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Seven Root Races
Seven Root Races

The Polar, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantean, Aryan, and Future Races

Well brothers and sisters, we are all reunited here. Thus, now we going to begin tonight’s lecture...

Undoubtedly, humanity—instead of marching, as is believed, along an evolutionary path, quite the contrary—has been devolving.

The First Root Race

The people of the first root race were truly sublime. It is good to know that the first race existed on the north polar continent; indeed, it was the first to appear during the current terrestrial round and will be the last to disappear. Such a continent was always illuminated by the polar star which has set its gaze upon it.

Those people of the first root race were androgynous protoplasmic creatures with gelatinous bodies, they did not have a fixed stature, such as the one we have today. They could assume gigantic forms, as well as dwarf their figure until it was reduced it to a mathematical point. Thus, the people of the first root race possessed, as I have said, a protoplasmic, gelatinous body. They were semi-material, semi-physical bodies.

Haeckel's "protoplasm," that Haeckelian "pinch of salt" from which all the races existing in the world came to develop, is undoubtedly transcended by the protoplasmic root race.

Haeckel, as well as Darwin, intuited that the human races came from the protoplasm, but, and this is precisely what is interesting, they did not reach to the heart of the matter.

Humanity certainly comes from the protoplasm, but not in the Haeckelian or Darwinian manner. Let us think of the protoplasmic root race, in order for us to get to the root of this subject matter.

Someone might object to us by saying: "and from where did that famous root race come?" The answer would be: “from the higher dimensions of nature and the cosmos!” That is, before the protoplasmic root race appeared on the face of the earth, it underwent incessant involutions and transformations within the various dimensions of nature.

Remember that the world normally has three dimensions. There is also a fourth and a fifth, and a sixth and a seventh, beyond that there are higher dimensions like the eighth and the ninth...

Thus, before the protoplasmic race appeared, as such, on the face of the earth, it underwent incessant transformations and involutions within the higher dimensions of nature.

Finally, it took shape and thus appeared as a human group on the polar continent. It is not irrelevant to affirm that, at that time, the polar continent was not situated where it is now. It was certainly located in the equatorial region, since the earth, in addition to the movements of rotation, translation, balancing, palpitation, etc. has another form of movement which is the deviation of the poles, also known as retrogradation. This is when the poles deviate little by little towards the equatorial line, and the equator in turn deviates towards the poles. So, in that age, the polar continent was located in the equatorial region.

Unquestionably, the human race, before going through all the transformations and involutions that came to end with a concrete form on that continent, arose then, in the original primeval, elemental germ.

Such a germ lay in the chaos, sleeping deeply in the chaos. But as the centuries, ages, and eternities passed, this germ entered into the processes of cosmic manifestation: it evolved, transformed, etc., until it came to take the form, then, of a living root race in the region that is now the north polar cap.

This human involution parallels that of planetary involution. We know very well that our planet Earth emerged from the chaos, and it is obvious that, in this world, the human germ also began its involutionary processes.

This protoplasmic root race was a semi-ethereal, semi-physical race; they did not need to forcibly walk, because they could float freely in the surrounding atmosphere. Although it seems incredible, this root race was of a black color. If we say that the first root race in the world was black, I am sure that many will be astonished, especially those who have racial prejudices; but this is how it was.

The reproduction process was performed through the fissiparous sexual act. It was a process similar to that of the division of cells. We already know that, at a certain moment, the nucleus of any cell divides into two and each part arranges for itself the amount of cytoplasm necessary  to organize itself in the form of new cells. It is through this process of cell division that the child is gestated within the mother's womb.

Thus, at a certain moment, the father-mother organism, let's say, the androgynous organism divided itself like any cell into two, such was their breeding system. After this, it was detached. And it continued being fed from the father-mother, just as any mammal.

However, those human beings, unquestionably, had transcended the animal state. They were humans in the highest sense of the word. Bodhisattvas of the Lipikas, that is, of the ancient Pitris, or divine creatures; Bodhisattvas of the holy gods; Bodhisattvas of beings who had lived in the past mahamanvantara. They were unquestionably perfect, self-realized creatures...

When the birth of a creature occurred anywhere on the planet (which, as I already told you, was through the fissiparous act, similar to that of cellular division), those who attended reverently prostrated themselves on earth, worshiping the divine mother and father who are in secret. Therefore, every birth was celebrated religiously.

What happened to the fissiparous sexual act, which is no longer used today? It is true that it such an act continues to exist in the living cell, and if it were not for that fissiparous sexual act, the gestation of creatures today would be impossible. Fortunately, cells divide into two and through the process of such cellular multiplication, organisms grow. So, that is in our blood.

The civilization of the first root race was interesting: they had huge cities (not of purely physical-chemical matter, in the sense that we understand it, rather they built with semi-physical, semi-ethereal matter), and majestic, extraordinary temples.

At that time, we can say that authentic occult Freemasonry was known; Freemasonry which was very similar to that founded by Count Cagliostro in Paris and London. Instead of one “PM,” there were two “PM”: one baron, the other baroness. It could be said that, as they were androgynous, they simply knew how to “float,” or make active the male or female part of themselves, depending on the circumstance. One "past or priest master" drew out the masculine part from within its androgynous self with all the psychic, biological, material. And another androgyne drew out the antithesis, its feminine pole, the negative or feminine, thereby submerging the masculine part in the depths of its constitution. Such psychobiological changes could be made due to their androgynous matter.

It was not inert or hard matter like we have now, but elastic, plastic, psychic, spiritual. It was another kind of matter.

The whole earth was protoplasmic, of a beautiful deep blue color; the mountains became transparent as glass; they were very beautiful...

That divine humanity lived in a paradisaical state, beyond good and evil.

In the temples of that primeval masonry, work was done in order to make chaotic matter fertile, so that the divinity would manifest itself in an intensive way. On the ground floor of the temple, around the altar, the divine androgynes attended the liturgy...

The guardian, as always, was at the door, with a sword of light flaming. Thus, three types of forces were at work, represented by the male and female poles, and the neutral forces by the choir of androgynes on the ground floor. Those extraordinary forces of the universe were manipulated for the good of universal life...

At certain moments of the liturgy there were changes of the officers: Vigilant. 1, for example, at a certain instant it became Vigilant. 2, etc., etc. The brethren themselves, at certain moments interspersed their places, changed places, it was extraordinary, then, those rhythmic movements likewise the rhythm of their rites...

Unquestionably, the Hagal rune was used a lot for changing columns, etc. It was really working cooperating with universal life.

In one of our rituals, we say: "remember that in ancient times, rituals were black"... You have to know how to understand what that means. Life, at that time, was in a process of descent, from the spiritual to the material. For this reason, the symbology of that time was in accordance with that process of life. For example, the inverted chalice was used, the pentalpha turned upside down, with the head down and both ends up. Every scepter, every rod was reversed.

You would say to yourself: "black magic!" Today, yes, it would be black magic, but at that time this was to symbolize the descent of the spirit towards the matter. We were descending and such movement had to be symbolized in some way...

The movements that they, our current Freemasonry, have made merely symbolic, they were gigantic facts at that time. Since, their trips were made around the entire planet Earth, with great apparatuses and enormous solemnity; everything was happiness, there was no pain, we were beyond good and evil...

In times of the full moon, the great cosmic rites were especially celebrated.

The centuries passed, the ages, in a state of inconceivable happiness.

It was necessary, after some time, for a great change, the processes of descent were precipitated. Those merely gelatinous bodies became rather gaseous...

The Second Root Race

Thus, the Hyperborean people appeared, the second root race. The Hyperboreans were located around the north polar cap. The land of the Hyperboreans formed a true horseshoe around the polar continent. It included all of northern Europe: England, Scotland, and all of the Nordic lands that, in short, still exist today, although not in their entirety.

In that land of the Hyperboreans, a humanity lived with bodies that were already becoming more gaseous, and were no longer merely protoplasmic; indeed, they were a little more dense than that of the first race, but were still floating in the atmosphere.

It was a root race that, we can say, reproduced by means of a sprouting system. Let's examine how corals sprout, how they reproduce, and let us see how some plants reproduce, through sprouts. A sprout can serve as the basis for a new plant, thus, from those organisms, there was a kind of exudation or budding, which at a certain moment detached from the father-mother. It was rather oviform, and when it opened, a new creature emerged.

The system of reproduction by sprouting disappeared, as did the fissiparous system, but, and this is interesting, there always remains a remnant of these processes in the human organism. There are different sprouting processes that we see in our body: for example, during the growth of nails, hair, etc. All of these are remnants of the process of sprouting...

Undoubtedly, the Hyperborean root race had its civilization, its culture. However, not all was perfection among the Hyperboreans; there were failures (Hasnamussen), especially at the end of that race.

There were terrible and wicked aquatic humans, as master Blavatsky states. There were creatures with monstrous appearances, the product of devolutions. There were creatures, for example, although it seems incredible, that lived among the waters that had wings to fly, and those that had legs, as master Blavatsky states, similar to that of a goat, etc; or creatures with two heads.

Strange animals were also seen for example, birds, aquatic or amphibious, with two heads; and many different kinds of monstrosities, yet that was especially true at the end of the Hyperborean period

During the Hyperborean civilization there were extraordinary cultures; deep forests ... Humanity at that time, then, had the powers of clairvoyance fully developed, and clairaudience; they could perceive in all dimensions of nature and the cosmos.

When someone went into a forest, for example, they did not see merely trees, as today, but giants raising their arms, shouting, crying out, etc., etc. Thus, the people perceived the vegetal elementals. Indeed, it was then that the merely physical tree, the purely chemical-physical things were not perceived.

If someone at that time walked through a thick jungle, what such a one saw was the elemental life. If that one passed near large rocks, they could see the rock elementals, the mineral elementals, the gnomes, or pygmies so cited by the old medieval alchemists.

The Third Root Race

Later, humanity became what we would properly call, “of flesh and bone.” I do not mean to say that the Hyperboreans were not made of flesh and blood, in a sense they were, but much more subtle that this present humanity, although they did not look as subtle to each other as we might see them today.

Unquestionably, there was a substantial difference between the Hyperboreans and Lemurians [the third root race]. The Hyperboreans even had warrior castes; they are still remembered in the annals of the Akashic archives of nature, those castes of giants, tall, thin, and armed to the teeth, fighting against everyone... these were the devolutional (Hasnamussian) processes of the Hyperborean continent. Nonetheless, they did not have, despite all of this, the physical condition that Lemurians had.

The people of the continent Mu (Lemuria) were hermaphrodites, in the fullest sense of the word, since they had both male and female organs developed at the same time. They were four, five or six meters tall; that is, they were gigantic, corpulent, strong...

Lemurians reproduced by gemmation, in the same way that birds reproduce, but with a difference: birds have to carry out copulation, among birds there is cooperation to create. However, in contrast, the hermaphroditic Lemurians did not need sexual intercourse.

If we carefully observe the ovary in women, we see that every 28 days an ovum is detached from the ovary, from the graff follicle. It is clear that when it is detached, a small wound remains, located precisely in that place from which it was detached. Then, as a consequence, a certain amount of blood flows, what we call menstruation.

It is interesting to know that that ovum that would detach from the ovary of the Lemurian hermaphrodite, emerged outwardly, already fully fertilized. This is because they, in themselves, had both poles (male and female). Then, that egg would remain for a time, just as the egg of any bird, amidst its nest. Thus, a new creature would emerge from that egg, and would feed on the father-mother. Lemuria was the age of reproduction by gemmation.

Observe well, that there is a difference between the three reproductive processes (fissiparous, budding, and gemmation): the fissiparous, was the generative process of the people of the protoplasmic root race; budding was that of the Hyperborean race; and gemmation, which was the process of the Lemurians.

Those Lemurian hermaphrodites had fully developed the pineal gland and perceived, clairvoyantly, the third part, let us say, of all the shades of color that exist in the infinite cosmos.

The people of that era used 300 consonants and 51 vowels in their language; that is, they had a very rich language. The larynx had not degenerated, and thus the power of speech had not deteriorated. Not only could they write those 300 consonants and 51 vowels, but they also had the ability to articulate them... they were truly different from what we find today, right?

They were endowed with a terrible force, let us remember what Homer tells us in his "Odyssey" about the famous Cyclops, who lifted huge rocks with his hands, as if they were small pebbles.

That eye of the lacertids, that cyclopean eye is none other than the faculty of the clairvoyant gland (the pineal gland).

They spoke in the universal language, the cosmic, divine language. All the present earth languages had not yet appeared. A unique language was spoken. Then, the creatures of the fire, of the air, of the waters, of the earth, understood and interacted with humanity… indeed, they different people altogether.

The temples of Lemuria were portentous. There the great mysteries were cultivated. The Lemurians had cosmic ships that allowed them to travel to other worlds of infinite space. They knew how to extract atomic energy, not only from uranium, but from many other precious metals and stones, and even from grains that germinate on the ground. Thus, they produced nuclear-powered cosmic ships, extraordinary airplanes, and even, as I said, they even traveled to other worlds in the starry space.

The Lemurian civilization was wonderful, beautiful. Lemurians were in communication with other planetary humanities. Their eyes were not atrophied. When someone looked into the starry space, that person saw not only the planetary masses, but the sibling humanities that populate them.

They could perceive the Genii (Logoi) who maneuver the celestial spheres; the hierophants of the temples perceived space, not only in the existing worlds at the moment, but those that existed in past cosmic days, and those that must exist or that will have to exist in the future.

Unfortunately, everything passes. Little by little, the solar and lunar forces, acting on the biology and psyche of that race, slowly produced the process of separation into opposite sexes. Thus, through the ages and centuries some creatures began to be born with one sex more developed than the other. Finally, the day came when those Lemurians would emerge all over that continent as unisexual creatures: some male, some female. Thus, this is how humanity was divided into opposite sexes. But that was a very long process. It was not a process that was carried out in two or three days; it took place over thousands, even millions of years.

Humanity, now divided into opposite sexes, was different. The female part continued, as always, eliminating an ovum from her ovary, but that ovum that emerged was no longer internally fertilized. Now, it took sexual cooperation to create, and to create again.

In those days, the Kumaras worked intensively for humanity; thus, the guides of humanity led the people, annually, at certain times of the year, through immense territories, to the temples where the reproduction of the species would be verified... they were long journeys indeed. Even today a remnant, or let us say legend, of those great journeys remains, what we call the "honeymoon," the trip of lovers.

It was in the temple where reproduction took place. The act of reproduction was regarded as a sacrament; certainly no one dared to desecrate that sacrament.

The reproduction was performed by Kriya-shakti (willpower and yoga); at that time, no one committed the crime of spilling the glass of Hermes Trismegistus. At any time during the lingam-yoni connection, a zoosperm would escape to make a womb fertile, and that is how perfect creatures came into the world.

There was no pain in childbirth, there was happiness everywhere. But the day came when everything changed. It so happened that the earth was unstable, that is, the geological layers of our world did not have permanent stability. Then, a certain sacred individual who came from another planet, heading a very high commission, after considering the problem deemed it necessary for humanity to receive the abominable kundabuffer organ.

Unquestionably, the human body is a machine: it transforms certain types of energy and then re-transmits those energies to the inner layers of the earth. If any modifications are made to that machine, the types of energies also go through these modifications.

By giving the abominable kundabuffer organ to humanity, the transformed energies became more lunar, and thus these were obviously able to stabilize the geological crust of our world.

It was not that the kundabuffer organ was given to humanity just for the sake of it, no!  It is obvious that those ineffable beings worked alongside the monad of each subject and with the monads in collectivity, so that the monads could allow greater freedom to the "double" of each one of them; that is to say, to the Prometheus or Lucifer, to the Logoic reflection within us.

Once the Lucifer was permitted to act with more freedom within each one of us, he stimulated, of course, sexual activity. Unfortunately, at that time there were many tenebrous ones, and they made humanity precipitate, definitively, down the path of fornication.

Thus, the people stopped going to the temples for reproduction; they took sex into their own hands, and thus abused it. Since they were used to combining ritual and sex, they continued to perform such a practice anyway. But, from the wrong combinations of rite with black tantra, that is to say, seminal ejaculation with rite, the outcome was, then, that the abominable kundabuffer organ arose in each subject. The sacred fire, instead of rising, descended, it precipitated, let us say, from the coccyx downwards, towards the atomic infernos of the human being and thus appeared, in each one, the famous "forked tail" with which the biblical Satan is represented.

The geological crust of the world was stabilized, this is clear. However, unfortunately, the results were dreadful. When the abominable Kundabuffer organ was eliminated from the human organism, the consequences remained in the five cylinders of the human machine, and that was extremely serious: those terrible results are the different psychological defects that we carry inside.

This is how it came to be that in our nature, there was a second nature of the submerged, animal type. Our consciousness, obviously, got caught up in that second nature. Obviously, humanity fell into error, blunder, failure, and so it is to this day.

By the last days of Lemuria, there was a lot of black magic, many schools were dedicated to the left-hand magic.

Natural magic was abused; thus, little by little, through ten thousand years of earthquakes, Lemuria sunk into the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

The Fourth Root Race

Later, Atlantis arose. As Lemuria submerged, Atlantis emerged. A certain select group managed to survive these cataclysms, to live in Atlantis. The Atlanteans were even smaller in body than that of the Lemurians, but taller than us; relative to us they were giants.

They also possessed a prodigious civilization; they built huge cities, like Samlios, for example, Poseidon (the city of the seven solid gold gates).

The Atlantean civilization was gigantic; they built extraordinary machines; cosmic ships were constantly descending on Samlios; they had special airports there. Atlantean humanity was in communication with the gods.

Atomic energy was also used to move their cars, or to drive their air or sea ships; the lighting was atomic.

A degree of culture was reached that we have not even remotely yet reached. In terms of mechanics, we have not even reached the feet of the Atlanteans. They had prodigious gadgets; in some parts of the world, they are still kept secret. Certain Atlantean machines are not given to humanity, because this humanity would abuse them; thus, they must be kept in reserved places, only the adepts know them.

Unfortunately, in their latter times the Atlanteans precipitated themselves down the path of black magic, they became sorcerers, this is true. Thus, it was necessary, then, for that continent to be swallowed up by the waters...

After the submergence of the Atlantean continent, the human faculties ended up degenerating: sight no longer managed to perceive, even remotely, the amount of colors that the ancients perceived; the language became poor: nowadays we cannot even pronounce 100 consonants, while the ancients perfectly pronounced 300 consonants and 51 vowels. Our language became poor...

The Fifth Root Race

After the submergence of Atlantis, the human race became even smaller. Today, no one is capable of perceiving the causes of the natural phenomena that occur around us; the human body degenerated, the senses, as I said, have atrophied.

There has not been, then, such "evolution in the human race." What there has in fact been is a gigantic process of devolution. That is the harsh reality of the facts!

We are currently in the fifth root race, the one that populates the face of the earth. We inevitably march towards another cataclysm, because just as the Atlanteans were swallowed up by the waters, so the people of this age, this earth inhabited by the Aryan root race, will be destroyed by fire. The fire will do the work...  this why Peter, the apostle, said:

“Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:

 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up...” 2 Peter 3: 6, 7, 10

So we are heading towards an inevitable catastrophe, through fire. The Aztecs said: "the children of the fifth sun will perish by fire and earthquakes"...

The children of the first sun were the people of the polar race, the protoplasmic people; the children of the second sun, perished, devastated by strong hurricanes, were the Hyperboreans; the children of the third sun, perished by the sun of a rain of fire, and great earthquakes, were the Lemurians; the children of the fourth sun were swallowed up by the waters, they became fish (the Atlanteans).

We are the children of the fifth sun, and it is written that we will perish "by fire and earthquakes." So, we march towards another inevitable catastrophe.

After the great cataclysm that is approaching, the earth will go through a great transformation and there will be a sixth root race, which will be different. I say "different" because it will be more spiritual...

The Sixth Root Race

Currently the sixth root race is already being created, although it seems incredible. Certain subjects, certain groups of people, disappear without knowing how or why, and they are taken to other worlds. From this planet the extraterrestrials are taking the best of the human seed, and they are taking it to cross them with people from other planets.

So, outside of the earth, a new race is currently being created. After the great cataclysm that is approaching, the results of such a crossing will be placed in the face of our world and the sixth root race will then emerge. 

It will be a different race, the children of the sixth sun will be different. Just as the children of the fifth sun mark the death of the gods, the children of the sixth sun signify the resurrection of the gods. The gods will be worshiped again; the schools of mystery will open again, publicly; the great esoteric civilizations will rise again, they will rise again in the light of the sun, everything will be different. That will be the new Jerusalem.

And finally, there will be a seventh great root race, which will be the last. So, for every planet in space, there is a plan...


So, I again have addressed you, with the intention of speaking to you about the various races that have existed in the world, and also about the future sixth and seventh, which will come into existence later.

First of all, I want you to pay maximum attention. The first race that existed in the world was the protoplasmic race. It is obvious that at that time, the whole earth was protoplasmic (semi-etheric, semi-physical). Naturally, this race came from past evolutions and devolutions, which were processed in the different higher dimensions of nature and the cosmos.

The first race that existed in the world was of a beautiful black color. And, this will seem strange to all who listen to us, however, incredible as it may seem, the color of fire seemed to shine on the most beautiful cheekbones of that primal race, androgynous, divine, exquisitely divine...

Blavatsky says that the primordial androgynous race reproduced in a completely different way than ours: this was the fissiparous sexual act. This reproductive system is similar to that of cell division in the human body. At a certain moment, in you (you know it very well), any cell can divide into two, and those two into four, and the four into eight, and so on. Everything that has existed in past generations is still alive inside our organism: the fissiparous sexual act is represented in cell division.

It is stated in the ancient mysteries: "nosce te ipsum" "man, know thyself, and you will know the universe and the gods"...

The moment in which the androgynous organism was divided in two was extraordinary: then, the offspring produced, fed on the breasts of the father-mother. In those moments, the creature that had just divided into two prayed deeply, recognizing the wonders of the divine...

Those were other times, my dear brothers and sisters! In the first age there was no pain; happiness reigned on the face of the earth...

The mountains, the valleys, the oceans, everything had a deep blue color. Certainly, the hills seemed transparent...

There were cities, incredible as it may seem, but semi-etheric, semi-physical cities, and temples of mystery where the rites of the cosmocrators were celebrated. Then, the children of the dawn of the mahamanvantara, the children of the dawn, performed the most sublime rituals...

At certain times there were changes of officers during the ceremonies, and those changes were verified with the Hagal rune: the officers floated in space, changing thrones, and their dancing movements would remind us of that rune...

In the ceremonies related to the tests of fire, and the air, and the waters, and the earth, they were precious... And those famous esoteric journeys took place around the entire planet earth.

That primeval continent encompassed an immense expanse, stretching from one end of the earth to the other. They did not have the density that we currently have, they were rather gelatinous, proto-plasmatic; in a moment they could be elongated into gigantic figures, or reduced to the size of a Lilliputian, and there were great natural cataclysms...