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Painting by William Blake

The Philosopher's Stone and the Powers of a Master

My dear brothers and sisters, the time has come to understand what the Philosopher's Stone is. Much is said in alchemy texts about the aforementioned stone. The Hebrew Kabbalah emphasizes the basic idea that the aforementioned gem is sex. In no way do we reject this statement, however, this in itself is usually only incipient. Developing the analytical and even mathematical philosophy of the Philosopher's Stone is different, it corresponds to the wisdom of the serpent. Obviously, we need to make the Philosopher's Stone with that marvelous substance that emanates extraordinary from the sacred sperm.

In ancient times, about 18 million years ago on the continent of Mu or Lemuria when humanity had not yet divided into opposite sexes, it certainly was not even thought of to extract the sacred sperm from the human organism. Much later in time, after the division into opposite sexes, humanity began to take pleasure in extracting the sacred sperm from their organism. It was then that the abominable Kundabuffer Organ developed in the human organism. This, by itself, is an extension of the dorsal spine downwards, it is the famous tail of the apes. When humanity possessed that appendage, the geological crust of our world was stabilized, as I have said in many lectures.

It is obvious that the human machine captures energies, transforms them and retransmits them to the inner layers of the Earth. When the machine undergoes some specific modification, the transformation of such energies is also usually different. This is the only way to explain how the stabilization of the geological crust of our world came about by means of the Kundabuffer Organ.

The Origin of the Ego

Once that mission of the abominable Kundabuffer Organ was accomplished, the Archangel Loisos and his respectable group, including, obviously, clearly, the guardian of the "rooms" that dwells within each one, eliminated from the living organism or from human or humanoid organisms, the sinister tail. Unfortunately, the consequences remained in our body, they remained in our psyche. These consequences in themselves are what the Tibetans would call with some emphasis: "psychic aggregates." Unfortunately, I say, they came to constitute a kind of human nature, within which the consciousness, that which we have of soul, remains bottled up or stuffed.

Today, all humanoids could be said to have a dualistic psyche. Let's watch people and watch ourselves. We have subjective subconscious processes, and we have actions that are the product of the reaction; if someone hits us, we hit; if they praise us we become conceited; if they insult us, we protest; that is to say, we react from instant to instant, from moment to moment, like any overloaded animal, like a horse, like a donkey, which speeds up its pace if it is hurt and if it is not hurt, it slows down. Almost all of humanity's actions are the product of a reaction against something or another thing.

Another type of actions comes from merely subjective processes, subconscious projects, vain intentions, desires, manifestation habits, desires, fears, etc. This engenders many actions. Then, with the psyche bottled up in the inhuman aggregates, came a division of our psychic manifestations.

Many of our actions are the result of reactions, or are themselves reactions against certain acts, or words, or deeds coming from the outside world. Other of our actions obey only subjective processes, vain projects, vain intentions, vain ideas, etc., etc., etc.

When humanity did not possess the abominable Kundabuffer Organ, that second nature did not exist either, and the psyche was not divided. So, we were integral, unitotal, in no way had we created limitations, boundaries, customs, etc. The limitations, the boundaries, come about simply as a result of the bottling of the essence within the inhuman psychic aggregates, it could only develop based on its own bottling and since the ego is selfish, it created limitations, enclosed itself in borders, raised flags, established armed militaries to defend the borders, etc. Customs, for example... all this is the product of the ego. Of course, when I talk about these terms, I must specify some things. Customs, for example, which interrupt free trade, are a full expression or manifest demonstration of selfishness. As for the armies, I agree with Gautama, the Shakyamuni Buddha.

Once humanity was divided into different homelands, self-enclosed in various plots of land, it needed defense. What would we say about Mexico, for example, if an enemy army arrived to attack us and there was no defense; the invader would undoubtedly commit horrible, frightful crimes, murder our parents, brothers, our sisters, rape our women. So, the army is necessary  to defend the people. But when the separate blocks did not exist, when the Earth was one great nation, neither mine nor yours existed, and everything belonged to everyone, and each one could take from the neighbor's tree without any fear; those were other times, then humanity was enlightened.

In Lemuria, for example, death was not feared, each one knew the date on which he should leave the body. When that great event came, the one who was going to leave for the afterlife dug his own grave, and lay down in it with his head toward the East, and said goodbye to his loved ones. Once dead, he continued to be visible and tangible to all, because humanity had a fully developed spatial sense.

When humanity did not possess the abominable Kundabuffer Organ and could see not only the stars as we see them today, but also the planetary geniuses that direct them and also the sister humanities that populate them. The great enlightened ones of the Mu continent had extraordinary power of vision. The same could see the worlds, as the existing sister humanities, as the worlds that existed in the past, or that should exist in the remote future. The power of vision of the Lemurian initiates was therefore extraordinary.

Still later, at the time of Atlantis, before the second transapalnian catastrophe that fundamentally altered the geological crust of our world, all human beings could perceive the cause of the various physical phenomena, or the cause of all those events that follow one another. Around us; then the tattvas or vibrations of the Ether, the elementals of fire, air, water, earth, etc., were visible and tangible. After the second transapalnian catastrophe, the senses began to degenerate unfortunately, and the ability to perceive the causes of the phenomena that happen around us was lost. After the second transapalnian catastrophe, the human organism plunged down the devolutionary path, losing its former stature and atrophying its best qualities.

At the time of the continent Mu or Lemuria, any human being could live about twelve to fifteen centuries. In Atlantis, the average life span decreased horribly. In the Egypt of the pharaohs, it was only possible to live for about 140 years. In the Middle Ages, the normal years that people lived were 100, 110, 120 years. In these times, I understand that life insurance already calculates the average human existence between 50 and 65 years, that is, you hardly live anymore, today, a 65-year-old man is waiting for the pantheon. It is said that beyond the age of 56, everything is profit, overtime and holidays, that is the harsh reality of the facts - that is, we hardly live anymore. Life has been horribly shortened.

Taking a look at everything, at our life, we realize this: we have practically plunged tremendously down the path of degeneration.

The Failure of Art and Music

If we look carefully at the present age, we will see that even higher music is no longer appreciated. In the Middle Ages the great masters were still listened to with pleasure. In the 17th and 19th centuries, the wonderful symphonies of Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin or Lizt were still enjoyed. If today there is a party and we want to end it, we just have to put Beethoven on the record player and you will see that the room will empty, there is no need to tell the guests to leave. That is the state in which humanity finds themselves. The only likely way, then, to make people appreciate the music of the great masters again, would be through brain regeneration.

It happens that currently there are many areas of the brain that no longer work. Those areas are degenerated. They have to be put to work, and they could only work through the processes of sexual transmutation, that is, transmuting the sacred sperm, the Exiohehari. We could regenerate the degenerated areas of the brain with that marvelous energy that comes from our gonads. Only by achieving the latter, would it be possible for people to like the music of the great masters.

The same thing happens with art. Look at the modern sculptures, they look like steel machines. “Modernism”, they say, one looks at them and they are terrifyingly horrible, but they find an extraordinary grace in them. Let's look at surrealist paintings, it's something frightening, abominable, but for them, who enjoy it, it's sublime. What for the select spirits is sublime, for the degenerate is abominable and vice versa.

Wherever we look at the state we find ourselves in, we discover our own degenerative processes; but, here comes the but, the serious thing is that people do not realize what we are emphasizing, they do not understand that they are degenerate, they even boasting of genius. If people comprehended this, everything would be different.

The Failure of Buddhism

Our lord the Buddha, who came to Earth some 600 years before the great Kabir Jeshua Ben Pandira, definitively spoke against the bad consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer Organ. He bequeathed to posterity a doctrine that could lead to the disintegration of the various inhuman psychic aggregates that together constitute the "I", the myself, the self-willed. Unfortunately, and that is the serious thing, you see, after the great master left his physical vehicle, his disciples wanted to interpret the doctrine in their own way. A large number of Buddhist brothers left India for the Himalayas; the congregation came to be divided practically in two. This happened because of the construction of the monasteries, the aforementioned Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, were built, let's say, in a tremendous manner, half of the buildings had a multitude of closed cells on all sides; only a small hole allowed the service brothers to put food to the cloistered monks. Whoever locked himself in one of those cells would never come out of it alive, ever. The sole purpose of those cells was to serve as a refuge for the cloistered brothers. They locked up, proposed to study the Ego, the "I", the myself, the self-willed, and disintegrate it, that was the whole objective and in that work, in the end, the body died. When someone died, the servant brother used to bring food, took the place of the dead, became a new hermit, locked inside the cell.

In the beginning, before the various Tibetan Buddhist monasteries were built, it happened that division came. The wives of the monks, when they saw the construction, when they found out about the cells where their husbands were going to be imprisoned for life, until death, well, frankly and with just reason, I say, they protested. Then came the division of the congregation into two parts: monks who definitely rejected the concept of women and who shut themselves up in the monasteries and monks who listened to the women and did not shut themselves up in the monasteries. They built brotherhoods apart, different, brotherhoods that allowed them to live with their women, calm and in peace. That was the great Buddhist division in Tibet.  See, then, how Gautama's doctrine was distorted. They wanted to eliminate the psychic aggregates, but the method of the convent, of the monastery, was chosen.

Listen, I tell you that it is in relation with humanity, in dealing with our neighbors, in coexistence with our friends and with our family, how we can discover ourselves. It so happens that in relation to all people, the defects that we carry hidden in the depths of our psyche, surface and if we are alert, and if we are vigilant like the sentinel in times of war, then we see our defects as they are. The iscovered defect must be worked on in meditation, it must be thoroughly understood in all the territories of the mind; once fully understood, it may be removed. Many times I have explained, I have said that only with the power of the Divine Shakti Potential, Devi Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers, the transcendental and transcendental Fohat, it is possible to eliminate the inhuman psychic aggregates, our type of psychological defects that we carry within. Of course, during the work in the Forge of the Cyclops, there is the maximum power, but you can also work through the Vajroli Mudra, or during meditation, supplicating Devi Kundalini, however, the maximum power is always combined during the erotic force of sex.

That of living in perfect solitude is only possible, or convenient, for those who have already eliminated the ego, the myself, the self-willed. But those who are still with the ego inside, it is better that they live in relation with humanity and not locked up in monastic cloisters, not in simple cells, like those of the Buddhist monks of Eastern Tibet.

Creating the Philosopher's Stone

Elaborating the Philosopher's Stone is essential, it is urgent. Elaborating the Philosopher's Stone cannot be postponed. It cannot be postponed if we want to fully self-realize ourselves. That stone must be elaborated by working with sex, with that substance that produces sex, with the Sexual Hydrogen SI-12. It is clear that based on successive condensations of such hydrogen, the stone is elaborated.

There are several forms of condensation of the Sexual Hydrogen SI-12. It crystallizes as the astral body or takes form in the mind [mental body], or in the causal vehicle, but that is not all, the sexual hydrogen can also take the form of the superior vehicle, like the one called Nirmanakaya, the nirmana [formation] kaya [vehicle], or the one that has three more perfections: the Sambhogakaya.

tree of life twelve bodies

The Powers of a Master

Once the crystallizations of that hydrogen have been achieved, we have been clothed with the superior existential bodies of the Being. Much later, we will do successive esoteric works, which will make the totality of the creative energy of the Third Logos crystallize in us. The greatest triumph is when we get the Third Logos himself, Lord Shiva, the ArchHierophant and the Archmagi, the Firstborn of Creation, to crystallize in our organism. Then we will have definitively achieved the Philosopher's Stone, that is the Philosopher's Stone, that Blessed Stone, that Stone of wonders and prodigies. It will allow us to make ourselves invisible at will, to enter through the hole of a lock with a physical body and everything, to unleash hurricanes, walking on water, walking through fire without getting burned, crossing a mountain from side to side without receiving the slightest scratch, knowing all the secrets of heaven and earth. Whoever possesses that Blessed Stone, that Philosopher's Stone, will be able to do prodigies like the ones that Count of Saint Germáin did.

Let us remember that extraordinary visit from someone who esteemed the great master; he received him in his home, and with great astonishment, the visitor saw that on the table of the rich mansion, different bottles and even one with a green elixir. There, Saint Germáin, with his long beard, and his ermine cap, esoterically dressed, asked the visitor why he looked so pale, ill. The visitor replied that he had certainly been feeling a little unwell for a few days. Saint Germáin ordered the visitor to take a bottle containing a strange liquor from the table, the visitor did so. The master ordered him to uncover the bottle, the visitor uncovered it and with great astonishment discovered that the bottle was empty. The master added that what was in that bottle was a disease, a germ, “your own disease, the germ that has you sick. Just as when opening the bottle, that morbidity volatilized, so if I make a hole in your body, if I perforate it somewhere, the disease you have will evaporate, it will volatilize, and you will be healthy”. The visitor, somewhat distrustful, in no way wanted to submit to the master piercing his arm, foot, with a needle. But the master, looking at him, scolded him saying: "You are the first to doubt me, the one who doubts me and my power, is not worthy to look me in the face."

The visitor was silent. The master immediately asked the visitor for a coin, put his hand in his bag, took out the coin and handed it to the master. Immediately he put the coin in a crucible set on the fire and with great astonishment the visitor saw how the coin became pure gold. The master extracted the coin from the crucible and presented it to the visitor. That was how the master transmuted the coin into pure gold, the alchemist who through the Philosopher's Stone knew how to transmute even the vilest metals into gold of the best quality. Wonders of this kind can be done when the Philosopher's Stone is possessed. Wwithout that stone, we could never perform those kinds of prodigies.

And what shall we say of Dr. Faust, the one who occupied Goethe's attention so much? Unquestionably, he also operated through the Philosopher's Stone. On a certain occasion, a group of people, far from Prague, many miles away, gathered for a sumptuous banquet, in the sumptuous dining room of a rich palace. The guests all could not help but remember, in such moments of joy, Dr. Faust. The latter, who was in Prague, caught the mental wave of those guests. Moments later a horseman knocked on the door of the mansion. The servants announced the arrival of Dr. Faust to the master of the house, who dismounted, personally led his horse to the stable, then appeared in the dining room and took a place at the banquet table. The glasses of fine baccarat glittered among the brightness of the lamps, everything was sumptuous, the richly dressed ladies flaunted delicious silks and beautiful, highly valuable jewels; people dressed all in the old fashion, the rich splendor of feudal times, people of high lineage and blue blood, lineage of counts and marquises and rich lords, masters of many lands. Well, it was said in that age that there could be no land without a lord, nor a lord without land, they were, by all accounts, the feudal lords, absolute kings, masters we could say of the gallows and knife, feudal style.

Faust sitting at that table in the sumptuous dining room, they say that he gave the guests strange wines to drink, with the most extraordinary flavors, which he made sprout from small barrels, one of those who wear luxury on the tables of stately homes. Suddenly, the horse neighed there in the stable. "Possibly he's hungry," the guests said, "it will be that they haven't put enough grass for him." Dr. Faust replied, saying that his horse could consume all the grass in the world and still be hungry. He neighed a second time, but Dr. Faust, with his joyful eyes, continued to be happy with his guests and the horse neighed for the third time, then Dr. Faust hurriedly said goodbye to all the honorable crowd. In vain they wanted to stop him, in vain the pages fought, in vain the beautiful maidens with their long-tailed garments, which they dragged on the soft carpet, the magician went out heading towards the stable. Some onlookers left that banquet room to see him leave, great was their astonishment when they noticed that the horse, moving away along that cobbled road of a city of bygone times, gradually gained height, finally getting lost in the infinity. Seconds later, Dr. Faust was back in Prague, he had entered his house again.

I am not telling you something that is fantastic, no, I am talking to you about something that is duly documented. No one ignores what Dr. Faust was, as for the horse that transported him through the air, obviously it was not an ordinary animal. It has been well said, and I believe that Dr. Faust himself gave it to understand, that that horse was none other than that Prometheus or Lucifer himself, which, having taken shape, materialized, making itself visible and tangible to the whole world. Lucifer, taking that wonderful form, was the one who transported him to the rich palace, far from Prague. Why could Dr. Faust operate like this? Obviously because he had the Philosopher's Stone.

Dr. Faust once begged Lord Lucifer, the keeper of all the rooms, as they say in transcendental metaphysics, to allow him to get married. "No," Lucifer told him, "but I will bring your wife to you." It became visible and tangible and how happy Faust lived with it, but who was the wife of Dr. Faust? Was she some flesh and blood woman? No, not a thousand times! Dr. Faust's wife was his own Valkyrie, Dante's Beatriz, the beautiful Helen of ancient Troy, our Soul-Spirit. For women, that soul is polarized in a masculine form, it becomes the beloved, the charming prince of the Thousand and One Nights. This is how it should be, since the Valkyrie is Guinevere, the queen of the Jinns, the one from whom Lancelot poured the wine among the cups of Shukra and Manthin.

tree of life monad soul

But don’t they say the same thing of Simon Magus, that he too had married the beautiful Helen?

In any case, many knights of the Middle Ages went to war, engaged in fights and shone with the foil, or did tremendous achievements for the love of their beloved. It is that she demands the best feats from the knight, blessed is he who marries the beloved and to women I say: blessed are those who marry her beloved.

Only Buddhi allows us to really manage the Jinn states. Now you will understand why it is said that Dr. Faust was married, yes, to a beautiful lady and that he had a child with her. Dr. Faust says that this beautiful lady was the beautiful Helen of Troy. Many have taken this literally, to the dead letter, but in reality, what happens is that Dr. Faust was the son of wisdom. People have not understood it, they have not comprehended it, they have always qualified him as a demon, as perverse. Yes, he improved by the powers of Lucifer, who is nothing else, as we have already said so many times, is the reflection of the Logos in ourselves and within ourselves, the psychological trainer, the one who educates us for our own good. But that is misapprehend by people, they don't understand it, poor people!

Dr. Faust, if he managed to do so many wonders, it is because he owned the Philosopher's Stone. He had crystallized in himself the Third Logos. It was for that reason, precisely that Goethe took care to write his famous drama entitled, "Faust", a work that gave the great playwright so much fame in ancient Germany. Goethe himself said of his Faust, "I have put in that work many enigmas that future generations will strive to decipher."

It is therefore appropriate my dear brothers and sisters who listen to me tonight, that you always worry about the elaboration of the Philosopher's Stone. There is a need to eliminate, yes, the inhuman elements that we carry inside, because in no way could such a stone be fully elaborated, without eliminating the inhuman psychic aggregates from our intimate nature. In other words, if we do not eliminate from us our psychological defects, anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc.

Through the elaboration of the Philosopher's Stone, it is possible for us not only to transmute lead into gold, but also to vivify coal to make diamonds of the best quality. It is said that the Count of San Germáin made them, and it is clear, he demonstrated it. Let us remember that he showed Pompadour his rich diamonds, his patent leather shoes, Louis XV style, they saw on the buckles, the straps, a multitude of those gems, those pure, clear diamonds. La Pompadour had no objection to asking the count to remove a garter to see his diamonds, the count did so.

On another occasion, there is an anecdote that says that master invited someone to see one of his paintings. He took him to his house, showed him a painting by Raphael, and then took him to his bedroom to show him the treasure he kept in a rich chest. The astonished visitor saw there countless diamonds, and emeralds, rubies, and amethysts, etc. "Where did you get such a rich fortune, sir count?" And Saint Germáin responded: "Some of these diamonds and precious stones were given to me, others I have made." This is amazing, right? But that can only be done by someone who truly possesses the Philosopher's Stone. Not possessing it, it is impossible to perform such a prodigy.

It is therefore necessary, my dear brothers and sisters, that we reflect on what we are, that we think for a moment what we can become. Today the state we find ourselves in, is unfortunate, we are not even worthy of untying the sandals to the Count of Saint Germáin, we would not even be worthy of even looking at the face of Nicolás Flamel, or Raymond Lully, we are only poor rational mammals, that is our case.

If we want to become a Roger Bacon, a Doctor Admirabilis or an Albert the Great or Raymond Lully, "Doctor Illuminatus", obviously what we need, my dear brothers and sisters, is to eliminate from our nature the inhuman elements, to that which corresponds to rational mammals...

Inverential Peace

An Instructor's Elaboration on the Lecture

Quotes from scriptures of kabbalah with commentary by a gnostic instructor, as an elaboration on the lecture by Samael Aun Weor.

IOD The Philosophers Stone

"Come and behold: The evening and day of Shabbath combine "Remember the Shabbath day זכור את יום השבת" and "Keep the Shabbath day שמור את־יום השבת." It was written, "Remember the Shabbat day" (Exodus 20:8) and it was written, "Keep the Shabbat day" (Deuteronomy 5:12). "Remember" is the male and "Keep" is the female, when "Remember" joins to "Keep," all is one. Joyful are the (archetypes) people of Israel, who are the lot of the Holy One, blessed be He, His destiny and His inheritance. Of them, it is written:

“Happy are those (archetypes) people, that is in such a case: yea, happy are those (archetypes) people, whose Elohim אלהים is Iod-Havah יהוה.” – Psalm 144: 15

For this reason, it is written:

“For from the top of the rocks (Tzurim צרים) I see him, and from the hills I behold him: lo, the people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the Goim גוים." (Numbers 23:9).

These Tzurim צרים (“rocks” remind us of the Iod י of Mitzraim מצרים, which contains the word Tzurim צרים “rocks” in it, which is the same Iod י of Mayim מים, the sexual creative waters, or) forms Tzurim צרים of the Iod י of the Holy Name (יהוה, the male and female rulers of the Iod יוד of Yesod יסוד). These shall appear as drawings upon their faces, which are formed according to the secret of the two precious stone tablets, which are Iod יד (hand) and Iod יד (hand), and the letter Vav ו (the spinal medulla) is inscribed on (between) them (which are the evening and the morning of Iom rabiai יום רביעי).” – Zohar

The Fourth Day or Iom rabiai יום רביעי:

“And Elohim made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day (the Mahamanvantara महमन्वन्तर), and the lesser light to rule the night (the Mahapralaya महाप्रलय): he made the stars also. And Elohim set them in the firmament of the heavens to give light upon the earth, and to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and Elohim saw that it was good. And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.” – Genesis 1: 16-19

"And Elohim made two great lights ויעש אלהים את־שני המארת הגדלים " (Genesis 1: 16). The Hebrew word Vayáas ויעש, “And (in the Vav ו, the spinal medulla) the Iod י made (Asia Elohim Ath אלהים את-עשָׂ)” Asia עשָׂ from‎ Assiah עָשָׂה, refers to the creation as a whole, everything in its kind being subject to its law and order.

These two great lights were at first joined together and formed one whole and were of equal light, being both of them impressed with the two same sacred names, Iod-Havah יהוה and Elohim אלהים (or lord Shiva शिव, the ArchHierophant and the Archmagi, the Firstborn of Creation), though this latter name “Elohim אלהים” was as yet manifested only in an hidden manner; yet scripture calls them (Abba Elohim אב אלהים and Aima Elohim אימא אלהים) both (father mother) by the word great in the plural, with the article of distinction, HaGadolim הגדלים (the great), because of their absolute identity, each bearing the same mysterious name Matspats and Matspats (righteous in the genitalia, righteous in the throat) מצפץ מצפץ, understood only by students of the secret doctrine, and which form the two highest of the thirteen degrees of divine mercy and goodness (of HaMayim המים, the waters of Akasha आकाश) upon which the world is founded.

The moon (or Ain Soph אין סוף, Aima Elohim אימא אלהים), unable to rule along with the sun (the Ain Soph Aur אין סוף אור or Abba Elohim אב אלהים), and feeling its loss of dignity in becoming disjoined from the sun, said (to the Solar Absolute):

“Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth, where thou feedest, where thou makest thy flock to rest at noon.” (Song of Solomon 1: 7), or "whence derives thou thy light and glory?"

The sun answered and said: "(from the Ain Soph אין סוף) Where thou rest thyself at noon (the Mahapralaya महाप्रलय)."

The light of the moon (or the Ain Soph אין סוף) was therefore diminished in order that the light of the sun (the Ain Soph Aur אין סוף אור) might be greater and more manifest at noon, and accordingly the scripture further adds:

For why should I be as one that turns aside by the flocks of thy companions?" - Song of Solomon 1: 7

Constrained to be similar to the sun, the moon humbled herself, diminished her light at midday, as it is written:

“If thou know not, O thou fairest among women, go thy way forth by the footsteps of the flock, and feed thy kids beside the shepherds' tents.” - Song of Solomon 1: 8

The Holy One said to the moon: "Go and humble thyself," after which she lost her own light and now reflects only that of the sun though at first, she was the same in rank and dignity with it, thus intimating occultly that the female (alchemist) can never fulfil her destiny and discharge her function (as an alchemist) except in joint union with her husband (and vice versa, the male (alchemist) can never fulfil his destiny and discharge his function (as an alchemist) except in joint union with his wife). The greater light designates Iod-Havah יהוה (Kether, Chokmah, Binah and Ain Soph); the lesser light, (the manifested) Elohim אלהים (Binah בינה); the one being a reflection and manifestation of the other (the Theomertmalogos) as a word is of thought.

At first (Binah בינה) Elohim אלהים (or lord Shiva, the ArchHierophant and the Archmagi, the Firstborn of Briah בריאה, Creation) was expressed by the four letters of the sacred name, Iod-Havah יהוה (Kether, Chokmah, Binah and Ain Soph) or tetragrammaton, but afterwards through manifesting on lower planes (sephiroth) of existence, was known and distinguished by the name Elohim אלהים; yet nevertheless it radiates its power and glory in all directions in boundless space, as the mediator between the known and the Great Unknown, between the spiritual and material, the celestial and terrestrial scales and grades of life and existence as indicated esoterically by the letter Hei ה (of HaMayim המים, the waters of Akasha आकाश) which in Elohim אלהים conjoins El אל (Chesed חסד, the Ruach רוח) with im ים (or yam, the sea of El-HaYam אל-הים), El אל denoting God (Chesed חסד, the Ruach רוח) and im ים (of HaMayim המים, the waters of Akasha आकाश) the sea as symbol of (Akasha आकाश) matter (as substance). Thus, Elohim אלהים becomes the word or Logos mediating between the world of pure emanations (Atziluth אצילות) and the worlds of creation (Briah בריאה). The former being (Iod-Havah יהוה, Kether, Chokmah, Binah and Ain Soph) higher or prior in existence, is termed the light that rules by day (the Solar Absolute in the Mahamanvantara महमन्वन्तर), the latter, the light that rules by night (in the Mahapralaya महाप्रलय).


The scripture further states: "He made the stars also," referring to the countless and innumerable hosts of (Iodim יודים) angelic and ministering spirits (of the seven logoi or planetary spirits) existing in and by him (the Solar Absolute) who is the light and life of the universe, as it is written:

"And Elohim set them (the Iodim יודים) in the firmament of the heavens to give light upon the earth" - Genesis 1: 17

"Authentic (Iodim יודים) are only the children (the Yehudim יהודים) of the lion from the tribe of Judah (יהודה), meaning, the Christified ones." - Samael Aun Weor

“To give light upon the earth, means, upon this lower (tridimensional) world (or tenth sephirah Malkuth) which (tenth letter Iod י) is a replica or reflection of the (Iod יוד of the) world (of Yesod יסוד) above it (which is the same Iod י upon the head of Adam Kadmon), and that on the fourth day (Netzach נצח) became (the Objective Reasoning, the crown, Kether, of David) illuminated with divine light and termed the Kingdom of David (the cerebrospinal nervous system), the Assiah עָשָׂה world of effects, the fourth pillar (Netzach נצח) of the divine throne of glory (Hod הוד). This being completed, the four letters of the sacred name (Elohim Tzabaoth אלהים צבאות and Iod-Havah Tzabaoth יהוה צבאות) became adjusted one to another in their place and position in creation.

Adam kadmon

Notwithstanding this, the throne was not completed till the sixth day, when the form of Adam was created and all the worlds throughout the realms of space were fixed in their relative orders and position and classed under the four letters of the divine name, namely, the four kabbalistic worlds: Atziluth אצילות, Briah בריאה, Yetzirah יצירה and Assiah עָשָׂה.

The fourth day, which is the head (the Netzach נצח) of David דויד, is called in scripture the day rejected by the Masons, as it is written:

“The stone (Eben אבן) which the Mason (מאסון) rejected is become (the Iod י, Kether, the crown on) the head (the Metzach מצח or Netzach נצח of David דויד; behold this is the) stone of the corner. This is the Iod י of passion (Havah הוה) of Assiah עָשָׂה (Malkuth); it is marvelous in our eyes.” - Psalm 118: 22, 23

And also: “Look not upon me, because I am dark, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother's children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept. " – Song of Solomon 1: 6

The esoteric meaning of which is: the light of the moon (that is, the Iod יוד in Yesod יסוד of Malkuth) became diminished on that (sexual alchemical) day and the enveloping worlds (or solar bodies) were established (by the Samech ס of the Ain Soph אין סוף) in their relative positions around the glittering and resplendent orbs of light in the firmament (which is the Vav ו, spinal medulla, of Hod, Netzach and Tiphereth), in order to support the throne (the Vav ו, and the Iod י the crown) of David דויד (the cerebrospinal nervous system)." - Zohar

“My mother's children were angry with me,” that is, the fornicator demons of the black lodge, children of Klipoth, which were establishing traditional rules in their intellect, became angry with the initiates. This gave place to the emerging of the beast 666 from the abyss in order to establish their intellectual animals’ civilization and their rule.

Zohar continues:

(Nonetheless) "All these worlds (above) send forth reflections of their light upon the earth (Malkuth) which they receive from other worlds higher and more glorious than themselves, which in their totality form the Grand Archetypal Adam, whose image, all who bear it, are called Adam (Kadmon). This is the signification of the words: "Ye are Adam" (Ezekiel 34: 21); that is, ye are called by the name of Adam. This, however, does not apply to the rest of the Da-min דְּעַ מִּין (the fornicator demons of Klipoth), these (know it all animals) are star zodiac workers.

Every living spirit (Chesed) is therefore called Adam, for it is a divine emanation of which the body is a raiment or covering, as it is further written:

"Thou hast clothed me with skin of flesh" - Job 10: 11

The former verse show that the flesh of Adam is only a garment and does not constitute HaAdam. The souls that became incarnated on the earth plane in animals are (mentally) in form similar to the garment that covers them, some of them being pure animals as mentioned in scripture, the ox, the sheep, stag, wild goat, giraffe and others.

Those souls who have been created and appear (physically) as Adam take upon them the human form and are called human souls, whilst the tens, "flesh of beast" signifies that the soul that has incarnated in this form has the name, the qualities and nature of a beast. For instance, the ox is a soul residing in an ox form, the flesh being its garment. This same applies to the rest of animals (including the rational or intellectual animals), and as (fornicators), these (intellectual animals) are not in scripture called Adam, so those (humanoids are) impure souls that have nothing in common with the truly human being.

The bodies of Da-min דְּעַ מִּין (know it all fornicator) people are called impure flesh, as it is defiled by (the orgasm of the beasts) the (Nephesh נפש, animal) soul of which it is the covering. The body is impure so long as the impure stall (for lustful egos) resides within it. As soon, however, as the (Nephesh נפש, animal) soul quits it (the orgasm), it becomes pure again, being only a shell or covering. The souls of Da-min דְּעַ מִּין (fornicators from Klipoth) who incarnate on the earth plane take upon them the (mental) forms of unclean animals, such as the camel, swine, coney, and others. It is for this reason that (rational or intellectual) animals have been distinguished into two classes, the pure and impure. Each have their peculiar tendencies and natural inclinations and gravitate towards the (filthy orgasm of the demons from Klipoth; or towards sexual alchemy, which is the) source whence they first originated.”

"After the doings of the earth (Malkuth) or Mitzraim מצרים (that is, to generate forms Tzurim צרים “rocks” from Mayim מים, the sexual creative waters):" Rabbi Chiya said:

"That it might take hold of (Klipoth) the ends of the earth, that the wicked might be shaken out of it" - Job 38:13

We have learned that the Holy One, blessed be He, in the future will cleanse His land (Malkuth), from all the defilement of the (זַ מִּין) people that defiled it (Zain זַ), just as one takes hold of a garment and shakes out from it all the filth, referring to all (דְּעַ מִּין) knowledgeable (Klipothic fornicator) people buried in the Holy Land (of Malkuth). In order to cast them out (from Klipoth) and to purify the Holy Land (of Malkuth), from the Other Side (Witches Shabbath שבת מכשפות). It is as if it was sustaining the other ministers of the (עַ מִּין) people (of Ayin עַ), from whom it received defilement in order to guide them (in the golden age). And He will cleanse it and remove (וְזַ מִּין) people (male and female וְזַ) to the outside (of Klipoth, Hell).” – Zohar