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the moon
Selene, the Moon

The Moon, Personality, Conscious After Death, Alchemy, Solar Humans, Sirius

Inverential peace, brothers and sisters! We are going to talk tonight, a little, about the intriguing aspects related, well, with Gnostic esotericism, and I hope that everyone pays maximum attention.

In the name of the truth we will say that the main thing is to work on oneself in order to achieve a radical and definitive change. We have talked a lot about sex and today we will continue with explanations that are very necessary for the good of all... 

The Influence of the Moon

First of all, I must say that we depend, unfortunately, on the mechanical influences of the Moon. So "lunatics" are not just insane people (in asylums), but the whole world, since all of us depend on the Moon.

The Moon is like a great weight for the planetary organism in which we live, that is, for the planet Earth. You see the influence of the Moon on the plants: in the crescent, the sap is found, especially, in the upper part of the plants; in waning, the lunar influence makes the sap go down and concentrate, very specifically, in the lower part of the trunk and roots.

Formerly farmers cut the wood, especially in the crescent Moon, and planted in the waning Moon, obtaining wonderful wood that lasted for centuries. Now the people have forgotten about the lunar influence, and they cut the woods in the waning Moon and they plant in the crescent, resulting in woods that very soon spoil.

People, for example, born under the sign of Cancer (very especially), change their character according to the influences of the Moon.

The Moon produces the high and low tides, regulates the ovulation process in the ovaries of the female sex; directs the conception of all creatures, etc. No conception could indeed take place without the lunar influence.

The Moon, obviously, is also related to illnesses; lunar cycles govern typhus, smallpox, etc.

It is a great weight, like the weight of a clock.; just as the weight of a clock makes the clock (or the pendulum) work, so also the pendulum or weight, so to speak, which is the Moon, makes all this nature, all this Earth, to work.

For all these reasons, we are seeing that humanity is completely lunar. And if we look at the pendulum of a clock, we see that it is one hundred percent mechanical and that it governs all the mechanics of the clock. So also the Moon (which is the pendulum of this planet Earth), mechanically governs the entire planet and governs us. So human beings, all of humanity, is one hundred percent lunar.

The Moon, of course, is taking more and more strength in us. Observe how humanity behaves. If we see a pendulum, in its movement from right to left, we will be able to notice how all the machinery of the clock behaves. Likewise, if we see the Moon (which is the pendulum of this planet Earth), we will observe how the entire Earth organism behaves.

Within the Earth organism all living organisms are included; each kind of organism has a specific (defined) mission on planet Earth. A group of a family of insects, for example, that only lasts one summer afternoon, seems like it doesn't matter much, and yet it does. This class of beings captures a certain type of cosmic waves that instinctively transforms and retransmits, internally, to the previous layers of the planetary organism in which we live...

A family, like that of the tigers, we would say: “well, what does it have to do with this matter?”. a lot! It is another type of energy that these organisms capture, transform and retransmit to the previous layers of the planetary organism in which we live.

Plants, for example, are divided into families. Each plant family captures certain types of energy. There are plants that only capture energies from the planet Earth itself, transform and then retransmit to the previous layers of the world in which we live; there are plants that capture solar energy, transform it and then retransmit it to the previous layers of the Earth; there are plants, shrubs, trees that capture the energy of the entire solar system and transform it for the good of the terrestrial organism; there are plants that capture the energies of the entire macrocosm, that is, of the entire galaxy in which we live, transform this type of waves and retransmit them to the previous layers of the planet on which we live; and finally, there are plants that capture all the energies of the entire megalocosm, that is, of all this infinite in which we live, and transform them and retransmit them to the previous layers of the planet Earth. Better said, “of all this infinite in which we live,” because there are several infinites (in The Pistis Sophia it is spoken about the “several infinites)”.

This infinite in which we live is visible through all telescopes and has, therefore, an average of about 10,000 galaxies (let's say). To each galaxy we can put an average of 100,000 suns with their corresponding planets, etc.

Obviously, all of this, ensembles the infinite that we could call "of Einstein." Rather, I would call it like this: “Einstein’s infinite,” because Einstein was the man who, in our modern times, foresaw it through his mathematical calculations. He said: “space tends to a limit”. He also said: “space is curved”, he also said: “the infinite tends to a limit” ... So, this wise man comprehended that we live in an infinite space, that it has a limit and that it is curved..., that it is curved.

So, beyond this infinite there is an empty space, and far beyond that empty space, another infinite appears, and beyond that other infinite, there is another empty space, and then another infinite appears. So, we have the thesis of the several infinites. All the multiplicity of infinites has as its foundation "the immutable." What is that which is called "the immutable"? The immutable is the Absolute..., the Absolute...

Tree of Life 2.0 void

Okay, but let's not get too far off topic where we were going. Actually indeed (as we were saying), plants also fulfill the mission of transforming and retransmitting energy into the Earth.

All animal species fulfill this mission, and after all, the interior of the planetary organism in which we live is sustained precisely by that: by cosmic energies.

But humanity is the most important organ of nature. why is it the most important? Because it has three brains, namely, the intellectual, the emotional and the motor brains. The intellectual is located within the brain (the physical), the emotional is in the heart, and the motor is at the top of the spine. This makes humanity the most important organ, because it can assimilate certain types of energies and then transform and retransmit them to the previous layers of the planet Earth.

centers male 2015

So, we have to know that each human being is a little machine that transforms energies. That is the purpose, what he lives for, that is what one physically exists under the light of the sun, and all of this is completely mechanical and highly regulated by the Moon.

Free will, properly speaking, hardly exists. Imagine, for a moment, a violin inside its corresponding case: it barely has a small and insignificant margin, existing, of course, between the musical instrument and the case. Such a margin, by similarity, would give us an indication of the type of free will that we possess. However, it is possible for us to expand that little free will: by working on ourselves, ceasing to be machines.

We all, together with all the creatures that live on the surface of the planet Earth, and that constitute, we could say, the organic world, are the machinery of this great organism called “Earth.” The pendulum that makes this complicated organism move is the Moon.

Humanity (starting from that principle) is completely mechanical, and every day it becomes more and more mechanical, that is obvious. It is necessary to create within ourselves a psychological Moon; only then could we stop being machines.

The Personality

Inside us, today, the only thing we have is a mechanical center of gravity; such a center lies in the personality. Obviously, in our personality is what we were taught, the example of our elders and family, what we learned at school, on the street, in the restaurant, in the canteen, etc. All that constitutes the personality, there we have our center of gravity.

The brighter a personality is, the more cultivated it is, the more it stands out and is respected by others. The great plenipotentiaries are respected, the great ambassadors, the government ministers are respected, the super-millionaires are respected, the people of the "high world" are respected because they have brilliant personalities, they carry in their bags that which is called " money." Some have fascinating intellectual culture and this makes them more brilliant (in their appearance).

So, then, our center of gravity, today, is in the personality, unfortunately...

The one who does not have money is not respected. In New York I know there was a sign that said: “who are you? money speaks for you: as much as you have so much your value is. If you don't have money, get it by working; and if you can't get it by working, always get it”. Such add or such sign existed in New York. I don't know if it stills exist, but it did exist.

Behold this is how humanity is: “having money, well, the worst psychological defects are covered; with money all the doors of the physical world are opened”. "Mr. money is a powerful gentleman"...

Our Center of Gravity

What does this mean? It means that we have our center of gravity in the personality. If a person does not have a lot of money, if he is poor, if he lives somewhere in a humble little house and is poorly dressed, well, everyone looks at him with..., rather, they don't even look at him; They don't even look at a person like that, simply; it does not exist for the powerful. Why? Because they have their center of gravity in the personality; and if others have a very small, very weak center of gravity, they are not even taken into account.

This means that there are stronger centers of gravity than others. The center of gravity of the personality, for example of a Ford (the president of the United States), is not the same as the center of gravity that a humble pick and shovel worker might have, for example.

The stronger the center of gravity of the personality is, well, the more one is respected, that is clear. But that center of gravity is completely mechanical.

We need to create a new center of gravity, but not mechanical but cognizant. Is it possible to create it? If it's possible! If we created it, we would go from the mechanical center of gravity to the cognizant center of gravity. But you cannot go from the mechanical center of gravity to the cognizant center of gravity "just because" - you have to work on yourself.

First of all, we must distinguish between personality and false personality. The normal personality must exist, of course it does (that is the vehicle of manifestation that we have); but another thing is the false personality.

If we want to create in ourselves the cognizant center of gravity, then first of all, we must eliminate from ourselves the undesirable elements of conceit, pride, vanity, selfishness, self-love, jealousy, etc. Only by eliminating these psychological elements, we can then create, in our intimate constitution, that is, in our inner essence, the conscious center of gravity (that is, the psychological Moon; the psychological Moon is the cognizant center of gravity). Whoever manages to create within themselves a psychological Moon will undoubtedly free themselves from the mechanical influences of the Moon that revolves around the Earth.

To free ourselves, then, from that mechanical influence that comes to us from above, from the physical Moon, we need to create in ourselves, within ourselves, the psychological Moon, that is, the cognizant center of gravity.

Unlike the mechanical center of gravity, which is located in the personality, the cognizant center of gravity is truly located in the essence, in the consciousness, in the soul. That's the difference...

Now, to eliminate the psychic aggregates of pride, vanity, conceit, jealousy, anger, self-esteem, selfishness, implies quite a lot of work. Well, these aggregates obviously enjoy a certain self-independence; we could say that they are psychological creatures or psychological people existing in the depths of ourselves and that they control the personality.

Within such “entities” the essence, the consciousness, is bottled up. If we want to disintegrate those defects, those psychological aggregates, we need to understand them; and if we want to understand them, we must first discover them.


In practical life, we need to live in a state of alertness-perception, alertness-novelty, if we want to eliminate the undesirable psychic aggregates that we carry within. In relation to our friends, in the street, in the public square, in the temple, etc., the defects that we have hidden spontaneously surface, and if we are alert and vigilant, like the sentinel in times of war, then we see them.

A discovered defect must be analyzed, comprehended, totally, through deep inner meditation. When one has comprehended that one has this or that defect of a psychological nature, obviously one must disintegrate it. It is possible to disintegrate it if we appeal to a force that is superior to the mind.

The mind, by itself, cannot fundamentally alter any defect. The mind can pass it from one level to another, the mind can hide it from oneself and from others, the mind can label it with different names, it can justify or condemn it but never eradicate it from itself.

In order to remove this or that discovered defect, we need a power that is superior to the mind. Fortunately, that power exists.


I want to emphatically refer to kundalini or to the serpent kundalini: the igneous serpent of our magical powers; kundalini is a serpentine, annular fire, coiled in the shape of a snake within the magnetic center of the coccyx.

When that fire awakens, it rises overwhelmingly along the spinal cord canal, awakening centers, powers, etc., it totally transforms us. There is no doubt that the advent of fire is the greatest event that a being in life can have.

This ascending serpent is called "kundalini". If we concentrate on that sacred viper, and beg her to remove or disintegrate the defect that we, in question, have discovered, you can be sure that she will do so. That aggregate that personifies the defect will then be reduced to cosmic dust.

One can disintegrate any defect, already in deep meditation, being alone, or already when working in the ninth sphere (singles, being alone; married people, when working in the ninth sphere). Unquestionably, singles, in their jobs, can eliminate 25 or 30% of all the undesirable elements that we carry inside.

Married people can go further: they can, by means of the electrical sexual force and with the help of devi kundalini shakti, annihilate one hundred percent of their psychological defects.

So it is worth reflecting on that point (which is very important).

Any married couple (gnostic-esotericists) in full chemical or metaphysical copulation, can invoke devi kundalini and will be assisted. If the igneous serpent of our magical powers were begged to eliminate this or that psychological error (if such a request were, in fact, in full metaphysical copulation), help would not be long in coming and the disintegration of the psychic aggregate in question would be a concrete, clear and definitive fact.

So, my friends, it is convenient that we reflect, deeply, on all these things...

To Become Conscious

If we manage to eliminate those heavy egos of 96 laws that constitute the false personality, we will then create a cognizant center of gravity at the bottom of the essence; we will leave, then, the state of lunar mechanicalness and we will pass to the cognizant state.

However, the passage from the mechanical center of gravity to the cognizant center of gravity implies intentional work and voluntary suffering on oneself, here and now...

I am giving you the key, then, to stop being machines; because, today, you can be absolutely sure that you are machines.

All the energies that come from the planets of the solar system could not enter the interior of the Earth directly and if they did enter, well, unquestionably they could not do anything, they could not originate any organic process, they could not sustain the economy. of the planet Earth.

So that the vital waves that come from the worlds that surround us, can play their economic-vital role inside the world, channels are needed, capable of transforming such waves; those forces need to adapt to the interior of planet Earth, those forces need to be transformed, to accommodate themselves into the interior of our world.

If those cosmic forces that come from the worlds did not pass through channels of transformation, they would not fulfill their mission inside the planet Earth. Obviously, his role would be null.

It is necessary that the cosmic waves that come from all the planets of our solar system enter, pass into the interior of the Earth through their respective channels.

There are canals in the plant, there are canals in the animal. There is no doubt that the main channels are in the human machines (behold the cause for their existence)...

When one tries not to be a machine, when one no longer wants to be a machine, nature opposes against one. Nature has within us, within each one of us, elements, powers, forces that it mobilizes in order to fight against us. And it is because it is not convenient for nature that someone wants to stop being a machine, that is an attempt against its economy; thus, nature has formidable powers to subdue, to subjugate those to order, those rebels who have taken up arms against it. That is the harsh reality of the facts! So, we do not expect, in any way, that you who are listening to me, are going to stop being little machines from night to morning, "just because."

I've been watching you here, carefully. Obviously, you are here to listen to me and I am here to talk to you, but I see, right here, in the exhibition, how nature works to try to submit you to order.

Some of you, listening to this talk, if you pay due attention, you will see that you have felt bored; there are those who have yawned, there are those who already wish this lecture would have ended, etc... Nature makes use of all that, those are the weapons that nature uses to prevent someone from ceasing to be a little machine.

You are machines. You may not like it, or may think I am insulting you. No, I promise you that I am not insulting you; what I am saying to you, I apply to all humanity.

You will cease to be machines the day you take up arms against nature, against the cosmos, against yourselves, against everything and everyone.

When that happens, well, there is a possibility that you will stop being machines (if you don't succumb, because nature is not going to drop its guard "just because"; that is an attack against the economy of nature; that is obvious).

Thus, what we first need is to create a psychological Moon, if we want to become independent from that pale Moon that revolves around the Earth, that sucks our energies, that has turned us into mechanical creatures (because all human beings are lunar and move in the psychological atmosphere of the Moon). That is sad, but true.

Conscious After Death

If we observe you after death, we will see that you are unconscious, asleep, you seem to somnambulists; if someone touches you, you are cold… cold as ice...

A very interesting case comes to mind, at this moment in which I am talking with you: on some occasion they told me about a mountain where unusual things happened. Whoever dared to climb to the top of that mountain, that one fell, let's say, "comatose" (that one was "knocked-out", as we say). Well, this was because, they say, “some apparition, a deceased person at midnight, etc.” Total, that no inhabitant dared to go up there to the summit...  

I said to myself: “Well, this indeed does not frighten me, I'm going to see what's going on”. In sum, I resolved, at midnight, to go up there. When I got to the summit, there, of that mountain, I said: “Well, let's see now what happens, why do people fall here comatose and find them the next day as dead, so that they have to pull out their tongues, and pour water on them, and everything? Let's see, what's going on?" Well, I looked to see what was there on the summit. Yes, I saw a man. I passed close to the man, and I kept looking at him to see what; he was not breathing, he was standing up; he had pants like that, gray, a white shirt; pale, completely pale and he wasn't breathing. And I said to myself: “this “guy”, what is he doing here? Is this the one that makes all people comatose? Well, he's not going to be able to do that to me”!... just in case” I had put on, not a pistol on my belt, but a humble pick and shovel worker's machete. I didn't need to take out that machete, it wasn't necessary...

The man looked at me (he had eyes like a somnambulist). I can assure you that he wasn't out there doing drugs at all, right? In truth, there was nothing of "drug-addicted" about him, but he was very pale and his feet were slightly suspended on the ground, that is, he was not completely perched, like this, firmly, on the ground, but slightly suspended...

I said: “No way, this guy... what happens is that he is dead, this is a deceased materialized here, physically”. He looked at me but did not attack me. Well, I recited to him everything I knew, right? I recited the conjuration of the four, the conjuration of the seven, I blessed him and fifty thousand other things of the sort, but he remained, well, impassive... His eyes were as the ones that somnambulists have...

And I said: “Well, is this the deceased that scares people so much? Wow, wow, wow!”

Well, I continued on my way. He didn't mess with me, I didn't mess with him either; I didn't even need to take out that little machete I was carrying "just in case", it wasn't necessary...

But I did see that somnambulistic state of the eyes, that's how the deceased are: after death they walk, like that, like somnambulists. Because in life it never occurred to them to work on themselves, they never woke up their consciousness, they were always one hundred percent mechanical creatures, and after death they continue to be somnambulists, they are unconscious somnambulists, this is very sad.

Another thing is that of the one where a cognizant center of gravity has been created; that one is already different: one already finds him, after death, totally cognizant and knows that he died.

For example, brother Guillermo Hickye recently died (some of us knew him and he was a good friend of Toni; in short, he was a good Gnostic brother from the patriarchal headquarters; we had thought of sending him as a missionary to the United States). Already, after his death, one afternoon, while in meditation, he arrived accompanied by other people. He greeted me and I told him, "What happened, Hickie? Do you realize you are already dead?"

He said, "Ah, well, I already know that, Master, I already know that I am dead!..."

"Very well; I am going to give you the teachings that I gave you there in the physical world; I am going to give them to you, now, in the astral world; I'm going to take you to different regions of the universe..."

"Ah, I do like that, that's what I want!"

The others who were listening said, "The master says that he is going to give you the teachings here in the astral!"

"Well, that is what I want, that is great, that makes me happy!" he said.

"Well, Hickye, we are going to continue teaching to you..."

And Hickye very happy said goodbye.

In life, this man had eliminated those defects of conceit, vanity, pride, self-love, anger, selfishness. That is to say, he had managed, this man, to establish in the depths of his consciousness, a cognizant center of gravity, that is why he was now awake in the astral, completely awake...

Well, moving forward, my friends, I believe that building or manufacturing the cognizant center of gravity is not the only thing either, something more is needed.

Creation of the Soul

If one wants, for example, to have the right to live on any planet in the solar system, or to travel through the worlds that constitute this solar system, then one must earn it. For this purpose, one would need to create the superior existential bodies of the Being, that is, create the planetary bodies within oneself.

How? One needs to make an astral body. When one makes an astral body, one knows that one has it because one can use it, like one can use his hands, his feet. But to create the astral body, it is necessarily necessary to go down to the ninth sphere. What is the ninth sphere? (Well, I think that most of those who are here have already studied gnosis, right? If there is someone new, which I don't know, well, in that case, they will have to learn what is going to be taught) ...

The ninth sphere is sex; the ninth sphere corresponds to the sex of the center of the Earth. In the center of the Earth there is a holy eight, placed horizontally (and made of pure gold). There is the brain, heart and sex of the planetary genius. All the forces that flow on this planet Earth are organized according to the holy eight.

In the human being we have brain, heart and sex. The fight is terrible: brain against sex, sex against brain; that's obvious. If sex beats the brain, then the pentagram, which is the human being, falls head down, with the lower angles up and the upper angle down. But if we are able to transmute the sexual energy (in the ninth sphere), then the five-pointed star will be in order: with the upper angle upwards and the two lower angles downwards.

By the way, we have been told that when a woman marries a man who does not belong to her, who does not belong to her by law, she is known because on the day of the wedding she appears “bald”, that is, her hair cannot be seen. hair (it is very covered; she has covered it unconsciously).

And when a man commits adultery, when he is unfaithful to his wife, a mark appears: the five-pointed star appears inverted, it shines fatally, it is a fatal star. These are very interesting facts, very important, that we should know...

I want to tell you, then, that if one transmutes the sacred sperm, one can afford to create the superior existential bodies of the Being. But it is necessary to transmute the sacred sperm into energy in order to create the superior existential bodies of the Being.


Through the transmutation of the sacred sperm (which in alchemy is called "mercury" or "raw mineral"), it is possible to manufacture the mercury of the secret philosophy. Mercury is the metallic soul of the sacred sperm; mercury is also sexual energy.

In order to be able to manufacture mercury, it is essential not to ejaculate the ens-seminis, that is, the entity of semen. Unquestionably, the restrained desire will transmute the sacred sperm into energy; that energy is the mercury of the wise.

Mercury or mercurial water is invisible to the physical eye but perceptible to the sense of psychological self-observation. Unquestionably, this sense is also given the name of "clairvoyance".

Obviously, the mercurial water is black in the beginning, but if the sacrament of the church of Rome (romae) is refined, that is, the sacrament of the church of love (amore), such mercurial water (or sexual energy, so that you understand me) turns white.

And if the sacrament of the Church of Rome continues to be refined, if chemical intercourse, or metaphysical intercourse, is performed as a religious tantric rite, then that mercurial water turns yellow.

And if you continue in the mystical work, later it happens that that yellow water, or mercury properly said, receives the sulfur (sulfur is fire), it awakens the sacred fire, the sulfur is released from its prisons, in which it is locked up, and that sulfur, mixed with mercury, forms a whirlpool of forces that rise through the spinal cord canal.

There is no doubt that in this whirlpool of forces, there is also sublimated salt. Salt, sulfur and mercury, is the "vitriol" of the wise, the azoth, which must rise up through the spine to the brain.

The surplus of that nitrogen or vitriol comes to crystallize through the law of octaves (in a superior octave), with the marvelous and extraordinary form of the astral body. When someone possesses an astral body, that one can travel with that body through all the planets of the solar system, that one has the right to travel outside the planet Earth.

Much later, in time, the azoth, in a second superior octave, comes to crystallize in the figure of the mental body. The mental body can apprehend or capture all the wisdom of nature.

And finally, in a third octave, the azoth comes to take form in the causal body.

The Solar Human

When a one possesses the physical body, the astral body, the mental body, and the causal body, one receives the human soul and spiritual principles and becomes a human being, one is a human (one has created the solar system within oneself). ). But one is still not a solar human; one simply is a human because one has his superior existential bodies of the being, and one also possesses the psychic principles.

If that human wants to progress a bit more, if one wants to become a solar human, one necessarily needs to manufacture the psychological sun within oneself.

Just as in order to make the solar system one needed to create the psychological planets (of the solar system, within oneself, represented in the superior existential bodies of the being), so too, if one wants to become a solar man, one will need to make the psychological sun within oneself. To do so, one will need to integrate oneself with the logos.

A very old book or codex says that: “the gods created humans of wood”, and that, “after having created them, they merged them with the divinity”. But then it adds: "not all humans manage to merge with divinity"...

So the humans who want to become solar humans have to merge themselves with the divinity; and only those who manage to fix the gold in the superior existential bodies of the being could become solar humans.

To fix the atoms of gold in the existential bodies is only possible if all the undesirable elements of our psyche are eliminated, all the defects that we possess, all the inhuman elements. Once that is achieved, the existential bodies will become golden vehicles of the best quality; I speak about gold, real gold, true gold ...

Physically, there is a test in order to know if a human has the higher existential vehicles of being converted into bodies of gold. One physical proof that they are of gold, is the one of the sacred sperm...

The sacred sperm of a Christified human, for example of Jesus of Nazareth or Hermes Trismegistus (although you may not believe it), is made of gold, it carries gold, physical gold. That would seem incredible, but it is true.

Initiates of that stature, have the exiohehari turned into gold. But, of course, I am referring to humans like Quetzalcóatl, or Gautama Sakyamuni, or Jesus the Christ (creatures of that stature).

Well, and going deeper, we would say that whoever has made their bodies in gold and already comes to possess their sperm in pure gold, obviously, well, has the Christ inside of them, the logos, the verb, the word, the very God himself. Therefore, such a creature is ineffable, it is a solar human, a solar divinity.

History tells us of many solar divinities in the past; people who possessed the Christ, that their superior existential bodies of the Being were made of pure gold. Those are solar humans.

It is said that a solar human has manufactured the sun within oneself. But if an ordinary human (but who has the superior existential bodies of being formed), wants to become a solar human, he has no choice but to go back down to the ninth sphere, to manufacture gold in his bodies.

After he has made them of gold, he goes back up again. And with just reason Hermes Trismegistus said:

 It is true, no lie, certain and to be depended upon: the superior agrees with the inferior, and the inferior agrees with the superior, to effect that one truly wonderful work.

As all things owe their existence to the will of the only one, so all things owe their origin to the one only thing, the most hidden by the arrangement of the only God.

The father of that one only thing is the sun, its mother is the Moon, the wind carries it in its belly; but its nurse is a spirituous Earth.

That one only thing is the father of all things in the universe.

Its power remains perfect, after it has been united with a spirituous Earth.

Separate that spirituous Earth from the dense or crude by means of a gentle heat, with much attention.

In great measure ascends from the Earth up to heaven and descends again, newborn on the Earth, and the superior and the inferior are increased in power.

By this wilt thou partake the glory of the whole world. And Darkness will flee from thee.

This is the strength of all powers. With this thou wilt be able to overcome all things and transmute all what is fine and what is coarse.

In this manner the world was created; the arrangements to follow this road are hidden.

For this reason I am called Hermes Trismesgistus, one in essence, but three in aspect.

In this trinity is hidden the wisdom of the whole world.

It is ended now, what I have said concerning the effects of the sun.” - Hermes Trismegistus

And if a solar human, for example, wants to become a galactic human, what should that one do? Obviously, that one would need to manufacture the psychological galaxy (in which we live), but to manufacture it within oneself, and for this one would have to go back down to the ninth sphere, to work in the flaming forge of Vulcan, and there, in that forge, would manufacture the psychological galaxy that would give one the right to live in the entire galaxy, which would allow one to take body in the capital of the galaxy, which is called "Sirius."



Millions of constellations revolve around Sirius. We had been told that 18 million, but the latest calculations say that there are many more (billions of constellations). This galaxy is huge. The light capital of this entire galaxy is the great central sun Sirius.

Around, by the way, the planet Sirius, revolves a Moon, five thousand times denser than lead.

If all the energy comes from Sirius, for the supra-heavens of all the worlds and the suns of the galaxy, there is no doubt that from that Moon that revolves around Sirius (five thousand times denser than the densest lead), comes the energy for all the infra-infernos of the galaxy.

To take body in Sirius? That is only for gods; in Sirius body is not given but only to gods! And this means that the inhabitants of Sirius are all gods.

Their bodies are relatively small, they do not reach a meter in height, or at most a meter; they are skinny, they have all their faculties turned on, open, united with their inner god...

They have not made the mistake that we make, here on Earth, of creating cities. I don't know why these earthlings have that tendency, to crowd together in cities, in towns; earthlings have that gregarious sense of absurdity. Because in the advanced worlds of the infinite space, cities are not created.

For example, in Sirius, there are no cities; The inhabitants have made of Sirius a huge city.

That is, there are no cities there, they live in the fields, in the mountains. Each house has its garden and orchard, where they grow their food, their fruits to eat. They wear a humble tunic (woven with a homemade spinning wheel), they wear metal sandals; they don't like to destroy trees; they have enormous seas, immense; deep, impenetrable jungles...

In Sirius is, precisely, the transcended church, which we, the Gnostics, say about.

A wonderful curved path leads to the transcended church; from side to side, you can see huge roses one or two meters in diameter. Inside the temple a delicious freshness reigns; the temple tiles are all black and white, to represent the struggle between spirit and matter. It has two altars, to represent the duality of existence.

Gurus or ineffable creatures from all over the cosmos constantly gather in Sirius at certain times to celebrate what we call here the "holy week", that is, to relive the cosmic drama. Sirius is beautiful!

But having one the right to take a physical body in Sirius, indeed, really “those are not enchiladas,” it is really very difficult; one must have become a galactic human.

To become a solar human or a galactic human, one has to go down to the infernal worlds, work in the forge of the cyclops, to create, precisely, the psychological characteristics of the galaxy. If one creates them, then one earns the right to take a physicality in Sirius.

A beautiful future awaits you, if you want to follow it! I am showing you the way.

I don't know if you are going to want to walk this path; I don't know, because people get excited for a moment and then they don't care anymore. I would like to see all of you in Sirius, to meet you there. Frankly, I would enjoy meeting you in the transcended church, for example.

I am talking to you about what I have verified, for myself, in my astral travel to Sirius. They haven't let me pass beyond Sirius, indeed, they haven’t let me pass; they always return me to Sirius; because to be able to pass beyond Sirius, that is, to be able to get out of this galaxy, it is necessarily necessary to create, within myself, this infinite that I would call “Einstein’s infinite”, a psychological infinite.

If a human, for example, a galactic human, wishes to earn the right to live in any sun of this infinite, the right to travel throughout this infinite, the right to leave this galaxy, then one has to go down to the ninth sphere again, another once again go down to the infernal worlds for a while (work there with the demons), to make the bodies that allow them to enter the infinite, create within themselves a psychological infinite, with psychological attributes and qualities. And any creation, whatever it may be, well, it has to be done with sex.

Let us observe a flower. Do you think that one of these flowers came out “just because”? It took sex for it to come out. You have seen, then, the pistils and stamens in the flowers (the male and female organs), how the seed is then formed, and finally, you know that too well...

Animals, too, how do they reproduce? the worlds? Do you believe that the planet Earth did not come out of sex? It came out of sex! The Elohim had to do tremendous sexual work in the chaos, so that this Earth could emerge from there; otherwise, I wouldn't have come out (creative, sexual works).

Well, I'm not going to explain this to you tonight, because it would be very long; these are teachings of the highest alchemy. In any case, I knew that kind of work; that's why I talk about it...

So, if one wants to create a psychological infinite within oneself, one will have to go down to the forge of the Cyclopes to create the psychological infinite. Having created such a psychological infinite, it will obviously earn the right to leave the galaxy and live in any galaxy, or travel through all the galaxies of this infinite.

But one could not, really indeed, I repeat, one could not get out of this galaxy and live in any world of the infinite, this one in which we exist, if one did not create, within oneself, within one’s psyche, a psychological infinite. When one has earned that right, one frees oneself from the galaxy and becomes a human of the infinite.

At this point, two paths open before us: either one plunges into the bosom of the eternal common cosmic Father (the infinitude that sustains everything) or resolves to pass to another infinite, the next infinite, to become a inhabitant of the next infinite, following the path of the cosmocrators...

If so, it would be up to one to go down again, once again, to the forge of the Cyclops, to create, within oneself, the qualities and powers that allow one to enter the next infinite, the future infinite (speaking in the language of "Pistis Sophia", I would say: "to another firmament")...

Everyone is free to choose the path they want; after all, one cannot decide on these things, the one who decides is Kether, the Ancient of Days; because if one resolves to make the decision on his own, then one goes wrong. Because the Ancient of the Centuries is the one who commands.

I would gladly absorb myself in the bosom of the common eternal cosmic Father. That's what I would think, but I don't know what the Ancient of the Centuries would say... So, really, indeed, I couldn't define that; that would define by him, not by me.

Conclusion: in order to progress on this path, one has no choice but to work in the forge of the cyclops, dissolve the ego and love his fellow people by sacrificing himself for them...

So ends my talk tonight.

Questions and Answers

Now, I leave you the full freedom to ask (in relation to this exposed topic), what you have to ask. I only ask you the favor of not getting off topic. Let's see brother...

Student: About adultery…

Samael Aun Weor: When the man is cheating, when he is an adulterer (or when the woman cheats the man), it appears here, for the clairvoyant it is perceptible, the five-pointed star with the superior ray downwards and the two lower rays up. It could be painted there for illustration. Paint the star on their two..., there it is on the right; now paint them backwards, see how it looks. Except that it didn't come out well painted, but well..., that's how it becomes perceptible for the sense of psychological self-observation. Any other question? ...

Student: Master, I wanted to ask you something: what is the right side and what is the wrong side?

Samael Aun Weor: Well...

Student: Because what the eye captures, the eye transforms when it reaches the back of the eye, it bends the light, creating the opposite which is the one upside down on the blackboard, and not the upside up, so which one is the upside up and which one is the reverse?

Samael Aun Weor: Well (the brain eventually turns the image as it is), we are speaking in a conventional language; that's obvious. Well, if we go to academic questions, I will have to tell you that there is no right or wrong; that is a pure game of polarities.

One thing is the flaming star in its positive form and another is the flaming star in its negative form. But as necessary is the positive as the negative. If the positive and negative poles of electricity did not exist, there would be no light in these bulbs.

So, I am merely using conventional language; because if we are going to use it technically, academically, well, we understand that there is no right or wrong, but polarities, according to the hermetic doctrine...

Let's see, any other questions? speak...

Student: Esoterically, the star, what does it mean?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the five impressions that Pistis Sophia tells us about. Undoubtedly, in these five impressions are represented by a human (if you stand up, with your arms to the right and left, your legs open, you have the five-pointed star).

Now, in a negative way, things change. It is, let us say, the inversion of the intellectual order, it indicates black magic, etc...

Students: ...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, are you talking about the five-pointed star or the six-sided cube? The cubic stone (or rather), with six faces! The six-sided cubic stone, for example, is the philosopher's stone, isn't it? It has four faces that point in the four directions and one face up and one down; It is the cubic stone with six faces...

But if we talk about the star, it is about the star; clearly indicates the human; a self-realized human is a perfect flaming star and shines. Those are the five impressions that Pistis Sophia speaks of.

With those five impressions of the Pistis Sophia, the five helpers are related.

Those five helpers are the five genii: Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, Samael, they are the five, right? (Mercury, Moon, Venus, Sun, Mars; the five helpers). Those five helpers are represented in five parts of the Being that exist within the human.

Also, that star represents the five trees or five orders of lords of karma, understood?

Now, from another point of view, from the magical point of view, the star would represent magical charms, jinn states, esotericism, transcendental occultism, indeed...

Well, if there is any other questions, brothers, and sisters? Ask me...

Student: How does the inverted star disappear...?

Samael Aun Weor: How is the inverted star disappearing, in the adulterer, in the one who has it on the forehead? Well, by dissolving the egos of adultery and paying the corresponding karma. Because, unquestionably:

“Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.” – Matthew 12: 31 (sex is the force of the holy spirit); any crime against the holy spirit, is not forgiven...

One can negotiate one’s own karma with the lords of the law, or one can also be forgiven; but karma, that is, crimes against the holy spirit, are not negotiable or forgivable, they have to be paid. Any other questions, brothers, and sisters? Let's see...

Student: In all this process that you just explained to us, can it be done in just one of our lives, in just one existence?

Samael Aun Weor: Obviously yes. A return or a very well used reincarnation, well, it can be used for that, and the work can be done in one well spent existence; it can, perfectly well, but well used to the maximum; and everything can be achieved.

One can even manage to become an infinite human in a single existence, if one takes advantage of it properly; if one dedicates himself to nothing more than that, exclusively to that. any other question, brothers, and sisters? Ask...

Student: Excuse me, master, as everything that is higher is manifested here... ...that go directly to the intellect. But... ...a manifestation of something... ...of limited downward or upward projection, but not... engineer builds a small building; when the sun hits that small building, its shadow is small, but the bigger the building, the bigger the shadow it casts. So, there is a duality, before which, intellectualism "sticks" to me, telling me that one must not be neither white nor black, but be the central point of the two...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, then it seems that you have forgotten the four arithmetic operations of reasoning: affirmation, negation, discussion, solution. So, let's not forget those four arithmetic operations.

As for the law of opposites, everything is and is not at the same time; all truth is half true, all truth is half error; the extremes meet...

Can't you see that we are inside the world of Einstein's relativity? Now, if you want to get out of this world of Einstein's relativity, undoubtedly, you are going to need to create the solar human within yourself. If you create the solar human within yourself, unquestionably, you escape from the dualism that lives in incessant antithesis; you pass beyond good and evil, you free yourself from the powers of good and evil.

But only the solar human manages to liberate himself from the powers of good and evil. Only the solar human manages to pass beyond the battle of the antitheses. Only the solar human really breaks free.

But if you believe that based on pure lunar reasoning you are going to achieve the experience of the reality, well, “yeah no”, you cannot; you must pass beyond this vicious circle of your reasoning.

You indispensably need to create the human first and then the solar human. First the human of the solar system, the planetary human, and then create, within yourself, the solar human.

Only the solar human can truly liberate himself from all this battle of antitheses; only the solar human frees himself from the pair of opposites of philosophy; only the solar human, truly, reaches the experience of the reality and lives in the reality; not before. With pure reasoning, you can be sure that you will not achieve it; the most you will achieve is to ruin your mind and your brain; that's it.

Well, do any other brothers or sisters have something to ask? do it with the most complete freedom! Yes?

Student: Master, then, well, it comes to my imagination that in such a world, already more advanced, another type of transcendental logic operates, higher than our logic of dualities and syllogisms, and of circular thoughts.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, here you are on planet Earth, you know? Here, the only thing we have, on these sides, is the formal logic (which, between parentheses, is very reactionary); dialectical logic is a little more revolutionary; but there is a third type of logic that is superior, it is acceptable, I am referring to the tertium organum (the third canon of thought).

If you want to know this third type of logic, I advise you to study Ouspensky's "tertium organum", there you will find the superior logic, which will allow you, then, to advance a little more within the field of the mind.

But, on more advanced worlds, there's really no need to go through all this "jargon"; in more advanced worlds people are governed by intuition (it is intuitive). Let us not forget that intuition is the flower of intelligence.

But for intuition to truly manifest in a human being, it needs the absolute elimination of the ego (reducing the animal ego to ashes, to cosmic dust), only in this way, indeed, can intuition be developed with all euphoria and manifest itself with extraordinary splendor, becoming, so to speak, the foundation of daily life.

Earthlings are very reasoning people; you will say: "Why don't you say that you are also a reasoning person, right?". No, really, indeed, because, although I have here, an earthling physical body, I am not really an earthling; I indeed am from the planet Mars; I got into this body to speak to you, but I am not an earthling; that's why I say: “the earthlings”..., because I'm not. On this planet I am a visitor; I originally came from my world (which is Mars). I have stayed here helping humanity, I will continue with humanity until the father takes me again to Mars; and that's it.

Well, is there anyone else who wants to ask? Yes? Let's see, speak brother...

Student: I say: unfortunately the questions are necessary...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, why do you say “unfortunately”? Remember that Parsifal did not become King of the Grail, because he did not ask the reason why for the pains of Amfortas. So you have to ask; Ask then...

Student: Master, excuse me, I have many doubts, and in reality the instructors have told me that doubt should not be, because it is about discovering and working in depth (already there they try to tell me that more practice is necessary than theory ), more, however, I ask myself: is practice so bad or is theory so bad? I return again to the same thing: if by law of recurrence, one returns to the starting point, what about the work in the ninth sphere, of a person who did not have the knowledge that the ninth sphere existed, but who tried... he could, eliminate ego, without the will, let's say, without the will... ...what happens to that person who, by law of recurrence, has to return to the point of origin?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, is that your question?

Students: Yes...

Samael Aun Weor: I'm going to tell you one thing: we all have a very serious error; and it is a very serious one.

And this error consists that all of us would like everything to be done according to our very psychological needs, and unfortunately, we are not the most important creatures on planet Earth. There are creatures more developed than us. A lion, for example, is a creature that beats us in strength and achievements of the Being; an eagle has a higher sight than we do, can fly to great heights (haughty and revolutionary), and enjoys a happiness that we do not have. So, really indeed, we are not the most important; we are little machines and that's all, at the service of nature. That we have to return, return, reincorporate..., that's a fact!...  

If someone worked, up to a certain point, on the dissolution of the ego (but nothing more), and then returns, well, that one becomes a little more aware, since that one dissolved some egos; unquestionably, that one becomes a little more cognizant, and if that one also manufactured a cognizant center of gravity (he manufactured his psychological Moon or his specific magnetic center), in the new existence, in the new return, in the new personality, he will attract to himself , by law of universal magnetization, that knowledge, those books, those instructors that he needs and he will continue on his way working on himself.

But if he did not do any work on himself, if he was never interested in this kind of studies, he is obviously a sleepy person; When she returns, when she returns, when she reincorporates, she will come with her consciousness asleep and will continue to be what she is: a little machine, and that's all.

One day the 108 existences will run out and he will have no choice but to regress within the bowels of the Earth (until the second death).

So, really, really, it's worth working on, creating a cognizant center of gravity within ourselves.

Your arguments are good, they are useful, but deep down, you could get bogged down in your arguments...

The case of a friend who was like you (like that): the wretched man lived reasoning all the time (I don't know how he didn't go crazy)... Well, conclusion: one day we were walking through a field and a tremendous rain broke out; Well, we both ran to avoid "washing" so much, because it was raining terribly. Suddenly, I stopped myself and told my friend, "If we run, we get wet; if we don't run, we also get wet, so why do we run?"

And my friend, who was tremendously reasonable, replied, "If we run, we get less wet, according to the laws of time, space and movement that are very well exposed in Einstein's theory of relativity."

I told him, "What happens to you is that you fall into excess of reasoning."

And then he tells me, "And when is there excessive reasoning?"

I told him, "When you fall into a vicious circle. You are in a vicious circle..."

Thus, it is worth knowing this body of doctrine and not falling into the vicious circle of reasoning, because it doesn't get you anywhere. Know yes, the body of doctrine, the practices and go to work, study thoroughly; but if one remains only in the vicious circle of reasoning, one does not reach any conclusion.

Something very similar happened, precisely, to Agrippa, to Cornelius Agrippa. Remember that Abbé Trithemius (a Benedictine monk who was a great master, a disciple of Albert the Great) had three wonderful Gnostic students. The first was none other than Philippe Theophrastus Bombast of Hohenheim (Aureola Paracelsus, great physician and great initiate); he did the great work and self-realized himself; he is a resurrected master, he still lives with the same physical body that he had at that age, at that time; He still lives, I know him personally, he lives! ... And the other one was Dr. John Faust (enchanter and magician), who served as an inspiration to all the playwrights of the Middle Ages (even Goethe himself, to write his famous drama of "Faust", was inspired by Dr. Faust). The doctor John Faust has not been understood, he has not been comprehended, he has always been wrongly judged, he was condemned as a “black magician”; and really, he was not a black magician, he was a resurrected master who transmuted lead into gold, who put his body in a jinn state and transported himself, body and all, to remote places, etc. great enlightened! He did the great work.

Philip Theophrastus received the teachings of Abbé Trithemius and did the great work: he became an immortal and resurrected master. As for John Faust (enchanter and magician, and great doctor), he also did the great work. But there was a third party who decided to do what you are doing: he spent his whole life reasoning, and reasoning, and reasoning, and reasoning. At last he said: “No, I am not going to reason anymore, I am going to dedicate myself to practicing…."