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The Purpose of Existence, the Meaning of Life

I am going to give a lecture on an esoteric, transcendental order. First of all, it is convenient to know what is the reason for us to have this meeting. What is that has caused this meeting...

Unquestionably, there are concerns in you, and there are also in me; so, you are here to listen to me, and I am here to talk to you. First of all, we must understand the need to understand each other; among all of us we are going to inquire, we are going to search, to investigate, with the purpose of knowing, really, what is the very purpose of existence.

It is essential to know where we come from, where we are going, why we are here and what for. Living to live, eating to exist, working to eat, cannot really be the only object of life. Undoubtedly, we have to solve the enigma of our existence, we have to understand the meaning of life...

Our international Gnostic movement has five million people, it is established throughout the Western Hemisphere and soon we will be conquering Europe, the Middle East and the entire Asian continent... We have formed an esoteric-Christic current that has only one only reason: the intimate self-realization of Being, and that is all.

So, the time has come to find out who we are.

The physical body is not everything; to see the human organism of any person, is not to have known, in truth, the being. The organism is composed of organs, these of cells, the cells of molecules and the molecules of atoms. If we split any atom, we will release energy. Ultimately, the human body is made up of different types and subtypes of energy. Einstein said energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. He also stated mass is transformed into energy; energy is converted into mass. In short, we would say that all life is energy, determined by old vibratory undulations, determining new oscillatory frequencies...

Scientists may know the mechanics of the living cell, but they know nothing about the vital depth. In the name of truth we will say that they have manufactured powerful atomic rockets that travel to the Moon, huge ships, atomic bombs, etc., but until now, they have not been able to develop a vegetable seed capable of germinating. They play with artificial insemination, they carry out many experiments with zoosperms and ovules, they could even achieve "incubator children" or "laboratory tubs" (it is unquestionable that any zoosperm, united with an ovule, could originate in favorable circumstances, the germinal cell, and this would have possibilities of development). Thus, the fact that "laboratory children" can be born is something that we do not question; but that is not, in any way, to have solved the problem of life and death.

If we put the chemical substances of a zoosperm and an ovum on the laboratory table to be studied, I am sure that scientists could very well make a male zoosperm and a female ovum; I am sure that they could make it very similar to the natural one, but what I am also absolutely sure is that, never, from such artificial gametes, could the creation of a new human organism be achieved.

Mr. Alfonso Herrera, the Mexican wise man, one of the greatest luminaries that we have had in our country, Mexico, managed to create an  artificial cell (he was the author of the "theory of plasmogenesis"); He created a cell, very similar to the natural cell, but that cell never had life, it was a dead cell.

So, the men of science play with the mechanics of phenomena, with what nature has created, but they are not capable of creating a simple plant seed capable of germinating, and yet they speak out against what is real, against the divine, against the divine architect of the universe. It is easy to pronounce against the Logos; it is very easy to deny the divine architect, but to demonstrate such an assertion, such a negation, how difficult! Because up to now not a single scientist has appeared on the face of the Earth capable of making the seed of the most insignificant grass, an artificial seed, and that seed really germinate. You can make it appear very exact, but it doesn't germinate, it's dead. Scientists decompose amebas or amoebas, and also achieve the union of protoplasmic organisms with other protoplasmic organisms, etc., etc., etc., but they will never create life; they play with what is already done. Plant grafts are made, with which the flora is fundamentally altered. The fruits of such grafts do not have the same energetic values ​​as the original fruits. In any case, one plays with the mechanics of the phenomena, with what is already done, and that's it...

When it comes to exploring the human organism, the living cell is discovered, but the life force is unknown to scientists. Obviously, the human organism has a "nisus formativus", that is, an organic vital depth. I want to refer, emphatically, to the lingam sarira of the Theosophists, to the vital body, to the thermo-electromagnetic condensation.

Russian scientists, at the moment, are studying the vital body. They possess an extraordinary apparatus of optical perception by means of which it has been possible for them to see and photograph the vital body; it is studied in relation to the physical organism and also outside the physical organism.

Russian scientists have given a name to the vital body: they call it "bioplastic body".

So, the physical body has a vital seat, without which it could not exist. But that is not all; beyond the physical body and its organic vital seat, is the "ego".

Much has been said about the ego; innumerable antithetical theories fight each other. Many are the worshipers of the ego, many are the henchmen of the "alter ego". For some schools, the ego is sacred; for others, the ego is dual: one speaks of the “superior “I” and the “inferior “I”; it is said that “the superior “I” must dominate the inferior “I”, which is false.

In order to speak about the ego with authority, one needs to have developed a sense of psychological self-observation. Only in this way, and by direct experience, can the ego, the “I”, the myself, the ego, be mentioned with crystal clarity. Reading some theory about the ego, making it your own and then defending it tooth and nail, is ultimately based on unreliable evidence; to place oneself in this or that school to act from there and react, defending the egoic consciousness, is in fact unintelligent.

We need to know what that ego is, that “I” that dominates the vital body and the physical body.

To present a thesis without direct experience is paradoxical, incongruous, illogical, it does not really withstand an in-depth analysis.

We could use deductive or inductive logic, syllogisms or prosyllogisms, any intellectual discipline of the East or the West to defend our theses regarding the ego (everyone is free to use procedures of any kind to defend their points of view, related to the egoic question), but none of  that, in its depth, is intelligent. You have to go further; you have to experiment. Only in this way, based on direct experimentation, and not indirect, is how we can truly establish mathematical axioms regarding myself, the ego.

Obviously, the best psychoanalysts, theosophists, etc., etc., etc., have been wrong about the ego... ...talking about the "subliminal ego", fails sadly...

The "alter-ego" of the great spiritualists does not resist a superlative and transcendental analysis either: It is theoretical at heart. Even H. P. B. (Blavatsky) herself was wrong about the ego; considering it divine. Had she experienced the reality of it, she would not have defended ego consciousness as much.

What is, then, that ego, that myself, that “I” that we carry within? Only by psychologically observing ourselves, we will discover what that “I” is: a bundle of desires, memories, thoughts, opinions, concepts, passions, volitions, etc. Clearly, such an ego is not even a totality, a uniqueness; such an ego, deep down, is pluralized. It means, quite clearly, that the ego is multiple... This reminds me of the Tibetans. They affirm, emphatically, that within each human being there are many "psychic aggregates." Undoubtedly, they represent, in truth, our psychological defects: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony...

In the Christic gospel of the great Kabir Jesus, it is said that Ieshuá took seven demons out of the body of Mary Magdalene. Obviously, it is about the seven deadly sins and there is no doubt about it. But these seven can be multiplied by another seven and another seven, and others, thus, deep down our defects are multifaceted.

“No, not even if I had a hundred mouths, a hundred tongues, and throats of brass, inspired with iron lungs, I could not half those my horrid crimes describe, nor half the punishments those crimes have met.” - The Aeneid by Virgil

If one speaks of seven demons, thousands of demons could be cited (I repeat: our defects are multifaceted). So, such myriads of demons, such numbers, make up the ego.

Unquestionably, the “I” is “I’s”. There is the “I” of anger, the “I” of greed, the “I” of lust, the “I” of envy, etc., etc. All this multiplicity of “I’s” seem to be persons, they are psychological persons within our person: they fight each other mutually, they do not keep order of any kind. When one of the legion manages to dominate the capital centers of the machine, he believes he is the only one, the master, the lord; later, he is displaced.

We are full of many contradictions in life: as soon as we affirm something, as soon we deny it; we don't have permanent gravity. This indicates, quite clearly, that we are a multiplicity of undesirable elements. The most serious of all this is that within each inhuman element the consciousness has been bottled up.

The ancient psychologists, of the last century, called "objective" everything that corresponds to the physical world, to sensual experience, and "subjective" everything related to psychic processes. We Gnostics are different: we call the real, the spiritual, the true, "objective," and the sensual, "subjective." Unfortunately, all the undesirable elements that we carry in our psyche are subjective; the consciousness, the essence, is bottled up, trapped, embedded within all those elements of a subjective type. Now we will explain why people's consciousness is in an unconscious state, asleep.

Unfortunately, people would in no way accept that they "sleep"; the multitudes assume that they are “awake” and when someone emphasizes the idea that their consciousness is asleep, they even get offended. If the people had their consciousness awake, they would be able to see, hear, touch and feel the great realities of the superior worlds; but people’s consciousness sleep, their consciousness is in a state of somnolence.   

Therefore, waking up is essential, urgent, unpostponable. Everyone present here is asleep, you sleep; everyone here present have never seen the world as it is. You dream of a world that you do not know, you see it with your oneiric consciousness, but you have never really seen it; you think that you know the planet Earth, but you do not know it. Even more: I'm sure males don't even know a single hair of their mustache.

I would ask any male here present: how many atoms does even a single hair of his mustache have? Who could give me an exact and mathematical answer? Who could pass, before the blackboard, to make the total sum of those atoms, to demonstrate it with an arithmetical equation, or to establish a premise leading to an exact syllogism? I'm sure that is not possible; because the consciousness of those present here is asleep...

Who among those here has ever seen the truth? Who knows the truth? When Jesus the Christ was asked “what is the truth?”, he kept silent; And when Gautama Sakyamuni Buddha was asked the same question, he turned his back and withdrew.

The truth is the unknown from instant to instant, from moment to moment. Only with the death of the ego does the consciousness awaken, and only the awakened consciousness can experience that which is the reality, that which is not of time, that which is beyond the body, the affections and the mind, that which is the truth.

As long as we have not experienced the truth, we will know nothing about the mysteries of life and death. It would be impossible to experience the reality if we don't free our consciousness first, if we don't first extract it from all those undesirable elements that constitute the ego.

When we have broken the various inhuman and subjective elements that make up the “I” of experimental psychology, the consciousness will be then free, sovereign. Only then will we know the truth, only then will we experience the reality.

We live in dreams; We have not seen (I repeat) the planet Earth as it is. We dream of the dream-Earth, but this is pictorial for us. When our consciousness awakens, we will see that the Earth is very different from the dream we had about it, we will see a multidimensional Earth; we will know the vital body of this planetary mass in which we live, we will discover the mysteries of life and death, of everything that is, what has been and what will be...

When the consciousness awakens, we will come into contact with other humanities that live next to us and that until the present date, we ignore them. We are not the only inhabitants of the Earth; terrestrial humanity is in no way the only humanity that lives on the face of the Earth. Here, on this Earth that revolves around the Sun, other humanities coexist with us; In the higher dimensions of nature there are other human races, in Jinn state we would say, that we are unaware of.

Not all human beings left Eden; There are still human races that have not left Eden and that live in the fourth vertical, in the gigantic vital body of this planetary mass that rotates around the sun; there are people, I repeat, happy, in a paradisiacal state; people of Eden, of the Elysian fields, of the promised land, where the rivers of pure water of life flow with milk and honey; people who have never left paradise; They live next to us, and yet we neither see them nor touch them, but they exist.

You, I repeat, have not seen the planet Earth, you do not know it; only in dreams do they see a deformed planet, a pictorial planet, a dream-planet.

Waking up is essential. Ordinary humanity only has a three percent of waking consciousness and a ninety-seven percent of sleeping consciousness. Rare is the one who has ten percent of waking consciousness. If humanity in general had even ten percent of waking consciousness, then there would be no wars.

When one disintegrates the ego, when it is reduced to cosmic dust, when one reaches the "Buddhist annihilation", the consciousness awakens, absolutely, one hundred percent.

Then the wonderful doors of the promised land open before us; then we get in touch with the ancient gods, cited by Greek mythology; then we truly discover what wisdom-religion is.

None of this would be possible if we did not resolve to go through a radical change first.

Just as we are, with our consciousness asleep, in a state of total unconsciousness, we are true living corpses; we are “dead” to the Being, we have no reality at all.

In the name of the truth I have to tell you that we are victims of circumstances.

It is necessary to learn how to initiate new circumstances, but we are victims of them. Only the being can do, we cannot do anything.

We exist on the face of the Earth exclusively for the purpose of serving the economy of nature. Each one of us is a "machine" in charge of capturing certain types and subtypes of cosmic energy. Each human machine transforms the different types of energy and retransmits them to the previous layers of the planetary organism. We are machines at the service of the economy of nature; we think we are very great and very wise, when in truth we are nothing but machines at the service of the great nature. The entire humanity is an organ of nature; an organ in charge, precisely, of assimilating and eliminating certain substances and forces. And we believe we are powerful, when in truth we are not; thus, to recognize what we are is essential.

We believe that we are already “humans”, in the fullest sense of the word, when we are not yet. Being humans is something very big: a human is the king of creation, and we, still, are not even kings of ourselves, we have not learned to consciously direct our psychic processes, and yet we think we are great. We have to start (if we want to change), by recognizing what we are. Unquestionably, we are nothing more than intellectual animals condemned to live, but we believe we are wise...

The Logos, the Sun, is doing a great experiment right now: he is doing it in nature's test tube; he wants to create humans. In the time of Abraham, the Jew, many "human creations" were made; During the first eight centuries of Christianity, a certain number of humans were created; in these times, a new effort is being made: the Sun wants to create humans.

The Sun has deposited in our sexual glands the germs for the human being; but those germs can be lost; it is not certain that they will develop. If we want the human to be born within us, like the butterfly in the chrysalis, we need to cooperate with the Sun. Only then can such germs develop in us.

Obviously, a suitable terrain is needed for the development of the germs of the human: availability to the human is needed. If we alter the organism, if we lend ourselves to glandular grafts, if we agree to organic transplants, etc., the organic terrain will not be favorable for the development of the human's germs.

In the past there was a human race that definitely established a political dictatorship (a race from the secondary or primary times). Such a race prohibited everything related to religious matters; religion hindered the political goals of the dictators. Free initiative was disintegrated, eliminated; as a consequence or corollary, intelligence began to degenerate. That race indulged in all kinds of glandular experiments, transplants, etc. Over time it began to warp; the morphology was fundamentally altered; the degenerative processes intensified more and more: the aforementioned race became smaller through the centuries. Thousands and millions of years passed, and their devolution became more and more atrocious; it ended up in a mechanical, horrible, disastrous circle... That degenerate race still exists, it still lives on the face of the Earth. I want to refer emphatically to ants: a degenerate human race...

When we examine a beehive or an anthill, we become astonished by two things: first, is the tremendous logic, the absolute exactitude, and the marvelous order of these communist societies of a Marxist type; second, the lack of individual intelligence in those communist creatures. Indeed, those societies of bees and ants are of a communist type. If an exercised clairvoyant carefully investigated these animals, he would discover with astonishment that these are the physical bodies of beings that are mentioned in all traditions and folkloric tales of ancient humanity. These are the titans or primitive genii, fallen angels, etc., who existed on the Earth before the First Root Race appeared.

It is natural that they had to create these communist states by exercising a tremendous intellectual effort based on frightful dictatorships. It is also true that they combated against all religions, and that their only purpose was to convert the individual into an automaton through the wheel of a great social machine. The outcome was fatal. The individuals lost their individual initiative, the social mechanism became rigid and severe, and their intelligence was atrophied in all individuals. Thus, this automatism, this social mechanicity in which intelligence is not necessary, worthless, and even dangerous, was transmitted to their descendents through inheritance.

It is urgent to know that through millions of years these pre-human societies became diminished in size and degenerated, yet always conserving through inheritance the same involuntary automatic movements of their social mechanism. This is, therefore, the origin of bees and ants. This is the danger of communism.

Nature wants to create self-cognizant individuals and not automatons. The loss of individual initiative brings automatism and the loss of intelligence.

We must not become astonished because of the tiny bodies of bees and ants. Herodotus and Pliny through their books make us remember the history of the legends of gigantic ants and bees from Tibet. Let us remember also that the lizard is a small crocodile. Therefore, the decline of size is a completely normal process in nature. The present human being (better said, humanoid) descended from antediluvian giants. - Aztec Christic Magic

I am not asserting anything dogmatically, as some in this audience suppose. Whoever has developed the superlative and transcendental faculties of the Being, whoever can completely dominate the "legominisms" of the great Avatar Ashiata Shiemash, whoever has awakened the superlative and transcendental consciousness, whoever has eliminated the ego, will be able (by studying the akashic tablets of nature) to verify by himself and directly (not indirectly) what I am emphatically stating here.

Arguing for the sake of arguing, or setting up antitheses to argue, with the purpose of destroying the affirmations made here, is too superficial and baseless, when one has not experimented with the "legominisms" of Ashiata Shiemash.

So, if we don't cooperate with the solar experiment, it would be impossible for the germs of the human to develop inside us. These are the germs for the astral body, which humanity does not yet have; these are the germs for the mental body, which people do not have either; these are the germs for the body of the conscious will, which humanity does not yet have. However, Theosophists, Pseudo-Rosicrucianists, Yogis, Aquarianists, etc., etc., etc., believe that they have all of this and much more; They believe that they already have the theosophical septenary, that they are complete unitotal humans, that they are already going to be ineffable gods, etc., etc., even if they get drunk in bars!

The harsh reality of all this is that either we collaborate with the Sun, or we don't. We need to dissolve the animal ego and create the superior existential bodies of the Being, only in this way will we become humans in the fullest sense of the word.

To create the astral body, transcendent and transcendental sexology is needed, it is necessary to learn to handle the mercury of the secret philosophy, it is truly necessary to enter the path of sexual regeneration, because the degenerates of the infrasex - the fornicators, adulterers, homosexuals, lesbians, etc. - are rotten seeds from which the human can never emerge; From that kind of creatures the only thing that comes out are larvae...

Either we are going to regenerate, or we will march along the descending devolutionary path of the infernal worlds! We are before the dilemma of to be or not to be of philosophy; these are not the times to be playing around with vain idle words of ambiguous chatter; these are not times to be delighting ourselves with distracting sophisms. The most terrible moment in which we find ourselves has arrived. The time has come when we have to define ourselves: either we become humans or we devolve within the bowels of the Earth.

The following could be said to me: “by what authority do you affirm that, on what is it based?” In the name of the truth, I have to tell you (whether you like it or not, believe it or not) that I am the fifth of the seven, that I am Samael, that I am the ruler of Mars. I don't care if you believe it or not! In the time of Jesus, the great Kabir, he was not accepted either, and no master who has come to Earth, or any avatar, has ever been believed. Nor can I expect you to believe in me. Buddha was not believed either and he was poisoned; they did not believe in Milarepa and poison was also given to him; Jesus of Nazareth was not believed and he was crucified; they did not believe in Apolonius of Tyana and they made him die in a rotten pit, there in a horrible dungeon in Rome.

So, mankind hates the prophets. So, I don't believe, I can't believe in any way, that you admit me as an avatar or anything like that. But I do say what I know; I have the courage to say it, to those who believe and those who do not believe, that all the people who populate the face of the Earth are still not humans but animals, beasts, because they eat and sleep and live like beasts. So, as long as we do not resolve to create the superior existential bodies of the Being, we will continue being beasts.

“I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the children of Adam, that Elohim might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts.  For what happens to the children of Adam also happens to animals; one thing befalls them: as one dies, so dies the other. Surely, they all have one breath; Adam has no advantage over animals, for all (in them) is vanity (Abel).” Ecclesiastes 3: 18, 19

Thus, if we want to create these bodies in order to receive the psychic and spiritual principles that will make us true humans, we need to regenerate ourselves sexually, put an end to the horrible vice of fornication, end masturbation, homosexuality, lesbianism, disgusting adultery. Only in this way, and proceeding with energy, can we regenerate ourselves.

What is the use of filling our heads with theories if we are rotted by adultery and fornication? What good is it for us to read all the libraries in the world, if we continue to be what we are? Even if we say that we are and we are, we will not be more than what we are! Thus, the hour of regeneration has arrived, and that is the fundamental thing.

Transmuting creative energies is basic, but people hate transmutation. They hate it because the ego hates what regeneration means. The ego has no desire to die; no one likes to have a gun put to their chest, no one likes to be threatened with a machine gun, thus, the ego can never like someone to present a doctrine related to sexual transmutation and regeneration. That goes against sexual pleasure, that goes against the orgy, against vice, which is what the ego wants most.

Thus, it is a dilemma that we have: either we regenerate or we will perish. Soon a planetary mass will reach the Earth, a giant mass: I mean Hercolubus. Such a mass will produce a total revolution of the axis of the Earth and the seas will swallow the current continents.

The fornicators, the wicked and the adulterers will have to enter the bowels of the Earth to return in time.

Those who hear these words will say that there is no love, and they are wrong. Yes, there is love; what there is not, in any way, is pietism, sanctimoniousness, tolerance with crime, with vice, etc., etc., etc.

We are here, all of us, to study tonight what we are and what we should be.

I have said that the ego is just a bunch of devils inside of us; I have said that we need to annihilate all kinds of psychological defects. I have also said that we need to create the bodies, which we do not have, in order to become humans.

Transmutation is basic to the creation of those bodies. The sacred sperm must be transmuted into energy; that creative energy is the mercury of the secret philosophy, the mercury of the sages. With this marvelous energy we can carry out the creation of the superior existential bodies of the Being.

In alchemy we speak of salt, sulfur and mercury. We are the “salt of the Earth”; that “salt” must be fertilized by mercury and sulfur. Mercury is the “metallic soul of the sperm”, it is the creative energy of the third Logos. Sulfur is the divine fire in us, the fohat, the fiery flame that must develop in our spinal column.

When we achieve the complete fusion of salt, sulfur and mercury, through transmutation and sublimation, we will have the material to create the astral body, we will have the material to create the body of the mind and we will have the material to create the body of the conscious will.

The key is very simple and I will have no problem giving it here, before this audience, here, to everyone gathered: connection of the lingam-yoni without ejaculation of the ens seminis, because in the ens seminis there is the ens-virtutis of fire... This marvelous, extraordinary artifice is the secreto-secretorum of medieval alchemists.

Formerly, in the Egypt of the pharaohs, this secreto-secretorum of the science of Hermes, was only delivered from lips to ear and under oath (this is how I received it in the land of the pharaohs). Whoever violated the oath was sentenced to death. Egyptian papyri say that "his head was cut off, his heart was torn out, his body was burned and the ashes were thrown to the four winds."

Now many do not want this fine artifice, this secreto-secretorum, but I am giving it to them “as a gift”. In ancient Egypt it cost even life and then this secret was appreciated. The sages always kept the secret (of the preparation of mercury); I don't keep it hidden, I give it to you; it is that...

If you manufacture mercury, you will create the superior existential bodies of the Being, and you will then be able to receive the psychic and spiritual principles and become humans, but real humans. However, it is necessary to eliminate the undesirable elements that are loaded inside us, because if someone were to manufacture the superior existential bodies of the Being, if someone were to create the transcendental vehicles of the Being and not eliminate the undesirable elements that we carry inside, they would become a hasnamuss with double center of gravity. I advise this because I don't feel like harvesting a harvest of hasnamussen; I work to create humans: solar humans, true humans, real humans; That is the object of the mission that I am fulfilling: I have come to create humans.

In the name of the reality, in the name of the truth, I say: it is essential to eliminate the dry mercury, that is, the “I’s” that together constitute the ego.

Enlightenment is based on three basic, fundamental aspects.

We need to develop the sense of psychological self-observation. In the field of practical life, in relation with our friendships, with people at work, etc., the defects that we have hidden spontaneously surface, and if we are in a state of alert perception, alert novelty, these defects can be discovered.

A discovered defect must be prosecuted, analyzed, comprehended... But comprehending is not everything; we need execution, dissolution, elimination of each of those defects.

It is urgent to eliminate the defect that we have comprehended. The mind, by itself, cannot fundamentally alter any defect. The mind can label them with different names, pass them from one department of understanding to another, hide them from itself and from others, justify or condemn them, but indeed the mind can never radically alter them.

If elimination is what we want, it becomes then necessary to appeal to a power that is superior to the mind. Fortunately, that power exists in each one of us, in a latent state. I want to refer, emphatically, to devi-kundalini shakti, the igneous serpent of our magical powers (Tonantzin, Isis, Rea, Cybele, Adonia, Insoberta, etc.), god-mother!... Only imploring the help of devi -kundalini shakti, only begging Isis, Adonia, to eliminate from our psyche the discovered and comprehended defect, we will achieve then to its total disintegration. So, the time has come to remove our defects...

If we manufactured the superior existential bodies of the Being and became humans, but we did not eliminate the psychological defects from our psyche, we would unfortunately fail.

We would become "abortions" of the cosmic mother, failures, hasnamussen with a double center of gravity.

A hasnamuss has two inner personalities: one divine, the other tenebrous. A hasnamuss must devolve within the bowels of the Earth until it becomes cosmic dust. In no way do we want a harvest of hasnamussen...

The work must be complete:

  • we must work in the ninth sphere to create the superior existential bodies of the Being
  • we must also eliminate the animal ego
  • and lastly, we must raise the torch high to sacrifice ourselves for others, to illuminate the path of others...

Only in this way will we originate a total transformation in our interior; only thus will the human be born in us; Only then will we be truly saved...

But today, the intellectual animal believes that he knows everything, when in truth, he knows nothing. Speaking in Socratic style we would say “that he not only ignores, but also ignores that he ignores. He not only does not know, but also does not even know that he does not know”... An ancient codex says:

“The gods created the humans of wood, and after having created them, they merged them with the divinity”. But he also emphasizes, "not all humans manage to merge with the divinity"...

So, there is the need to create humans. But it is necessary that these humans to be integrated with the divinity, because hasnamussen is precisely the result of not having dissolved the ego, of not having achieved integration with the divine.

In order to reach the stature of a superhuman it is necessary to integrate ourselves with the reality, with the divinity. First you have to create the human and then the superhuman. The superhuman is beyond good and evil; the superhuman is the Red Christ, revolutionary, terrible rebellious; the superhuman is beyond the stale and clumsy codes of morals; he is beyond the stupid dogmas of evolution; beyond everything that has been written on matters of Theosophism, cheap Rosicrucianism, yogism, pseudo-yogism, spiritualism, and etc, etc., etc...

The superhuman is beyond good and evil, he wields the sword of cosmic justice, he directs the course of the centuries, he transforms lead into gold, he possesses the elixir of long life, he can live with his body for millions of years, he is the king or queen of nature, the king or queen of the fire that flames, king or queen of the air, king or queen of the waters, king or queen of the Earth, etc...

For what purpose have we entered into these studies of an esoteric type, is it to distract us? Unfortunately, many of those who were in pseudo-esotericism and the cheap pseudo-occultism that abounds so much, in these Kalkian-type schools, really, what they are looking for is distraction, fun, because when they are called upon to deal with the wisdom of the snake, to deal with the eagle, and to leave all their dogmas, they flee in terror, they hide among its volumes... So, what they are looking for is not self-realization but fun. And it is that the mind is accustomed to wandering, today it is distracted by one theory, tomorrow by another; today the mind goes to a cinema, tomorrow to another; today to a circus, tomorrow to a tavern. 

So, being serious is very difficult... Those who really want to be serious are very rare.

We Gnostics are revolutionary, terrible rebellious, we go against the dogma of evolution, we go against all the theories established by those Kalkian people of the 20th century.

We want the awakening of the sacred snake, of the divine viper in us, of the terribly sublime cobra. I am referring to the kundalini, to that serpent that develops and unfolds in the dorsal spine, to that serpent that only awakens with the sexual magic of the transmutation of the sexual libido, cited by Saint Augustine.

If all that is not enough, the Hindus talk about the kundalini, about its development, about its unfolding... But I say, indeed, that although the yogis say "that the chakras open with the kundalini", unquestionably, nobody will be able to enjoy the power of the chakras, of the occult powers, of the esoteric powers, if one has not previously been swallowed by the snake.

Among the Mayans of Yucatan, I found a temple; in there appears a great serpent swallowing an initiate. The Mayans say that “we need to be devoured by the serpent”. Yes, the wisdom of the snake is extraordinary...

We need to awaken the serpent in us, based on sexual transmutation, and then be "devoured by the serpent." And later, in time, the eagle, the Logos, will "swallow the serpent", and then we will become superhumans. That is worth more than all the theories that have been written in the world, than all the thousands of volumes that the prudes of all schools read; that is worth more than a multitude of incongruous pietisms; that is worth more than all the poses of feigned meekness; that is worth more than false fraternities...

We really need to wake up the snake, and be devoured by the snake, we need to become snakes...

So, the time has come for great reflections, and we cannot, in any way, walk with little cloths of warm water: either we define ourselves, or we do not define ourselves; either we decide to follow the path that leads to the superhuman or we will devolve within the bowels of the Earth. These two paths are within us, and we must choose... one step back and we will be lost!

The superior existential bodies of the Being must become vehicles of pure gold, when trying to reach integration with the divine, as sexual alchemy teaches. But for the astral body to become, for example, a golden vehicle of the best quality, it is necessary to eliminate from it the undesirable elements of anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, of laziness, of gluttony, etc., and as soon as it is made of pure gold, it is devoured by the serpent... A mental body of pure gold, free of passions and desires, is swallowed by the sacred cobra... A body of the conscious will, straight, without undesirable elements, is swallowed by the divine viper... Whoever has created the bodies of pure gold, whoever has reached the archangelic state, whoever has been swallowed by the serpent, will be devoured by the eagle, will become the feathered serpent, like Quetzalcoatl, like Manco Capac in Inca Peru, like Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice great ibis god of thot, in the Egypt of the pharaohs.

We need to transform ourselves into gods, and that is only possible through sexual transmutation and the elimination of all of our defects, and finally, through sacrifice for our fellow men...

Questions and Answers

So far, my exposition. If any of you have something to ask, that one can do so with complete freedom... that one can have the floor...

Student: … about the ants...

Samael Aun Weor: We will gladly answer your question: certainly, in an ancient past, many millions of years ago, there was a human race (if not equal to ours, because it is impossible, at least similar), said race created a civilization of the type, we would say, "communistic" (I do not mean "communistic", in the literal sense of the word, as we would understand it today, rather, we would say, in a similar, analogous, similar, comparable way).

That this race dedicated itself to science was true (there was also science at that time); thus, glandular experiments were carried out, we should not be surprised (the Atlanteans also carried out transplants not only of glands, of viscera, but even of brains!). So, this "transplant" thing is not something new. But due to all these conditions, that race devolved: its morphology was fundamentally altered, and through millions of years it devolved, until it became what it is today: I am referring, clearly, to ants.

If one observes an anthill, one is amazed to see the marvelous order of its palace; Obviously, this has resulted from a great effort. Undoubtedly, in principle, true dictatorships were necessary to establish such an order; Over time the movements became mechanical, they were inherited from parents to children (and still continue in any anthill).

If we put an end to individual initiative, and definitively, continued the experiment of glandular transplants indefinitely, such a fate would await us...

Fortunately, in our specific case, there will be a catastrophe, which will make it impossible for us to definitively continue down the path of ants and bees, since they also carried out similar experiments. We well know that there will soon be a great catastrophe, and this is undeniable; All the astronomers in the whole world know it: they know that Hercolubus is coming, but they remain silent; they know that it is going to originate a revolution of the axes of the Earth, but they remain silent. In no way are they authorized to form collective psychosis. So far, my answer. is there any other question?

Student: ... how do we eliminate egos?

Samael Aun Weor: Obviously, the elimination of the ego has three defined factors. Remember that in war, spies are first discovered, then prosecuted, and finally, they are taken to the firing squad. This is how it should be, also, with the “I’s” or inhuman elements that we carry within us: first they must be discovered through psychological self-observation, then they must be comprehended, and this is done through deep meditation, through the self-reflection of the Being; when one meditates on one's defects, when one comprehends them, when one appeals to the self's reflection, then one truly comprehends them. I'm not talking about complex and difficult meditations, I'm talking about natural meditation, like when you discover the defect of jealousy, you know you have it, you meditate to comprehend it, you meditate on that defect, you come to the conclusion that such a defect is absurd. Elimination is the last thing. I said that we must appeal to devi-kundalini shakti, the igneous serpent of our magical powers, if we really want to disintegrate the defect that we have comprehended at any of all levels of the mind; that is what I have said, that is what I have talked about, that is what I have cited: those three basic factors. Along this path we will destroy the ego, we will reduce it to ashes, to cosmic dust, we will liberate the consciousness, we will awaken it, we will experience the truth and we will be totally enlightened. That is all!

I recommend to those present here, to read my book entitled “Revolutionary Psychology”. I have another book in preparation, which will soon be out on the streets, I mean a book entitled "The Great Rebellion", which follows "Revolutionary Psychology", you will soon have it in your possession...

Does anyone else have something to say? Let him do it with the most complete freedom!... you have the floor, brother!

Student: About the name of the seven angels?

Samael Aun Weor: In the name of truth, I have to say the following: the first angel is the ruler of the moon and his name is Gabriel; the second angel is Raphael, the planetary spirit of mercury; the third is Uriel, the regent of Venus; the fourth is Michael the ruler of the sun; the fifth is Samael, my monad, which is located in the center of gravity of Mars. I am his Dhyani-Bodhisattva: Samael; the sixth is Zachariel, the ruler of Jupiter, and the seventh is Orifiel, the ruler of Saturn, these are the seven Spirits of God before the “lamb” (sent forth into all the Earth.)

And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the Earth.” – Revelation 5: 6

I have nothing more to add; I have said it!

Does anyone else have something to ask?... Don't be left with any doubts. Everyone has the right to ask questions, and whoever does not agree with this has the right to refute, here is the platform for you to speak... Well, since I do not listen to anyone who is asking something, I think we will end this lecture...

Inverential Peace