another stage. Then there may even appear certain inflammations and swellings between the second and the third layers and, worst of all, this logically comes to affect the prostate. Those poor, degenerated old men always have their prostates operated on because of their abuses. This is clear and I want you to understand it specifically and definitely.

So, since their third testicular layer is not producing enough zoosperms, the poor old men do not have new ideas, because their brain cells are atrophied and certain areas are not working. They become stuck in what they learned in the past, and turn into old-fashioned people who do not accept anything new; they continue with their ancient ideas from yesterday, dated and clumsy.

Obviously, they clash with young people, because the young ones are producing new zoosperms and so they have new ideas and open up to what is new; then comes the clash between what is new and what is old. That is then the difference between young people of “the new wave” and old people: it is wholly a sexual, biological difference. Understand that clearly.



1 - 48 chromosomes: In his other writings, Master Samael explains that two chromosomes are etheric, corresponding to the vital body, thus modern science remains unaware of their existence and has recognized only forty-six.