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Pentagram, Symbol of the Perfect Human Being
Pentagram, Symbol of the Perfect Human Being

The Meanings of the Pentalpha, the Pentagram, the Five-pointed Star

Let us analyze the pentalpha in depth.

In the upper angle we can see a sign that looks like a number four. That is the symbol of Jupiter, the father of the gods, the symbol of the divine spirit of every creature that comes into the world, the symbol of the eternal living god.

Below that four you will see eyes, always open. They are the eyes precisely of the divinity, of God. Before this symbol of Jupiter, with the eyes of the spirit always open, the columns of angels and demons tremble. Such a symbol makes the tenebrous ones to flee horrified.

The pentalpha opens his arms in an extraordinary manner, as when a man stands with his legs and arms open. If we carefully observe those open arms of the pentalpha, we will see on them the sign of Mars, the planet of war, and we already know that the Martian occultism is terrifying. In the spheres, not higher but lower of Mars, we find terrible black magicians who tremble before this terrifying sign of the pentalpha.

Obviously, such a Martian sign, placed in the arms of the five-pointed star (which symbolizes the human being), gives us strength. Not physical strength, which is a very inferior type of strength, no; It gives us the strength of the spirit, in order to defeat the wicked.

The two lower open angles, which are our two legs (when we stand with them open), bear the signature of Saturn; And we already know what the negative aspect of the sphere of Saturn is, what the terrible black magic is. Obviously, that sign is placed down there on the legs; the tenebrous ones understand it. If we have Jupiter above with the eyes of the spirit always open, it is obvious that the tenebrous ones, seeing this, are horrified, they cannot resist, they withdraw...

On the left side of the image of the pentalpha, we see the moon and on the right side we see the sun. This if we place the image, not face to face, but next to our side, it is clear that the sun will be on the right, and the moon on the left, right?

The sun is represented by a circle, with a dot in the center. That radiant sun of the spirit illuminates our path. On the left is the moon. The sun represents the solar forces, the positive, masculine forces. The moon represents the negative, feminine forces.

In the center appears the caduceus of Mercury, under the zodiacal sign (precisely) of Mercury. That caduceus of mercury is very important, and on top of that is the sign of the planet Mercury.

It is obvious that Mercury is the messenger of the gods, it is the planet that is closest to the Sun, it is the minister of the Sun. Without Mercury it would not be possible to reach the intimate self-realization of the Being.

Under Mercury, precisely, his caduceus appears, with the wings of the spirit always open. Such a caduceus is in the dorsal spine of the human body, in our spinal medulla, with that pair of sympathetic cords, known in the East as "Ida" and "Pingala": a pair of cords that coil in the way that you see in the caduceus of mercury. Through that pair of nervous cords, the creative energy rises to the brain.

Now we will expand, after this brief explanation, even more... Well, here we also have, in this pentalpha, the staff of the patriarchs, the rod of Aaron, the bamboo cane with seven knots, the scepter of the kings, the flowered rod of Joseph, which is the dorsal spine.

Obviously, it is through the spinal cord canal that the sacred fire must rise to the brain, to pass from there to the heart temple. The flaming sword also appears in the pentalpha, which is nothing more than the sacred fire in each one of us. Without the flaming sword, we would not truly be disciples. When an angel loses his sword, that angel has fallen, and then he is precipitated towards the atomic infernos...

The chalice also appears in the pentalpha, in the upper part, so that we see the chalice, the staff and the sword. That chalice undoubtedly represents the yoni (that is, the uterus), just as the staff represents the phallus, the masculine principle, and the sword the sacred fire.

Undoubtedly, we have to learn to handle the staff and the sword, and we also have to work with the cup of Hermes, if we want to fulfil the great work.

The word "tetragrammaton" is quite interesting. "tetra" is the trinity within the unity of life; therefore "tetragrammaton" means the holy four. Because the father is the number one, the son is the number two, the holy spirit is the number three; but they, all three, emanate from the Ain Soph, that is, from the interior atomic star that has always smiled unto us; thus, the three, emanating from it, from the Ain Soph, form the four: the tetragrammaton. This word, "te-tra-gram-ma-ton", is mantric...

I once wanted to experiment with the tetragrammaton: I vocalized it in the higher worlds of cosmic consciousness, and then many ineffables from the nine heavens (moon, mercury, venus, sun, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, and neptune) emerged to see what happened, as if to say: "Why have you pronounced the name of the Eternal in vain?" I myself felt perplexed, confused...

If we place the pentagram in this way, that is, with the upper angle downwards and the two lower angles upwards, we have the sign of black magic: instead of the columns of angels attending our invocations, the columns of demons would attend.

Tarot 16

When an initiate falls, when he spills the glass of Hermes Trismegistus, then he is struck down by Arcanum 16 of the Kabbalah, and he falls with his head down and his legs up, in the form of the inverted pentalpha. This is how the great initiates have fallen.

If at the entrance of our room we draw the sign of the pentalpha with charcoal, with the upper angle inwards and the two lower rays outward, the tenebrous ones will flee from our bedroom. But if we painted it with the upper angle outwards and the two lower rays inward, the tenebrous ones would come to our bedroom.

When the pentagram is put in a frame (as a poster), it terribly scares the wicked. And if it is painted on glass, it also makes them flee in terror, and if it is worn on the chest, whether in gold or silver, we will be well protected against the forces of darkness. It is, then, the pentagram, of a truly amazing magical power...

We see that it appears on the arms, written with Hebrew letters: Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei. The word “Iod”, as a masculine principle, or divine particle, rather as a virginal spark, is terrific.

“Iod-Hei”, behold the masculine and feminine aspect of the divinity. “Iod”, the divine masculine principle; “Hei”, the divine feminine principle; “Vav”, the masculine-sexual principle (which represents, the lingam); “Hei”, the yoni, the female yoni.

There is a way to pronunce the Hebrew letters Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, but it is terribly divine and it is not in vain that these mantras should be sung, because those four letters make the inner divinity vibrate (it is said to be the name of the eternal). , and in vain should not be pronounced. This invites us to reflect...

Other Hebrew letters appear there, to remind us of certain processes of the divinity, but now I will keep silence about them.

Numbers appear, as if to remind us of the trinity within the unit (the tetragrammaton), but it is not mandatory that those numbers go there; those are already perfectly conventional.

What is important is that tetragrammaton is written there, which we already know is the trinity within the unity of life (the holy four).

Undoubtedly, my dear brothers and sisters, the pentagram is the human being, the microcosm, within which (I have already said) is the infinite.

There is the need to work with that caduceus of mercury that appears on the pentalpha, that is, we need to transmute the sperm into energy, in order to awaken the sacred fire and make it rise up the spine to the brain! Only then will it be possible to develop all our faculties and powers! We have to work with that caduceus of mercury that we have in our spine.

Obviously, when we know how to transmute the sperm into energy, when we do not commit the crime of spilling the cup of Hermes Trismegistus, then the sperm (is not ejaculated but) is transformed into seminal energy. That energy, in turn, is bipolarized into very high voltage solar and lunar atoms that rise through two nerve cords that entwine around the spine, the two cords that appear in the caduceus of Mercury.

Later, the solar and lunar atoms make contact in the triveni, near the coccyx, and then by induction a third force is awakened. I want to emphatically refer to the sacred fire of the spine, to the Pentecostal fire, to the Jehovistic fire, to the sexual fire. Such fire, ascending slowly, from vertebra to vertebra, awakens different powers in the human being.

One must work, undoubtedly, with the sun and the moon (the masculine and feminine principles), that is, the man with his woman, the woman with her man. Only in this way is it possible to awaken that sacred fire that will radically transform us.

We need to learn how to handle the staff and the sword, we have to learn to handle the cup of Hermes, the sacred chalice. Only then is the total transformation possible.

In my last lecture I said that when a man marries a woman who does not belong to him as a wife, but capriciously takes her, violating the law, it is easy to recognize her because on the day of the wedding she appears bald. She, unconsciously, with her veil, comes to cover her hair in such a way that you don't really see her hair; she appears as if she has no hair (bald).

Not all women naturally know this. If they knew, then they would find a way to not see themselves bald, so that her hair would come out everywhere.

Then it is said that the man is marked with a fatal star on the forehead, that is, with the inverted pentalpha, with the luciferic fire.

When a man is also unfaithful to his wife, to the wife who has given him the great law, then he falls, like the inverted pentalpha, with his head down and both legs up, and he will carry on his forehead the fatal symbol of the inverted star...


In the Middle Ages, the great Gnostic esoteric mysteries existed. The neophyte who was a candidate for initiation was led blindfolded to a large room; there the blindfold was removed. The first thing that appeared before his eyes was the male goat of Mendez, the devil (having on the forehead, the pentalpha) in perfect order: the upper angle upwards and the two lower angles downwards...

The neophyte was commanded to kiss the devil's butt. If the neophyte trembled, if he did not obey, the blindfold was put on again and then he was taken out through another door. He never knew where he had entered, never where he had left. But if he obeyed, from the very legs of the devil, on that cube on which he appeared sited, on that cubical stone on which he appeared sited, a beautiful maiden would come out and receive him with a kiss of peace and open arms. Then he was received by the whole brotherhood and accepted as a Gnostic knight.

Those were Gnostics-Rosicrucians, who truly knew the mysteries of the rose and the cross. I don't want to say that they were already real Rosicrucians, because "Rosicrucian" is a big word; Rosicrucians exist only there, above, in the superior worlds; down here there are only would-be aspirants to Rosicrucians. To become a member of the authentic Rosicrucian order, one must be a Gnostic.

But what is the rose? is it not, perhaps, the symbol of the divine logos? What is the cross? We already know that it is absolutely sexual. Do you know what you have to do to make the rose bloom on that cross? Do you know what that means, that the logos comes to blossom (by means of the sexual work) in us? That is something very terrific, unspeakable! Only when one arrives to it are we Rosicrucians. Gnostic-Rosicrucians. Before such an instant, we may be aspirants to Rosicrucians.

No one could enter the golden Rosicrucian without being a Gnostic, without the "G" of generation. How, in what way, if it is necessary for the rose to bloom (by means of the sexual work) in us?

Which one is the rose? We already said it: the logos. But let the logos flourish in sex and through sex, have you seen anything more terrifying? 

A painting by cungat, in the Middle Ages, is wonderful: the crucified Christ appears in it, but (that's the big thing) with the phallus erect, made light... Only in this way is it possible to be Gnostic-Rosicrucians.

In the Middle Ages, I repeat, the aspiring Rosicrucians were accepted (in those Gnostic temples), after that initiation. But, unquestionably what did that male goat of Mendes mean? Obviously, Typhon Baphomet!... "I believe in the mystery of the Baphomet!" declares universal Gnosticism. And it is because Baphomet-Lucifer, is one of the varied parts of our Being.

Our intimate being has many particles; one of them is lucifer: the reflection of the logos, the shadow of our own intimate logoi, projected on ourselves and within ourselves, here and now, for our own good, that is “the mystery of Baphomet and Abraxas”.


The “rooster” of the abraxas is so Gnostic that it is well worth remembering (it undoubtedly represents the resurrection).

But could resurrection be possible without Lucifer? Impossible, right? Even the Nahuas knew this: the Lucifer-Nahua so loved in the temple of Chapultepec by the Gnostics-Rosicrucians, the Xolotl, is in each one of us! That is the living and philosophical fire that lies in the profound depths of our seminal waters, in the living depths of our metallic sexual chaos. At the root of all sperm... could it work without lucifer?...

INRI, say the Gnostics! INRI is placed on top of the cross of the savior of the world. But where is that cross? I repeat again that lingam-yoni (phallus-uterus), sexually connected, make a cross. So, the cross is carried by each one of us and we must work with the cross, because on the cross is INRI, and INRI is: ignis natura renovatur integra (fire renews nature incessantly).

Thus, Lucifer-Nahua (Xolotl), the male goat of Mendes, hidden in the depths of our seminal system, is that living and philosophical fire, through which we can radically transform ourselves.

In the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, a very interesting statuette of a raven appears.

He looks over there, towards a corner, and in that corner there is a small stone: (they call it) “the center stone,” the “upper corner stone”, the “master stone”, the devil. But how curious is that devil of the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris: there all the faithful turn off their candles, after their rites and prayers... Yes, that is the philosopher's stone, really...

The ancient sibyls used to say: “a true philosopher is the one who knows how to prepare the cup”. but which cup? Well, the cup of Hermes Trismegistus. Where is that cup? Here, in the pentagram, a chalice appears: it is the sacred chalice, it is the chalice from which Christ drank during the last supper. Yes, it is the holy grail, about which there is so much chivalric literature. There is one that shines there, in the temple of Montserrat (Spain, Catalonia). We have a copy of it in the temple of Chapultepec.

That cup of Hermes Trismegistus must be prepared: it is the cup that contains the raw material of the great work; the vessel of Hermes, where the sacred sperm, the ens-seminis, is contained.

Woe to him who spills the cup of Hermes because then he falls like the inverted pentalpha: with the upper angle downwards and the two lower rays upward! He falls like this, at the bottom of the abyss, and this is really painful, my dear brothers and sisters...

Let us now continue with the seal of Solomon, with the two linked triangles, which also appears here, in this masterful drawing of the pentalpha.

It is obvious that in order to understand it, we need to be alchemists. how could we understand it, without sacred alchemy, in what way?

Right now, comes to my mind, transcendental events of my present reincarnation...

I was still very young, and she was called "Urania" (the infinite). I always lived in love with Urania, with that heaven populated by innumerable galaxies, by whirlwinds of worlds that, like drops of gold, plunge into the endless abyss...

One day, in a state of samadhi, I abandoned all my vehicles to fully immerse myself in the "universal paraclete", beyond good and evil, far beyond the body, the affections and the mind. In a state, let's say, of supernirvanic happiness, happy within that immaculate region of the universal spirit of life, I had to enter through the doors of the temple.

So, I opened the great book of nature and studied its laws...

The ecstasy increased, from instant to instant, from moment to moment (there is no greater happiness than that of feeling the soul detached, because then, the past and the future are twinned within an eternal now).

When I returned from that samadhi, when I returned to this physical body, when I penetrated inside my vehicle through that pineal gland, so cited by Descartes as "the door of the soul", I had to receive an extraordinary visit: certain lady-adepts, emerged from that universal paraclete, became visible and tangible to me in the world of dense form. One of them, full of extraordinary sweetness, putting a ring with the seal of Solomon on my right hand's ring finger, exclaimed: “You have passed the test of the sanctuary; very few human beings have been able to pass that terryfing test!”... She blessed me and left, leaving a ring on the ring finger of my right hand.

I woke up very happy and since then I felt happy. Every time I managed to escape from this dense body, I saw in my right hand the prodigious ring, formed, yes, with that immaculate substance (very white and divine) of that region of the universal paraclete, where time is not.

But there are transcendental and transcendent events: any of those mystery nights, after finding myself in a garden full of sublime flowers, a vivid allegorical representation of divine virtues, I had the good fortune, yes, to enter a temple of beauty. Among the aroma that escaped from the cauldrons, I floated with my sidereal vehicle, happy. The music of the spheres made the infinite cosmos vibrate, and each melody shook me intimately...

Suddenly, stopping before the sacred altar, in front of the mahatma of that divine place, in that corner of love, I looked at the ring (there it was), and I touched it with my left hand, filled with great curiosity. Then the mahatma exclaimed: “That ring no longer serves you, because you have touched it with your left hand! However, I'll check it!"...

Later he gave me certain explanations about it. He told me that such a ring vividly represents the logos of the solar system, that the sexual forces, masculine and feminine, work there; that the six points are masculine, that the six deep entrances, between point and point, are feminine... He explained to me that the six points and the six deep entrances, between point and point, form twelve radiations, and that the twelve radiations, through logoic alchemy, come to crystallize in the twelve constellations of the zodiac, which is, for our system solar, a true cosmic matrix”..

The mahatma then fell silent and withdrew. Time passed, I never saw my ring on my right hand again. I always inquired, always searched, always clamored for that ring... I heard comments from various esotericists, but no one on the face of the earth could give me a satisfactory explanation.

When was I to conquer the prodigious ring again? Years passed and I finally I understood...

Friends, the upper triangle is the brimstone of the secret philosophy, the living fire of the alchemists. The lower triangle, which is linked to the upper one, is the Mercury. I had carried out the great work, there in the continent Mu or Lemuria (which sank between the raging waves of the Pacific ocean, about 18 million years ago), then I had achieved the complete integration of sulfur and mercury, I had carried out in myself the Philosopher's Stone. For this reason, the prodigious ring had been given to me. In those bygone times, I had passed the sanctuary ordeal... Yes, I had done the great work, the one done by Nicholas Flamel, the same one done by Raymond Lully, Jeshua ben Pander, Koot Hoomi, Saint Germain, the enigmatic and powerful Count Cagliostro, Quetzalcóatl and many others...

But it is true, and absolutely true, that after having accomplished the great work, that is, after having passed the test of the sanctuary, after having studied the great book and untied its seven seals, I made the mistake of touching it with the left hand, maybe a million years ago, a little more or less (I don't say "maybe"; surely, a million years ago). That is to say, after having achieved the union of the two triangles (the integration of sulfur and mercury), I did that: I launched myself as the inverted pentalpha, with the head down and the legs up.

I was already forbidden from sex and I made the mistake of Count Zanoni: going back to sex. If Count Zanoni fell in love with Viola, the great Neapolitan, I also made the mistake of falling in love with a beautiful maiden of the first sub-race of the fifth root race, in the central plateau of “Assiah”, today Asia. It was then that I lost the prodigious ring, it was then that the metallic reduction came upon me; And so, as a fallen bodhisattva, I walked from existence to existence, until in the present existence I decided to stand up again, to serve as an instrument for the father, because he is the one who initiates the new era of Aquarius, within the august thunder of thought...

Friends, that sulfur is the sacred fire that must be awakened, to unleash the seven seals of the great book of wisdom, of the great book of nature. That this book is mentioned in the "apocalypse" of the seer of Patmos, it is true!

When the first seal is broken, a great event comes, and with the second, and the third, and the fourth seal and the fifth, and so on, but when the seventh seal is broken, there are lightning and thunder, hail and great earthquakes. Each one of us has the obligation to untie the seven seals of the great book, through the sacred fire.

In a residual, elementary way, we say that when the kundalini goes up the spine, the seven seals are unleashed (but that's elementary, right?). We say that the first seal is untied when the church of Ephesus is opened, the coccygeal chakra, which gives us powers over the gnomes of the earth. And when the sacred fire rises to the height of the prostate, we say that we have untied the second seal, which gives us power over the waters of life. And when the sacred fire rises to the height of the solar plexus, we say that we have untied the third seal, which gives us power over the flaming fire. And when it rises to the height of the heart, we say that we have untied the fourth seal, which gives us power over the creatures of the air. And when it rises to the height of the creative larynx, we say that we have untied the fifth seal, which gives us power over pure akasha and clairaudience. And when it reaches between the eyebrows, that wonderful lotus opens, allowing us to see the great realities of the superior worlds (then it is said that we have untied the sixth seal). And when the seventh is untied, it is said that it is when the fire reaches the pineal gland, because we acquire polyvoyance and many other faculties. But that is elementary, completely elementary; that's just the first job. Untidying the seven seals masterfully is something more terrific, much more terrific...

Since this belongs to alchemy, I am even going to give some notions, about that which is terrific... It is said, my dear brothers and sisters, in already alchemical language, that we must go through three calcinations, and that is represented with the living symbol of a salamander.

The first calcination belongs to the mountain of initiation. what do we “calcine” there? What are we going to “cook” and “anneal” and “cook again”? Red salt (we are told), which is nothing more than petrified fire, petrified sulfur, because fire, in alchemy, is represented by sulfur. That red salt is the inhuman elements that we carry inside, which must be reduced to ashes. Here is the first calcination.

The second is more advanced, it belongs to the second mountain: the ashes of that red salt must be re-calcined, to extract various spiritual elements from it. This is quite interesting. There they work with the spheres of the moon, mercury, venus, sun, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus and neptune.

The third calcination goes further: it is necessary to return to that red salt, to the ashes that have already remained, to collect them and cook them again, to finally extract, from there, the metallic salt, incombustible and fleeting, that is, the divine elements, more profound, that are normally bottled up within the ego. Already extracted, they merge with our consciousness, so that it shines, flamingly, within the bosom of the universe.    

Only after the third calcination does the rooster of the passion crows, which represents the resurrection. That is why the Christ said:

"Verily I say unto thee, that this day, even in this night, before the cock crow twice, thou shalt deny me thrice.” – Mark 14: 30

The first negation corresponds to the first calcination of alchemy, to the first cooking of red salt, because we have to sink into the infernal worlds (to work, obviously), because that is the “palace of alchemy”. Then it is said that "we have denied Christ", because in the infernal worlds we must work as demons, live as demons, but destroying our inhuman elements.

With the second calcination, it is said that "we have denied Christ for the second time", because one has to return to the infernal worlds to work, to continue disintegrating the psychological defects that we have been deeply submerged in our own infernos ...