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Mary Magdalene
"When Jesus rose early on the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had driven seven demons." —Mark 16:9

The Need to Crystallize the Soul

First of all my dear brothers and sisters, it is necessary to know the path that leads us to the inner Self-Realization of the Being. Undoubtedly, it is urgent to comprehend the necessity for the crystallization in us of that which is called soul. Jesus Christ said:

"In your patience possess ye your souls..." —Luke 21:19

...but first of all, it is necessary to understand: what is soul? Certainly, I have to tell you that soul is a conjunction of laws, principles, virtues, powers, etc. People have the Essence, the psychic material to elaborate soul — or better said, to crystallize the soul — since they do not have soul yet. Obviously, whoever wants to have that which normally is called soul will have to disintegrate the undesirable psychic aggregates that we carry within, namely: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc. Virgil, the poet from Mantua, said:

"No, not if I had a hundred mouths, a hundred tongues, and throats of brass, inspired with iron lungs, I could not half those my horrid crimes describe, nor half the punishments those crimes have met.” —The Aeneid

Obviously, those crimes are the representation of our defects, which in Tibet are named psychic aggregates. Those aggregates are the very same “elementaries” that are mentioned by different occultist organizations. They are the living representation of our errors.

It is written that Jesus of Nazareth threw seven demons out from the body of Mary Magdalene; these defects represent seven capital defects, and multiply themselves constantly. This affirmation (of the Christic gospel) means that the inner Christ threw out the different inhuman psychic aggregates that Mary Magdalene had.

Each of those aggregates is organized in a manner very similar to the human personality. Each one has three brains: intellectual, emotional, and motor-instinctual-sexual. Indeed, each aggregate looks like a person. If we say that many persons live within our human person, we would not be exaggerating.

three brains

All of those aggregates fight amongst themselves. They fight for supremacy. Each of them wants to be the owner, the lord, the one that will overcome the rest, the one who will be able to control the five cylinders of the organic machine in a determined moment, the one who believes he is the only one; however, moments later, he is overthrown by another who takes his place.

So, indeed, every person is not the same person, not even for half an hour; this seems to be incredible, but it is true! Even you who are here now seated in this chamber, you began listening this lecture with one aggregate, who sat down in order to listen. Not one of you is very aware of it, but if you pay attention to what has happened within yourselves since then to this precise moment, you will discover that now you are different, that you are not the same one that came here and sat down. Why? Because the psychic aggregate that controls the organic machine and that began by taking a seat was displaced by another that is now listening to me. If I said that you are the same one that began, I would be abusing your mind and mine also. Therefore, truthfully, the psychic aggregates change constantly. Suddenly, one of them controls the capital centers or brains, and then another, and another; they never are the same.

About the Essence, it is the most worthy and decent of what we have within us, and that is obviously the consciousness. It is trapped within and among all of those multiple aggregates, and is processed according to its condition.

So, each one of you is legion. Let us remember what the Christic gospel says about a man with an unclean spirit who had his dwelling among the tombs:


“When he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshipped him, and cried with a loud voice, and said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of the most high God? I adjure thee by God, that thou torment me not. For he said unto him, Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit. And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.” —Mark 5:6-9

So, what is the name of those present here? Legion! Because you do not have a true individuality, you have not attained it. The consciousness in each one of you is terribly asleep. Why? Because it is processed according to its condition. Your consciousness is hypnotized, and this is something that cannot be denied.   

About the soul, did you attain its crystallization? If I said that you do not have an immortal soul, I would be lying. Obviously, I am aware that each of you has an immortal soul, nonetheless you do not have access to it... One could have a beautiful diamond kept in a security box. Possibly, one could enjoy thinking that one has that diamond, but if this jewel were stolen, indeed, one could not access it; one would know that one has that jewel, but could not ignore that indeed one does not possess it. Often times somebody receives a good inheritance, and knows that he or she has it, but it is one thing to have it and another to access it.

Where is your soul? Your soul travels through the Milky Way [the macrocosmos], it moves throughout this galaxy, nevertheless, you do not possess it. You know that you have it, but it is one thing to know that you have it and another is to access it.

tree cosmos laws sun fmt1

However, how can one access the soul? One attained it by means of disintegrating of the psychic aggregates in a definitive form, because the soul and the aggregates are incompatible, are like oil and water: they cannot be mixed. Therefore, if we do not attain the disintegration of the psychic aggregates, living personification of our psychological defects, we lose the soul.

Christ said:

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” —Matthew 16: 26

Is it possible to lose our soul? Yes, it is possible; the one who enters in the infernal worlds loses the soul, that is obvious (it is sad to lose such a treasure).

Is there a method to avoid losing the soul? Yes, there is: by crystallizing the soul in oneself, here and now.

When one disintegrates the psychic aggregate of lust — better said, all the aggregates of lust, because they are many — then, the soul, that precious virtue of the soul known as chastity, crystallizes in the Essence that we carry within. When one attains the destruction, the annihilation, of the psychic aggregate of hatred, then the precious virtue of love crystallizes in oneself. When one reduces to cosmic dust the psychic aggregate of egotism, then the precious virtue of altruism or Christ-centrism crystallizes in oneself. When one annihilates the psychic aggregate of pride, then the ineffable virtue of humility crystallizes in us.  

In this part of our lecture, I have to tell you that unfortunately many esoteric books, etc., lead the person to mystical pride, and that is serious. Certain authors affirm that "we are gods," that "each one of us is a god." Obviously, that assertion strengthens mystical pride, and this produces a lot of damage on the path of the realization of the Self, because then, vainly convinced that one is a god, one becomes a megalomaniac. Undoubtedly, it is not possible to become truly enlighten when one has pride. I could never think that a god could be fornicating, adulterous, egotist, envious, jealous, lustful, etc. As a matter of fact, each one of us is all of that.

I feel pain when I see in the occultist books, etc. — I am not mentioning any organization in this moment, some of them very venerable — the tremendous affirmation that we are gods. It is better to be serious and to see the reality of the facts, to see what we are and not create false illusions. We eat, drink, fornicate, adulterate, hate, criticize, we are jealous, etc. Do you believe that a god is like that? It is better to say we are mere worms in the mud of the Earth, and to be convinced that we really are that. If we want to convince ourselves, we need to be honest.

If we honestly examine our existence carefully, we will discover that indeed we are not one of the seven wonders of world. That examination of ourselves and our life will have extraordinary consequences, because it will lead us to know to what we really are, will lead us to understand that we are just wretched sinners, that we are mere worms in the mud of the Earth... In that way, we will walk on the path with simplicity and humility.

When one disintegrates that psychic aggregate of pride, then obviously humility — which is the most precious virtue — crystallizes in us. Let us take into account that there is not only pride based on social positions, capital, family lineage, etc., there is a kind of pride that is worse and more harmful than all the kinds that I have already described; it is mystical pride: to believe that we are saints, wise, to feel that we are gods, to believe or to think that there is nobody better than us, that we are great initiates, etc. This is serious, because as a matter of fact, that kind of pride will never lead us to have a correct relation with the most elevated parts of our Being. When one cannot attain a correct relation with the most elevated parts of the Being, one is unable to enjoy enlightenment; one may be versed in the books, in the lectures, but will never have the mystical experience of reality. Therefore, the first thing to do in these studies is to eliminate mystical pride from ourselves, because it is the most dangerous. If we attain this, the precious virtue of humility will be born in us.

Each time we eliminate a psychic aggregate, a virtue, a power, a law, a faculty, etc., crystallizes in us. This is the manner for the soul to crystallize little by little within us, the soul that normally lives over there, in the Milky Way.   

However, we have to affirm the following: if the water does not boil at 100 degrees, then that soul that has to crystallize within us cannot crystallize, and that ego that has to be disintegrated is not disintegrated. When I say that the water has to boil at 100 degrees, I am speaking in parable; what I mean is that we need to pass through a great emotional crisis in order to disintegrate any psychological type of defect.

I know the case of a gnostic sister that is working in a terrific manner upon herself, with the danger of even getting a heart condition. That sister, in tremendous and supreme self-repentance, weeps, moans, and suffers. She has never felt herself to be more than anybody else, yet she is a fallen bodhisattva, the bodhisattva of an angel! I wish that many could imitate her example! Whosoever would act like this, with supreme repentance, working on a specific psychological defect, undoubtedly disintegrates the psychic aggregates one by one, and in their replacement will crystallize that which is called soul.

Whosoever attains the complete disintegration of the undesirable psychic elements that we carry within will crystallize in themselves 100% of their soul. Even the mere physical body has to be transformed into soul; only in this manner is it possible to reach the goal.

I know many erudite people with bright intellects that have drunk from all the philosophies of West and East; they know Hebrew, Sanskrit, Greek, etc., yet they suffer terribly because they do not enjoy illumination, because they have not yet built the Bodhichitta.

The word Bodhichitta may sound a bit strange to you. Bodhichitta is an Asian term. In Japan, China, India, Nepal, where Gautama, the Buddha Sakyamuni was born, the soul crystallized in any man or woman is called Bodhichitta.

From the Glossary: Bodhichitta

Bodhi means enlightenment or wisdom. Chitta means mind. The synthesis bodhichitta means "enlightened mind" or "mind of wisdom." This term has many levels of application.

  1. In Sutrayana (introductory form), bodhichitta is used to describe the altruistic intention to attain enlightenment for the benefit of suffering beings.
  2. In Mahayana teachings, bodhichitta is an elevated state of awareness (prajna) which directly perceives Emptiness (the Absolute).
  3. In Tantrayana, bodhichitta refers to the seminal fluids of the body. The Tibetan version, byan-sems, can be translated either as “enlightenment mind” or “semen.” It must be understood that "semen" (literally "seed") is found in both males and females, and can only create life when combined; the seed-essence (the energy) creates Bodhichitta only in very specific circumstances. Read The Perfect Matrimony.
  4. Samael Aun Weor often expresses the synthesis, which combines all of these meanings.

It is marvelous to see how those different elements — namely, virtues and powers — slowly crystallize in the Essence as it becomes liberated. For this reason we have said that the Essence is the necessary material for the crystallization of soul.

The term "build" does not seem to be the most acceptable; we truly find it very heavy, rough. Nevertheless, many authors use that term. Allow me the liberty to dissent with them about that term; instead I prefer to say "to crystallize," because soul is not something that has to be built since it already exists. Thus, what one must do is to crystallize it, and that is different. For instance, you have seen a piece of ice; it is the crystallization of the water element. Undoubtedly, once that element is really cold, it takes the form of ice. It is amazing to see the crystallization of the water; it is done according to extraordinary geometric principles. The same happens with the soul element: it crystallizes according to mathematical lines, geo-technical and precise lines.

Even the very body that we have has to be transformed into soul, and this is possible to do when in reality we commit ourselves to do it.

We have a body of flesh and bone. This physical body is formed by organs, the organs by cells, the cells by molecules, etc. There is no doubt that there has been an intelligent directing principle that has promoted order in living cells in the form of organs. The idea of “unconscious cells” ordering themselves unconsciously, just like that, and forming organs, makes me laugh. How absurd that concept is! Sleeping, unconscious, blind cells, as Haeckel stated, organizing themselves in the form of organs. Such nonsense would not fit in the mind of anybody. Some authors state that those cells organize themselves in the form of organs; this nonsense reveals the unconsciousness of some authors who, on seeing the the wonders of this world, do not know onto what they can attribute them. A world in which everything supposedly works in a mechanical manner, as they believe, without a directing intelligent principle, so instead they cite an unconsciousness? No! The cells have been organized in a conscious manner. Thanks to the intelligent principle of Mother Nature it is possible for the cells of the organism to be organized in the form of organs.   

Moreover, if we deconstruct any given atom, whether from the liver, the kidneys, or from the pancreas, we liberate energy, this is obvious. Therefore, in its last synthesis, the physical body is made up by different types and subtypes of energy. This is indubitable.

Karl Marx stated: “Which is first, matter or psyche, psyche or matter?” He concluded stating that matter is first. Such nonsense is completely absurd, because Einstein’s postulates state that matter is nothing but condensed energy. Let us remember the postulate that states the following:

“Energy is equal to the mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light. Mass is transformed into energy, energy is transformed into mass.”

So, which is the first to exist? First is the energy that crystallizes into mass. Therefore, the psyche, which is energy in the most complete sense of the word, is what is first. Thereafter, the mass crystallizes from it.

Let us see the planets around the Sun: they are enormous masses, each one with a defined weight, an exact volume. Nevertheless, they rotate around the Sun, moved by solar energy. If not for solar energy, the planets would be dispersed into space, they would rotate eternally until they crashed into some comet, or with other worlds. This would be anarchy, disorder, conflict. But, the worlds function in an organized manner. Who maintains them around the Sun with exactness? The energy! Obviously, it is the centripetal energy that attracts them, and the centrifugal energy that keeps them away. It is energy that makes them rotate around the Sun.

Then what is first, energy or matter? Obviously it is energy, because if not, matter would not exist. For matter to exist, it is necessary for the universal energy to condense, since matter is condensed energy.

As far as the human organism is concerned, the energy is the first to exist; this allows the atoms to rotate around their nuclear centers in the molecule, thus allowing all organic functions, not only mere chemical, reproductive functions, but also functions related with calories, perceptions, etc., and, what is more, those functions that are related to imagination and will. It would not be possible to conceive of an organic body deprived of energy. How would catalytic phenomena occur if energy did not exist?

Yes, energy is first and matter is second. If we call that energy spirit or consciousness or whatever, it does not matter! The name is not important; the reality is that energy comes before matter.

There is a body of organic life (the vital body), and this has been demonstrated. The Russians have an instrument that can photograph the vital body, and they are studying it. Not only are they studying it in relation to the physical organism, but they are also studying it independently of the physical organism. They call it the “bioplastic body.” So, what was the outcome of such a discovery? The outcome is that the Dialectical Materialism of Soviet Russia has been replaced and forgotten; they are now studying parapsychology intensively, and working with Hypnology, etc.

According to statistics, the highest percentage of parapsychological didactic material is coming from Russia. This has bothered the Chinese rulers, who now qualify the Russian Marxists as "revisionists," but the Russians have already passed where the Chinese are going now; thus, this is what is happening...

Sequentially, we will say that the vital body is the one that sustains all the processes of organic life, whether we call it Lingam-Sarira or bioplastic body, it does not matter!

tree of life twelve bodies s

As we disintegrate the inhuman psychic aggregates, as we crystallize the soul, the highest part of the vital body will break loose from the lower part and will integrate itself completely with the Essence and with the virtues that have crystallized in the Essence.

The vital body has four kinds of ethers. The first is the chemical ether, by means of which all organic assimilation and elimination processes are performed, as well as catalytic phenomena and others. The second is the ether of life, by means of which the reproduction of living beings is possible. These are the two inferior ethers.

The two superior ethers are the luminous and reflecting ethers. The luminous ether is the vehicle of the forces related with calories and sensorial perceptions. The reflecting ether is related to the imagination and will. These are the two superior ethers that break loose from the two inferior ethers in order to join the Essence, within which all the virtues of the soul shine. This is how the ethereal human, the Christic human, the soul-human, or the Spirit-human is born: the Bodhichitta, who enters and leaves the physical body at will.  

Much has been written about the chakras in the feet, in the hands, about spearing of the Lord’s side, about the crown of thorns, etc. These are the stigmata. Gautama Buddha appears with those stigmata on his hands and feet. These are vortexes of expansive magnetic forces in the vital body. They develop completely when the two superior ethers separate from the two inferior ones. Then the two superior ethers become organized in the form of the heavenly human united with the Essence, which has been enriched with the virtues of the soul. This is how the ethereal human, the Christified human of the fifth round is formed (since, obviously, we are in the fourth round). The first round was in the world of the mind, the second was in the astral world, the third in the ethereal (vital) world, the fourth in the physical world. So, the fifth will be once more in the ethereal world. Then life will develop in the ethereal world, and in that epoch, there will be Christified humans, just as there are a few present now. These Christified humans will be as I described them; they will have Christified ethereal (vital) bodies. The physical bodies will be replaced by the Christified bodies, which will be vehicles of an Essence that has been enriched with the virtues of the soul.

epochs and planes

That Spirit-human of the fifth round will be the Christ-human. If you comprehend this, you will also comprehend the necessity for the crystallization of the soul. Only in this way will you be able to make yourself independent from the physical body; indeed this body of flesh and bone is very dense, since it is made of a very dense material.

When one achieves the creation of To Soma Psychikon — that is to say, the Christified ethereal body — then this serves as a vehicle for the Essence enriched by the attributes of the soul. This is how the Spirit-human is born in us. The Spirit-human will no longer be imprisoned within the dense body; such a person will become a glorious adept able to enter and leave the dense body at will.

In life there have been few who have succeeded in doing this. It is not irrelevant to cite Saint Francis of Assisi and Anthony of Padua, Christian mystics who have become examples and that will become examples for the people of tomorrow.  


St. Francis Flying

Indeed, the heavenly human is no longer a prisoner within the prison of physical matter. The heavenly human can leave the dense body when she wishes to do so, in order to travel through the unalterable infinite. She is able to soar with that vehicle within the superior worlds, or to submerge herself to the bottom of the sea, or to visit the solar dynasties in the king star, the Sun.

But how would this be achieved if we do not eliminate the psychic aggregates? Obviously, this would be impossible. If we want to be transformed into true Christic-humans, we need then to eradicate all those undesirable psychic elements that we carry within.

Thus, the Bodhichitta of which the Asians speak is the ethereal human, the human who has crystallized the soul within, the one who possesses the soul, the true lord.

Whosoever possesses the Bodhichitta within will be able to submerge within the depth of the oceans without receiving any harm, and thus can visit the temples of the serpent.

In the East there is a plant called ¨Salutana¨ that cures any wound, as serious as it may be: likewise with the wounds of the soul; only the Bodhichitta can heal such wounds.   

In the East there is a plant called “good memory,” and whosoever drinks of it can remember all the events of this current life and of his preceding lives. Likewise is the Bodhichitta, which in a similar manner, to whomsoever possesses it can remember all of his previous lives. And if he visits the ineffable heavens, upon returning to the physical world, upon entering his body, he will not forget any detail whatsoever.

In the East there is a plant with which it is possible to counteract the wicked magical spells of the tenebrous ones. Similarly, whosoever possesses the Bodhichitta will not suffer any harm from the tenebrous ones.

In the East there is a plant with which it is possible to make yourself invisible. Whosoever possesses the Bodhichitta will be able to make himself invisible in case of some necessity, or before his worst enemies.

Thus, as some divers who can submerge themselves to the bottom of the sea amidst sharks and to defend himself without suffering any harm; likewise with the Bodhichitta. Whosoever possesses it, similarly, will be able to enter to the bottom of the oceans, amidst the most ferocious beasts, without suffering any harm whatsoever.

It is stated that the lotus, the logos flower sustains the universal life; likewise is the Bodhichitta, whosoever possesses it can keep his physical body for millions of years.

Many are those who write to me complaining that they do not know how to leave in the astral body, they do not remember anything that happens outside their physical body, that they do not have illumination, etc. But, how could they have illumination if they do not possess the Bodhichitta? Only those who have the Bodhichitta will posses illumination. Whosoever does not possess the Bodhichitta will not enjoy the blessing of illumination. Illumination is not something that is going to be given to us as a gift — no, my dear friends, illumination is very expensive, it costs, and very dearly.

Illumination is only explained through the Dharmadhatu. And, what is Dharmatdhatu? Good Dharma, a reward for acquired merits. Thus, only the one who possesses the Bodhichitta, that is to say, only the one who has crystallized the soul, will be able to enjoy illumination, since that one will have merits to acquire it.   

Illumination is explained with the Dharmadhatu, that is to say, with the universal dharma, the reward for our good deeds. No one could enjoy illumination if that one does not possess the Bodhichitta. And no one could have the Bodhichitta if that one has not worked hard on oneself, if that one has not disintegrated the psychic aggregates.

Therefore, my dear friends, we need to work on ourselves if we want Christification, if we want to possess that which is called soul. So:

"In your patience possess ye your souls."

Thus this is how it is written in the gospel of the Lord.

Obviously, there is the need for a didactic, a method, in order to be able to annihilate the psychic aggregates. Unquestionably, we have to start with psychological self-observation. When one admits that one has, we would say, one’s own particular, individual psychology, then one must propose to observe oneself at home, at work, in the outdoors, etc., wherever our hidden psychological defects may emerge. Thus, if we observe ourselves continuously, we will be able to see them.

A discovered defect must be torn open with the scalpel of self-criticism in order to see what kind of truth it hides.

Instead of criticizing the lives of others, we must criticize our own. When we have found some  defect within ourselves, we must analyze it carefully, open it up — I repeat — with the scalpel of self-criticism. This is possible with the “evident self-reflection of the Being,” with in-depth meditation as its basis.

Once we have totally comprehended the defect in question, we must then disintegrate it atomically. The mind by itself cannot alter any defect radically. It can pass it from one level to another of understanding, hide it from itself or from others, justify it or condemn it, look for evasions, etc., but the mind can never alter any defect radically. Thus, a power that is superior to the mind is needed.

Fortunately, this power exists. It is found latent in the depths of our Being. I want now to emphatically address the igneous serpent of our magical powers, namely, Isis, Adonia, Rhea, Cybele, Tonantzin, the chaste Diana, or Marah — her name does not matter, but the fact that she exists. She exists not outside, but inside of us. Obviously, she is a flaming power, a variant of our own Being, but a sundered part, a derived part. Therefore, if in meditation we call for help to Devi Kundalini Shakti, the mystical serpent of the great mysteries, we will be assisted. She can pulverize any psychic aggregate if it has been previously comprehended in all the levels of the mind. So, once it has been annihilated, a replacement will emerge: some virtue of the soul, some new characteristic, some law, some special gift, some quality; thus, through this evident path one achieves breaking any given aggregate precisely.   

Indubitably, if we achieve the absolute destruction of the diverse undesirable psychic elements, then the totality of the soul will have to crystallize within each of us. This would allow the Essence, enriched with all the ineffable attributes, to dress itself with To Soma Psychikon, which is the vehicle, the wedding garment of the soul. Thus, indeed, this is how the heavenly human is truly born within us, who no longer will be a prisoner of the dense body.

Let us remember those written words of Saint Paul, who said the following:

“I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knows;) such an one was caught up to the third heaven. 
And I knew such a man, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell: God knows;)
 How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter.” —2 Corinthians 12: 2-4

Paul of Tarsus was carried in his Soma Psychikon as a Spirit-human, as an ethereal human. And, in fact, he knew the wonders of the universe.

So, my dear friends, I have cordially invited you to crystallize in each of yourselves that which is called soul. This is the conclusion of my words, of this lecture.  Nonetheless, I give the opportunity for those who want to ask something in relation to the theme to do it. Please do not ask off topic questions…

Audience: Master, regarding "death from moment to moment,” would you be so kind as to clarify it for us? At the moment one walks down the street and has the need to ask for the death of an "I," will one place oneself in meditation on the street, or what is the system?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the street is not one of the seven wonders of the world, as to inspire one to enter in-depth meditation. What you can do is to take note of the psychological defect that harassed you in the street. Then, once one is at home, at night, or at the moment one goes to bed to sleep, then one can enter into in-depth meditation. To relax the physical body in one’s bed would suffice. Thus, while lying on one’s back, breathing rhythmically, imitating the breathing of newborns, and submerged in perfect concentration, one enters in-depth meditation. There one has to rebuild the scene where that defect arose. Carefully analyze that defect, honestly, without loopholes, without justification of any kind. Then, once we have comprehended it, we have to deliver ourselves to prayer. Do not forget that Latin phrase that states the following: "Bene orasse, bene est laborasse," meaning, "The one who prays well performs a good work." To pray is to work... Thus, immersed in deep prayer we will ask Devi Kundalini Shakti, the particular, individual Divine Mother — because each one has its own mother — for the disintegration of that aggregate that one has already comprehended within any of the levels of the mind. Likewise one must continue with a series of successive works until the psychic aggregate in question disappears. This is the obvious way to follow...

Any other question?

Audience: Master, for example, an ego can manifest through us in different ways, namely, through our different centers, should one then ask the Divine Mother to destroy that ego, as one ego, or as several subdivisions of the same ego? Because the ego always manifests through the mind in one way, and through the emotional center in another, etc...

Samael Aun Weor: Any undesirable psychic aggregate has three fundamental forms of behavior: through the intellectual center the ego expresses in one way, while through the emotional center in another, in an emotional manner, yet, through the motor-instinctual-sexual center in another manner, but it is the same ego. Nonetheless, I am not affirming that any defect is personified only as one single aggregate. Obviously, each defect is personified by multiple aggregates. So, if the defect continues to exist in some other way, one must go back and to study it again, and go back again to implore Devi Kundalini Shakti for its elimination; proceed likewise until its final disintegration. Often, a defect has a dozen or more undesirable psychic elements, which take multiple characteristics, yet if we are patient in our psychological work, if we do not abandon the fight, if we maintain continuity of purpose, we will gradually disintegrate all of the elements that personify that defect.

Any other question?   

Audience:  Master, which center does one use in order to discover the 49 regions of the mind?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, you are placing on the floor a very difficult question to answer. Therefore, I want you and everybody here present to answer me the following: Which one of you is prepared to count the 49 regions and to carefully study them? If there is any, I would like to meet him... Let us see, which of you is it? Honestly, are any of you able to know the 49 regions of the mind and to talk about them thoroughly? Is there anyone? No, there is not!

Listen, as one progresses in his psychological work, one will discover those 49 regions. To try to do it beforehand is like "a cowboy wanting to saddle a horse without having one," or "a farmer wanting to milk a cow without having purchased one."

Any other questions, brothers and sisters?

Audience:  Master, when one devolves, the immortal soul is lost ...?

Samael Aun Weor: Jesus Christ said in the gospel of Matthew 16:26:

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”

And in Matthew 18:6, he says:

“It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea…”   

These are the words of the Nazarene. This means that those who not work on themselves lose their soul, since they are immersed into the infernal worlds until the Second Death. They are lost cases ... I do not wish such luck to you, since it is the greatest misfortune that can happen to anyone. It is better to possess the soul! And one can only possess the soul when one crystallizes it in oneself.

Any other question?...

Audience:  Master, in most cases or most of the time, our defects dominate us and it is due to our negative emotions. Could you tell us a way to balance the emotional center, in relation to the intellectual center or motor center?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, unquestionably, negative emotions are very harmful. Those who are victims of negative emotions become liars, criminals, slanderers, and perverse.

Let us assume that a man tells another man that his wife is having amorous relations with another man. Then, the man, carried away by his negative emotion, goes and kills the woman and the other gentleman. Let us suppose that the news was false, and that the wretched woman only kept a friendship with the gentleman. She might have talked to him, but never thought of having an affair or being unfaithful to her husband. In that case the husband, besides being a murderer, is also slanderous and perverse. Therefore, negative emotions transform us into wicked people.

How do we control negative emotions? Well, we do not have any other remedy than to cultivate the superior emotions of the intellectual center! The superior intellectual center has its superior emotional and its superior motor parts and the intelligence of the intelligence. Let us cultivate the superior emotion of the superior intellectual center: harmonious music, beautiful music, happy music, likewise painting, art, beauty, higher education, ineffable mysticism, esotericism, Gnosis; thus this is how we will gradually control the inferior emotions.

But this is not all! We need to finally eliminate the psychic aggregates from the inferior emotional center. We have to discover them: to know how they work, how they manifest, how false news fills us with negative emotions, and we create scandals and fail. All of those aggregates must be  gradually eliminated.

I have a friend in Mexico — a good friend, who is a lawyer, by the way. Unfortunately, someone brought him rather unpleasant news: he was told that his sister had been the victim of a fraud. My friend literally believed the news, thus he became filled with a great wrath. As a consequence or corollary, he is now in a coma: he had a stroke. He was a very able man, very intelligent, and indeed even a gnostic. Unfortunately, he did not remove the psychic aggregates of his emotional center. Moreover, the news was false; he was the victim of false news. Did he slander others? Yes, he did... and disheartened his sister, since the supposed criminal was an honest man. The breaking point is that he also caused harm to himself; he practically committed suicide. See where negative emotions lead us?

This is why we must eliminate the psychic aggregates related to negative emotions. Psychic aggregates such as fear, psychic aggregates such as anger, psychic aggregates like those of hatred... all of those aggregates related to negative emotions.

So, if one manages to remove them, one will no longer be a victim of inferior emotions. I have told you, therefore, what I have to tell you about negative emotions.

Are there any other questions? ...

Audience: Master, within us, who is really helping us to observe oneself, are the Gnostic egos we have formed, or the sense of self-observation as it develops gradually in us?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, it is the Essence itself who observes through its processes; this is how it is.

Audience: Master, can the Bodhichitta exist within us while we still have some psychic aggregates within?

Samael Aun Weor: That is not possible!

Audience:  Not even a single one?

Samael Aun Weor: In order for the Bodhichitta to fully exists within us, the total elimination of all the psychic elements that we carry within is necessary. However, those who are removing them begin to form the Bodhichitta within. The Bodhichitta could not emerge from one evening to the morning. The Bodhichitta is accumulated little by little within us as we gradually eliminate the undesirable psychic elements. Thus, the Bodhichitta can only fully and totally exist when all the undesirable elements of the psyche have been annihilated. This is why it is stated in rigorous orthodox Buddhism that "we must pass through the Buddhist annihilation," an expression that frightens many pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists.

Any other question?

Audience: We have been told that one creates egos when one does not know how to digest sensory impressions. Could you explain to us how we could digest these sensory impressions in a positive manner?

Samael Aun Weor: It is evident that any undigested sensory impression becomes an ego. For example, if someone comes and tells you that your brother has been deceived, that someone has stolen money from him, filled with great wrath you say, "I will go in search of that evil one…” But if you digest that sensory impression, then you consciously do not form any aggregate within you, and you do not go in search of anybody. Now, in order to digest that ominous impression they have brought to you, you must not forget your Self. Because if you forget your Self and become identified with what they are telling you, then you cannot digest that impression. But if you do not become identified with what they are telling you, due to the fact that you did not forget your Self, then you can digest what they are telling you, and will digest the news and will not form new aggregates within you. But a big aggregate of anger may form within you, if you do not digest that terrible news. Do you understand?

Another question?

Audience: Master, we know that when we study a defect it has different aggregates; so when we go to destroy it, we already know what aggregates relate to it, however when we are going to perform the annihilation of that defect in itself what do we destroy first, the defect or the aggregates?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the aggregate is the same defect, and the defect is the same aggregate. We call "aggregates" the red demons of Seth, which is how our defects were called in the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs. So each demon is a defect, and each defect is a demon...

Audience:  I meant, aggregates associated to the egos that emerge from within, aggregates that are associated with them?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the egos that emerge from within have many "associates," that is natural, is it not? A defect is associated with another and this, in turn, is associated with another. Let us see a scene of jealousy: a man has a girlfriend, who, one day, he unexpectedly finds on the street, having an affair with another man, etc. What is the first thing that he feels? A terrible mortal jealousy. Thereafter, an horrible rage that could kill the two of them, right? Third, his pride is wounded...

Something similar happened sometime here in Mexico City; it so happened that the son of a friend found his girlfriend with another man, thus he took his pistol and shot both of them dead. He is now in the penitentiary paying his crime, forty years in prison. Of course, the mother of the young man is suffering horribly, as for the father, he could not care less about him...

So, several elements were combined: the ego of anger, or the great wrath, who committed the murder, the ego of jealousy, the “I” related to the wounded pride; these three defects were the cause of the tragedy. These three are associated...

If that young man wants to disintegrate that actors of that scene, he would have to disintegrate them one by one, until removing the three of them. So, therefore, any defect is associated to another, this is obvious.

Any other question? ... Well, I think this is it, there are no more questions…