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Jesus Casting Out the Merchants
Jesus Casting Out the Merchants

The Need to Change Our Way of Thinking and Feeling

Well, my dear brothers and sisters, if, indeed, what we really want is a radical and definitive change, then first of all it is necessary to know the laws of the Gnostic esoteric work.

In the name of truth we will state that if there is any place where we should begin to work on ourselves, it has to be in relation to our thoughts and feelings. Indeed, it would be absurd to begin working with the motor center, which, as you already know, is related to the habits, customs and actions of our physicality; obviously, to begin with this center in the effort to change ourselves would be like falling into an absurd fakirism. Incidentally, when we speak of fakirs, in India there are fakirs who raise an arm vertically and maintain it that way for an indefinite period of time, until it becomes rigid. There are others who remain in the same place for twenty or thirty years until they become statues. In the end, what have these fakirs gained? They develop their willpower a little, and that is all.


We cannot think whatsoever that, through these acts of willpower, they could create the body of the conscious will (causal body): unquestionably, they will not. To be born again—that is, to build any solar body—without entering into the Ninth Sphere is impossible.

ninth sphere yesod

If it were possible to create any body without descending into the Ninth Sphere, we would then have been born of the air, or from the waters of some lake, or from within a rock; we would not be children of a man and a woman. However, we are indeed children of a man and a woman. Thus, creation occurs in the Ninth Sphere, this is obvious...

Therefore, no fakir can create the body of conscious will absent from the Ninth Sphere. Therefore, nothing is gained by those who dedicate themselves to fakirism, except a little development of the force of willpower and that is all.

Thus, to begin with the motor center would be absurd. Moreover, to start working with the sexual center, without having the correct information about the body of Gnostic doctrine is also absurd, because whosoever begins in such conditions does not know what he or she is doing. That one does not have clear cognizance of the work in the forge of the Cyclops. Obviously, that one can commit grievous errors.

Let us remember that the first center is the intellectual center. Second, the emotional. Third, the motor. Fourth, the instinctive and fifth, the sexual center. There also exists the sixth center, the superior emotional, and the seventh, the superior intellectual center. Thus, if we begin with the inferior centers (the motor and sexual centers) of the human machine, we would fall into error.

centers male 2015

In these studies, before anything else, we must begin with the intellectual and emotional centers. We need to truly change our way of thinking; otherwise, we will march on the path of error...

Of what use would it be for you to attend these classes, but to not change your way of thinking? Here we give you many esoteric exercises and you are guided in the doctrine, but if you do not change your way of thinking, of what purpose is all that you are being taught?

You are told that we have to dissolve the ego, that we have to sacrifice ourselves for humanity. You are told that we need to create the superior existential bodies of our Being, but if you continue thinking like before, with the same mental habits you held previously, of what purpose is all that you are being taught, that you are listening to right now?

You are told that you have to disintegrate the ego, but you continue with your old mental habits, with your senile forms and systems of thought. Therefore, of what use is all this information that you are being given?

The sacred scriptures clearly speak about this, when Christ talked about the old wine and the new wine, precisely after the disciples of John the Baptist asked saying:

"How is it that we and the Pharisees fast often (abstain from all kinds of food or drink, especially as a religious observance), but your disciples do not fast?" —Matthew 9: 14


Christ said:

Never do men pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst, the wine will spill, and the wineskins will be ruined. Instead, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.” —Matthew 9: 17

Therefore, for new wine we need new wineskins...

The great Kabir Jesus also said:

No one putteth a piece of new cloth unto an old garment, for that which is put in to fill it up taketh from the garment, and the rent is made worse.” —Matthew 9: 16

It is unthinkable to tear apart a new suit in order to mend an old one; that would be absurd, would it not?

In the same way, this new teaching is like a new wine, thus, it needs a new wineskin. What is this wineskin? Indeed, it is the mind.... If we do not abandon our senile forms of thought, if our habitual way of thinking continues being the same we once had, then we are simply wasting the time.

We need to change our way of thinking, because for the new wine we need new wineskin. Thus, in order to really apprehend these teachings, we need to completely change our way of thinking. This is the critical point. If we receive these teachings and merely add them onto our old way of thinking, to our old mental habits, then we would achieve nothing other than to fool ourselves. To want to hook the “car” of the Gnostic teachings up to our old “train,” beaten up by time, and filled with garbage and filthiness is to deceive ourselves.

First of all, it is about preparing a container in order to receive the wine of the Gnostic teachings. That container is the mind. It is only in this manner, with a new transformed container, with a truly magnificent receptacle that one can receive the wine of the Gnostic teachings. This is what I want all the brothers and sisters to comprehend.

In like manner, we need negative emotions to be eliminated from within ourselves, because these negative emotions prevent us from a true, in-depth, radical change. It is impossible to transform ourselves if deep within we still possess negative emotions. We need to eradicate from our heart the negative types of emotions which are truly detrimental in every sense. People who let themselves be carried away by their negative emotions become liars, through and through.

In a former lecture, I had already narrated to you the case of Mr. X, who is currently, we might say, on the brink of death. This good man came to have a stroke. Reason? It was very clear, I repeat: someone misinformed him that his sister had been the victim of fraud. Such a report was later examined and turned out to be false. But Mr. X, who loves his sister, believed in that slanderous assertion and took it "to heart" so strongly that he suffered a cerebral embolism. At the moment he is on the verge of death. Observe then how negative emotions can to lead us to failure... His sister is still convinced that she was a victim of fraud, and it is obvious that she slanders an innocent person, but she is sure that she was a victim. I personally examined the case, and I realized that she was deceiving herself, lying to herself (a victim of negative emotions), and in turn, unconsciously slandering another.

Thus, I say to you and I repeat: negative emotions make us liars. Observe for yourselves how people lie, carried away by negative emotions; they cast false judgments and thereafter they repent, they regret doing so, but too late, the damage is already done.

Therefore, we should eliminate negative emotions from our nature.

Calumny is certainly the result of a false connection, internally. A normal connection is when the energy of the Father, the life of the "Ancient of Days," that is to say (Kether), our profound inner Being, flows through our inner cosmic organization, until it reaches our mind.

If we make a false connection, then such energy can no longer flow to us. It is as if the electrical wire is cut off, so that the electrical energy does not reach the bulb or bulbs which enlighten us. Therefore, as I have said and I repeat again: to lie is to make a false connection.

If we truly comprehend all of this and begin by changing our way of thinking and feeling, this will soon be reflected in our actions.

Once one has changed his way of thinking, and feeling, and acting, then one is perfectly ready to start working with the mysteries of sex...

Behold the error of some instructors: they request people to at once begin working with maithuna in the Ninth Sphere, without these people even knowing the body of the doctrine. This is absurd, because people who have not changed their way of thinking, who continue with the same habits, people who have the same way of feeling, who are victims of negative emotions, do not comprehend the mysteries of sex, thus, they profane them.

This is why Paracelsus insists that first of all, one must know the science and thereafter enter to work in the Ninth Sphere. Philippus Theophrastus Bombast of Hohenheim, Aureolus Paracelsus, is right about this. Therefore, let us begin by changing our way of thinking and feeling.

Here, many receive these esoteric teachings, they are given freely, but if we continue thinking as we did before, as we did twenty years ago, what do we expect to happen? We are wasting time! When the teachings are given to people so that they can self-realize themselves, so that they can change, yet they continue thinking as before, obviously, they are walking on the wrong path.

I know some fellow Gnostics who have been in the Gnostic teachings for 20-30 years, yet they still think as they did when they were 20 and 30 years old. They are very well versed in the teachings; indeed, they handle ideas very well, but if you look closely at their life, their habits, you will see that they are the same as they had before.

I know fellow Gnostics, even very wise ones who are instructors and all, and who talk very well about Gnosis, who handle the body of the doctrine in an extraordinary manner, but I have been observing them and it turns out that they act as when they were not Gnostics: they act as they acted 30 years ago; they have the same old customs that they had when they knew nothing about these studies, they continue with those same old habits...

What are those brothers and sisters doing then? Obviously, they are miserably deceiving themselves...

So, we have to start by changing our way of thinking and then our way of feeling; to put the new wine, the "Gnostic wine" in new wineskins, and not in old wineskins.

A decrepit mind, full of old habits, habits from 20 and 30 years ago, is not prepared to receive the "wine of Gnosis"; such a mind necessarily needs to undergo a total change, otherwise we are wasting our time miserably.

What is it that we want with this total change? Well, what we want is to be cognizant, that is, to awaken the consciousness! Is it not true? Yes, that's the truth, that's what we want! To awaken the consciousness!

Psychological Sleep

In the eastern world, it is not ignored that people are asleep. But in the western world, people think that they are awake and, nevertheless, they do things they do not want to do. They launch themselves into war, even though they don’t want to go to war; nevertheless, they still go even when they do not want it. Why? Because they are hypnotized!

You know that if a hypnotized subject, for example, is ordered to go and kill someone, he will do so. This has already been taken into account in the penal code of all of the countries of the Earth. Likewise occurs in people of all latitudes. They are hypnotized but they think that they are awake.

If people are told that the time has come to go to war, they go to war. They do not want to, but they do. Why? Because they are hypnotized. And hypnotized they go. This is very serious and tremendously true.

That we need to get escape from this sleepy hypnotic state is true, but how are we going to get out from this sleepy, hypnotic state if we are content with our mental habits, with our systems of reasoning, with our sentimental habits, with our different habits or customs acquired by inheritance and by family? If we remain trapped in these modes of thinking and feeling, then, even though we are here, listening to the teachings in this classroom, we are simply wasting our time...

Ask yourselves, why have you come here? With what purpose have you been reunited in this classroom? If you are here simply out of mere curiosity, then it would have been better for you not to have come. Yet, if the yearning for a change really inspires you, good, but if you are still very content with your old ways of thinking, then you are simply deluding yourselves.

If you want to hook the “Gnostic car” to your “old train” eaten away by time and rotten to the marrow of your bones, you are playing a very silly game that leads you to nowhere.

Therefore, let us not fool ourselves. If we want to change, let us be serious; let us begin by changing our way of thinking.

Each one of us has his way of thinking and each one of us thinks that his way is the right way. Yet, in reality, the diverse ways of thought in each one of us, any of our canons of thought have nothing of truth in them, because we are all hypnotized.

How can a hypnotized person think correctly? Yet, you believe that you are thinking correctly. Herein lies your error. Your mental habits are useless.

If you really want to change, good, here you have the new teachings; here you have the wine of Gnosis. But please, bring new wineskins for this wine, do not bring your old wineskins because the new wine will burst your old wineskins...

It is my mission to deliver the teachings in a clear manner to all the brothers and sisters and to deliver it seriously, and this is why I invite you all to change your way of thinking.

Where is Your Consciousness?

Have you perhaps reflected on what the consciousness is?

To what can we possibly compare the consciousness? It is like a spotlight that we direct from one place to another, this is obvious.

We must learn to place the consciousness where it should be placed, because where our consciousness is, there we will be.

You who at this time read this lecture of mine, are you sure that your consciousness is here? If it is here, it pleases me. But are we sure it is here? It may be that your consciousness is in the house right now, or it might be in the tavern. It may be that it is in the supermarket and that here we only are seeing the mundane personality of this or that fellow. Therefore, where our consciousness is, there we will be.

The consciousness is something that we must learn how to intelligently place where it should be placed.

If our consciousness is in a tavern, it will be processed in the tavern; if we place it in a whorehouse, it will be processed there; and, if we place it in a market, we will have a good merchant or a bad merchant. Wherever our consciousness is placed, there we will be.

Unfortunately, the consciousness is bottled up. Thus, in this condition, a lecherous “I” will be able to take our consciousness to a brothel; a drunken “I” can be carried to a tavern; a greedy “I” will take it to some stock market; a murderous “I” will take it to the house of some enemy, etc.

Does it seem correct to you to not know how to handle the consciousness? I understand that it is absurd to take it to places where it should not be; this is obvious.

Unfortunately (I repeat), our consciousness is currently bottled up. Yes, it is bottled up within different inhuman elements that we carry within. We need to break all those elements within which the consciousness has been bottled.

However, I ask, can we do that, can we liberate our consciousness if we do not change our way of thinking? If we are very happy with our old, outdated and extemporaneous habits that we have in our mind, would we concern ourselves with the awakening of our consciousness? Indeed, we would not!

If we want to change, we will change from now on; to change our mental habits, our way of thinking. When we really change, we originate inner changes. When we “rearrange” our way of thinking, we can then think of totally changing ourselves internally.

But, if one does not change in his way of thinking, if the old, extemporaneous habits continue to exist here in his mind, how can one say that he is going to cause a change in his inner consciousness? That is not possible! It would be contradictory for us to think about one thing and then to do another. Indeed, such a thing is not possible!

So we need to become owners of our own consciousness, to place it where it should be placed, to locate it where it should be located. We need to learn how to put the consciousness in a place and how to remove it from a place. The capacity to do such is a wonderful gift, but it is a gift that we are not using wisely.

Really, the only thing we have inside is consciousness, which is the most worthy thing that we have, the rest is unworthy. The diverse psychic aggregates that we have are in no way worthy. The only thing worthy, the only real thing, the only thing that is worthwhile in us, is the consciousness. But, it is asleep. We do not know how to handle it; our psychic aggregates take it where they please.

We really do not know how to use the consciousness, and that is truly regrettable. If we want a change, an in-depth change, we must come to know that which we call the consciousness...

Bodhichitta and the Bodhisattva

In the eastern world, it has been said that before the bodhisattva is born, bodhichitta must be in us. First of all, what is that which we call bodhisattva? Some of you will know and others will not know.

tree of life twelve

H.P. Blavatsky states that a master who possesses the causal, mental, astral and physical bodies is a bodhisattva. She says that the human soul or causal soul dressed with such bodies is a bodhisattva. It is the human soul (Tiphereth) covered with the superior existential bodies of the Being.

Nevertheless, Mahayana Buddhism is more demanding: they only recognize as bodhisattvas those beings who have sacrificed themselves for humanities through successive mahamanvantaras [cosmic days].

According to Mahayana Buddhism, there are two types of beings. First, the pratyeka buddhas, or better said, those beings who aspire to become pratyeka buddhas; these types never sacrifice themselves for humanity. They never give their life for their brothers and sisters and it is clear that, because of this, they never incarnate the intimate Christ. The other beings are truly bodhisattvas, those who have given up the bliss of Nirvana for the love of humanity, those who in distinct mahamanvantaras have given their blood for humanity. Such ones, even though they have earned the right to live happily in Nirvana, renounce any type of happiness in order to help their brothers and sisters on Earth. They are the only ones who can truly incarnate the Christ.

Let us return to the subject of bodhichitta. What is bodhichitta? It is the consciousness already awakened, developed, transformed into the Golden Embryo. It is this, the true argentine armor that can protect us from the powers of darkness, and which grants us sapience, experience.

Before the bodhisattva can emerge from within the interior of someone, bodhichitta has to emerge first; that is to say, the awakened and developed consciousness. Behold for yourselves the value of that gift that is called consciousness.

It is a pity that this humanity has its consciousness bottled up within the ego. And it is clear that as long as people continue to think as they do so now, to feel as they feel now, and continue with their same old rancid customs, they will not be able to awaken their consciousness, they will remain hypnotized. And, as a consequence or corollary, we can say that, in people like this, bodhichitta will never emerge.

When bodhichitta (the awakened and developed consciousness) emerges in one, in the aspirant, then the bodhisattva soon appears. Obviously, the bodhisattva is formed within the psychological climax of bodhichitta. Bodhichitta is wonderful.

My dear brothers and sisters, it is truly great when one really changes his way of thinking because it is then and only then that one will work in the awakening of the consciousness. Then, and only then, will one make a serious effort, which will lead to the birth of bodhichitta. Before then, it is not possible.

We live in an unfortunately painful world. All of you are full of grief, of suffering. Happiness does not exist in this world, it is not possible. As long as the ego continues to exist, there will always be pain.

As long as we continue with our rancid forms of thought, we cannot be happy. As long as we are victims of negative emotions, any type of happiness is impossible.

We truly need to arrive at happiness. But we will not be able to obtain such a reward if we do not awaken the consciousness, and we will not awaken the consciousness if we continue with the way of thinking we have in this present moment. Therefore, it is necessary to observe what we are thinking. Let us change our old-fashioned way of thinking and prepare new wineskins for the new wine that is Gnosis. In this manner we shall truly seriously work.

Mechanical Nature

This world, in itself, is the outcome of the law of origination; this world is sustained with the laws of cause and effect; that is, the laws of karma. They are also called the laws of action and consequence; for each action, there is a corresponding consequence. This is a quite complex world: it is a world of associations, multiple combinations, incessant dualism, the struggle of opposites, etc... In these circumstances, it is not possible for happiness to exist in this world.

Each one of us has to pay karma; we are full of karmic debts. This karma obviously brings us more pain and much bitterness: we are not happy.

Many people believe that we could obtain happiness through mechanical evolution. This is a false concept, because such a law is mechanical. The law of evolution, along with the law of devolution, constitute the mechanical axis of this machinery called nature.

There is evolution in the child that is formed in the mother's womb, in the creature that is born, that grows, and that develops and lives under the light of the Sun.

Yet, devolution also exists in the human being that ages, degenerates, becomes senile and finally dies. That is completely mechanical.

In a certain sense—that is, in the causative sense—the law of karma is also mechanical, when looking at it from the viewpoint of the twelve nidanas, there is a mechanicity there.

The outer ring of the bhavachakra symbolizes the twelve nidanas or pratityasamutpada. 

The outer ring of the bhavachakra symbolizes the twelve nidanas or pratityasamutpada. 

What we need is to liberate ourselves precisely from the law of karma; we need to liberate ourselves from that mechanical movements of nature. We need to free ourselves, and this is not possible through mechanical evolution.

Any mechanical evolution is processed according to the laws of cause and effect, the laws of associations and mutual combinations, etc. Whatever is mechanical, stays mechanical.

We need to free ourselves from the law of evolution and also from the law of devolution; we need to make a giant leap, so as to fall into the Illuminating Void.

Obviously then, there exists an antithesis between the theory of relativity preached by Albert Einstein and the Illuminating Void [the Absolute, Sunyata, Emptiness]. Whatever is relative, is relative. The machinery of relativity functions with the law of opposites, with the dualism, etc..

In the battle of the antithesis there is pain, and that is not happiness. If we want authentic happiness, we have to escape from the mechanical law of relativity. We need to make a giant leap, I repeat, so as to fall into the bosom of the Illuminating Void.

The Illuminating Void on the Tree of Life.

The Illuminating Void on the Tree of Life.

The Illuminating Void

I experienced the Illuminating Void in my youth; I was barely eighteen years old when I was able to take that gigantic leap, to go beyond time and to experience that which is not of time, that which we could call "the prajnaparamita experience" in its most crude reality. It is not irrelevant to emphasize the fact that I had to repeat such an experience three times. I knew then what Sunyata is, I could live it...

In the Illuminating Void there is no conceptual dualism of any type. The machinery of relativity would not function in the Illuminating Void; the laws of mutual combinations, of mechanical associations, etc., are not possible in the Illuminating Void. All of Einstein’s theory of relativity would be destroyed in the Illuminating Void.

Undoubtedly, the experience of the Illuminating Void is only possible in the state of samadhi; yes, in the state of samadhi, or as it is also known, the state of "prajnaparamita” [perfection of wisdom]..

In the Illuminating Void, there are no forms of any type. It could be stated that there one passes beyond the universe and the gods. In the Illuminating Void, one could find a correct answer to that question, “If the entire universe reduces itself to the unit, to what does the unit reduce itself?” Such an answer is not possible for the logical mind or at least for the mind that functions according to formal logic. In the Illuminating Void, such an answer is unnecessary, because there such an answer is a patently defined reality. “If all things reduce themselves to the unity, the unity also reduces itself to all things.”

Then, the consciousness of the one who enters that state of mahasamadhi, stripped of any form, lives in all things, and this by itself is already wonderful, sublime and ineffable...

Thus, to definitively submerge oneself into Sunyata, that is to say, into the Illuminating Void is only possible via the great leap and under the condition of having undergone total Buddhist annihilation. Otherwise, it would be impossible...

In my youth, when I experienced the Illuminating Void, I had not undergone the Buddhist annihilation and obviously, as I progressively approached the Great Reality, my consciousness, bit by bit, expanded itself immeasurably. It is obvious that in that situation, not having undergone Buddhist annihilation, I felt unspeakable terror, and as a consequence of which, I returned to the universe of Einstein’s relativity.

I repeat, three times did I experience the Illuminating Void and knew through Sunyata—through that living, transcendental experience—that there is something beyond the Illuminating Void. What is that something? That something is that which is called “Tality,” the Great Reality.

I knew this through a transcendental type of intuition, because in the field of intuition, or within the world of intuitionality, there are different degrees of intuition. Unquestionably, the highest intuitive degree is that of the philosophical-religious or philosophical-mystical minds. It is the type of intuition that corresponds to the prajnaparamita.

Such a faculty, therefore, allowed me to know that beyond the world of the Illuminating Void is the Great Reality.

To that end, I want, in an emphatic manner, to affirm to you that this path of Gnosis leads to the Great Reality.

The Tality or Great Reality, Sunyata, prajnaparamita is beyond the universe of relativity, that is to say, it is beyond the mechanical laws of relativity, beyond, far beyond the Illuminating Void...

In other words, the Tality transcends these two opposites that I would call, “mechanics of relativity” and the “Illuminating Void”. Thus the Illuminating Void is not the last word; it is just the entrance-hall of the Tality, that is to say, of the Great Reality.

What I am speaking to you is not merely theoretical. In past mahamanvantaras, I experienced the Tality, and as I know it, as I experiened it, I have to give a living testimony of it...

The important thing for us is to go through a supreme annihilation, so that the consciousness (turned into bodhichitta and fully awakened), can take the great leap falling into the Illuminating Void (and one more step and we will reach the Tality).

But, as I say, we must start by changing our way of thinking, to work properly on ourselves by disintegrating the undesirable psychic elements that we carry inside; thus we could achieve the awakening of the consciousness, and the development of the bodhichitta. If only we would first of all we changed our way of thinking!...

Meditation and Tranquility

It is necessary to know how to meditate, to comprehend what the technique of meditation is. The object of meditation is very simple: what do we want through meditation? To tranquilize ourselves, tranquility...

What we are stating here might seem very superfluous, and you might object to me saying that “we could calm ourselves with a bottle of wine,” right? You could also object to me saying that, “we could calm ourselves by listening to a symphony of Beethoven.” And so on and so forth...

But indeed, to achieve the tranquility of the mind is the most difficult thing you can imagine. No one could have tranquility in the mind, have their mind in holy peace, if they have not first eliminated from their intellectual center all of the senile and extemporaneous ways of thinking that they have; nobody could have peace in their heart if they had not previously eliminated the negative and harmful emotions from within themselves.

So, when a Gnostic, a Gnostic Arhat immerses himself in meditation, he seeks tranquility. In those moments, he proposes to work on some inhuman element that he has discovered in himself, through self-observation. Perhaps he discovered anger; well, he will then dedicate himself to the understanding of that psychic aggregate of anger, until it turns it to dust with the help of his Divine Mother Kundalini (who he must invoke to help him). Or maybe he discovered that he has the psychic aggregate of hatred. Then, he will propose to disintegrate such an aggregate, so that love may arise in its replacement. As one disintegrates all those inhuman psychic aggregates that we carry within, the consciousness will awaken.

Much has been spoken of sex in Gnosis, but we must first of all change our way of thinking, so as to become more cognizant of the teachings. This is the only way that we will successfully work in the flaming forge of Vulcan.

We do not want in any way in this lecture to avoid the sexual mysteries. It is good that you understand that the path that leads to the Tality is (and I completely underline this) absolutely sexual (and this must be understood).

Unquestionably, a single man, a single woman, can dissolve (based on much comprehension) 50% of their psychic aggregates, as long as the Divine Mother Kundalini is appealed to during meditation.

However, there are very heavy psychic elements that correspond to the world of 96 laws. These can only be disintegrated with the "electric grinder" of the physicists, the Hindu swastika in motion, which generates a certain type of "transcendental sexual electricity."


Then, the "Serpent Woman," that is, the Princess Kundalini, the Cosmic Divine Mother, is reinforced by this type of electricity. Then, she can, with her electric power, atomically disintegrate the heavier psychic elements within which the consciousness is bottled up.

kali ma and tantra

Thus, little by little, the moment comes when the consciousness is completely liberated and awake, ready to take the great leap and fall into the Illuminating Void (which is the entrance-hall to the Great Reality).

In this world we have been criticized heavily because we place an emphasis on sex. People suppose that there are many paths that can lead to the Great Reality. Obviously, everyone is very free to think as they please, but in the name of the Truth and by direct mystical experience (accumulated in the depths of my consciousness, through successive mahamanvantaras), I can tell you that the path that leads directly to the Great Reality, to the Tality beyond the Illuminating Void and the mechanics of relativity, is one hundred percent, absolutely sexual.

Those who disagree on this matter reveal, through their psychological workings, a lack of knowledge about this harsh reality.

It is obvious that whosoever has had truthful experience in these matters, through successive mahamanvantaras, knows very well that this is the case, and that it is not possible to escape from the mechanics of relativity, by any other door or path that is not the direct path, that leads one to the Great Reality.

Sunyata is a very interesting Buddhist term, which perfectly encapsulates the vivid mystical experience of those who have not only experienced the "Illuminating Void." But, I repeat: within the strictly mystical field of Buddhism, I disagree with many mystics or orthodox Buddhists, who place as the highest reality the Illuminating Void.

We, the Gnostics, go beyond the mechanics of relativity; beyond this machinery of an Einstein's "Theory of Relativity" based as it is on "conceptual dualism," but also, far beyond the Illuminating Void…

We want the Great Reality; the vivid experience of Sunyata; the vivid experience of the prajnaparamita...

Thank God we have the consciousness within us. It is precisely the most precious gift; a pity that it is bottled up within the ego. But if we achieve the liberation of the consciousness, then we will be ready for the great leap, for the supreme leap.

A liberated consciousness is a consciousness that can immerse itself in the Great Reality of life, free in its movement. This Great Reality is inexhaustible happiness, beyond the body of the affections and the mind. It is a happiness that is impossible to describe in words...

We all want happiness, and none of us have it. We need to be happy. But, it is not possible to be happy in a world of combinations; it is not possible to be happy within this machinery of relativity.

Remember that the ego is time, that the ego is a book of many volumes and that it is exposed to the laws of cause and effect.

It is time for us to think about our liberation from karma; it is time to liberate ourselves from this painful world, from this infernal machinery. It is time for us to think about the true joyfulness of the Great Reality...

For this reason, through this lecture, I invite you all to change your way of thinking. If you change, you will be able to work on yourselves, to liberate the consciousness. But, if you do not change your way of thinking, if you only want to "hook" this doctrine to your old, decrepit and degenerate "train," well, you are wasting your time.

I want happiness for you, the true joy of the Being! Nonetheless, there is something I must add, before closing this lecture: We need you to learn to deeply meditate, to know how to meditate. When one has achieved true concentration, one reaches true joyfulness...

If, back in my youth, I had not experienced the Illuminating Void, I would not be speaking to you now in the way that I am speaking to you... That vivid experience was never erased from my consciousness, nor from my mind, nor from my heart…

It is possible that in one of these samadhis, that is, in a practice of profound meditation, the consciousness of a human being can escape from within the ego in order to experience the bliss of the Illuminating Void.

It is obvious that if one succeeds, one will gladly work on him/herself; one will work with ardor, because one will have experienced, certainly, in the absence of the ego, that which is the Truth, that which is not of time, that which is beyond the body, affections, and the mind...

Here, I have mainly taught you a simple way to meditate, because there is a type of meditation that is dedicated to the self-exploration of the ego, with the purpose of disintegrating it, of turning it to ashes. Notwithstanding, there is also another type of meditation, which aims to get, one day, to the experience of the real...

Hopefully you will achieve this experience of the real, so that you feel internally encouraged and work on yourself! However, I think that it is necessary to have a mantra that serves that purpose.

The mantra that I am going to give you this evening is very simple. In a former lecture that you might remember, I already gave you one word of that mantra, which is "GA-TE."

This evening I am going to give you, in full, all the words of the whole mantra, listen:

gaté gaté paragaté parasamgaté bodhí svaha!

How to Pronounce the Heart of Wisdom Sutra Mantra

This mantra must be recorded in your minds and recorded in your hearts… I repeat it:

gaté gaté paragaté parasamgaté bodhí svaha!

This mantra is pronounced softly, or with the mind and the heart. It can also be used as a “silent word,” because there are two types of words: the articulated word and the silent word.

The silent word is powerful...

The body must be totally relaxed, and after being relaxed, one surrenders totally to their profound Inner God, without thinking of anything; only reciting, with the mind and the heart, the complete mantra:

gaté gaté paragaté parasamgaté bodhí svaha!

Meditation must be very deep, very profound; eyes closed, body relaxed, completely surrendered to his Inner God... Not even a single thought should be admitted in those moments... the surrendering to your Inner God must be total and only the mantra should resonate in your heart...

I understand that this mantra from The Heart of Wisdom Sutra opens the eye of Dangma. This profound mantra will one day lead you all to the experience, in the absence of the ego, of the Illuminating Void. Then you will all know what Sunyata is; then you will understand what prajnaparamita is.


Prajnaparamita symbolized in Buddhist art

Perseverance is what it needed; with this mantra you can go very far!...

It is convenient to experience the Great Reality, sometime in life, because this is how one is filled with encouragement for the fight against himself. This is the advantage of Sunyata; this is the greatest advantage that exists, in relation to the experience of the Reality...

And so that the meditation and the mantra can be used properly, this evening, we are going to enter into meditation for a while with the mantra.

I therefore beg all of the brothers and sisters to enter into meditation. Relax your bodies and first of all turn off the lights...

Total relaxation of the physical body...

Complete relaxation and complete surrender to your profound Inner God...

Do not think of anything,

...nothing, nothing, nothing...

You will recite the mantra which I will repeat many times so that you do not forget it. After this meditation, well, you can record it; that's what the tape recorders are for...

I will recite it:


Pronunciation by Samael Aun Weor:

I will repeat it several times, but you will keep repeating with your hearts, with your minds. Do not think of anything, of nothing, of nothing...

Surrender completely to your Inner God...

Each one of you feel like a corpse, like you are deceased...

I repeat:


Keep repeating.

Keep repeating...

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